Denmark acknowleges Google & Co. as Souverign Nations

Denmark acknowleges Google & Co. as souverign Nations

Cyberpunk is real. You faggots all laughed few years ago. You won't anymore when you'll live in Microsoft Zone B where being white is considered a crime against humanity and any form of privacy counts as terrorism.

Yet, there are less than 0.1% of people on this board who think about operational security. You will die luddites!

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This isn't exactly new knowledge.

What this does mean though is that if you acknowledge a corp as a nation you can go to war with it as a distinct entity seperate of its home nation.

"No USA we are not going to war against you. Only Microsoft."

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So what does this mean, Google's main area of operations in Denmark will be its embassy and its employees will have diplomatic immunity?

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It means we need to make sure that foreign nations like Google are not allowed to influence our elections. We need to drain the swamp and remove this dangerous influence from our schools, our government buildings. Google "employees" rather citizens cannot be allowed to vote in our elections, contribute to campaigns, hold public office, or do anything else that would constitute a foreign government interfering in the internal politics of the most powerful sovereign nation in the world history.

Google is being fucking retarded right now and they don't even realize it.

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Imagine it.

Anyone who works for a global corp is stripped of voting rights.
The delicious tears, the nationalist uprising supporting it.
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But I thought corporations weren't people libtards?

Have you tried peddling your opinions on



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I hope some of you are r u r a l p u n k enough to start learning how to pentest and fight (((corporations)))

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Holla Forums sovereign nation when

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If you think there is any degree of separation between the two then you have no fucking clue what you are talking about.

they do it all the time in the lower rungs of their networks


Honestly I think reality has gotten even worse than cyberpunk.

Still, clearly they're nations now, and it's only getting worse: they control and observe the communications of most of the planet, they control the content people can access and call the rest "fake news", they control ad revenue on the internet, and with those last two they decide what news websites can exist.

Everything technology provided, they claimed it as theirs, and instilled into the minds of everyone that they are necessary, as well as the only ones, for people seldom visit old forums, imgeboards and IRC anymore because they barely know they exist.

We're pretty much back to stone age in terms of communication, every advance has been rendered void, most people's vision of the world is now entirely shaped by those companies, not even radio, newspapers or TV matter anymore. They're not nations, they're literally gods.

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This is actually a good idea.

If you aren't posting though a VPN or proxy when browsing Holla Forums that you deserve to be thrown into a fucking camp. This website is monitored by fucking every alphabet agency on the planet.


This is corporate feudalism at work, these companies have become so rich, so powerful and so vast that it isn't far fetched to consider them nation states.

Dude, part from search, what the fuck do you even need Google for? Free email? Youtube? You think civilisation is going to end if people can't find cat pictures to post on their Facebook wall on their smartphone?


One leak of their search engine source code and Google will go the way of Sears.

All (((companies))) are nations user.

Just as each person is a (((company.)))

Which means that "sovereign citizen" stuff that the pork here likes to make fun of is very, very real.

t. knows Denmark will refund your portion of the setts-kay trust if you emigrate

i choose the non pozzed realms of oracle linux sector 9 and yandex district 3 where political correctness is unimportant.

the machine ITSELF fatally executes and crashes by design, therefore one has to run a debugger for inbuilt worms and holes not look for viruses.

because as usual in microsoft you have to take it apart and put it back together again to get it to do what you paid for it to do.

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