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ITT: salty mudslime reactions to MuslimBan

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That still raises the valid point on why Saudi isn't on the list


Saudi’s are basically Israeli’s in different costumes. They should ALL be on the list but it's a start I suppose, nobody thought Trump would be perfect.

that's because we made the mistake of letting in these barbarians

I don't really like how Trump is so anti-Iran since they seem to be pretty based compared to other countries in the middle-east.

Are Saudi's or people from the UAE immigrating to America in great numbers? Trump is as much of a business man as he is a nationalist (unfortunately), so if most of their interaction is just spending money and leaving eventually it would make sense from his perspective if that was the case. No idea about lebanon and egypt

although more likely it's just a list of countries that play nicely with israel vs those that don't

Saudis must be banned. How can we make Trump do this?

Our government has been publicly talking about destroying Iran for too long to trust them. Don't forget stuxnet.

Meaning, they're bad Muslims. It's not ideal, but it's better than the previous status quo.

Iran is schizophrenic. Some Iranians are genuinely good people, but Islam has completely mangled the Persians. If Iran wasn't a brutal, terror-supporting theocracy it wouldn't be on the list.

Overthrow his administration? Follow the money – specifically Trump's money. Nothing is going to happen to the Saudis. Did you miss the statement during the campaign where he said he would protect Saudi Arabia or did you get distracted by the Twitter bants screencaps with that prince? Trump just wants Saudi Arabia to pay more money so the domestic lot can be steam valved more effectively.

Hitting every note, Chaim.


The fucking Saudis better get on this dam list.

Current iranian government may as well be jewish.

If the motherfucking Saudis are not banned then I am going to go ape shit on Trump's admin.

LOL Filtered.

Oh look, it's all the countries meant to be invaded since the 2007.What a surprise.
Couldn't expect anything different from the US and their ally Israel.

Israel should be on the list too. If we are going to do this let's do it properly.

They actually do have a pretty good point with that second graphic. All those countries should be on the list too.

There must be some way we can pressure Trump into capitulating.

If we are talking about 9/11 the fucking kikes should be top of the list.


Trump isn't fucking with the Saudis because we are still tied to them via the petrodollar. Wait for the Fed to fuck up by trying to screw Trump over by raising interest rates and popping the huge economic bubble we have right now. Then he can destroy them and start printing money debt free from the treasury.
Until then we have to wait. But you forget about EXTREME VETTING which I don't know how extreme it will be but I can assure you he's probably not going to allow your everyday poor uneducated mudslime with suspect beliefs

Shitpost harder, moishe.

And filtered.

Which hardly ever fits the description of anyone who does real damage.

The wealthy fucking ones should be utmost priority for a ban!

I don't know how he will vet mudslimes. If it were up to me I would ban them all, as he initially said. You can't trust any non white. If he makes a mistake then the whole muslim ban should then happen

Kike detected.

As soon as the pipelines are done we can effectively tell the saudis to go fuck themselves on the spot. Hell we could start exporting our oil and completely destroy OPEC in one swift maneuver by that time.

Without going on the merits of how ISIS started and who maintained it, is he aware that America has a population 4.5x larger than Iran?

probably not. few people really comprehend the size of America as a nation.

why do these people think that it's a RIGHT of a refugee being relocated in the richest, most wealthy areas of the world and not in the nearest safe country?

How is that relevant when the difference in MUSLIM populations between the two countries is astronomic?

are pakistan-tier shit. Glorious nippon bros can tell what kind of "people" iranias are.

I don't remember him saying that about the saudis, but I do remember him saying he would release the 911 missing pages, which implicate saudis

also he did say we were protecting saudi for free and they had to pay up

btw extreme vetting has been implemented on everyone coming to the US now

You want a link or you feel comfortable enough finding it on your own [it isn't hard]?
And I addressed that in my post. The US is becoming unstable and the Oilmen-Sunni-Jew clique that runs it is going to have to reallocate funds to effectively steam valve the population here.

It's just the beginning, mate. Chill the fuck out. He's baiting and waiting for the other middle east countries to fuck up, then they get added to the list.

nah, I believe you, I just can't remember him saying it

US is almost energy independent already, they are building export terminals for LNG. when the texas find come online imports won't be needed at all

any idea what the texas find is called?

Do you mean fuck up like blowing up buildings and killing innocent first responders?
Trump is "waiting" on that before slamming the door on the Petro kikes?

Ok. We're watching.

And the petrodollar has little to nothing to do with the US's energy independence. It's about the dollar being the universal currency with which all oil transactions are made globally.

Kill yourself if you can't be bothered to not act like a nigger.

Maybe if rapefugee and midslimes werent let into the country there wouldn't be so many "Americans" causing problems


While that may be factually correct, the majority of the ones fighting aren't American aside from a few sand-anchors.

I see the queen has succeeded in passing the message along to the colony. kek.

But if we don't let them into Western countries they'll hate us and become terrorists!

Saudi Arabia and the UAE are wealthy and we have significant economic ties with them. Particularly the Saudis with their oil and the petrodollar. I'm sure they're at the top of Trump's "Revenge for killing my friends in 9/11" shitlist, but he can't fuck with them without hurting the American economy. Yet.

Lebanon has a very large Christian population, about 40%. Shutting them out would mean shutting out Christian refugees Trump's committed to helping and who actually DO need political asylum.

Egypt is kind of the same. They're Muslim Brotherhood controlled and not really an economic powerhouse, so it would seem kind of iffy why he wouldn't include them at first. They don't have as many Christians as Lebanon, but still more than other Muzzie nations at about 15 to 20%. Maybe he wants to make an effort to help the Copts.

With the way he's doubling down on petrofuels, "yet" is never.

To take a less romantic look on why some states were excluded from the ban.

Saudi Arabia is the counterweight to Iran and the defacto leader of the Sunnis. Pissing them off would gain him nothing, especially because it would strengthen the imams and weaken the royal family, who, despite being childfucking degenerates, at least can see reason.

I have no idea about Lebanon, but my guess is that they haven't been involved in any recent terrorist activity.

Trump knows that if he upsets Egypt Russia will once again sweep in and make them their own satellite.

are you talking about Zionist terrorists? I can't tell if you are talking about the Hotel King David bombing. Maybe the USS Liberty bombing?

Japan: No Muslims, No Terrorists.

Again and again we have to point out that if Japan can do it, so can we. all these leftists with their Subarus are bitching about the USA. Divert attention to Japan. Let them BDS Japan.

Isn't the US' control of Saudi Arabia the only reason why the middle east isn't in total war?

Are you suggesting (((alternative energy)))?

Iran and Saudi Arabia have been fighting a series of cold wars for decades. With ISIS we're seeing the first signs of the Middle East shitting itself as things start to unravel.

If Trumps hammers down on immigration and Europe follows suit those regimes will quickly lose their primary safety valve for social unrest, and things will escalate quickly. How quickly depends on how much money they have in store.

How stupid am I for saying this will work?

Do you actually see Mexico displaying the same kind of pathological altruism Western whites do?

Any of you anons think these travel bans might keep getting extended until they're just prolonged indefinitely? I could easily see something like 'We've stopped tons of would-be terrorists from entering, so we're going to keep being vigilant.'

And if that happens, I feel like Europe would either have to follow suit or get overwhelmed by the flood of newly-directed immigrants.

Man I can't wait to see how this plays out.

Wouldn't work unless they get totally new sets of documents from their host countries and our DHS doesn't catch the spoofed docs.

No, but nearby allowed Muslim countries can be exploited for this purpose.

Are you brain damaged?

I can see him use the excuse those countries aren't at war to forbid them from coming, or simply setting up "safe zones" over there to keep the sandniggers contained.

You can always threaten to cut their foreign aid.

Look Hymie, you cant just call random countries Jewish and expect to fit in.

Get off

egypt was mudslime brotherhood controlled for like two months before the army fucked their shit up, it is now ruled by sisi who is pretty much egyptian trump.

Japan took a fuck ton of iranians in the 80s and 90s without visas, no terrorism.

I don't understand what you are getting at

If oil is sold globally in exchange for dollars, that means foreign nations all need dollars to buy oil. The dollar is the reserve currency because it is needed to purchase oil, not because the US market specifically gets x% of its oil supply from Saudi Arabia.

Well, the third image really makes you think. Why are those 4 not countries on the list? Why are not all Moslem countries on the ban list? They should be. And maybe they will be.

he's got a point: the countries on the list should have included (at least) Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Egypt, Lebanon, Algeria, Morroco and Tunisia. Saudi Arabia and Qatar are theocratic muslim kingdoms. They should have been on the list.

ah ok

what is stopping them from going off hte petrodollar? I assume that would be bad for the dollar if they did?

well, since we got him voted into office, lets spam his twitter to add more countries that also have terrorist ties, i.e. israel, saudi arabia, etc.

US military force. Saddam Hussein was going to start selling Iraqi oil for Euros – that's why he was deposed and Iraq destroyed. Ditto for Qaddafi who was trying to get a gold-backed pan-Arab dinar created. The reason why Iran stays high on the enemy list is because they aren't accepting dollars for oil. They want euros or gold.

i guess Japan is safe because they keep minding their own business and don't fuck with middle east politics in the first place.

By Americans he means Somalian scum from Minneapolis.

t. Minnesotan

Because it's one of the seven on the list for Israel to conquer and run.
And you Americans will be hated for it.

I have faith that some of those countries on the left diagram will make it over to the right in a few weeks.

Now that's interesting


Looks more like a ban of all nations that aren't officially allies of the U.S. Only lasts for 120 days anyways, I imagine he's going to try and push something permanent through congress.

Merely a coincidence.

without the Saudi's the economy of Beverly Hills will crumble



Then they conquer Israel and then the rest of the world. All shall be an American colony, and all the natives of the earth's soil shall be destroyed and replaced with Americans. Africa shall become a continent-wide Liberia. Europe shall speak English, eat hamburgers, and play baseball. The Middle East shall become a Southern Baptist-Superstate. Asia will be the world's largest Chinese Buffet. Manifest Destiny is the only way, the last President shall become God of the World, ruling immortally over an earthly paradise.

i've never been able to find proof the rothschilds own (almost) every single central bank.
the only things i've been able to find is that they're an incredibly powerful merchant bank.

does anyone here have proof they control all central banks also?


That's the fucking reason why neither mExico nor the middle east will ever have to fear any real consequenzes from the US.
Burgers are depending on them and the trade.
Despite that, crashing OPEC would crash the dollar faster and harder then anything taht has happened in the 30s.
Dude, what the fuck are you taking to be able to spout suck massive bullshit int he first place?


Most of those green countries have Rothschild-owned banks now, but may not have twenty years ago.

Had one installed a few years ago
Went in after Saddam went out

That map is a shit.

Why do they care so much about going to the USA? Seek refuge all you want in Saudi Arabia and other desert shitholes, or better yet, solve your problems and fight your wars.

Only taqiya muslims and cucks are salty over this and calling it a "muslim ban" is fake news (ban travelling from other countries was done many times in the past).

People are rational enough to see through this now, however, and they are praising Trump for keeping his promises and America safe.

Ok well it looks like I am driving a truck bomb into some U.S. installation because Trump and Pence want to place niece with the Saudis. I'm getting pissed as fuck.

Why is Jackie saying nothing to the camera even though he's closest to it

Shit wrong thread

Or, you know, somebody just wrote that text on a picture and you automatically assumed it's true.
Me, I need to see evidence that all other central banks are owned by the Rothschilds. I really doubt that is true.