Thoughts on California leaving the union. For or Against? Is it legal? Where could it go?

Thoughts on California leaving the union. For or Against? Is it legal? Where could it go?

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It can be legally done but it would require a constitutional amendment. Saying California is no longer a part of the Union.

As far as I know, it's entirely illegal after what happened last time. That said, I'd say I'm against it. It might be a poz'd shithole, but it's our poz'd shithole.

If the US government an the rest say no, how do they plan to fight for their freedom? These fucks are stupid.

Shame I don't have any slowpoke images, they're perfect for being this fucking far behind.

Fuck off.


Repost from the last thread:
If Calexit happens: What's stopping California from importing illegals and letting them cross into Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, etc. It would be very easy to cross into California and then into the United States across the border.

Right now, we have the Coast Guard protecting the Californian waters and shoreline, but under an independent California, they would probably let them in. California is warm and right next to he border so it's a easier for Spics to go there than travel all the way to snow Canada obviously.

This could be bad if they those retards used it as a launching point for Mexicans into our country. (Also, let's be honest, the spics and blacks would genocide the remaining whites so fast and it would become a vassal for Mexico). I wouldn't be against this if we could take it back quickly but only if we could remove everyone there but that would be impossible to do in the current political climate, realistically.

If California leaves, the Republicans will get a net massive advantage in great electors.

I'd say let them leave so Trump Republicans can reshape America for a few much needed elections; then invade, annex and purify the lands from communist cancer.

Kill all nonwhites.
Nowhere. Kill or deport all nonwhites and all support for leaving is erased completely.



I'm okay with Californians leaving, if that's the way they vote. We keep the land, though….

Never going to happen. The feds would never give up something that strategic. Nationally dems know they would lose the white house for 50 years so dems outside of CA would rally against it as well. The whole calexit thing is a scam for donation money by the people running it as most of these political action groups that never accomplish anything are.


This is a fight against a creeping, insurgent force that will not be satisfied until it has realized its own Manifest Destiny.
People need to remember that California is pretty much already a Communist nation in all but name, and will definitely already have anticipated a move by the US to retake it.
In true Communist fashion, they will lean heavily on subversion and destabilization tactics to keep their opponents at bay while also serving to expand their territory.
This would most likely be in the form of flooding the adjoining states with Mexican nationals.

Being aware of the bloody history of Communism in the Twentieth Century, I am against secession, and I believe anyone similarly knowledgeable would agree.
Sadly, they whitewash much of that in public education, so younger folk will not see the inherent danger in letting them go nor what we are up against.
If we are to fight this, we must make them aware.
Unfortunately, the Jew is very much entangled in this history, and any attempt at education will more than likely be met with autistic screeching accusations of antisemitism in order to shut it down.

That's not to say winning is impossible, but how should we proceed?

It is officially illegal to secede from the Union since the end of the Civil War. I believe in secession as long as the territory that tries it is strong enough to fend off the mother country.

In the case of Calexit I want it to escalate such that Trump has causus belli to purge everything.

The state is bankrupt, if they leave their subsequent disaster will serve as an example

OP is a (1) and is trying to slide something, fuck off already.

Strongly against it. We have a chance at winning it back if we play the long game. Secure the border, continually deport everyone we can get away with, then wait a generation as the libtard demographic collapses because they refuse to reproduce. Meanwhile the majority of generation Z matures and is the largest conservative and nationalist generation this world has ever seen.

If this happens, all of you Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Texas anons who complain about Californians ruining everything will likely get flooded 10x. If this goes through all of the while libs will just leave and poison the well for other states. As a CA user, I can say pretty definitively that you don't want these people outside of their containment state.
Technically, but only if like 2/3 of congress and 2/3 or states agree
Narcostate or commieland.

We will conquer them like they conquered the south.

OP here. Can anyone explain to me what this means?

Why do you think Trumps preparing almost 2000 miles of wall? ;)
under budget and ahead of schedule!

They cannot be allowed to leave. To let one state leave without consequence sets the precedent that others can too. As much as I hate to admit it, California is a state and a part of our collective strength as a union. California can be fixed, but it will take drastic measures and quite a bit of strategy and time.

one world government when?

Yes it is, but unioncucks will tell you otherwise and invade.

let them rot in their leftist shithole, they deserve it

Calexit is not about California leaving the union.

CALEXIT is about northern Cal splitting off and away and becoming Northern California.

the people in the north want their own non left tard gov and are sick of the volumous south telling them what to do all the time.

They would become the 51 state

Californian born and raised here.


If CA left the union it would save the rest of America. There would never be another Democrat elected.

California would be forced to learn some very hard lessons as they grapple to build their own military, defend itself, import necessaries, including water, and establish diplomatic relations. It would also struggle with massive third world immigration. The leftard bubble would burst.

It would be like the US withdrawing support from the EU. No more female military leaders etc. It is like pushing your faggot emo teenage son out the door so he is forced to become a man.

I'm indifferent, but it won't be legal. No state can leave the union. If the people want to leave, they're welcome to take the nearest exit. The state of California, however, remains part of the US for so long as there is a US. They adopted the US Constitution when they became a state and ratified the 14th Amendment, thus making all Californians legal citizens of the United States.


They may leave, and go to Mexico. I mean physically leave the land they occupy and emigrate there.

Yeah, well, there's the Law and there's your Feels and never the twain shall meet. California cannot legally secede no matter much you hate them.

can't let those quads go unnoticed

I'm cautiously for it. California is about 10 years from an enormous budget disaster (due to pensions). They're about $100 billion short of the pension promises they've made and the fund is starting to draw down. Also, absent the media industry's pull on congress, there would be far more support for sane IP laws. Further we could tax their media exports, and develop a more conservative media likely based out of the south (Georgia, Louisiana, and Tennessee are all good candidates).
Easy emmigration laws would mean that before the shit hits the fan there, liberals from across the country might leave. Finally they're entirely dependent on the rest of the US for water. Which means we'd have several enormous points of leverage to demand excellent concessions when they come begging to return to the union.

Key risks to manage would be, them flooding the US after the disaster becomes obvious. Loss of a portion of the US' refining capacity and major port infastructure (these two become bigger issues if Western Washington and Oregon leave with them). Loss of a large portion of the produce grown in the US if the central valley leaves with the coast (I'd imagine they would want to stay).

Never going to happen. Just attention seeking

we cannot let our poz'd second coast go.

California here. For it as well. California has a mountain of debt and a lot of social cancer that will severely harm the US, but if the state is on its own when that happens it will be forced to shape up one way or another. It also completely neuters the Democrats.

I'm all for it.

It's would be a tactical and strategic win for all of the USA.

Let Cali go away, then without their libshits getting in the way, we can actually pass laws and constitutional amendments in favor of restoring the USA to it's former glory.

Then once those improvements have been made, we simply invade and force them to accept the new laws.

This is EXACTLY what happened to the CSA when the USA won the civil war. Time to turn that tactic against them.

I know it sounds bad, but Euro and even South American wines are just superior.

Thanks to Lincoln, if they do, it's casus belli for Trump to invade, impose martial law and deport deport deport.

Let 'em go, they won't get far without water.

fuck itself

Been living in Cali all my life. And trust me it will never happen. The problem is that Cali has become a catch all for leftist shitters from every state. Even most of the Dems are fucking tired of the illegals, and people have lost all faith in the news. Despite all the crying you see coming out of here most people love the idea of a wall stopping all the Mexicans and drugs coming in. Cali will slowly come around, most people want trump to do good. Trump winning was a wake up call to a lot of people and everyone knows how sheltered they were. Calexit is because people were shilled so hard they think Trump is a monster. All the people that bitch about trump are Jews or spoiled little bitches who go to for school for 10 years with there parents money. Give it a year, people will will gain faith in Trump, and most of the commies will see economy turn around and they will shut up.

I'm personally for it. I think any one of the members of the Union should be able to split if they so wish. It will create tightly-knitted colognes of the left and right, and hopefully, we'll be less divided (ironic, considering that splitting would most likely unite us)

Let them hold a referendum. I think most wouldn't vote leave.

I'd be for it if I didn't know better. Sovereignty of the states is important and secession a right of all free peoples, but California is ran by leftist faggots who have up until Trumps election have hated the South and any other secession movement, so for that they can't leave. The left needs to pay for their sins.

Lincoln was a fucking kike, but this is the only good thing he did.
But yes, I think commiefornia leaving would do nothing but good.

It won't get better, only worse. As the "legal" beaners slowly outbreed the complacent pot-smoking whites you'll start seeing more and more cartel-tier shit.
And most whites there have been castrated to the point where a good deal cannot even own guns.

the commie-kikes running that shit impede the civil and human rights of all white citizens, nothing good will come of california's continued existence.

Which is why we need to burn it to the ground and let what's new rise from the ashes. Fighting in the streets of major cities in California, purging the 10million illegals here, killing the leftists. The future looks bright for California user

Sure. Just let them leave first. Don't take them back after we bomb them, either.


Democrats will never win another election and California will turn into a failed state within a decade. After a war of conquest/liberation it can be readmitted as five or six states.

A math/statistics user should weigh out how CalExit would make certain statistics drop, crime, etc.

Exactly, and that kind of shit can only come from letting secessionism rise among them.

90% of the straight white men I know own guns. And most of the legal spics are so scared of white people it's funny. Most of the decent white men in Cali go about there business and are waiting for the chance to lock and load.

Just kill them until they stop acting up would be the solution if this was something serious instead of some brain damaged kids acting up.

just turn off the water until they stop whining. They didn't let Texas leave during king nigger so california has to stay for trump

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We weren't allowed to leave and we had a genuine grievance with both rampant abuses of power and economic warfare, dude mexicans lmao are a net drain on their economy and not a boon
for the questions in order:
completely for, I want cucks to be shot and Jefferson to become honorary southland
apparently not
to the grinder for "reconstruction"

Texas actually never tried, just thought about it really hard and waited for this election- Clinton lost- we're good. P.S. Your stuck with us for the foreseeable futureY'all However, California's leaving due to a presidential election does have some precedent- problem is (to hijack their catch phrase) they are on the wrong side of history.

Personally though- I'd love to see them leave. The US should be a loose Federation of Sovereign states anyway- the Federal Government was never meant to be what it is now Fuck you LincolnFuck You WilsonFuck You Rooseveltand Fuck You Johnson

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Honestly the more I think about it the more I can't help myself from wanting these delusional faggots to pull the trigger. I utterly despise the average Californian. Not necessarily because of their liberal retardation but rather the arrogance. This pompous notion that their little corner of the world is the end all be all cultural juggernaut and anyone who lives outside its boundaries an uneducated knuckle dragging peasant. However despite how hilarious it would be to watch these faggots burn for their hubris as they descend into a client state with Cuban-tier living conditions it would increase the Mexican border. Against.

Southernbro here, lol no.

Nowhere. Social media will be ripe with salt and circlejerking over their failed attempt to "fight the man" and a few retarded elected officials will have their careers ruined thanks to the 14th amendment. Although I hope this clusterfuck becomes the tipping and Jefferson a becomes a reality.

Calexico would work for 2 years tops, and the union would spend trillions to clean up the mess. Just bait them with the idea and let it be a containment state.

Ideally we appease them by saying the electoral vote is outdated but we're willing to meet in the middle by making one county mean one vote. A solid comprimise. We win by 90% for eternity.

I'd personally prefer for NorCal (Jefferson or just Cali) to become a new state than for California to secede entirely. Both would be fine too.

I'm hoping that Calexit fails, but only to be used as a rallying cry for more leftists to come as the wall continues to be built. That way by the time a significant number of beaners have been flushed, and the wall is in place, it will take virtually all nonwhites and cucks to flood from the rest of the union, pulling them all into one concentrated mass.

For it. Since Commiefornia wouldn't be part of the Union anymore, the military/police can be more forceful and hopefully even shoot protesters when the United States occupies the area and imposes marshal law.

"Legal" has little bearing on it. Belonging to a country is up to the people of the cultural region. The only question is what would happen to federal properties in California. My guess is that California would have to reimburse the United States for them.

As for whether they should… It wouldn't be in their interest, but it would certainly be in the interest of the GOP.

And as for whether civil war would erupt over it… It shouldn't, but it probably would. Even on Holla Forums, where people fucking loathe California, there's still a sense of entitlement to THEIR resources. "California receives tons of handouts, but we must invade them to secure their resources!" is contradiction on so many levels.

If they leave, we get into a second Civil War and scorched-earth the place.

It can go straight to hell. Informal poll done in my state of MA which you guys assume is your liberal ally or w/e. Well nobody I know around here gives a flying fuck about you. Yours is still a strange, Mexican infested liberalism to even the most pozzed up here.