Trudeau wants to take the refugees banned by the US

I guess it is true that we're going to get pozzed by eating the shit even the United States doesn't want to take. Great. I'm just happy to live far away from any of the major cities, so I won't suffer much when this post-national state inevitably crashes and burns.

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This is for all the shitposting, Canada. Australia's next.


Well, looks like that 2036 timeline of 50% non-white has just moved forward. Fuck me.

Trump better calls Trudeau and threaten sanctions if the cuck supreme takes the trash. Spineless Castreau will fold.

Awwww shit! The Canadian homosexual community just ordered a shit ton of beef orders. Those border guards should just wave those trucks through while blasting, "It's Raining Men"…Maybe have some synchronized dancing moves etc…

oops, forgot to post the song!

He has a good reason to do so too, islamic extremist threats that close to the border threatening national security.
https ://observer. com/2015/12/canada-and-the-emerging-terror-threat-from-the-north/

Diversity is our strength!

Good, we can then bomb Canuckistan into the stone age for harboring terrorists.


That's what you get for derailing so many /k/ threads, fuckers.


I hate you, Trudeau. Thanks a lot for fucking us even more. You Americans legitimately need a second wall.

Put Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal on the south side of the wall and Canada is saved.

I live in the country. Believe me, user, the cucks are not contained to the cities.

This is the kind of thing that makes me really want to кill the рrimе minisтеr

God damn it. Just fuck my shit up.

Lots flocking to hamilton, london and woodstock from the toronto hellscape. Its like californians spreading their shit everywhere


Sorry guys, we like to make fun so much that it's easy to forget that there are human beings living there

Hope things work out

His numbers have dropped even more

Don't worry, the Canadian immigration minister will work hard to make sure only the best people can immigrate to Canada.

Pic related…

I fucking hate libshits so much. Thank god it was online, I felt like punching the guy. Serves him right. Dirty PR scum said he hated whites anyways

I really have no advice for Canadians. Can you all still get guns or something to protect yourselves? Can you guys even come back from this? It's like the Canadian cultural identity has always been to do what the US is doing x2 unless it was something going to the right then it was to do the exact opposite x100. What's going on up there?

leafs cucked again

The only qualified person turd put up was the sikh, who is not that bad a guy apparently, though I forget why it had something to do with being pro trump I think

Yo let him win on his terms dumbass, you need to make him be on the defensive and explain instead why "diversity" is important. Why hating white people is ok it is not and point out shit hypocracies like "whites owned slaves" with evidence such as the first slave owner being black and the blacks being sold by their own people.


Canadian cultural identity consists of alcoholism, fighting and playing hockey.

Maybe I'll bring it up tomorrow then. I'm not especially good at pushing my views in a debate.

There was also maple syrup, indians, the fur trade and French settlers, tourtierre meat pies, and snowshoes

In debate its attack that wins, defense is a shitty move UNLESS you do something really out of the blue, like in a gun debate, an user brought a sheet of paper and a stack to the debate. The sheet contained the list of gun deaths, the stack, pool deaths, and the user left on "if we are banning dangerous shit, why not pools?"

Is he only doing that so that he can then send them over to us through that northern border? One wall isn't enough.

Wtf is a tourtierre meat pie? Sounds disgusting.

I guarantee they're going to be staying in Canadian accommodations

And the english destroying the french in our civil? war only to go "you can keep everything except the fortress, just don't do it again, ok?"

Not really different from any other meat pie.

They are economic migrants, they want to be in the states and mooch off of your money, and will try to find a way of mooching off of both sides.

Sorry, tourtìere

Its a meat pie thats associated with early French settlers, but its still kinda common in eastern Canada today. I had some as a kid during those pioneer day field trips. Shit was cash.

Its basically finely diced potato and meat in a pie shell with cinnamon and cloves and sometimes served with maple syrup. Meat is regional, but was usually pork, beef, or game. Sometimes rabbit or fish.

I am nova scotian and that sounds tasty.

It's more like hockey and Tim Hortons. Most of the rest (the anthem, maple syrup, the maple leaf on the flag, the name of the country itself) has been hijacked from the French and transformed into some kind of pan-Canadian identity marker since there is really no such natural thing as Canada has no identity.

This continues today with stupid things like poutine, which is now apparently a Canadian staple dish.

The thing that redpilled me the most about this fucking country is realizing that anglophones were British and francophones Canadiens, even for a bit after 1867, until the anglos decided to call themselves Canadians and us French-Canadians, after which they then decided to invite a bunch of browns into the fold who are just as Canadian as me.

Imagine if a Jew came into your house, used his perfidious Albion semi-reluctant allies to beat you the fuck up, took your house and left you your bedroom (which he periodically steals from), then decides to swipe your family name and import masses of niggers and poos in your house (including your bedroom) and insists they're just as much a part of the family as you are, perhaps even more so because they contribute their vibrant culture to "our" house and you're just a fuckup. When you try and hide your stuff or close the door, the Jew calls you names and tells you to stop oppressing him and our new family members.

This is pretty much Canada 101. "Anglo-Quebecers" are mostly open or crypto-Jews that rushed in when Britain took possession of New France and fucked up the whole country for everybody.

I can't wait to see this "country" dismantled. I have nothing but respect for my anglo neighbours, but Canada is a fiction and we'd all be better off alone. It'd be easier to save provinces than this whole country where nobody has any loyalty or link to one another.

Agreed, the provinces all want different things so the feds just fuck everything up and make things worse for all of us in an effort to please enough people (aka 30%) to win a majority. With all the internal trade barriers we have it's not like separating would hurt us much economically anyways, it's already about as difficult to trade between provinces as it is to trade with other countries. Not to mention that each individual province seems to have more cultural identity within itself than Canada as a whole.
Though I guess an independent BC might get annexed by China but the US probably wouldn't let that happen.

Canada has plenty of identity, faggots.
Every country does, faggots.
That isn't the fault of the Canadians, user…


Thanks for the brief history lesson, guess if Canada was ever going to declare war on the US, Canada would send in their shitty Quebecois drivers to suicide bomb us.


Poor Canada, not only are they taking in all the trash we are not, they're going to pay for their wall too.

I live in Nunavut.
Everything is expensive up here, but fuck it. I'll take $18 pizzas over dealing with Trudeau's bullshit.

At least if the Frog part was it's own country the rest would have some extra cash ( I read that Quebec gets a shit ton of federal funds) and a big plus would mean Canada wouldn't have a cuck as PM.

Things are expensive in Toronto as well.
Best of both worlds, eh?



Oh god it's true! That's exactly what canadians' reaction when I talk to them here. They really do believe we're better off "unlike those dumb americans".

Incidentally it's also the reason why a lot of canadians think we're immune to what occurs in the US.


you poor fucking canacucks
you truly wont be saved until we annex you



The fuck sort of name is that?

probably a currynigger
ive skimmed some of the book, its basically
TLDR: Canada got jewed and is getting jewed hardest still

He's got a point, even though he doesn't belong in Canada either.

i think he belongs in canada.


Goddammit. Please just annex us…

Guess we are going to need a wall up north too.

Our cultural identity was progressively erased; started around the 60s and they got into rapidly getting rid of it once Trudeau's Step-Father enacted Multiculturalism as a "backbone" of Canadian society. We used to be extremely conservative.

Our heritage has been erased, Maoism-Lite style. It aches.

?All far left wingers move to Canada
Feels good man.


It sadly is. I actually posted that in a thread last night that was a Canada general thread or something. I remember that some American asked how cucked we were as a nation or something, and I replied with something along the line of:

>"We (sadly many of us) just act as contrarian as possible with the US and it's "our" identity. If the US wanted to stop taking as many immigrants and up the vetting standards, we'd declare that we'd take in a million with no vetting and declare that vetting is racist."

Also yeah, to the people here discussing/asking about our culture, it really has been trimmed down to the following if you use things like TV/media (important influence and subtle reinforcement) or schools (shouldn't need to explain why that's influential):

>"fuck America"
>"fucking stupid Americans lmao"
>"trust us, you really do say 'eh' all the time and you totally say 'hoser', too even if you really never have"

Also related question for other Canadians who still watch TV sometimes: do you remember those short commercials that are part of some series called "Heritage Moments" or something? They'd show exactly what it sounds like, like showing a little acted segment of the war effort from WW1 or talking about the Avro Arrow or something, etc. Well over the past few years I've seen less and less of those ads, but recently the -ONLY- ad from that series that I've seen is one where they show black Nova Scotians declaring that they want to fight in the War of 1812.


Reminder that Trump fucked Trudeau's mother.

My great-grandfather fought in both world wars. I started digitizing his journal to keep a permanent record of it. One thing that stands out is that he doesn't even really refer to Canada so much as he does 'the empire'. Anglo identity was so tied to the British empire that cutting us off from it nullified a big part of the anglo Canadian identity.

Now Canadian identity honestly resembles a kindergarten class. Hold hands with Jamal and share your toys.

In history classes we were taught about how Canadians fought for 'canadian values' and for 'freedom and equality'. Maybe some damn fools did, most knew damn well they were fighting for the empire and were frankly proud of it.

Nah, different series of ads. I do love that one though. I miss the one where all the kids are showing off their different skills and saying how everyone is good at something. It was cheesy but cute.

When the little boy is practicing magic tricks with his little sister:
>"Moooooom, (I forget the name), cut me in half again!"

This is a pretty apt description of things, sadly. Don't forget though to apologize for being a man, and don't forget that all you've ever done is hold women back.

why do you think that?

its interesting, i recommend the read

I've been to Toronto, it is not much different from Chicago except that there was a suburb I walked into in the northeast that was literally all asian.
There was a lot of nightclubs downtown that catered strictly to niggers too.

Oh for fuck sake.

Not on my watch!

It's Amy. God I loved those ads… luckily a lot of them are all on jewtube. Even Hinterland Who's Who.

youtube .com/watch?v=kjTEGclEhrc



Ah, nice. Yeah, those really take me back.


I feel bad for the people with disabilties. They are pretty much are trapped.

Let me make it clear:

Trudeau is virtue signaling. Remember when he said he would take in 75k syrian refugees before the end of 2015? Well, we're in 2017 and we haven't hit 10k.

Vetting for entry into Canada is extremely strict. Like that disabled guy? No, he couldn't come in Canada. Why? Because he probably can't work, and it's not Canada's job to just take the burdens of the world. Oh, if he was in danger of getting lynched in his home country, he would qualify. But my guess is that he just wanted to come to Canada for the gibs.

Trudeau says he'll take in the people turned away from the US? Sure. He'll take thise with engineering and medical degrees. He'll take the millionaire investors. He'll take the 1-5% of people who get turned away who are actually worth something. The rest will be told to wait in line, which is millions strong and never, ever moves forward.

DISCLAIMER: Any attempt at implying this post is support of Trudeau, the LPC or of their behavior is idiotic.

This is pretty much true. The Prime Minister Whoreson invited the 3rd world to sit on a list for 10 years then be rejected like every other refugee.

Holla Forums loves a good circlejerk, but this doesn't really mean anything.

This post is support of Trudeau, the LPC or of their behavior.

Make no mistake, Trudeau is a cuck, and an incompetent one at that. But that's all he is. If Trump looks at Trudeau funny, he'll piss his pants and shut the fuck up.

Trump better declare war and in the peace treaty give Quebec independence, and take all of Canada's land.

Looks like Trump's gonna build a wall on the North border in his second term.

That's funny cause I was investigating that just the other month and thousands of them have been settled in every province.
You are confused.


His father was, literally. I don't know if this fags wife is a slut or not.

Im actually laughing at the predicament he's in with a maniac like Trump in the white house. Canadian media used to talk about how fucked harper was when king nigger was HNiC, while the current situation is hilarious.

perfect kike argumentation skills

Found the descendant of King Francis the First's castaway whores and criminals.

Quebecians are actually descended from whores and criminals? Wew I didn't know that.

Well I mean so is Australia

You're right, we're at 39.9k, my apologies. Still, we went from 75k in a month in his promise to 40k in 14 months in reality.

He didn't say any of that, you queer. Canadian immigration queues never move, no matter what a PM says. Trudeau is just gargling tranny cum for the amusement of central canada.

Is your media on full propaganda mode? I listened to his speech and he promised 50k in 2 years and this was late 2015. Maybe inside the cyberwall you only hear of the good things CHINA Canada does.

Australia was a penal colony but the whores, no. They used to sell the criminal girls to the aristocratic men in Australia so they can start the families immeditately.

And people are cheering. Yikes.

40k is still too much.

That is a very cool flag!

It's Toronto's problem. It'll reach a critical mass and all those cunts wearing problem glasses will stop blaming white men for fart rape and start blaming us for packs of roaming niggers.


Wishful thinking. They won't admit mistake. It's going all the way to total annihilation.

It's not just Toronto's problem. The GTA is ever expanding and its scum along with it.

And not only that, but it's a foolish though; like if someone said "Well illegals are just California's fault since they vote super liberally and a huge swath of the illegals go there anyway." Yeah, that's great until they start moving on to other states, and when the morons in California who allowed it to happen then move to other states and then vote for it to happen all over again white calling any opposition "Literally Hitler".

Good. They can blow him up and Trump will be vindicated



WHILE calling any*

Carl's a meme for a reason. But as you know, that -IS- pretty much how a lot of those arguments go with people.

Fuck you man you just brought on some hardcore leaf feels :(. That fucking advertisement was around when I was in Highschool dammit.

yes, it is a brain disease

They still won't blame the roaming packs of niggers in South Africa for the obvious problems they cause

All of the white people should abandon Toronto.

do you really believe this?

By living in the northern American. The place is called alert, Canada.

There's no internet censorship in Canada as far as what you can visit but the actual media in the country is 100% pozzed. The "best" we have is Ezra Levant's Rebel Media, the edgiest of jew cuckservative media.

Okay. Okay fuck it, everyone run for office.

Holy shit Canada might beat Sweden in cuck monopoly


I can only hope my one Canadian friend is weeping in tears at his country's absolute stupidity

How do we solve the Leaf Question(LQ)?

So does this mean we have to build a northern wall too now?


If the reddy leaf isn't conquered then we mutate it in to many awesome leaves.

Aah, the House Hippo. I remember seeing that when I was five and being taken aback by it, not sure if it was real because of how it was presented.

Also, I hope you faggots played safe.

I've had it with this fucking cumrag of a Prime Minister. Someone needs to ice him, NOW. We are not the world's doormat. We are a white nation composed primarily of several northern European ethnic groups.

We can't go backwards, though. I'm all in favor of reducing the control of the Federal government, at the very least, it needs to ensure that no non-whites are allowed to enter this country. We need to look forward and develop a new identity as an explicitly White ethnostate.

We must rake them on the day of the rake.

They're descended of farmers from Normandie and Picardie, as well as some orphan girls that the King of France sent over to raise the birth rate in the hope that the territory could defend itself from the British. While they reproduced admirably, they still couldn't raise an army remotely comparable to the British forces, who conquered Quebec during the French-Indian war.


yeah hes been spammed on pol, the "all jews are bad even when they are good for whites because its a trick" meme is annoying

Either Canadians violently recaim their Nation, or the US will eventually have to act. If Canadians remain spineless, allowing their Nation to be destroyed by foreigners, then they will end up living in a tolerantly unwelcome multicultural, multiracial cold hell-hole. Should it come to that, which appears likely at this point, then they will welcome a dictatorial takeover by the US.

IMHO, this is actually what the subversives want - dictatorial goverance. Good God, I wish people weren't fucking gullible/susceptible to elitist subversion. But we only learn by hardship, it seems.



we're gonna rake up all of the leaves, put them in a garbage sack and put them at the side of the road, murikans need some lebensraum y'know

Is this actually true or what is that fuck on about?

I can believe him because I have a disability and I don't think any countries would accept me if I am in a war unless I bribe them however the good news is I am in Australia.

We're going to need a Northern Wall too.

TIDC is now a thing?

God hates cripples!

You say this like it's some surprise. Virtue signalling is all Trudeau ever seems to do

Canadian PSAs always stood out more than other PSAs for me.
But getting back on topic, how does an autist in Nova Scotia save himself from Trudeau's shit at this point?

only 90s kids such as myself have nostalgia memories of being raised by the zogbox.

That's heat stress.

How come there are so many non whites in Canada then?

unfortunately the "right winger" elected will just be a neo-cuck globalist eg O'leary

If we didn't let them in we'd be discriminating and would commit the most abhorrent of sins, RACISM

he's a happy male stripper

The fact that it is suggested that he could even be the "canadian trump" is absolutely disgusting.

don't forget bad weather and a coffee franchise

Canadians are a fucking joke tbh.

I don't care how skilled or professional they are. Canada always has been and will be a white country no matter what

A beer commercial that highlighted all the asinine differences between us and the States and built a corporate beeer brand.

You are probably already aware of this, but the same shit has been happening in America as well. Our list is something like:

damn. sounds like America's stereotype of Leafs became so memetic that it is trying to enforce itself on the real canadian population


He bragged at the UN about taking in 100k in 2016.
He's already imported another 40k in the first month of 2017.

There is no way to effectively vet people when they are imported at that rate.

Also fuck you.

They brought in the 25k he promised by the end of 2015 about a week late. They just upped their planned immigration by 300k a month ago. Youre a liar, get banned.

The refugees are not on a waiting list. They are given a special pass and just flown in, anyone from those areas. They also cost something like 30k a year, welfare recipients receive ~7-10k. It came out they are being paid 62$ a day for food alone.

Also dont know why Im arguing with shills when the fucking cunt plans for us to be a tiny minority by the end of our lives, and the other thread up about Canada is talking about the media bragging over how its already too late, and how this began in the 90s without any discussion or vote, and were already set to be a tiny minority. By the 2030s predictions, he said its too late. There will be a white genocide in Canada, and anyone saying Trudeau is anything but guilty of crimes against humanity is the enemy as much as the jews are. Traitors before enemies.

Looks like we're going to need another wall.
Sorry, Canadabros, but you must understand we're fighting for the continuation of the human (white) race…human (white) children deserve to look like their parents & have a connection to their ancestors.
Maybe you guys need a Trump of your own?


I'm glad there's still at least one of your kind who remembers how well and truly we managed to cuck you, I thought this sweet little tidbit was lost to history. Please, stay mad, fam, but I'd encourage you to instead focus that anger into political change. The last thing our race needs is more fatalism.


whites sitting around smelling their own farts from halifax to victoria, B.C.

fucking worthless shit eating faggot.

I remember that ad from long ago. Basically blacks from canada wanting to participate in the civil war of the US, to free their fellow nignogs.
They also constantly show that ad about canadians helping the underground railroad to liberate african slaves to here. I suppose now we only concern ourselves about the pozzed parts of canadian history.

There are no good Jews, you fucking useful idiot.

Even that article is talking out its ass, it started back in the 60s but got official in the constitution in the early 80s (82 if I remember correctly) by Castreau's adoptive father. They try to pin the full blame on Mulroney and the Conservatives while the blame is mostly on the Liberals and their commie leader.

Fucking Chancellor Dudeweed! Now we are going to have to build a northern wall too.



20 years ago Canada was pretty great. Now it's just a shithole full of niggers and SJWs.


Hey, that's not true. Stop spreading lies. It's mostly Pajeets, kebabs, Chinks and SJWs.