Looking for info on actual genocides of Germans

I know for a fact that Josip Tito's partisians had concentration camps in Yugoslavia post-ww2 (I actually interviewed a survivor who fled to Italy, then migrated to the US), but I have also heard that there were calls for the genocide of Germans in the interwar period, by predominantly Jewish scholars in the US, which were later used as propaganda by the Nazi party. I'm looking for verifiable sources showing that this is in fact white, and not gray or black propaganda, and I was hoping someone here would be able to provide this or at least point me in the right direction.

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I mean interwar. Also Dresden was probably more to increase the commies' collateral damage.

This is a good Starting point, once you have watched this check out the sources and read those. Having Sinead as a narrator doesn't make tge points that are raised invalid, befor the spergs start complaining.

Dresden was a bombing campaign during the war so it doesn't count, the genocide of Germans in Poland is obligatory though.

Of course it counts, one of the main purposes was to kill as many civilians as possible.


"Other Losses is a 1989 book by Canadian writer James Bacque, in which Bacque alleges that U.S. General Dwight Eisenhower intentionally caused the deaths by starvation or exposure of around a million German prisoners of war held in Western internment camps briefly after the Second World War. "

Thanks, but again, I'm looking for interwar stuff. I can't seem to find anything about it through search engines, so I don't know if this is being censored to shit or if it's completely black propaganda.


The most common one that is brought up s the "Rhine Meadows Death Camp"

Wiki says 3,000-10,000 but a few tabloidish sources estimate up to 15 million. Not saying Wiki is right or the tabloids are wrong, but you gotta swim in the waters you find yourself in. Bringing it up will make them do research and unless you can convince them of a mass cover up you (and by extension, your cause) will come off as foolish.

Oh, between WW1 and WW2?
Basically the same story. If you watched "Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told" You'll be told about how the Poles isolated East Prussia from mainland Germany (that's objectively true and confirmable) and prevented the Germans from sending food aide while the citizens of East Prussia were starving (that's a hard claim to find elsewhere). This is what supposedly started WW2.


The Volga germans are also worth looking into.
(((official))) numbers say there were 3 mil germans before the war and 1.5 mil after the war, but that is if you trust (((commie))) numbers



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What genocide of Germans in Poland? I'm yet to find any reliable source on this meme.

Nach Gründung der Zweiten Polnischen Republik 1918 wurde eine große Anzahl Deutscher gezwungen, das Land zu verlassen; dies betraf vor allem die Deutschen im Abtretungsgebiet des polnischen Korridors (größtenteils das einstige Westpreußen) und fast die ganze Provinz Posen.

from wiki:

Doesn't say anything about Poles killing Germans.

check out "wolga germans" in russia.

they were put in concentration camps by jews in communist russia and genocided in masses.

another genocide was committed by us-president (((truman))), whos mother is a jew (grandfather solomon). he killed probably around 1-2 million surrendered german men.

This was the question that you asked, not did poles kill Germans. They did btw, you'd have to be incredibly naive to think that there were no vengeful poles who took out their anger on Germans. They were riled up by kikes most of the time though.

Genocide is not killing? What are you talking about? The link you provided says nothing about any genocide. Btw. we are talking about time before ww2 broke out.

Buy the book *Hellstorm: the death of Nazi Germany* off Amazon for £15. Or watch the documentary that renegade broadcasting made who takes passages out of the book and made it into a feature length movie in hope of bringing light to the subject. All from well documented sources such as the 1948 book *Gruesome Harvest* that was one of the first of it's type to be published. Recommended that you do both.

Turn boys into men after reading it. Every page is unsettling. I've read it two or three times now. Upon first getting it I had got so worked up at one point, I thrown the book against the wall in a mad rage splitting the front cover's paper in edges ad fuming at what I'd just read.


FUCK OFF. WE CARPETBOMBED THEIR ENTIRE COUNTRY! Not just one city! There were more ruins than actual cities after WW2. I once traveled to germany, seeing a city that wasn't completly built/rebuilt after WW2 is rare as fuck. It's isane it's like making a whole country into nagasaki without the radioacticity!


Normally I'd call you autistic for that. But I've read it too and I can absolutely understand your reaction.
No one has suffered so much and cried about it so little as the krauts. Say what you want about their shitty humor but they are tough people.

Laugh harder in the face of justice dying if that comforts you so much, but Hitler fought for justice, for his people and against the kikes that still are responsible for most evil you encounter everyday. I hope you are happy with the way the world goes if the failing of those trying to correct grief errors fills you with such joy lad.
In the end they saved Europe from the complete reign of communist terror. Maybe all Europeans would still be living in communism hadn't it been for that 'war over a shit port city' that was so much more than that.

You can fully understand why so many of the Hitler youth, old men in the volkstrum and 16yr old girls that fled from Silesia decided to go out by fighting at the curtain call of the war in Europe. Their actions were the right ones given atrocities were so vast that is estimated 13M of them were murdered between 44-50 and rape was at a figure between 5 to 8M that didn't stop until the mid fifties that by then had their spirit alreadly extinguished. Thus, without question millions of other civilians would've gone out in that fashion if they knew what was in store for them, only to be naïve enough to believe the Americans would be civil towards them when the fighting finally ended.

Those that were bombarded with propaganda on a scale never seen before that made Nazi hit pieces against Jews look merely like a sudden attitude of change that never really metallised into nothing. The NS government only made 2 anti-Semitic movies under it's tenure, while during the close of the war the likes of the NYT and other big city newspapers of the West had prominent celebrities discuss on a daily basis whether or not they such nuke the country off the face of earth or use other extreme measures against people daring to fight for self-determination and control their own destiny.

Only the British treated them humanly with warm once on the ground in the regions controlled by the West. The Americans on the other-hand – according to Ralph Franklin Keeling, pro-American above all – were so engulfed with Jewish Supremacist propaganda that many German veterans ended up fleeing the zones they were occupying; upon receiving word the Americans won't abide by the rules of the Geneva convention, into Soviet held ones who were offering any ex-serviceman food, warm and freedom as long as they joined the Red army and were doing just that by the thousands. Stalin after all was secretly a huge admirer of the Valliant effects of the axis forces in particularly the Austrians as he write in his memoirs.