Scientists have confirmed a brand new form of matter: Time Crystals

Time Crystals

"For months now, there's been speculation that researchers might have finally created time crystals - strange crystals that have an atomic structure that repeats not just in space, but in time, putting them in perpetual motion without energy.

Now it's official - researchers have just reported in detail how to make and measure these bizarre crystals. And two independent teams of scientists claim they've actually created time crystals in the lab based off this blueprint, confirming the existence of an entirely new form of matter.

The discovery might sound pretty abstract, but it heralds in a whole new era in physics - for decades we've been studying matter that's defined as being 'in equilibrium', such as metals and insulators.

But it's been predicted that there are many more strange types of matter out there in the Universe that aren't in equilibrium that we haven't even begun to look into, including time crystals. And now we know they're real." - Sciencealert link - Physics Berkeley link

So Holla Forums, is this how Trump used time travel? Is this the beginnings of the Pence army?

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Someone who is more science literate, please explain the potential uses of matter with these properties.

Can we John Galt shit up with these somehow? As in, free energy, not libertarian autism.

Bluespace Crystals, you say?

This, no clue what this implies.

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Could lead to a new energy revolution

If they're telling us then it's either: smoke and mirrors, or nothing significant at all but look impressed for the camera.

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I don't think so, the only way they could start the process of creating a 'time crystal' was by putting energy into a crystal lattice and then observing that it would continuously change but never lose that energy. That implies that trying to take energy out of that system would lead to it breaking down, the oscillation stops.

or Trump found out we had a bunch of tech that wasn't being used so energy companies could keep milking people and he's stopping that.

I feel like we've been on the brink of break-through for decades but none of these things ever deliver.

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So let's say that one of these time crystals break. Does that mean that somewhere in that time period has changed or no longer exists?

Physicists have found a metal that conducts electricity but not heat

Also worth a read. Space elevator thread I guess.

Could we theoretically convert all of the Jews into energy and make them into a time crystal so large we could display it in front of the new Reich Chancellery when Donald finally drops the act? This is a valid question, I assure you.

I don't feel like reading the article whatsoever, but going off of the pretty nebulous description in the post the applications for such a thing would be few and far between. (((Scientific discoveries))) like these are more recognizing and studying phenomena to ascertain the "underlying truth" then to create practical solutions.

Absolute guarantee that this leads nowhere and is some utter bullshit that some kike pulled out of his ass built on 50 years of other utter bullshit pulled out of other kike's asses.

So tired of this kind of "science"

Fucking prove it for once

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So, this means 100% efficiency machines now?

2 decent explenations I found on reddit:

This is about what happens to things when you take all their energy away. Think of it like dropping something on floor.
Many things fall down on one side or the other when you drop them. The way that the thing falls is called its resting or ground state. Figuring out what makes these things fall on one side or the other can help you learn about the object as well as the floor.
Sometimes things don't literally fall, but still have ground states. Magnets sort of pick one side to be north and the other side to be south. That's their ground state. Learning why they do this is hard and has taken a long time. Because magnets always have a north and a south pole, they are called asymmetrical, which just means they don't look the same on both sides.
Crystals also have asymmetrical ground states. As a crystal reaches its ground state it always has some bits that are pointy and some bits that are smooth. It's not the same on all sides, so it's asymmetrical, just like the magnets.
Lots of things in nature have asymmetrical ground states, but they all have one thing in common: they don't move. You have to give them some energy to make them move or to change their ground state.
Now some people think that there might be some weird objects that have asymmetrical ground states across time rather than space. That's what they mean by time crystals. An object like that would be interesting because, to us, they would look like they are moving in their ground state without any extra energy! Imagine if you dropped a die on the ground but instead of landing on a side, it landed on one corner and just spun forever. That's how weird these things are!
Because this is so hard to explain, these scientists spent most of their time just trying to define what such a weird object would look like and how you would know it when you found one. Once they did that, they used supercomputers to predict where you might find them, if they exist.
So far, no one has actually seen one and a lot of people think they can't exist. But now we might know where to look to see who is right!

Imagine you super freeze an egg so much it can't move or do anything.
But then you notice this egg, in its frozen state, periodically flips itself upside down every 5 seconds, as if by magic.
Much like the egg being white, or round, its flipping up and down is a fundamental part of its existence. AS OPPOSED to, normally, such an act requiring a push (or force) from an outside source.
Now, say you have a doodad that does something 5 seconds after you flip a switch. How does the doodad know when that 5 seconds are up?
The ways we solve that problem now are:
Stored energy. Think of turning an hourglass turned upside down.
Counters. Cpu or crystal does a thing every x amount of seconds, and keeps track.
Decay. Won't get into that, but it requires energy
They all require force/energy, grant small amount, but still there.
Now imagine that the top half off the egg is a piece of metal, and when it's facing down, it completes a circuit. When the circuit is complete, you know your 5 seconds is up. You get this for free instead of using energy (or almost free, MUCH less energy than the other methods).
Imagine you had to keep track of billions things with billions of eggs. This amount of energy can add up, especially if it's in a small space.
All the neat things you can do with billions of counters for much cheaper energy than we have now, is important to computers.

My science is rusty but I remain confident that this could lead to great things

Some brand new science fiction for the peasants to meme around with. We are now at a point where physics departments at top marxist universities use Jell-O analogies to explain the latest amazing findings of their black box technomagical processes to the unwashed masses. Time crystals… very sexy.

Not enough, they're still running around like they're people at the moment.

T-this doesn't real right? I swear I woke up in a different universe a couple days ago. I didn't even notice exactly when, things just started going fucking crazy.

I specifically posted this so better minds than my own could dissect it and chew on it without having to hunt it down for themselves.

So, Chaos Emeralds?

If I'm reading this right, time crystals seem to be describing a property of a crystal lattice that still oscillates a specific motion even in ground state.

If the crystal can also be resonated to read/alter the pattern, it could allow for data storage or processing. Could even be used in quantum computing if they super-cooled these structures and quantum effects are observed while maintaining this behavior.

Can someone say "mega batteries"? Having an efficient way to store energy is the main reason solar isn't really efficient. If you can put all the energy somewhere were it won't dissipate, you got yourself a damn good product.


We really are in an anime now aren't we?

Sorry, not a physics/chemistry/whatever-the-hell-this-qualifies-as user, but they lurk here so no worries.

Can't wait for the next "Vsauce, Micheal here, I'm going to ramble about tangentially/completely unrelated horseshit for 20 minutes before touching on this singular subject" video


So it sounds so far that instead of a phase, it's an event that has predictable patterns of phases (gas/liquid) directly outside these crystals.
Sounds like an oscillation between phases of matter in a predictable pattern.
>time crystals - strange crystals that have an atomic structure that repeats not just in space, but in time, putting them in perpetual motion without energy.
Perhaps we can harness this constant liquid/solid to gas property (expansion and contraction of space) to generate energy.

Again, this sounds more like an event rather than a state of matter but that's my amateur take on this.

NOT FREE ENERGY. This is just a new form of creating a system that osculates at a fixed frequency. Meaning you can use this to easily measures time via the frequency of oscillation. Also this oscillation can be varied based on the input wave to the system.
Basically this could be a new highly accurate way to measure time.

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This is either complete bullshit, or they are fundamentally wrong about the "time" aspect of it. Time quite literally does not exist, and before you start typing away, try to come uobwith even a smidge of evidence that it does. Physical bodies rotating around a star is not evidence of time.

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Time is relative. Past, present and future all exist and react retroactively.

Since everyone experiences time I would think the burden of proof would be on you to prove it doesn't exist.

A picture of a mechanical device carefully calibrated to measure one full rotation of the planet Earth.


So time is essentially a slice of the universe, It's a basis for how all other measurements react upon each other?

A perpetual motion machine of 10 atoms? Doesn't sound spectacular. Isn't a Bose Einstein condensate a time crystal by their definition?


If time did not exist as a physical essence, the paradox of people traveling in space at a different time pace wouldn't exist. Things happen in the larger masses of space that do not happen in same pace as on our planet, so we see them in slow motion.

This is a grand case of not being able to prove a negative. I don't know who burden of proof should be on, but I know that all time theory is based on the colossal assumption that time exists in the first place, and it is all full of paradoxes. Everything makes much more sense when you realize that there is no "past" or "future," everything is just "now."

The passage of "time" is actually just a record of physical matter changing. It is a figment of hour imagination, or more accurately, of your memory.


How do you know? Those estimates of time slowing around a black hole are based on the theory of relativity. Einstein saw space and time as being one, because there is no "time," but he thought he had to account for it somehow so he tied it to space, which was most likely, because what we think of as time is actually just the movement of matter.

No one has been to the edge of a black hole, so time slowing there is just an untested theory, built on another theory that is fundamentally flawed. Don't mindlessly accept a theory as correct and then use another theory built on that one as an argument, they are just theories.

I suppose you could say that. Time is more important than a slice of the universe though, things like dimensions are very related to time and how it reacts in higher and lower dimensions.

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>It is a figment of hour imagination

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Time doesn't exist

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It'd be more accurate to say that time is the measure of difference between two conceptual slices. This applies most readily to matter, which is just highly correlated energy.

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Technically it's space-time, neither one on its own actually "exist" to our perspective. Measuring either requires experiencing both.

Not quite, an Bose Einstein condensate is a state of bosons that have so little energy that they start occupying the same lowest state.


You mean like inside a furnace for a steam engine?

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It's either that or the changing of the guard in the deep-state that Trump represents is forcing the release of advanced technologies that have been hidden from the public for decades or longer and they need to release articles like this to pretend we're just happening to stumble upon this revolutionary information. It's probably as you say though (though I'm sure the advanced tech does exist, just not that Trump is really powerful enough, and enough of an outsider to actually try to force it out).

Renewing the call to meme the release of all secret tech, suppressed history and occulted spiritual information (pics related).

How then you perceive time at the pace you are currently in, instead of perceiving it at much slower or much faster speed? For you 1 second cannot be a minute, but for creatures with much faster reaction than you it can be.

Your belief that time doesn't exist lacks imagination.

So I'm writing this response simultaneously as you are writing what I'm responding to.

The thing is, you have the subjective experience of time that we all share and yes, you have time in a scientific sense that doesn't add up because modern physics are mostly bunkum. The two are not the same.

In short, lay off the /x/ for a while (of which modern physics is a part,) and take a break. Take some time out and relax.

Just so long as they don't fuck us over, I don't mind. Feel as if some scientist is going to try something and kill a shitload of people because we don't know enough about these things.

pretty much this

Just interested in the topic. Most of it is conjecture anyway because it's not really a concrete field.

As far as muh string theory goes, I don't buy too much into it.

What do you think "time" would mean if you literally had no memory? I'm not some kind of time fascist, just a real one i just have never seen any evidence to convince me that it exists, and in fact, the world makes a hell of a lot more sense to me without the idea of time. I have seen some serious mental gymnastics of otherwise intelligent people try to prove it to me, and they end up defeated, with a blown mind.

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Your belief that it does exist is built purely on imagination. It is not "there" to be experienced at all. The speed of one's reflexes is irrellevent. That is just perceptual.


This is a very anti-European view of getting shit done, dude. Who gives a fuck if we blow up the universe accidentally? It would be worth it just to have done it.

Why stop at 100%?

Is Kek revealing the secrets of the universe to us now?

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No you dumbass, of course some things happen before other things. "Time" has two meanings in english. Theres "time" as in the concept of the thing that time travellers travel, and then there is being on time to work, or posting something before someone else. That is just a linguistic tool.

It is the opposite of /x/ because I am thinking logically, you are the one believing in a fabricated concept that you just accept out of hand without ever thinking about it or testing it. Now you are rebelling against it rather than considering a newer, much simpler and more logical concept.

Right, like how awesome would it be to deny the prophecy?

Ok so quick and dirty this is about the tendency of electrons in certain states of matter to rearrange themselves at no energy cost periodically in a predictable amount of time. These states also showed some stability, i.e. when they were pushed on with a certain frequency they still rearranged according to the "crystal" frequency as opposed to the pushing frequency. This has good consequences for the ability to generate stable entangled quantum systems, particularly for use in computation.

These are decent despite their source.

tldr quantum computers soon

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Well, that was pretty much what I said except I don't claim to know anything about fictional time in the sense you are interested in fantasizing about. I'm not rebelling against anything, I'm just pointing out that you're a moron.

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Then show me even a scrap of evidence that time exists. If you think I'm a moron, offer an argument, moron.

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You can't theorise about something your brain can't handle. You will always end up being wrong. Its a theoretical possibility that all theories are in fact wrong and humanity can never understand everything through words alone, since our brain is physically limited.

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I agree, but that does not apply here. What I am proposing is very easy for someone of our average IQ to understand. There is no "time" to be travelled. Everything is just movement of stellar bodies in relation to other stellar bodies. If you don't get it, you're probably just waaay overthinking it.

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I thought this wasn't a trap, though.

What prophecy?


Why should I? I haven't claimed time exist in the strawman sense you try to pin on me. In fact, I have stated several times that when it comes to modern physics it doesn't make sense. Does that mean it doesn't exist? I don't know, I'm not a great wizard like you.

If you were 1% less autistic you would perhaps understand that when you say "time doesn't exist, hurr durr" to us poor normies, we tend to generalize that into believing you're talking about time in a colloquial sense, which was what I was replying to.

Still, from there to claiming time doesn't exist at all, well, perhaps, but you have no basis for that claim other than what your new age guru pulls out of his ass.

Along the fact you cannot understand time, time brings order to all things and assuming time allows for logical possibilities. Not only humans alone live by assumming existence of time through changable nature, but also creatures, plants and chemica lentities.

Time is like nationalism. Its a common thing that societies that consist only of people their own race lives better, loves each other more and always preserves the order of things.

Denying time is bringing chaos, like multiculturalism, to completely fuck up the order for the sake of equality of time periods and speeds.

Physicsfag reporting.
This looks like a fancy way to say that we found the first step to making a zero point energy generator by tapping into a previously unknown driving energy.
This is huge if true. Colossal if true. Dark Age of Technology level shit here, if true. It would mean we would have access to entangled space time as a fuel source that isn't exhausted by matter. If this holds, this is one of those things you need to build to

Calm down, I'll admit I could have worded it better. It is hard ro express this concept in text. And there is no new age guru, I came to this conclusion myself (although I'm sure I'm not the first to do so. Let me explain it another way.

Hitler died in 1945. If he looked up at the sun before he died, he would not have looked at the same sun that you and I see, because that sun is changing. We think of it as a constant becaus it is conveniently long lived, so that is what most people pin time to.

The earth has been around the sun many times since Hitler died, but that does not denote the passage of "time," just that there have been many rotations since then. The earth has changed, the sun has changed. These bodies are in motion, and we base oir idea of "time" on our ability to measure those motions, but the earth is not going to spin forever, the sun will explode some day. What you think of as time is dependant solely on the motion of planetary bodies. Does that clear up what I am saying at all?

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Well cutting edge physics work like that though, it'll probably take 10 years until we have conclusive tests to prove it. And 50 years for any physical proof.

Hell, we KNOW that nothing can go faster than light, and we've known it for 60 years. But we still have no way to prove that it isn't possible (other than tachyons… which so far only exist in mathematic models).

So if this does prove to be legit, we won't discover hard proof until you're probably dead.

I forgot to add, the fact that you have a memory really convolutes it. You can remember things that have happened to you, so the idea of a "past" is a natural conclusion, but it takes for granted that there is a "time" in the first place. Your memory is just a way of recording the things you have seen. You can not go back in time to your memories, but that is the only place a "past" exists.

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Not really. It's not really clear where you draw the boundaries between the scientific notion of time, as in relativity (which doesn't work,) and in the sense that we perceive things sequentially (which is obvious.)


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That gives me a thought. Would immortality really be a curse if you could love forever with the ones you love?

Time is one way to measure a sequence of events. Watch:
See that? I typed A before C but after B. The words "before" and "after" represent time.

If you can make it a regular sequence, like the oscillation of a spring, and you call it something like second, then congratulations, you just standardized the measurement of time.

This all is assuming an inertial reference frame, obviously.

Technically those time crystals already exist in your gas lighter, laser and cpu of your computer. They aren't something new and article is PR clickbait for "science alert" website.


Barron? Did you read the notes from Tesla?

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We perceive things sequentially because that is the way our memory works. It is the only way it could work, if we are to have a chance at surviving as organisms. Basically, when you have to be "on time" somewhere, thar just means that at that specific angle of your position, in relation to the sun. The only reason you perceive a "past" is because you remember things that arent happinging anymore. That is why we perceive time linearly, because of our memory. What I am saying is that there is no "sequence," there is no "timeline." That is just a trick of the recording device in your brain called memory.

Everything is just "now." It was now yesterday, it will be now tomorrow. The universe is made up of matter that is constantly in motion. You have a memory of past motion, therefore you may be inclined to think there is a past, but really that's just your internal log of events

A truly "timeless" system would suggest all events occupy one instant in an infinite amount of dimensions. It'd be a singularity for lack of better word. Then if that was the case our experience of time is merely an illusory construct from symmetry breaking.

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Just because only one time exists in the present, does not mean things aren't happening sequentially. The past will never be the future, for example.

You are an organic being. You were not the same between the time you typed A and the time you typed B. The electrical impulses in your brain caused one finger to hit one key, then it caused you to hit the other, at a rate that was purely biological. Even if you waited a second, that was a decision made by the organism (that is you) thst was typin. The earth moved a tiny fraction between the two events. I fail to see where "time" comes in.

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That's sort of what we call time.

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it is the exact same instant now as it was at creation, or the big bang if you prefer.

Yes, THINGS happen sequentially. That is why people believe there is time, when that is not actually the case. It is your memory of that sequence that makes you think there is time. It was now when I started typing this, and it is still now. My movements are all happening within the same instant of "time."

I know this is a hard concept to wrap your head around, but when you do get it, it just clicks. Really hard to try and explain, I'm doing my best

Kek's blessing upon you, user. Thanks!

Things happen, therefore time exists. That time is a physical dimension through which chemical processes can only be experienced from lower to higher entropy DOES NOT HAVE ANY EFFECT on the fact that time physically exists.

I mean "time" in the time travel theory that it exists as somehinf that can be travelled. Of course things have happened before. I have explaied this thoroughly above, it is too tiring to do again.

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I will admit it's full on lulz when a trap goes on anti-feminist rants. You can literally watch leftists minds melt into soup as it happens.

But you can only measure what you call time, by those chemical processes. Of course you can measure one in relation to the movements of another. That does not then mean that something called time appears, it just means that you have started measuring it.

I am not arguing that we can't measure the passing of the earth in relation to the sun and call that time for practical purposes, just that it IS a fabrication of the human mind, for practical purposes.

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Why do you engage with that retard? He seems to harbor the delusion that our concept of time derives from observation of orbital mechanics. Your tip that he was full-blown crazy was when he believes that our memories are genuine, but that time doesn't exist… except that he admits things happen in a sequence of countable planck time elements. But nevermind that–there are distinctions without difference to be believed in here!

Now, liberate your will and prevent yourself from making the embarrassing posts you've made in this thread.

Simple minded buffoons, trapped in the illusion of your own perspectives.

There are two problems though:

1. Such a state would result in an absolute symmetry. That means annihilation of everything into a singularity.
2. There no way to reliably explain how symmetry breaking happens from such a state.

If both could be solved, it would also explain the big bang itself.

What in Kek's name…

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What you are doing isn't thinking. You are a stoner. I've heard this sort of thing from people like you before. It goes something like, "'Blue' is just the name for the wavelength between x and y maaan, therefore 'blue' isn't real maaan." No, you just got a taste of basic physics and now it's 'only' a fucking name for something that represents something real, which is the only sense anyone ever means it, you fucking moron. You are an uneducated, mouth-breathing, pop-sci believing brainlet. Even I, a layman, could point out all the tautologies, non-sequitur, and contradictions in your laughable argument, but you would not be better for it. Fucking kill yourself.

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oh, you mean in the future, right?

Why though? I don't see why thst would be the case. Where do you get symmetry from? Think of the entire univers as only being made of variois forms of matter, including ourselves, and all of it is in motion, realative to other matter. I really don't understand why it is so hard to see. The skeptics ITT are just forcing their idea of time into it and then demanding the whole model adhere to there idea.

Not really. Corey is a cute ;)

I also own a dictionary. I see a lot of name calling, not many arguments, and the attempts you make at arguments are pathetic. And I don't do drugs at all, i think quite clearly, without the need of "educated intellectuals" giving me ideas thar I cling to for dear life. You would rather fight for your wrong opinion than entertain a new idea. I'm surprised your not on tumblr.

Could be in the past, such is the nature of the rinne.

Energy is what you're looking for, matter is the illusion.

10 seconds in, vid related.

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Matter and energy are interchangeable in that scenario. In all the bickering in this thread, I still have yet to see any evidence of such a thing as Time, with the exception of our astronomical measurements used for practical, everyday purposes. All I see is a sea of grade A butthurt.


The more you mention things like,

the more of an idiot you reveal yourself to be. No one interested in time measures it based on astronomical measurements anymore.

Also, gravity doesn't exist because in the end we only have the consensus of collectively observed phenomena to fall back on. By those standards you can't prove gravity exists. Or matter, or anything for that matter.

Please prove that you exist. Protip, you can't. I think that counts as proof that you don't by your standards. So it's time to stop posting, non-existent user.

Still, no argument in sight. What, then, is time? Convince me.

Eh, your post doesn't make any sense, are you replying to someone? Make sure to link to a post or something.

Are you on drugs?

What a shitstorm of stupid that post was. You can feel gravity, you cannot feel time. You can not see it. You can not prove, nor even provide evidence, or even just a logical reason why time exists, and the more anal annihilation I see ITT, the more apparent that becomes.

That's what I'm wondering, you seemed to be talking to yourself.

Prove that you can feel gravity. Please provide evidence. Please respond. Please provide a logical reason why matter exists. With evidence please. Please respond.

Perhaps read the post again then. I'm replying to time doesn't exist user with a link to his nonsensical post as the first thing in mine.

Fucking baka, you called him non-existent. I was trying to get you to ignore him.


When you're bf pulls his black pecker out of you, his juzz falls toward the center of the earth. There is ample evidence of gravity. The comparison you are trying to make is invalid.

Kekd. You are too clever for me user.

No. As soon as your mind contemplates the moment of your gay sex act that moment has already passed. And as you have so AMPLY proven in this thread, memory is just an illusion. You can't fool us mental wizards of the matrix world with tricks like that. Please post real evidence and proof. Please respond.

Reported. To you, it won’t matter that you’re banned.

The more important question is can we kill liberals with it?

Memory being an illusion is the argument i was making, manlover. I was saying that "past" only exists in your memory, and so therefore it does not. How exactly does one provide evidence that something does NOT exist, other than what I have done in this thread? Can anyone prove that purple elephants don't exist? I made this disclaimer a few posts in. I said from the start that a negative cannot be proven, that is why I asked for evidence of the positive, which I have yet to see.

Best timeline. Perhaps this discovery will lead to waifu crystals.

Better clocks.

Unlikely - a "time crystal" is functionally equivalent to a spinning sphere in space. It just means the parts of it are stopped but travel back to the starting point periodically.
TL;DR: PhD hacks looking for funding with buzzwords.

I know. So please prove the existence of anything when memory is out. You saying that jizz falls towards the earth is not evidence, because that's relying on your illusionary memory to prove your point. Please provide real evidence. Please respond.

Those dubs.
It's happening.

Fine, I'll prove your stupid scenario in the vain hope that you will reengage in reason and actually provide an argument. Gravity exists regardless of memory because you are being pulled toward the center of the earth perpetually. You don't need memory to know it, it is happening now.

that phd showing its worth once again lad

That's not proof when memory is illusion. Your perception of gravity is delayed from the actual instance, or are you claiming that your senses are in perfect sync with the universe? Do you hear a sound wave at it's point of origin? No. You have to wait for it to arrive at the ear like everyone else.

So as I said, now that we wizards know that memory is an illusion, please provide proof of gravity that doesn't rely on it. It must necessarily be a theoretical equation of sorts, because ALL human observation is out the window for you laddy.

"Change" and "time" are synonymous, you nigger. You're getting into a futile semantic argument that leads nowhere.

Time is like qualia, everyone experiences it, but it's impossible to describe objectively. Is there no such thing as the color red?


You are moronically comparing things that have nothing to do with each other in an attempt to rustle my jimmies. At best, you are only restating Descarte's "I think, therefore I am," hinting at the fact that we can only perceive the world through our senses, though you're too dumb to realize it. I proved your question of gravity, it works whether you have memory of it or not, because it is happening perpetually.

If I can say that about gravity, surely you con stop avoiding my question about time.

Ok, you misread the situation here totally, but that's fine.

No, if that's valid I'll just easily prove time. We experience it, it works whether you have memory of it or not because it's happening perpetually. There, proved according to your own criteria.

No problem, user.

Red is a specific wavelength of light. We know the wavelength, we know how the human eye works, therefore we know that everyone sees red more or less the same. You and I are making the same argument about time, I say it is just change. But it is not semantics if people believe they can travel "change" to the past, or any other such nonsense. Again, I am speaking of time in the sense that it is the thing that exists for timetravellers to travel. THAT is what I am saying doesn't exist, because it is just changes in matter and energy.

We can make thiotimoline bullets to kill liberals before they’re born. We’ll call ourselves The Abortion Doctors.

Yea, because time and gravity are the same thing, so of course the same argument applies to both. Do you wear a helmet when you go outside? If not, you should consider getting one.

Ok, I thought you were just a low int new age doofus who had watched the matrix or something, but now I realize you're baiting.

Well, you strung me along for a while here so I'll have to give you 10/10 on that one. Good job, you've really perfected the character.

When lasers were discovered, scientists had no clue what they'd be used for, or if they'd be used for anything. But I'm sure the same was true for many other inventions.

It could change everything and be in everyone's home in 100 years, or fade away into obscurity as a neat curiousity.

Dubs have spoken, we doctors now.

Gorilla Glass in smartphones and shit was invented decades ago and sat in a storage room of a glass company until Steve Jobs asked them to put it in the first iPhone. A solution waiting for a problem, is how you could define it.

Bring back the Plague Doctor masks. You're ending a plague on mankind

Thanks. To be honest, I really believe that time doesn't exist, but since about ten posts in I was just baiting. I thought you would get it when I kept saying butthurt. I think I made one guy ragequit


what the fuck is happening to reality? it's so fluid now.

I'll take some bate, look at that mother fuckers face retard, it's "plastic" surgery.


If only the trap hadn't left, then this thread would be perfection.

Did you ever hear the theory that rachposter wasn't imkampfy at all, but one of us who trolled relentlessly to keep us sharp? Things get way to serious around here, considering that everything is going so right.

Even massive gas-tier degenerates say traps are incredibly gay.

Shit, I think I know what you mean, but how come everyone has the perception that time is moving in one particular direction? The feeling that we're always going "forward" through time seems to give it a distinct property compared to other forms of motion. No one has ever experienced time moving "backward." It exists as a very specific type of sense perception, or we wouldn't even have a word for it.

So I understand the implications but not how they work, is it anything actually special or a concept/something that won't impact daily lives.

Because your life moves from beginning to end, so your memory does too, and you use your memory to measure what you mortals call "time." Therefore you think it exists linearly.

There are plenty of accounts of moving through time in other ways, although backward does seem to be more rare than stopped time or instantaneous transport to the past.


It's possible. I do know this place is on the wane, but the reasons are many I guess. I must say I've never been for the "no fun allowed" attitude that has taken hold of this place. Seems like the memery went out the window with the fun, which makes sense to me.

Even old ashes doesn't come around anymore. Only echoes left.

It is the shortening of the way.

and to the chambers you go

user is right, you are retarded. But that's ok.

Funposting gets you banned. Rachposting doesn't.

so then it is something… a quantity that changes over time.

You can't say time isn't anything and then proclaim its a record of matter changing. that makes it something quantifiable.

Really makes you think.

I tried to leave already, but the bunkers are dead or corrupted. I feel like I'm trapped in here with the dregs of cuckchan, like its gg all over again

Very convenient timing for this, given the order that Trump gave to DARPA the other day. Anybody got a source on the "blueprints" that were handed out? This is just like when they leakedDARPAtech the last two times, except bigger.

WE'RE GOING TO MARS! Make Mars America Again!

Utterly retarded.

If I'm to be honest I truly believe the downfall of Holla Forums was Trump. Not in the sense that Trump is bad, but in that a spirit of collectivism and unification descended upon this community in a way that has never happened before. And it hasn't dissipated either. Millennials are completely brainwashed into collectivism after all, and take to it like flies to shit.

So ironically we survived the best attack the marxists could muster, but not our own guy.



I know what you mean. It's like we accidentally sacrificed the board for massive real world change. It's hard to be upset about it, but god damn I am sick of these faggots. There is no actual debate anymore, just pure hivemind. and don't you DARE shitpost

Says the "smug anime girl" police.

Yeah, it's like Holla Forums became Holla Forums but with politics instead of anime and feet.

How many people were called faggots and retards in this thread alone?
Also you don't have to add a picture everytime you post you retarded faggot. If you can't find one that suits your post, just leave it.

People nowadays think science will make them live forever as transhuman transsexual cyborgs in space with VR waifus. It’s really retarded that they think science will forever progress and that nothing is beyond man. The problem with being purely scientific is you can only approach questions using verifiable and quantifiable notions. This is why philosophers don’t often overlap with scientists, and when they do they’re shunned (Michael Kaku is a good example of this–people hate him because he philosophizes). Transhumanists never question (or may be incapable of questioning) the nature of the consequences of transhumanism, and even the nature of the self.
Because they entirely lack the ability to self-reflect, they will willingly trap themselves in machines with the foolish idea that their entire existence is contained within fatty matter. They see immortality as a moral obligation, they strive to achieve a world without death. They hope for it, but I fear it. Even if there is nothing after death, it is better than eternal life. If nothing exists after you die, then you need not fear it, as you will have no ability to do so. This is how I know that deep down, they, like everyone else, have an inescapable feeling that there is something after, like waking from a dream.
It’s funny how even with zombies and vampires so popular in media, these idiots still fail entirely to question the burden of immortality. And, particularly in this very specific case, they’re not even thinking about the implications of the economics of the matter. Instead of old people adding to a system that was never funded, can never be funded, and which is going to collapse in all its forms no matter how long people live, they’d prefer “young” people forever enslaved to the debt of the system in general. Force people to work for all eternity to pay back something that no one ever voted on or agreed to.

Well what did you expect? We made the world into Holla Forums.
Also I still like it here.

You understand that you're all going to be purged right? None of you will be spared.

Oh, shit… sorry mr. Holla Forumsice. I'll conform my deviant behavior to acceptable group parameters instantly.

It might also be a side-effect of winning so much. Once an outcome is achieved energy is dissipated, and we have to wait until it pools up again over a period of 2-4 weeks.

outsider detected.

To be fair, we were all acting like faggots and retards. And i saved that pic, it's cool.

Yea but sonny, you should have seen her back in the day. Anyway, I guess we're still the final boss, it just ain't what it used to be.

Reported for intl?


You're not the sharpest knife are you?

The problem is you, not the board.

Two things that always happen: we go into a dormant mode for a while, and a knock-off bastard version of us is born (chanology, not alt-kike)

Not even close.
Ive been doing this since 04.
We are far more than we once where.

I remember Holla Forums

Oh come on, this is a shit thread about "scientists" making shit up for funding and attention. If you can't shitpost in a shitthread, where can you shitpost.

Ive been doing this too long.

Surely you don't deny that the board has been flooded with morons since our victory, and that the overall quality has decreased because of it?

But Ive heard people always say that.
Its kinda built in. We are constantly in a state of decay.
Cancer is always growing.


We are not. We are far less. You just think that because you actually came last summer on the Trump train. Most intelligent oldfags have moved on and what's left is a toothless and memeless echo chamber.

Holla Forums was never good.

It actually went down a lot since November 8th. Once TRS got their shit kicked in, it started spiking again. With cuckchan deleting HWNDU threads the population went even higher. It went from 2300 before the inauguration to 3400.

Newfags need to lurk moar.
We just elected a literal hitler.

You gotta be more sneaky, faggot.

remember when anons thought 7chan would last?

I wouldn't know, I started on 4/k/ a few months before the dorner thing, then to Holla Forums

I take it you meant to reply to

Well, first you'd have to prove they're making shit up. As the OP even quotes, this is technically just confirmation of old news. As far as shitposting, try Holla Forums. Those commies would probably love to hear about time being a capitalist illusion created to enslave the proletariat or some shit.

I remember why it collapsed. I still find it funny that cheese pizza had to do with cannibalistic satanic pedophiles and that god was a nazi frog.

It sounds straight out of Rick and Morty.

We're starting to realize god is either an alien or a system.
That's what's happening.

I'm still banned for a month for something similar

Yeah. Just like Hitler was in business with the kikes, made money with and for them all his life, professed his love and admiration for zionist israel, married all his family off to the kikes in eternal genetic alliance and had his closest family publicly state that nazis should be shot. Totally like Hitler. I can't tell them apart.

Nah, I like Trump. But you're a retard of course.

Did you know that the hash filenames aren't that old on this site and before that we had that format too? That file was saved from this board some time before you arrived.

Newfag. :^)

user. There are camps being built on the southern border.

Hitler didn't gas all the jews his first week in office either
Because the Holocaust didn't happen

Calling people newfags is a tremendously newfaggy thing to do.

Homosexuality is a marxist social construct.
People only have that preference once they come out. It legitimizes degeneracy. Basically, they try to fulfill those sexuality roles once they realize them.

That's why traps are fucking retarded.


pic related.

Spoken like a true newfag.

ok lets test you. Who wanted to be the little girl?

Mr. Poole.


Correct. Carry on.

I really wish stuff like itty bitty baby wasn't so easily fucking googled nowadays thanks to certain fat goth-banged whales.

I just remember man shitting on baby.


Bullshit. This is fucking fightclub.

If your meme sucks, then it is destroyed. Only the strongest memes survive.

‌ ‌ ▲
▲‌ ▲

He was always a weeaboo fuck who hated anyone more weeaboo than himself. That's why he made /jp/. Out of butthurt that he was a casual who could never be king weeaboo compared to /a/'s greatness. moot is the CuckMaster. I hope he dies soon, he doesn't deserve to live.

In general the internet has been ruined by the arrival of normalfags. Sometimes I dream about memories of the old days when the internet were only technically proficient men, then I wake up and see my wife posting doge memes on facebook and I cry a small, silent, stoic tear.



His auto immune deficiency disease means that any stray bacterium could spell the end of his earthly existence. Nature will take its course.



Some kind of moon avian fond of Italian meals


Wait, you don't like doge? And you have a wife? What are you doing on the internet lol XD such disgrace

Not really tbh fam. What we do know is that we can't measure anything at a speed faster than c without finding a medium to communicate those measurements that travels faster than c.

Time crystals are probably more jewish nonsense like all of the unempirical bullshit they have trotted around for the last century.

Am I being meme'd on?

I'm not at all surprised, but do you have a source for that?

ID: 896f76 (51)
ID: 850733 (35)
Ignore, hide, or murder these posters and the thread is not too bad.

This is the best thread in a year. It's got everything. All you retarded fags, you bring hope back to my cold and despairing heart.

I agree.


As one of these posters, agreed

and yes, this is what chris-chan became.

Don't you ever post CWC boypussy ever again.
/jp/ has a comfy CSS tho


Time is defined as your inability to win the lottery. Prove me wrong faggot.

2d of course.

I thought it was his china.

wow, thank you for posting CWC's taint ulcer without spoilering so I have to look at it again.


Isnt it amazing?

Time is defined as the reason why all these faggots complain about board quality but still post like they're 09ers.

Any news from the cretin?

That was a very low quality post and it makes me angry, angry about posts!

And, if we could, I'd rather have Bruce Wayne be the Millionaire President, over Trump. Since Mr. Wayne is more kind and understanding to us. But, unfortunately, we ended up with the #FakeNewsJoker that is #Trump.

—Chris, conflating fictional characters with reality, a month before he turns 35.

Praying to a Semitic demon is just going to increase his faggotry.

Dehumanize yourself and face to terminal autism

22 January - Chris types out an open letter to Barron Trump, in which he urges Barron not to become a "Super Stereotypical, Spiteful and Egotistical Male" like his father.

I wonder if he'll make it to age 40. Isn't his Mom dying?

I don't know. There's a moment when a lolcow reaches self awareness as a lolcow in an autistic paradoxical sense where I find something is lost and never regained. It's a subtle thing, but it may disprove time.

Idk. He isnt there yet. He is still a lulcow.

Can someone give me a quick rundown on this?


Oh my fucking god. Did he do this himself?

White men were meant to become gods and escape suffering completely, enduring it is only a virtue so long as we have to, we do not have to. There is nothing beyond man, if there is, we'll meet it and get our shit wrecked anyway. If there isn't, we'll never stop ascending and I pray that we will devise a method of torture that is permanent and horrible enough for dumb shits like you.


Urrgh. It's a good thing he's not a bit more intelligent, he'd be a serial killer for sure.

could have sworn that gene was responsible for eye width not autism

I drink unfiltered tapwater, and I don't care what Alex Jones has to say about it.

I have no idea how he didn't die from that. What was that fucking gnarly wound on his taint? Did he make it himself?

I liked Chris better when he was a goofy sperglord who wore goofy shirts and wanted nothing more than to get pussy. Politically minded trannies aren't entertaining, they're just sad.

That's probably why you think time doesn't exist.

It's pretty pointless to filter your tapwater unless you are also cutting out EVERYTHING which has been manufactured in the past 50 years from your diet and environment. If you can buy it in a supermarket or department store, it's killing you. If you live in an industrialized country, just breathing the air is shortening your lifespan.

So nothing new?

According to wikipedia, it is associated with face, nervous system and digit development. People with mutations in their SHH often end up being born retarded and with a deformed face.

Your're fucked, dude. I can't believe you've lived this long as it is.

It also makes you go fast.

Also, the flouride is good for your teeth, and the chlorine just means you can store it fore ever. Also gives it that swimming pool fresh taste, so I know it's clean. Doesn't even make me want to KILL POLITICIANS or anything.

it's time for infinite rotation

oh thank god , satan ,I thought i was mandela'd

There really was something autistically relatable about his doomed love quest.

Chuck is the most underrated member of MDE. I just re-watched the basement living video he did.

It's very low level because its used during early development of the neural system, like for example it differentiates the dorsal versus ventral side of the neural tube which separates your sensory nerves from your motor nerves. It also closes the neural tube (which becomes your central nervous system and spinal cord), so its important all around.


Yes, which means you should probably abort if you find out your expectant child has it because they will come out more or less a brainless vegetable.

that baby looks like sloth but worse

It amuses me that anime is a more accessible entry point into the esoteric than a lot of the serious writings on the topic. I just marathon'ed Occultic;Nine (the first episode's pacing pissed me off when it started airing) and it is truly amazing how well versed in fringe topics some of those Nips must be.

Every one of his vids has the exact same vibe as watching homemade videos a school shooter took of himself a few months before his rampage. He is just too intelligent to exist within normal society, so it's no wonder he found us. Glad he went with comedy instead of going for high scores.

stupid shit man. thats the 3rd time this years i fell for a trap.

"oh wow its been a while i have seen such cute girls …. oh… with a penis…"


always assume it's a trap

Thread too long.
Didnt read.
Hope im the first to post napoleon dynamite time machine crystal joke.

Havent posted here in months.
Whoevers idea was to put that trump pepe should be fired because it fucks with my computer

This thread has completely dissolved into shitposting, so you did the right thing.

They said flat out they can't think of a single use for them.

Same. I think he's a lot more relatable than Sam and Nick on a certain video as well. Being in an in-between place and living alone myself, this video made me feel.

sorry, partially my fault

inb4 debunked.

lol no user, it's ENTIRELY my fault. Click on my ID

Did you enjoy the monster titties? Are you aware of the Committee of 300? Project Blue Beam? Tavistock? CERN?

i don't know if they've tested the EM drive yet, but it seems possible

oh lol I realized it was you right after I submitted my reply.

Has anyone else had a strange recurring feeling that year 2020 is going to be a year of great change? I've felt this for about two years now.

Sam is the angry one and Nick is the charismatic one. Charls is the wildcard.



Thanks for the (you).

lel im in there 30 times


Burn in the lake of fire, kike.

oh look…this retard again

Checked. Babby needs his mods.

okay, upon further investigation, it's a gaping wound… but that's sort of what a vagina is anyway. the saga never ends, eh?

Debate me, turd snergler.


Checked for autism.

Binaural beats cured him of his autism, according to him.


You've done lots of shitposting, but the thread was meaningless from the start because it's just a news story. There's not really anything to discuss without going off topic.

Without the addition of energy, because the energy is inherent in the matter itself.

No, cowtits pissed me off. Yes on all of those, though what really interested me in O;N was how blatant they were with the links between Tesla, EM, and consciousness rather than any of the conspiracy stuff. Granted, I wouldn't be surprised if someone got suicided over the whole "implants are too inefficient, use bio-accumulation of conductive resonators to enable radio wave control over humans" reveal.


I bet this is chris-chan trying to derail the thread from our enlightened discussion into some retarded shit about time crystals.

If you want to post about the topic, post away. Right now you are being off topic too.

was looking for this lmao

Time does exist, as a form of measurement. Just as the imperial metric system exists.
Inches don't exist, and neither do hours. The fact that my monitor is 19 inches long and has been on for 8 hours is true.
The issue with time is that it's used to measure something that isn't physical.

Best post of the thread. Im out.

I'm just waiting for the mods to ban your ass.

The Japanese are very much so aware of the current world paradigm and the state of technology that isn't used industrially. Just dig through the research papers that have been translated into English, for example. Of course, anime is another media through which they show off their knowledge of the occult (see: Evangelion, for instance). I think Aum Shinrikyo had a profound effect on the japanese psyche and its understanding of conspiracism. After all, that cult (they did the Tokyo sarin gas attack, in case you're living in la la land) pushed for the release of a lot of Tesla documents, called out the banking system of enslavement, and whatever else. The Protocols aren't obscure, and most book stores will have a book or two on how to be more like jews (because they think their prowess in finance and political manipulation is enviable).

There's a reason most of the faggots on imageboards became huge conspiracy theorists despite starting out as simple Eva fans or shounentards.

Sounds like contaminating water supplies would achieve something to that effect without the need of radio control (unless you want a built in killswitch to immune specific people from its effects). Upset brain chemistry to make a subject suggestive to other thoughts. Sounds like MKUltra tier stuff.

People were trying to debate the topic a bit at the start of the thread, but what is there to discuss, really? Some kikes say they've discovered magical new matter that is vaguely something like temporal Jell-O?

Some topics are too dumb to discuss.

Gas yourself.

Everyone was already off topic when I got here. I'm gonna leave though, so you'll get what you want either way.

If you want to post about time crystals, why don't you just fucking do it instead of whining about other people.

This. It's such a theoretical thing that we can only relate it to other scientific topics.

these are clearly meme crystals

I guess they were a bit too large.
I don't know anything about Scandium. Does it have anything to do with Tesla, or did the writers just pick a random element?

Evangelion had literally nothing to do with the occult. Anno just made it seem that way because he thought it looked cool. He drew on ideas from (((Frued))) if he drew on anything for inspiration. Prove me wrong.
I'll agree that Aum Shininrikyo is very interesting, though. Far more interesting than Eva.

Those crazy bastards fucking love conspiracy theories. Cool guys.

Don't forget about chemtrails. The Japanese call people who go crazy from this type of paranoid thought "electromagnetic" aka denpa.

err, seriously m8? You just get here from reddit? How can you even argue that in good faith, unless you can't pick up on esoterica all that well. Seriously, I could write pages on the topic. Maybe you just don't know all that much about Kabbalah or judeo-christian mythology.

I hadn't heard they were interested in Tesla, though I have heard some spooky shit about a branch of AS being linked to nuclear tests in Australia.

My personal theory is that the contamination of water supplies (and other aspects of our environment) is done to insulate individuals from the superspectrum as well as dumb them down. Physical and spiritual lobotomy. There are actually some interesting theories on how autism spectrum disorders might be better represented as errors in the reception of consciousness by damaged brains.

Too big and too airheaded, at least until Aveline takes over.
I'm not sure about the Scandium thing. I could swear I've heard about it before in this sort of context, but then again what hasn't been included in one theory or another?

There was a American colony on mars?

The elections are over, you can stop marketing now.

He's the president
Unless you're from the Alt Universe i think you're a little lost

Like what?

Because its been proven.

I've never heard a good argument for the Kike/Christian symbolism being in Eva for any reason other than that it looks cool. If you have some sort of deeper knowledge on the subject, I encourage you to make a thread on /a/ in order to redpill those idiots. Make sure to be as subtle as possible so that the Meidos don't ban you.

Monster is an excellent anime. Everyone on Holla Forums should try it out.
It's 74 episodes and 17 gb, though.

Well under the paradigm that the brain is a receiver which is attuned to remote consciousness, autism can be viewed as a malfunction in the tuning of the physical equipment. This could explain why drugs that impact neurochemistry can result in drastic improvement in autists, which makes less sense in a purely materialistic view of genetics and the brain-consciousness relationship.

Just having a look into this now, where can i find more on it?

They're known as "Aleph" these days, if I'm not mistaken. I hope that helps.

They believe Tesla technology was used via HAARP to carry out events like the Kobe earthquake. I think they petitioned the US gov't for access to the papers as well.

Found this, enjoy:
I don't agree with all the claims, and I think the poster is missing out on the fact that the whole show is a clear abstraction of modern geopolitics taken to the extreme, but that's a bit more exoteric than esoteric. Seriously, any show about a jewish cult using false flag events to manipulate humanity into giving up nations in favor of the UN and races and human individuality in favor of a giant hive mind is certainly made by a guy with a clear understanding of the trajectory humans are currently on.

As for the mythology, well, the show is called Gospel of the New Era, after all. So I believe he only uses western theology as a frame for his own creativity. He's imagining the bible as a literal account of past events, and turns Adam and Lilith into alien beings, Eve into a laboratory creation (made from "adam's rib"), and the angels, well, I'd argue they're just thoughtforms as the whole show probably takes place in Shinji's head (see: Rei as the psychopomp, present both in the first and last scene). Heh, it's a bit too late for me to write a coherent post on the topic, and I haven't been on /a/ since Code Geass was airing… but maybe that link will answer some of your questions. There are a few papers out there that dig into this realm of thought, but a lot are in japanese.

thanks ill have a look. its mainly just news articles about the attack i'm finding, never been good at finding this shit.

Alternatively, here's a stream service that I haven't had much trouble with before. Has a lot of good shit on there, too.

biblioteca pleyades always has fun little articles regarding conspiracy-heavy topics. I haven't read through this, but this is another link that came up from a quick search with a few keywords.


cheers user, kek be with you

I was actually surprised that this wasn't mentioned in Occultic;Nine, at least the anime adaption. It seemed like a natural companion to the scenario of "Tesla tech used to control astral bodies."

I always prefer having files downloaded to streams, in general. /a/ may be stuck in the past about streams being low quality, but having the file on your own hardware is more flexible and reliable, in my opinion. Storage is cheap, anyway. Still a useful link for anons who don't want to bother with torrents or direct downloads.

Sorry to blow this out of the water but your reporting is inaccurate. Fake news, basically. The idea wasn't even proposed by a chink. That's how wrong your article is.

I wanted to post a 20th Century Boys trailer, but I don't think they anime'd that yet and the live action is pretty lackluster.

I'm not really sure what you mean. Maybe I'm not smart.

It's a well known fact that Anno put in all those religious references in Eva just because they look Cool. It's all style and no substance. He said so himself in an interview.

is this copypasta? obviously Anno likes to have fun with his audience, something I wouldn't expect autists to understand. Anyone with even a cursory knowledge of /fringe/ topics knows there are about 5 different plots going on in Evangelion on a number of different layers. Maybe you just oughta watch the show, or, I don't know… read up on the wealth of information available online regarding this topic.

What about JO crystals though?

We must collect all of the time crystals to make our meme magic stronger. That is the new plot to the anime.


wew lad

Think of the brain as a radio and consciousness as a transmission. Autism is damage to the radio that causes the reception quality to decline, but doesn't actually impact the remote consciousness.

Biological death is merely the destruction of the radio, not of consciousness.

If I moved towards you at near-lightspeed, I'd see you type D C B A. And if I travel at a very specific speed, I'd see you type all of these simultaneously.

Where's your god now?

nigger, I'm no user there, and judging from the comments underneath the thread I linked to, the userbase clearly didn't like the idea that the symbolism was any deeper than exotica. I imagine the type of person who spends time on a forum related to a single anime would probably end up going insane, or is already insane… especially when that anime has no source material, and is 26 episodes long. I guess there are those movies now, too.

I will say that fight was certainly ritual rape and sacrifice, though. I'll give them credit for pointing out the abstract rape aspect. The MPE were obviously phallic, and her being impaled and then eaten was part of the ritual sacrament leading up to third impact, wherein men stole from women the right to reproduce, by giving birth to the human instrumentality project and the tang stew that made up "evolved" humanity.



In what, 10 billion years? Civilization has only lived for a few thousands of years.

That's an interesting take. Please expand or link me to sites.

Why? It's more plausible as the MPEs setting themselves as parody of Asuka's pretense that she's this big angel killer. The MPEs smugly submit to her ultimately impotent violence until she gets to the final one (Zeruel) where she's clearly pulling out its s2 engine and then they immediately begin to revenge themselves on Asuka for touching the fruit of life.
you need to detox, the primordial feminism in that essay is causing you brain trouble.

Those were stones not crystals.


the "unwashed masses" can always learn what these things mean
this is to an illiterate saying a book is magic because they can't read what it says

you can't extract energy from these crystals because they are already in their ground (lowest possible) energy state by definition
but maybe if this behaviour continues in higher energy states then it could be possible, very interesting nonetheless

wait, so this is just a fancy term for critical point phenomena? thats lame.

i mean, cool, but not "time crystal" cool. I knew when i saw a phase diagram in OP i was gonna be underwhelmed.

As far as I understand, they managed to induce a change in electron state that repeat back and forth using lasers, hence creating a repeating pattern over time, so the name time crystals (crystals being a repeating pattern in space).
This has nothing to do with energy nor time.

Spessman detected


That a couple of already science teams are going to have their airplane explode while this is patented and swept under the rug for generations by a few government agencies and their oil baron lobbyists.

Sorry, meant to reply to

You know, conservation of energy and stuff.

*already dead


talk about crazy… trump is president, seems to be keeping his word, the world is going right wing, I've started talking to random chicks and already got laid and have several more numbers to work on, what the fuck is going on this never happens.

Well. Pussy he got.

so you say something is not real without bothering to define this concept you say is not real

it's art, so I think the fact that it's subjective means arguing this type of thing is useless. I see it as a ritual, you see it as a farce. Well, I see the ritual itself as a farce, which plays into what you're saying, and I agree with all of what you said. That said, I certainly think SEELE wanted to give birth to a new being, and the only woman involved was Yui, so I guess you could argue "reproduction" is the wrong word… or rather, too encompassing a word.

tfw arguing over some thematic elements of a 20 year old cartoon made by an autist at 3am okay I need a life


Oh shit, we went on a nostalgia trip for a second. I haven't had one of those since when I was a young boy
my father
took me into the city

Whenever you will it

certain phenomena that we observe "exist" and we label these as gravity

What they're saying is that if, for example, you take a diamond or a ruby or a piece of quartz and set it on a table, you don't get anything out of it without putting something in. Quartz, as the most prevalent example - you send in a series of electrical pulses, and you get a perfectly timed series of pulses back out. (Side note: all crystalline structures have properties similar to quartz; Tesla used rubies extensively in his work for much the same reason we use quartz in all our electronics today.) But, unlike a diamond or a ruby or a piece of quartz, when you take a piece of this stuff and set it on the table, you're already getting twice as much out of it by only putting on thing in.

Like they say in the articles:
But, what's happening when they "tap" this "Jell-O" is that it's jiggling twice.

thats not how science works moron
without empirism you just have philosophy (and math) which is basicallty just comparing where different axioms lead to, you can't prove anything about the real world without empiric observation aka human observation

You have it backwards, nothing about the real world can be proven by human observation.

I smile every time.

Time is just a spook

that is the only way anything can be proven, in any sense that the word proof makes any sense
all the fancy instruments we have boil down to us extracting the information from them with one of our senses

Just because you dont understand something it doesnt mean its from the kikes.

T. An Engineer

What does pol think of flat earthers?

'Time' is an expression used to label an axis in the 3d environment. You fucking mouth breather. It allows the change and decay of matter. Without 'Time' the universe could not exist.

Bomb blimps when?

it could exist but it would be constant
life couldn't exist in such a universe, or pretty much anything interesting

I need to get myself a rifle with materia slots

This is it, isn't it. The infantilization of science.

All we need now are chaos emeralds and reality's officially shat itself.

Just think where we would be on this subject if Ted Kaczynski wasnt driven into hating humanity and technology by the jews/leftists.

Educate yourself.

This alleged time crystal discovery sounds cool as heck, but it's probably bullshit like the God particle discovery a few years ago.

Kirov blimps were in Red Alert 2,3
If you're referring to tiberium crystals they weren't in the RA universe


I'm with you there, user.

what the fuck could possibly be the context of that?

what do you mean bullshit? the higgs boson has been confirmed
media just gave it a retarded name

does anyone remember a drawing from a thread from last year, with doors representing years, with the 2017 door being sorrounded by purple crystals? we wondered than what did they mean by it, maybe this…

t. long time lurkfag

Sciencefag here.
1. if you extract energy, the crystal cools down - the motion slows or somewhat changes
2. the same happens if it interacts with its environment in any way (for example when smashed with a hammer)
3. second law of thermodynamics says entropy can't decrease globally and that cyclic engines can't be more efficient than Carnot's, extracting energy from it (decreasing entropy) may require doing additional work elsewhere
3. manufacture costs, maintenance costs etc?

tl;dr it's no more free energy than a battery


Anime will be real before the year's end, brother.

Does it really matter?

Memes have already eclipsed it in power and potential, we can WILL practically anything to happen.

You really don't want to know.
But if you really do, it's from a hentai where the protagonist's dick is pulled off by his girl classmates who humiliate them. Then his mother who is a which gives it back to him and they have an orgy where he fucks every girl until they are unconscious. He then fucks his mom too. Plot twist it's actually his mother that made his dick to come off so it will be trained and make the protagonist a man.


then he becomes Bob Sapp

are the memes too strong to make half-life 3 to be played in the real world?

It was never called the "God Particle" by scientists. That was media kikery.
The scientist called it "that god damned particle".
i.e., fuck that faggot ass particle because it's so hard to find.

More science.
Ground state doesn't mean no motion, quantum harmonic oscillator is the simplest counterexample. The term "zero energy" is meaningless since energy has zero defined by convention.
It's not without energy input, the crystal is hit with 2 lasers periodically. The new thing is that the crystal's period is different than the lasers'.


I know it was called the God-damned particle, but its name does not matter. What matters is that it is an idea that exists only in some abstract mathematical models and "scientists" are trying to force reality to match their models.

You mean the stuff the universe is made of?

Since verdammte Stalinisten Evil Communists were trying to educate me (and everyone else) into Mad Scientists, allow me to explain what is going on.

1) One of the basic concepts of physics is impossibility of permanent oscillation on macro-level (energy dissipation).
2) Permanent oscillation on submolecular level very is possible in theory, but hard to measure and conclusively prove.
3) Scientists think they invented new way to create and measure oscillation on submolecular level. They didn't prove anything yet.

4) Your bourgeois pseudoscience called this potential oscillation "time crystals" to obfuscate the meaning, so as to make it sound more impressive.

There is no practical use of this that I'm aware of. Energy storage is no different from storing energy in chemical form (unless energy transfer can be made faster/more efficient - but nobody mentions this), while measurement of time would require some energy to be pumped in, which makes the whole concept indistinguishable from regular quartz clocks.

Stay cool and vote for free high education (STEM only; liberal arts can go fuck themselves).

I'm surprised no one's mentioned this series yet.

Is that some kind of time travel joke?

You're missing out if you've never played any of the timesplitters games before

Shhhhh, we're not allowed to speak our minds anymore

I mean because Timesplitters was mentioned at least twice already. I thought you were doing a bit. Like you were posting from the past or something.

Last time I checked the universe wasn't *made out of* math models. They just try to describe the universe, that's why they're called models.

Came here to post this. What goes into the mainstream from "science" these days has become clickbait tier. It's already been posted ITT but the data to back these claims was found in blackbox simulations instead of experimentation. Fraudsters looking for grant money.

You're in for a wild ride.

Ah, my mistake.


Daily reminder: mystiks, especially hindus and buddhists predicted this model of reality thousands of years ago.

Same thing I thought. I just fucking love that picture by the way.

I need Cortez reaction memes

more like no

Well, since i know the jews have subverted physics completely im just gonna assume this is more kikery. "time crystals" heh, good one.

But user, Half Life is already Real Life.

Dude. How many days ago? I started feeling exactly the same since ~Tuesday.

I wish the chance of this wasn't so high. Seriously fuck the Rothschild family. They are fucking evil.

so, it's essentially a crystal that oscillates at twice the frequency used to oscillate it.
cool, but I don't know what you'd do with it.

It might be useful for studying time or higher dimensional matter maybe?

It's all about photon charge motion through the 1 ion thick ytterbium chain. The atomic spins are forced into a configuration that alters the input rate of energy so it comes out at a different frequency.

The real question here is how will the mainstream stemfags cling to electron orbits and say this is truth also???

So what happens if you oscillate it at the highest frequency scientifically possible?

Trump said this would happen at the Inauguration.

Future Fash is real, Trump IS the man of action, like Oswald Mosley predicted. He is the Hero we need right now.





Octave Harmonics.

Higher dimensions and wormholes.


Confirmed for planar space

Then it will oscillate at twice the speed of light, and Einsteinfags will be BTFO and be forced to admit he was a kike, and we can get back to business as normal at pursuing intergalactic travel and universal domination of the cosmos.

Can confirm. Time does not exist, only your experience of time exists.

Let me ask you a question. Has anything you've ever done, actually happened in the past? Has anything you've ever done, actually happened in the past?

The answer is obvious, no, it happened now.

Your hand did not reach through time, and type that message 5 min ago. You typed it now. Time is a mental illusion so that you can process things, otherwise your brain would become overwhelmed.


None yet. It's more a foundational discovery. Basically, they got a crystalline structure to vibrate in a way that's completely unexpected given the energy it was given.

So given x frequency, you expect it to vibrate at 1/x period. But instead it oscillates in some completely different but regular way over time.

There are no practical uses for this currently, but it may lead to the discovery of new types of matter.

Blackpill but how many times has something revolutionary happened in science recently with absolutely fuckall as a result?

It's always that road of "it's progress! think of the future!". Come up with a theory that makes relevant and interesting real-world predictions. Pursue science that doesn't only benefit filthy rich kikes with multi-billion dollar budgets.

You should go back to reddit, you stupid cunt.





This is energy storage at best. If that.

Kikes have held back science with their pimping Einstein faggotry. Electric universe and vortex theory ftw

That's not really a blackpill. That sweet sweet research welfare has to be validated somehow, so why not make up a bunch of compound words and call an exciting discovery?


For one thing, it confirms that time is a dimension that can be traveled.

So that means it is a perfect insulator.
So that means a piece of foil in the walls of your house keeps you toasty all winter.
So that means if you made an igloo using this foil in Anartica you could live in it and keep it warm as toast with just your body heat.
So that means your foil Antartica igloo would have to be vented periodically otherwise you would end up cooking yourself.
Where can I get some of this miracle foil that I only used to see advertised on sketchy websites promoting free energy?


as far as tangible inventions? better quantum computers and a new source of energy seem very likely
far less likely but potentially possible are half life-esque gravity guns and time travel
as for less tangible scientific understanding of the universe? this is huge for developing our understanding of time, and potentially even other dimensions we're presently unaware of.

also trump is in the white house for little over a fucking week and already we're memeing apart the fabric of time and space. what the fuck is going on?
scientific recognition of meme magic and thought's influence on reality soon?

Engineer is not an argument you splendid idiot.

Right now we're working on quantuym processing, but these time crystals might be a breakthrough in quantum memory storage.

Other MAJOR benefits:
1. Ridiculously good inertial navigation, tl;dr we might not need the GPS system for long. Right now the best we have (laser-inertial) is crap over long distances.
2. It's going to help with superconducting materials. AKA floating trains and cars.
3. It's going to help in fiber optics and lens making, which has more benefits than I could possibly list. Everything from terabit internet to viable laser weaponry.
4. Timekeeping. You have no idea how many things in the world depend on precise timekeeping.

But all of this is waaay down the line, like 2030 for the first

so we could have room temperature superconductors?

go be a fag somewhere else. the chans are for shitposting.

is that Kevin O'Leary?


Fucking checked for the Galactic Imperium.



Actual science-literate user here. I read about this thing a few months ago, surprised it ended up here.

They've made something out of a ring of a dozen atoms that appears to move on its own even when suspended at absolute zero temperature (where it should have no energy to move).
Ignore all the wild-ass guessing, this won't produce infinite power out of nothing for two reasons: removing all the thermal energy from something takes a ridiculous amount of energy in the first place, and even observing that it's moving also transfers energy into it.
On the other hand, it's possibly the most accurate atomic clock that the laws of physics allow. So there's that.

Sorry to piss on the parade but you won't be using this to travel back and save Hitler, as nice as that'd be. The space meme-drive thing sounds more promising for real-world uses.

What if I told you you could move the medium itself? What if I told you that the medium itself could move FTL?

If you're a nerd check out subquantum kinetics.

It doesn't actually need to be perpetual though, it just needs to be leveraged to harvest more energy than was used in the process of tapping it.

Scientists sound more and more Esoteric by the day. They have become the modern Priests and ArchBishops tbh fam. not that far away.

Here is the official paper:
Look it up on scihub:

Is this anything like two ideal massive bodies in an empty universe orbiting each other? As in, they're certainly moving, but it would take energy input to make them stop moving or crash or whatever.

What if we use all the time to power our crystals?

This. Also nice digits mate.


Scalar physics is the science of reality's hidden understructure. The electric, magnetic, and gravitational force fields are only the surface layer. Like waves upon the ocean, these forces arise from deeper fields known as potentials, which themselves arise from the primordial superpotential.

Force fields derive from specific distortions or undulations in potentials:

Similarly, potentials derive from specific distortions or undulations in the superpotential:

But there also exist potential and superpotential fields that do not give rise to [E], [B], or [G] fields yet still provide certain exotic effects. Examples:

Scalar physics concerns itself with potential and superpotential fields that do not necessarily give rise to magnetic or electric force fields, yet still have meaningful effects. It also points the way to a unified field theory between electricity, magnetism, and gravity. For instance, it may be possible to define the gravitational potential [P] in terms of [A] and thereby unify gravity with electromagnetism.

For more information, please read: A Brief Introduction to Scalar Physics (PDF)


It is far easier to measure and observe electric, magnetic, or gravitational force fields than the potentials that give rise to them. In a typical radio, voltmeter, or camera, it is the electromagnetic force that disturbs electrons and ultimately produces a detectable signal. But a force-free potential will not be detectable by the same mechanism. Therefore conventional instruments cannot detect pure potential fields.

But what about a voltmeter? Does it not measure the electric scalar potential? No, a voltmeter merely measures the difference between two potentials in an electric field, rather than the value of the potential itself. Thus if a copper wire were to carry a uniform voltage from end to end that varies over time, that same voltmeter would register 0V the whole time.

Specialized equipment is needed to detect potential and superpotential fields, and none such technology is currently in wide use. Thus there exists an entire hidden field of physics that conventional electrical engineering has not yet accessed.

We are talking about 22nd Century science here. The seeds of the future exist in the present, ignored by the orthodox but acknowledged by the wise. Scalar physics is the science of the future, a science that opens the doors to powers profound.

They actually have research papers with math there as well if you really wanna nerd out. It's fun though it can also be intensive to try to wrap one's mind around it all.

Can we open a time crystal to bring Hitler back? :^)

So then is this the year they admit zero point energy is real?

Were going to discover that even "trip" worlds (dmt, salvia, lsd) are real and accessible in the physical rather than just ethereal


Fucking hold me.

observation has verified these models, so no, the idea doesn't just exist as some abstract mathematical model
the higgs particle/field is a real thing that has been observed

Yeah, no.
>>>Holla Forums

Do you even read? Are you just plain retarded?

not with the oil industry around it won't
unless of course it gets so easy to make energy with it that a it only takes 3 guys with homemade pseudo-machinery 5 minutes to create enough energy to last the whole country a day

i think you are the retarded

something that doesn't conduct heat is an insulator. if you create a container out of a theoretically perfect insulator, then put a chemical heat engine inside, the temperature of the contents of the container will continually rise

Nothing wrong with Goldeneye.

He's not white guys, relax. No point in trying to tell some retarded shitskin that he's wrong/retarded.

Meme on my fellow brothers.

Except it's a shit game held up only by MUH NOSTALGIA by Holla Forumseddit and r/gaming types. No shooter should have the crosshairs flying around the screen instead of aim being locked to the center and the camera rotating to aim.
Not to mention every song in the soundtrack is just a shitty remix of the bond theme with zero effort or originality put in. Even worse than Star Wars games that just reuse the movie soundtracks ad nauseum, they at least use more than one song.
Sage for off topic if this thread even still exists.

I read the fucking title was more than enough for me to read to realize it was not even worth reading.
conducts electricity but not heat
Like I posted where can i get some of this miracle fucking foil not from a shady free energy website.

This is Holla Forumseddit-tier "everything that disagrees with me is bait" shit.

Holy christ, you're fucking retarded. Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

You mean your fellow handful of firestarter shills, Sinead?

What's your ethnicity?

No fucktard the title is the retarded part not me.
What I posted is absolutely true if the title was not complete bull shit.

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Yea, you're gonna have to do better than that, mate. The fewer unproven assumptions your theory requires, the better it is.

Oh I see, you're the kike that spams /polmeta/ with "white nationalism is anti-white". Commonspic go home.

Haven't done much reading on the Holocaust then, once people find out about that there's no way to unring that bell.

I don't care about the video games, I'm asking you a simple question kid.

What's your ethnicity? It's a simple question, clearly you hesitating to answer it already told me what I wanted to know, but I'll await your response.

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You're either a dim-witted shitskin, or a kike (a shitskin nonetheless but loves to manipulate their mongoloid/negroid brethren like it's going out of style) who actually tries to push such bullshit fringe garbage to try and dull whatever info was discussed on Holla Forums to try and divide the /fringe/ community among the Holla Forums community when that's not going to happen any time soon.

How old are you? Like fucking 15?

I'm white you kike, why are you so concerned over an opinion on vidya and pointing out a flaw in some illiterate's argument?


Again, it seems you're either illiterate, or clearly beating around the bush due to whatever insecurities you harbour. I will ask the question again.

What is your ethnicity? I don't understand why this is such a difficult concept for you, the only people who show discomfort alongside confusion when being asked about their ethnicity are people who have no clue about ethnicity, let alone race. Who surprise, surprise, are shitskins along with kikes with something to hide.

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What is your ethnicity? Post any little autistic maymays with abysmal reddit tier effort you saved for whatever little autistic campaign you were hired to execute, but I'm still waiting for that answer. Quit making excuses.

What is your ethnicity?

Actual fucking physicist here. Cool your collective tits.
This is literally just a undamped simple harmonic oscillator.
Atomic spin can change without the need to input energy. It is a non-energetic process.
==This is just hype== I've been able to do the same damned thing with chromium chrystallites for years. They just made it loop.
no energy can be harvested from this

Scotland and Sweden, from before the two were shitholes. What's your ethnicity, jew?

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How new do you have to be to not even be able to quote… It's already been admitted that GPS can work without sattellites. Actually they hold no purpose whatsoever if you can bounce things off of the ionosphere, well this is a field im not too familiar with anyway, but if you are not a troll your education was a lie. Sorry.

There's lots of engineer flat earthers btw. also physicists and pilots. And of course i got banned again. Byebye.


Why does the first image have that logo on it?


The reply chain is hard to read with half of the replies missing.

Cortez reaction images are rare but exist. I'll post the ones I have. I might even be right saying this, but these might even be the only ones ever made. I think I have one more but these are basically it. There is a low res reaction gif of that scene posted here that used to get posted but I don't have it.

Here's to hoping someone makes more Timesplitters OC.

(((oil companies))) are going to patent the shit out of this.

Kill yourself.

This guy isn't a collosal idiot, but he is stepping right past the disproof of his main argument…
Yes, the "temp" may be 1500C, but the energy in the particles is never depositied in anything because they are so few in number. He literally explains it himself. a thermometer will never read it for the same reason the ISS doesn't melt.
This is dome D&C bullshit. This is a thread about time crystals.

*Didn't Einstein plagiarize his "work" though?

Can you see any practical use in this discovery?

Depending on how reliable the phenomenon is (basically how well they can keep it uniformly near 0K) this could make an incredible clock.
Why do I like clocks? because it means better measurements of time-space distortions due to the D&C shill's incredible mass.

Aside from that, might be able to phase-lock two of them to an incredible degree to make key pairs, but quantum encryption already has that shit on lock.

Caucasian is an outdated term that is only used now to refer to the ethnic sub groups of Armenia and Georgia.

Unless you're from the Caucus mountain range, you are not 'Caucasian' you illiterate and uneducated moron.

You're obviously a dumb kike, the fact you had to list NATIONALITIES, instead of a fucking ethnic group, and you continue to be a fucking illiterate mouth-breathing clown who still doesn't understand the concept of ethnicity to the point it's hilarious.

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What is your ethnicity?

Because fuck synonyms.

Well, if it allows or shows a possible lead on a way to alter or switch timelike and spacelike paths, there's all sorts of crazy shit it could be used for.

I was thinking about some things one could do with containment fields and lots of energy from this, if one could use this phenomenon on a larger scale.

Science, religion, and philosophy should be the same thing. They used to be. Make Science Great Again!

>“This is a new phase of matter, period, but it is also really cool because it is one of the first examples of non-equilibrium matter,” Yao said. “For the last half-century, we have been exploring equilibrium matter, like metals and insulators. We are just now starting to explore a whole new landscape of non-equilibrium matter.”
>“Wouldn’t it be super weird if you jiggled the Jell-O and found that somehow it responded at a different period?” Yao said. “But that is the essence of the time crystal. You have some periodic driver that has a period ‘T’, but the system somehow synchronizes so that you observe the system oscillating with a period that is larger than ‘T’.”

Since this appears to be the designated shitposting thread, can I get some answers here?

Are you me? I tried getting back into anime since and can't. It's like i cant indulge myself in tv shows anymore. Imnot sure if it's me being 25 and moving on with life or i overdosed on redpill.

Thx nigger

It's older than Einstien, I left out the other half due to post size limit. And the rest of your points are baseless projection
Nigga they even give you the math necessary to build with it. And people have, many of the papers on there where BY ENGINEERS.


James Clerk MaxwellIn 1860, James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) developed a mathematical framework to explain the observations of Michael Faraday, who had performed numerous experiments with electricity and magnetism. Maxwell had the insight to view such phenomena as perturbations in a fluid aether, allowing him to apply mathematics already in use for fluid dynamics toward the case of electric and magnetic phenomena.

In doing so, he found that electric and magnetic fields were two sides of the same coin, two aspects of one and the same electromagneti field. He discovered that the speed of light in vacuum is determined solely by the electric permittivity and magnetic permeability of free space. By unifying electricity and magnetism, Maxwell gave birth to the modern science of electrodynamics.

Interestingly, Maxwell's theory incorporated not only the force fields [E] and [B] we are familiar with, but also the potentials [A] and [V] as well as the primordial superpotential [X]. This produced a system of twenty equations in twenty unknowns, complete but somewhat complicated.

Scalar physics is rooted in the portion of Maxwell's Theory that concerned itself with the potential and superpotential fields. However, it was precisely these that troubled the Academia of his time. For instance, Oliver Heaviside (1850–1925) had a real problem with the potentials, saying in his own words that they were an "absurdity" that should be "murdered" from the theory. This is understandable since the technology back then only allowed for measurement of force fields, not potential fields.

In 1884, Heaviside reformulated Maxwell's twenty equations into a compact set of four equations that, while convenient, were missing the potential and superpotential aspects. For a century afterward, the potentials were thought to be nothing more than mathematical conveniences, as abstractions that had no basis in physical reality.

It wasn't until the Aharonov-Bohm experiment in 1959 that the vector potential [A] was found to alter the quantum phase of the electron wave function in the absence of a magnetic field, proving that [A] by itself could affect matter. But that experiment was too little too late, for Heaviside's success in murdering scalar physics allowed the less capable force-based physics to proliferate and become entrenched in modern civilization. The reason we currently lack antigravity, free energy, and time travel is because various powers have invested in propagating Heaviside's bias.

While scalar physics may have been buried in the late 19th century, the moment draws near for its resurrection.

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