Noticing Meme Magic Everywhere

How do I stop this from happening? I feel like I'm seeing meme magic everywhere I look. I can't escape it.

Here's the character's sprite sheet. His entire character is based around being smug as fuck & doing that pose.

Synchronicity is real

The infinity symbol has always been associated with the magician

A couple of weeks ago I was out driving in 40 degree weather and there was a frog hoping on the road. Kinda weird
(nice digits)

I am pretty sure he's referring to the pose, which is like Pepe.

What is up with this thread? It only has 5 replies!

it's magic


Kek smiles upon this thread. You have done well OP

here is a thought, when we expect this to be simulation, we assume there is so much more outside of it we cant even think of. but what if it is a dream or thought?

a dream is everything of this world, + what we can imagine. what if the reality this one is based upon is much more dull and boring as this world already springs from the imagination of the beings in the upper reality. further more the reality above us could just be a dream or thought too, making the reality that reality is based upon even less vast and complex. this could go on until there are beings living in a 2D world imagining the 3rd dimenstion. which in turn was imagined by an enthity living in a 1 dimensional world dreaming of the 2nd dimension. now one dimensional would be a line, or a sequence of something being there or not, 0s or 1s, binary code. however what if that thought, of something being there, is imagined by an entithy living in complete nothingness (the source) imagining how it could be if there is something. this very firsth thought would be where everything else sprung into existence from nothingness, just like the big bang theory says. the bible says at the beginning was the word, and if im not mistaken thoths story says something about the thought being in the beginning. that enthity in the dream or thought dreams of something more, the 2nd dimension, that of the 3rd, those beings then think of different senses you could have until we reach this reality.

however it probably goes then the other way too. our dreams are also dreaming of more and more, imagining things we cant.

Isnt it said in hermeticism that as above so below, and what influences the below influences the above as well? thoughts (the below then i suppose) does influence the person thinking it (the above). we also cant controll our thoughts 100%, which would be the free will of the being below

Also remember the South Park episode with the stargate into the fantasyworld? what if cern basically has that same effect, opening a gate to another realm of existence, maybe above us (things that imagine us) or from below (our thoughts) leaving in random memes an incidents (manbearpig), possibly other stuff (saw some lights in the sky recently which didnt seem like normal crafts)

Synchronicity is real
Meme magic is real
Karma is real
This timeline is the best

Me too dude. We are in the best timeline, have fun with it!

"Strength" also wears an infinity symbol, & the character's Color Scheme is Green & White. Only two characters with the infinity symbol on them from what I can tell.

I'm not sure i'm ready for memes this potent yet.

I concur, I also have the same thing with jews.

The Lion is also connected to Trump.

Is the Neo Geo "Our System"?

Now this is exactly what kike news needs to be replaced with.

Trump's Birth Cards are Death Emperor.

Because you have such glorious dubs I will answer.

A great deal of what is called "sacred" or "occult" or "mythical" or "magical" relies on the difference between subjective and objective reality.

Theoretically, objective reality exists, even if we stop perceiving it or believing in it.

However, objective reality is not part of our lives. Everything we experience is subjective.

We try to have knowledge, but knowledge about objective reality is never reliable; thus it is not worthy of being called knowledge. You might believe in Newtonian physics with its absolute space and time, and suddenly Einsteinian physics comes along and claims that neither time nor space is absolute.

Thus "selective perception" is hugely important to what you experience and what you think and how you live your life.

If you don't want to perceive infinity symbols floating over people's heads, don't look at tarot cards, and don't look at the work of dreamers who like tarot. Try digging into a biography of President James K. Polk. You're not likely to find Tarot there.

Your life isn't out of control; you're complaining because you haven't put forth any effort to control your life. You have not even articulated your WILLPOWER.

Browsing 8ch and playing vidya are two low-effort pastimes. Both of them are subject to Tarot influence. If you want to shut off your Tarot experiences, including meme magic, start by avoiding dreamy, low-effort states of mind when experiencing media likely to contain Tarot.

If you want to be dreamy and low-effort, do something with little to no Tarot.

If you want to read something that might contain Tarot but you don't want to get taken over by Tarot, read it in a brisk, attentive state of mind.

somebody make a webm of that part pls

Goddamn I can't wait for year of the fire waifu. Remember, anime grills are the ideal to mold your gf/wife/sister/daughter into. It's possible. Just don't get comfortable and remember you have to be actually worthy of a girl like her. Girls want someone they can hold on to (physically and metaphorically) If you can be that man, we can make waifus real. Some are easier and will take less work than others though

Please bless us with cute, sweet, modest, innocent, pure, qt waifus Kek. Shadilay.

got her number, going out tomorrow. seems really into me. thanks kek.

I have an ultra-feminine lady friend. She is currently dealing with the problems that arise when a woman tries to be a woman in a perverse world, so she has a lot of issues to sort out before she can be ``anybody's`` waifu, much less an anime-tier waifu.

Not only does my blogpost suck, I can't even do italics or bold correctly.

The ride never ends.

A few days ago, I watched an episode of the TV show "Victoria", which has the song "Alleluja" as its theme. Afterwards, as still had the song in my head, I opened up a completely unrelated book about a Silicon Valley executive to a random pageā€¦ and at the top, there was something about that very song, "Allaluja".

At that point, I knew, beyond all reasonable doubt, that meme magic is real.

Kek has rewarded your faith with triples.

Good luck user



kek truly is allmighty

kek truly is allmighty

the one written by a kike?

Whoever who made that comic about the simulations is a dumb nigger who doesn't know shit about maths, physics or metaphysics.

I've been noticing it more recently as well, from things like getting more double digits than before, to more frog related stuff and even a moonman coming through at work who is now sitting on my desk.

stopped reading there

Theres no end to the meme magic. We opened the shitposting pandora box and it will never stop.

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