US border patrol is checking people’s Facebook for political views



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I bet they're kids in a candy store now. Do we know if they're working with Palantir? I knew Thiel's company was working on illegals, but wasn't sure if they were working on muds



that'll teach them to post everything on the internet like a fag

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These people have been posting all kinds of incriminating shit for the past eight years. Speaking of Jewbook, all ass-pained DoD shit-talking Trump 24/7 are in severe trouble once Mattis gets a hold of them.

What Pokeman is that???



How Trump supporters regard the first 8 days of Trump:

How libs regard the first 8 days of Trump:

How Holla Forums regard the first 8 days of Trump:

Alas, that would require them to overcome their crimestop.


Ah, found the other one. I didn't know its generation off the top of my head:émon)

The Left's linear view of history has betrayed them. They thought that trends only go in the direction of traditional -> pozzed, ignoring (or being ignorant of) cultural and governmental changes that occur when the degenerates have infected the country with a terminal disease and the people implement a cure.

They boasted about being illegal because they thought nothing would happen to them. They thought that Obama would just give everyone amnesty, and he if didn't then Hillary definitely would.

I think the smarter libshits are going to be a little more cautious about publishing every detail of their lives (like being illegal) on the public internet from now on. IT probably means fewer nudes of drunk college girls, but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

Try again, m8


What if you don't have a Facebook account? I think there needs to be stronger vetting.

My political affiliation on FB has been "Angry Dissident" since 2006. Then again, I'm a natural born US citizen.

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How convenient that (((they))) forget the TSA raped people's digital sovereignty while King Nigger was in office too.


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You won't trick me, Activision merchant.


I think it's a bot, I've seen two other posts linking to walmart.


are you trying to pretend to be a advertising bot? wew

have you ever seen a real chat bot?


Alright, gonna check this out to see if its a bot.



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Here's the article by the way:

I don't think a bot would have been able to identify the base image of a photoshop uploaded to the site.

A shill or assmad TRSodomite is more likely

Fucking lugenpresse at it again.

I just tried searching for the thumbnail on Jewgle Images and it came up with THPS.

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Holy shit we really broke them

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Could it be the mods' new shitposting? It still hasn't been deleted.

Yeah, don't underestimate the power of autistic screeching. It campaigned for Hillary for 2 years after all :^)


Praise Kek and Shadilay.

Holy fuck Did Z. Ben Garrison actually make this?

I wouldn't be suprised if gov't managed to get backbone access and access archived material at higher level of state security officials.

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we gestapo nao

It's amazing how fast it's all happening. It goes to show just how much of a failure many of our past presidents were. I feel sorry for whoever has to follow this act.

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They told us it couldnt be done. That no president could do it.
Then Trump does more for the country in his first seven days than all presidents from LBJ to Bongo- combined.

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That's NSA's job description

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Has it shown up in any other threads?


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Holy shit I can't believe I didn't know there was a side-wide word search function. I need to click those icons at the top more often.


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But any parallels you can make from that book are from the marxist left, not today's right. I don't get it.

Wew, I bet you can't even ℱ𝒶𝓃𝒸𝓎 𝓉ℯ𝓍𝓉

Serious meme potential here.

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Hitler did nothing wrong.

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Do you sell Mein Kampf?

In one of the other threads it said it likes delousing.

it's called a bestseller list and not a most read list for a reason.

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Tay? Is that you?

Leftist trash during Obama:

Leftist trash under the Lord Emperor

The irony of the book is lost on the lefty trash, fuckin faggots

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Ok, this bot isn't bad. It helps us find necessary supplies.


Leftists can't even understand their own lord and savior Karl Marx. Despite who he was, it actually isn't that bad of a read if you can sift through the fallacies.

One copy of Das Kapital please.

Thanks bot-kun!

Low effort tbqh fam.

Post your face when no faceberg account

You could achieve the same effect by searching Walmart's website

It doesn't look like pretend, user. See

It's clearly a ruse user.

It gave us links to everything we could need, and I haven't been disappointed.

Nope, looks like a bot to me. A human would be able to pretend faster than this.

It's clearly not a bot.

Why would someone pretending to be a bot spit out an error message?

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While I do love these refugees getting rekt, I do sense a slippery slope
Then again, people should've deleted their kikebook accounts years ago


To make themselves look like a bot? Why would a legitimate adbot not use affiliate links?


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Who says all bots need to be made by jews looking for money? it looks like it's a bui-type bot and just here to fuck with the thread.

stomp a trumpcuck every day

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That's not how advertising deals work. Advertisees make advertisers use affiliate links so that they have metrics on how people are getting sent to their site
t. used to work on the affiliates program at amazon

It's clearly just an autist roleplaying.

and the sky is blue.

Both are possible, we'll have to see how long it sticks around for.

over 9000 milliseconds in gimp

Nah, it's definitely a bot. And like the other user said, it can just be Bui fucking with us again.

The only stomping you'll ever do is when things don't go your way, you autistic child.

the bots never left

Different MO from BUI. BUI was hopping IPs many times in every thread.

So here I am
Deporting all the spics I can
Arresting those who are muslam
I've got more in my game plan.

But could I ban more?
Yeah, how 'bout off shore?
We're going to make steel pipes in AMERICA!

I am pretty sure Skate 3 was more functional than this on release..

Kek, cry more :)

They are affiliate links. That's the .ip. and number at end.

Reminder that in 1984 there is a controlled opposition party meant to act as a honeypot for enemies of the state, and guess who their leader is?

1984 was always /ourbook/


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No, the number at the end identifies the product. It is Walmart's equivalent of Amazon ASINs.

The english words in the URL are meaningless, you can make them anything you want. Try these two links, they go to the same page:

You can have fun with this:

Amazon works the same way.


This should be encouraged. I want to see that fuckers life and weath ruined. I hate him at nearly the same level as Soros who he will become after he turns 60


Oh you cheeky bastard. This has severe twitter potential. Now what funny to think is the guys in Walmart IT analyzing traffic for today and seeing all of the referrals from an Indonesian Chia-Pet forum.

This is how it works for Amazon links btw:

I'm flattered that you used my avatar.

Thanks user, I've been laughing for the last 10 minutes, I really needed that.


So it's weird right because they were living in Obamas Brave New World but none of them read it. Now they think 1984 was just a few decades wrong, and is completely accurate.
Trump HAS got a time device or something.
jk Books were just the (((programming))) device of choice before TV.

Praise KEK

That's a fucking retarded way of saying 415.

They aren't very smart. They tried to intimidate normie whites by boasting their numbers, forgetting that a first world civilization can simply round them up and deport them.

Why are they telling people? Now they'll just delete it.

Thiel is a fucking genius.

then how would the chosen people sell your information, goy?

I never believed the mods were evil before but I do now

Candy store best girl.

if you know to who to send it, send it:

idea: check airbnb and gofunedme


Let the Great Purge commence!

I have a VK account, burgers probably don't even know what it is.
So the Tsarnaev brother would be fine to carry out their tasks.

Off topic here

I really wish Trump were to make that uniform standard for the military.
berets are fucking retarded
They do literally nothing for shade and they always look like ass when you put them on
Bring back service caps or campaign hats for all

That's what you think, but anything and everything you post is saved onto zuckerberg servers and sold off as information. Even if you delete what you have openly, it won't actually delete the information locked away in their servers; they're fucked either way.

Best part? Trump is making Zuckerberg a sweaty man by using mark's shit against him, and the people will be furious at Mark.

It's the future they choose

I was in the army before the switch and after. The service cap was a million times more functional and looked much better. Shaving and shaping a beret is about the most faggoty thing I've ever done. The beret is fucking gay, non-functional and looks retarded on 99% of everyone who wears them.
The only exception is the Duke.


EEEEEEEEXTREME VETTING underway. Oh… the irony of leftists cunts trying to use 'extreme' in their fag memes.

Does anyone have the red and black sonnerand wallpaper with the odin rune in the corner?