Were looking for:
-metal forging
-machining secrets
-metal coatings
-plastic formulas
-hidden lab results from monsanto, dow chem, etc
-Technology that can undo genetic modification
-bitcoin mining tech
-advanced fabrication techniques for all materials
-ultra efficient energy generators (and no, overunity is still a crock of shit)
-masonry techniques
-any deep dark trade secret that is hidden behind a wall of shekels

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hidden lab results from monsanto, dow chem, etc
Now I'm unemployed so I shitpost here all day waiting for someone to call me for an interview…

How many pints of baby blood did you have to drink every day to prove your loyalty and maintain shekel flow?

I guess the most interesting thing I know is the defensive capabilities of a few nuclear power plants.

Protip: If a kebab tries to spread some diversity then we're fucked.

plastic involves oil processing, only special sorts of facilities can pull it off. The formulas are useless otherwise
there are laws against this and the fed will raid your shit randomly, no such thing
just use the genes from the old organism
a bunch of transistors arranged in a certain way
a bunch of gpus arranged in a certain way
look up woodworking
you dont think theyre working on that stuff at the moment?
look them up
whats the point of making trade secrets if someone will leak your shit and you lose all your shekels, awful thread form op as per usual


You've obviously never done any home chemistry

Not when you force it out into the public domain that chemical companies are slowly genociding us and KNOW IT

When the secret to hammering nails into wood came out, all carpenters lost their job

You have obviously never built anything

Plumbing Trade Secrets:
1. Payday is on Friday
2. Shit runs downhill
3. Don't chew your fingernails.

Welding Trade Secrets:
Grinder and paint makes me the welder I ain't.

FUUU Chyna

Underwater Welding Commercial Diving

1. DON'T

Alright user, you asked for this. Don't say I didn't warn you.

World Trade Secret: Jews did 9-11 —-

highly illegal under any context

>>>Holla Forums

the problem with places like Holla Forums is that it attracts crazy fucks like you who believe every kind of crazy conspiracionist bullshit.

Node JS code to automatically remotely manage systems.

Electrical trade secrets
1. Don't ground yourself. Ever.
2. Don't ground the components. Ever.

Pest control trade secrets
1. Outdoor insect treatment is the only thing that counts. Indoor treatment is just a dog and pony show to separate you from your shekels more easily.
2. You can buy everything we use at Home Depot.

Linux is free because it's shit

And you'll continue to wait. Stop being a faggot and grab life by the pussy.


Yes Goy, the chemical corps are your friends. All those feminized beta-male faggots are a result of natural evolution, not estrogen mimickers found in every single plastic compound.

Whats not to enjoy about sending 240v through your body, underneath a giant hunk of metal, in freezing cold water?

I would love to have the technology that can atomize concrete and rebar while it is at free fall speeds

do explain more

Welding on oil rigs is done with hardsuits which are like mini submarines rather than dive suits, but they have a guy managing the armosphere and pressure in the suit up top so the guy in the suit worries about welding.

A gauge was broken on the tender's panel and the dude ended up getting overpressurized until his suit cracked, at which point the pressure from the water crushed the suit. Dude died instantly thank fuck but the tender killed himself a week later for letting it happen.

Looks like im never doing commercial diving


I have been looking for an irc server on this subject, any help will be appreciated.

You forgot always grab with your right hand

It isn't even a conspiracy when they themselves publish studies on the toxicity of EVERYTHING in a post-industrial environment. Most people just ignore the fact that anything produced by an establishment appendage is carcinogenic, neuro-degenerative, and/or a signal inhibitor. Of course, then you start getting into other reasons why the modern lifestyle encourages the bio-accumulation of heavy metals.


Jack's Restaurant in Columbus, MS has a very special sauce for their hamburgers.

tasty menstrual sauce

Anyone know the recipe for the batter they use on fried chicken at McDonalds and like Hungry Man dinners? Shit is ridiculously tasty when you're starving

Also the KFC spices, I think theyve been reproduced several times


Gunsmith here

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This is what drives me through the fucking roof. How can you dare call it a conspiracy THEORY, WHEN THE FUCKING CONSPIRATORS THEMSELVES FREELY AND OPENLY ADMIT IT TO THE PUBLIC

See embedded. They may be kikes but they have good recipes.

Herro, my ferrow, burger-eating, American citizen! I aglree, American Nationals shall be posting top secret bussiness documents; to do much harmful to hewbrews!

I too am hating, other, no-freedom, nations, controlled by hewbrews! Much good come from postings.

Please to harm them, post seclet economic texts and usages, my ferrow Paitreiots. Being doing much to harm these doing so.

It prease me if you would!

Happly yours,

Ferrow Loyel Patryotic Amelican Citizen

here's a trade secret
I worked in a processed chicken plant briefly as a teenager
don't ever EVER eat processed chicken
processed chicken is all the worthless parts of the bird all blended in a blender and they add different chemicals to give it the right texture and bleach it whit to make it look like meat
This paste sits in plastic dumpsters on wheels in a cold room that smells like shit for a few days
when they decide to use this paste they wheel the dumpster over to the assembly line where a highschool dropout shovels the paste into a funnel with a regular sidewalk snow shovel from home depot
the paste goes through the funnel and gets smashed into a flat patty and has the shape of whatever product it's supposed to be cut into it by a cookie cutter

The worst product I ever saw was one where the paste was made into a butterfly shape which we put a piece of fake cheese on and folded over to make the shape of a chicken breast, which was then breaded and sold as a "cheddar cheese stuffed cutlet"

Never eat that shit fam it's just bleached cartilage scraps and eyeballs. That's why kids find beaks and shit in their mcnuggets. Not that there's anything nutritionally wrong with eyeballs and cartilage and bloodclots, but it's all the random shit they put in it like the sulfites and bleach.

Industry secrets in tech development
1. 3/4 of the people with tech jobs know nothing
2. If a person has a buzzword title, they are the first you want to eat during a zombie apocalypse
3. If a person cannot list their skill set using legitimate software, hardware, programming languages, just walk away.

Never change, /k/

Machinists' Trade Secrets:
1. Increase speed, decrease feed when cutting a finish on a lathe.
2. Check your clearance on the compound when cutting close to the chuck.
3. When using an edgefinder on a mill, when you hit your 0, set your dial to half the diameter of the edgefinder (usually 0.100").
4. Make sure to scribe the centerlines for any holes you intend to drill on the mill.

Does packaged chicken breast you'd find in grocery stores count as "processed"?

Have you tried Great Value Chunk Chicken Breast, 12.5 oz, 2 count? It's available only at!

ITT: OP tries to mine information to kickstart his shitty business idea

It really makes your skin crawl when you consider what the actual conspiracies are, since they are so nonchalant about announcing that every bit of food is a poison and every object is toxic. When it's common knowledge that the air we breathe has been made into a lethal miasma, what is the uncommon knowledge?

That sounds painful, ganbatte!

Intellectual property and trade secrets are Semitic schemes to allow for monopolies of the weak which would be shattered by the talented and strong if everyone had access to the knowledge. Not to mention the aspect of secrecy provides cover for misrepresenting one's product to hide corner cutting, inferior designs, contaminants, etc.

Besides, the kikes are already selling off secrets to the chinks, and anyone else with shekels. Only shitskins fear competition, Europeans embrace the opportunity to compete and become stronger for it.

fuck off Chinese intelligence agency, we don't help communists.

I found the same thing has happened to manufacturing and mechanical engineering.

The whole industry is flush with papered idiots who have "muh duh-gree" and yet are complete idiots when they do ANYTHING. This is because most of them have literally never turned a wrench in their life, except for the few short "workshops" they did college.

Worse yet, everyone trusts these people like they are gods. And suffer little to no consequences when they fuck EVERYTHING up.

Need enviro-friendly paint?'s got all the Loop Premium Recycled Paint you need!

Does wal-mart actually pay you to go around the Captcha and copypasta this shit?

Okay guys, I got you. You want metallurgy secrets?

Pic related.

Once you have that it's ready to heat and start hammering.

Where do they get it?

The fucking ground obviously

I don't believe you.

They bought it from dwarves.
Elven pornography.

The gory Byford Dolphin diving bell accident, 1983. Explosive decompression killed five people.
Pretty much liquified and painted every surface of the chamber and burst internal organs.

china pls go.

It's not like I have a choice, I live in huezil and the industry here is going to shit lately, I know well qualified engineers who can't find a job and have to work as a Uber driver to make ends meet.
And besides, I love what I do (I work as a mechanical designer) and I don't see myself doing anything else even though the pay is quite shit, even a bricklayer gain more than I do.

Pic related is one of the many machines I developed, this one is a filling machine for yoghurt bottles.
I designed it using Solidworks, is there any other mechanical design or draftsman/draughtsman fags here ?
show yourslves
ah and machinists, fuck off, go back to trade school and learn to read a fucking mechanical drawing you faggots.

Super Secret Manual Machining Secrets!

1. Wear loose clothing for easy cleaning.
2. Cutting fluid is for gays.
3. Turn the knobs to see sparks.

That sounds extremely painful.

If you can still see the muscular structure in the meat you're usually good to go. Still no guarantee against additives and dyes.

How about some machinists BTFO goreposting ?

You mean Elven whores.

… for you

I'm sorry but I can already read them.

It's always nice to see people who know their lathes intimately.

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Imagine being the poor bastard who had to clean that mess up.

Best Burger

Let it soak for 45 min in the meat.

Cook on medium heat. Add cheese.


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Fry an egg and put on top of burger

~machinists' trade secrets~
consult the book it's been around for a little while now

Machinists' super secret
Never make the finishing cut with a new tool bit

Depends on the rig and depth.

Idiots blowing themselves up aren't making vent holes for the hydrogen to escape. Idiots shocking themselves are making them self the path of least resistance/closest to ground. Keep your ground and electrode pointed away from you and keep your rubber gloves on.

If something doesn't break every time I update, something changes that I had little idea could be changed, then I have to spend time learning how to change it back

God damned auto correct.


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Mining the earth and then using druidic magic to 'heal the wound'.
I haven't been disappointed.

game boy Nintendo sega play station x box
games products gold silver microsoft dell

Japan Did nothing Wrong.

Nanking was gruesome…but necessary.

All communists must be eliminated.

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China is militarily and intellectually impotent.

Three generations of only children have turned China into a worthless lost cause.

They are over fishing their waters to the point of total food chain collapse soon, and will mas starve by the hundreds of millions.

They drowned the majority of the girls in a bucket to have a boy, and now there are very few women to go around, so most Chinese males become gay.

China is the fastest growing gay nation on the planet.

Iie iie, they use resonance rituals to pull asteroids containing the desired materials onto an Earth impact vector. It's generally a process that would be "too long" for a human's lifespan, but they're pretty patient about that kind of thing. Immediate needs can be solved through matter crystallization crucibles set up at leyline vertices, though the drawback there is that the immense amount of energy needed means that the amount created over time is very low.

I've got nothing, but this sounds really good.