First Trump-Putin presidential phone call

Things were very positive. They laughed and talked together. Trump is likely to lift anti-Russian sanctions.

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Look at how Trumps desk is messy from actually using it to work. he is also working on a Saturday.

Compare that to Obama

That portrait of Jackson looks soooooooooooooooo fucking good in that shot

I wonder how salty leftists got over that.

Amerussica is gonna be insane

Explain to a Yuropoor why you guys are fawning over the Jackson portrait.

I wish I knew what they were saying.

Btw what kind of tech do they use. I always imagined translators to be so 1980, they probably have real-time machine translation that works perfectly using AI and even speaks in the voice of the Head of State who's talking. Hella cool stuff.

Dailing to the President used to required timed sequences of the numbers on the pad, wonder if they upgraded that too.

Do you have a bigger and clearer version of that pic? I want to put it on my kikebook cover photo.


Would be even better with a before/after caption

Alpha as fuck duelist, beat his would-be assassin with a cane, fought the banks, and more.

Basically, Jackson is "a dark stain on American history" according to Liberals. The reason being because he was a straight up badass. He smacked dogshit on the Injuns, killed the (((First Bank))), pushed Britain's shit in with a band of Pirates and Slaves, survived two assassination attempts, did multiple duels to the death with his opponents, and was basically politically incorrect as Fuck. I think he even said something about how he would hang anybody from the highest tree in the land if they talked about secession from the United States.
Because of all this, things involving or promoting Jackson's Imagery are discouraged and looked down on. You can guess why Trump put him in the oval office now, and why this gives Holla Forums some hope.


sage for off topic but what do to take a screen shot of the entire page like that?

Looking impatient because he hasn't been allowed to gas any beaners yet.

I'm really curious as to what he said to Merkel.

I gave it my own go.

"You're next."

Good luck with that you decrepit old fossil.

Sounds like an absolute madman.

"Gallows or guillotine, 'comrade'?"

Embed related.

(((Second Bank))), actually. Madison's VP broke the senate tie that allowed Hamilton's First Bank to die.

He was also the only US President to have ever paid off the national debt.

Sorry no. Those are the original sizes.

Can't Trump just fire that piece of shit already?

Nimbus screenshot, then cropped.

also notice the different filters they chose to use on them


Do you use firefox?

Press: Shift+F2
Type: screenshot –fullpage
It will save to your 'downloads' folder

Considering Putin is fluent in English, probably quite a bit.

Probably still use exactly what everyone else uses. Simultaneous human translators (hear it in one language speak it in real time in the other). Sometimes wetware is better than hardware.


Considering Putin is fluent in English, probably quite a bit.

Probably still use exactly what everyone else uses. Simultaneous human translators (hear it in one language speak it in real time in the other). Sometimes wetware is still better than hardware.

Do that with this:

Even if McCain introduces a bill to enter the sanctions into law, Trump will not sign the law, McCain has no power!

The left hates him because

They want to take him off our currency and replace him with MLK. Putting him in the oval office is a big F you to the Left.

Couldn't get the coon smell out of the executive chair, so he had another brought in.



High res

I'm guessing this means the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty won't be torn up like he said?


His last words on his deathbed were "I killed the banks". Thius should tell you everything.

The guy spent his whole life fighting against what was back then our version of globalist communism. Andrew Jackson set the plans of the ((elites)) back hundreds of years, they are still butthurt to this day.

Watch video related to understand everything, he was basicaly Hitler, before actual Hitler existed.

no jews allowed

It's actually a good thing Jackson's finally getting taken off the 20, he hated the Fed and probably would have wrung the neck of whoever thought of putting him on there.



O.K. niggers, listen up, Saturday is a workday and most of Sunday too.

Flynn is left handed
Like me !
And my name is Flynn !!

Wow, what a time to be alive.

Would need to update this pic


That technically could be grammatically correct if you use 'French' as a verb.:^)

What did they mean by this?


Is that also Andrew Jackson on that horse behind Trump?

It obviously means form an alliance in this context you autist.

Disregard my post I should of just looked it up.

I knowI bet the kikes did it on purpose.

That was my first thought.

Trump is surrounded with Andrew Jackson that gold vase is a Andrew Jackson Military Portrait by Ralph E.W. Earl, 1817

Introducing wordspeak as a way of population control is a huge unchecked box on the kike agenda. They're trying it in Finland so niggers can speak it easier.

Obama dindu nuffin

You're as transparent as glass, Moshe.

It's worse than that. He's still going to be on the $20 bill, but further in the background somewhere. The nigger gets the foreground photo. Read these caps and try not to hurl.

Good catch though. I didn't even notice that Trump is doubling down on Jackson in the Oval Office. FUCK YES

To the tard filter you go.

Well, I wouldn't say that field of social control is entirely unexplored by anyone but kikes, but I would agree that counter-measures to their use of it warrants more study.


Now look at Trumps office in comparison to Obongos. Pic related.

Hopefully the next Treasury Secretary will put a stop to all of this SJW fuckery with our currency/coinage. It's been going on far too long.

Damn, fucked up my last post, the caps have been doubled

Holy shit it's like the madman is trying to channel the man himself.

Well the Remington bronze is nice but that's about it.

Sounds good to me.

Among many other things, he once threw a massive cheese party in the White House. Invited everyone living in DC to come enjoy cheese with him because his wife was complaining about the cheese smelling up the house.

You are thinking in 1D. Hes going to give japan the go ahead to build up its militry.

Trump confirmed alt-right.


Now all you need to do is invent Tron, Clu, and the Master Control Program.


Lookup the Battle of New Orleans. Andrew Jackson was the Major General, and he recruited a pirate army to help him beat the better equipped British forces.

He's an alpha.



Nice to be Flynn(s)!

Turns out that Steve Bannon went to the same High School I did (8 years earlier than I did), and grew up in the same neighborhood.

You know, just in case Pence gets too handsy or something.

The man was a fucking legend.

What was wrong with the cheese?
What kind of cheese was it?
Why did he get cheese?

oh yeah, lel

did he win a years supply of cheese or something?

Honestly I don't see a problem at all. Don protecting himself is a sign that he's really going against (((the consortium))), not just talking big. He knows he's in real danger, not just being puppeteered.


He was gifted a "mammoth cheese" by some town. I think it lasted for two years before his wife made him give the rest away. Incidentally, that was the first time "mammoth" was used as an adjective.

someone gave him a basement full of cheese

He cannot touch Congress members as they are voted in by the people. However, Congress also cannot pass a bill if the president vetoes Congress can technically get pass a veto, but the number of times that has happened is very small and requires almost all of Congress to agree


Trump could publicly berate the citizens of Arizona though. He could spell out for them the reasons McCain is anti-American. Arizona really needs to stop electing that piece of shit.

wouldn't that violate the fromagemoluments clause?



could he touch them if they had violated their oath of office to uphold the constitution by, e.g., attempting to infringe the 2a, 1a or 4a?

Of course, nothing stops the President from suggesting things to others. Though didn't McCain get reelected recently? Unless the people find a way to impeach him or McCain dies, he will be in Congress for some time more.

What are the possible negative consequences if he lifts sanctions? This will be more circumstantial evidence for the left that he is owned by putin.

Does Arizona have any provisions for a recall? Colorado did that two or three years ago with one of their anti-gun senators, didn't they?

The Press Secretary being a weeb is the most hilarious thing ever

That's it. The only downside is it will cause the left to continue to claim he is a Putin puppet. But I think we're well past the point of caring what they say, since "Putin puppet" is a far less damning indictment to the normalfag public than "literally Hitler", which they've been calling him for the past year and a half.

This is why Trump should get moving on those Congressional term limits.

Also, McCain might die soon. Not soon enough but soon

Arizona had their chance but they blew it.

Unfortunately, the more evil the politician the longer they live.

I don't think he gives that much of a fuck about this stuff, sine he was tweeting positive stuff about Putin back when they went all in with their "russian puppet" stuff.

They tried legitimizing "Ebonics" in the states. Crotchety 70yr English teachers denied nigger-tongue an elevated position. Now if only they would stop with the Latinist positions.English is Germanic, Latin rules need not apply.

So how long until we know how it went in detail?

The problem with those is that it's pretty likely that everybody is going to start at 0 when term limits get introduced.

Trump's chair looks nicer, too.

12 more years of these faggots is a lot better than indefinite.

i like this

No, the real problem with those is that it will probably take a constitutional amendment to get passed and 2/3rds of Congress aren't going to vote to limit their own power

President cannot do that, only Congress can impeach and the people if their state allows for a recall.

Here is a website that shows recall laws for each state, and Arizona is one of them.

Yeah but maybe his war injuries will catch up with him. Assuming those are real

he could certainly threaten it

the weak fear his twitter

Sore throats can be a bitch.

Also a recall isn't considered impeaching, but just kicking out someone you don't like.

There is the state option, getting 3/4ths of the states to adopt it, but that is considered harder to pass. The only way that should never happen is a call for a constitutional convention.

He's got crippled arms or back or something. He's lasted this long, I think he's pretty much in the clear, unfortunately.

The crooked fucks always seem to live forever. You got Feinstein, Soros, Ginsburg, and countless others who live just to fuck Americans over.

Pic related is only the tip of the iceberg. The man was more badass than Hitler, more alpha than a thousand chuck norris memes and didn't afraid of anything.

Forgot pic

Kissinger is another big one. That fucker is 93 and still causing trouble.

If we war with china we would want Russia on our side.

how about we compromise and put Nathan Bedford Forrest on the $20

have they not changed the desk yet or did Trump pick the same one?

Look up "Resolute Desk"


Here is another Drudge-esque version. Verticals and horizonals (for tablets/phones).

He means you either aren't from here at all or need to lurk moar because you don't get the inside jokes
and nobody is going to tell you what they are

NVM I'm distracted and can't tell who does and doesn't get the joke in this exchange, I think

does. But there's newfaggotry afoot in this thread. On topic I'm going to have to start a ruskie folder for our new polar ally


if they lift russian sanctions im gonna buy all the russian guns


if they lift russian sanctions i'm gonna import an artillery shell even if it kills me

Russia wins again!
We are tired of defeating America so much! hahahahahahahahaha

There's one other relevant piece of information about Jackson, he had a parrot named Poll.

Meme magic has consumed this timeline completely.

10/10 OC.

Make "working hard" background an american flag.

Can you imagine if the U.S. and Russia become Super Power Bros.? I can't wait to go to Moscow/St. Petersburg and start dating a Ruskie.


Where are you faggots seeing gas?

Third pic, the placement of jackson exactly on top of trump head

Good point user. Your wish is my command.

I don't have it saved on my computer, but there's a political cartoon somewhere that features Jackson hanging both an Indian and a Jew.

oh god yeah
and under the jew is money, and the jew is wringing it's hands, even in death

Was Jackson heterochromatic or those eyes supposed to symbolize something?

Can he at least be holding a whip?

A stark contrast. One man who's been working hard in the private sector for decades, and another who has never had a real private sector job.

bad artist for the eyes, didn't get them right

This one?

One of THE greatest American presidents since Washington

I can't fucking stand that king nigger visited my hometown. I walked by the actual "1961" sign countless times because Exit Glacier was close enough to visit weekly. Some somalis keep getting in knife fights in the local fishplant now that they've been shipped in, last I've heard.
I hope they get removed under Trump.
any other Kenaifags here
i don't live there anymore, but I'm curious


Jackson was way more based than Washington
Washington lost every battle he commanded when he wasn't receiving imperial French reinforcements and Washington embezzled $40,000 from the treasury of the Continental Congress for shit like manor houses and fucking wine

Thanks for posting the original. Fuck my stupid fucking jew phone.

Read it again, dumbass. Slowly this time.

We're literally one state away from being able to do that. If Virginia or NJ flips in the upcoming elections…

Does Trump speak Russian? I'm actually curious about that.

Putin speaks english, so there's no real language barrier there

He doesn't, but he speaks German, so he should be able to talk with Drumpf just fine.


shh shh shh
he's gone now, user
no more of him


man the gold curtains looks hell of a lot nicer than the red

make it 300x100 and we got a new banner


Best I could get it at that size, there's a tad too much image to be perfectly legible in my opinion.

You can perhaps zoom in on the desk and crop the advisors

I already took off a little bit of the edges so the text barely fits, here's a version with the right side of Trump's panel also cut off. It gives more space to Onigger comparatively, though.

Just realized you might have meant this. Polite sage for doublepost.