We will be farmed

We will be farmed

I already see it coming. At least 50% of all goys below 30 seem to live in shared housing or tiny studio apartments these days.

The future: Live in a shoebox that is owned by some jewish real estate company, work for a company that is directly or indirectly controlled by the shekelsteins, shop at the jewpermarket. Basically your who existence is a hamster wheel that makes jew richer and depletes you of your lifeforce with nothing to show for it.


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Come to think of it, it'll probably be worse than tiny studio apartments.

The kikes are already coming up with podshares and coliving to extract maximum shekels from their ill gotten properties.

that is exactly what Trump is trying to avoid.


Living like an illegal mexican, stacked 10 deep, soon available to your average cuck who wants to live in LA and enjoy the ((vibrancy)) and ((diversity)).

Stop playing steam punk games and watching sci fi. Go outside and stop being a faggot. Good goys are doing this stupid shit because

A) They become brainwashed by communist professors that teach possessions= MUH EBIL CAPATALIST

B) These same faggots are so butt fucked buy jewsih university debt that they don't have a choice

C) Because of reason B and some of A the good goy rationlizes that living in a closet for 6,000,000 dollars a month is the (((right thing))) to do

To close, this a great thing because it leaves more land for un-cucked individuals to buy so the federal government won't try a land grab out east or tighten up land grabs out west.

After all, for jews we are just cattle. "Human resource".

I owe my soul to the company store
>mfw young anons have never heard of a company town

all according to plan

Still not as fuck ass ugly as either favelas or those uber shitty clone suburbs. I mean seriously, the fuck is even the point of having a nice house when its ghetto level crowded.

Living in a high rise wouldnt even be bad with traditional apts. It wouldnt be bad at all if it was possible to own them.

Only if we can't get rid of the bugs, nigger, and kikes.

get out of the city, problem solved. Been alot of jew demoralisation today, do they ramp it up after shabbat is over?
back to trs

a lot of them weren't that bad, compared to these days.

I've lived in all forms of accommodation you have mentioned and out of the 3- high rise was the most oppressive. At least with standard "apartments" you can easily walk outside. In a suburban McMansion you have a back yard. In a high rise you have a house plant in a window (that is probably wilting) with an "amazing view" of trees and greenery (or urban blight in most cases) that you can't touch and are not a part of. You are utterly disconnected, and completely entrapped.

High rises are, without a doubt, the most inhumane and cruel methods of housing a human being. I think that (and their extremely cheap cost per square foot for accommodation) is why they were so popular with the Soviets and Marxists. They crush you AND as an added bonus- EVERYONE who works or "hangs out" downstairs knows EXACTLY when you come and go and who comes to see you.

That's because that's where the jobs are. The solution is to greatly improve and establish commuter railroads that can make 80-100 mile commutes in at most 90 minutes.

Most people under 30 already willingly live in tiny studio apartments.

most of the guys I know around 30 went into debt to buy houses 4 times larger than what they grew up in to make wives happy

those aren't real jobs

Ah yes, the only real job is managing a 4 acre farm plot right?

useless cityfag detected

I've never heard of this until now. It eerily reads like the Elders of Zion. Right on the fucking nose.

What is essential labor for 300 points?

You're the useless one. I've seen the threads promoting subsistence farming on small farm plots as a superior "aryan" way of life. Since you're such a big farmer, how are Pablo and Javier doing? Are you going to send them home yourselves or are you going to wait until the la migra de Trump raids you?

It's not particularly surprising that this is becoming more common. Take a look, the traditional family unit has been decimated, the millennial generation are clueless as all fuck and, surprise surprise, they're opting for small living conditions and foregoing families.

What a dark future that lies ahead.

Future Farmer Program
$520,000 loan you pay off in 15-30 years while living on a massive piece of rural farmland you can turn into a profitable enterprise

What the fuck are you even talking about? You think people in the country hire illegals? What do you do in the city that you can't do somewhere cheaper, less niggered up, and freer?

something like 3% of farmers actually make a profit in any given year if you don't count gov't welfare

Farmhands get paid around $12/hr iirc.
Slaves get paid nothing

it's not just the kikes you have to worry about in real estate but also the chinese. they are heavily invested in american real estate

bringing that rich chinese factory farm culture to cuckmerica one condo at a time.

Yes. Large farmers hire illegals in droves. Why do you think that farmers always complain about muh produce not being picked during crackdowns on illegals? Farmers love that they can easily find, hire and fire illegals at will. They refuse to invest in automated American made machinery because it is nowhere near as flexible.

Commies were forced to share apartments for like 75 years in the USSR. Some still do because they feel weird not sharing their apartment. Yes, we're being farmed, but energy farmed… or loosh farmed… or kundalini farmed. Having psychohypnoprojected sex with a pornstar over the internet through masturbation is probably releasing a great deal of energy that the jews/satanists will eat right up.

all farmers hire illegals are you joking? tell me the last time you saw a white person on a large farm picking strawberries or grape bunches lol.

No, they're doing it because the fucking cost of living is stratospheric due to all of the outsourcing, offshoring, and massive immigration.


If you can't find your way out of commiefornia, you deserve to stay.

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!? But no they don't unless they are a branch of a huge corp. Berries and grapes ain't farming. What I can tell you is the last non-white I have seen on a farm here was 15 years ago and he was black, and local.

I never thought I would see the day I defended fucking farmers.

Uncle Holla Forums, I'm turning 18 soon so I need some guidance. Dad grew up in the country, but moved to the city and of all the kikiest jobs, he chose to be a banker, so I've mostly lived in the city/suburbs my life apart from a year and a half at my Uncle's country town. The only reason I as redpilled was because I saw how much better it was in a country town than it was in the suburbs with a whole bunch of pajeets and chinks (no niggers here yet).

What's my option uncle Holla Forums? I'm currently looking in to going to university, to learn history or biology, but livi ng in Melbourne Australia gives me very little hope for the very red, brown, and yellow future we have over here. Should I move to America after university with a good and useful degree?

Move to Queensland, cunt. We need everyone we can to unpoz our own home instead of running away to foreign shores.

This is pretty much the case already in Australia as all the homes on 1/4 acre blocks are being torn down to build 5-10 units on them - all have no backyard, all are double-storey and all are built very poorly.

Costs top dollar too, and even if you have kids, they have nowhere to play, so people just get cats, they don't even stop to question the hamster wheel they are on.

We already are being farmed. Our labor is being farmed and everyone gets a cut.

berries and grapes aren't farming? are you talking about the horticulture/agriculture divide? Where I am, the Pacific Northwest, it's certainly normal practice.

Do what you like. I'm in a science program, but I regret not going into history and making my own path. To each his own, I'll have tangible skills with a BSc, sure… but I'd have loved to publish some things on war or whathaveyou. Australia is noguns so I can see why you want to come to the US, but I wouldn't mind the heat and glory of Australia, so maybe we can trade places.


we used to be able to make fun of you queensland, but now we have no right. I suppose Queensland is on my list of places to go now.
How are the gun laws there?

being no funs is fucking shit, and ebing charged for defending yourself agaisnt a knife wielding nigger is even sadder.
I've never been, but my uncle lives in rural Oregon, and I hear it's very nice. maine looks pretty nice too

I'm not in California. You're off by around 2000 miles.

Bullshit. I watched some interview of a dairy farmer saying poor me poor me, if you send away the illegals I'll have to spend money on machinery. And he said he didn't want to spend the money on machinery because he can't fire a machine if it does a bad job.

Farmers are the biggest enemy of American industry. Farmers were some of the biggest pushers of the TPP. They insisted on trading away our manufacturing industries for guaranteed exports of rice to Asia. Farmers insist on massive subsidies yet decry any other kind of government spending as "wasteful". Buck up farm boy, you're going to be buying farm equipment made in america now that Trump is in charge.

Whats the matter goy? Don't wanna live in a pod with a TV and (((programming)))?

He has grown quite strong.

lol, we can really change places then. I live in Oregon, it's fucking beautiful. The people are totally insane, though. Commies openly march around my town like it's going out of style. There are various anarchist groups that have weekly meetups in local coffee shops, etc as well. Wearing a Trump hat would probably get you murdered. I'm not in Portland, maybe 2 hours south… but most of the valley Portland is in (and where most Oregonians live) is hardcore leftist.

Outside of the valley, it's hardcore rightwing. Open carry is legal, and you can get most any gun once you turn 18. Maine is beautiful as well, the people are much less pozzed. But if you're a nature guy, Oregon and the PNW has much more to offer.

And I can find local interviews saying the same thing about rapefugees, you're a moron if you take what the news says over your own eyes, they always find someone to shill for the spics or the rapefugees. In every part of the country.

that's why I hate them, that is the one thing you will find 95%+ of farmers doing everywhere. But I'm not the one who implied the only thing outside of the cities was 4 acre farming.

I think you're full of shit and a dirty oven-dodging kike.
Speak for yourself, schlomo. YOU will be farmed, as in your ashes will be sprinkled on the dirt to fertilize our soil. And finally, for once in your miserable existence, you will be worth anything at all.

Apparently so. A lot of unqualified shills showed up today.

The japs have been doing this for a long time.

Nothing new and its not pol related

Probably no less than 2,100 sheckles at the absolute min btw.

Real price is probably around 2,800-3,200 sheckles. 4,000+ if it's hipstery enough.

I never said that was the state of rural America. What I am talking about are the rural idealists on here that have made a fetish out of subsistence farming as the ideal lifestyle.

where do you think we are?
not an argument

There are people who say you should be able to grow your own food, but otherwise I still don't know what you are talking about. When you call that a 'farm' and then equate that with large companies or coastal jews hiring illegals I am left with only one conclusion. You're talking out your ass.

I could just as easily say is your ideal lifestyle and that you have a fetish for wasting 3 hours a day going to a city to work for no reason.

If you eat meat, you deserve to live like that. But sadly karma, as the Poo in the Loos imagine it, does not exist. Instead there is only cause and effect.

It's already here. There is nothing you can possibly do to get on top of their banks, or feudal system, which own everything. Everybody pays them forever for nothing.

They already have their secret cities and everything lined up. Their bloodlines are secure. It's all down to how humane they want to be.

I know it will sound like nonsense until you've experienced it, but the cage extends in all dimensions. Try doing anything that doesn't conform to peasantry and you'll find resistance and misdirection. Your memory will fade, your emotions will act up, your reason will falter, you'll be bored, you wont feel like doing anything, you'll think stupid shit like nofap matters or meditating like an idiot makes a difference. The worst is the forgetting. You will slide back into peasantry without noticing until you hit another snag in the illusion. They'll bump the discontent out of your mind because you can only focus on so much. It's all for this machine or prison or whatever. Everything curves back into this place.

Maybe you should try it sometime before knocking it. It's not going to give you material goods, but it will improve your state of mind and willpower immensely.

What do you mean by this, user?

I vehemently disagree. The lack of public mass transportation outside of major cities is what prevents shitskins from bursting forth from the cities into the suburban/rural areas like a metastasizing cancer. Niggers and spics are the ones who clog up public transportation. And they're stuck in the cities because they can't afford real houses or cars, and because the cities are the only places where there's sufficient transportation for them to get around without being self-sufficient.

If you open up public transportation to the surrounding areas, you're allowing dumb dindus to love further away from the city while still being able to go around quickly. Public transportation is a glorified Dindu Delivery System. It MUST be contained to prevent their spread

Despite the fact that the word "karma" literally means action and simply means reaping the effects of your actions in the future, ie. exactly what you just fucking said.
Read a book, nigger.

$50 a night and you don't even get a curtain? Get fucked.

If things don't change about the western world, i will most likely never afford a real house or a family. There are no real jobs left and along with everything getting more and more expensive by the day, it's fucking ridiculous. Then there are these faggots calling for higher taxes and more immigrants. Fuck them! Fuck them all!


I'm aware of the affect that you're talking about but there is, to me at least a way around it, which is to journalize your day to day, write things down. It trains your mind to remember things better and will give you a stronger willpower because you can remember past states.

Your /x/-tier statements don't even turn me off, it's actually piqued my interest. Do you have anything I can read?

Well darn, nice job coming to the front lines with a "fuck it we lost" mindset. As powerful as jewish poison is, they are not above nature. This is why they are trying so hard to steer technology towards transhumanism and virtual reality, and why they push/are okay with all forms of porn and sexualization. It's because it's easier to control people when you control their base desires and needs (eat, sleep, shit, fuck). As long as people are entertained and have sexual outlets they will pretty much do whatever until they go crazy and kill themselves out of despair for such a dejected shit life of fapping and recycled entertainment with new features.

It will probably get worse, then a major collapse and many people will die before it gets better. I see 30 years in the future even older people living in shared housing stacked on top of each other right on top of where they work and shop. They are already doing that with all these "trendy" housing developments you see popping up everywhere. It's just in the future, it won't be for trust fund hipsters with one dog…it'll be the norm and huge mega jew corps will form to make it happen. The same company that you work for will own the apartment you rent and deduct the money from your salary for rent, water, electricity and internets. People will be ok with it and even demand it because it will mean you know you'll be able to pay rent and have the lights on if you work at said place, but it'll be a tiny one room apartment and I would expect your amount of power you can use is limited.

At this point you are playing the fool. They are plentiful enough on this board to have spawned >>>/col/. America's strength is in it's industry not your fantasies about how virtuous farming is.

I'm offering it as a solution to release housing pressure in cities inflating property values. Aside from that, it's not the same as a 90 minute car commute which is a soul crushing experience. Commuter rail commute time can be turned into productive or leisure time.

Queensland is the best place to move.

Millenials have the absolute worst work ethic, so you can't blame farmers for hiring beaners when the youth don't want to work.

While that's true of subways (particularly MARTA) and buses, commuter railroads dissuade dindus fairly effectively with monthly tickets in the $300-400 range.

If I own a house then I would welcome the pro-gun White Americans until they find the new homes in Queensland.

While that's going on you also have faggots who are gentrifying lot of the former nigger strongholds in the cities, I'm seeing more and more urban renewal projects in the hood along with more cafes and antique shops which is usually an indicator that the fags are present. What does this mean for the dindus? Hopefully they're getting sent to prison and not to the suburbs.

This isn't a bad idea for TRAVELERS, The young and perhaps the old but still cognizant. but then again it's going to give people the sense they are well cultured and well traveled but have never ridden dirt face on a hot shot in a blizzard with nothing more than your FTRA piss rag to keep you warm.

Any ways, I think living space and how we utilize it should be a bi-partisan issue, I am of the persuasion that we should scale life down but I would approach it from the other end.

We grant so much space to vechicles alone, parking, roads etc etc, all for what? To connect more suburbs together into the metropolis. We can look through time and see where, why and when people left the farms for the city, it's implications and vice versa, the men leaving the city for the farms. Times have changed and so with it the circumstances, We know man craves more than menial task work and hard labor.

So my suggestion is to scale back our city layouts, I actually have a pretty good plan, at first it revolved around recycled shipping containers but honestly fuck that (probably) I really just like the aesthetics of shipping containers. So what would my town of tomorrow look like?

Couple stats 10,000-20,000 population max.
100%+ sustainable I.e putting energy back into the grid, putting food into the market, putting exports such as hand crafts i.e woodworking, metal working.
Live in your community work in your community, this would bring balance to the social hierarchy of the community, You'd have all basic needs met locally (I imagine some one much smarter than me would know how many doctors and fry cooks we'd need).

There would be one main artery road that was used to service "veins" sprouting off this artery road that is connected to… already preexsisting railroad routes. The first couple sites could be right out side L.A, there could be some kind of density law that maintains there would have to be a certain distance between one hab and surrounding habs but I'm still just throwing out ideas.

Now the great thing about traintracks is that they usually for the most part follow the path of least resistance (unless you happen to be the midline, then your sneking ways are more dubious than say the sunset line) much like roads, so All you need is a parking garage for 10,000+1000 spots(guests or some shit) and an on/off ramp to the nearest highway and this way no one has to give up muh cars muh freedom of movement.
In the city, perhaps carts, bikes and or regular footwork would be the main way of transportation and thus getting to megashitties would be easy, you can also jump on a train and go to them idk.

The autojew is like an invasive species guised under the ploy of capitalism it takes up a massive amount of our resources and is not easy to upkeep (muh potholes), costs an excess amount of time (muh traffic)

That is some nigger-tier reading comprehension.

People talking about starting a colony in namibia or some pacific island have no bearing on anything here.

just like 'fetish', you use kike language because you can't actually address anything I say. My original point was that city jobs aren't real jobs, and I will stand by that as a general statement. You have been attacking strawmen ever since.

only to inflate the values further out, taking the burden off of niggers like yourself and putting them on people like me. And bringing more commies to the countryside, as well. Fuck off, we're full. Stay in your city and rot.

You wont feel restrained if you're not trying to move.

I don't know what you want, but here's a recent mystery:

I read Penetration by Ingo Swann the other day, because I want ESP:
It's mostly useless tales, but he hit on my own observations near the end, albeit in a stupid and suppressed way that reeks of intel op. Anyone actually experiencing this would fiercely get the mechanics across. Also the woman event reminds me of a 'person' I recently encountered.

Shockingly, because he never mentions it, Swann was an OTVII Scientologist as was his buddy Hal Puthoff. This would suggest he's read similar literature or instructed similarly as myself and probably where his ideas come from. They were also CIA or working for them at least according to this site:

Huge red flags Swann suppressing his own info, and he's a flaming faggot irl. I'm sure the CIA connection goes deeper, if he's not entirely made up as CIA agents go.

Some scientology works of interest:
freezoneearth.org/pub/SELF CLEARING 2004.pdf
freezoneearth.org/pub/Super Scio.pdf

Keep in mind this subject is riddled with faggots that will lie at any time.


You have the gall to complain about reading comprehension when you skipped over how they all intended to startup homesteads?

So nobody in cities like Pittsburgh and Detroit had a real job when they were manufacturing powerhouses? Nobody in Ghuanzhao and the Ruhr industrial valley have real jobs. Those places just don't exist.

Gotta start somewhere, and if you are starting from scratch and can't feed yourself and everyone hates you… do I need to spell that out for you? And what does that have to do with me? I'd never been to that board before.

but they're not now. Are you going to keep waiting around in detroit for generations thinking real jobs might show up someday? A few tens of thousands out of millions are actually doing something that doesn't involve servicing the other million people in most cities. I clarified to say 'as a general statement' earlier because I knew you would pull this NAxALT bullshit.

Full retard.

Have you ever seen China, Hitler? The chinks are already doing it. (((They))) are just stealing someone else's ideas again.

They explicitly state that they're a child board of Holla Forums demonstrating that rural idealists exist on this board who want to live as subsistence farmers.

It doesn't work as a general statement because it does not apply to the vast majority of cases. The last 40 years of American deindustrialization do not change the fact that the vast majority of American and European cities were built around industry. Industries are suited to cities as it gives them access to labor, transportation networks vital to cost effective access to any prerequisite materials and proximity to related prerequisite industry.


In Hong Kong, chinks will live in cages Americans wouldn't find suitable for a dog.

I'll have to find it, but there's also one group which lives in an abandoned skyscraper, it's pretty much an ant nest.

Kowloon walled city

Yes that's it! I literally just found it, finally after googling through all sorts of anarchist living areas.


I just quit my full time job because even though it pays a good amount more than minimum wage, I cannot afford to live by myself. Instead I live with insane family members. There's no point (in my view) to even fucking work if I can't grant myself a small piece of solitude on a regular basis.

I'm going to move to a cheaper area far away because this area is getting worse all the time (tech companies attracting overpaid cucks and driving cost of living through the roof). If I can't make it the next place I'm blowing my brains out.


you> That's because that's where the jobs are.
me>those aren't real jobs
you>it was back when
me>but not now
you>that doesn't change the fact that they were…


That's what all men want. I have no idea how chinks live in their hong kong hives.

Was demolished some years ago.

Yes. American cities today have plenty of service sector jobs including banking and healthcare.
Okay those aren't "real" jobs because presumably you don't consider it a real job unless it involves a physical product.
It was true for American cities. In the present, European and Asian cities are still dominated by manufacturing.

Get over yourself, the highlight of your life is producing a bulk commodity.

Not sure what is even the point in owning a goddamn property of my own anymore.
I have no idea what I should do in this situation. It eats away a big part of my income, and I can't move away from this city due to my job.

It's the kikes fault, isn't it?

I say there's too many fucking people around.

When there's more unemployed people than jobs, things are awful. If the tables were turned, suddenly the working man would be treated well and paid enough.

I have no idea what the impending automation boom will do in the long run.

What state are you living?

Fuck off you fucking goon faggot


Too many people are looking for the jobs but many jobs are always taken.

No, why would you make a kid, when you have no means to?

We need another world war. Nuke Israel and liberate Europe from themselves. Convince India and China to go to war. Get the rest of Asia to dogpile in on it. Life has become too plentiful, and therefore cheap.

Her daughter's mother would have died, which mean less money for him and his daughter now.

dubs suggest we will fix this
through sweat blood and LEFTIST TEARS

because, you fucking retard, we must continue reproducing

vegancuck fuck off


This is my life already, but I'm planning/executing my escape day by day

don't stick around for this, buy cheap property on the countryside and find a cute blonde wife to have 3< kids with and get self sufficiant so you don't have to pay taxes. I remember this thread a few months ago that started with some NEETfag attempting to BTFO wagecucks to which the wagecucks answered with their own shitty arguments until some user showed off his cozy little homestead where he lived self sufficiently. It's not that hard, and it is a better and more fullfilling life. Get out of the (((city))) and move to the countryside

I already live in a 15²m "apartment" and shot a lidl. The thing is is that it is cheap and in a very good geographical position for me.

Strong family bonds is how we win Holla Forums. Redpill your family/friends where you can and never stop striving to improve your body, your mind and your general life standing.

That's higher than most market jobs.

So that your kid will suffer same as you did? You won't be able to give him good education, good environment to grow up in. He'll grow up same nigger tier as everyone in that shithole.
Quantity > quality, right? Must be right, since it works so well for them.

Gee whiz user, what do you think I think about while I slave away for 300 bucks a week? We're fed up with Jewish writers making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to write shit television. Sick and tired of Jewish intellectuals going through Harvard and inventing concepts such as white privilege or homonormativity. And we are definitely sick of them owning the companies we slave away at, taking those profits to buy second homes and luxury goods while we make a modest fixed income.

But the fire rises against the Jew, user. People around the world are learning online that the likes need to be stopped, soon they will feel too threatened to live among us.


Fuck that. Never even considered that

We get to fight in the war so the kids we do have dont have to. Yes we will never have a house or a family but we can give our flesh and blood creating a new world where our brothers can.

It's all in Agenda 21. Already been signed. Slowly in motion.

These new "suburbs" they are bulding are fucking horrible. No space, a foot of grass, everything feels all the same, and they feel so fake, just there for people to fuck off.

They are building these pieces of shit all over Canada, is it the same in the states? Are they still building 50's style neighbourhoods?

Trump please save us.


I've found the motherload of Scientology documents for those interested. There are thousands of them.
matrixfiles.com/Scientology Materials/

I'd argue the people being farmed are the ones paying property taxes lol

Most of the new developments I see are closely spaced McMansions with no fences between the yards, and really no yard to speak of anyway, not to mention the retarded windy streets they use. Otherwise, townhouses are a big thing, and they're all four stories tall and 25 feet wide each, with, again, no yard and retarded curb appeal.

sounds like a big cash grab

make it as cheap as possible and sell for lots of shekels

There are vast secluded and unpopulated areas were you can escape and live with your family innawoods. Alaska, Siberia etc.


I'm almost living in that existence already. I live in a tiny apartment, work a basic job that has an income tax at 30% to start with while immigrants from the middle east do nothing on welfare all day. Quality of life is pretty goddamn shit at this point in time.
I know I'm bitching and I've got no-one to blame but myself, but it's pretty hard to get a decent job when there's none available, education opportunities are severely limited and there's absolutely no incentives to start a business when the taxes rape you from day one.

She said it prevents people from jerking off / having sex / doing "bad stuff".

She is ((russian)) btw.

Farmed goys need no privacy, it's only for the ((chosen ones)).

Only if you demand to be an insufferable faggot and live in the city trying to make it in some dumb ass tech job. Stop being a corporate peasant and stop being afraid to get your hands dirty.


Are you German? I was in the same situation as you, found some online job and pay no taxes anymore. The main downside is that I don't have health insurance now as I'm completely outside of the system, but I'm not sickly, so w/e.

I'm learning web dev right now ( www.freecodecamp.com ) so I can get a better job in the future, but I'll probably have to move to some shithole like London for someone US company to give me a shot cause Germans be like: Not a good goy who went to a 4 year shekelstein university = no jerb 4u bro.

Don't give up, it's what ((they)) want us to do, be creative, game the system.

Even tho there is some truth in this, it is wrong as it's based on the premise that resistance is linear. Resistance will grow exponentially bigger the closer you get to zero. The system you described in the post will cease to exist very quickly at one point. Just like it took a couple of months to dismantle the GDR.

People act like you have no choice but to be a cog in the machine. The truth is that you're too lazy, dumb, or uncreative to live any other way. You can live "off the grid" and still be a memeber of society, you don't have to go innawoods. You don't have to work for Jew Inc. to make money. You don't have to spend your shekels on shit you don't need.

The fact of the matter is that it's just easier to live that way than it is to do things on your own. I've lived both lifestyles and there's pros and cons to both, but don't act like you're a slave or you don't have a choice.

It's called low income housing (apartments) which are quite common in the former Soviet bloc. They build character and make you hate your fellow slavs. They bring forth the slavness in people

I live in Sweden. I have no intentions of giving up, but I really do need to figure out a way to use their system to my advantage. I'm considering trying my hand at writing a book about why Sweden is what it is today and seeing if that would take off anywhere. It pains me to see people like Cernovich and Southern write 'books' that aren't anything special but make do off them - but then again, it's the power of being a salesman over the quality of product they're selling.

I don't like living in the apartment because it's stupid. I like the rural landscape because it's so beautiful and brutal.

Guess who came up with the idea of humans as an economic resource to be exploited?
Fuck my ass sideways, Holla Forums was right again.


Well where is the working class supposed to live? It's a good way to take their money too.

You can move to other euro countries as well. If you speak English and Svenska you can always find a customer support / tech support job in Ireland or the UK for IT companies for alright shekels. Shared housing though.

That's easy just use a camp and it's free to live on the land without buying it. The house price is way too expensive to buy now so owning a house might be pointless for some people. It is natural to be FREE. That is what we are, isn't it?

Best version, tbh.

Thats a shit system. Have you considered getting checked for autism?

move into a trailercourt with white trash landlords and save your cash

Or live in the bush so that way it is faster to save your money. No rent, no water bill, no eletricity bill no property tax or whatever it is.

Until an ancap buys the land and carpetbombs you with his F-16 for trespassing on his private property. And Kek help you if you use his road.

I should have said. I'm in Brazil.

That is not real, you silly user. I am only giving the ideas to everyone so they can have some money to spend on rather to drain the money like the bath do. Just think as us as the smart water saver.

I wish I would help you user but I can't read the spanish or other language.

You can't, it's against the rules to have sex.

I was just venting, there is no solution beyond living abroad or earning more money. Things could be worse. At least I'm a civil servant here and we can't get fired no matter what. A glimmer of hope if our government decides to do some extremely stupid shit like importing even more refugees than they are already (or accepting people from Venezuela, who are already crossing the border in droves), but also a curse because I can't move from this high living cost city no matter what.

Why are Venezuelans going to brazil? It's half shithole now.

They are trying to escape Maduro. The middle class there is living like animals, rummaging through the trash for food, because supermarkets and stores are always empty. Crime has shot through the roof, social order has collapsed. The Bolivar lost all value.

What is happening is that a lot of venezuelans were crossing over tp Brazil to buy goods and go back, but many ended up deciding to stay, especially when Maduro decided to "temporarily close" the borders, preventing people from doing that. They cross through the state of Roraima. To give you some perspective, a small town of 12 thousand inhabitants called Pacaima (BR city) now registers 70% of the people being nursed in their hospital as venezuelans. They can come in without documents, so it's really easy to overstay their welcome.

Crime shot through the roof there, and many of these venezuelas are living in the streets begging, going to prostitution and so on.

While I'm sad for their situation, I really do not want them coming here in droves. Our country is already a shithole. We don't need more people to take care of.

Ah I understand but they would have take over and execute the traitors to make their lives better again. Since the bolivar lost the values so the military will do nothing but to allow that to elites, will they?

Maybe you would use the Airbnb to rent liberal's vacant homes out to earn extra money?

>I owe my soul to the company store, mfw young anons have never heard of a company town.
Pullman was by far the most jewy of all of them. He paid his workers in scrip worthless outside his town, and then once he got everyone entrenched in debt, doubled the prices of everything in the company stores. The workers faced a difficult choice, be homeless during the Depression, or work twice as hard to just live in dire poverty.
I wonder if he was a Jew, or just an Honorary Semite.

you gotta be Holla Forums
you keep calling me a farmer when I'm not, I'm sure your blue-collar union job will return any day now

Is my math wrong that that is 1300 square feet?
I'm sure the costs are outrageous but that is big for one person it's huge for the country but that's because there is tons of storage when you're not stuck in an apartment
I used to have a decent job (yes, making things) in a small city, but my rent ate up all my money, along with all the drinking to put up with living there. Walked away from the job and never looked back.


Yeah, the only way to fix Venezuela now is through a bloody revolution, with Maduro's head rolling. I hope they do it sooner rather than later.

If I had other properties to rent, I would't have to worry about money, user.

Okay, it's big for one person, I will give you that. But it's really luxuriously big. I may have overestimated it, though, it's likely around 115m2. My gripe is how fucking expensive the tax and maintenance-related costs are. I end up paying the equivalent to the rent of a one room or even a two room apartment monthly on something I own. It's fucking ridiculous.

I meant "But it's NOT really luxuriously big."

L Ron Hubbard was also a prolific shit writer and and close friend of Aliester Crowley, sick fuck and original creator of Spirit Cooking. Everything L. Ron ever ordered, wrote, spoke or even requested was written down by his cultists, then laser etched into steel tablets sealed inside titanium capsules stored in a bunker complex in new mexico.
Look into the L courses, would be my Suggestion. I remember hearing during chanology that they were responsible for fucking up Tom Cruise.

gotcha, my biggest expenses are taxes and gov't mandated insurance. The people setting taxes are parasites, it's no surprise that they will bleed as much as they can without killing you.

What do you do with a place that big though? By myself in an apartment that size I had two rooms with random tools and boxes of books, camping gear and guns thrown on the floor, weightlifting equipment, and still had a living room too large. Now, even when my parents visit, 100m3 still leaves us with 1/3 of that not being used. It may not be luxurious, but is it really worth the work and worry it takes to pay for it? I'll assume you do something for the gov that's worthwhile since you're here

Maybe he would get room mates to rent it? Honestly I think he should get a new job so he can move to somewhere cheaper.

One bedroom, one guest bedroom and I turned the other room into a library / PC room of sorts. The reason I even have this is because I inherited it from my parents, otherwise I wouldn't live here. I could sell it, but the building is very old, so it would fetch a bad price in the market. At the same time, new buildings are expensive as fuck, and built with the pod mentality where they make small as hell apartments but a lot of shared space with gyms and other things like that to cram the maximum amount of people in a building while still charging a premium. I also don't trust most current companies responsible for construction work. Many of them are under government investigation, I know personally a very famous one in my region started using second rate material to offset costs and maximize profits. Besides, real estate here is in a crisis of sorts, so selling now would be a bad idea anyway.

Low tier office work. Equivalent to a company office drone, so hardly worthwhile, at least on the influence side of things. I am just a small cog in the machine.

This is Brazil. I wouldn't trust living with random strangers.

Unemployment is at a record high right now, and the government is making revisions on work related laws that will end up driving wages lower and increasing welfare related taxes on the working population. Companies and business are also closing left and right. I would have to be crazy to leave a 9 - 5 stable job as it is and go job hunting in this economy.

Some of my answers here were meant to

your ignorance must cost you a lot of storage space


I have 14TB of storage capacity. I really don't care that much about a simple jpg I crafted on a whim. In any case, dully noted. If I start running short of space I'll reconvert my images to a lighter format.

Lather, rinse, repeat until desired result is achieved.

You'll die of course, but you were living dead anyways.

buy land, but don't "develop" it lest you get (((reassessed)))

I'd plop a few converted cargo trailers on it and move them around the property as needed. Just treat each one as a detached bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, ect…

I've seem some pretty clean builds and the construction seems to be superior to most commercial RV's.

Set it on fire.

Just leave them on a trailer. As long as they can move, you don't need building permits.

You really don't. In Germany they're already going after people living off the grid. Do everyone a favor; put a bullet through your skull.

are you new or somehing?


The amount of stupidity in that statement baffling…

Look at the UN's goals for "Agenda for the 21st Century" (now titled Agenda 2030)… many "conspiracy theories" about it, but seriously it does exist and is all well documented. I'm too lazy to dig up the links, so do your own research.

The end goal (in the name of "sustainability") is to create a dozen major mega-cities where people will be urged to live in (or regulated into over time) where everyone lives in these kind of compact mini-apartments - including whole families which would make a nightmare turn into reality real quick.

We must resist this by all means. The end goal is total subjugation of the masses.

damn a prision you got to pay for and you even got your name on your cell. now that's some real innovation shit. free nigger stank included. no doors sold as an innovation. damn the mindlessness of these liberals is astonishing.

can a nigguh get a table dance

Varg talked a lot about this, he calls it the "domestication of humans" and I think it's a good choice of words. Notice how we're becoming increasingly dependent on the state, the banks, technology etc for every part of our lives. The Apple kikes could shut down the average normies IPhone for a week and he would become completely handicapped. Everything we do is under constant surveillance and thanks to the growth of cities, we're becoming increasingly forced together into tight little cucksheds.

This can also become visible in how incapable of almost basic tasks we're becoming. Many people no longer know how to even change a tire or cook for themselves because all of that is outsourced to someone else to do for them.

I kind of live like this except we have our own rooms and toilets but the kitchen and living room is shared. It's alright because I'm in university (except for the leftist cucks) but I couldn't imagine living like this for anymore than these few years.

Solution: Don't have kids and put the savings into purchasing a house. Continue until debt free. Kids are a useless expense.

I've lived in 2 types of Commie flats. One was a panel and the current is a brick flat. I know that during Commie times here they didn't have much to cover their windows. Nowadays everyone just has window blinds which completely covers it so no one can see where you are. It's really not so bad honestly.


Go back to mowing my lawn.

Not in a position to do anything else atm.

Democrat future: Soylent Green

GOPe future: Brave New World

EU future: 1984

Alt-Right future: Warhammer 40000

fixed, you fucking faglover.

What is your job?
What is the unemployment rate?
Maybe you would purchase a dozen dividends to earn the extra money.

the concept of hell as a place of fire and brimstone focused on physical pain seems to lack imagination. all you really need is to ask a commie what their utopia would be and you'll find true suffering

Fucking this. Slaves atleast in the west historically have had better living conditions.
Intrest slavery is worse than regular slavery.

Fuck off back to Holla Forums with your autism over file types and file sizes.

Without going into details, I work with tax related stuff (but I'm not a tax auditor. Like I said, I'm low tier). But if you wanna know if I can apply my work related skills in some other sector, I can't. I honestly doubt I would be able to fit in corporate culture after so many years working as a civil servant. It breeds a very specific kind of mentality and work ethics on you (and I don't mean I'm a lazy bastard, quite the contrary since I pull overtime every week).

In January, our nationwide unemployment rate went from 9,8% to 11,8%. There are currently around 13 million unemployed people in our country - and that statistic doesn't take informal jobs into account, and they are big here. The number is likely bigger. Analysts believe we will have 1.2 million more unemployed people this year. The rate is bigger in my state, but I don't remember the number.

But stats aside, I trust more my daily interactions. Everyone that I know that is working in the private sector got laid off or is on the verge of being fired, except for one or two. Of these, most are still unemployed 6 months after being sacked. A select few opened up some manner of business, but they all complain about their perspective and think that if nothing changes, they will have to close down in 1 - 2 year tops.

I also see traditional establishments closing down all the time. Restaurants, coffee shops and the like that have been around for 40, 50 years have been closing in droves. Business that flourished before are going under at an alarming rate. Our state judges even got worried at the amount of bankrupcy requests and created a "task force" to deal with it in a more expedient manner (not something they would normally care, it's just that it's too many of them right now). I can also tell you we are having record amounts of companies not paying taxes because of this whole shitshow - all companies that paid everything correctly before.

I have a family member that recently got laid off from his lifelong employment in his 50s, and he is absolutely fucked because no one will take a guy as old as him in a new job.

I'm afraid of that kind of thing happening to me, so I'm hesitant to change jobs. Like I said, I work 9 - 5, with 1 hour of lunchtime in there (so I actually work 7 hours/day), 40 days of vacation/year, state issued healthcare that is actually decent and affordable (this is important, as healthcare gets obscenely expensive around your 60s. My father died paying more than half of my salary on his [he was 82 at the time of his death]). I also don't have to be afraid of taking as many medical leaves as I can only to be later fired nor of my employer going bankrupt. So yes, the salary is not amazing, but the job security is great.

Besides, like I said before, selling my apartment would give me terrible returns, and I'm not sure I can use my tax related knowledge to compete with people that actually majored in something related to it in the market.

Yeah, I'm trying to save money to invest, but it's been a struggle. Not much left at the end of the month. Converting in american dollars, I can save up around $500 after my monthly expenses and a little bit spent on luxury like eating out or buying something entertainment related. I only recently started saving it, though, since before, I earned even less and I was mostly breaking even every month.

But don't worry about it, I was mostly venting. It's a bit frustrating, that's all. My current plan is to try and get a better government job. Not easy, but not impossible. Just requires a lot of studying, which I'm working on.

Why do you think they have all those "live comfortably in a closet" things?

Who wouldn't want to "live" in a place that's turned into a concert hall every night that you can't just leave?

We all need to buy land, build a home, vote away from ridiculous zoning regulation rules, escape mortgage, raise white children and have farms.

I can only hope to get dubs or better in this thread because it is such an important message Holla Forums, this is the guide on how to kill the American jew. Kek bless.

That's alright shekels. Your average pleb in Germany isn't able to save much more.

freecodecamp.com become a decent coder and you'll be swimming in shekels

can take a couple years until you have the experience to get remote jobs that pay 60k+ but once you got it life is good

if you don't pay taxes on it it's jew york tier money

This is interesting. Is it really that easy to get a remote job like that? Where do you even look for that kind of thing? Online?

More important is the wasted time for a few dozen, hundred or thousand people loading the oversized image you turded out.
Wasted bandwidth too.

It isn't just about you.
Server has to upload 5x as much, each person needs to download 5x as much.
Five times the delay.
Poointheloos waiting for days to download your image, only to be disappointed that it isn't rule63 of ghandia.

weworkremotely.com / remoteok.io and some other sites

low level freelance work competing with hundreds of others = upwork.com

and no it's not easy, tough competition with shitloads of eastern euros, hence the experience necessary, but you can get it in brazil as well but no idea how that compares to your job

indeed.com.br/empregos?q=front end&l=

Thanks. I checked some of these in the brazillian site and it seems almost all of them require a degree in IT related stuff, and the amount of open spots is very low. The salaries seemed to be lower or on par with mine on some cases, so I'm frankly not seeing much advantage. Earning money in a foreing currency would be different, though, especially in a strong one like dollar, so I'll check the others.

Maybe I will pick it up as a hobby on the side and see where that goes. Worst comes to it I can try and make some simples apps and try to sell them myself. Thanks for the links, user.

Even jews will understand there's a limit to how much you can exploit people before it stops being profitable.

Scientology, Dianetics, or whatever the fuck else they call it was blatantly subverted and devoured by other occult organizations.

The fact that scientology even exists hints at subversion because it's nonsensical. It is like forming a religion around a Physics I textbook and taking it as the final ultimate truth about everything. Frankly, I see most everything else the same way. There is something wrong with everyone involved. Especially that Hubbard. I doubt his existence entirely because he embodied the contradiction.

Would you please tell me more about this program?

This is the right attitude to have and the stuff from which heroes are made.

TFW im about to be a home owner at 24, will have it payed off within 4 years and I have no college debts.

I and my descendants will never be serfs to the kikes. Ill make sure of that.

October 12th, if my logs are right.

A few years ago, I noticed that some high school kids were being pests around the courthouse. I was half-joking when I told them I'd give them forty bucks for a few hours of work, but two of them took me up on it. I'm getting older and it's not as easy as it used to be, so they lend a hand on my forty acres.

It's been about five years since then. The two I started with told their friends, and now I've got all the help I could ever need during fall and spring break. Sometimes, I still have to pick up a Mexican or three, but I think they talk to each other a bit more than people give them credit for. Ever since I started bringing the young punks around, they've started getting real touchy about working for me. They usually take up other work, if it becomes available.

Their loss, I guess.

Can't that land you into trouble with child labor laws since its a recurrent thing?

As long as it's below three hours a day, to a maximum of eighteen hours a week, I'm in the clear. They can work up to forty hours a week if school's out, if they wanted to. There are also rules about not working before sunrise or after sunset. The ones that keep coming back aren't happy about it, most of the time, but they get it.

At least, that's how it works in my state. There might be other rules in other places.

liferepairspecialist.com/ScientologyMaterials/index.php?dir=Intelligence Course/

I don't mean to same it up, but this is pure gold. Inside look at a functional intelligence operation. Every org of 150 members was required to support and fund local investigators of the intelligence division. It's more serious than it appears.

That depends on where we live but the biggest problem is the jobs isn't always avavaible everywhere for us to apply so the options is buy the cheap land and start a small business.

No well casts down the proud.

Are you sure the Jews havn't gotten to your woman? How sure are you that you will be powerful enough to separate her from Jewish control, once then what about her own whims?

A lot of loyalty to ask, when the price of a house is at stake. I should've known that.

Ted Kaczynski in his Unabomber manifesto, Industrial Society and its Future stated that the “Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race”. He demonstrated this by talking about the Automobile. The Automobile when it became faster and more economical then horses was seen as liberating, allowing towns to trade, families to visit distant relatives allow a huge boon in logistics and economy which eventually developed into how Trucking functions today. The Automobile was seen as a great example of the individuals increasing power to traverse the globe. In Kacynski’s view this is the opposite, where a horse could traverse more then roads the car could not. Instead of being liberated to traverse the globe man was being funnelled

Today community planners and council workers strategically build or deliberately congest roads according to what parts of a city they want to prosper and what parts they want to die. Today city planners are marketing tightly packed shoe box sized tenements not fit for slaves as trendy Urban Village living in order to centralize human interaction and collectivise human movement, deliberately making it hard to drive in these areas without congestion so centralized public transport becomes the norm. What was once billed as progress for the individual is turning into the individual’s nightmare, the future of human living is a centralised constantly monitored ghetto where the worker is given only the bare necessities he will need to live.

The internet is another example. The internet like the Gutenberg Press has allowed the greatest flow of information we have ever seen in human history. I myself am largely self-educated by way of reading what PDF files I could scavenge from it. As I write at this very moment the Internet is also the primary medium for the world’s first electronic decentralized currency, Bitcoin, which is beholden to no central bank. But in recent years, the internet, particularly in regards to its social sphere has taken a disturbing turn. Social Media is largely monopolized between Facebook, Twitter and Google. Other more anonymous sites exist such as the chans but Facebook in particular anchors the person on the internet to their real identity and for most people it is how they gather their information and are exposed to news in our current time where televised news is becoming redundant. This triopoly over what essentially amounts to the agora of ideas allows whoever sways these companies to not only shape and decide public opinion but gather information and public trends on behalf of intelligence agencies.

Edward Bernays, the father of modern propaganda in the American Journal of Sociology remarked:

In the digital age of social media where public opinion can be swayed by a single Facebook administrator setting or removing a trending news story or Twitter Janitor shadowbanning speakers from sections of politics they personally find disagreeable, Bernays posthumously found his broad technique.

Its no secret Mark Zuckerberg and Eric Schmidt meet with both Bilderberg and the Council on Foreign Relations and it’s also no secret that Facebook on behalf of the German government is openly and unapologetically censoring both larger group pages as well as private profiles discussing the current immigration crises in Europe and its results. Combine this with the norm of mandatory state education and licensing of print and news media and the vast majority of society is ripe to be enthralled by the ruling class. Of particular note pointing to the purpose of Facebook is that its board hosts Peter Thiel as one of its members. Thiel happens to be the Co-founder and largest shareholder of Plantir Technologies (named for the seeing stone of Sauron), a company which performs surveillance data analysis for the US intelligence community as well as major banks and hedge fund managers.

In 1943 Winston Churchill remarked that the Empires of the future would be “empires of the mind” the emphasis less on control of territory and more on control of public perception and opinion. Bertrand Russel also remarked that any government that remained in charge of education for more then one generation would be able to control the majority of its population without arms or police. In the 21st century a cold war has begun between ruler and subject, the battlefields being fought by pen, keyboard and mouse.

The trend of technology Kaczynski correctly pointed out has always been one of centralization of power. If we look at the Industrial Revolution , the greatest effect it had was to push a dispersed population into the cities and factories where they could be better controlled like cattle in a pen. Today’s technology is not so dissimilar, energy being the primary vector for this disease of centralization.

The rhetoric of the sustainability industry is aimed quite simply at having a large metropolitan population reliant on a central power supply like a large solar grid or geothermal plant. The objective is total dependency on the State or the statist private proxy corporations. In the US it is even illegal to collect rainwater then rather use the states (likely fluoridated) town water. The US has gone so far as to light ranchers properties on fire in order to devalue their land so the Bureau of Land Management could evict the ranchers in preparation to sell it to Russian Multinational energy companies (I am of course referring to the events that sparked the Oregon Bird Sanctuary stand off of January 2016)

Food is being increasingly patented like Monsanto’s terminator seeds which only produce seedless plants ensuring that a farmer must constantly buy from Monsanto then sustainably farm. The constant subsidies Monsanto receives (between 1995 and 2012 the corn industry of which Monsanto controls 80% received 88 billion tax dollars) as well as its control of the US FDA have allowed to corner the food market. In India, local farmers trying to compete with this monolithic entity have been known to commit suicide by eating a kilogram of salt because it was all they could afford to buy after Monsanto’s economic and legal actions. With food largely under control like a pressure valve, the population similarly is under control.

Food Control, Energy Control, Thought Control. This is where we are headed and it is being billed as progress while it happens with the only beneficiaries being the controllers.

gas the liches magic war now

+1 to a great thread. I have first hand experience living and working in LA and yeah it is exactly where you do not want to end up. Basically technology and progressive idealism are just marketed coping mechanisms for your future concentration camp lifestyle.

both of those videos are pretty profound and terrifying

You niggers need to figure out what a huge deal nuclear energy technology is.
France is a prime example of why renewable energy is bullshit Marxist propaganda. They've been making nearly all their electricity with nuclear reactors since shortly after the oil crisis. Nuclear energy is zero-carbon: France remains the smallest carbon footprint per capita in Europe, even with Germany's huge investment in spastic renewable.


Work hard, save up. Buy land.


I'm buying my first investment property this year ( I'm 20 )

Victor Suvarov, spetsnaz officer and KGB defector said nuclear power plants were their biggest target for covert ops because they reduced dependance on Soviet oil. The KGB would arm Green activists with smuggled weapons via proxies and use these Watermelons to conduct sabotage and attacks.
He called them watermelons because they were green on the outside but red on the inside, and salivatingly valuable for their disposibility. "If a man is willing to die for his beliefs killing our enemies, let him die then with our guns in his hands." paraphrased.
This is why the FBI makes fake terror plots these days, it's a holdover from Cold War realities.

it'll be like college forever! very fun, very free, very open and hip

So you're buying an "investment" property at the very height of this latest round of "flip this house" kikery? Good luck on that. Too bad you were in grade school the last time every dipshit 20 year old faggot who thought they could buy property, do some shoddy half-ass "improvement" work and then sell it to some illegal spic with an FHA loan for twice the price got blown the fuck out and stuck with underwater mortgages. Have fun, kid.

As long as leftists have their shitty creature com
forts, they won't fight it.

I was going to post that same thing.

What is this?

this. hang on to your cash for now and invest in companies that are playing nice with Trump.

What are the unkiked nice companies? We need a list so we know who to invest in.

TRS tier shitpost