Trump Proclaims National School Choice Week

(((Public Education))) BTFO
Trump Proclaims National School Choice Week
January 26, 2017 (didn't see a thread on this)

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I'm not against it, but I feel like this would've been a lot better to have spent the upcoming week working on cutting (((common core))) and doing a lot of education related fixes and pushes and call that the week of national school choice.

what does it mean?

It means the President endorses non-Marxist education.

literally nothing
but it's a good indication of where he's headed. Surprised libshits aren't kvetching about this



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He declared it on the second last day?!
StilI, I hope he does this for 8 years.

I read here before that children were forced into certain public schools based on district or location. If you don't want your child going to a "dangerous" school it sounds like Trump is putting an end to this.

It's the school voucher program that failed in Texas, but surely it will work on a national scale … right?

that's how it works in burgerland, and it's one of the major determinants of housing prices. One street can have great schools, $2mn+ houses while the next street over has $400k shacks and awful nog-infested schools.

She made a comment in 2015 saying that Republicans opposed it because they're racist, and she's right.
This is going to hand the power to corrupt state governments who are filled to the brim with cucks and niggers, and give them diversity programs to move niggers out of shitty areas to white suburban schools where they can rape any girl they want.

Being able to outprice niggers will no longer work. They're coming for you in every corner and school.
Again, this is the doing of Betsy DeVos, who gives the impression she's pro-white but is in reality just a fucking greedy old harpie.


A lot of it has to do with transportation issues. You can send your kid to whatever school you want under the voucher program, but you gotta drive 'em. No buses. You have to take your kid to school and pick them up, which is great if you don't have a job and have a car.



Maybe in the long term, Americans could set up schools in a language that niggers don't speak. French probably wouldn't work due to niggers in France, German perhaps? Afrikaans?

Thanks for admitting it.


What would happen if the education department were completely scrapped, but education was still mandatory?

Yes, that's what charter schools do NOW, except they don't do the same for their staff and steal taxpayer dollars.

The federal education department is unconstitutional in the first place. If it was scrapped, states would take over education (as is mandated by the constitution) and compete with each other for quality of education.

the same means whereby private schools already exclude undesirables will work just fine. Huge demand and (in the short term) a limited supply means private schools can be intensely selective.

this is a good idea, but many burgers don't speak anything else. Also, in the long run, chinks/pajeets will just teach their kids German and invade the place

A lib shit friend of me keeps on harping on Betsy DeVos and posted a video because Michigan went to shit because of the choice system.

I want to be able to just say…

but I can't because it's normie book. At the end of the video she posted it mentioned how schools were re-segregating under the choice act.

I wanted to say

Because that's what they're doing. White teachers can't discipline black kids cus "racism" so until you allow for people to chose segregation you're gonna have shit tier schools in Michigan.

Good, now the younger generation of champaign socialists can learn to be racialy conscious.
Hopfully this effects Jew schools too, they are in need of some diversity.

lower barriers to entry will ensure healthy competition as even a handful of concerned parents can get together and hire teachers using their voucher money. Schools will develop organically around the needs and values of each community.

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OP is a shill. Report and hide.

Getting the hands of the state off the necks of children is a good thing. This is different than bussing children into rich white schools. If he ties this into expansion of charter schools, expansion of home schooling, cleaning up the current schools, and getting rid of common core like programs, then this gets rid of government indoctrination. Say Trump keeps this going his eight years and his successor does the same, then you have the chance of a generation of children that is stronger than the libshit slaves that has just been pumped out. It's common sense really. This is the opening gambit.

"Republicans oppose this because they are racist and they are right." This was a bad choice of words. You outed yourself kike. We are not racist. We are nationalists. We are racial realists. But we don't walk up to each other saying, "hello fellow racist." You are not getting better at your job shill. Please leave.

In other words, it incentivizes stay at home mothers.

Go fuck yourself cuck. I am the real racist, I don't give a fuck. I'm not going to be "principled" around my racial enemies and grovel in front of them.

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Do you hate your daughter or something?

Regardless, this concern assumes that nigger parents care enough about their niglets to go out of their way to select better schools for them. This is rare, to say the least.

Did your manual say cuck was the choice word? You are really nailing the nomenclature of a year ago. We can be whatever we want to be without being labeled you fucking kike. But you like that, don't you Jew? If you can stick someone with a title, you can more easily categorize. You portray ignorance as a virtue. Very Jewish of you.

And who said I love niggers? That's cute really. You project Chaim. Again, is this the best you got? This conversation is over. I won't contribute to this thread being derailed.

Is this the spicy new consensus cracking approach? Try to get us to stop hating niggers or shill for nigger National Socialists?

I'm no cuck, I know damn well that most of the rich and protected people in the country are living in a bubble, and as soon as they learn they are not immune to the terrible shit they have helped to unleashed on everyone else, policy's will change, you can bet your life on that, when the rich suffer, they move quick.
I don't want any white child to suffer the multicultural school system, but until europeans as a collective body become racially conscious from top to bottom, things won't move forward.

El Presidente makes many grand proclamations for the good of his people.

What the fuck is wrong with you? I'm a racist. I don't call myself that in public but my entire political ideology is based upon wanting to gas kikes and deport all shitskins (who are inferior to whites) so we can play word games, but whether you call me a "racist" or "race realist" it's the exact same thing.

Usually the people who accuse everyone else of being shills are the shills themselves. Try not to get triggered so hard by "racists" on Holla Forums.

No, it's making normies understand that understanding the differences between races isn't inherently a bad thing.

We had a class once a week in elementary school called "African-Centered Education", and there was Kwanzaa shit all over the school constantly

National Day of Remembering Faggots Are AIDS Infested Degenerate Scum

Agreed, this is not a good thing at all. Voucher programs are scams on taxpayers, the schools are usually pretty shit, and it's a fantastic way for shitskins to avoid zoning. Undoubtedly they'll rig up some deal where nog parents don't have to drive dry keeeds to skool. Also, anyone saying that shitskin invasion of white schools is a good thing because the white kids will have to "toughen up" is a fucking dumbass. Non-white influence on white kids is universally pernicious, it corrupts and demoralizes them, and I've seen it firsthand. Maybe 1 in 1000 will grow racially conscious as a result of proximity to non-whites, but the rest will adopt nigger culture and start doing drugs.

What's the story here?

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You ignorant nigger. The very shit you describe is what this bill fixes.

The Story of Kwanzaa:

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God,I hope the niggers in Dallas don't come to my city trying to go to school.We're still majority white here

Why are we not just scrapping Highschool/Middleschool and replacing them with institutes that will actually help children get into STEM, instead of teaching them that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell?

Will the Prussian education model, MLK/multicultural commie propaganda, and Common Core be scrapped? K-12/GED could be replaced by online classes and testing centers. Public school is 95% mental perversion and indoctrination.

Hopefully we will see those institutions branch out and specialise. Trump is making anime school real.

Expose video on Commie Luther Kang Jr.

The way the system works in Indiana is as follows: You don’t have to fucking prove that you can even teach anyone anything and you magically get taxpayer money. FUCK YOURSELF for wanting this.

School Choice means you don't have to send your kids to Nig Central High

What are you talking about? Indiana has teacher evaluations just like every other state I imagine. What you should look into is the method by which they evaluate teachers as they are deemed to be good teachers for teaching in a socialist way.

Can confirm that infograph. I was homeschooled for the majority of my life, and I was well known as the smartest and biggest asshole of a kid in public school once I enrolled.

School choice simply means the goys have the option to attend a private school with their (((tax shekels))) instead of a marxist indoctrination camp.

That doesn't mean the private schools have to accept anyone.


Nice fucking coax cable lolllllll

I do not believe the fears in this thread will be the complete outcome of this - if anything your claims will happen in reverse. Sure, the blacks with parents who give a damn may take their kids across town to another school, but the ones who will take most advantage of this are whites.

I grew up in a small town with large amounts of diversity - just 10 miles away there was an A school with tons of opportunity. Although I had the means to go to the other school, I could not do it. All in all, Maybe 1% of my old school's minorities would of taken the same chance.

If they can make it out…they'll be faced with greater challenges and standards of academics and behavior.

Thanks for the info. It doesn't seem like this is all bad, but it's not all good either. Instead of just having shitty nonwhite schools, they'll be able to send them to the good white schools and make them shitty too.

But maybe this will wake up faggot liberals. Too many of them live in rich white neighborhoods with a token minority or two and go to rich white schools and then believe that all nonwhites are like the couple of rich ones they grew up with. If they're exposed to what the average black or Mexican is really like, maybe they'll feel a little differently.

and I'll say, there were many such cases around me!

This was me from 1st-4th grade. My parents switched me to the "better" school (though not by a large margin) in 5th grade and I was over a year behind the other students, who had been in a 4th-5th grade combo beforehand.

It took two years of catching up to get to the top of the class for math, but eh, at least I had English.

They don't speak English, they speak Ebonics. They still come to school.

Why the fuck is the Gpa average in schools not fucking 2.0? I thought that was the entire point of the system?