Netanyahu praises Trump's plan for border wall


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Keep calm and suck the Jewish cock

Jews like to take undue credit. Trump has also been flattering their west bank barrier all campaign. He is going to Israel and will take his photo on their border wall, not the wailing Wall.

O-of course we are okay with a wall Goyim… y-you are correct we did the same thing… W-what a good idea Goyim. W-w-we're s-s-still your greatest ally right? Y-you won't take away our shekels will you.

What trip to Israel? That has not yet been announced, as far as I can tell. I don't doubt it will happen eventually.


Russians, of course.

From Deutschland with love: youtube.com/watch?v=KcumCjO6KkI


kill yourself op also have a bump

Holy shit that angry Palestinian dropping redpills on Israel

Prime Jew will suck Trump cock if necessary, there is some sort of war going on between the Jews and some of them are trying to lock him up for a while now. KEK be praise both sides will burn.

It's not a war, their internal factions are jockeying for primacy. Their primarily loyalty is still to themselves, obviously.

Why didn't he say this leading up to the election?
Oh wait, he had to wait to see who won before he could suck up to whichever president it may have been.

What he's saying in a backhanded way is that clappistan better never ever attack Israel for their border politics in the future.

As far as I see it Israel was the only one profiting from Globalisim however said Globalisim lead to people like Trump who don't put Israel first. Now there is a rift between Globalist Kikes trying to continue with business as usual and Israel Kikes who are trying to keep themselves from being thrown into the rain.

At the end of the day they are all kikes and deserve to be gassed.

what a fucking pussy lmao

This reminds ms of, I don't have the edit of that comic, comic in which malicious jews have infiltrated to such an extent that they begin backstabbing each other mistakenly thinking they're stabbing a goy only to reveal jew after jew after jew wondering if there are any goyim left for them to jew.

It doesn't really matter if King Kike says he likes it or not, it really -is- a good idea. Letting in more wetbacks to try and spite the old bastard is no option.

They might think they can trap us against it. Flood Cuckada with 6 gorillion shitskin invaders, and move them south with our backs to the wall

Northern wall when?

I wouldn't call him a pussy, he served in the Sayeret Matkal in the IDF in several operations and was shot in the shoulder. Doesn't mean I like him, but to call him a pussy is naive. He's NOT our friend, despite what others want to believe. He's still just as much of a cunt as the rest of the kikes.

This is just the first week and the amount of salt is way off the charts, But it's not even over yet, Trump will sign something today.

i'm all for clashes and wars between Jews, so long both sides get annihilated in the end, but we can use the rift to accelerate their destruction.

there is no Jew friend, if he is acting friendly is because he wants something and Bibi wants wars for Israel and most of all, War against Iran. Both should be nucked.

This is proof that reality is just aiming to create memes and doesn't care about anything else.

For reals, notice that this worm only came in support once he became president. This is what pisses me off about the kneeling to Israel.

The one campaign promise that I've seen Trump team delaying/backtracking is the move of the Embassy. Which is weird because it was basically a freebie that wouldn't find too much oppositition.

Well honestly he had no choice, Trump forced his hand. If he were to oppose the wall, the whole world would see how hypocritical Jews are.

Wrong. Americans are going to build it, don't spread fake news.

He wants the get the nation's pound of flesh for such a favor.

Not going to argue, Someone sent me the story and I didn't even click it.

watch out bruh, he's trying to slither his way back into your trust.

Cam we meme Netanyahu into being a crypto-goy?

What time is it there, Bibi?

Is this the TRS' new term for 'based nationalist kikes'?


Trump is holding to a gun to Netanyahu's head. When he said "walls work, just ask Israel" it opened up the Israeli border wall to criticism, so now King Kike has to defend our border wall in order to defend his own.

It's 1488D super dimensional chess.

Oh, and by equating the Trump Wall with the Kike Wall, leftists will now attack Israel even harder and demand they both get torn down. It's fucking beautiful. It's multiple layers of d&c.

The Wall isn't to keep Mexicans out. It's to keep whites in.

America is in for the ultimate grimdark future. You will do everything to try and leave and you won't be able to.

Hi Holla Forums
Good to see you're still making baseless claims as always.

I think you will find that is Anti-Semitism, hope none of them are based in (Anywhere but American or…Iran) or they will be going away for a long long time.

whites normally fly over into Cancun for vacation. Not sure the wall can go that high.

aha good catch

Trump loves compliments, the jew is playing him. Gotta keep those donations coming

Oh Holla Forums you so crazy


>>>Holla Forums

At this point what's the difference?
Sure American blood and sweat maybe even a few lives will be the fuel.
The corporations will be jewish, after all their wall works, you heard it from Bibi.

He could do it for other things too.

They mainly fight children armed with rocks.

Is Holla Forums trying to raid us again?

they were involved with the Hungarian construction, they are experts at this sort of this FWIW.

One day Christians will be in the kind of concentration camps the Jews could only (did only) dream of.

You think they're gonna let whites, or any proles for that matter, retain freedom of travel? Some day the only people flying over that wall will be people on 'work visa' with strong party ties, and it will be strictly business.

The world is going to start looking less and less like a place you'd want to vacation in, anyway. 'Vacation' will be rented time in the VR chamber or for the more priveleged, depraved sex orgies. It's already becoming that.

Sick argumentation my laddies. I'm not even counter-signalling and I could almost guarantee I'm further right than any of you.


I think so. There sure are tons of baseless claims today. I want to know how they think this is supposed to stump the Trump.

No it's just pointless trying to hide it now.


watch it and refute it, you can't.
It isn't like we had a choice but you need to be honest.

oh ok, I'll take your word for it even though all your arguments sound leftist, I'm sure you are not lying. You can't lie on the internet after all.

OK, would you like to explain how? Or are you just going to continue to autistically screech?

per second

That's real nice Holla Forums but everybody already knew that

Reported for kike shill.
You realize that this future isn’t happening anymore, right?

how about you explain why Trump isn't sucking jew dick if he's their puppet as seen on threads here instead of linking to another source?


Hello Jared


no no, I agree with you so I won't argue with you. you already proved Trump is here to holocaust all white people for the greater good of israel, as we speak Trump is building Auschwitz white edition so flee while you can fellow nazis!

Hello, Holla Forums. What does it feel like to lose? I can't even remember anymore.

have you gotten tired of winning yet my dear fellow future Auschwitz cellmate?

This is beautiful.

I guess that's why we're posting in a thread about the Israeli Prime Minister coming out and praising him. He's not kosher guys, he's just a hardcore bend-over-backwards Zionist who married all his kids to jews, totally not kosher!

I'm sorry you took the anime pill. Get better soon

Netanyahu doesn't give a shit about the Mexico border as long as he's getting the back up to push for Greater Israel. He also doesn't really care whether the refugees that are the result of this war for Greater Israel go to Europe, the USA or just drown in the fucking sea. I'm not defending the kike here, but in the end, it's not him that's designing immigration policies of Western countries.

Right you are Moishe



Show me the way enlightened one!

How can other years even compete?

You are super delusional if you think Mexico would willingly end tourism from America. That is one of their best moneymakers. Idk why you randomly go off into a religious tangent I don't really give a fuck. No wonder you lost the election.


Israel being nuked into a smooth sheet of black glass would be the best thing for the world at this time.

If you think this shit is as simple as Mexico ending or not ending tourism you have not been paying attention, that's really all I can say.

Nothing I said relies on religious dogma in any way. It's jewish doctrine to imprison and persecute the gentile, and it can't be denied that they have a particularly passionate hatred for Christians, (and Europeans, although they're kind of interchangeable in a way). Do you imagine they will continue to provide for religious freedoms among their most hated enemies?

We all lost the election. You chose to put your faith in a faux-nationalist stooge and perhaps in due time. you will allow yourself to see that. I'm not saying to give up hope, but rather to stop investing it in propped-up, lightning rod candidates. This board was openly advertised to by the jew, Kushner. The site is owned and run by a freemason and possible Jew. Trump's own bloodline is irreparably Jewish. Can you not see what's gone on here?

tell me user, what should we have done to save ourselves from Trump-made white concentration camps? How can we redeem our race from this catastrophic blunder?

I don't have all the answers. Let's meet in the beer hall next weekend and we can spitball

user, we criticise Trump here all the time. You're not bringing anything new to the table.

It is more than time for you stupid fucks to start seeing the difference between Israel nationalists (our allies) and Jewish globalists (our enemies).


Let him speak first, can't you see he's having a blast?

I was addressing goofball up above, plus the other 3 dorks whose only retort is 'ha good one Holla Forums xddd'

My real point is that the wall could serve another motive outside of what both polarities are told to believe. What if we're being Gaza'd ???

Hey there TRS, didn't you get the memo we don't want you here?
All jews are bad jews.


We're making fun of you because you think we're trump's puppets all the while ignoring the board's consensus that Trump is a step forward and not the end game.

this mentality is what will destroy the nationalist movement and put it on the fringes again.

I really hope you are an antifa fuck who is subverting this board, because if you are a true nationalist you are dumb as fuck,

Trump is definitely a step forward in terms of Jewish subversion/dialectic, if thats what you mean

The right get an absolutely ineffectual zionist shill and the left get a new face to hate just to radicalize them even more

Careful Holla Forums, if you get too butthurt your ass might fall off

Shut the fuck up with this whos jewing who meme bullshit OP.

There are Zionist jews [ultra orthodox] and other forms of Jews. In fact Israel is very VERY tribal which has all sort of in house problems. They are all cancer none the less.

We have adopted the Jews tactics and are pitting these fucks against each other and have created extensive division between both of them. There are those who oppose the existence of Israel, there are those who are in favor of a two state solution and there are those who believe only in their one Israeli state - nationalist Jews commonly refereed to the Zionists.

Apartheid for Israel will end and it will ensure the slow destruction of Jews. Trumps campaign was they're last ditch effort to try to prevent the international community from completing their one state Israel. They need a few decades more to ensure Palestine can never return or be saved to remove the two-state solution. It was no suprise their foreskin suckers country only wanted to discuss the occupation with Palestinian leader Arafat in the 90's, their proposition was the full signed defeat of Palastine which Arafat refused - which got him killed. Much like the American politicians who were murdered who exposed Jews.

They still believe in their Greater State of Israel in the 1972 border scheme which include the Golan heights [still contested] and the Sinai pinsula which they had to return to Egypt to much of their dismay. It's not going to happen as 3 countries now posses Nuclear capabilities, they are stuck in the mud - hence why they want US to remove the nuclear threats.

After trump in 4 to 8 years a liberal lunatic is going to pull the plug on their Jewish state bullshit, they know it, they think they're prepared for it. We might see a war in Jewland the coming years to remove the last bit of pocketed resistance in the west bank territories or perhaps another push in GAZA as the southern side of Gaza is still to big to their liking, not being able to control the Egypt side of the Gaza strip is a thorn in their eyes.

All in all, i could give two shits about the goatfuckers mudslimes, the jews are using them as their weapon in the west, other then the fact that they oppose Jewdom in any form - the enemy of my enemy is my friend, they also underestimated how quickly the anti-jew mentality began to spread to the mainstream. Their projected victim role kvetching has been absurd to see.

The jew flooded us with arabs to get the sympathy vote and to pit the west against Mudslimes, the Jews truly underestimated how mentally ill these leftist are.

The wall isn't going to do jack shit for the US, the damage has already been caused since the early 60s by the demoshits and the Spics and Arabs are already American and they breed at a far more rapid rate then any Christian does; let alone none religious people. The next president will simply enact open border policy through a very soft visa procedure and enact a refugee program and thus knocking the pillars once and for all to remove any chance.

Iran is next on Israels playbook, if Trump is smart which i highly doubt, he won't allow himself to be drawn into a conflict within the Middle East - we now know from the wikileaks of Hilldog Clinton while at the State department was that she was planning to invade Syria and then somehow escalate it to Iran.

When their Jewish state is complete, then they will start their economic and cultural war on America and Europe, they think they will be unscathed by the complete breakdown of societies. Plenty of people want to turn that entire region in a nuclear glassed desert, hence why they are so adamant for Europe to not have nukes in the form of IBM's. They know we'd press that button if it came to it.

Anime is jewish cancer.
This place is infiltrated with cancer jews, run by masons, extensive links to goldman sachs and some mods are proven to be paid shills.

Prove it.

Quick stocktake

Nah pretty sure he was always a ZOG puppet

No human female will ever touch your penis

The emotional guide to a political discussion on Holla Forums. This place has become a hell hole since the influx in '15. When kikewheels took boardownership away we should have left.

Are you afraid yet?



If you think halting illegal immigration is going to save the demographics of America you are sorely mistaken. It's such a tiny percentage of the problem so as to be almost an irrelevance. It's lip service to string certain gullible elements of society along. You realize part of controlled dialectic is to maintain a certain degree of illusion? Don't buy into the illusion my homie

This. We need more walls. Canada can get fucked.

What does butthurt feel like? Is it a stabbing pain or more of an ache?


Anyone ever think Trump being cool with Israel might be a blessing in disguise, since all the Anti-Trump sentiment pushed by the media will fan Anti-Israel sentiment?

Thanks for proving me correct. This place is nothing other then a containment board to prevent redpilling of normies and d&c shilling natsocs. Tip toppity kek.

JFK opposed Israeli stealing of US nuclear secrets and becoming a nuclear power and was gonna cut Israeli funding, he paid the ultimate price. We know, history knows and it you won't be able to contain it again jew.

Good. Move all jews to Israel. Make it safe. Kill all sandniggers. Let jews rule over middle east,rebuild it, while whites rebuild their own countries.

Hello trs

I would love to read about statistics. How much did the wall actually affect the illegal immigration? How much did the flow decrease? How much does the maintenance cost?

Let's look at some numbers…

You walked into the wrong board, goon.

Once we're done with your pets we're coming for you

that's exactly what it is

through the power of kek, the jews have unwittingly become our ally and now it will be cool to hate them, making the democrats into actual fascists.



First you will fight us.
Then you will begin to agree with us.
Then you will become us.


In b4 Trump told Bibi he needs to shitpost on twitter if he want's the embassy moved.

Has anyone noticed that the more nervous shills get they start posting anime?
I was actually proud of Holla Forums being able to see through bullshit. Seems as if it can't see through blind hope though. Everyone has a weak spot

Is he going to wall off the sea as well? Why not build a wall along the Canadian border then? Is he going to build a wall all around Alaska? You didn't even try did you?

The fuck are you (1) talking about that anime image is calling out a shill.

Why is Bibi sucking Trump's cock so much ?
Is he afraid or something ?

At the rate they're going, why not?

It's a shil's image my Zionist compromising friend

He's afraid of losing Shekels like any kike.


I wish you faggots remembered this

You need to lurk moar or get out.

It's not only hope he's actually giving them stuff, or says he's going to. Not gibs but deportations. Meanwhile 9/11 isn't being reinvestigated and the fed isn't getting audited. And maybe that's a good thing. Just as long as they understand jews are still very much in charge, even more now really. So you better hope you can trust them, but as I understand it and have never seen any evidence to refute it…..
With Jews you Lose.

No you need to either refuse the shekels you're paid or just stop sucking up to the first person who sells you hope. Zionist or otherwise

I wish one day people would stop relying on a Saviour to fix their own problems. Everyone is corruptible, and judging by the people Trump surrounds himself with it especially applies to him

The best an elected official could do is stay out of what people need to do

Nice try Schlomo back to the gas chamber with you.

Of course, but that doesn't mean having a wall on both our northern and southern borders is bad for us.

It just means that having a boat that you can survive on and make an ocean crossing with becomes an essential bug out item. Not too bad.

Oh wow it just hit me why this thread is getting shilled so hard the JIDF showed up along with goons, and antifags who were already here.

Wew the cancer is seeping out of my computer screen.

I think cute 2d girls annihilate their anuses because it reminds them of all the times 3D girls have laughed at them, and they realize it's never going to end

Oh I wasnt talking about that discussion, I was talking about the benjamin tweet. You will always find at least some jews on either side

Get out..

what a faggot


It's a beauty thing as well. Commies and Jews hate beauty because beauty is inequality.

Ew did you make that on fucking MSpaint? Jesus you didn't even try did you?

It's a good chance to look at several different species of shills competing for control of the same habitat. Learn their tactics anons.

You guys realize you don't have to suck up to Trump anymore now that he's elected? Turning your critical skills back on would do more to help what he's supposedly fighting for than being suck up whores

This is a station loving website I want all you station hating fags to leave!

By the way can we play trainroll when we ship all the kikes to the death camps?

But we haven't stopped winning yet moshie

Nah goon-kun, Holla Forums is my home. But you're going back

lurk more before posting, fag



Win for the cause you're fighting for. Don't do a cult of personality

Whoops. There we go. Fucking kiketube not letting me copy it for some reason.

Thank you Bibi you are my greatest Ally

Week 2

you dense and retarded faggot, he's done nothing anti-white since he's been in office. the longer he can pass off as being white nationalist to our enemies the more they get arrested. why don't you stfu and learn how things work, by lurking more

>The election is over so you filthy nazis should let us subvert your board now! >_<


Will you kill yourself when you're proven wrong?

Maybe you should lurk more if you think we are a cult of personality.

Either Netanyahu is hoping to score some reverse psychology or he's trying to lure Trump to Israel. Trump's maneuver over the embassy was spot on. Netanyahu is starting to realize Trump is no chump.

I like the utter confusion I'm picturing on their faces as they're loaded on to the train while this is playing.

You became a cult of personality

You're that desperate for me to be wrong?

I love nu-Holla Forums

What does me wanting to see your dumb ass hang itself have anything to do with desperation?

everything was explained to you. now you're just blatantly ignoring it so you can continue subverting. you're a retard and/or a tool. unless you're a Jew, in which case you'll be in the ovens shortly.

Oh my that projecting, he's not the one who makes shit up in the hopes trump looks bad to Holla Forums

He's in bed with too many jews for my comfort chaim

you're not thinking critically, you're arrogantly asserting and evading

I'm sorry I would never want to make dear leader look bad to Holla Forums, I don't mind he has only jewish grandchildren

thank you based smugposters this threw grew my folder so much


Your sophistry doesn't work here

Here, have a smug maze.

No you fucking retard, you come with actual fucking shit he has done instead of making shit up and crying wolf.

If you think that's arrogance it says a lot about how much you worship people

He has a jewish daughter, and he's hooked up his other children to jews. Also he (and his late father) loves Israel to death. People have been discredited for far less here on Holla Forums

This is a goon.

Incorrect. We're an apocalyptic cult. In service to the primordial darkness which spurs creation, we have found in Trump an individual who appears to be useful to our goals and we recognize that we stand a better chance of influencing him by painting him in such a manner. If he fails us, he'll be dealt with accordingly.



no you retard, you're ignoring everything else I said because he's not Hitler 2.0

Don't open this goon-kun, it's cee pee.

You've been trying to subvert Holla Forums for years and you've never even succeeded for one little second. How do you fail that badly without killing yourself, my man?

Let this be a lesson: You can never jew the jew, he always finds a way to subvert and control you.

There's no evidence of him having anything against any jews. Quite the opposite

How would criticizing him (when he actually excessively sucks up to jews/Israel) make him anti-white? It would just mean he loves jews so much that any criticism of that would turn him against you

Your immune system can't be controlled by a person (let alone a Zionist shill like Trump). It has to be controlled only by your pro-White principles and how much people fit them

That's exactly what politics is. As soon as you give that up you're little more than animals and slaves

ok pal


did you not take to heart never interrupt your enemies when they're making a mistake?

they see trump as white nationalist. we need to turn on trump when, if, he shows anti-white behavior, not before.

retard, that isn't a concern. if he was against us all along he'd have turned either way. the point is to make the Left think he's with us

practical politics you fucking idiot. not ideal politics. do you want to wait for Hitler or 14 words?

stepping stones you idiot, not autistic demands and whining and critiquing. leave that for the lulz and for the Left to freak out about

he has also dogwhistled us plenty of times

He meant the Holocaust (which he believes happened) was a win for the Nazis you blind child/shill

His admiration of Patton, hanging an Andrew Jackson painting on the wall, calling that "israel did 9/11" guy "one of us"… Fuck, he's given so many dogwhistles I can't even keep track of them all

How does making the Left believe a fake-Nationalist help with anything moron?

How does your posting in this thread help with anything moron?

Touched a nerve

Your argument is that he's a puppet yet he hasn't turned against us but he will. Do tell what part of that isn't speculation?


jews jump on the bandwagon of stuff they hate when they are weak or defeated…. They supported German nationalism at the beginning of WW1 after they spent years trying to deconstruct it and went back to being anti-German when at a critical time in WW1 causing the German to lose….. Read Mein Kampf

All this proves is that Nationalistic sentiment is more powerful than their israeli propaganda…expect them to turn on US publicly soon… perhaps at election time or if we get into a war or financial difficulties.

I've noticed most zionist or nationalist, whatever the title, versus globalist jews seem to like Trump very much. This works into our favor and I am happy to exploit it for the time being.

Cuts through blind hope

I leave to do something productive and see the shill is still at it and madder then ever. Kek he wasted all his time arguing with people who don't fucking care about him trying to convince us to hate anime like we are a goddamn hivemind.

they still need to hang for their crimes against humanity.


Trump made bibi defend the wall so now Trump can say "SEE even Israel is for our wall and also has their own and it works for them" which puts the MSM in the hilarious position of either bashing Israel or admitting the wall is a good idea.

You've ceased needing a Trump general as soon as he got elected, now it's time to pull those lips out of his ass and think whether you're full of shit

rationality doesn't win to anyone except those open to it, which is nearly no one

if you were actually rational, you'd know this. you'd know that power wins, not reason.

but you're not rational, you're an artist that can't accept anything but Hitler 2.0 because there's no such thing as 14 words to you.

Just American nationalism vanilla is 14 words.

You're not doing shit but increasing my smug folder. I could always use new smugs

Yes, the schism runs deep but all jews are allied with themselves at the end. We cannot rely on this too much. I can already see that they are simply trying to use this as an avenue of control.

You'll be eating a lot of that vanilla (your own blood in the desert) when he preps that Zionist jew cock up your ass in another war. And you'll only have yourself to blame at that point

He also exercised some mental gymnastics claiming he's a jew puppet but nationalistic but he's not against us but he will because jews.
It's pathetic.

I'm not saying any different my post illustrates that the jews are cowards that will go along until there is a good oppertunity for betrayal.
There is no such thing as a good jew.

TRS … still around trying to push anti-white pro-jew/fag propaganda…
Whats next John McCain will join up?

So what do you do with your free time when you're not at your job being a terrible shill who could use some practice, blackpilling is not a very reliable tactic?

a good kike way to avoid saying it's bad to d&c kikes.

I'll trust you

Trump has associated our wall with the kike wall and goyim nationalism with kike nationalism. Israel is now in a position where they have to defend American nationalism in order to defend their own nationalism.

I wasn't kidding about that 1488D chess fam.

Oh shit the shill is mad!

Did he like I said I had better things to do like lift for the coming race war and cook.

He's a jewish nationalist (Zionist) my friend. He's only pretending to be Pro-White to get you to soon bleed for Israel

Nigger how does calling kikes mentally disabled translate to pro jew propaganda? get that (you) out of there

You're no one's friend here.

Wish I could tell you FBI, but I am checking those trips

Sorry jew-kun, the answer's still nah

For real now, why are you even trying? I mean what makes you think that after months of shills saying exactly this, over and over and over again, now people here would suddenly change their mind about this? Trump and his Jewish connections, this entire matter has been dissected thousands of times by now, through hundreds of threads, by dozens of Holla Forumsacks who hate kikes to infinity, and never did the conversation end in the favour of you shills. I'm even too lazy to post my anti-shill copypasta at this point, it's just getting slightly annoying to filter you again and again, so please either fuck off or get some new arguments. Simply disgraceful.

Well when he offers any sign he is going to do that I'll believe you but so far go fuck yourself.

Like I said, don't be united around corruptible Zionists,but around incorruptible core principles. It's the only way you won't get jewed (again)

You realize that you're just shilling yourself, right?

I was just surprised TRS is still a thing….

no thanks shlomo

We're memeing and there's nothing you can do about it.

Because the election is over and unlike before now you have no alternative (impeachment for Zionist war is also out of the option with a Neo-Con Congress). Enjoy

Nah yeah go fuck yourself

Even Kek thinks your a faggot.

Dubs confirm I shall keep enjoying myself like I have during the election and especially this past week.

It's like you have brain damage

Jews will obviously profit from this. I'm sure kike construction companies are doing everything to get the contract. Wake up and smell the coffee.

Perhaps you need to lurk more 33 are liar dubs we've known this forever.


They do actually.

wait… israel still exists?

For now.


What makes 33 liars'?

They also abuse the shit out of inhalants.

Exactly, i will, so what's your point? Why not fuck off? Why bother posting if you don't care? That's quite contradictory statement isn't it? Are you fucking retarded? Literally the same argument you shills brought in the middle of the election:
Exterminate your fucking Operating System and retroactively abort yourself, you dragon dildo flapperfucked cum slurper.

Years ago it dawned on me that to the Globalist kikes, Israel only exists to pool together their competition, both inside the borders and outside, then be sacrificed to get their ultimate memes turned into reality. I think the Zionist faction may have started to believe the Globalist sides' propaganda about muh israel and are in a gigantic trap/literal sacrificial holocaust scenario for the Jew's god. Betcha at least 6 gorillion Jews will be in Israel by the time it gets wiped out in such a scenario.

The shills are here to waste our time more than anything else. You could be triggering faggots on social media, planning things IRL, living your life, instead the shill has trapped multiple anons in here to discuss "le Trump is a zionist" narrative.


I obviously care enough to speak to you, who said I didn't care

He's trying to show he stands in support of his greatest ally. That kike couldn't care less. He just wants to make sure the money train from the US doesn't stop.


Which should remain taboo why?

I hope nobody is falling for it, the smugposter and I left a while ago to get IRL shit done and I can't picture anyone else wasting their time arguing with the shill when there are more important things to do.

Lol nice try


No one here has any important things to do at the moment (except shill and alphabet soup stuff)

wtf i love jews now

I am filtering them 99%, but it's a pain in the ass. Also, once in a while i like to take a look and see if they have new arguments, in hope i can make usage of them by debunking them to indirectly redpill newfags who are lurking here. But those cucks haven't had anything new since forever, even if i provoke them.

Right, it's saturday and most people rest today and tomorrow.
Wait a minute are you trying to trick me into saying we are the shills?

Living in your own bubble chaim


You'd have to have a double digit IQ to come up with other arguments, these shills are most likely reading from a script like pajeet telemarketers.


Either shills or really naive Trump fangirls

Guess you missed this line.

I see you changed your IP shillsteinberg, gotta change your IP once in a while to bypass the ID filter list right?

How would you know if you've been filtering the new ones?

he's just so dedicated to spreading the truth, or likes to laugh at the "trump fan girls"

Yeah but shills and pajeets get their scripts from somewhere, who would think they're so fucking lazy and won't update them for months. No wonder Hillarys donors lost billions if shills and leftycucks are doing such sloppy work all the time. How can you even suck at such basic work? I guess only degenerates manage that.

Trump and Netanyahu are extremely similar and the fact that Holla Forums is confused by this is telling

Wish it were that easy

He would know because just like you just did shills are quick to hop on to another ID, or are you saying it is (((merely a coincidence))) that one shill stopped replying and soon after you began posting?

Don't forget he called on all Jews to leave Europe and return to Israel.

chill matey. I was having posting issues.

Trump supports Jews user. He was never /ourguy/ just far better then the alternative and promoting him helped spread our message of truth and awaken a interest in nationalism in the west. If you actually thought trump was going to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. Then you where fooled and should lurk more.

My guess is that their brain shuts down other arguments after a week or so of shilling from the sheer BTFO'ing they get, you can't make new arguments without testing said arguments by thinking of possible counterarguments.

Ok you've got me, guess that proves I'm wrong and you're right. Show's over folks

I forgot to say this is all just speculation and it could just be that they're complete braindead idiots.

he can still be used that way you retard. why stop using a tool until it ceases giving output? you stupid fuck acknowledge his usefulness during election but then he's elected and suddenly he needs to stop being used, despite nothing yet happening to indicate he cannot be used. you are hurting the awakening not helping it you dense fucks


Now you have to think why would he have gone though all that trouble and promote White nationalism when his soft-spot is and has always been the jews?
The only answer is he wants to spill you blood for kikes like Bush (1 & 2) did


You're forgetting who's using who in this case user

I take it back, you wouldn't even vote for Hitler because Hitler told Jews to go back before killing them. you'd say he's a Zionists kike.

There's less braindead people here than you think my friend

Ban on Lobbying on behalf of foreign governments:
https:// twitter.com/spectatorindex/status/825462340090859520


So you're criticizing me for being too pro-Hitler or too against him?

Yes I know dip shit, but to ignore the truth to support kikes is just imbecilic. Trump has done good things, but its not a final solution. If Trump cuts off the $3.15 billion per year the US sends to Israel then I will maybe change my mind. But as long as the parasites are profiting of us then their should be no supersize when Netanyahu gives his Shabbos Goy an 'atta boy.

figure that out for yourself, shill

Hitler was backed by international bankers, and ended up helping the jews and allowing the germans to be slaughtered like pigs. He populated the state of Israel. Great guy!

Have you ever imagined you can be a Zionist and do the same things Trump is doing? Think about that for a minute

Hey. Guess what:

You argue like a true kike

wtf I love jews now

You have nothing to say

Oh no, look at what that kike lover trump did. Holla Forums BTFO! archive.is/OdZ2f choke on a dick schlomo

oh shit a twitter tweet. I guess I will start licking Yid chode now and promote sodomy and civic nationalism!

Go kill yourself

AIPAC is a relic, the blackmail system of obtaining their goals is much more covert.

All you have is things that havent happened

This. Until they are literally killing each other anything else is just a minor spat as they reorganize and find a new vector to attack us.

For a few days you hear not much from shills, today they double down with their crap, only to get totally and utterly BTFO shortly afterwards.

Pic related.

And with a cabinet full of Zionist jews you think they never will? :^)

^ that's you, kike

Everyone knows that naming the Jew is political suicide in the US. Fuck off D/C kike puppet.

the funniest part about this twitter tweet is that stopping lobbying will not support the foreign aid currently being sent. As I said he still needs to cut off the $3.15 billion per year to Israel, plus the additional 38 billion they promised over the next 10 years. he never was /ourguy/, but I still voted for Trump and supported a Trump election.


That's exactly right. You and logic do not mix.


I didn't mean it like that, it would be cool that netanyahoo was some kind of (reverse?) psy-op, just sayin.

Oh it's fucking you, I remember you from a bunch of threads with the same style of "I'm more rightward that you! You are nothing more than children, FBI agents or israel shills"

You really need to hone that style in your think tanks before you use it here fag

wtf I hate Trump now

These. He's just hitching himself to our bandwagon for his own interests.

Why would you need AIPAC when you have Mr. AIPAC himself in office

Oh boy the anti-Trump shills sure are mad. Next they will tell us that Hungary's wall was ineffective at stopping illegal immigration.

Daily reminder that Trump is the only president in the past 50 years who didn't go to israel and lick the cum off that fucking wall.

Trump made Yahoo come to him to kiss the ring. You jews know that this is the end for you all, right? The internet is global, there's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. You think New Zealand is safe? Pro-Tip: It's not.

No idea what you're talking about bud


Its a start and this man literally just became president, yes he could pull a merkel and do the complete opposite of what he promised but so far he has been holding on to his promises and done more in one week than most presidents do in years. You can never be sure of someones future actions but you look at that persons track record and what he has done and you get a pretty good look at what the character is. Noone here will support trump if he goes full kike but so far its the same shit here as the libtards trying to predict his future actions.

Let's not forget that jewishness is matrilineal.



The zionists are trapped in regards to the wall. Trump has been tweeting about how great israel's wall and how effective it is. There's no real way they can talk shit about the wall after that.

You are a fucking retard. Really. Learn how the human mind works or stop trying to suggest action that promotes 14 words. One thing matters: power.

Disconnecting Trump's image from ours only makes us look weak, you idiot. Keep your autistic jacking off to yourself until he does something egregiously anti-white.

14 words, you stupid fuck. 14 words. The 'civic nationalist' is just an ethno or christian nationalist and just doesn't know it yet.

You're like an old crone whinging that Hitler had some shitskins in his army.

What the fuck are you smoking? I have said several times now that I support the good things Trump has done, supported his election and voted for him. I am mealy stating the obvious, that his is not ideal and is flawed.

Netanyahu is smart and knows how to negotiate, this will earn him a lot of good will with Trump.

I guess this is for (you) too

Any moron can see Trump loves Israel. Ideologically opposite people from the far-left and far-right see it. You're the civic nationalist here my friend. And so is Trump

I know mate. It was a rhetorical question

You're as retarded as the far-left, that's what.

Why hasnt he kissed the kike wall then

His daughter does that for him?

What's wrong with based jews? :^)

Holy shit I can hear the REEEEEEEEEEEEE through my monitor.

Go home CTR, you lost the election.

Oh sorry, it came off as a double negative and I thought you where implying the opposite. I guess I would have reworded it as "why do you need foreign lobbying when you are already getting 110% of everything your nation ever wanted."

you can at least take a position you stupid kike and not use rhetorical questions like an evasive faggot that expects people to care about what you think.

nothing has proven him not to be a cryptogoy, yet. you stupid fuck.

Trump has nothing to do with any specific number of words my friend. Maybe except הַתִּקְוָה

My bad.


Do you stupid faggots really want more? GTFO and stay O

>his own blood born daugther converted twice after she fucked it up the first time

You're not the sharpest toll in the shed now, are you?

I have to wait until I'm in Iran until I get the message I'm wanted there

Yes, Jews play both sides, but we're playing on a multidimensional space. Their narrow-minded obssession with thesis-antithesis will be their downfall yet again, as it has been repeatedly throughout history.

forgot to greentext


OP doesn't seem like a troll to me. Mr. (29) is though.


If this is jews loosing all the time I wonder what them winning looks like

you're a fucking retard.

wtf I love Hillary now


Anyone who plays at a multi-dimensional level will always appear to leave space open in the lower dimensional space, which kikes take the opportunity to latch onto and declare themselves 'intelligent', along with arrogant rhetoric.

wew laddie

A bunch of autistic (but well-intentioned) lads are controlling the Zionist US President. ok

No nigger you really don't get it. You are digging your own graves. TRSodomites like you are not welcomed. I will personally be happy the day faggots like MW, Spencer, Wallace, Kike Enock, Milo, Mcinnes and Grinder Greg are hanged.
If this is "pretending to be retarded" bait then good job, because you rustled my jimmies m8. Because I would personally put a bullet in this cucks heads If given the opportunity

Yeah we definitely gained nothing positive out of our vote yet. I should have voted Hillary.

I didn't look back far enough to see that you actually believe your retarded position. Yeah. "My bad."

You really believe voting controls people? Bear in mind that he will not get impeached by a Neo-Con Congress for Zionist wars. So there's no way to sanction (and as such control through negative reinforcement) the making of another Terror war
Voting him was just an irretractile rubber stamp you gave him for 4 years

Also, I'm not against hanging them either.

wtf I love Hillary now. We should have gone to war with Russia instead of ISIS. Overthrow Assad!

Yeah, 'irretractable', sure. Being accelerationist was the better option by voting in Hillary and then being raped by a bunch of lefties.

The election is over now you dumb fuck


Voting doesn't do shit matey

I guess trump rigged the elections then

I know and it's pathetic.

We're all barbarians, m8. Not ascendant humans.

They're not rigged, they're useless

the club where you pozz each other together is two blocks down

Please enlighten me how trump got to be president

Not violence. Just every white man working for himself (and his innate whiteness). Once you turn to leaders and sweet-talk you usually end up with Zionists and/or civic nationalists (or FBI)

If Jews ever actually won for once, there wouldn't be a JQ because they would have solved it for themselves a long time ago and be standing on their own two feet, instead of being a bickering tribal diaspora that only survives by parasiting off of stronger powers. Time and time again the Jews have accumulated more than enough power to win, only to lose everything due to their own failings and inner weakness. They refuse to graduate from being little more than white-collar gypsies. They would actually be kind of pitiable if it wasn't so obviously their own fault.

He's making the "it doesn't matter who you elect, they don't deliver on their promises" and yet at this very moment all of Twitter is drowned in autistic screeching over the "Muslim Ban" which is just the latest of Trump's many executive orders.

Forgot the word "argument" after the "promises" bit.

Super-Pacs and the media portraying him as the Sexist, Racist, Xenophobic, Transphobic "White people's guy". Also him posting that pepe tweet which got Holla Forums on board

His last post screams anarchist/commie though

Nigga we were on the Trump train long before that. It's how the image got made in the first place. Cuck/pol/ on the other hand was late to the party.

Also possible.

You really forgot Zionists hate muslims? Doesn't necessarily mean he's doing it for White people

Jews have exactly two tricks.

The Betrayal


The Cocksucker

The jew is always sucking the dick of those he cannot defeat, abusing those he has defeated, and plotting to betray those who he serves.

Guess where Duke Jew is right now.


Yeah I'm sure Israel loves their proxy army getting bombed by us.

I just know people fuck up my mateys. Stalin fucked up, Mao fucked up, hell even Hitler fuck up. What makes you think another dear leader cult of personality is gonna fix any problems? It's not.

wtf I #standwithisrael now


You think all of 8/pol/ just suddenly attached to a cult of personality, after all this shit you just went through with them arguing with you?

With them agreeing he's just a stepping stone but they disagree on when/if to call him out as a political strategy?

You're a fucking retard.

Don't say he wouldn't do it

omg your post turned me into a zionist

You're discouragement shilling hasn't worked the entire election cycle and it won't work now.

We didn't elect Trump because we thought he was Hitler (only the left thinks that). We elected him because he was making some promises we liked and THERE WAS NO WAY IN HELL WE WERE GOING TO LET HILLARY WIN.


Russia and Iran are allies you fucking retard. They trade oil.

Ok. Like I said now the election is over, it's time to put your thinking hats back on. "Greater evil" Hillary is gone and now there's no alternative

I'm still not tired of winning.

Oil is worthless now user (compared to what it used to cost). All the US has to do is whisper to the Saudis to stop ramping up production and Russia's economy is gold. Not to mention he can lift their sanctions if he wants to.
All the Russians need to to is stop supporting Iran. They might even get to keep Crimea in the process

You mean time to put your tin foil hats back on, because it's impossible for whites to ever win at anything meaningful on a national level. It's always to the enormous benefit of kikes.

What were you saying about that "legitimacy" that's been given to Trump now that cannot be retracted?

You can't tear down Trump. Look how hard the lefties' protests are going

how *far

Really blatant there.

You buy into the bullshit, which is why you're an idiot - or a shill. Either way, I'm done with this.

well don't be supersized when trsodomites like yourself start losing their lives. What are you "diplomatic" hippy pussies going to do when their is real conflict? Are you going to start crying for patrion donations? Weakness is a liability and nobody gains true political power by compromise.

I see right through you shill.

It's only a formal legitimacy

and that would've been better given to Hillary, right? Fight no battles, only one big explosive war?

One big step or no steps at all, am I right, kike?

You three are going to get so Obamaed


Holla Forums was always a Zionist board!

What?! You don't believe Trump is a Mossad agent hell bent on securing ZOG's interest forever and exterminating the white race?


Can we just forget about Hillary for the moment? Still too soon?

TRS jews and fags will fight for the leftists (because muh inclusion & ebil nazis) if they fight at all when the shit hits the fan .

I never argued that one should be weak, I argued that supporting Trump is an effective means THUS FAR and there is no reason to stop yet because nothing has changed in those reasons except that he is President. But you'll be back, even after he's built the wall and deported a million illegals, defeated AIPAC and stopped the reason for refugee influx into Europe saying he's still a kike.

What are you doing here? Just going to shitpost about Trump being a kike all day until everyone agrees and then shit on him all the time? That will really help, right?

Na, go back to where ever you came from and stay there. Thanks

Look, if you think Trump isn't helping, go start the race war. Get off Holla Forums, and kick things off. I know you can do it. You are so much smarter than us, you know what's best. Get going.

American Jews are kvetching so hard over Bibi. Zionist leftists are starting to turn against hard left Jews.

PLEASE encourage this. They are prone to infighting.

Used to be for every 3 Jews I hear praising Islamization of Eurostan, 1 tells the others they are gonna get Shoahed by Muzzies. That number is growing fast. Now approaching 50/50. Particularly among young Kikelets

That would be a terrible idea. Trump should slam home his executive orders into law before he even thinks about taking any risky international visits.

TRS shill here, just checking in for the HWNDU threads

Your delusion is pretty funny, but enjoy being irrelevant

These things are opposite, faggot.

enjoy taking orders from your jewish masters faggot.

What's the average IQ on this board? All I'm saying is:
That's it

yes I know, they deserve a fate worse then death.

Faggot why do you keep resorting to this strawman. I supported Trump, I promoted trump, I voted for Trump. But you have to be smoking crack if you think critiquing trump pro-Kike ties is off the table. This is a niche forum of anons, fuck public relations. We are talking truth, and if you honestly think Trump is hiding his Power Level, and the Alt-kike ought to be trusted, then you really need to lurk more. If you alt0kike cucks knew what was best for yourselves you would have did a RamzPaul and backed off. But the fact that you niggers try to force a false consensus is fucking infuriating. I want blood, I want you fucker gutted. You think I am joking? I mean after all I might just be playing tough guy on the internet. But then again, I might not be. Don't be surprised when one of your cancerous e-celebrities bites a bullet.

You act as though you are telling us things we don't already know.

Which was what you've been kvetching about as being 'cult of personality' for 80+ posts.

Just die already, thanks.

Kikes are everywhere my mate (in every major group and infiltrated in every minor group that could ever threaten them)
The only place you're safe is, unless you're a kike as well, in your own person and immediate friends and family. That's the real hard truth I hope people will learn one day and stop joining or worshipping others they don't know the ins and out of

Critiquing it for what purpose? Everyone knows. Where ever you came from promoted it throughout the whole election. Nothing, literally nothing, has changed to justify bringing it up just so you can act like a wet rag on national enthusiasm for the purpose of making the left Kvetch itself into an imploding oblivion.

You'll get your blood. I am not saying to PR to be 'inclusive' of others. I am saying to PR to make the Left consume itself.

Filtered him a long time ago. Makes the thread a bit better.

You've never gotten over-excited about anything before? Unless your autism powers are savant-level don't risk getting infatuated with Zionists however based they seem

Again. Go die.

Yes, I have Savant-level of autism powers. I strive to make a culture where the best may rise above everyone, even if I am not the best - and the strategy for that is opening opportunity for them to continue fucking with the kikes, if they exist - until Trump does something actively anti-white and our hand is forced.

88 dubs proves Trumps Salami slicing tactics are all pork.

Ok. Just make sure you don't miss it or the evidence leading up to it

Go die. Seriously, kill yourself you stupid fuck.

A good day to you too user

Yes, you killing yourself would be a good day. Make sure to record it so everyone can enjoy.


With Trump repealing Obongocare (((Trsodomites))) will die without their precious AIDS medication keeping them healthy and alive.

cute, you win :)

"be the change you want to see brah. How does my slightly sideways, black, fitted hat look? Edgy, hip,urban and rebellious? K, good. Queue my music brah….and remember the bad guys are nefarious German death cults and Waspy technocrats… and puppet politicians. It's not the Jews."

11-dimensional chess master.

During the 1980s, the CIA recruited and trained Muslim operatives to fight the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Later, the CIA would move those operatives from Afghanistan to the Balkans, and then to Iraq, Libya, and Syria, traveling on illegal US visas. These US-backed and trained fighters would morph into an organization that is synonymous with jihadist terrorism: al-Qaeda.

By the mid-1980s, "al-Qaeda" was only a database in a computer linked to the communications department of the secretariat of the Islamic Conference. At the time, when Osama bin Laden was nothing but a proxy US agent operating in Peshawar, al-Qaeda's intranet was a good communication system for fighters to exchange code messages. "al-Qaeda" was neither a terrorist organization - an Islamist army - nor personal property of Osama bin Laden.

Later on, in the mid-2000s in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi - the Jordanian thug precursor of ISIS/ISIL/Daesh - was recruiting militants/fanatics/angry young men by himself, without any direct input by bin Laden. His set up was al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI).

Later re-branded ISIS by the Neocons, they are spread out all over the Middle East still possessed by their "Assad must go" psychosis (he's not going anywhere though). They need to finance the military junta now in power in Egypt to the tune of tens of billions of dollars (Egypt is essentially broke.) To top it off, they foolishly bought Washington's fight against Russia by embarking in an oil price war which is corroding their own budget.

What is certain is that the dirtiest secret of the war on terror will remain off-limits. All the "terror" we face, real or manufactured, springs out from just one source; not "Islam", but intolerant, demented Wahhabism.


"If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it doesn’t matter what you do, America is a Golden Calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the World’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control.
Why? Because it’s god’s will and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again, again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves" -Binjamin Netanyahu



List of Terrorist/War Criminal Israeli Prime Ministers:

David Ben-Gurion — #1 — Israel's George Washington commanded the ethnic cleansing of approximately 750,000 Arabs during the destruction of hundreds of Palestinian villages in 1948
Levi Eshkol — #2 — he presided over the ethnic cleansing of another 250,000 Palestinians
Menachem Begin — #3 — he was the preeminent terrorist in the Middle East, murdering Arabs, Englishmen and Jews … until Ben-Gurion and Eshkol surpassed him
Ariel Sharon — #4 — a murderous war hawk, he was responsible for massacres at Qibya, Sabra and Shatila
Benjamin Netanyahu — #5 — he was responsible for the deaths and mutilations of thousands of children during Operations "Cast Lead," "Pillar of Defense" and "Protective Edge"
Yitzhak Shamir — #6 — he had British and Swedish nobles murdered for seeking to have Palestinians treated as equals of Jews
Ehud Barak — #7 — a cross-dressing assassin, he participated in death squads that killed women, policemen and a poet known as "The Conscience"
Golda Meir — #8 — she threatened to destroy the world with nukes during a BBC interview and more than once insisted that Palestinians "did not exist" as a people
Shimon Peres — #9 — he aggressively pursued nuclear weapons and succeeded in delivering them
Yitzhak Rabin — #10 — he signed an order for the children of Lydda to be ethnically cleansed "quickly, without attention to age"
Yigal Allon — #11 — he served in Special Night Squads which tortured and killed "without compunction"
Ehud Olmert — #12 — he presided over the 2006 invasion of Lebanon, which killed 1,300 people and displaced more than a million others
Moshe Sharett — #13 — he was a staunch proponent of compulsory population transfer (ethnic cleansing)

You're the reason this board and site is shit.

You had two posts and didn't name the jew. "Zionists" doesn't count because jews can weasel/deflect blame onto Christian Zionists. "they care about Israel more than we do! lol! amiright goy…I mean guys?"

Does that mean we should like Israel? Or just assume that they act with such chutzpah and hyper-aggression(because they have their jew cousins in America and Europe making sure their aren't any consequences)

Shit, I'm gonna shitpost all over about Trump now.

Zionists commit only massacres.The US, at the cost of American taxpayers, supplies the Israeli Zionist terror gangs with weapons and other means of destruction shipped to Tel Aviv.

The bodies ofslain women and children are mutilated and people get beheaded and their limbs cut off (ISIS/Mossad), roasted alive locked inside a house and pregnant women stabbed with machetes in the womb (Saud kikes).

Sixty years of Zionist crimes have proved beyond doubt that they are not normal human beings and therefore need to be nuked to death by the world. Once America falls, this menace will be dealt with swiftly, and completely.

Certainly dont want jews to be killed. That is why jews need a homeland - a theme park full of make-belief shekels where they can do whatever makes them happy. Muslims are worse than jews in my book and if jews need to defend their homeland then fine, I dont care.

i agree
israel is greatest ally!
I support white תationalism

Ever hear the saying "Two Jews, three opinions"?

Before I was wise to the JQ I thought it meant Jews are argumentative intellectuals who love playing devil's advocate in debate.

Now I understand the true meaning. Jews will pretend to disagree with each other in front of gentiles. But they have a real opinion they'll only voice in Hebrew: "Fuck the goyim."

King Jew and trump aren't playing 58934574 dimensional chess with each other, they're actually pals. You have to be retarded to not see this.

fuck off back to the_donald you cuck



Netanyahu's pulled shit like this before. He has a lot of weird quotes actually. It is probably just a result of him being a high level Jew who was able to Jew the other Jews.

What would that matter? Countries need borders.

Oh no, they killed sources for your Muslim BBC