Trump Makes UK PM Cream In Her Panties

Trump alpha as fuck. You know Theresa May is attracted as fuck to our alpha as fuck President. I doubt he fucked her because he has high standards for hot women I.e. Melania is hot as fuck.

I can imagine Theresa May was doing everything she could to not cream in her panties at God Emperor's pure fucking alpha maleness.

100% guarantee Trump could have easily fucked her using cock diplomacy, but he has too much respect for the Presidency and May is ugly as fuck.

Trump is hitting levels of alpha we never thought was humanly possible.

Avoid making threads like this here.

It's a shitpost, but I can't disagree with any of it

Hell nah, she's hot for her age, I'd do her.

Femanon here, I voted for Trump because I wanted to fuck him.

Invest in drop-cloth companies sourced by Trump because the flood will be yule.

t. tranny

Gas + Oven = You

She is good looking for her age, but I wouldn't go for it personally.

She looks older than Trump, despite actually being 10 years younger.

Say anything bad about May again, and I swere on me mums life that I'll smack you in the gabber,



We've got some butthurt bongs here.

Trump looks amazing for his age, but May still looks alright

I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with this

Would you prefer Merkel?

Merkel might deserve to hang, but she was legitimately voted in. May has no right being the Prime Minister, and it does not even make any sense considering she voted to REMAIN and was put in specifically to replace David Cameron because he wanted to Remain and Leave won.

Its insane. Why is this crazy old whore representing our country?! … I am happy Trump that Trump seems to get on with her, although I have a feeling its more because he sympathises with our populace than that he specifically likes her. Regardless better relationships between our nations is always a good thing; and the fact things are going well make its that much harder for our kikemedia to complain about brexit (I'm sure they still will, but when the world's biggest economy wants to be our best-friend - their 'its going to ruin our economy' arguments begin to look extra retarded).


The people voted for the Conservative Party. The Conservative Party appointed May to be their leader. It's not like this sort of thing doesn't happen a lot, like with Brown most recently.
None of the hard line Leave people wanted to lead the party. They didn't actually expect to win. As for May being Remain, she claimed she was reluctantly Remain and upon becoming Prime Minister she's claimed she'll do everything in her power to make sure that the people get what they voted for and Britain leaves the EU, so her pre-referendum stance is, for the moment at least, irrelevant.

May will do her best to Brexit now. She doesn't want to disappoint Trump.

She appeared very subservient and a bit desperate to me when she and Trump met. I guess England really needs a good trade deal with US due to Brexit.

Why do people insist on saying this is a matter of record that the Germans are an occupied country and that their elections & media are a sham controlled closely by the US/jews.