N.J. sanctuary cities plan to ignore Trump

N.J. sanctuary cities plan to ignore Trump
posted January 25, 2017 at 12:52 PM by Jessica Mazzola (updated January 25, 2017 at 9:39 PM)


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Can someone come over here and free me from these lunatics?
I live in one of these cities because I can't leave my 94 year old grandma like my parents did.

I'm in New Jersey as well. They should simply send in the military and kill the police who don't do their jobs anyway. Then round up all the illegals and anyone who resists.

Well then, say goodbye to several billion in federal funding.


Nothing is better than going balls deep in a slut after she told all her friends that she would never fuck you

I'm predicting it now. Trump is setting the stage to prosecute these people. They don't seem to realize what they're doing.

These dumb fucks are disconnected from reality. King Nigger isn't in charge anymore. If you go up against Trump's Federal Government you are going to get steamrolled over. Fucking morons think there will be no repercussions to their actions. That's where they're wrong, kiddo.

It is puzzling behavior, I understand they may feel they have the right to ignore the law because they exist within a self-righteous bubble that celebrates the destruction of law and order but how do they thing they are going to get away with it under President Trump.

This is like walking up to a tank armed with a twig. They are mad and I hope for the safety of those around them they are indeed one and all prosecuted.


I live in Newark. It's nothing but illegals now. Fucking scum. They don't know how to drive, don't speak English, and act like they deserve all the welfare they get for breeding 5 kids out of their fat, hairy women. I'm one of the only whites left. They hate me.

It's going to take arrests or the threat of arrests for them to get their minds in the correct frame of reference.

It's getting to the point that if I hear someone use this kiked 'nation of immigrants' argument I'm going to bash their fucking skull in. Anyway, why do these faggot mayors suddenly think they have more authority on issues of national border security than the chief executive officer of the US? The hubris is unimaginable.

Good, more localities need to be cut off the fed tit and become self reliant. Those immigrants are a fucking huge drain on those cities and without fed subsidies the locals will run them out.

No it won't, just look at those antifa cunts still shrieking even after arrests happened.
These people will never learn until they are killed

This is why Trump still needs to spread Trump Propaganda to get even more people to join his side.

The campaign doesn't stop with the election. There is still support to be milked.

Which was in the purview of some unelected, appointed bureaucrats who said 'We'll get right on it' and then stalled for 8 years. If Obama really wanted the order carried out, he could have easily said to these people 'Close this base or you're gone, and I'll hire someone who will'

If these people think Trump will be as limp wristed as Obama they're in for a rude awakening

Antifa faggots burning trash cans and blocking streets aren't in the same league as city functionaries slurping up 200k salaries and pensions. They're both just as arrogant but one has much, much more to lose than the other.

Bomb the cities trump and deregulated this shit hole

Quick comeback: "My ancestors were colonists who built this city from the ground up, not border-hopping wetbacks."

A couple of highly publicised perpwalks for "aiding and abetting criminal activity" will have them falling into line.

>Trump's executive order, signed Wednesday, would take away federal funds "except as mandated by law" from municipalities that refuse to hand over non-criminal undocumented immigrants for deportation.

They'll bend the knee and kiss the ring. Leftists crave taxpayer money more than they crave greasy spic dick. They'll submit, as they always do.


can we put chris christie on this?

He could close the bridges to New Jersey

Well, that's what happens when you let a demon from Outerworld runs things.

How did he pull it off?

Busmates with Hillary, I suppose.

All this talk of "Federal Government" with Trump makes me fear they won't be audited, considering how much he's making use of them.



Are you confusing Federal Government with The Fed?

You can plan, but you can't stop the illegal van.

Enlighten me.

"The Fed" refers to the Federal Reserve System, the central bank led by Janet Yellen. The Federal Reserve has existed since 1913. The Fed is not the Federal Government.


One day they call us colonialists, another day conquerors, another day immigrants. What is it now? Also whites didn't immigrate to the US, they founded it, because the US as a country could not possibly exist before being founded. How retarded do you have to be to even lack basic logic.

These people don't believe in the concept of nation-states. Hell, they're international communists, they don't believe in private property or the family unit, either. You can thank jew indoctrination for that.

i fucking hate this state, its shit even in the barrons

NJ is full of favelazillians, you should send them all back.
Report anyone named Da Silva, Dos Santos or De Souza to your local authorities.

Yeah, NJ is really up there as one of the worst places in the country. Jews, poo in loos, shitskins, and wiggers. The culture is absolute crap, the natural beauty has been perverted, the cities are some of the worst in the country… I regret and am embarrassed to have spent a decade of my life there.

remember when it was known for the jersey devil and all of the urban legend shit?

Jersey Devil is still around
He just put on a suit and got into office working alongside the kikes

i think that might be a picture of an actual devil user

It deserves its current reputation. There are pockets that are nice, but they're small pockets in a sea of filth. The barrens used to be known for the sheer amount of inbreds who lived there. I think the place has always been awfully weird and incomprehensible.

Offtopic, but wtf is the deal with I-95 over by Trenton sort of just ending, and then restarting again on the NJ Turnpike right around the I-195 interchange?

There was some other freeway that was supposed to connect Trenton and Newark and be part of the interstate system, but Princeton said they didn't want the traffic and somehow stopped the project, so now they just have a freeway heading straight to their town from Philly/Trenton, and another coming from NYC. So they have a gap there, and then there's that gap with 195 near Philadelphia. I dunno why they haven't filled in the gap yet, but I think they've been working on it for a while now.

NJ has some of the weirdest roads in the country, it's fucking annoying.

I grew up in the pine barrens and the thing i miss the most about New Jersey was being able to go *trespass* to some of the creepiest places on the east coast and be afraid of meeting the jersey devil not a dangerous junkie. Even if you try to go to any of the places you read about in Weird NJ half of them are either burned down/demolished, or a crack den.

Tree in pic was a creepy haunted tree that was cut down for no real good reason

Other pic is rumored to be a gateway to Hell but nowadays your more likely to find a junkie than satan

Pain in the ass to get around over there without paying tolls. Fuckin hardcore kikery over by Philly/NJ/NYC

…fucking commie blocks are better than that shit.

Mudslimes would probably prefer a middle east warzone to nigger infested Newark.

good luck with that

Princeton stopped it because they have money, possess an institution and many businesses that are critical to national security, and didn't want any more niggers coming through their way than necessary.



I say call their bluff and say fuck you and Dare em to. Then post national guard on the borders of those cities so that they can't contaminate the rest of the nation.

What we are seeing is remarkable. We are so close to a conflict its funny.

I can't wait to see all of the big beaked jews getting put in federal prisons for the remainder of their lives. It's going to be fucking glorious.

I feel sorry for you, user.
Not far from there myself (Somerset)
Only been there 1x in my life, thankfully…


I live in a town of only ~25K people and there are TONS of illegal immigrants around. The local churches give them food/diapers. We have Spanish-only stores. "For Sale" signs all over (Whites leaving). And the high-school is already/now 60% Hispanic.
No way I'd raise children here. But I can't leave yet.

Oh fuck yes please rape my state into submission Donald don't ever let them get a reacharound
No, but seriously; This state needs to be fucking destroyed and remade. I don't give a shit if it's done, so long as i'm able to get a good raifu, waifu, and laifu.

Yeah that was the Devil's Tree in the second picture. Rumor had it that the Ku Klux Klan would take use of the limbs that were cut off to "persuade" the local nogs into behaving and not nig in the towns nearby. The township got assblasted in 2014 over threats over a mosque that was to be built nearby and cut the limbs off.

The loss of our history is damning but anything is possible now…

We'll have to rename many State Prisons to 'Internment Synagogues' if this keeps up.

I'm sure other anons can think of a better name


Excuses, and pathetic ones at that. Princeton is scared of niggers? Then why do they let any nigger with an SAT score of 1900 into their school?


That entire place need to be bulldozed and rebuilt. Maybe with some fucking trees around.

Why do they think they have the power here? If you're white and you live in one of these cities, you better leave now. Shame on you for being pathetic enough to live there to begin with, but you better fucking leave. If they resist, those cities are going to turn into complete shit-holes really fast.

any /middlesex/ anons here?

I can't wait for the happening to come to my block, I hope this place crashes and burns.
Majority of the red "asian" dots are poo in loos