Daily reminder

There is only one thing kikes fear the most
Perfect unity on others against them, pay close attention to subverters, they are very active in this board

Hey TRS!

kek, hi JIDF, how is the subversion going?

Sorry for ruining your PSYOP kike


TRS would be more likely to push the narrative that shitskins are our primary enemy and based nationalist jews are allies.


why sage exactly kike?



Failing to make sense kike?


Yeah, part of "a country for everyone" is shitting on other countries.

Good luck being the only race that's "respectful" to the other ethno-states.



/r/ing for soundtrack

Reminder Hitler didn't hate Jews. He hated sub-humans which was a mental thing, same with the master race, all a mental thing. Hitler didn't even only hate jews, faggot jews pushed that as everyone here is aware
they didn't go house to house searching for "jews' they went searching for traitors

Theres also that screencap of a supposed jew who made tons of ben garrison cartoons
classic jew

I want 4chan to leave.



Reminder Marlowe's "The Jew of Malta" is very entertaining. (pic unrelated)

kikes exposed

if all white countries kicked out all the nonwhites, and stop providing them with foreign aid all of them would die but the gooks. You're vaguely right that the shitskins aren't the real enemy, but they're not our ally


You can always tell the JIDF threads by the lack of content, and only posting these colored pozzed shlomos. It's been a year and they still try. One has to wonder when they will give up.

Nice projecting kike


gud digits tho
shame the thread is shit

You've been shilling that line for almost a year now, it's amazing that you haven't even tried to change your argument or put any effort into fitting in.


seconding this, sage for no contribution

Fuck of TRS niggers