Media literally praising death of Canada

If you’re grinding your teeth at this, if you long for the Canada that was, it’s easy to understand your frustration. That Canada has gone away. By 2036 it will be barely a memory.

Author of article is a LGBT faggot. He is a literal faggot.


Memes aside, this is a terrible loss. A personification of the global genocide of the white race. I'd challenge a Holla Forumsack to view such a spectacle without a shred of dread.

Trump will take care of his hat soon enough, but removing kebab and taco comes first


pls annex

t.Surrey fag

When I hear genocide, I think mass killings. I know that's not the definition. However, I'm certain my libshit friends would think so too.

How can I say "white genocide" without sounding like a crazy alarmist?

its so hard to see hw people can't come to the realisation that they're setting they're kids and grandkids up for hell, while white flighting from diversity to a nice retirement neighbourhood.

Anything goes now.

Call it white replacement.

meh. I almost don't blame Canadians. They have been fed the "We are different from those warmongering, asshole, racist ,arrogant Americans" line from their kike media and education system for 50+ years…that they will literally flood their country with shitty and mildly retarded brown people because "Americans in a few southern states were mean to blacks 60 years ago. It's our chance to finally 'show up' those god dam backwards Americans!" A massive counter signal to Americans to show, "we aren't Americans, we won't spray you with hoses and release German Shepherds on you"

They basically got Judo-kiked.

Feel kinda bad because I have relatives in Canada. I also lived there for a brief amount of time…but I also feel that burning desire of wanting to see Canada feel the the "American reality".


Hello shlomo, what more do you need than the author openly state that is it good to ignore the wishes of the White population and to import enough brown colonists to make them demographically irrelevant?

Serious question. Would it be even remotely possible for Trump to covertly influence Cucknadian politics? Wikileaks pretty much confirmed that the Clinton foundation played a big part in installing Trudeau. Does Trump have the capability to do the samething?


This has become a literal mass psychosis that is suicidal. Has there ever been anything comparable to this mental illness that has infected the west? Maybe something like the cultural revolution in China or something? It's fucking insane.

There's that one group of seven million Chinese that died in a rebellion because one zipper head thought he was a reincarnation of Jesus.

probably, hopefully Canada goes broke and can't afford importing rapefugees and giving them gibs anymore. Also, huge swaths of Canada are shitskin free. Take out Toronto, Vancouver (ok probably most of BC), Montreal, Ottawa and Halifax and things wouldn't seem bad at all.

Demographic replacement, it is actually genocide though, tell them to look up the UN definition. They caused a situation where white people disappear, thats genocide.


Wouldn't they just argue that "Whites aren't disappearing, there's just more people of color and you're being racist :)" ?

It's ok because it's inevitable goyImean guy.


Ethnic cleansing. Cultural genocide. What happened to the Native Americans, but on a much larger scale.

As sweden is world leader in social cuckoldry, I found it noteworthy that they also have high rates of suicide, perhaps in part due to depression linked to lack of sun in winter months.
Canada is in a similar position.
Could this societal suicidal tendency be in anyway related to the personal one?
Or is it just that the further north you go, the less experience of shitskins you have, making you naive and gullible?

I was just thinking about this a few minutes ago after visiting another Canada thread. Not just for us but for the west, I was thinking how -as you also put it- insane it is. A gigantic portion of an entire race of people have quite literally lost the most basic survival instincts and are willingly replacing themselves. And when confronted by someone that they will be stripped of having any real voting power in their own nations in a very short period and will -at the rate they're going- cease to EXIST as a race, it's largely just shrugged off as if it doesn't exist (even though anyone who can do basic math can see it) or looked at as if it doesn't matter - or worse, looked at as if it's good.

Didn't mean to blog here, but fucking hell. I get that we've all had brainwashing aimed so insanely hard on us but I cannot believe how well it has worked on so many. As I said, people are literally ignoring their own survival; all for the right to claim morale superiority and to get to wag their finger righteously.

It's called, democratic ethnic cleansing.

Or in a sane world, cultural aversion is simple enough.

t.Ontariofag (oh god Jesus in heaven please someone help me)


True yet untrue, as for Norway for example you have the Northerners that are the ones that say "fuck that" towards immigrants.

The problem is in fact the isolation, but it has to be coupled with marxist doctrines or projected ideas or information to sculpt the mind. You have to take it like anything else; Why is the nuclear family dead and not 30, 40 years prior? Why is drugs also suddenly a lifestyle? Why don't women want children anymore?

It didn't just 'become', it became via what has been understood by the people affected. Television, education, social cliques and media are all the source of this and you already knew this well before I said anything. The thing you're stuck on is how this is even possible, and for you I simply say I can not know, I am not a moron susceptible to such crippling ideological rewriting and neither are you.

same old deal as usual boys

Canadian Brevik please come.

Also I should note;
To break a nation you must break the nuclear family.
A national will always falter when the families are broken. EVERY family must be accounted for, do you think everyone's happy? The biggest thing you can do as a man of your peoples and your nation is to make a good family and have them follow your example.

Yeah, but don't forget the explosion of racial awareness, ethnic nationalism, and outright White supremacy that has happened over the past year and a half. And also that the young kids now are tuning out of TV, more conservative than ever, and fluent in memetics. Millenials are fucked along with every older generation, but the youngsters today aren't going to follow our path to destruction.

The problem is that they don't see a distinction between themselves and what they're being replaced with. When you say "ignoring their own survival" they would only look at that in terms of them personally continuing to live. The idea of preserving a common ancestry doesn't matter to them because they see different races as equivalent to the difference between white people with different hair or eye colors i.e. irrelevant.

Many of these people don't believe in anything larger than themselves. They have no connection to the past and no concept of living for anything that will exist after they die. They don't want to have kids because their own bloodline doesn't matter. They don't belong to a nation, they're just residents of a country. They aren't adherents to a faith, they just distill a bunch of old legends into a message about being nice to people.

Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if some of them get an inkling that this isn't right but they're afraid to really face the truth. Some of them, deep down, know that if they acknowledged the problem they would face tremendous backlash and have to stare into an abyss everyday. So they just accept it as inevitable. It's easier to convince yourself you don't care than to admit you're a failure.

I'm sure that I'll be accused of blackpilling here, but I don't really know how much it matters that more whites have become racially aware. It's not suddenly going to make them have more kids (if anything, it might discourage many since they can see the bad situation for whites) and it's not going to suddenly stop all of the non-whites in their countries from shitting out WAY more kids than whites are.

Oh I get all of this (that they think this) but I still don't understand how one could actually think that, you know? I hope that made sense. How do you look at the world and not go: "Canada is a white nation. Germany is a white nation. The UK is a white nation… all of these nations are successful. People are safe. People from all around the world desperately want to be in nations like those because their (brown) nations suck… like really suck. Africa is a shithole and the best part of it was where white people were in charge. Why on earth would exterminating white people from the planet not be a net loss?"

I guess what I'm saying is that these suicidal white people are the hand that feeds, and when they get bitten by the people they're feeding, rather than saying "Well fuck you then", they go and bite themselves too and scream "Fuck whitey!" in the mirror. It's insane. I agree with you that many people do know deep down what the truth is but I just don't get how they still then go and vote for their destruction. I mean look at the US election. Sure, everything was shilled as "Oh man, Hillary is going to DEMOLISH in the polls", but that's because so many people didn't say anything until they cast their vote and killed the witch. THAT'S how they said "Fuck you". Here though we don't even do that.

It's hard to answer this because although it seems strange that anyone could think this stuff, I do remember thinking in a similar way. Not the full on "we're going away and that's fine" but trying really hard to see race and nationality as irrelevant details. Once I started seeing all the really explicit and vitriolic anti-white propaganda, as opposed to the more benign "we should all get along" kind of thing, I was shocked and started to feel defensive. Now it seems crazy that I ever managed to think that race didn't matter.

I really wish we could understand the psychology of this a bit better. I've known white people who say things like "I hate white people" and "It'll be good when we're all gone". I'm not sure if the people who say these things sincerely believe that; it could just be virtue signalling spiraling out of control where they get to "I'm so not racist that I identify with the out-group and want to kill my own kind." Other than that I can only imagine that the shaming and vilification throughout childhood is the kind of psychological abuse that permanently damages someone. I've read that people who suffer child abuse actually develop something like brain damage because of how it affects their development.

I'm wondering if it's more like a Stockholm Syndrome sort of thing. All of these people have been attacked and told that they're shit for so long and now they're sympathizing with it going "Yeah, fuck me for being white! Fucking whitey! Ugh!"

Canadian here, I would honestly cry tears of joy.

By what metric is he declaring this?

Canada must be a really depressing place.



Over half a million people think Canada shouldn't exist. Let that sink in.

Don't let your memes be dreams.

How exactly did our countries get so powerful in the first place when we traditionally weren't very diverse? And I don't mean diverse as in "There were some Scandinavians, some French, some English, some Dutch, some Germans, etc." - those are all white Europeans. When Trucuck and his ilk say it, they're clearly talking about different pieces of the shitty third world.

Seriously, why does no one ask this in the media? I know they're all Jew'd but this is an obvious question.

shut up you doublenigger

at this rate canada really shouldn't exist.

Maybe "diversity is our strength" isn't about the country as a whole but the traitors running it. Its their strength as it keeps the people busy, distracted, scared, oppressed away from them and towards Jamal.

I can see this actually happening and would Kek heartily

If they're YOUR FRIENDS, why do you need people on an imageboard to tell you how to talk to them? Your brain is so fried, that you think discussing the news would have you sounding, 'like a crazy alarmist'. GANG RAPES being live streamed on their fagbook…


Just some Tourette's induced autistic screeching. These dumb fucks think, saying so, makes it so. No substance whatsoever, just blanket statement after blanket statement.

Canadians spend almost 100m A DAY on immigration. It's like their largest expense. Schools shit? Healthcare shit? Immigrants are why. I got a good site on it somewhere… immigrationwatchcanada dot org

China is openly doing it in Tibet. It's a great example for us to use.

Im mostly done arguing with leftists, and Canada is a lost cause beyond full scale civil war. Whats the point in talking to people who just want you dead and gone.

Sounds like Weimar Canada up there

But whites are disappearing. White birthrates worldwide are dropping while non-whites are drastically increasing, so it's a double edged sword.
There's nearly more Chinese in China than there are caucasians on the entire planet.

Forgot my picture

I think the point that he's making is that the people denying genocide would say that whites are disappearing organically (rather than being bombarded with propaganda saying not to breed, being told to racemix away their genes, having their countries flooded with non-whites, having white men sold as inferiors in media, etc.) so it's not a cause to be upset over.

Look at an atlas or whatever, every white country has a sub 2.0 replacement which means for every white man and woman, they have less than 2 kids. Every factor contributes, from mass rape, to feminism, to the economy, to faggotry, to miscegenation etc etc.. they all count and are all white genocide.

The UN also predicts white people will be 1% of the population in places like Italy, in 300 years.

I agree with that, the cuckoldery towards the UN's genocidal plans has reached its peak under Castreau. A man like Trump is the only way out of this insanity.

t. other syrup frog

The way I read it, the people he's arguing with seem to hold the opinion that the number of whites isn't changing, it's just that more coloured folk are coming into town, which is wrong based on the fact that in most countries, white populations are indeed on the decline.
If they want to argue that it's natural for whites to disappear, that opens the argument up to verifiable differences between races with evidence that they themselves have already agreed to by admitting it's only whites who are disappearing.

It's pretty shitty but realistically it's deserved for being allowed to happen. At this time whites have a tremendous amount of selection pressure, the survivors will be stronger than before and unified to step into space colonization wise enough not to be overrun and conquered by xeno filth.


And the problem with that is if you say "300 years" to a lot of people they'll just think and say "Not really my problem. I'll be dead. My kids would be dead. My grandkids would be dead."

The funny thing is that these same people who don't think that they hold any responsibility for something 300 years (hell, even 75 years) down the line are often the same ones who blame themselves and their parents for slavery.

I just went and re-read his post. Yeah, I think that you read it correctly and I fucked up there. Fair enough point.

Serious question here: they do? Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but what pressure? I know there's obviously the hardwired pressure to seek the most fit/adequate partner, but that's what has been heavily stripped away. There isn't social pressure to have kids - in fact it's largely discouraged. The pressure is mostly on having a career, getting the newest iPhone the week it comes out, partying every weekend like you're in a Bacardi commercial, etc. I think the problem is that there is a lack of pressure which is causing people to fall into Africa-tier quality which is just as planned, I'm sure.

I just read some replies to that tweet. Looks like a lot of those who favorited that steaming pile of horseshit are American shitlibs and muds.

Yes, in 300 years all whites will effectively be totally gone, and that is a generous estimate. At that point, if they disagree, you can hang them for complicity in genocide under UN international law, so who cares what happens to them, you know? They should be dead, so whatever happens, happens - to them.

Then juat call it third world colonization

Like you realize you cant just argue a communist into not wanting to shoot you and steal your stuff, forcing communism on the country, right? These people, they have been indoctrinated into marxism/cultural marxism/socialism/communism etc.. almost everyone is for cultural marxism, if they aren't already raging about niggers and rapefugees etc.

If you find someone who thinks its fine that Italy, and Germany, and France, and Sweden etc have their native white populations first made minorities, and then made extinct.. they need to go. They are in the way, they are promoting genocide, they arent people you should be talking to.. they are people you should be treating like the US treated communists in Korea, and Vietnam etc.

You don't understand what he meant by "selection pressure" here. It's a Darwinian term. Whites without strong instincts to have children of their own will- must- die out.

Even if rejuvenation biotechnology becomes widespread, white shitlibs will cease to exist within a few generations.

You can't. They're already programmed to hate themselves and to demand their own destruction. Everyone who is on a side is on a side, everyone else is just slaughter for the razing.

2036 is just around the corner, but that decline is still slow enough that by the time Canada hits that white minority level the gradual change in society will have gone unnoticed except by "racist old people" and thus will be largely ignored.

Chalk it up on the list of victories against racism along with Rhodesia, South Africa, and Sweden. Just don't mention that nobody actually wants to go live in those places anymore…

This is exactly it. I'd recommend reading 'Death of the West' if you haven't already. It's a little dated, but still extremely relevant and paints a pretty good picture of what has caused the white decline.


Grand Replacement

You pretty much JFKd him.

If this continues there won't be any whites in 300 years. Once whites lose political power and our umbers are low enough white men and boys will be killed and the women taken as sex slaves. If this continues around the turn of the century whites will be virtually extinct except in enclaves. In 2300 there won't be any of us left.

The longer it takes us the more difficult it will be. Around 2050 it will take measures of total war for us to survive if we don't stop it sooner. Around 2075 it will take total war and a miracle. If 2075 goes by and we're not in a racial holy war then it's good bye white race.

The things you listed off are the selection criteria. Future generations will be less prone to stop breeding, less prone to partying unproductively, less prone to consumerism, higher quality bonding (that is, less likely to be a woman riding the cock carousel or a man bitching about women doing so, the ones which reproduce successful offspring will be neither) and generally less capable of being manipulated by the powers that be. All the weakest of the group are currently dying off of their own stupidity or winning Darwin awards simply for failing to reproduce. The only real issue is that the selection criteria might be too high or we might lose control of the strongest military organizations before numbers are regained in which case it would effectively be the end as once population declines all new selection pressures will crop up (like mudslimes trying to cull people.)

Pretty much already there, that happens all the time, little white girls go missing in the thousands, you never hear of them again. WLP and even GLR were talking about this shit decades ago, the Jewish sex slave trade for example, "Russian" gangs are actually jews.

So many homeless people, so many fucking advertisements everywhere, and so many retarded preachers on dundas.

Anyone have that webm of the group of white guys in what I think was Rhodesia, going around spraying buildings and tossing grenades?

Here it is.

Is that middle book decent or just spinning bullshit? I've seen it for sale in stores but never pulled the trigger on buying it.

Fuck man this blackpill is impossible to properly swallow. Something's gotta crack before then, surely, but then I look around at normies who "don't see race :)" and just wonder how the fuck anything could ever change. Most people want to stay insulated and probably will do so right up until they're jailed in their own gated communities. I love my wife and we want 4+ kids but if they're inheriting a future of watching their own race die, it's severely depressing. We need to change this world before it's too late, for our kids' sakes.

Its legit.

Have your children. Trump represents a sea-change.

This series too on youtube, worth watching all of them if you ask me.

Ah, thanks. I wasn't sure as stated. I thought it may have been that.

Will remember to download a PDF of it. I think I may have it already on an external hard drive.

This really. It just gets exponentially worse:

>Meanwhile in 2247 across the continent of Eurabia and the country of Canaladesh, "Father, what was a 'white' person?"

Got ya. Thanks. Essentially all stuff I knew (just had it down in a different context) I guess but it's still depressing as shit.

That's how I see it. It's terrifying. People just want to be comfortable, but they're too shortsighted to see that the longer they are, the harder it will be to resist someone taking that away; and once the numbers are so far skewed towards the other side (which is become more so with each passive day), you're fucked.

Pls give evidence to a desperate man, I need it

We have 33 years until 2050. A lot can change in 33 years. That's a full generation. Whites kids right now are being born as a minority of that generation and they'll be hated. White kids being born right now will by the time they reach adulthood have their eardrums blasted constantly about the extermination of the white race. The white problem will be openly talked about. There will be constant calls that whites need to pay. They'll grow up in fear of attack and watching people they know be killed and raped by minorities.

It's not a question of if whites will be redpilled. They will. It's a question of if whites will have the will to do what's necessary.

The biggest issue isnt comfort, it is convincing our people they efforts and struggles are not in vain. Why sacrifice a job and accept forced poverty if your contribution will not stem the tide? Why accept life imprisonment if your actions will not break the marxist power? Why accept death if people ignore your martyrdom? Our goal must be to create a propaganda that gets people to believe their saxrifices are valued and never in vain.

I wish I could believe you but I don't, after all South Africans live with that every day and it didn't take much for their civilization to collapse completely. SA is gone and never coming back, but the people have absolutely no comprehension of that fact. There are kids there who get chased and beaten by niggers every day, or parents whose children are killed, and their response is to do what? Their perception of the whole situation hasn't even changed! How much more genociding do we need to go through?

Sweden.txt. If you altered the names of politicians in that piece no one would realize it was originally about canada.

Prophetic trips.

Jesus Christ….

Did he change his background picture to complement his virtue signalling?

South Africa is different. Whites in South Africa are outnumbered 10 to 1. Our racial victory or annihilation will be confirmed before we're outnumbered 10 to 1. There's a silver lining in the South Africa situation. Only about 7% of whites support the black parties. That means when whites are openly targetted for hostility as a racial group we will only get around 7% that will be race traitors.

I call it demographic change, normies can not and need not be convinced. Thinkers can be convinced in 5 mins of explaining the situation.
The solution involves killing a lot of people, jews, traitors, faggots, niggers, invaders, etc. Strugle is the fact of life, world occupation is a zero sum game.

You don't have libshit friends, anyone who wants your race extinguished is not your friend. Anyone who wants your son fucked in the ass because they think it's tolerant is not your friend.


Compare it to tibet.

That seems fair. I suppose the Afrikaners had land borders to protect as well, against the entirety of the African population north of there.

This is a good start I'll admit. We'll move to the US, a nice cold swing state like Minnesota or Wisconsin maybe. Pray for more winds to change.

It gets spread through the jewish media, and marxist places like Reddit etc.. all the niggers across the globe who want free gibs see it, and click for free gibs.

Yeah I know also some bots are probably involved.

By the way, the news isn't all bad. For the future of civilization, anyway. You're probably not going to like me for saying any of this, Holla Forums, but there are some things you ought to know. White genetics are not going away any time soon.

- A socially conservative breeding population ensures the steady reproduction of whites for as long as it lasts.
- Nearly everyone in the United States- who isn't a fresh refugee from some shithole- has whites in his family tree. The "one drop rule" circles around to work in our favor.
- While the real shit from Africa might commit genocide against whites- see Zimbabwe, Haiti, and South Africa, and the invasions of Germany, France, and Sweden- neither Asians nor Latin Americans hate whites to that extent.
- In fact, say what you want about Asians, but they can actually run a fucking civilized country and so there will be no South Africa-tier attack on whites in places with an Asian majority.
- Human germ-line genetic engineering will be around in fifty years, making this entire topic moot - assuming that we engineer ourselves to be ubermenschen rather than letting the kikes make us puppets.

Truly satanic shit, my brothers…

I'll give it a whirl.



/roll 66

If Canada rapidly fills itself up with oldworlders while not assimilating them, may secessionist struggles rip Canada up in the future as the demographics can make nations like at home?
Imagine new-Desi, Flipland, a new northern chinese state, neo-Somaliland..

You will see China colonizing Canada. That is exactly why they are there.

And Trump will liberate them.

Trump is a stooge
Anyways, this will probably be 10-25 years down the line that itll be a problem.
This will be the ezekiel war, the chinese hoards will get so btfo they will be buried in and around the cascades for 7 months

Not only is it not true, it also implies that for muliculutralism to work, you need a country as big as Canada.

How many countries fit that bill?

Just ask them why these people can't make nice countries where they are.

we need less shitposters in the world

It's a good thing his statement amounts to absolutely fucking nothing. Unlike in the US, the PM in Canada has no "executive order" paths to implement or change anything. It takes a legal change via the house of commons followed by the senate. That means the rules that the conservatives put in place before they lost power(vetting, knowledge of canada(the secret is syrup and beaver tails), and integration still stand.

But fuck do I hate this elitist prick. Now I know what you guys in the US have put up with, with that piece of shit Obama.

His father kind of changed the immigration policy that created this problem without much of a problem. Most of the country is dude, weed so I doubt they'd make much of a fuss.

Brian Mulroney is considered "right wing" in Canada. I wish i was kidding

His father changed immigration policy by calling for it at 5:30pm on a friday afternoon when everyone else had left parliament to travel back home to their ridings. Most of the country isn't like that either man. Get out of the big cities, those of us in rural areas and small towns have been pissed on by liberals for years. Those of us in Ontario have spent the last decade being pissed on by the Liberals and the same policies that Trudeau wants to implement on the rest of Canada. And that's all due to fucking Toronto.

This. Toronto ruins everything; the only people who like Liberals and Liberalism are the faggots that are smack dab in the major cities.

Threadly reminder that you have until March 28th to register for the conservatives, and to nominate Steve Blaney as the candidate. Pro-gun, anti-immigration and regularly wins in his local Quebec riding with majority.




Of course, goy, capitalism is right wing. :^)

12 months ago supporting Trump was seen as being edgy.
They are not laughing anymore.

O Cuckada
Our wife's son's native land!
True patriot love has already been banned.
With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
Our bull's cock full of seed.
From far and wide,
O Cuckada, we all sit down to pee!
Allah keep our land bigotry free,
O Cuckada, we all sit down to pee!
O Cuckada, we all sit down to pee!