Federal judge blocks Trump immigration order

http:// thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/316714-federal-judge-blocks-trump-immigration-ban-nationwide

I guess this judge is about to lose their job.

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To clarify this means the 100-200 sandniggers waiting in airports are not subject to deportation at the moment. This decision will likely be reversed, but they're fighting tooth and nail.

Why is Iran considered a threat ?
the only attack I record is a retaliation attempt against a US commander who killed 250 civilians because he "thought" it was a military aircraft.


I guess you forgot about the time they destroyed our embassy

I really didn't want this to happen under Trump
But man I wouldn't mind a terrorist attack in one of these sanctuary cities right now.

Let them see what they are defending.
Or AT LEAST some illegal killing someone.

The federal court for the (((Eastern District of New York)))

That is Brooklyn and Crown Heights. Some Kike lawyers brought it to a Kike judge.

Hitler wins again:

Not exactly a proportional revenge, 8 american servicemen in 1979 for 290 civilians in 1988 ?
And you're forgetting the CIA intervention in Mossadegh's election, they had legit reason to shit on US of A.

They'll blame trump for it, maybe even imply it was justified

Your point being that we should let them in to take revenge? I don't really see where you're going with this.

And don't forget that Mossadegh's election came after Iran was occupied during WWII by the Soviets and the English for supplying Germany with oil.

We knew this would happen lads.

Liberals have this profound ability to not recognize when the world around them is moving ahead. We knew they would eventually realize, and they would do everything they could not to allow it.

They will not be laughing anymore.

What is going to happen lads?

Yeah, this is just a minor irritant. Any future haji travelers still won't be allowed to board a plane in the first place.

Wew this judge doesn't realize that there is plenty of legal precedent for this. Will be reversed immediately.

Related topic, though, what should be done about the justice system in this country? It's completely broken. I honestly think we need to hang about 90% of them and greatly reduce their power.

Who cares? They're muslims, so fuck them.

Freikorps/SA to met out extra-judicial punishment. Start off by fighting commies in bars, move up to organization like Adolf and the Gang did.


Trump will call the judge a low energy loser, then deport more Muslims and Mexicans.

What is actually funny considering is that americans does not view saudis the same way they see Iranians, when saudis caused far more deaths to americans than Iran, besides the Iranian hostage crisis can you name another large scale terrorist attack perpetrated by Iranian islamists ? now what about saudis ? saudis are not in this list, why ?

Iranian hostage crisis…

It's because, like with Syria, actual terrorists will get cheap fake passports funded by Soros and other Jews, board a plane from Syria, Iran, Turkey, etc. to reach the evil crusader's lands to attack them from within.

We hate them equally sandnigger. MIDF go.

because money and maybe 14D chess, but we'll see

Please blow some shit up. The (((ACLU))) needs to be discredited and blamed for the deaths of Americans.

I remain amazed that some random nobody fucking judge anywhere in the country can just go NUH-UH and somehow stop a federal order.

Implying MIDF shills (sunnis) don't hate Iranians (shias) as well.

They can't, this judge probably fried his career. Sessions is gonna dick-punch this dude into the stratosphere.

They don't need to be a fucking threat. Muslims have no place in the west. The ban should be expanded to ALL muslim countries

Not really stopped. The scope of the stay is very limited. People are still being denied entry, unless they were already in transit.

supposedly the stay only covers those at the airports and "in transit"

What do you mean?

Too many business dealings and oil dependencies, I wager. This is why the new pipelines, American oil and Mexican resources come into play.
Trump will be able to exact revenge on the Saudis only when these most crucial economic elements are met. Well, normally, at least. He could always decide to blitzkrieg them as well, but he might be waiting until a full new reinvestigation of 9/11 is ordered, get the kikes to cooperate by backstabbing their Saudi cousins rather than being blamed themselves, thereby sticking for the first time to the original narrative of 17 of 19 hijackers being Saudis.
After the Saudis are out of the picture, lots of opportunity for business deals and partitioning the lands.


All muslim countries except Saudi Arabia, which US have relations right ?
the same saudis who funded Al Qaeda, 9/11, etc etc.


>tfw I think something big is in store for our special sand niggers

Federal Judges are appointed by the head of Executive Branch (guess who), so this judge will likely be force to resign, and at the very least will never be appointed to any judicial position ever again.

My money is on Sessions forcing him to resign though.

This. We don't want them here at all. Not a single one of them.

Is there any way to stop this order?



So they're going to rot it detention until this emergency stay gets raped, assuming anybody obeys it whatsoever.

Shit, I'd hate to be a Trump voter when they start getting beaten up in the streets.

How? Aren't these basically "for life" positions, or is that only SCOTUS?

It's not an order, it's a stay which is a temporary order. It'll likely be overturned Monday.

mohammed pls go

Tbh I expected Holla Forums to be more informed when it comes to Iran, unfortunatelly some Holla Forumsacks are not much different from the neo-cohens they claim to despise.

How do you overturn a federal order?


(((they))) say it's OK to punch a nazi
what's not mentioned is that nazis will punch back

Hey look guys! It's the TOR poster here to fag up our thread.

I think they can only be removed through resignation, death or impeachment by congress. An attorney general pressuring a resignation wouldn't happen in my opinion - it would damage his impartiality.

I'll wear 5 MAGA hats and say I voted for Trump 10 times if it gets noodle-armed leftists to come at me.

Hi crew please fuck off

Takes 6 months for a VA claim on average but a court can let sandniggers in at the drop of a hat. Funny how that works. Inb4 they overstay their visas.

This is exactly what I was trying to warn Holla Forums about. But hey Iran is far more dangerous right Holla Forums ? they invaded a embassy when most Holla Forumsacks weren't even in their daddies nutsack so that makes them eternal enemies of the US.

Turns out having business ties in relatively stable countries is the way to go.

They're gonna be in for a rude awakening when they try to punch someone who isn't a CIA plant.


They're time is coming. And Trump's push for saudi-less oil is probably part of this.

I've always said Iran has a defense force on this board rivaling the JIDF. I have no special feeling towards them but in the end, all the countries in that region can fuck off. This is part of that. Iran always always says they want to be left alone. Now they get their wish.

well at least we've got Somalia and Sudan on the ban list. Somalis are literally the worst.

Yeah.. no. He registered personal businesses in Saudi Arabia during his campaign. Getting more oil online doesn't really change the calculus of keeping the Saudis selling their oil in dollars. The US has hitched their wagon to them. There's no long game here.


Currently, it pretty much is.

Hoo boy I can't wait

it's a threat to israel


This is unfortunately the truth. we've got to stop projecting this "God Emperor" image onto Trump. He's pretty fucking based, better than any of us could have dared dream of a few years ago, but he's no Holla Forumsack.


Except when they're trying to defend themselves against Israel agression by having nukes right ?
oh we can't let them protect themselves against kikes, let's impose some more sanctions or help Mossad kill their top nuclear researchers so the "chosen people" and "best ally" can be protected.

Won't happen this go around. Those (((muslims))) are being moved under kike care. Wait for the push when the ACLU isn't in front.


inb4 judge is jewish

Stop shilling for Iran sandnigger. Your butthurt at being included in the ban even though you think you're a "good muslim" is palpable.

We didn't. It was a coordinated online campaign by select groups using bot software and paid posters to amplify the message.
If he's not actually getting to the root of why we keep having these problems, he actually isn't based at all.

ignoring the fact that the yellow countries are all passive, can we talk about how retarded msnbc is for not knowing how to set up a map?

This is half bad. This order halt only affects the deportation part, not the immigration part.


This. There is no such thing as a good muslim.

Yeah, exposing US hypocrisy when it comes to internacional relations is "shilling", whatever bust your bubble friend.

Iran is a shitty country, Iranians are shit and we don't want them in America. We don't even need to give a fucking reason.


Aside from the fact that we're taking something from the lugenpresse as fact, there is too much shit being ignored.

And now you're just tossing an emotional fit. At this point, we're telling them to fuck off. They've thrown down their ban on Americans as well so now we're even. They can fuck off. There is no reason to bend over and make special concessions to someone that has no economic value and harbors anti-American sentiment. I'm fine with ignoring them and banning them from coming here. They are free to do the same.


That inbred arab IQ showing through again

Apparently, the judge agrees with the ACLU that visitors from the countries that were banned are entitled to habeas corpus, which invalidated their detention before they could be sent back.


He doesn't seem to be butthurt at Iran's inclusion, but rather bewildered at Saudi Arabia and others exclusion on top of the continued antagonism towards Iran – a declared and unrepentant enemy of Israel. He's right.


Alright you made your point, too bad your president don't think the same of saudis though, they can still come and go as they please.

The problem is that you're complaining Iran has been banned, rather than complaining Saudi Arabia hasn't. That shows you have your priorities backwards. You are doubtlessly a sandnigger.

You spell like a Spic.

Iranians and arabs are completely different people burger.


Nigger please all they do is harass the weakest of us when they have overwhelming numbers. Right wing people are going to start using their CCW's pretty soon if this escalates.

They're all dangerous you insufferable faggot. When and how they are banned will be different based on each circumstance. Those aren't just countries where Trump has biz ties (if you take MSNBC's definition) but where a shit ton of other Americans do too. Americans however don't have very many ties nor are they exporting a shit ton to the banned countries (outside of the military contractors…….). So Trump went with the low hanging fruit first.


Got the Judge who did it.
https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ann_Donnelly

One on the left. Obama appointee

Thanks m80

Mateen obliterated all those spic faggots and it didn't phase them or their narrative. they have forsaken reality forever.

Jew crew ? when Iranians are hated by jews ?
do you even have a grasp of geopolitics burger ?


Why am I not surprised?



Looks jewish.

You're forgetting: dead.

Oy vey.

What a laugh.
So it's safe to assume she has no plans and no grasp on what consequences are.

The Hiberian Conspiracy!

For something to be dead, it had to be alive at one point. An alive muslim.

She looks like a rat-human hybrid.

Not particularly. We're going to need to institute a VNN-type policy here where you need to have proof of jewishness before you bother making the claim. I'm not saying she is or isn't, but she's got an Irish last name [could be her husband's] and she doesn't look obviously jewish.


and israel

She's "family law" cancer. Fruit of a rotten tree. No wonder she had the audacity to stymie Trump's immigration clampdown.

we should add "currently an USA military ally" to that list

I'm getting strong jewish vibes from her. She's a crypto-kike, I can feel it in my gut. Intuition is the most reliable tool for detecting jews.

It's more likely that they are jews/crypto-kikes than not at this point.

Well gee, I think I've seen that claim before…
We're definitely being shilled by the Lying Press.

it's fucking nothing.


Instead of vibes, get some proof. That would have been a good thing to work on before you made this particular post.
No, it isn't.

Definitely a kike.

OK, retard.

They managed to get them under the control.

Another bellwether is her residing in Brooklyn. There's an upscale jew enclave there, the name escapes me.


Eat shit, Moishe.

Gas yourself kike.

Don't let your children play (((video games)))


Iran wants the death of Israel. Not a "friend of our friend" scenario but not a bad start.

Brooklyn Heights.

If she's not a jew, she was put into place by a jew. There's jews involved whatever you say, Moishe.

Wew lad.

lol they're always gay commie cucks

Either of you having any luck figuring it out? I'm not and I'm googling it. You just rolling with it? Any insight into which particular Michael Toth is her husband? Multiple results. You on this with me or you feel good with where you're at?

Is the important part. This is a nice start. In the end, I don't care if they destroy each other at that point.

This is nothing, but a judge deciding their career is over. Bye bye kike

Not surprising.

I'm not a lawfag. What are the chances that the federal injunction can be overturned, and how long will this delay the muslim ban? We don't want mudshits flooding into the country while kike lawyers have Trump's hands tied.

That is the propaganda, notice other muslim states like jordan, turkey, oman, saudi arabia, uae, pakistan, bengalidesh, malaysia, indonesia, are not barred from entry, why?

they are not deemed terrorist zones or state sponsors of terrorism

The counter narrative must emphasize the barred counties are jnfested with terrorists.

I hope Trump's reprisal comes quickly and hard. I don't want those liberal fucks enjoying a small and short lived victory any minute longer.

It looks like this just covers the ones who are already here, the mudslimes still can't come over.

I'm sure Trump expected and is prepared for this.

It has no ground to stand on to begin with.

The primary benefit leftists get from this is a clickbait title.

It's not an injunction, it's a stay. It'll likely be reviewed tomorrow or Monday and struck down by literally any other judge.

Wew. In any case, this is him trying to drive up his sales an virtue signal at the same time. While he may not get any money from it, he gets to virtue signal and at a later date, claim that a number of people bought his game. That is assuming anyone would bother which I assume they won't.

Which is very strange because pretty much all of them are massive sponsors of terrorism – it just happens to be Sunni terrorism that blows markets up and tries to secure territory for gas pipelines instead of trying to destroy Israel.

Potato niggers have never truelly been considered white anyway. There one step above southern Italian.

It's mostly the ones in the airport that will be spared at most.

World is made right again

It appears neither of you understand separation of powers, or the specifics of the US constitution. Hint to get you started: the attorney general is in the executive branch. A judge is in (wait for it)… the judicial branch.

By whom? The English and their jewish bankrollers?
Oh. Thanks for the ranking, Chaim.


We should let libshits all claim their "victory" over Trump. If they think they've won already they won't be prepared for Trump's next move.

He has a team of the greatest advisors who helped him defeat 17 Republican primary challengers and Hillary Clinton with a $1.3 billion campaign budget. No doubt he saw this coming and has arranged multiple different ways to circumvent this.

Nuclear Throne and Luftrausers was fun. Well, just another company to never buy from again. Fucking faggots

The people who were approved for entry and in transit BEFORE the Executive Order was passed are not going to be deporting, pending a court case. THAT'S FUCKING IT. Probably less than 1000 people were effected by this. The ban is still in full effect. Pretty sure only SCOTUS could overturn an executive order.

pirate nuclear throne


Still if we push that "terrorism" narrative, we can get people to start asking why the rest arent barred. Under no circumstances should we fall into the muslim ban trap. Force the left to say terrorist is code for muslim, let them implant that word association deeper.

this is one of Zoe's friends btw

When will NYC become a majority-white city again?

Libshits being this totally unaware of how our government works is the primary reason they let it fall in this state of decay to begin with. It's funny they think of this as some major victory to stop Trump when he's already done 8 years and fulfilled a good chunk of his promises.

Are you a retard my man? The president appoints federal judges. The Executive Branch is the one that leans on you to "resign" when you fuck up like this.

Exellent. Trump needs to appoint his SCOTUS nominee pronto, but I think he promised to do it next Thursday so that's pretty soon.

I wish McConnell hadn't declined to go nuclear on the SCOTUS hearings (reducing the vote requirement from 60 to 51). However, for all of his neocohen cuckery, I'm shocked and grateful he managed to stall King Nigger's jew appointment for over a year until Trump took office.

I don't understand the fascination with long, drawn-out games and ballistic adherence to the left-right narrative. I've read Tragedy and Hope and it strikes me that maybe 99% of the people posting on this board haven't? I know it's a long book.

This is the primary problem with capitalists. They just refuse to nationalize anything and they feed off the conflict – and that latter aspect is why they get along so swimmingly with the Trotskyites – and so nothing ever gets done. Just seize the fucking media and get rid of them.

Never. Big urban agglomerations are liberal faggotry's natural habitat.

There's a lot of work to do there. We'll have to remove:
I'm sure I missed a few, but I think this is a good start to Making New York White Again.

This is the primary problem with capitalists.

Holla Forums pls. America would be the greatest nation in the world if we could only get rid of all our low-IQ, high crime niggers and spics. Alas, our biggest issue is the kike infestation who push open borders and multiculturalism everywhere but Israel.

Capitalism and Socialism couldn't be more trivial issues when your country is 40% shitskin.

Ouch. Yep, it definitely works just like you said, homedawgslice. That's why Trump got all the liberal Supreme Court justices to resign already! You know, because he appoints judges that means he can fire them! Derp.

it's law, he has the power to do it and there is nothing they can do about it

Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 states: “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”


Meant to greentext this.

Capitalism in many ways demands that they be present. They flood the labor market, they are distinguishable groups who can be captive markets with proper advertising, they break down national borders which capital loves. It's hard to look at the old East/West split in Europe and come to the conclusion that it's socialism eagerly looking to nig things up.

Can anyone give me a rundown on why everyone in the media and even the right wing media thinks that this order is somehow unconstitutional and illegal?

There's a world of difference between a capitalist and a (((capitalist))).

Ignorance, willful or otherwise.

Every time!

Yeah.. I don't really think there is. We can end it here, though, because you and I aren't going to agree.

I'm not advocate of capitalism or socialism because I think economy policy is secondary to the culture and racial identity of a country.

However, many European countries practiced their own brand of capitalism for centuries and they achieved this and flourished without importing third-world niggers and promoting sodomy and miscegenation.

The problem is our kikes who pollute the media and the classrooms where our children grow up and develop their worldview. All of these social ills would be alleviated if we had a social structure that promoted a healthy pride in our white identity – and we removed our jewish problem.

I can only assume the media is trying to do that thing where they spread false news hoping it manifests into reality or something.

The guy who runs Vlambeer has been on record for saying that he doesn't hire whites. Also I'm pretty sure he's a mudshit himself.

They are not well educated on the law matters. I doubt that they have contact the lawyers for the information.

No shit he can't directly fire her, but there's plenty of things the Executive Branch can do to punish judges that aren't rallying impeachment by the HOR.

Yes, for these purposes a Supreme Court justice is the same as a federal district court judge. Rather than wallowing in ignorance, I propose you read Article III, Section 1 of the constitution.

Shit libs will stay say its POTUS fault fuck them I cant believe so much dis loyalty is going on. Someone punch a libtard in the face at the hwndu cuckfest.

Heil'd, one day Holla Forums will realize the capitalists are kikes or shabbos goyim

law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/8/1182 - this should sum it all up…

They are fake news. Problem is, and I'm being honest here, there are a shitfuckton more normies than those who really see the truth.

They will believe this shit to the point of no return. There needs to be a national reeducation on what the laws really are in the country and how long they haven't been properly interpreted and enforced.

Their faith in the media is being tested to the limits. Only the most brain addled zombies believe the media without any doubts anymore.

…because that would be what it would take. Repeat after me: the executive branch can't remove a judge. The worst he could practically do is try to trend a hashtag against her. I welcome your nonexistent counter examples of the executive branch "forcing" inconvenient judges to resign.

Found this mildly interesting:

Obama’s administration made the “Muslim ban” possible and the media won’t tell you


this is great for Trump, now all we need is another attack and Trump can point the blame to them.


Just doing what I can to redpill my friends. Even my friends who voted for Trump and are already having doubts.They don't quite understand true patriotism. It goes way beyond memes for 4chan. I wish the_donald never existed, partly because it dumbs shit down to a super low level.

Gee, didn't see this coming…

Of all the generations of mankind you've at least lived through the top 3 worst generations

Removing those would make Queens 99.9% empty, I guarantee you
Not that I'm complaining, though

hence the turning point at which we are at now. we cannot go back. the centre has broken.

Does this mean that people from the mudslime countries can come into the US right now like they did before the crackdown?

Or does this apply only to the 100-200 at the airport right now?

Literally the first post in the thread

The latter.

It looks like she also issued an injuction against a union strike last year.


So where exactly is the executive order in the first place? I can't find it on the official website.

Because long drawn out games are how you shift perceptions and opinions on a large scale. Seizing the media would actually be an extremely bad move, and i really shouldn't have to explain why. Here's a hint: no one trusts State Media and freedom of the press is still something Americans see as being very important.

Controlling the context of the MSM is much better than actually controlling the MSM.

This is temporary though isn't it? So once this expires, back to the ban?


Limiting entry into the country is well within the President's constitutional powers, under what right does a single judge have the power to immediately put a halt to that?

Well you have proven that there is no excuse for them to lie.

For those who don't want to read this article the core if it is that Trump didn't specifically pick these countries (except Syria) he referenced an act from 2015 that made those countries subject to visa restriction. So essentially the Obama administration picked the countries Trump banned.


It would make the entirety of NYC 99% empty. NYC could be great again.

The ban is still in place, this order is only affecting people who were mid-flight when it went into effect and were being held at the airport.

What even happened to all the Whites in New York? Where did they all go?


I don't know.
What do you guys think? Is giving leftists a false victory a good or a bad thing?


Memes define thought. People think with memes so when people share memes, they start to think the same. One mind, two brains. Twice the brainpower for a single mind. Holla Forums creates highly complex memes to describe politics and society. In this domain, Holla Forums is the most intelligent mind on the planet.

The jew cries in pain as he strikes at you from behind his TOR client.

The same places the whites of Detroit went. First they moved out into the suburbs of NJ, Connecticut, and to rural NY and PA. Now that spics have taken over most of the suburban NYC area in NJ, whites have again moved further out now to Western NJ, and more rural areas. Many moved out west to Arizona or south to NC, Virginia, Florida, etc.

So they are just being detained at the airports? If yes then they will just hold them long as they can.

Even Pyrrhic victories like these are bad. The whole thing about this presidency that's good is it's a morale boost for us and demoralizing for them. We have to keep the boot at their necks. Even though they don't understand it, a gorillion lefties will be walking around tomorrow smug that the "order was overturned".

We have to break them off cloud 9 and get them angry again. Cancel their group consciousness with our own.

Haha nope. This will be over quick.

This is Trump giving us what we need to create memes to define context. We produce those memes, and other people will think with those memes.

Yes, and this only actually affects very few shit skins.

So how can we circumvent this dumb nigger? There's no way a single guy - a judge, of all things, will be able to stop a fucking executive order.

It doesn't matter if she's jewish. She's a woman, which is one step away from jew.

meant for

If you gas all women, then who will birth the future of the white race?

All they can do is delay it, they're still getting deported.


Judges are nothing without the executive. Trump can just rally the national guards and throw that traitor out of the courtroom and take care of every other traitor. It's simple really.


What's her Ph.D going to be in? Terrorism Studies? Get the fuck out of my country, you filthy Turkroach.

In this moment I am erect

It could be a good thing on one hand, if we consider that a false victory may keep them complacent. On the other hand, it may bolster them against us and make them a little more ballsy. On the other hand that could easily be shattered if a repeat of this doesn't happen. It'd say it's 50/50.

At any rate; we have a pretty strong piece of ammunition we can use against them.

So exactly what finding did the Judge make his determination on? Illegality of 8 USC 1182, 8 USC 1185 or Article 2 Section 2 of the Constitution?


They're certainly not an ally

Iran=Bad is just a meme propagated by jews/neocons (same thing) because Iran are bad goyim and openly hostile to Israel.

I have no love for Iran, but all the Iran fearmongering is just jewish bullshit.


Liberals always talk this way…

Meet Ahmed Ali dumfuckistan. He was an oppressed Iraqi boy who had all of his limbs blown off in a drone strike. He wants to come to America to enact his diplomatic right to detonate a bomb in the middle of Time Square. Now right leaning Republicans backed by an increasingly dictatorial president, wish to end his dream before it starts.

If the supreme court doesn't just overturn his decision first, which they probably will since it's very clearly and specifically listed in the constitution that the president not only has the power but nearly uncontested authority to do this if foreign people entering the US are seen as a threat to american security and people.
These fuckers cause a mass shooting every other week, this decision will be stricken down by the supreme court before he can say "I've prepped the bull, schlomo".

Never forget what FDR to the Supreme Court and Federal judges. Trump can do the same.

When they regularly chant "death to America", they don't exactly do themselves many favors.

the 5th amendment of all things. no relevance in immigration cases. it's clearly an illegal order.

redpill me on the separation of powers. As i understand it, the courts are free to make whatever rulings they want, but Trump, being the head of the executive branch and thus all the actual muscle of the federal government, can simply ignore them.

Or am I wrong?

That part isn't even what worries me as much. These liberals act like all the refugees are in wheel chairs or are 80+ year old ladies. But they're fighting age males. Even at that, they're a burden on our tax system by soaking up benefits like the subhumans they are, and simultaneously drive the white-to-nonwhite ratio down, so even if it were true, fuck that.

No President has since Jackson that I'm aware of. At least not this directly.

Trump hung a painting of Jackson behind him in the Oval Office. The absolute madman is really going to do it.

I find the best retort to liberals is to ask why other nations around the world are given a pass when it comes to accepting refugees. Say something like "I don't hear you clamouring for China, Japan, or even the most appropriate, Saudi Arabia to take refugees. Why is that?

You can see they were planning to do to America the same shit they did to Europe. The programming has already started. Luckily it's not as far along here even though they started it earlier. Something to be said for the American spirit I guess.

Well yeah, I doubt there would be frequent times where they would wholly fight against each other. But the question I'm asking is if this is what happens? Because AFAIK The judiciary has absolutely zero power to enforce any of its rulings.

Example: the gay rights legalization back in 2015. SCOTUS can make a ruling, but it was up to Obongo to enforce it and tell states they could no longer abstain from fag marriage. If it were another president who didn't like fag shit, they could just ignore the ruling and it would be moot during his presidency.

a longer version of this would be beautiful

What he tried to do to the Supreme Court actually. Congress didn't give him that one.

Ah so "you made it to base" you are protected by due process bullshit the bench legislators love to come up with when it is expedient.

For those Anons who aren't looking up the 5th- I invite you to tell me where little Johnny Ahmed in the international zone of an airport is covered:

of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

Here's the problem, that contravenes the common law standard of legal entry into the Country (International Zones) which are established through treaty. I.e. you don't get due process until you are actually "let in". Those glass doors after customs really have more than a symbolic meaning. If this isn't overturned it will be this will utterly upend enforcement of all immigration law.

Not exactly. The Judiciary is equal to- based on the balance of powers– the legisliative and executive are equal to the judiciary. Therefore the Judiciary can- by litigation- tell the other two that their laws suck because such and such based on the Constitution (the Supreme Court). So no, a President can't ignore the Judiciary, that is an impeachable offense. To cloud it a little more since this was a District Court Judge, it only applies to New York and the Federal Circuit district. Johnny Taliban that flew into LAX this morning is still fucked.

At that point it would fall on Congress to impeach. Which they sure as hell won't do over this. Same gamble Jackson made with the Cherokee relocation. Takes a 2/3 vote of both House and Senate to remove a sitting President.

They chant "Death to America" for the same reason we hate the American government for being ZOG.

I'm not saying they dindu nuffin or that we should love them or that we should flagellate ourselves with persian cock. But Iran is a much better place than any of the arab shitholes. Probably because, genetically, iranians are whiter and closer to being civilized people than arabs. Playing up Iran as being evil incarnate is just neocon bullshit to try to trick the dumb goyim into wanting a war with them. It's the same shit that's been pulled with Iraq, Syria, and Russia. The neocons have been trying to trick us into a war with iran for a decade now.

Can't Trump just replace him if he's a federal judge? I don't get it.

important post, thank you.

no thanks to the fucking media though.

Obama didn't make a muslim ban possible. It's always BEEN possible. Things like freedom of religion and equal protection under the law only refer to people on US soil. The president has ALWAYS had the right to deny entry to any group of people he likes. If Jimmy Carter wanted to ban the entry of redheads, he could've done that.

I dont like the mass hysteria that the press has managed to dupe a lot of people into, shows how much power they still wield. It also seems Trump might be overplaying his hand a bit, especially when countries like saudi arabia aren't included in the ban.

Trump and the media have managed to energize the shitlibs into a frenzy, and this court ruling is just pouring gas into the fire. I just wish the pendulum wouldn't start to swing back toward the left quite this soon.

I don't disagree with you, but their are very naive concerning the optics of Iranian opinion amongst the American populace. In fact right now they have an opportunity to undermine the neocon attacks by cozying up to Trump and bending the knee. It'll save them from war, and bolster Trump as a peace maker, and remove any impetus Israel has to attack and drag the West into war for them.

Depends on his heartbeat, unless the judge himself is removed by the Judicial Branch highly unlikely or impeached even less likely he's on till his term expires, and guess what- no term expiration (for life). It is one of the reasons it was so important for Trump to get elected this go around because he's about to load the Federal courts for the foreseeable future with people that will cause a nearly limitless supply of salt on the left.

this is swinging back toward the left? it never swung right until these people have given up all hope.


Fuck off concern shill

President Trump is not suspending visas from countries his team selected, they are simply suspending visa approval from countries President Obama selected. Additionally, Trump is suspending ALL visa applications from those countries – nothing to do with Muslim applications.
• In 2013 President Obama suspended refugees from Iraq for six months.
• In 2015 Congress passed, and Obama signed, a law restricting visas from states of concern;
• and in 2016 Obama’s DHS, Jeh Johnson, expanded those restrictions.
All President Trump is doing is taking the same action as Obama 2013, and applying Visa restrictions to the nation states Obama selected in 2015 and 2016.

This is a good hysteria user, remember a large majority of people in the country are behind Trump on this one. He's picked the right fight, at the right time, because it neuters them going forward when he really starts to do some contentious stuff like official RWDS

Source is a bit old (March last year), but trending it should be even stronger today- original poll was performed by HuffPo so that means it is even stronger than the 51% that are groovy with it:

I don't think they give a shit.
Yeah.. no. If Trump wants to start a war in Iran, he can do that on his own – without this board acting like his cheerleader – and he can die on that hill alone. Iran doesn't owe America or Israel shit.

I thought Trump wanted to impose term expiration on people like this? Of course he'd have to rectify it first, but as I stated in my original post, does this nigger really matter? Can a judge really stand up to an ex. order by the president?

so, $0 to the ACLU then?

Which is an attitude equally asinine as yours.
Do you think you're welcome here mudshit?

Yes, but the narrative among normies and liberals is going to be that it's all on Trump, since that's how the media frames it.

Here's to hoping Bannon/Trump are just playing 4D chess again.

tbh I'm really surprised they didn't allow that kike Garland to become the newest member of SCOTUS. This was basically the only time I've seen the cuckservatives actually fight back and not roll over

I'm White. Are you operating under the assumption that YOU'RE welcome here, Trotskyite?

Yeah cause that stopped him from getting elected.

Iranians aren't white… that ship has long since sailed.

Yes. To directly answer your question he has to follow the Judge's order in the district the Judge is in- end of story. If he refuses, it is a directly impeachable offense as he is in direct violation of the Constitution and has therefore caused a Constitutional crisis. If the Judge attempted to make this nationwide (didn't read the source honestly) then he would have filed an emergency brief with the Supreme Court which is the only court with National jurisdiction. **not to confuse you but it is why some things are "legal" in California while being perfectly illegal in say- Kansas. Bench legislation"

I remember him jockeying for a term limit for Congress. Judiciary I dunno but in any case that would require a direct Amendment to the Constitution which has been submitted to the Senate, and is on the list of items that the Constitutional Convention people have openly discussed. But until that's done, this Judge is on as long as his ticker keeps ticking.

I'm not Iranian. No neo-con wars. Why are you even here, kike? Go get lost in the shuffle at 4cuck.


Judge Who Blocked Trump’s Order Was Nominated By OBAMA On Recommendation Of CHUCK SCHUMER


Whatever you are, you possess a severe lack of reading comprehension. At first I put this down to you being a low IQ shitskin, but if this is not the case, I suggest you reread what I wrote, and see if you still reach the conclusion that I support neocon wars.

Well, it looks like we got a new shipment of low-energy shills. For the life of me I can't understand why the ones who do it for free come here, or why anyone would pay these guys to do such shoddy work. It's just another month at Holla Forums, a bunch of fresh-faced faggots show up with $.02 in their pocket and a dream of turning Nazis into communists with their insightful quips. In a month or three they will be broken, shattered husks of human refuse; the shills will fall victim to psyche-shattering cognitive dissonance as they are BTFO time and time again. They will be demoralized, humiliated, doxed and photographed. They will be found out to be hideous kikes, untouchable incels, wife's-son raising cucks and related to niggers. This always happens, without fail. And yet…and yet still they come.

You faggots never beat us when you had the entire weight of the system on your side, and now you come here at a time when our power is on the ascent. Well, keep it up faggots. Our good graces will wear out soon enough

the exec order didn't name specific countries other than syria you dumb fuck. the rest of the countries were on the DHS visa waiver program under king nog.

sethfrantzman .com/2017/01/28/obamas-administration-made-the-muslim-ban-possible-and-the-media-wont-tell-you/

law.cornell. edu/uscode/text/8/1187

What is blowback?

You were quite clear that Iran needs to bend the knee to "avoid war". Not too many ways to interpret that. Iran doesn't owe the US anything. I'm sorry if that hurts your patriotic sensitivities, but it's the truth. If you want to fit in on this board a little better, I would suggest you stop trying to own the actions of this country from WWII onward like they're something worth defending – and that's precisely what a war with Iran would be. A continuation of the anti-National Socialist aggression by our Zionist Occupied Government.

If Trump wants to go down that road, he can go down it alone – or by all means you can go with him. You won't be missed.

Jesus wept. That nigger is like syphilis- the gift that keeps on giving even after it has been treated. This will absolutely help Trump's case in the Court of public opinion (for the few that actually care).

Exactly this. Never stop an enemy from making a mistake. and they are the real enemy


wont be enough.
plus as points out, (((they))) will ensure the media spin it as the attack being in response to Trump's actions.

Best action would be fore NO attacks to occur.
This would prove how the current (plus future) actions DO keep the USA safe and should be replicated across the western-white world.


The order only applies to mud people who were flying to the USA with valid visas but suddenly got denied entry upon landing because the order barring them was signed. These couple hundred people landed and were detained for shipment back out. The judge is acting like they had some due-process right once they obtained a visa and the visa couldn't be withdrawn prior to arrival. Woman judge is an complete idiot - President has the absolute right to bar people from entry at any point before they are admitted.

Goebbels knows how to predict some digits

This. No worries, just a temporary bump in the road.

But note how those faggots all claim Trump shouldn't be using executive orders to do everything while attempting to use red tape to block him as much as they can.

not to mention Trump/Administration didn't pick the countries specifically.

the rats are crafty though.

No newfriend, it is Iran which will not be missed. It is of existential importance for them to establish better ties with the West, because the West are the only ones holding the leash of Israel, which has expressed repeated interest in bombing them back into the stone age. This is a complex point which now doubt be lost on you so, I'll make it simple. Israel can only attack Iran if they have the military backing of Western powers. While Jews wield large influence in most western countries, they still do have to convince the general public that fighting for Israel is a worthy cause.

As far as the U.S. is concerned, it won't take much, especially with a nation retarded enough to hold "death to America" rallies in order to deflect blame for shitty governance. Notice that there was no public appetite for war with Syria.

It's not muslisms who are the only problem, it's fucking arabs and niggers who don't belong here but still has to immigrant because ((they)) say so.

Fucking christian syrians and iranians are the scum of the earth aswell.

Yeah, you're filtered.

Good. I won't have to waste more of my evening debating a geopolitical imbecile.

Shoo shoo jidf shlomo don't use this to instigate on people you don't like we already know that .

Imagine if we emptied them off earth, how peaceful and wonderful the earth would be.

“Trump’s #MuslimBan is against the law,” “House of Cards” creator Beau Willimon tweeted Saturday. “The 1965 Immigration & Naturalization Act eliminated national origins as a basis for immigration.”

“Silicon Valley” star Kumail Nanjiani tweeted: “This #MuslimBan is also messing up attendance at our bi-weekly ‘Undermine Western Civilization’ meetings.”


I'm no jew, you missed my ((they)) as in ((they)) are responsible for this situation, due to destabilizing the middle-east and simulatenously giving ways for third-worlders to invade our countries looking for a ((better life)).

Fuck off, i've got my experiences with the so-called secular arabs aswell, they don't fucking belong here, they are all the same needs to be nuked off the earth. It's the race that's the problem, not the culture, not the religion.

kek! That'll show 'em.


Trump is demoralizing (((them))) and I fucking love it.

JCrew on the scene

I love it. A full blown culture war is here. let's hope it goes hot


This amounts to overstepping the bounds of judicial power by a Federal judge. The power to determine the reliationship of the US gov. with foreign Nations resides with the executive branch, and to a lesser extent with Congress, NOT with the judicial branch.

This Federal judge should be more than just dismissed from the bench. She should be tried for subverting the legal process of Federal courts. The Leftist are striking now. We need to strike back, HARD, harder than they are. That's the only way to keep their subversive holinesses from dividing our Nation and causing a civil war.

This is far more serious than we might think just now. It needs to be dealt with, immediately. The full weight of the Federal government needs to slam down on this woman like a fuck-ton of pissed off bricks squashing an insignificant bug.

For the good of the Nation.

Taking the words right out of my mouth, user.

I want Shaun King to get deported to whichever African hellhole he thinks his real dad came from. I want his mother and cuck father to go with him, I don't want to break up families.

ACLU is seriously bull-shitting a victory to fundraise off of. "We won" for a stay? Only of people in transit? With Visas?

They've been losing for so long punching the alt-right and a small slow-down of the ban needs these ludicrous victory laps. The left is going to be salty as fuck though when they realize this has no teeth and was simply symbolic.

Also check out this crazy ass fucking video.

Thanks user, that song gives me hope and the strength to carry on in the Trump hate filled world. He will not divide us.

That's going to be the narrative for the next few days. The media's headlines as of now are Federal Judge Stops Trump's Immigration Orders or some variation on that. No context and they are trying to conflate it with his overall immigration plans. It's a hurr-durr Drump got btfo by the Judiciary, he's got big problems, his tactics won't work.

So many cucks need to die user, so many…

Shit, I missed where they gave them smallpox blankets? FUCK! and I look for those thingsbrightens my day

But muh independent judiciary user. I wonder if she can bench legislate against the law of gravity as she makes the short drop when the trap door opens

Oy vey Trump betta stop dis, we can't have dose doity arabs coming back to da east, we still have settlements ta build. Someone call Soros and let him know that we need ta hire as many lawyers and think tanks as possible to find a loophole or stop dis. Trump banned lobbying? Dis is a complete shoah!

Reminder that federal justices can be impeached EVEN IF NO CRIME HAS BEEN COMMITTED
Reminder that even the SCOTUS can be impeached or recalled by the president.


kek agrees

Yeah good thing an uppity white woman could save the poor muslims from the evil of law and order. sweet fuck. kek. It's so preposterous. These cat ladies want a pet minority to save so bad.

It's fine with me. They can do victory laps over nonsense all they want. Lie that there was a "muslim ban" then lie about stopping said Muslim ban if they like. If the ban for the nations stays in tact they can have their hollow fantasies.

It's over guys. How can the white man possibly compete with this black stallion?


RWDS are needed now

How goes his contribution towards TYT ?

It's about time of getting rid of the traitorous people

Someday that kid's going to be lawyer, and he's going to argue that instead of the electric chair, you should just receive chemical castration. Your wife will argue that you still haven't procreated, and the court will assign you an attorney to take care of that for you…

"love can tear a wall down when the bricks are made with hate"

good thing we're using steel and concrete

Crew making you work overtime, huh?

It's all fun and games until you and your family are made into examples

That's dark user, but seems legit.

That redhead is Brendan (((Cowen))) I have to rethink my inner circle now…I'm befuddled and angry…and suspicious.

Please tell me more about how Trump doing exactly what past Presidents have done is somehow different an illegal.

The list was already designated in 2015.

Your picture shows that you're fucking retarded.

The constitution gives the express authority to the president to ban aliens of any origin. The 14th does not protect aliens in any way and due process is not required in non criminal cases with non citizens.


keep fighting the "alt-right", Shlomo.

You're an hero

I-is this the rise of caesarism?

Kek, a federal judges orders, a lone judge at that, are worthless. Once Trump awakens to this fuckery that judge is cucked and fucked.

Tell that to the judge.

The ruling covered aliens from those countries who had already undergone "extreme vetting" and were being turned back by – basically – Bannon's chomping at the bit. If Bannon had slowed his roll and asked the executives in DHS and State how to implement the ban, he'd have heard that you can't just fuck over Terps who helped our soldiers and already have their visas.

Look: if you don't want to seem like a retard, like so many of the others in this thread, then you should read the constitution. It's not long. Then provided you have the synaptic capacity you'll understand why the god-emperor can't just "force a judge to resign".

If you're too much of a faggot to spend the time to read & understand the US constitution at least once in your miserable life, then cf:

Who also clearly understand how this works.

Oh boy can't way to see people rage at this once they actually read it. LBJ should of had his brains blown out to.

Joke's on you. My name is Moishe.


there is no constitutional amendment or statute requires the united states to honour visas or to due process in non criminal cases involving visas. Pretty simply they can kick them out if they want if they aren't citizens.

Is this how the RWDS come to be?

Why the fuck would anyone acknowledge some worthless shitskin judge from a sanctuary city?

Over 1 minute in Paint


US presidents have exercised the power to ban groups of people from entering the country for a long time now. We have precedent, which means fuck this judge

I have read the Constitution, many times. And studied the analyses of Constitutional scholars, both notable and less-so. I'm well aware of the pension of Senators and Federal Judges, the role of juries and bailiffs, the gold fringed-flag, etc., etc., ad nauseum. This ain't my first rodeo.

The Federal serves 'at the pleasure of' the President, and as such she can be promoted. Promote her a Special Assistant to the Assistant to the Secretary for the Ambassador to Zimbabwe. And afterwards reverse her injunction, within two to three seconds. Problem solved.

This is why a republic doesn't work. How the fuck do you get anything done with these assholes and bureaucrats? I don't doubt the man, but when it comes to shit needed to be passed by congress I'm worried it won't fly.

Every time. Christ I hope Calexit is a thing and SanFran can slide into full on Lord of the Flies.



Iranian people are actually great, they just hate the government of the US but not it's people. I only have anectodal evidence of a guy riding a motorbike through iran, he had a pleasant experience it's 17 minutes but it's worth a watch. It's true, Iran is only a threat because FUCKING JEWS, I don't think they're stupid enough to start a war or build nukes, they just want nuclear power.

suck my uncut dick, you filthy semitic piece of shit



How does everything keep going so right?
Trump's presidency is better than I ever dreamed.

So it begins.

The left is completely ignoring that this move by Trump has more to do with refugees than green card holders, visa workers, and dual-citizens.

It's only 90 fucking days, these traitors protesting need to be fucking drafted and shipped to the Middle East and learn what the "Religion of Peace" is all about.


Nothing so literal.
Just a grab-bag of random Pepe memes.
Nothing serious.

The police are loyal to the Emperor because of all the BLM bullshit.

Loyalty at it's finest, law enforcement of all types in America have been waiting eight years to do their job and they're not listening to anyone but Trump.

This is good.









A true polemicist he was.

We coup now

We've memed RWDS into a real thing.


Trump said he would let people protecting the nation do their jobs. The progressives didn't understand this. Maybe now they will understand. Or their minds will shatter, again

the lion is waking

Anons, I don't know if you fully appreciate the gravity of this situation, but it means that fucking law enforcement are redpilled as fuck and are telling people to fuck off because they only take orders from Trump.

Imagine what would happen if CBP tried this back in September? They'd be run out of town on a rail.

Looks like some LEO are less than willing to carry out der Trumpenführer's orders.



Annie Valenzuela. Not sure of real name but a verified account tweeted this shit so could be worth digging into. These cunts deserve no mercy

Holy fuck

SFPD - San Francisco PD? Unsurprising that they'd lack the professionalism to follow an order they may consider personally distasteful.

I look forward to those who refuse to serve being BTFO when Trump swings into town.

Every time.
Just nuke us tbh.

CNN sets up interview with detained refugee… and gets unexpectedly blown the fuck out.

Trump has a good eye for great employees.

You are wrong. It seems your vaunted comprehension of the constitution is lacking. Judges, as members of the judicial branch, do *not* serve at the pleasure of the president. This really isn't that difficult of a concept–there are separate branches of government with checks and balances on each other.

>Article III. Section 1
>The judicial Power of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme Court, and in such inferior Courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish. The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour, and shall, at stated Times, receive for their Services, a Compensation, which shall not be diminished during their Continuance in Office.

I hope he has a good life back in Iran.

What did he mean by this?

Federal judgeships are appointed by whom, user?
Could it be the President?


71b57a here. jumped on to my pc to have a bit of a dig. One Officer Annie Valenzuela appears in this SFPD .pdf from 2009. Not sure if I should keep digging or just report her somewhere and be done with it?

Nothing to report, user. Or rather, no one to report her to. Any escalation would just go deeper in the likely pozzed SFPD, and they'd probably ignore your complaint.

All we can hope for is either other officers not being cucks and carrying out their orders or Trump sending in the DHS/Feds and putting SFPD's house in order.

Fuck yeah

Jesus, people, read the fucking constitution. You would know this was from the constitution if you had ever read it in your entire life.

FWIW, "good behavior" means that a judge would have to commit serious malfeasance or actual crimes in order to be a candidate for removal from office, which would also require an impeachment & trial in Congress.

Tuba Jew is facing off against an army of riot cops. This protest is getting spicy.

Does anybody have the source for the stream on the right?


Again, you are wrong: judges don't serve at the pleasure of the president. If you want to double down on your claim I invite you to cite a source that trumps the Article III section 1 of the actual constitution that I posted in

Really makes you think…

I hope they shove that tuba up his ass, horn end first.

read the wiki you faggot.
There are over 600 judges.. i don't think one of them can just void a executive order
Is a district court judge.. NOT the highest law of the land, the supreme court

And they stay there for life most of the time user.

Just because the President appoints them doesn't mean he controls them.

It's the same with the Supreme Court, they're all appointed by former presidents and stay the course until they die.


They'll go back in a casket or on their own volition

Ah, found it myself.


Never mind, the federal judges have insane amounts of power. Fucking reee

Try again, moron. District court judges rule on constitutionality all the time. Of course this shit is going to end up in the supreme court. *Both* sides on this issue want a definitive ruling.

But do try to keep up: we're not really debating whether the god emperor can force this uppity judge to resign simply because he doesn't like her ruling. he can't

Pay attention, fucktards. An independent judiciary is important, because if trump can remove an inconvenient judge then some future democrat president could use the precedent to remove all trump's judicial appointees. There's a reason judges serve for life.

These people are pathetic, they honestly think chanting and dancing will do shit to block an executive order.

Can't wait for more LEO's to show up and remove their asses from the Airport.

You're casting insults in all directions, user.
Serving at the pleasure of the president is a term that is not reflected in the legal literature, but is colloquial prominent. How many times did we hear the term during the Bush regime? At least once a week.

Federal judges are appointed for life, and generally not unappointed, however, the power to reassign or in other ways remove a Federal judge does lie in the hands of the Executive. Federal judges are second, perhaps, only to Senators, but they are not completely immune.

For a single Federal judge to take enjoin the legal directives of a sitting President, she must have an substantial cadre arrayed around her. She is posting civil precedent on international policy, which is waaaaay beyond her seat's purview.

Customs at LAX is refusing to obey the order apparently.

Then whats going to happen to them? They can't be deported, but under trumps orders they can't enter the country either…. are they detained forever?

I guess a bunch of you guys don't understand Judicial independence or separation of powers or checks and balances.

Exactly, and with the Supreme Court in it's current form that means it will more than likely result in a 4-4 tie and be sent back down to the lesser court until the new Supreme Court justice is approved by the Senate and sworn in.

We'll more than likely win in the long run, but until then the media will spin this against Trump.

Not necessarily. Roberts could cuck out on us like he did with Obamacare.

Furthermore, this is likely going to be the longest echoing of Trump's statement "we're going to keep winning…" There a Reagan-appointed judges still on the bench.

What Trump is doing is true to his word, rare for a politician. But then that is not where he was raised. He has money and knows money and so needs no favors, keeps his word because his vision is what matters, not some lobbyists'.

Government however is far more than president, than Trumps picks, and even far more than democrats + republicans. There are probably on estimate 20x as many people under the umbrella of government than there are politicians you vote for. Most of these people are lowly scum easy to corrupt and easy to control.
I sicken of every one of them. Trump needs to do a full cleanse, then people that have voted for Trump will regain faith that government isn't just a parasite.

The constitution matters more than anyone's vision

Possibly, but when it comes to national security a Bush appointee will more than likely be pretty hawkish on national security.

Remember that Obama and previous presidents have done this in the past with hardly any opposition.

T-Ted? Is that you?

CBP are ignoring the judge's order and saying they report directly to the POTUS. The normal rules don't apply anymore fam.

This republic is flawed and ultimately doomed to the afflictions we are watching eat away at it now. The constitution must be re-written with explicitly white-supermajority-preserving priority.

"But the ACLU! But Schumer! Schumer's federal judge said this can't happen!"
"Too bad. It's happening."
"President Donald J Trump"

The constitution legally means whatever 5 out of 9 kikes and papists say it does. The ideas it embodied were and continue to be valuable, but the document itself is dead.

When national security meant "spying on Americans", sure. When it means "stopping the replacement of the American people", I'm not at all convinced Roberts will be on our side.

You were wrong. Admit it. Cabinet members, etc, serve at the pleasure of the president. The judiciary does not.

Was this a joke? I seriously cannot tell

The constitution has been mangled and spit on. The second ammendment is not supposed to have any clauses or caveats preventing good men from owning, carrying, and using guns whenever threatened.
There is much to be fixed even if you believe the constitution is the ideal.
And what was said is right, a single man shouldn't be able to clean up the government to his liking. Neither should a single man, empowered by the people, with a full senate, house etc, be preventing from fixing glaring problems in government.
Sometimes I wonder how many of you are unaware of your YID heritage. The law, by the law, to the letter - IS NOT IDEAL - EVER.
The spirit of the law can be made good, but the letter of the law is almost always twisted into some sickness.
This does need fixing. Do not say "this is how it is, the constitution as it is allows only this" because you are on the wrong side of history and you allow leftards to argue their bullshit "in the modern age we don't need xyz" arguments.

So get your shit straight.

Just in LA, right? This judge's order doesn't apply there.

*be prevented*

Get a load of this lefty.
Now he wants to talk about checks and balances.

Criminally underchecked double dubs!

Did we start the fire?

If Trump can't restore good order in the government, then the next swing of the pendulum of democracy won't be to the soft left, and soft right again.
It will be to the maximum Far Right.
Every traitor will be hanged.

They should feel so lucky that Trump was voted in and a peaceful reparation is possible.
When good men are prevented from having a peaceful revolution… Then good men will make sure bad men aren't left alive.
And spare me your emotional arguments of first they come for the criminals and then they come for the jews. Spare me your rhetoric about revolutions revolving to the same or worse evil that made them necessary. That is all reformist progressive bullshit. The world isn't in a linear path of development. Many times in history we have lost so much and you leftists are causing us to lose the most we have ever lost without a global plague.

We'll see user, hopefully it doesn't get to that level.



You know it won't be enough.
Every ONE OF YOU who is afraid of getting your hands dirty, knows that your hands will need to get dirty. Or our sons will face the same problem we have faced. Until we stop this degeneration completely and revive our blood.

cripple Holla Forums has been compromised for a while. It's nice to see intelligent posts here and there.

From Article II, Section 3:
Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952:

Fuck the immigrants, fuck the judge, fuck the ACLU.

those laws dont exist when they dont serve the left

Oh yes. Oh fucking yes. Comparing our wall to the kike's border wall was one of the best things Trump has done so far.

fuck you. The constitution is the way. My shit is so straight that I freeze it and use it to fuck your jewish mother.

fuck you defeatist scum.

Fuck you Russian/Chinese shill.

Fuck off kike.

literally a kike, or retarded. the constitution does need to be rewritten from the perspective that all men AREN'T created equal.

Then make the constitution work for the people instead of allowing all these ammendments. Because man of the ammendments were made constitutionally but have fucked this country up GREATLY.

Also randomly calling someone jewish does make this statement more valid and likely, schlomo


How are we compromised, beyond the usual ill-informed sperging?

Scenario #1

Scenario #2

Wait, how the fuck can a judge overturn what the President does? He's the fucking President.

Are you not American? We have three branches of government, Executive (the president), Legislative (House and Senate aka Congress), and Judicial (all the courts). They exist in a system of checks and balances, so there is little that one branch can do that the others can't override. Though it is a sort of back-and-forth, so we'll see where this goes. I'd just fucking dissolve the courts for being dens of kikery, but, well… Trump is kosher :^)

Fuck you too, kike.

its ok, hes just D&C



well they cant say he wants to ban all muslims anymore, the writing is plain as day

kill yourself

What business ties?
They've been pushing this for a while, yet I haven't seen the ties yet.

So next is an immediate deportation legislation right?
So this is fucking nothing?

Why is this even a """leftist""" thing?

What even is the fucking left now? It's not libertarian because it enforces PC, it's not totalitarian because it calls itself liberal.
It also protects non-white minorities but not white minorities.

It's literally just a fucking genocide machine.

What about Hiroshima?
What about indoctrinating the public to believe nothing but a lie and genocide themselves?

You're out of touch and finished lefties.

Fuck off, weeb.

Because the jews don't yet control their money, oil, or government.
Iran is going down, and then it's China, and then they've done it.

Faggot, where do you think we are? This board is largely made up of individuals who think we fought on the wrong side of WW2. What's the matter, grampoo died in Pearl Harbor? He lost his leg fighting his racial brethren in Europe for jewish monetary gain? Fuck off to Holla Forums

Jews run China… this isn't 1932 m8

I guess, but it's successful d&c in that I will personally kill anyone who still pushes the gingers have no souls narrative on dotr. I don't mind killing traitors en masse. Knock it off folks. You fall for this shit or pedal it in front of me, you fight to the death immediately. I can't believe we have to keep warning people to stop. The indoctrination runs deep.

The Germans were the good guys, but the Japs deserved atomic bombardment.

Such is the nature of our times.
I call them the left as a blanket term but as a movement they're entirely dysfunction with no concrete ideals. They're simply tools of jews.

Well that was a resounding retort.
Face it, the left doesn't have a clear definition of "inhumane" other than "whatever whites do to preserve themselves".

What she means is:
"I'll stab your back"

tbh theres actually almost no chance that iran would pull off a terrorist attack in the west. they know that zog is gunning for them. they cant afford to give them an excuse.

however there will probably be a false flag

no they didn't you stupid faggot. you know nothing of history.

basically this. We're just rushing towards a world that resembled Children of Men, just with the mass infertility being exclusively white people and Japanese. The odds are insanely on the side of globalists and shitskins, and it's our job to preserve what we can of our genetic lines and attack these fucks at every given opportunity.

you think your grand daddy was a "war hero" because he died massacring europeans so that jews could commie up europe and massacre even more?

Defeatism is a cancer.
Cure yourself, or you will be cured, bitchboys.

Well Iran's going down, then they've done it.
We will have a one world electronic biometric currency soon.

Yes they did. America gave them the industrial revolution and a few short years later they thought they could take us on. They needed to be taught their place.



pic related is what will happen to the left soon. dotr approaches.

I swear to all that is that I will die for this man and his family.


I swear it feels like we're moving much faster than normal. I always dismissed the DOTR/rahowa shit as pointless LARPing, but this has been just over a week of trump's presidency, and it's already civil chaos

Whatever, believe what you want. The Japanese aren't exactly niggers but if you want to frame them as such, have fun.

DHS seems to be siding with trump.. is this a coup? dhs.gov/news/2017/01/29/department-homeland-security-response-recent-litigation

Imagine that millions of white men willingly dying for jews. Incredible what he's done really, this is a better scam than that 9/11 one. Maybe even bigger than the holocaust.

This is YUGE

You are correct brother. The "gingers aren't white or some nation of europe is not white is all kikery. But we are the main political board here and you can not get tired of fighting it. Never let it slide in person either.
I've broken off perfectly good friendships and sexual relationships over this shit. You won't speak that trash in front of me. That whites were the main slavers or that europeans never got fucked over with slavery. God damn.

It's nothing about defending America. It's about teaching the Japanese that they were a second rate race. They were a small child picking fights with larger children. They were a primitive people before Europeans modernized them, and now they'll never forget that.
Shit sword, shit steel. Japan has always had shit steel. That's why they like wood so much. Incidentally, their love of wood is why their cities burned so well.

They forgot who they were and got burnt.

you fucking coward

all they will never forget is that europeans are not friends
and you still defend the kikery of bombing innocents
fuck off

What kind of legal basis does a court have to decide who can enter this country? These people aren't on US soil and neither are they residents of the US.

Doesn't this set a legal precedent that everyone is the entire world is entitled to habeas corpus in the US?

America sailed a gunboat into their capital and forced them to open up or face being bombarded with cannon
the Japs capitulated and signed an unequal treaty with America stating they'd open for business to America, the British Empire and France
then they had a civil war where Britain supported the Emperor and France supported the Shogun and history repeats France loses and Japans Emperor becomes head of state
the Japs loathed working with America after Commodore Perry did what he did
Japan entered into a military alliance with Britain and Britain built 2/3rds of the early Imperial Japanese Navy
Britain also designed Japans early postal service, invested in building docks and factories to make Japanese ceramic and silk
Britain invested in Japan and spent decades building them up as a proxy to use to keep China under the boot
America spoiled that relationship by investing Chinese republicans when it became clear Japan wanted nothing to do with the USA and for good reason
the history of Japan and the USA is America acts like an obnoxious asshole and wonders why Japan gives them the cold shoulder
America was the main factor behind why Japan even ended up allying with Germany in the first place because America and americanophilic politicians in Britain like Churchill gave an ultimatum in the 1920's where Britain could either renew the Anglo-Japanese Alliance or disband it in favour of an Anglo-American Alliance
if Britain had chose to renew its friendship with Japan in 1921 rather than disband it WW2 would have played out very differently

Whining about innocents is something only losers do. Whenever people are in power, they drop the act.

The weak should fear the strong.

then why do the Nips plants and industry take after the Germans and not the Americans?


I don't give a shit how the Japanese felt about it. The only reason they could build those carriers and battleships is because of the active role America played in their history. For them to think themselves our equals demanded strong rebuke.

You don't know Japanese history.

der trumpenfuhrer, hallowed be his family and name, seems to understand that one of the best ways to accelerate things (in a good way) is to force the other side to extremes first.

and he is a master of this.

we'll see how it plays out in this, the glorious year of the fire cock.

maybe because German companies invested in Japan in the 1900's and Japan modeled their infantry after the Prussian military
they had British and German officers paid to travel to Japan to train their infantry in proper military drills
the main thing they bought off the Americans were machine guns for the Russo-Japanese war and the invasion of Korea
again the thing the Japs paid for from the Americans?
not tanks, not planes, not ships and definitely not fucking officers
machine guns and small arms, because the USA in the early 20th century was as a nation basically an international arms dealer

The japanese are the only reasonable non white foe westerners have ever had.
They deserve their dignity.


Then you are weak and I am strong, coward.
The strong do not sacrifice women and children, spineless shit.

Everyone needs to remember stuff like this when some white person starts talking about their lofty ideals and how muds are just like us or can be taught to be like us. It's the little things that irritate me the most. They're just so unbelievably stupid.

This guy gets it.

taking the intellectual high ground when they have the intelligence of a squashed apricot is a time honoured tradition amongst leftists

Show me your pubes. I smell a ginger from those posts.

Norwegian here.
Right Wing Deportation Squads when?

hi kike



You forgot what keeps that tree standing the blood of patriots when the branches of government no longer serve the will of the people you have what I like to call "the final check and balance"

REMINDER: Antifa get KO'd by a SLAP

well said

This is why Women should not have power.

wtf I love obama now.

Wasn't this the guy whose brother or sister was killed by Brevik?

a race that kills themselves over matters of honor are as close as youll get to white people on this planet. they deserve their 2nd place.


That's why I like asians, I know Holla Forums hates them, but I value how they pride honor.

Though I'm pissed they've lost that sense in china to make us shitty products that spit on honor.



Blocking people on student visas and permanent residents was a step to far that he didn't even have to take. Of course the president can do no wrong here so I'll go.



It still has to be settled. In the mean time, it's not official yet. And even the AP admits that. The feds won't stop until the courts declare it unconstitutional… but then it will go to another court… and another one… until it goes to the Supreme Court….

And guess who is about to decide the next Supreme Court justice? ;)

hue hue hue

Does anyone know of the alledged business connections to Trump and saudi Arabia?

I think the media are blatantly spreading misinfo now.


trump got large endorsements from the police during his campaign, they wouldn't betray him.

Because Trump has singled out chaotic countries where record-checking is hard, if not impossible, when vetting its citizens.

There is no "Muslim ban", and journalists and politicians who use that phrase are lying. They are not reporting but trying to incite hatred or pander to prejudice.

The decree suspends the entire US refugee resettlement program for at least 120 days while tough vetting rules are established.

The new protocols “ensure that those approved for refugee admission do not pose a threat to the security and welfare of the United States.” In addition, they specifically bar Syrian refugees from the United States indefinitely, or until the president himself decides that they no longer pose a threat.

Meanwhile, no visas will be issued for 90 days to migrants or visitors from seven mainly Muslim countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

So this "ban" - actually a suspension - affects just seven countries while the US figures how to properly vet people coming from them. What Trump has done is demand a review on how best to vet travellers from countries with poor record-keeping and a history of dangerous extremism.

You know when they say Ph.D, but not the subject that it is some feminist shit.



Holy shit, JIDF is back.



Checked dubs
Reddit is in absolute meltdown over this, FASCISM ON THE RISE.


There are no breaks on this ride and there is nothing they can do to stop it.

fuck, brakes.

Someone should edit pic related with Trumps head and saying "Fuck marxists, and muslims too"

*Fuck muslims too

Cheap neocon rethoric is old and tired, shlomo
Innovate your propaganda if you want to stand a chance

Actually there used to be a really strong and formidable people and they threw their weak babies off a cliff onto a pile with the rest of them.

No need to deface Old Hickory. Just make a new pic.

it's time

The idea is that he is acting like Old Hickory, and it has set the tone for the entire nation, his people are willing to defy an anti-American judges orders when they demand Trump be ignored. That is glorious.

Wow these sad cunts really never learn




Have to disband the fucking Police first. We need them on our side to dammit.

Unfortunately I imagine that the lugenpresse is blowing these reports out of proportion. Even that secret service bitch was disloyal. TSA are a bunch of lazy niggers anyway.

Just imagine the balls he will have after long knives v2.

thats not real thats in the movies, hollyjew

if you dont reproduce where do your warriors come from, k?



TSA isn't Customs.

Customs agents are not in subordinant to judges lol. They are in no way obligated to execute whatever is written by any judge, they can only execute direct orders from their bosses.

Trump is nothing like Old Hickory though.

Lol that article.

Oh shit, you're right. So they're federal employees and the President is their boss?

They're like Space Marines who can only be commanded by the Emperor or other Space Marines?

So if they disobey Trump they could be fired for insubordination?


Typical kike ay, attacking a heroic American leader and demonizing American history. We need people in Israel teaching the jews that they are the evil ones, and all their history of ruining other countries. What a fucking hypocrite piece of shit, Jackson dindu nuffin wrong.


we need a list of these people so we can later check what they get up to while in the country

They're both federalized I believe (I used to work for TSA years ago, but can't remember, and yes they're all niggers), but Customs is law enforcement, TSA is the "we gotta check yo bag" people. I think I have that correct. It's early.

So you do.

Very interesting times, friend.

AJ is my favorite President of all time and nothing will ever change that.

You must have never suffered at all, never lost anything or anyone, never been defeated or presented with the results of failure.

What else is there but defeatism for the defeated?


Victory only.

fuck off back to bed, asses and elbows

Well right now there's a President in office who's surrounded by jews.

Not exactly a promising situation now, is it?

I'm gonna need a source for that pic

Because Iran is critical of the Petrodollar and doesn't want to trade oil using the US dollar. They don't have Rothschild bank and are therefore more free than any white country, as pathetic as it is to admit this. The idea that Iranians are a bunch of terrorist is laughable. It was the CIA who quashed the nationalist movement in the 50s and 60s and who started the chain of events which led to the theocracy that exists today. Persians, while not white, are generally not retarded, fanatical Muslims who spend all day reciting Koran verses. They act more like the swarthy Greeks or Italians than they do like Arabs: kind of civilized but also kind of like guidos.

Iran has never been a threat to America and hasn't really been a threat to the West for about 2500 years now. Even E. Michael Jones called Iran "the leader of the Free World." Trump calling them evil crazies and rattling a saber in their faces is either because he knows nothing about Iranian-American relations or his heavily influenced by his kike-in-laws.

You obviously have never lost, ever. You can always lose something. Loss is infinite.

No. Never. NEVER EVER! I'm right and you know it. Everything is shit and you know it. The world will burn in Nuclear Fire and you know it.

Samson Looms! Try for victory. I. Dare. You.

And nothing can stop it. And Samson Looms. And the bombs will drop. And the world will burn.

I'm right and you know it. Nothing can stop the coming dark!

Ashes and Echoes

I have pulled myself from the brink of suicide, with only my life to lose. Your weakness does not prove mine. You are not the pinnacle of human potential.

I liked it better when this board was less popular and we could have rational discussions.

Stop what? You mean Zionism controlling the globe? It can absolutely be stopped. Hitler was 20 miles away from Moscow, 20 miles away from changing history forever. This is how close we got.

The point is, it can absolutely be stopped, and the Jews know this. This is why they have been incessantly demonizing Hitler for the last 75 years and partaking on psychopathic Nazi-hunting sorties. They know how dangerous nationalism is and what will happen if they don't have absolute control over the public discourse.

Asses and elbows has been a resident pest here for well over a year now

This board has always been this way. And there have never been rational discussions here.

No. But I am the end result. You're still weak inside, because that's what people are. Eventually you will falter. Eventually you will crumble. You cannot hold.

Ever. I'm right and you know it. You didn't pull yourself from the brink of shit. You chickened out of your rightful suicide because you hand the sunk costs fallacy towards life.

Samson Looms.

I dare you to do it. I dare you to try. Watch what happens. You're not getting close. IT cannot be stopped, not without Nuclear Fire from the Jews and Putin bathing the world over.

Samson Looms.

Whatever. I'm right and you know it. Everything is shit and you know it. No victory is possible and you know it. Samson Looms and you know it.


Samson. Looms. How are you going to deal with Nuclear Fire? How are you going to stop Samson. Stop DEADHAND after Israel nukes Moscow? How?

You. Can't.

I'm right and you know it.

Ashes and Echoes



You can always lose something. Even in the throes of death and during reincarnation. You can ALWAYS lose something. The tortures of the gods know no limits. None. And they will have what they want from your screaming soul, and there is nothing you can do about it. You are the plaything of laughing, thirsting beings from beyond the empyrean.

Loss. is. INFINITE.

Samson Looms

I've been with the board since it wasn't even called Holla Forums yet and i've never seen this guy.

This reeks of fake grassroots.

Then you haven't been watching. You're the shill here.

Ashes and Echoes


Loss. Is. Infinite.

How the fuck have you missed Ashes and Echos?
I'm calling bullshit on your oldfag status.

You are definitely new.

Even just a few months ago you weren't even here. I like your 'Samson Looms' though, i'm stealing it.

So, Euthyphro! You have seen it all have you? Then what could your motivation be in attempting to convince us otherwise?

Do you have hope to convince us? Hope to divide us?


Greater men than you have lived. Greater men than you have seen further than you can conceive.

If you can trust in one thing in this universe, trust in your own incompetence, and your own foolishness. You


This faggot probably thinks his "consciousness has been alive since the beginning of time" or some shit. He doesn't realize his own insignificance because he can't handle it. So he assumes that because he can see no future for himself as a result of his ineptitude, that there IS no future for anybody else.

I monitor 4/pol/ and 8/pol/, this shit hasn't been around for longer than a month you lying shit kike.

You're literally retarded.

Samson Option is a real world threat though. The kikes will fire their nukes if someone, anyone, beats them.

Only SJWs literally literalize their literalizations.

Go back to Something Awful.

You're literally trying, but it's literally just not working.

Steal it if you want. I'm right and you know it. I've been here since 2014 and on 4/pol/ before that.

I'm right and you know it.

How is it self contradicting? I'm just screaming. Sorry you react to it. but this is all that happens. There is nothing else.


Bumping my request


Put on your problem glasses and fuck off to -10 Starbux or something.


You know you're wrong Jewgene!

Samson Will destroy us all and there is nothing that can stop it!

And I've been here for the past two years, off and on. You just haven't been watching. But you will when the Chimpire falls!


You tried. Points for effort.

You know what to do.



You must think you are pretty fucking smart to think you KNOW what is going to happen.

Don't forget that the MILITARY is in control of the nukes, and that militaries worldwide are typically not full of "anti-violence" kike-worshipping leftists. They are full of right-wingers and nationalists who are as skeptical of the media as they are of their kike leaders.

And with that SIMPLE AS FUCK suggestion, a crack in the "impenetrable logic" of your "inevitable" apocalypse.

Because you think that there is no hope for humanity, yet you are attempting to influence the world around you.

You know what people who have given up do? When they actually don't believe there is any hope left? It's extremely simple: They kill themselves. The very fact that you are alive and breathing is fucking EVIDENCE that you believe the sun will rise tomorrow, and that life will continue.

Even if you could show me undeniable evidence that nuclear war was coming it is BULL. FUCKING. SHIT. that you believe it, because continuing to live is an act of hope itself.

They are not greater. They are only set up for a greater fall. The future is Loss.

Loss. Is. Infinite. You cannot disprove that. You cannot argue against it. You cannot deny it. You cannot get around it in any way. LOSS. IS. INFINITE!

No that's Kek's way of saying that your SJW buddy who wants to claim you've been here forever needs to go menstruate somewhere else.

Can Federal judges be arrested? Yes.
Just like anyone else, they must follow the law.

It's like you're just reading all of this out of a handbook of some sort, devoid of context.
I bet you have a shitty little cubicle with a picture of a cat on your desk.

I'm sure that's what it must look like to a spambot.

Lurk for more than 5 minutes before you begin your shilling campaign. You won't be so obvious.

nah mate, just highly liberal
check out that open jaw posture leading to downward cheek bone growth

That's because Loss is Infinite. You can't always win, but you can always lose.

Loss is Infinite.

Oh, I know that life will continute. That's the plan. Suicide would be awesome if I weren't a coward. Wanna come to Attalla and help me kill myself if you're so great?

No. You're retarded and you're delusional with your own self importance! Loss is Infinite.

Continuing to live is not an act of hope. It's simply cowardice.

I'm right and you know it. Loss is infinite and you know it. Samson Looms and you know it.

The gods count on the torture being infinite. I don't kill myself because I know I'll just be reincarnated in a worse life.

This is a Place of Punishment.

I'll still let them play video games

Because you don't believe in mental illness?

YES! They should. Everyone should be put to death. But you also don't believe in cowardice do you? Only in hope, because you're a deluded faggot.

Evidince of Cowardice. Evidence of Misery. Evidence of life getting worse. Evidence of Samson . Evidence of the Gods and their evil. Evidence of the sun being evil.

You know nothing. You delude yourself with ideas of greatness when you are nothing to the Gale of Fate.

Ashes and Echoes

This is not a rebuttal to anything that I stated in my argument.

So you're literally coming to this board and saying "I'm retarded, but I'm right about X in spite of it."

You know I'm right, that you are wrong. You delude yourself into thinking you see evidence, but you are unaware that your eyes are lying to you. Your brain is lying to you.

As soon as I use your ACTIONS to disprove your WORDS that you believe in this nonsense, you are falling back on your retardation as the source of your self-contradicting bullshit?

I just blew you the fuck out, dude. You do not truly believe a single word that you are saying. You are crying out for attention. You are crying out for recognition, and I am pitying you by giving it to you.

Oh, I am giving you something much worse than death: Hope that your life can continue. Your "Samson option" is an optimistic view of things, which should dismay you greater still. Greater than the loss of life is the loss of Freedom, and that is where you, your philosophy, and your entire life leading up to your conclusions utterly fail in their core assumptions.

Wait, how is the sun evil?

Forgot to address this. Cowardice is the hope that you can live to see another day. That is the only possible reasonable explanation for cowardly acts - self preservation.

You are such a fucking idiot.

He's trying to invoke imagery of natural phenomena to inspire a sense of primal awe in us. The existence of the sun is far and above his ability to explain, comprehend, and especially speak for.

Much like how a small dog cannot conceive his owner has a life outside of caring for him, and so may attack someone they see approaching, even if they're a friend of the owner.

This idiot thinks he knows literally everything.

It's a rebuttal enough. You can't disprove it.

Loss is Infinite.

My actions mean nothing. My words are true. You're retarded.

And you're filtered.


Anything that exists is evil. Existence itself is evil. It is inflicted upon you by the gods and everything is shit. Creation is a crime against the created.

The sun is evil because it exists and because it isn't perfect. Because it will blow up one day.

Wait, I'm confused. So at 3pm on Friday, Trump issued the immigration ban to keep green card holders from dangerous and unstable mudslime countries out. Are these the people who were already mid-flight when the ban was issued, so they are detained either on the planes or in the airport and were supposed to be deported back to their shithole?

And what can a federal judge do? I assumed this was an executive order (obviously well within his terms of power since he can control immigration) so isn't his authority higher than anybody else?


They built their cities out of wood because it was easier to rebuild a wooden structure, tahn a stone structure AFTER TYPHOON SEASON. Also, when rocks fall, everyone dies.

Have you heard of the invisible teakettle orbiting earth? You can't disprove it, so it exists.

They reveal how much stock we should place in them, you yourself don't believe them!

Not an argument.

Not an argument.

Look, go back to reddit - you belong there.

kek looks like something you would see in a football game.

Resorts with the Trump logo on them more then likely.

True, I imagine that cuckchan refugees from HWNDU threads have something to do with the recent influx of (probably underage) retards lately.
They act like a completely uninformed people about important issues who simply follow the neocons ideas they claim despise, never questioning, never researching the issue on their own.

How does it feel to be as fucking stupid as you are?

I'll see you after midterms when you'll be crying in a corner saying exactly the same that you're condeming right now.

Jesus, thankfully we have a thing called filter here so I don't have to see you sperg out every fucking time.



it means some jew just slowed him down for a nano second. Nothing that kike did to prevent it means anything

Sounds like the people who protect us - border agents, customs agents, police, etc - have been itching for this for years. Makes me infinitely smug to know that the leash is finally off and these people can do their jobs

Can Trump fire her? Also, this only applies to Moslems trying to return specifically to NEW YORK right? That's what it seems to say.


Does anybody have that image of text that describes how the Muslim population behaves as they increase in percent? I know I have it saved somewhere, but it's not in my Islam folder

migth be this one

yes, thank you


Fuck all muslims m8

but maybe fuck the ones flooding into Europe and raping white children first instead of the isolationist ones that stay in the desert

Democrats want to destroy america and deserve death for trying

Isolationist mudslimes are committing heresy against their own religion, which says to conquer and kill until everyone on the planet is a mudslime.

Those "isolationists who just want to stay in the desert" are most likely just too poor and lacking the means to snackbar people. Not lacking the will to.

so we can move that problem off to the side and deal with it at a later date or if it becomes more pressing

Now let us see the judge enforce her ruling, because it seems the customs agents side with Trump.

this, thank you.
when obama did it, he was just being careful and helping keep out terrorists!
when trump does it, he's trying to ban all muslims and is a big racist meany.

I had a thought recently, that what all the left's virtue signalling protests and chants and internet campaigns all amount to is a giant sinkhole of time, energy and money. What were the results of the "Le Drumpf XD" Inauguration Day riots? The >muh vagina March? The months and months of turning the Keystone XL Pipeline site into Woodstock?

Nothing. Trump still got inaugurated, the rioters got arrested and charged with felonies, and the pipeline is going through whether those faggots like it or not. Now they're trying to same virtue-signalling, guilt-tripping shit with the Muslim trash: holding signs, chanting, coverage from the pozzed Jew media… and the people responsible for actually enforcing the ban are just telling them to fuck off because they don't care.

There's nothing they can do at this point. The Left has been defanged.

accidental sage. bumping with the picture that i attached but it didn't post.

Stop. Stop spelling the word muslim in your own super unique way. It's muslim or pigfucker.

or mudshit, kebab, mudslime, goatfucker, camel jockey, carpet face, sandnigger, dune coon or turkroach tbh

Carpet rider, boyfucker, towel head, sand coon, "those queers that wear bath robes all the time," moon worshiper, Aloha Snackbar, oil jew, A-Rab, sandfag…

Remember to take down the names of the judge, the judge's family, and the ACLU lawyers and their families. These enemies cannot be allowed to escape justice.

Leftists must be dropping their fudge that law enforcement agencies are just ignoring this judge.
Who's gonna arrest them?
They report directly to the fucking president of the united states.

I didn't know it was possible to be this smug.

So, question because the MSM has been turning their BS to 200% and it's getting hard to filter the lies from truth. Let's say, for example, an Iraqi with a green card has been living here for a while and owns a house and has a few kids. Let's say last week he left his kids at home and went to take care of business in Iraq, and was supposed to come home tomorrow. Would he be allowed in, detained, or just plain barred entry? I'm not sure if this executive is just for refugees or immigrants as a whole (though I guess they are the same when we are talking about a shithole like Iraq).

The left frequently uses the "separating families" line when talking about refuges. We all know that's full of shit because no one is forcing them to come here. Is this the one time it's actually happening? Given how Europe is doing, I don't think I care, but it would be useful to know when debating with libs.

Also, I know the seven countries were basically named by Obama, so the targeting Muslim countries is a crock of shit. Does anyone have a source for the claim that Trump has business ties in Saudi Arabia, because to me it seems as fictitious as the Russian ties the left keeps claiming?

Capitalism is a Jewish system and there is no way to make it good for Aryan people.


What is this time Greenspan? Jackson was against the Jewish bankers, Trump is against the Jewish bankers. Your time is ending no matter how much you kvetch about it.

Triggered Abdullah? Moslem means "evil man" in Arabic. It is the best way to call them because it triggers them like no other.

google translate says otherwise…

Trump Will further emulate Andrew Jackson by ignoring the courts.

He made a statement with that choice of Andrew Jackson portrait.
They didn't listen, but we did.

time to remove banker

wtf i love iran now


This hardly effects anything. At most a few shitskins that were traveling to the US on Friday won't be immediately deported. That's it.

All the other shitskins are still banned and won't be let in.

Google translate also claims "goyim" means "nation" and not it's actual meaning "cattle". Gee, it's almost like Google is owned by Jews with an agenda.

The entirety of NYC is a kike enclave. Probably more jew lawyers in that city alone than all of israel

I am russian but so I cannot be 100% sure but it is basic clue that employees of one organisation cannot be directly subordinant to employees of other organisation unless there is some specific agreement.

Reading comprehension got you down? I am saying we know she is a fucking kike and the cunt asking for muh proofs is a fucking hebe. Stupid nigger.


Damn it Holla Forums, I must know who this Toth guy is.

If he's Jewish, and/or works in a field that deals with immigration/globalism (high probability), we need to fucking know.



And perhaps as importantly:
What does he do?


We need a better way to shortcircuit this "nation of immigrants" meme. Explanations aren't doing it.

There's really no way other than to just repeatedly explain it to them.

Remember that most people, when exposed to this information, initially reject it – but, as Holla Forums has shown, it cannot be so easily rejected for those who value truth over following the herd, over comfort.
It sticks with them.
It remains in their mind.
They're going to carry that weight - and once a certain percentage of the population has that burden on their shoulders, the whole diseased temple will come tumbling down.

3 for 3.

he's fucking jewish bro. I'm not even going to dig, but I know I'm right.

Go ahead and look into him, I guarantee you he's a kike.

fucking everything he dose is calculated to dismantle the left, holy shit, this is out of this fucking world.

"oh what I'm doing is bad ? the list was made by obama "

does* fuck i keep doing that

These people apparently think that because we let in immigrants before, that we have to continue doing it forever and without any restrictions. This is of course impossible and untrue, but these people are fucking stupid, so they are incapable of changing their minds.

whats funny is it was JFK (signed by johnson after he was killed) that put an end to open immigration into the US