CA threatens to stop paying Federal taxes

As a response to President Trump threatening to withhold federal funding from sanctuary cities.

The state is set to become an "organized non-payer", recommending non-compliance with Federal tax code.

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CA user here, our government is traitorous, please purge.

I cannot fucking wait for them to try.


Just bomb LA and the bay area and get it over with.

Yeah but where's the source?

Oh I guess you posted a video but still



Are they fucking serious? Do they have any idea how much of an assraping they would get if they actually went through? Even them considering this should be enough to have serious consequences.


This might happen, and if it does this state and it's government will pay fucking dearly for it.


These fuckers have no idea what they are starting. Trump is not a politician who plays games like this. This could lead to federal occupation of Sacramento.

If there is one thing the federal government cares about it is taxes. You can fuck around with the government but if you don't pay your taxes, which is all they really care about, they will come down on you like the wrath of God. They don't even listen to cries of mercy.

I've never encountered people who seemed so completely impervious to learning or adapting.


Shocker :^)

IRS is your enemy



This is extra ironic, because commie judges and legislators fucked their state on immigration before saying state voters can't do anything about immigration to keep spics out as it's a federal matter.

Let them try.

And now they're California's enemy too.

CA is absolutely fucked without Federal help.

and that's only what they admitted to, two years ago. the reality is probably much more grim.

Fun fact, San Fransico slone gets $50 billion dollars in revenue directly from defense spending every year.

So, the wall will be build AROUND California?

I'm ok with this.


To be fair, until this point they have never even needed to learn or adapt to anything. The right used to always just cave in to all the left's little tantrums. Now we're lifting their legs into the air and fucking them very, very hard where it hurts.

The IRS is the enemy of whoever isn't on the side that controls the government, you stupid faggot. The /lolberg/ stance you're probably alluding to here is that the IRS is bad altogether BECAUSE it is used as a sword in this manner. But it's our sword right now, so fuck off.


It's a long-term play to establish a Chinese protectorate on American soil. It should be brutally put down before it even gets further off the ground, followed up by rounding up every single Asian in California and deporting them, regardless of citizenship.

Am I being detained?

Pretty hilarious that Cali thinks threatening treason is an epic BTFO against Trump until they hang from lamp posts.

What's the most likely outcome if California defaults on its debt? If the State government becomes completely unable to function, what happens?

Sure thing, no more water and electricity from neighboring states, though. Have fun with IRL Mad Max.

They have right to secede. It would be good thing, nothing of value would be lost and rest of USA could revert to real America - confederacy of states, crashing (((federal goverment))) with no survivors.

bullet, meet foot

beaners party like it's 1848, then they die when the free States cut off the fresh water?

The federal government made its position on this pretty clear.


yea they did
Lincoln was a tyrant

No, they don't. No State can declare that you're no longer a citizen of the US. 14th Amendment.

No, they don't. It was decide that states can't leave the union 150+ years ago. It's settled. They can try and they'll be invaded, bombed, and suppressed.

There would be a lot less democrat voters at least.


What is the Whiskey Tax Rebellion and how did that end?

Is this enough to send in the national guard? George Washington sent the militia when the whiskey rebellion rioters refused to pay taxes.

That's the real shocker. No, really. How do you imagine that's gonna work?

That's probably the part that's making me laugh the most. Leftists are about to get fucked by the big government they essentially worship.

Let them secede, then invade, bomb, and suppress them.

it's not the holocaust or nog history so it's not covered in their education

California collapses in 6 months tops.

That kind of black and white thought belongs on only one place, and that place is Reddit. It's time to go back.

pic related

Once the property taxes go up by a huge percentage to pay for illegals then California will capitulate. California has always capitulated.

t. Californian

gee. i wonder if any military fags are going to have fun getting their "California" campaign badge.

I love how they've spent 8 years consolidating federal power and making federal government stronger, only to see the presidency go to someone they absolutely hate.

california could have enough water if they threw out one or two of their fucking retarded environmental protection laws.

They only had a drought because they've fucking refused to build or fill their reservoirs and dump it all into the ocean instead. They've got citizens going without water because they're lower priority than some fucking river fish that isn't even native to california.


I'd hang it on my wall and tell my grandkids about the War against the Faggots '17

Best is he already has done this many times. First he announces something out of "good will" which is basically fucking the opponent in the ass but still giving a mediocre leeway out. Then of course the opponent is not taking the leeway because he is not fine with being fucked in the first place. Directly afterwards Trump utterly fucks his opponent 10 times harder in a sudden strike the opponent did not see coming. Now opponent is forced to take an even worse deal or is fucked for eternity.

He makes his opponents wish they had taken the first option in the future, prepping them up for all future transactions, where the enemy will take the deal first time, because they are still scarred of what happened the first time and think if they don't take the first deal, the next one will be much worse. This is a brutal and very effective tactic to make your enemies submit.

If you a typical right-wing Spurdoburger, you should NOT want civil war.

A civil war would make Trump look weak internationally. That would harm the whites and help the Jews.

It would be best if Trump were to resolve this as a "law enforcement" matter, without getting uniformed military involved.

Diplomatically, the USA looks better if they don't impose martial law officially.

Unofficially, of course, something like martial law looks less impolite.

During Obango's shit term a couple of states were LARPing of leaving the union. Guess what side the libtards cheered on? How about those farmers against the federal BLM, guess which side the libtards were on?
This year is crazy. Libtards are becoming the minority fast.

bring back plenty of war trophies

Do you think California would survive at all?
Ideally we should just dick down Cali. and nothing happens.
If we do attack and annex Cali. Trump will reunite the entire nation and you can bet on a lot of amazingly good changes. Leftism will die. It will be seen as a form of terrorism. GEN Z will grow up knowing their dad's fought a bunch of communist who intended to flood the nations with subhumans to vote their way to power by gerrymandering the country.

US federal govt owns 45.3% of Californjia

When Commiefornia secedes, what should it be called in the brief interim before it is fumigated and reclaimed?

- Liberelopia: The place to which liberals and butthurt leftists abscond.

- Tel Aviva La Revolucion: Home of a new pidgin language consisting of phrases such as "Yo soy vey gevalt!"

Do your worst Holla Forums.

I doubt it will come to a war. When do liberals actually fight for what they believe in? Antifas suckerpunching and running don't count.

US federal govt
owns 45.3% of Californjia


(((1bd185))) could have made an actual effort instead of focusing on the spacing. No (you)s.

A hypothetical "civil war" would be extremely one sided. Think national guard tanks rolling into LA being opposed by shrimpy betas and women chanting "he will not divide us".

US federal govt
owns 45.3% of Californjia

Everything is turning to gold. Trump is going to make these people force him to destroy them.

1. California stops paying taxes
2. Federal government stops sending funds to California
3. California instantly collapses
4. Martial law declared by Trump.
5. National Guard sent into California to arrest every member of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches
6. All unconstitutional state laws repealed
7. All illegals deported
8. New state elections held
9. California restored as US state
10. Goes red in 2020

Isn't that the plot of fucking Chinatown?


I don't think Cali will ever be a truly red state, but I bet it becomes a swing state with all the illegals gone.

Fuck off, shill.

What civil war? You would have thousands of lefties+criminals fucking shit up yeah, but just law enforcment alone should be enough to deal with it, if you do it effectively, otherwise militia or minimum military would be enough. If the Media helps those terrorists, and trying to "recruit" more, you could jail them as co-perpetrator, and afterwards have an entire avalanche of arrests, getting rid of everyone you need to get rid off, while you're at it. And do you think any normalfag would fight for them at this point? Normalfags are still safe and sound, the government isn't attacking them either, so they have no reason to fight, and they surely won't fight to help beanos muchos and niggers.

Such a thought is very entertaining. But whites would benefit more if tanks could be avoided.

You may need to settle it with a few federal marshals and a few helicopters for transport. That would not be embarrassing.

Tanks would embarrass the USA and weaken its negotiating position in the future.

They'll get everything that's coming to them.

The worst case scenario is this:

California's governor and other officials get on international TV saying, "California is sovereign, we secede from the USA."

At that point, the foreign media say, "The USA is in a civil war, this is worse than the PRC in Tian An Men Square."

The best case scenario is that some well-connected Fed has a polite talk with the governor, in low tones, in public. Everyone can see that there is no physical violence, just words, but the governor voluntarily resigns.

Minimal visible violence equals maximum international prestige.


My body is ready for this.

Would an user mind editing this image and removing the eyes while leaving only the black spaces? I'm on my phone and app store won't let me a access/download anything at the moment.

I don't know what "dick down" means in this context. You seem to think that the USA has a giant, club-like penis that can be used to bludgeon California.

But if you mean "stare down California and nothing happens," yes, that would be ideal.

According to the lefties, the US is already "ebarrassed". Using force will show our enemies that we aren't talking out of our asses and we will do what it takes to reach our goals.

Maximum international prestige to who? Is Putin going to be horrified by the CA purge? Duterte? I think you mean prestige in the eyes of Israel, Merkel, or that mayor of London.


Trump should devote federal resources to helping the Jefferson State movement hold a referendum and secede from California. Split the electoral college seats in half between it and california and suddenly a couple dozen seats flip from blue to red forever.

By God, if we Rebs couldn't succeed, ain't no way in hell commie faggots can either.

Thank you.

I doubt it would go under martial law, and I bet the figureheads would step down before they get rounded up. But otherwise on point.

(((International TV))) is already painting Trump very badly nonstop. Trump can give two shits about what they say at this point. Everyone with half a brain doesn't listen to Media bullshit either. Half of Asia, Middle-East and Africa hate America already, most others don't care and the rest of the West is about to turn right-wing themselves.

Also if cali secedes, Trump calls martial law, locks down (((International TV))), gets done what needs to be done, and releases a statement that Traitors and Terrorists have infiltrated Californian government or whatever is needed to say.


We need a civil war in this State to get rid of all the asians, spics , browns, kikes, niggers etc




Trump's gonna cut California in half.

Found the Randlet. Go smoke ebin weed in ancap Somalia with your nigger brethren.

Praise Kek let it be so !

Trump won't hurt the population, even if 99% of it is composed of libtards

pls notice me


What does a Californian do during this situation? Assuming that Californian wants to support Trump and not be a megacuck?

I would like to resist all these losers if at all possible.

Does anyone have that image of the wall plans extending to over 1900 miles, and thus blocking off LA and san fransisco along with refried land?

mfw double 8's

Does California even pay taxes?

Move somewhere else

Is that the dildo that Anthony takes up the ass every night?

the news report said they give more money to federal government than they get back. anyone have proof of this?

you have been noticed. take some of my OC in exchange.

I like California, I just want to REMOVE BEAN and see this state be great for once.

It's much too small


Shit niggas I didn't know it was burch

People's Republic of California here. They claim to send more money to the US than they receive and the state is in this much shit? God damn I hope we move out soon.

Shouldn't it be stuck between 9 and 0?


Much appreciated!

Woah Trump is going to use the Patriot Act to enforce the Metric unit system!

Cali apparently pays more than it receives:

Trump lets CA leave the union.
Trump invades the 'people's republic of california'
'Reconstruction' of CA
All residents must reapply for US citizenship

The best thing since sliced bread is sliced breadbasket.

Still shitposting from Mexico, I see.

Californians are not allowed to vote during reconstruction because they have to reapply to be states like after the civil war.

Using a tank where a single federal marshal should suffice will convince your enemies that you are clumsy.

Putin and Duterte would be contemptuous, not horrified, if an inefficient, resource-wasting civil war were used where a simple bit of law would have sufficed.

It's not about hate, it's about respect.

You might hate a cockroach, but you don't respect it or fear it.

If the USA resorts to open, wasteful civil war, the USA looks STUPID.

If Trump allows civil war, the population will get hurt. If Trump eliminates the ninnies without hurting the population, Trump will gain status.

Is this the real reason The President recited The Snake so often?

The banks are all under Federal control. So… the IRS will just, TAKE IT.

For the faggots who talk about appearances and the media, you need to fucking check yourselves because your mind has been corrupted by Jews.

O'Bama abolished the agency that compiled the true stats.
Don't believe the Lügenpresse's lies.

Libs should be forced to pay 90% of their income to the government. They should be forced to practice what they preach.

A week or two of sanctions should break California. It's a collection of the biggest losers and cowards from around the world. I'm looking forward to the food riot videos.


I would imagine it would be impossible for a state like cali to be revenue neutral let alone revenue positive. Must be more kike book cooking like you said.

Maybe they don't understand.
But the US government has gone to war for far less of a reason.

How does a civil war, which isn't something that happens overnight, but is a culmination of many decades of faggotry pushed upon the nation by kikes make Trump look bad? It doesn't and it will HURT the Kikes. Have you even been to California? Do you know anything about the state? A civil war which purges our land of the shit will be a blessing for all Americans.

For all the elegant gentlemen who can't be bothered to formulate arguments, you need to read the posts that you are trying to argue against.

Also, you could probably benefit from a course in critical thinking.

Don't forget the Inland Empire. They went solidly red as well.


Hey OP, I was having trouble with my taxes too until I got the new TurboTax Deluxe from! Now filing tax returns is a breeze!

I wonder what needs to happen to make these people believe in Trump, assuming they're not just CREW / CTR / TRS shilling.


That's what it sounds like at this point.

No need to over-exert yourselves to be honest. If you guys just blockade the main throughoufairs and turn back the Starbucks vendor supply trucks, we should collapse like a house of cards in a week.

Naval Amphibious Base Coronado too



Checked, you glorious bastard.

Bro it's bad. They've pumped 5 years worth of water into a delta to save some shitty fish that was just going the way Darwin predicted. It isn't even important to the local ecology.

I'm hating this state more and more. All the gov is going to need to do to remind us that we need them is flicker the lights on and off.

Also wouldn't be surprised if any notable leaders for this are cartel/china funded.

A civil war is expensive, inefficient, and raises legal clouds.

China would be able to rally lots of internal support and external alliances.

Russia would cooperate less.

Further, there are a bunch of small, weak countries who have no way to strike at the USA but petty harassment through diplomatic channels. If the USA has a legally recognized civil war, these ankle-biters will be able to obstruct USA interests all over the globe.

International law is really complex, and a bunch of international lawyers in other countries can profit whenever a legally recognized war happens.

Trump should be able to solve this problem efficiently, in a way that makes the political equivalent of a profit. Civil war would squander political capital.

Canada here, want us to turn off the power? we'd really like a good trade deal




Actually, Texas retained the right to secede. Only Texas though.

o surprise.

Can someone tell me what this bullshit is?


China would benefit greatly from a legally recognized civil war.

China would not benefit if a single Federal marshal walked up to the governor, said a few words, and got the governor to surrender.

I think many Anons on this board have suffered greatly. They have lived through dark times. Now that they see a break in the darkness (KEK), they are naturally aggressive and want revenge.

That would be excellent if this were a physical challenge, like escaping from a rockslide in a cave. But this is a diplomatic challenge.

California is arrogant like all liberals are. They think they can survive without us, they think they can do things better than us when actuality, they think they can survive on the global stage without nukes and without a military or police.

It's the same pride and arrogance (and retardation) that Lucifer had tbh.

Why doesn't California just enforce the law and not prioritize illegal migrants over the rights of citizens?



If someone is honestly amusing himself, then it's probably a Walmart employee who is testing the waters to see if anyone actually clicks those links.

However, it is probably a money-grubbing marketing reptile, seriously trying to make money, not lulz.

Be patient leaf, your country will join us very shortly.

Because they care about illegal aliens more than the rights of citizens.

None of that shit matters faggot. The USA doesn't look weak for smashing secessionists which we have every fucking right to. Russia fuckig up Georgia didn't make Russia seem weak. China dicking around with Tibet doesn't make China look weak. The weak don't kick the shit out of those causing problems, they roll the fuck over and whine like you're doing. California needs to be purged, this entire fucking nation needs to be purged. A civil war makes us stronger

It's a chess game. Trump needs public permission to act. To get that permission he has to move in such a way that makes his opponent grant the public permission to grant Trump permission kick ass. Total show of force would turn off the average person immediately. It's what happened with the civil rights movement. They got where they are because they forced an overreaction by their opponents and it turned off the average person. Trump is playing the long game, but he's experienced enough to know what fast moves he can and has to make.

It's fun to think about smashing the face of commies, and it may even get to that point eventually, but if we don't want to be seen as the bad guy, we have got to make it look like we're the reasonable people (we are) to the normies and not let our emotions run us.

Also checking those dubs.

I heard the Marines are niggers?

holy shit are we memeing calexit into reality?!?!

One thing that would benefit china would be if California caused a big enough distraction/purposefully sabotaged trump's "trade war" with them. Even if it's not successful the resentful feelings may lead the state gov astray and cause problems later.

Spoonfeed me, I'm a newfag.
Why do so many posts have a big image along with a 15x15 pixel image named "bypass."

Finally, something resembling a real argument, albeit an argument written by a 14-year-old.

Your argument is that Russia taking a renegade province from Georgia was a diplomatic coup, and that a civil war between the USA and California would be a similar diplomatic coup. Am I reading you correctly?

Excellent points.

Trump could probably expend political capital and get his inner circle to support him in an unpopular war. I think Trump is smart enough to make sure the public supports his agenda BEFORE he declares war.

All President Trump has to do is cut off welfare and EBT. Within three days, niggers will set all of California on fire.

Niggers are allergic to actual warfare and swimming, which means that the marines are the least culturally enriched of the branches of the military, followed closely by the coast guard.

Lurk 2 years before posting.

Not really. They use partial statistics.

It's complicated and depends on how you count it. California residents pay $300B in federal taxes. State gets only $58B in direct aid - which is why media is saying that
that doesn't account for grants, roads, contracts etc….just for the part that fed gives state directly to manage. E.g. Medicaid money is given to state to manage how they want.

All this crap comes to $340B and they won't ever say that.

California is big on telling what a donor state they are and that red hick states are sucking up all the benefits. That was true until about 5 years ago but no longer.

Media and libtards will keep saying it because most quotable "studies" are a few years old and it makes them feel better.

That would be an excellent solution that would conserve political capital and introduce no foreign complications.

Adding a tiny 15x15 image just for the hell of it.

Uh.. maybe if you were writing the post 10-15 years ago. Iraq was a long time ago at this point. Marines are fucking spic central.

That's so I can post premium content without the need for an Holla Forums premium account

Are you twelve? Stop posting, you aren't adding anything. Merely diluting Holla Forums.

And a bix nood to you too!

I'm not an American so I may be wrong, but from what I hear the people that are supposed to make this kind of disobedience possible by protecting the leadership of such a rebellious movement hate the guts of California's leadership.

Suppose it would be a showdown what forces would the state of California have, leftist meatshields not counted? Do states have their own armed forces?

It's definitely an affiliate link. I didn't know Walmart had those.







Ask my legal team.

Nice tiny image you chucklefuck

Very droll.

Contrast and compare.







Trump will just send in the big guns to stop their kvetching.

Nice dubs.

Another Commiefornian here, I've been placed in a very odd position. For the entirety of my life I have been pro-state over the federal government:

Yet my state is fucking wrong here on everything. It's such a foreign sensation being in complete agreement with the federal government and being upset with the state government. It's like being a loyalist during the War of Independence or something like that. No, it is not the Revolutionary War. We did not fight our colonial/state governments, we fought the British army, and declared independence, therefor it is a war for independence.

They're all right.

Im serious, though.

Why do you think an individual sentence deserves to be parsed like a paragraph?

Are you daft?

Need a place to store your big guns? Why not use a Big Sky Racks BSR1 Gun Rack Vertical/Horizontal Mount, available now at!


You're not from around here are you?


Hmm. Arbitrarily selected post.

Five paragraphs. Only the fourth is longer than one sentence. I'm pretty sure I have at least one post with longer paragraphs somewhere in this thread. But I don't really think about when to use carriage return, I just hit it when I FEEL like it. Somewhat like using CAPS to emphasize STRESS instead of using markup or asterisks.

California would have to hire mercenaries or beg for help from Mexico. The state cannot fight back and there are plenty of us in California itching to put these secessionists into shallow graves.

I am not against states leaving the union, but I refuse to let those who have been shitting on the South for all these years for losing their battle to leave to just walk the fuck out. These leftist scum in my state must pay with their lives.

Sweet and esteemed and honorable gentleman, I was debating the existence of God on 4chan before Holla Forums existed. I may not belong here. I may be cancerous. But sadly the mods can't figure out how to ban me. Seriously, people don't have to try to evade bans here. People evade bans by accident.

But chan culture is not about debate, and not about fitting in. Chan culture is about random enthusiasm for random gets. Cast off your attempts at rationality, praise the doubles, and all will be as Kek wills it to be.

You're still an illiterate dunce.

faggot itt


Sort of like the BLACKED meme, but TRUMPED

Dubs for thank fuck I live in SD fuck spics

I can comment as of 2009.

My entire infantry battalion had about 12 niggers. all of them except 3 were in motor-t (i.e. not infantry) my company had 2.. out of ~130 Marines. About 15-25% of the battalion were spic or pacific island nigger. And all of them were always the least valuable Marines.. some of the spics and island niggers were the exception to that rule but most of them were garbage. The rest were ubermensch whites and they were the only reason the battalion was mission capable.

Anyway I fully expect that right about now most of the shitskins in the USMC are actively getting themselves brought up on captains mast's non-judicial punishment, which can include getting kicked out or courts martial.

How sad it is that the wise and educated men who are competent to decide who is literate do not have the social power to enforce those decisions. You are truly a bastion of scholarship. You are a shining beacon of culture. You have the judgement to discern what literacy is.

And yet, you have no social power to exclude the filthy rabble from your literate "city on a hill." You cannot prevent the hoi polloi from pretending to be literate. This cheapens literacy itself. The only solution is to have the fine, aristocratic wise men - like yourself - to enforce an aristocratic vision of literate society. It is truly unfortunate that you lack political power.

There is no resistance. Everyone plans to go along with this great plan to fuck Trump. Hail Moonbeam.

((Totally not a disinfo agent.))

I live in a sanctuary city. If they fight Trump and try to remain one this can go both ways and I can refuse to pay local and state taxes. Let them try and come get me, but I think if they're cut off from Federal funds they'll have bigger problems to deal with.

Can you imagine if a gun-owning state threatened to secede? PA alone has almost 100,000 hunters. That's 100,000 people with guns, likely multiple, experience in using and caring for them. And PA isn't even the state with the most hunters/gun owners. Scary times indeed, friendo. I sincerely hope nothing like this happens.

careful you don't injure your arm jerking yourself off so hard

Never forget. Not a smidgen of corruption.

user you think to small. The major problem with most of the left's supporters is that they actually think the left has valid points and their system can work. Venezuela doesn't matter, it wasn't true socialism (despite it being exactly that), but Commifornia collapsing, the media trying to cover it up, and the resulting shockwaves it will sent through the entire country and lefties will be the catalist we need.

Trump wins either by
California succeeds, and can no longer influence American Elections only to then collapse because it's bankrupt without the US dollar being the reserve currency. Trump reanexes and the majority of leftists have already suffered enough to stop being leftists or died in the days of chaos.

Leftist think Trump is just an idiot like Bush, but he's not. Every move he makes is calculated to some degree. Perhaps he does it on instinct, but Trump sets up the game in ways he cannot lose.

See its shit like this that makes me realize how retarded commiefornia has become, how stupid the average person living there is, how even the higher earners are retarded as fuck as well, and how they literally dont know ANYTHING about their state

All they do is parade around screeching "omg 6th largest economy! we're like, bigger than france! we can be a nation! the USA is just sucking us dry thats so dumb!" But they completely ignore so many things. They ignore that they arent isolated, so they are getting water and power from the other infrastructure in the US, they are able to do what they do because they're protected by the US, they dont have to directly pay for and maintain their own military or armed forces in any way, sure they pay taxes that go to it but their own citizens rarely join, so lets say they leave, who would protect them?

The national guard, the US army, the Navy, etc would all no longer be there, they'd pull out, which without those people there thats actually going to hurt their economic activity to a degree. Then, they're outside the US, a foreign nation, they'd have to work out trade treaties which means costs to move things to and from there, which means taxes. No more free travel back and forth, which means visas and passports to and from the US. Oh right, and no more air traffic from layovers on US flights, so less revenue there. OH and of course lets not forget, REDUCED TOURISM because the average person who may take a trip there, isnt going to do it when they also have to get a fucking passport and go through customs and so on, to much hassle.

Then of course theres the power/water shit, meanwhile who is even going to protect them from foreign activities, the US border wouldnt run along southern cali, it would encircle california, so w/ cali refusing to watch its mexican border because "muh racism" the cartels would have free fucking reign into cali because no more DHS or ICE or border patrol.. so good luck with no military, cucked police with mayors and such hamstringing them, GL doing anything to stop cartel activity.

And so on and so on…. its all one giant cluster fuck waiting to happen. That entire state will implode. But NONE OF THEM even realize any of this. Its hilarious really.

Writing literate screeds and never publishing them is jerking off.

The chans have many angry, bored people who are so bored and deprived of stimulus that they will make themselves miserable by reading things that enrage them. These people are trying to feel rage so that they can feel something. Rage is an unpleasant stimulus, but it's a stimulus. Writing for those miserable, self-immiserating people isn't jerking off. It's a art. They consume that art because they want to get angry at something. They want to feel that something has unjustly provoked them. In fact, they are making their own lives worse by indulging in a art.

Triples confirm.

Sure, they can succeed. Because we will let them. I want those fucking ass-cancer-spores to go away. Far away. I wan't them to secede. Preferably to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. If there were some way to move them all the way to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean? Even better!

Go ahead, secede. Please. For the love of god, get out of my country and stop trying to destroy it.

Let them.
In return, let them lose access to federally-funded infrastructure. I'm sure they don't need fresh water crossing their state line.

Your spacing is for faggots.Drown yourself or Lurk MOAR

The depravity all those unemployed gay sailors will get up to when they're desperate for money.
The horror
The horror

I'm legitimately curious, where did you come from, as in, where did you find out about Holla Forums?

am I the only one who would fuck the hispanic girl because she isn't dressed like the average feminist on a "womyn's power" march and more like house wife material?

All I've read is memes and not a clear answer. Isn't that treason and couldn't they arrest top officials? I was wondering earlier too if mayors that refuse to end sanctuary cities can be brought to justice for treason.

I used to antagonize moot before Holla Forums existed. He used to say, "Knock off that right wing stuff, or I will delete your board."

Well, he did it - he deleted boards. During that time, I started keeping track of alternatives. I don't recall how long ago that was. When Hotwheels put 8ch on the net for the first time, it was on my list of potential alternatives to 4chan. I don't even recall how many years ago that was.

California can go.

On one condition.

They take all non whites from the rest of the USA with them.

interesting, thanks for answering. tbh I just dislike your verbosity. But anyways that's my problem, enjoy your stay. Mods here aren't great, but it's the only place with a good post rate

Can't make this shit up.

Civil War 2: The Right Strikes Back.

tbh my verbosity is a bad habit, but I have lots of bad habits that I should quit, like chewing tobacco. I will try to be less annoying and more amusing in the future, but past results suggest that I'm just naturally gifted at being obnoxious. All will be as Kek wills it. Shadilay.

Alright, Califags, it looks like we have until SUNDAY to get prepped as best we can. That interview is airing on Sunday, and if it passes, shit is going to go DOWN. Get lots of water. LOTS!!! As much as a cart/your truck will carry.

This is not a drill, faggots. Trump has been very fast dealing with all his campaign promises this week. If CA goes forward with this insanity, I'd bet that in less than 24 hours, Trump would respond.

Get water, and non-perishable food. Think rice, canned food, protein powder. Best case scenario, CA cucks out, and you have a nice food prep for the next few weeks. You got a COSTCO card? Time to use it.

Shadilay, I'll check those digits


Title 18 USC § 371: Conspiracy to commit offense or to defraud the United States
If two or more persons conspire either to commit any offense against the United States, or to defraud the United States, or any agency thereof in any manner or for any purpose, and one or more of such persons do any act to effect the object of the conspiracy, each:
Shall be imprisoned not more than 5 years
Or fined not more than $250,000 for individuals ($500,000 for corporations)
Or both


Is it possible for Trump to send military forces to occupy commifornia?? I'd laugh if that happened.

Im ok with this firebomb sacramento and LA south of downtown. SF has euoprean architecture and the golden gate park pls no bully

Okay, go ahead and withhold your tax money. We'll just withhold all the water from the Colorado River

You forgot 29 palms

Which is exactly why they should be allowed to secede. The only way for them to change is to put on their big boy pants- then get promptly raped through them.


California gives a lot more away than they receive
They really have no logical benefit in staying in the Union
The last civil war was fought over the same reason, slave states subsidized the rest

can this be used against him though?

Eagerly awaiting the statewide fire that is about to rise

Nice dubs

It's funny the media is trying to paint it as if they're a massive boon to our economy when they're farther in debt than any other state in the country.


I guess they'll auction off the debt to other surrounding states and then break up California completely.



The (((federal government))) made its position on this pretty clear.


that dildo sure goes around

Tell that to Lincoln. :'^)

Makes perfect sense.

I would, but his brains got splattered by a tool of international (((financial interests))).

Fuck I hope not.

underappreciated post. and trips

Gangs have been encouraging members to join for training.

post yfw you realize it was the southern democrats who started the original civil war


We shouldn't go in and cleanse them. Setup a DMZ across the borders of the NCR and kill anyone attempting to come out. Other than that, do absolutely nothing. Let them wallow away. Show the public what happens when these people try to govern themselves. Don't interrupt the enemy as he shoots himself in the foot.

that's what my gut tells me as well. they have far too much corruption, welfare, and other waste to be contributing more than they take

I'll follow this up by saying we should also bring back public executions and other methods of public humiliation. Show people what happens when you try to go against the country. Tear away the curtain and show everyone the festering hellhole that California would be in case liberalism wants to come back.
Letting California fall into squalor would be the best way to have a thing you can point at and go, "See? This is what happens. Now get back in line".

shut the fuck up and lurk more

CalExit: Because death by dehydration is the only way to go.

Droughts over. just ended.

California will never be allowed to secede. Trump or not, the precedent established by Lincoln is to maintain the Union at all costs. At this point, the worse it gets the better, because it creates more pretext for Trump to hang the entire California government as traitors.

It might take a political fight but I think Trump will be ultimately victorious. Deporting several million illegals is a very strong proof of sovereignty, legitimacy, and power. Trump isn't going to pass up this opportunity.

any economic hole California's secession would create could be easily filled at like a hundredth of the cost. it's moneysink welfare shithole in every sense of the word.

Any official in the California government who has sworn to uphold the Constitution — that is, all of them — who aids or abets secession legally becomes a traitor. So really if their secession referendum ever happens Trump can remove a large part of their government and execute them as traitors.



Boy oh boy am I sick of hearing people toss around the "unfunded liability" phrase without understanding it.

If you have a $200k mortgage, and you don't have $200k in the bank, that means you have a $200k unfunded liability. However, you plan to pay off that mortgage over your career lifetime, each month making your payment to reduce the principle.

This is how pension funds and social security work. You make projections decades into the future and say "Oh ok we're gonna need $50 billion over the next 40 years." You don't need $50 billion sitting in the bank doing nothing just waiting for payments to come due, you have all that money circulating in the economy, then you make the monthly social security payments out of your monthly tax revenue. You pay the pensioners, they go spend it on basic goods and services, and this keeps workers employed, which increases tax revenue, and when they retire they get the same deal.

There's zero downside to this unless you're some libertarian-propagating jew who wants to be in charge of everyone's money so he can steal all the shekles for Jewdom

Not right now.

I lived in Riverside and San Bernadino counties. Huge counties and not at all like LA or Orange counties.

Tip top kekkity kek

Texans believe this. It's a meme in Texas. The source is their ass.

/r/ examples

Just watch how it plays out between Mexico and the US over the border wall and trade. It's happening in real time.


Home of the angriest marines in the country. Marines who get hard at the idea of running over the typical Cali scum with tanks.


It's basically impossible to pacify an armed population without extreme brutality, and even then you just fuel resistance. Even hunting rifles tip the cost-benefit analysis substanitally if every citizen has them.

LA, the largest city in California, has no natural aquifer its water is pumped in over a ring of mountains by a handful of pumping stations, likewise there are only 3 passes into LA through said mountains. If the US Air Force wanted to they could choose whether the several Million Californians in LA, die of fire, starvation, or thirst.

I wasn't talking about the drought.

I know, I'm watching it happen now and been discussing his Mexico baiting with a family member I'm currently redpilling on Trump's 4D chess, that he knows exactly what he's doing. I'm meeting him once more tomorrow so would like to lay down the predictions so he'll fully believe my word when we meet again in a few months. I need an example or two of the method (preferably in his campaign, not as a business practice) to lend it plausibility and make the nature of the prediction stick.

If you think civil war is good, go fight in a civil war that will inflict less damage on other countries in the world. I hear Somalia is nice this time of year.


Coastline paradox applies to the Texan border.


I swear Trump better not cuck out to the Jewish-enforced "Calexit" thing. He better bring in the military to back us up with our coup here when things go down.

Trump already told Chicago "get your shit together or I'll send in the Feds" if they want to do this then fine but it won't end well for them.

This is my home, more white flight isn't the answer.

Oregonian here, if this shit happens you shit heads are not moving up here, were tired of you fags ruining our state trying to get to Portland and turning the voter base to pass laws that ruined your retarded state to begin with.

Let it be known, Oregon is full!


chuckled heartily at that mental image.

No, you faggots, CALIFORNIANS can go. They have to leave the land behind.

Don't worry. I'm moving to Washington.

lolberg scum

Where in LA? I'm near Eagle Rock.

As a californian who doesnt live in Frisco or LA, I'm so sorry that you got infected by the worst of California.

Also, Sorry Colorado.

Hi Kopy.

Sounds like a scared Jew.

Which battalion is this, user?

I was in the fleet around the same time.

But who will be our Sherman to burn the Californian's homes and fields?

Newfagkun just shut up and lurk moar. IF you don't think every NATSOC person here isn't waiting for the legal moment to RWDS the commies and kikes then you need to go back from whence thou came.

Even though would be great for them to secede, I don't think Trump wants to lose access to the west coast.

Speaking as a Texan, I'm not really sure how serious people really are here about succession. It's more a nod to the idea that Texas was a country that joined, not a state or territory.

That said, I'm torn between two different perspectives on the Left Coast trying to go its own way. On one hand, there's the part of me that derives a demented glee from the thought of the Don finding a sufficiently tall tree to hang all the traitors from. On the other hand, fuck, Commiefornians have been fleeing to my state in droves already and shitting the place up.

never ever happen, ever

But the IRS is unconstitutional.

You should look up when the IRS was created, there's another thing that was created around that time and once you see that you'll understand what the IRS is for and why it's unconstitutional.

Pls happen.

why not just earthquake cali so hard that most of it slides into the ocean, and cut off all water supply until cali complies??? it would destroy (((hollywood))) too.

then go forward with pizzagate/pedowood and exterminate (((anything))) left over.

We could finally put HAARP to good use.

The only way to deal with this is to arrest the California legislators who are inciting the State of California to break Federal law. They are the ones responsible for this, and they should bear the consequences.

For certain, this action shouldn't remain unanswered.


I love it

Well I'm there's medicine for that:

Are you really this petty?

exactly. the best order to do things in would probably be to fully persecute pizzagate/pedowood first, and if that doesnt make cali and the other (((liberals))) bend the knee, then start earth quaking (((key areas))) and cutting off water supplies, etc.


The IRS are going to have a field day.

This. Taxes will get even mobsters tossed.


As much as I dislike the idea of the IRS, until the day they are dismantled do NOT FUCK WITH THE IRS.

Califag user here, I'm never going to give up this land, this is our land granted to us via manifest destiny. Any shills trying to meme
are defintely kikes. That being said, our population and/or state government needs to be purged

that better be fucking b8 you faggot

blow it out your ass, leftists need to be fucking purged
t. burger

'Jackson would have the final words a few days later when a visitor from South Carolina asked if Jackson had any message he wanted relayed to his friends back in the state. Jackson’s reply was:

“ Yes I have; please give my compliments to my friends in your State and say to them, that if a single drop of blood shall be shed there in opposition to the laws of the United States, I will hang the first man I can lay my hand on engaged in such treasonable conduct, upon the first tree I can reach.[68]'

Does Abraham Lincoln look stupid?

seems reasonable

Sure thing faggots. We'll just turn the water off from the Colorado River. See how long you do without it. I'm guessing seven days.

In return the us government end the welfare for CA. They have forgotten about the nigger chimpout.