(((UN))) urges Trump to backtrack on banning refugees


You know you're on the right side of history when (((UN))) is against you.

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Stay out of our affairs or we’ll bulldoze your building with you inside.

Yeah, so's google now that half their staff can't get back into the US.

I guess they didn't get the memo. USA is leaving the UN.

The UN's shock when America withdraws from them is going to be delicious.

Hey (((UN))), how about you get Saudi Arabia and Israel to house all these refugees instead? Religion of Peace + Never Again = most moral people ever, right? So why aren't they taking in all these refugees?

They're the ones in charge of the group which oversees where their fellow mudslimes go for enrichment purposes.

They should be urging muslims to convert to a saner religion.

Hey OP, I really liked the movie Backtrack too! Did you know it's available at Walmart.com on DVD, Bluray, and Instawatch?


I thought google was mostly whites, asians and poo in loos??? How would these fundamentalist muslim countries affect them?



and google seems to be worried about it

It deposits all the shekels they've spent, making sure the rest of us are enriched, in the trash.

America withdrawing from the UN won't happen. It looks wonderful on paper, but that's how WW3 gets started.


Not really because who the hell is gonna stop us? Even all of Europe and the Middle East combined can't do shit against us, Russia is looking to become an ally of ours and they don't give a fuck about the (((UN))) and even old Bibi is expressing support for Trump so it's gonna end up being zionist kikes against bolshevik kikes in that regard, and I don't know if China is in the UN but they're not gonna go against us and Russia so that's out of the question too. Only power the UN has is foreign spending and most of that is our money, once that's gone they're literally nothing

Mr. Netanyahu, tear down this Israeli West Bank Barrier!

No country has neither the balls nor the resources to go to war with America. This is why the kikes have been so desperate to keep the country puppeted for well over a century


Aren't we pulling out of the UN?

Good! We have been worried about them for too long, let the favor be returned.

No, there is a bill that if passed, will remove us through the U.N. though. Wouldn't be surprising if Trump showed support for it though, especially since the guy who sponsored it was in Trump's transition team.

Here is the bill congress. gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/193

The border was erased and everyone on one side was granted full citizenship on the other.

Dear lord if that happened. Endless cum.

All it does is remove our voting power there.

Let's also not forgot the Berlin Wall's purpose was keeping people in, not keeping others out.

You mean restores the United State's sovereignty, and kicks their globalist nwo in the balls. And "voting power" is meaningless in the U.N. with out the prestige and force of the U.S. to back it up. After a year of Trump, let alone eight, I would be very surprised if legitimate talks to leave the U.N. won't happen.

Nice double singles, I'll checkem. I wonder if they realize Mexico has a wall bordering on Guatemala.

And it was dividing people iof the same city - same ethnicity, same culture, in some cases, same family.

I thought that the UN didn't do shit was a given and losing the vote wouldn't matter anyways.

also it was a short shitty commie wall

Yeah, but I mean, it's not like it was separating completely different people - it was the same people all the time. When someone crossed it, it wasn't a sandnigger bent on destroying West Berlin, it was a German trying to flee from the Soviet nightmare.

The reason the west has to take invaders is because we are under UN treaty to "equalize" the population size on each continent.

Learn to break links without making it a hassle for other people to follow them.


The fundamental difference is in intent.

Communism was so shitty that they had to build a wall to keep their citizens from *leaving*. In contrast, America is so awesome that we need to build a wall in order to keep wetbacks from illegally *entering*. Unlike a communist country, we'd definitely let all our cucked citizens who hate our country leave at any time. They promise they're going to leave if they don't get their way, but they never seem to keep that promise. Now we just need to extend that bitch to include California's border.

Bushido would be a good start. At least give the savages some honor.

My personal favorite (and keeps https intact): noscript.net/

The UN is digging its own grave. Time to leave the NWO.


US must destroy the UN completely, with no remaining influence. The UN will only seek to meddle in US affairs thus it must not be permitted to continue existing.

I have used the https:// construct before but I confirmed it wasn't necessary in this case due to auto-redirect. Regardless, this "let's put a space (or 14) in the URL in order to half-break the link and generally make it a pain to deal with" shit needs to stop.

"Welp, they can't integrate into this nearby country, let's dump them on the US."



It's amazing they admit that these people aren't good enough to immigrate to third world countries, and then proceed to say we need to take them.

It's like poetry, it rhymes.

what the fuck is a UN?

I do not understand what Canada is doing in that image.

Knowing canada, apologizing.


I hope every last one of these refugees die of starvation.

I think its a water pump.


Spread this and red-pill every chucklefuck that cries for immigration.



Trump will either have to pivot big time from his anti-globalist talking points, or seriously look towards hashing out something with Israel, Russia, Japan etc. The Globalists, with UN and Trudeau at the forefront, have no qualms throwing Trump under the bus and vocally opposing him at every turn.

the un has no power over shit, they have saudi Arabia on a human rights council.

What are some overwhelmingly positive contributions refugees bring, in a form of an essay please.

When will this meme die?

This alone makes the UN a fucking parody of itself.

Did you know that the male invaders dispose of their identifying documents before invading and then claim they're 15 years old? They can't be sent back if they're under 16, so all these guys claim they're 15 and the media happily reports it as "muh children".

What did Japan mean by this?

They think Europeans have big noses.

Makes one wonder how they would draw a jew.

I actually didn't know that, pic related is a possible sketch a Jap would make of a Jew.

To be fair, if your only glimpse into the west is watching movies or meeting international business partners you'd be forgiven for thinking that 95% of the western world is jewish.

The Emperor has no clothes.

Nobody thinks this ""boy"" is 14, but nobody wants to be the first one to say so.

I won't tell him anything except a fucking kick to the face for tainting my nation and our youth.

That's the spirit.
In the meantime, it would be wise to discuss your observations with others of sound mind…perhaps you'll gain a few more legs for the night of long kicks.

I fucking hate these people.



I was really hoping they got their asses beat


that faggot is at least 30, my hate for the left knows no bounds

Amazing insight right there.

Leftism truly is a mental disorder.

Someone please wake me up.

Wow they may as well have just said "PLEASE PRESIDENT TRUMP, CONDEMN OUR BUILDING!" instead.

anime is one of my favorite forms of talmudvision media because it's inherently what you think of the honorable nihon peoples. Shit it's only as degenerate as far as you wank your weiner to 2d cause


The moment the UN let Anita Sarkeesian and motherfucking Literally Who speak on the international stage was the moment the UN completely lost its right to exist. Or whatever was left of it.

Perhaps we should encourage the Don to pull out of the (((UN))).

WWII was a jewish war anyway.

they've just aged due to their tough life, just look at this poor child


indisputable digits


There needs to be a death sentence for this.

That was disinfo unfortunately. The border doesn't actually have a wall.

You've been on the wrong side of history 2 times in a row, so it's about fucking time.

even the war of independence was basically a proxy war between the entirety of Europe trying to push Britains shit in for being better at colonising than the rest of them
civil war? killing millions of their own countryman because a man with a beard thinks the southern half of his country is too rich and too independent
then the various polynesian invasions?
like Hawaii and the Phillipines?
how about 1812 where they tried to steal 1/8th of Canada just because
everything they did in South America wasnt exactly moral or successful
the only justified American wars I can consider is border conflicts with Mexico and the Barbary states
even the American-Spanish war was because proto-ZOG USA was meddling with Spain
fighting communism in Indochina only succeeded in turning the entire region into a communist shithole and helping the Khmer Rouge get into power

that sounded like a threat to be honest fam