BREAKING: Trump refugee ban will apply to green card holders: report


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Putting the White back in the White House

The War is On! Gather your Nerve, Men!


My first time to vote and I am not disappoint lel

It still doesn't apply to the Gulf States or Saudi Arabia.

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The Trump presidency is going to be one long 8000 year long orgasm, isn't it?

Trump is fucking gas posting:

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money talks unfortunately

What about green card holders already here? Are they deported?

Which is very different than the message we got during the campaign. It's a good refresher for people who thinking cliquing up with the oil crowd is good for the US, though.

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Well you got your (((you))), so get back in the oven.


Whiteopia run by ashkenazi jews yay.

The absences on the list are notable because of the large funding they provide terrorists and the business interests Trump has in the Gulf States.



Yes. Yes it is.

Trump knows the (((Saudis))) have been behind terrorism, along with (((other countries))). He also bantzed the shit out of Dopey Prince.

Gonna have to save that one for counter memeing. The shills made it instantly obvious missing Muslim countries on the ban list is their current d&c tactic.

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but seriousness
look at the colors user


In his interview on Thursday he didnt want to comment about Saudi Arabia which means i think he'll have something for their ass very soon. Let him fully roll out the muslim ban and implement a few more things. I fully expect SA to get btfo

I wanted to share this picture because it reminds me of the God Emperor art.

Dont want to sound like im giving him a break when we really shouldnt BUT. Consider this. The media is desperate to nitpick ANYTHING. if trump leaves saudis off this list the media will predictablly go into counter signal mode and point out all the bullshit the saudis are responsible for and remind everyone all the colluding they did with the clintons. After the (((media))) gives fucking their shit in legitimacy, he can do it with minimal backlash.

Or he is just fucking up.

Donald's 4d strategy is often confusing to piece together, but know this. He comes to harvest the delicious fruit later.


tbh that fact makes me wonder if the ban on greencard holders is really going to hold up, or if that's just kvetching

Its a good feeling

reddit. com/r/movies/comments/5qnhr6/donald_trump_muslim_ban_will_keep_oscarnominated/

Future is looking brighter every day, boys.

Please take me based America.

We did it and we didn't run. Fucking pussy.

You have far less sandniggers though.

Yeah, ideally it would be from all muslim majority countries period, also Israel. It's not 100% perfect, but it's 75%. It's a good start and most importantly, it sets precedence for any future bans.

Trust me. America is waaay worse off than Europe. Nearly half of Mexico lives in America.

Dont forget that literally every major city is infested with niggers who have been told every ill of their shit lives is due to ebil whitey, and no the niggers reliable ability to make poor decisions.