Free speech was dead then you pissed on its corpse

Free speech was dead then you pissed on its corpse.
On the plus side US is ending soon so it's not all bad.


Only citizens have rights here, Schlomo.

Let me get out my smallest, saddest violin to play a dirge for your plans.

Where have I heard this before?

Go back to cuckchan, faggot.

What does vetting current foreigners that were admitted under the previously dangerously lax system have to do with free speech, at all?


No lad, the laws and rights of any nation only apply to that nation's citizens unless some kind of document has been signed transferring all or some of those rights/laws- like visas for vacations, diplomatic relations and so on.

Illegals have no rights. Illegals are not allowed to be there. Its not difficult to understand.

Kill yourself kike.

They can have free speech. In their dusty sharia governed countries. Oh, they don't have free speech in Abu's caliphate? Sad.


But I'm not from cuckchan.

Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences. :^)

Vetting people and reviewing their opinions for what you deem acceptable are two different things.


And since when exactly should the rules of our nation apply to foreigners you kike?
It's not like we are allowed much Free Speech either, in Europe you can't even deny the Holocaust.
To be honest, in my opinion you lefties can say whatever you want, but be prepared to live with the consequences of doing so.

I love you. also checed


No, they're not. That's literally the definition of vetting.

Eat shit freedomcuck. Muslims are going back and Euros are coming in.

You lost and Trump is fulfilling all of his campaign promises in the first week. If it wasn't fucking obvious he was really excited to do all of this. Cucks BTFO

This isn't about laws, it's about ethics.
That doesn't make the law right.
I'm not a lefty.

Oy vey, we have a loose one! Contain it!

Are you implying I'm a Shillary supporter?

So kikes invite people who hate kikes into their country to move about freely?

It's ethical to protect our citizens from foreign invaders who only want to leech off of our hard work.


kill yourself

I don't see how arresting and questioning green card holders infringes upon free speech.

This is only an issue if you are a shitskin, no one white should give a fuck about dirty foreigners getting stomped


t. chimpire kike

Free speech, what's that? Can you eat it? Does it produce genetically pure offspring?

Freedoms, the pursuit of liberty, false ideals that lead to nothing less than the destruction of societal cohesion. The weak do not deserve the freedom to disobey the orders of the strong, and the strong by their very nature have no concern about being limited from enacting a noble way of life. Rip out the tongue of every traitor and foreigner, I don't give a damn about the ideals of the weak. The founders of the US were merchants and lawyers who rebelled against traditional authority for their own profit. Emulating their folly is the exact reason the US was fated for subversion and degeneration. An ignoble foundation cannot be the basis for a noble structure.

Ok, let's have a simple, down to hole example.

You have neighbours Bill and Ahmed. And you decide to organise a party.

Bill comes and says: 'Can I come to your party?'. You say 'Yes'

Ahmed comes and says 'YOU ARE A PIECE OF INFIDEL SHIT I HOPE YOUR MOTHER IS RAPED BY AIDS NIGGERS. Can I come to your party?'. You say 'No'.

Did you violate Ahmed's freedom of speech?



Literally never said that.

Also, further proof you idiots don't care about free speech, just like SJWs, you might as well start sucking them all off now.

Why should I want my enemies to have free speech?

Ironic considering you people think white genocide is a thing and have to blame others for your falling population numbers.

Because if you truly believe they're wrong they'll lose in a free market of ideas.


I'm glad there's at least one person in this thread who gets it.

You talk like a fag and your shit's all retarded.

I didn't bother censoring the IP for a reason

What do you mean "you people"?

Holla Forumsacks


Please at least try to form a coherent sentence

I wish the shills were more high-energy and weren't so obvious about their shit. It'd be nice seeing more variety in their tactics instead of the same boring shit.

So then, what is you take on who's to blame user?

Please, enlighten me.

Very well, as I see it, your
post is rather naïve and smack of someone who gets their news from left-leaning media, and not someone who searches for the truth regarding the claim in his post.

you fucking faggot.

Fuck off if you expect me to have empathy or ethics for garbage, which is immigrating here to damage my home and nation. Your crocodile tears arent't working here, and it's no argument either.
Right is subjective, and for me right is what defends my people, my family and my friends. As long as that is happening, i don't care about rustling muslim or kike jimmies.
But you sure as hell sound like one. No arguments and muh feels. If you care so much for foreign people, then why not for your own? Because if you would love your own people instead of falling for lefty guilt-tripping crap, you would accept everything to keep them save, even if it means damaging others. And don't even start with the self-hating cuck "If you kill your enemy you lose" shit.

How many times are you fag mods going to ban me? I can just keep swapping networks and vpns
On the plus side you really are fitting the Nazi stereotype, good job, why don't you go burn some books? I can keep this up and you can keep banning me, dw I'll give you guys a break soon.

The people who went 'hey guys sodomy is alright, transexuality is fine, reproduction is bad, abortion is good, everything needs to be diverse, bye bye gender roles hello (depressed suicidal) stronk womenz and suicidal abandoned men'
The large majority of whom were white, that's not to say it's anything to do with race, it's just that white people are the majority in the US etc so obviously the majority of the people who buy into this rubbish are going to be white people.

We don't feel bad for Mexicans.
We don't feel bad for Muslims.
Mexicans control the cartels.
Muslims commit all the terrorism.
We don't want cartels or terrorism in America.
You care about the precious feelings of evil people over the actual lives of the good.

No one here will listen to you. We don't care.

You're obviously not a trump supporter.

Non-Aryans are non-human and should be given no more concern than any other farm animal. (If you want to be generous. Which we don't)

This election truly will go down as one of the most defining moments in our history.