China declares WAR on the US 'now a reality’: Armies ready for battle 'TONIGHT'

Military chiefs for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) have issued the shock announcement as China and US sit at loggerheads over the South China Sea.

Warships, missiles and warplanes in the Pacific superpower are being prepared for conflict as Beijing rages against new US President Donald Trump.

Trump has repeatedly slammed China and told them he will not back down over issues such as trade and disputed islands in the Pacific Ocean.
Chinese military leaders released a statement on the official website of the PLA talking up war with the US as now a “practical reality”.

It was written by an official at the national defence mobilisation department in the Central Military Commission, China's military high command.

Beijing is raging against the US as they call for the Pentagon to pull their warships and missile defences out of the Pacific region.


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Chinks about to be BTFO. Hopefully Trump nukes Beijing.

I'm comfy with this.

I for one am ready to remove chink


Archive your link next time faggot. Especially when it's some pro china trash piece.

Won't happen. Just posturing

So they're basically going to be like their NK puppets, now?

Chinks know they would lose.

This probably won't happen, chinks would get BTFO so hard, America has a bigger navy than 3 times the rest of the worlds navies combined, all they'd have to do is blockade the chinks and carry out continuous airstrikes until they gave in
Man, China really doesn't want to have to rely on itself to make communism work.


as much as I hate to say it, alex jones probably was right. If one can manage to fix america and the white nations, which will still take many more years.

China is still a jew heaven, fugging commies. They will start shit and it will most likely mean us all dying in a nuclear holocaust.

If china was gone, well there wouldnt be really a strong enough nation to oppose anti communism anymore. So I hope that russia at least doesnt interfere with all of this.


Sounds like China just wants to test Trump's response and see how he will react to a show of strength. My guess is just posturing to test out the new regime.

Notice the fearmongering "CHINA DECLARES WAR….a reality."

Fuck I wish, most colleges are now overrun with these gooks, and most make no effort to assimilate or even speak english


Great way to end the chink race forever. Why are lefties always so suicidal?

This. That's what cucks of every shade are doing right now. It reminds me of a spoiled 3 year old who is suddenly dealing with the hardass uncle who doesn't deal with that shit. They'll get BTFO a few times and realize who the alpha is, at which point they'll be meek and submissive.

Just blockade them until 900mln chinks die from starvation

G-guys I go into the military soon, if they open their missile silos, will I die?


invades africa

China don't have the capacity to attack the USA and no desire to.
Their military doctrine is entirely defensive.

China being used by the Globalists to bring down a nationalist America. Same play, different actors.


Binkov isn't bad.
But he leaves out a lot of relevant information such as known competence of troops.

It's like the USA are well known in the aviation world for being shit at bombing.
And for lousy troop morale in the face of heavy fire.

you mean commiefornia right?

We have a Missile Defense System! Scenario: They launch - we knock out the first volley, x. We nuc them, 2x, including EMP! They can't fight back. We vaporize them!

Game over.

If you live in a good target, probably yes.
China won't attack though, nor will the US. A nuclear exchange would only have losers, since even if you completely wipe out the other asshole he destroyed most of your infrastructure. Even during the Cold War the two sides, who did not depend on one another economically, didn't push the button.



This is what the UK's nuclear strategy relies on.
Take out key infrastructure pieces of administration centres and the nation falls apart on its own.
Leaving it at the mercy of other nations who will be only too happy to finish it off.


US, Taiwan, Japan, and Russia alliance against chinks

Oh he's also a fair bit slanted in a pro-US way…for some baffling reason.
Or just ignorant of US military equipment.
Anyone who labels the F-22 excellent at anything is clearly not aware of its many many flaws.

Enjoy your ban

Is this board safe for work? I didn't know.

topkek. It's all rhetoric for the Chinese population.

Hope you enjoy 4cuck

Pretty sure he is from 4cuck.

So does China.

Good bye. Sorry. are what you eat.


Sorry for misposting.

You had one job.

Chinks have nice parades though. Starts at 18:45. Anybody know the name of the marching song?

Too bad they can't move all those troops.

Literally shaking.

Don't post that retard here ever again. He really has no idea about what the fuck he's talking about.

Embed related is much better. :^)


Unless they ally with Mexico.


Beans and rice are off the menu.

Or Canada for that matter.

How are these pricks a threat again? Even when you consider the meme drones and cardboard missiles mentioned in the article, these still would amount to nothing in open war against the USA.
ONE firebombing raid and these faggots would capitulate on the spot, don't even need to bring out the nukes

Love impotent chink rage. Such thin skinned faggots. Their playbook is from 80 years. This over the top psycho response to comments hahahaha.

Makes me want to go join the military to kill some chinks, too bad my feet are defective and I wouldn't be able to pass MEPS.

it would take some supreme autism on the chinkus side to even dare considering war with the USA
which even though the US has spent 100's of billions of dollars on ridiculous military projects like that gay gas shit its still about 30 years ahead of anything the Chinese can throw together
the best equipment the Chinese have in their arsenal were bought from the fucking Soviets thats how out of date their shit is

I'd rather put them in camps and charge admission to poke them with sticks.

decent choregraphy
like 99% of all their martial arts rely on choreography to look impressive
when used in actual combat situations theres only about two Chinese martial arts that dont result in having your leg and neck broken by the first drunk to take a swing at ya

China really needs to be taken to the woodshed though. I would love to see their entire navy destroyed just for the impertinence of insulting a God Emperor.

While Trump is at it, he should drop a MOAB on the Three Gorges Dam, then China will have about half a billion people killed and ravaged by flood waters. Good luck China.


They'd still have to get them across the ocean, and they can't compete with the american Navy


I was wondering when their next scheduled historical revolution & revolt would be, since that's what their history has been made up as. Though I doubt China has the military might they boast about having what with fucking over an entire generation with having more males over females and their population numbers. Are they really willing to risk losing more abled body men of their future and legacy to be able to wipe their asses for them when the older chinks get too old?

nah dont do that
the run off from half a million industrial wastelands would all get washed into the sea of Japan
and Japans fishing industry already suffers from commie chinku industrial run off
if all of China's mess got washed to the ocean from that flood it would turn the sea red and pink with algal and jellyfish blooms



China is a shit and would get rekt if they actually declared war.

Other than zerg rushing then can't do shit, and it won't work over water.

don't mind me

Sad how all this noise with China could've easily been avoided if we let Japan finish the job.


can it be memed?

The PLA, aka the Great Wall of Banknotes. Do PLA generals still hire their soldiers as cheap labour and pocket the profits?

Chinks are incapable of developing an effective military strategy because they don't give the slightest fuck about the lives of their fellow chinks. That's why their sole tactic is zerg rushing.

Don't worry, Japan can be compensated with copious amounts of formerly Chinese coastal areas.

Nothing will happen.

Hell, India and China will go to war before China tries something with the US. Or, even better, let the Chinks go into Afghanistan, and have them and Russia clean up the fucking Middle East.

how are chinks supposed to win. They will get assraped just like every single other time during the past 300 years. Nobody likes them in asia. Not even north korea but they have to suck their dick because of their financial support.

Worse than ever to my reading. The warlordism makes me wonder if the PLA would be responsive at all to an American assault.

China does not have army, PLA is Chinese communist party army.

They are fucking with maritime trade. America nuked Japan over maritime control.


Pretty sure you’re retarded, and 100% sure you know nothing about china.

Meme war on china! They asked for it, let's meme a bloody revolution. buddhist forces have been preparing for this day and have infiltrated the bsiess system. If we aim at creation of religious and nationalist movements, we can cause china to crumble, and divide the left as they are programmed to upport buddhism as the real religion of peace.

Perhaps that what was meant by having CIA assets focus on overseas assignments.

You spic ass have to go back, no exceptions

How does this relate to America having attacked Japan primarily for maritime access?

Sanshou seems pretty solid, too bad it's almost inexistent in the west.

good idea, let them destroy southern california

if china got shit on by fucking japan during the second world war what chance they have against USA?


I actually think it kinda reinforces your argument.

Everything the Chinese have done during their entire history has ended up with millions of their own dead. I wouldn't be surprised if some Chinese major cities end up being bombed by the system instead of the American nukes.

F22 can launch standoff bombs and missiles - so no biggie if not .9 Reliability.

thats what they call arming every farmer with really really long fly swatters?

tbh Japan alone could probably sink the entire Chinese navy, America could just sit back and eat popcorn.

Please post more

I hope we at least get joint effort warship construction. Yamato + Montana instead of Yamato vs Montana.

nah the JSDF doesnt have enough personnel
their arms would cramp up and stop functioning what with the constant reloading in order to stave off the tsunami of greasy noodles foaming towards them

Anyone remember that article where some Australian TV channel somehow offended China in the Olympics and they wrote an extremely flustered article about how China would take revenge for slighting them?

I'm perfectly aware of that. I'm saying that the Chinese will give in the moment the US puts pressure on them. This is just sabre rattling.

It can't dogfight, which it is supposed to be able to do. Not that its cannon has the ammo to do so anyways.
It keeps having various systems faults or failures. Some of which have killed their pilots.
Everyone has figured out how to counter the stealth technology it relies on meaning a lot of design choices are now total liabilities.
It (along with the F-35) can not be used on carriers without possibly killing or crippling the pilot.
Many of its weapon systems are still in development and in some cases nobody is quite sure if they'll ever work right.

The F22 is a total lame duck.
It is only exceeded in how terrible it is by the F35. Which may actually need to be scrapped in its entirety since as it turns out, it can't be flown safely by humans. The helmet alone is a death trap that is known to cause skull fractures in pilots and may lead to brain damage with prolonged use.

Checked, but you forgot hong kong as well

nope but I know the Australian Labour party up and basically just promised to sell half of Australia to China in their Chinese Lunar new year statement

Going thru with this is economic SUICIDE.
China is posturing to pressure US and fulfill its imperial ambitions.

Hong Kong just wants Britain to come back, install a colonial governor, station some Royal Navy in the port and remove the millions of commie chinese peasants the PRC has flooded into the city since the 90's

Here's how I see it. China has an air-defense network comparable to Iraq's at the beginning of Gulf War 2. It took the US approximately 2 days to eliminate that air defense network. Granted they (US assets) were in place- however; US forces can (and have) flown sorties from the mainland all the way into Afghanistan (part of the Global Strike practice run). So theoretically all air superiority over Mainland China could be achieved within a 2 week time frame by the elimination of their air defense network.

Every time a missile is fired, satellites paint it up and the launcher is eliminated so by attrition China's defensive forces are neutralized as soon as they are used (think sub based tomahawks with Sat Recon). Granted China has satellite defense- but not of the scale that would be required to blacken US assets. Again they would launch, the targets painted- takes that option away.

So from my civvie eye that loves to larp, a war with China would go Nuclear (from China's side) early on after they realize most (if not all) of their defensive air capabilities are gone. So they start nuking up places. Eliminating the West Coast, Guam, and Hawaii nothing of value would be lost. While retaliatory strikes (now the gloves are off) would eliminate say 80% of their population in one 24 hour period (dense target rich environment) with the contents of perhaps 2 SSBNs and a few nukes launched from planes (none of the heavies from US mainland would be needed).

This would not be a smart move on China's part fuck I hope they do this

What, when did this just happen?

Do you live in Commiefornia?

Bill Shorten was basically gagging on Xi Jinpings half inch dick and loving every minute of it in his speech

I would say that Chinas air defence network is a lot better than Iraqs.
If only because their militarys main posture is defensive and they know how important it is to them.

dude you forget Taiwan, Australia, Japan and South Korea
if war broke out Japan becomes a staging ground for the US invasion
Australia becomes host to Americas short range nuclear arsenal
Korea gets all its reserves pulled into action
and Taiwan would straight up invade and try to get some land on mainland China again
if China went nuclear all these places are getting hit too


Should have said technologically comparable. Only game changer if they start buying (or copying) S400/S500 Russian systems- that would change the dynamic drastically.

This is the most retarded thing a fake news website has come with

-China declares war on NATO
-China can no longer sell in the west
-Chinese economy bankrupts day 1

Who is so retarded they take this seriously?

Baned and posting fuck mods

I have never more wished that they hadn't started disarming Big Stick, Black Dragon, Mighty Mo and Whiskey than this moment.

Another issue to remember is quantity.
Chinas industrial capacity is insane.
While their stockpiles are low they have plans in place to convert a lot of civil industry to war industry.

Much like Britain did in WW2.
Except instead of flying planes into combat straight from the factory they'll be launching missiles

It's all empty words. A CIA report a couple years back determined that even if every single nation on Earth fought against the US, they still wouldn't win.

The US is unconquerable and unbeatable. We have 10 active carriers and 2 Gerald Ford Class supercarriers under construction. On top of that, we have tons of nuclear submarines equipped with ICBMs.

We can project power anywhere in the world while the Chinks will never be able to move their big army anywhere without being beleaguered by US forced.

God I hate this country. The thing I hate the most is people's inability to recognise the yellow peril as the most damaging threat to Australia.

I'm glad that there's hope though.

China has made suicide attempts on itself before. They're really inept.

War with the US would cause the chinese economy to implode literally overnight. The entire country is built on loans made against American debt they credited.

I'm not necessarily against America, but it doesn't sound completely unbiased from my stand point.

I'm perfectly fine with this.

Chinese industrial capacity is located in a very tight band in their Eastern Provinces. If (as we've gone full larp in the thread) a total war begins- again densely packed industry is a target rich environment. We aren't talking WW2 bomber fleet sorties but a few US bombers at standoff range hitting their targets inland. Say 1 bomb / cruse missile per factory (which is reality) fucks it up for a month. By the time the factory can be retooled- the war is pretty much over (as the indiscriminate bombing has already begun). That coupled with the fact that their industry is currently tooled for exporting plastic bullshit goods to WalMart- it would take additional time. War planners probably know this and would hit the heavy industrial factories first. No matter how much raw materials you have- if you don't have the thing to work it- it is useless.

True true, I'm hoping they try a terror raid on Los Angeles and waste the missiles :^) but I certainly didn't say some unfortunate side effects would occur. Depends on if they went full launch everything we have at once- or tried a ratcheted approach.

I think you are mistaken about how our government works.

You can read the report yourself where they explain everything in depth. It is in the CIA's best interest to report that we have weaknesses, so that they can get a bigger budget to fix these weaknesses.

It incentives nobody to say that everything is perfect, because if its perfect, then you can cut their budget for next year since they obviously don't need any funds allocated for improvements as they're already perfect.

I don't think you understand how utterly ridiculous the US armed forces are.

I wouldnt say thats entirely true
consider a scenario where Britain, France, Germany and Russia were hostile to the US?
I cant see that ending well for the US tbh

Australia and New Zealand will probably receive a lot of Chinese refugees from that scenario.
And we'd accept them all with the current governments.

Oh, thanks for explaining. Makes sense.

I don't really, I only know truly that you have a fuckhuge military budget.

Probably not since Australia would get a couple of nukes lobbed at it as pointed out. People get pissy in wartime especially if Brisbane or Darwin are self lighting for a time.

There's no threat. We have the second most nuclear bombs in the world and are currently pulling Russia towards our side. If they really attack one of our naval fleets their major metropolises will be bombed.

The USA have enough difficulty hitting stationary targets with zero air defences or enemy aircraft.
The US bomber fleet is ludicrously pathetic in terms of combat doctrine and practice.

The US fighter fleet is a whole other story. Despite their modern aircraft being lousy as fuck, they're still one of the best in terms of doctrine and practices.

But there's a reason the USAF tries to rely on the RAF for bombing expertise. Especially targets that aren't stationary mud huts marked by satellite imaging and laser pointers.
They're shit at it, the RAF is great at it.

Also. China's industry base is massive and spread out.
Attacks on it will necessitate long missions deep into Chinese airspace.
Missions the USA is not really equipped to keep doing over a prolonged period of time.

It wouldn't.
They may not take and control the USA. But only because the USA would cease to exist. Descending into an anarchic Libyaesque quagmire where nobody can wield lasting or complete control.

Nice shock wording, nice direct link you faggot, kys

stupid cunt has the wrong leg pulled up, her bf needs his ass kicked

not even the issue
while Australia has no nukes of its own it has the facilities built to store and launch them in case of full scale nuclear war
in the event of nuclear war where China is a belligerent in a world wide conflict both the UK and the USA will relocate short range nukes to Australia where Australia has the capacity to hit anywhere between Indonesia and southern China

China's navy would be obliterated in a matter of days, then what would they do? We can conduct bombing raids out of Japan, SK, and probably the Philippines.

How long does it take to make a nuke? Australia has the all the raw materials there waiting to be put to use.

We would certainly face problems, but they would never be able to defeat us, even if you throw China in there.

Let's set nuclear weapons aside entirely and pretend they don't exist, because if Russia or France used nuclear weapons against us, our fleet of submarines around the world would destroy them from all angles. A nuclear attack against the US is pure Mutually Assured Destruction.

A land invasion is impossible because most of our military bases are in geographically strategic positions. There are computer programs that have analyzed every single route of invasion before some of these bases were built, so they were placed in positions where any enemy planning an invasion will not be able to take the base without extremely high losses on their side. They are all meant to end in either defeat or a Pyrrhic victory at best.

In addition, the fact that there are more guns in private ownership than military ownership means that there would be millions of armed and armored citizens who would resist invaders.

In the case of an invasion, the military will dispatch special forces operatives to small towns to train the residents there in advanced military and guerrilla tactics. Many private citizens are actually better equipped than the military because they bought their own high quality body armor, instead of using the old and broken down military-issue shit.

There has never been a country more difficult to conquer than the US.

ooo guessing a couple of months to decay some uranium in a fissile reactor
after that like maybe a week after you've got the fuel

What about the fifth column China has in the US already? I guess with Trump in office the answer is easy THEY HAVE TO GO BACK but it would likely inflame the internal tensions the US is suffering from as it completes another line of that gay "first the came for" peom leftists love to throw around. It could spark a civil war with leftist anti government forces being supported by china in addition to the open war.

South Korea no.
You couldn't maintain an airfield there for longer than a few days.
It would be best to label South Korea "Nork Artillery range and Chinese missile disposal site"

With no dedicated infrastructure, trained personnel, etc?
Years at a minimum. And that's if you get another nation sharing all their nuclear secrets with you, which won't happen.

And you'd still need to make a delivery platform for the warhead.

Daily reminder, Chinese are the jews of asia
On occasion they're even worse.

tbh in such a make believe war I cant see either side making any head way on an invasion unless nukes were deployed
Americas not untouchable though UK almost accidentally nuked Florida a few days didnt they because a missile malfunctioned and flew towards the coastline instead of the ocean


You know, I'm gonna need some sauce for that.

What about the other 50%?

there are delivery platforms for the warheads here already because in the event Australia does begin production of nukes it would be under NATO guidance/leadership
Australia would never begin production of nukes independently if the USA said they wanted too though all the infrastructure i imagine would be built as quickly as the US wanted it to be

If we go to war with the ChiComs we must remember to simultaneously recognize Taiwan as the only legitimate government for all of China for extra saltiness.

Where's the "kike was gassed for this post" ?
this isn't cuckchan kiddo
you've got to go back

Something tells me they didn't come up with this by themselves.

This is another provocation towards Trump, probably organized form the USA by a certain group.

Remind me when was the last time China won a war again? My memory is kinda fuzzy today.

I don't see why an invasion would be necessary on the US side. Eliminate means of production, eliminate shipping points and ports- China simply starves out economically and politically. Decapitate the PLA and Communist Leadership and voila- an international war just became a very bloody multi-polar Civil war.

China and the USA couldn't do a land invasion of the other.
They both lack the naval capacity to do it.
They also both would be easily seen building the huge fleets needed to effect a landing in enough force to establish a beachhead.
And that's before the massive invasion fleets being seen as they crossed the pacific.

The USA and China both share a weakness common to all developed nations.
Massive reliance on certain infrastructure points.
Take out DC and Beijing with say nukes and the nations quickly fall apart.

Not because the leaders are dead but because the small army of administrators, civil servants and managers who keep the country running will all be incinerated along with all the important records and filing systems.
Without them power falls to the local administration. Who will not fancy returning it.
If it happened now? Trump would be powerless the instant that nuke hit. He'd survive for sure, but the USA would only exist until one of the state governments went "Well. Why do we have to listen to him?"

It's not exactly a secret. Widely acknowledged even in aviation circles outside the USA.

They're like the jews without any tribal loyalty to keep them from jewing inwards as well as outwards

Oh no, China numba wan! How we gonna ween against glolious China ahmee?!

It's like said, they can't even use all those "troops" because they'd have to cram astronomical levels of them into carrier ships, which would then be BTFO by the US navy. The only situation in which China could make use of that massive army was if they were invaded and occupied. They'd have roughly a million sleeper agents dispersed throughout the population. The biggest problem with a resistance is keeping numbers up and recruiting (and feeding all those bastards). With a 1mil starting point, they're going to have a really easy time recruiting, and they're going to have a big enough force for sizeable opperations.

If we ever go to war with China, fucking firebomb all the populated areas.

We wouldn't be able to defeat the rest of the world either, but we certainly wouldn't be defeated. The fact that we have the resources to produce everything ourselves is a huge advantage. Even if the rest of the world blockaded us and wouldn't trade with us, we are entirely self contained resources-wise. We are one of the biggest food exporters in the world. Why do you think we never use any of our own oil? We have huge reserves in Alaska, Oklahoma and Texas that we just sit on.

Why do you think Trump is trying to bring manufacturing back to the US? :^)

The enemy would sooner exhaust their own resources maintaining this blockade than we would in a fully nationalized economy.

As for the UK almost accidentally nuking Florida, I doubt that would have happened even if the nuke hit the ground. Nuclear weapons are armed electronically, and can be disarmed the same way. They are not detonated by impact, so if I was like "oh shit, the ICBM is flying into the US", you just disarm it by pressing a button and the ICBM hits the ground like any other piece of metal. Then both sides cover it up and you never learn about the situation.

The fuck are you talking about? Amphibious assaults are the specialty of the USmilitary. Also, all we have to do to defeat china is stop sending hem grain. If russia joins in, china starves in under a year and their population revolts to stay alive.

This is internal posturing. China isn't going to start a war (trade or hot) over those gay islands. They need the trade far more than they need those islands at this point and the Chinese play the long game. They will pull back at some point and wait for a libshit to get back in office.

Well the kikes themselves are open about them founding and funding Red China so they can't claim it isn't one of their tentacles. Never understood why Alex Jonestein tries to blame the ChiComs for everything when that is more nakedly the kikes than most of their other goons.

Yes but for the USA to succeed in staging an amphibious assault against China it would have to perform the largest and most well organised amphibious assault in human history in total secrecy while being invisible to the very last second.

Any force not measured in the hundreds of thousands with heavy armour support landing at the same time would not be able to secure a landing area for reinforcements.
And the timescale for getting them on shore would be ludicrously short.

im imagining tens of thousands of chinks naked standing on grating pack into metal boxes like sardines
shitting onto the squadron below them and being fed with a hose spewing out a mixture of wonton soup and antibiotics
the plan? ramraid the US coastline and let your sardine soldiers grab their bamboo explosive tipped spears so they can suicide bomb the nearest capitalist pig

Russia is basically self-sufficient and so is Britain if you removed all the fucking foreigners
but yeah good points
the point was the missile malfunctioned veered off course and didnt respond to their controls for way too long before its safety system kicked in and disarmed it

Feels good man.

That is actually a relatively tiny issue. The biggest problem with the nuke hitting DC, as you said, is damage to infrastructure; not only are you killing off the organizers and managers of things, but you're wiping out information and communication also. People have no idea how important comms are. Without them, you can't coordinate, you don't know what your orders are, your situational awareness has just dropped like a fucking rock, you can't request or give assistance to anyone, you're isolated from the larger structure which means the entire swath of the armed forces in the blackout are divided and weakened, like pulling apart all the links in a chain.

Don't forget that a nuke also has a pretty nasty EM pulse to go with it. Aside from instantly knocking out comms and any other way of transferring info aside from, say, morse code, re-establishing those things is also going to take forever considering you now have an irradiated ground zero. You would need to swap to another centralized source of orders, which I would assume is Camp David, but getting comms back up would be the biggest problem.

We did it last time. Whats your point?

i-is it happening?

Reminder that China's greatest military achievement in decades was General Tso's conquest of taste buds

tbh I could see northern China getting overrun with drunken mongolian bandits looking for loot and rape
mongolian tribal farmers train the fucking US special forces in extreme combat conditions so I imagine the chinks would be hard pressed to deal with them
not even scorched earth would work on Mongolians the Gobi desert is twice as inhospitable as the Sahara \not even sand just a desert of dust


he's right. back then the reich was really preoccupied with the red army, and they were expecting an assault on the balkans. otherwise the wermacht would have wiped the floor with the us navy. the chinese might be small yellow men, but theres a shitton of them, brainwashed by communist propaganda 24/7 and arent fighting anybody in the mainland to distract them. also the us army has trannies and faggots in them. not really good for fighting power

everything I have read and heard about our bombers agrees

wasted, a coastal invasion against the chinese would comically fail and we don't have the will to lose that many people.

Speaking of goons, it's no surprise that they gravitated towards the state department

That is what AIM-9 and AIM-20 are for!

Who dogfights, Snoopy & the Red Baron?


does chink infantry use AKs???? thats actually kind of scary tbqh

You did it last time in conjunction with multiple other nations over a very short distance with support from fifth columnists inside the nation you were invading and viable heavy air cover/support while under the protection of the worlds most powerful navy in its home waters and the enemy navy was hiding far far away from said most powerful navy.
Plus your military doctrine of the time was mostly unformed and thus malleable to the situation and unknown to the enemy.

The only way this could really work again is if it was staged from Australia.
With massive military contributions from most if not all US allies.

But even then the cost would not be worth it.

There are better ways to dismantle China.

The US military has backups in place.

It'll be the civilian elements that are fucked up with no replacements.

What was that US made anti-SAM missile/bomb that the yanks could never get to work until they gave it to the RAF to try?
The RAF found that to get it to work, you needed to fly low. Something the yanks don't like doing.
My memory is a bit fuzzy…something weasel?

Any aircraft that causes dislocated vertebra in its pilots is not excellent in any way.

they use AK knock offs
prone to exploding after being fired a few times

The US has the naval capacity to instigate an amphibious invasion. The US has the single largest blue water navy on the planet, and under these circumstances would be able to count on UK and Japanese support: both of whom also have large blue water navies. The new battleships capable of firing over the horizon could simply sit X miles off the coast and start burning cities. This would be especially damaging as much of China's industrial and economic infrastructure is centered along the coast. Moreover, smaller vessels would be capable of sailing up river to burn infrastructure deeper in. It worked for the UK in the Opium Wars, it'll work for the US in the Champa Sea War (see what I did there?).

They don't test-launch nuke missiles with live warheads. Period. There was never any danger of an accidental nuclear explosion from this missile going astray.
The real danger is Israel detonating a nuke at one of the US's aging atomic power plants or spent fuel pools, similar to the gun-type nuke detonated at Fukushima Daiichi by Israeli company Magna BSP, a Mossad front.

The Royal Navy SSBN's missiles (except the warheads) are made and maintained by Lockheed Martin. It's a US project towards which the UK provided some funding and technical cooperation, in return for which the UK leases a number of missiles. (Not a truly independent UK nuclear deterrent, then.)

The UK-leased missiles' warheads are designed and built in the UK. They're the bit that didn't malfunction. The rest of the missile - the ICBM launch vehicle, effectively - has failed four out of four of its latest test firings, according to Royal Navy whistleblowers. I.e., the missile is a dud. It doesn't work. Which may explain why the US is keen to modernise its free-fall gravity nukes, for use by the USAF.

Obama put a gag order on anyone mentioning that the missile went astray. In other words, the US demanded that the UK keep the accident secret – probably, in order to maintain confidence in the effectiveness of the US nuclear defenses. (Or, if you are Machiavellian, you might suspect that it was covered up in order to maintain Lockheed Martin's share price.)

you forgot the faggot bullet project for bullets that also plant seeds.

We spent trillions of dollars so the Chinese can copy our shit plane and somehow make it even worse. At least if there is a war, we will control the air.

anti-artillery systems have come a long way. The USA deploys them regularly although mostly against mortars in the middle east.

The USAs smaller vessels such as the littoral combat ship. Ok especially the LCS. Are shit.
Horribly shit.
The LCS isn't even combat ready last I heard. Most of its systems have been cancelled and they're already talking of scrapping some of them due to design defects and structural flaws.

i misinterpreted that as the military funded a project to use bullets containing live HIV
the seed things not a bad idea tbh
would certainly aid the ecosystem/timber industry
doubt a toxic heavy metal laden chinku corpse would make good fertiliser though


Gas the chinks, naval war now.

I'd believe that. The launch vehicles and delivery systems are far more complex than the missile itself.

That's why North Korea will never be a threat, even if they get a nuke.

Compare the english channel to the pacific ocean
Then look up Exercise Tiger

I know about wild weasel but not anything about the missiles. Don't know about the flying low thing, I've never known any real pilots who minded. Fighters used to buzz my house until they started putting up towers here.

from what i read the plan was to make the casing biodegradable with seeds in it as well as something about putting a seed inside the bullet itself PVT Shmuckatelli where are the rounds I told you to get? Sorry Sgt all the ammo started to germinate already

Please tell me it's true holy shit.

Not going to happen in any form other than nuclear, so it's not going to happen at all. Best course of action is to continue the economic violence we've been knowingly or unknowingly trading between each other and see who blinks first.

Just how many cuckchanners did the /hwndu/ threads bring over.

LOL as fuck when all the gooks that bought properties all around EU and USA will get imprisoned and their bank accounts nationalized.

This should be the new chinese callsign, tbh


seeds need to be watered first lad
Biology 101
perfectly safe no beansprouts popping out your bullets in the box
theres an osmotic gradient that needs to be fulfilled before a seed will begin to germinate
that osmotic gradient can be the insides of a dead chink tbh

bruh, what? give me some more information on this

my mom and I will regularly get into arguments about nuclear power, I'm for it and she's against it. Naturally, she fucking brings up Chernobyl (which was gross incompetence and mismanagement) and Fukushima, which I don't know much about. What the fuck did mossad do, and why?

so where is other sources for these statements

Make Hong Kong Great Again

Who dogfights? Almost every fighter jet pilot in history who faces a near-peer adversary instead of a third-world monkey in a rusting tin can. Almost every fighter jet pilot who has, or will, face a stealthy or supermaouverable aircraft. (See Red Flag exercises against the F22, and ex-Soviet block Su-27s.) Almost every fighter jet pilot who needs to get eyes-on confirmation before rules of engagement allow him to open fire against an unidentified intruder. (Especially during times of international tenstion.) Almost every fighter jet pilot whose adversary can cause him to break his missile guidance lock-on (usually, by launching their own missiles in return).

Whatever generation of AA missiles the US has fielded, including various generations of AIM, they have all had a pk (probability of a kill) that's rarely higher than 20-40% in real warfighting conditions. Sometimes it was well under 10%.

As seekers advance, enemy countermeasures advance.

I'll admit it, I laughed. You still need to gas yourself tbh

We must stop this General Tso and his army of orange chickens. On my order, fry the rice. Roll over eggs. Operation Chinese Takeout is a go!


That image is cancerous and you need to leave right now.

The entire world would be going insane if that happened, you would have heard that shit at work. Hell, they probably would have started draft plans and total war efforts by the end of the day. So no, it is just a little chink saying that they will go to war, which means nothing until it actually happens.


Found the gook manlet.

Good, the US and Europe need the Chinks economy fucking destroyed.

With a war, the sanctions against China will cripple their economy and will ruin the country setting it back to 1980.

The peace sign and hand over mouth, that's two Asian girl stereotypes right here.

I-is this going to be the return of the Kuomingtang?

Chiang Kai-Shek's ghost probably has a huge boner right now.


We will crush China.

saved it

so what Chinese jets are a threat to US jets?

bloody marvelous

if China were smart they'd wait for calexit and then help it defect before declaring any war

There's also the one about lust for white dick, though that's more of a pervasive reality than a stereotype.

That's a good point, thank you user.

the chicoms will call that victory.

I wouldn't want that to happen again. Chiang Kai-Shek had America like Israel has America now.

I'm not convinced that China can field enough anti-artillery to deal with the sort of bombardment I'm advocating for. They may be able to protect certain pieces of key infrastructure, but it'd only be a matter of time until fire could be concentrated on that site. The only real way China can "win" is by scuttling the state and shifting to a guerrilla war, but while that might earn a victory for the Chinese nation it'd be a defeat for the party.

I thought it was because "lol lets nuke worst Korea and Japan" was a piss poor strategy that's incapable of actually winning a war. Were they to use their half a dozen nukes in the opening volley with maybe one or two in reserve, and they'd find themselves losing the resulting conventional war. The difference in manpower and industrial capacity is simply too large.

When did China address the faults which led to its historical defeat? Simply having access to nuclear technology and a more narrow discrepancy in weapons technology isn't enough to cut it. Even if we are to assume the worst about China's electronic warfare capabilities, hacking US infrastructure would only serve to draw out a conflict that disproportionately affects Chinese citizens. It is still vulnerable to blockade, it's still bogged down by corrupt bureaucrats, and it still lacks the ability to project force onto foreign shores. Do you think that Russia be answering the Chinese call to arms?

Wat about Macau

not really
America was more interested in occupying Japan than supporting Chiang against the commies
sad really Chiang really hated commies
his death squads operated in SE Asia for decades committing every crime imaginable just so they could stay armed and keep killing commies


Macau is China's Las Vegas
its a down and out slum full of casinos and crumbling infrastructure



is why China just can't compete with us. Their navy compared to ours is a fucking joke.

All you have to do is hit this dam.

This does not include the rest of NATO.

just an example, German and the Dutch navies while small on their own are on parity with the US in technology, their subs are basically undetectable and will lay just outside china's main bases, their entire fucking fleet will be torpedoed within a matter of weeks.

I bet they have every peasant use his old forge to construct missile casings.

surprisingly collapse of mainland China would solve quite a lot of problems plaguing this world

Ctrl + c
Ctrl + vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

ancient chinese battle tactic
bluff and hope they dont call it

So did the US. :^)


By WW2, we were getting more icy in our relationship. Chiang didn't do anything to help our fighting in Burma, and the generals there had to fight Chiang to do anything. Then of course his wife was creating a shill team in the United States that supported Chiang to extremes, even though China didn't help America in any way. We were lucky that everything fell apart or who knows how far we would got to supporting China.

The more time wasted on parade training, the less time you have for combat training.

Unless you know, they are going to parade the rest of the world to death.

you're lucky FDR died
he embargoed Japan because he wanted a Republican Chinese puppet state
the pacific war was caused by FDR trying to colonise China
but Japan was trying that so something had to be done didnt it

i think PLA combat training is 7/8ths rehearsal for parade day and 1/8th bayoneting bags of sand

The training spent focusing on communist ideology further cuts into combat training.

thats an efficiency risk
the strapped chinaman might start dismantling the bomb so he can sell the metal for scrap in mid-flight

Then the army has to farm, and work in the factories, and wait in long lines for 1 bowl of rice.

I'm imagining the goverment sending a bunch of monks to water bend that shit after it gets bombed.

especially filling too since both the bowl, chopsticks and rice are made of plastic

Um you guys?

Uncle Iroh is gonna burn Ba Sing Se to the fucking ground.

If they are stupid enough to use nukes, they're getting fucked too. Calm down, cherish the time you aren't getting nuked, figure out what fun shit you'll do in the hours leading up to inevitable death if you aren't in the middle of a target. It's all good nigga, we'll be with Hitler soon one way or another.

So you get your news from a ladies gossip magazine?

Go ahead you dirty fucking chinks, just know that you're not stepping foot on American soil. And that's a promise.

And have any of those missiles actually been tested? You actually trust Chinese engineering?

Airbender War of the Three Gorges Dam when?

We would launch from Japan and South Korea, nimwit. Also we have motherfucking hovercraft launched from motherships, carrying tanks and artillery.

China ha no friends on ANY border. Further, a large number of their territories have idependence movements, and they are far fro a homogenous block themselves the chinkocommies. Their industry leaders are fucking buddhists! There is an army forming of millitant buddhists backed by capitalist/corporate interests in china, and with further support of minor nationalist and independence movements in the region. To top it off, their food supply is unstable and the USA has bioengineered types of grain "rust" an infection, to destroy the food production of china. This has already been tested in Afrika, I believe in 2014

US military apparently does since they made that image.

Whats the source on this, sounds fascinating.


They're due for a culling anyway.

cant remember or find the source but I remember thats what Australia has

Am I the only one that thinks OP is shilling for this shitty source.
No archive
direct link to "daily star"

lad we'd get shit ammo from the ammo farm all the time. Hell the armory was supposedly climate controlled too but no matter how well you cleaned and lubed your rifle before turning it in there was always surface rust forming after only a week or two.

Australia has Australians. They're ideal for RWDS and hate chinks. Further, their brains have been altered by the constant sunlight, resulting in a kind of hatefilled idgafuck outlook, tempered by booze. Like if britts moved to a desert and tried to be slavs, in order to fend off mongoloids.

They also have a tendency for shitposting. Wait, are Australian just Finns in a desert?

theres also nutrients lad
a seed without nutrients thats wet usually just rots and dies

stick a Brit in the middle of a desert for two centuries with nothing to do but drink moonshine and shoot spear chucking niggers who try to steal his livestock and you get an australian
IQ's a bit subpar but tolerance for fucked up shit is higher
or at least it used to be the last generation of Australians are fucking pathetic tbh
Melbournite libshits spreading their poz across the land while over sensitive methheads fill up the suburbs

this. China just moved an entire icbm brigade to a much more western point of its border with Russia. Matter of fact iirc they did that the day Trump was inaugurated. Im no russian but id imagine they see their relationship with china as being something akin to a neighbor that always gets the cops called on him but would maybe help in a fight but would be just as likely to be an aggressor as well.

That and this threat by china amounts to a nork-tier saber rattling. Except when the norks do it its always just trolling.

The only real shitty thing about this is Obama left Trump a navy that is in serious need of maintenance that has been continually put off for the past 8 years.. so much maintenance has been kicked down the road that a very large number of ships and subs require being dry docked for a long time.

We would still kick the shit out of them but starting a war with equipment that is in dire need of repair wouldnt be fun.

HAARP + what they did to the Iranian nuclear program.
t. not that user

the hippy bullet project was talking about having everything self contained i gotta find the link for it its truly that fucking retarded

was it stuxnet? I vaguely recall something about physical sabotage at fukushima

can you try to remember? The closest term I have found on Google is "extended nuclear deterrence australia".

ok if they put soil in the bullet too thats just retarded

Im having difficulty finding it myself now
might have read it in a book tbh

Those slant-eyed motherfuckers will never see that coming!

memes, lad

And those other fronts would be the best places to fight them, it was your amphibious invasion bullshit I was making fun of.

If we went to war with China, my university would lose half its students. Hell, the other half are all hijabs and niqabs, I hope they leave, too.


and this is how smart Holla Forums is.

good. have a war. let chinese and americans kill eachother over islands IN THE SOUTH CHINA SEA.

im almost tempted to say go ahead, because americans are just like chinese; ant people, but that would just benefit the jew.

Chinese won't do shit.

They're throwing a fit because they've heard "no" for the first time in 30 years.

No one wants war with the chinese, but they're a jewish vassal state with ONE aircraft carrier. What the fuck are they going to do? Nuke LA? Good, anyone left in that shithole is a non-American brown fuck anyway. They're a walking zombie anyway.

yes, according to rumors. Also rumored is that the fukushima radiation levels are wildly exaggerated as a hit piece against nuclear power

It would be extremely painful.

Everyone's a jewish vassal state user. In norway, where im from, we do what the americans wants and Brussels and i suppose you do what israel wants. In our newspapers it is the jew ideology just like in your newspapers, only we have israel critical press, but of course not jew-critical press.

yeah he kinda lost all credibility with that one

It's disinfo probably by jews since it makes them look much more dangerous, around 16000 japs died from the biggest recorded earthquake to hit them or the following tsunami, and zero died from the fukushima meltdowns. Pretty good proof of safety of nuclear power, but jonestein and mother earth news don't make money that way.

whoops, I made a mistake. 2 japs drowned at the plant.

"It will be over by christmas"

Trudeau approved being issued to the Canadian military in 2017 for sure

idk lad

Well, you're right, this is only going to benefit the jews. But WW3 is going to happen whether any of us like it or not. It's been on the playbooks since the last treaty of WW2 was signed. I'm just playing along so I can enjoy the ride. I live in probably the last place that'd ever be nuked, and I'm a survivalist-type, so I kind of romanticize the prospect. I also hate chinese people from growing up in a "chinatown" and now attending what amounts to a satellite campus for the Beijing People's University. I'm apathetic.

I think HAARP has been having a bit of fun with Japan for decades now.

The islands of the south china sea ARE WHERE ALL TRADE PASSES! This region is critical to the trade throuh the pacific. That said, I always assumed china was claiming it to make sure mudslime pirates don't interfere with money making.

there are gas deposits in the South China Sea
its why the US was so pissy after they lost their deep sea survey drone
they were using drones to map the area where the gas deposits were and the sneaky chinks followed the ship and stole the drone that was being used so they could copy the data

Win Win Win, we cant go wrong with nuclear war. Leftists die, commies die we permanently take back control of our nation.

That's because most of them are literally spies sent here to steal American research.

How will Russia behave in such a scenario?

If Russia were to remain neutral, surely the Chinese might have seen it as treason. Sooner or later they would try to invade.
If Russia were to support China, Europe would have a scenario of war on the eastern front.

How will Brazil behave in such a scenario?

They sell many ores and grains to China.

What about India?


India does not have the best of relations with China, Pakistan and Iran are Chinese allies as is Saudi Arabia, who the hell knows how they would react. Most of China's neighbors hate China. NK has shit for nukes but they do have a large army, expect south Korea to fall and China transporting nork troops elsewhere to do battle with us.

North Korea and South Korea would kill eachother if they had to fight. I don't think SK would fall anynore then NK fall, but both to die together.

The fuck guns are they holding? Ruger .22s? They look like fucking toy guns.

Russia has waited 100 years to retake Port Arthur.

Just kidding, but maybe. China is encroaching on Siberia and Russia isn't too happy about that. I can see them turning on each other.

Brazil is quickly degenerating into a failed state right now. The country is a non-issue on the world stage.

Even then, if Brazil wasn't in such deep shit, it would 100% remain mostly neutral/leaning towards the US.

t. HUE

Hong Kong armed response wing of the police force has better equipment than the PLA

Brazil doesnt exist
outside the armed compounds of the elites the cartels run that country now
South Africa levels of chaos

da dream team

Holla Forums needs to become a bit more intellectual because the jews are just trying to make this place into hick central. So many people here needs to realize that a lot of the muslim crap were created with the americans supporting extremists in the middle east, together with israel creating extremist mullah's and what not.

99% of the time it's a mossad/cia false flag. Sorry for ot, but i felt it needed to be said. The one thing the jew fears is all eyes on him. its ok when the goyim hates everyone, because that can always be exploited, but when all eyes are on him…

BVR is not viable. Stop reading USAF propaganda.

Remember that China has internal problems. If they fund movements within the US, it is possible to fund insurrections there as well.


we know this
or at least should do
however the gripe with islam needs to remain because its a semitic culture which is hostile to the west and always has been hostile to the west
if islam got its shit together the first thing it would do is begin jihad to get more white girls to rape and enslave
as it has done time and time again for the last 1.5 millennia

I can't give a shit because China is just going to choke to death on their own pollution, which is probably why they want to leave the country to go to war badly. They import canned air from Canada because it is so bad. Sorry China, you are just too retarded to win this one.

Islam is the sword of jewery.
What's your plan? Have westerners welcome muslim refugees and have them believe they're all fine and dandy, and that when we show them that it's JEWS ushering them in that we'll have them make the intellectual leap that kikes are bad for letting them in? Fuck you, yid.

You realize the majority of the westcoast is redpilled right?
That Portland, Seattle, LA and the large cities are the problem? Without them the west coast would be as red as Texas, if not more. Our counties and city electoral votes are highly disproportionate.


err, it depends. The I-5 corridor is pretty leftist for a good few thousand miles. The coastal towns in the PNW are usually red, with exceptions. East of the Cascades and the Siskiyous are red… and there are pockets west of the cascades, but sparsely.

I believe this, too. Islam would work perfectly as a new world order religion. Jews probably created Islam in the first place. That said, of course its a tool, and I constantly get mad at people in real life for relentlessly going against Islam, but acting ignorant when it comes to jews. Lazy.

That's what we call controlled op like Paul Jewseph Watson and Alex Jonestein.


If their artillery is as durable as their cars they won't stand a chance. You could probably sink their ships with a bb gun.

who have tons of followers, many of whom cross my path in day-to-day life. even random family members that I know voted for Obama twice are now anti-Islam crusaders. The spell has worked. Zionationalism is the future.

Time to kill some Gooks and practice the family tradition of war.


Zionationalism is another layer of control that will crumble. It has no future by definition because it's coined by jews, for jews, at the cost of our future.

Seal the fucking borders, stop taking brown refugees, stop taking international students (brain drain keeps those places in the dark), and let them sort out their own shit.

The Islamic countries will build themselves back into modernity and arm themselves to attack (((Our Greatest Ally))). They won't turn on us until they've knocked out Kikeland, which we armed.

Zionationalism is a useful tool for exposing the doublestandards when it comes to white ethnonationalism.

I concur.

How can islam be the sword of jewry? I mean, i get it in the sense that jews get amerigoys to bomb me countries which then flock into europe gently prodded by soros making propaganda in their countries but i would assume islam fights for islam… saying islam is jewry's sword doesnt sound entirely correct.

i mean you are talking as if the me have always been extremist but i can guarantee you that if the americans hadnt interfered in their countries they would be muslim in the way many christians are christian - that is, in name only…

No matter how you twist it, technology and globalisation is a far stronger force on culture than ancient books… and in fact a lot of what goes as "muslim" with regards to behaviour is actually a lot older and has nothing to do with islam, not that i can remember what its called now.

I don't think westerners should open their borders. you need a sane level of immigrants in a country before it is destructive. what im saying is that a lot of hate of "muslims", chinese, whatever is more a result of warpropaganda that america has needed to divert attention away from her own problems and do the bidding of mic/bb/israel. I mean, all of the countries of the world had their own culture before, now it is in danger of being replaced with degeneracy because of the jews. it is just what they do. they destroy societies. hell, both the west AND the east has lost their original ways because of the jews for thousands of years… Call me a socialist or whatever you want but i do believe cultures can learn from eachother; that is when those cultures aren't all the same… i see so much black/white thinking on Holla Forums where side A is presented as everything good in the world and side B is presented as everything bad, but the jews are the only group that truly deserves that black/white thinking…

Maybe we should focus more on fixing our own system is what im saying and to do that we have to fix the backstabbers first.

A lot of text but perhaps what im saying is this simple:
Will normies ever hate everyone? I say 'No' to this question.
Will normies ever hate the jew? 'Yes'. Just like they have numerous times in the past.

and that number is 0

Yes, shitskins might learn from white culture. But that's their problem.

For one, Saudi arabia and Israel have a secret alliance with eachother

D&C, go spout that shit on trs where they don't think jews are the enemy

Nice dubs but Islam has always been about conquest. That's why the two other abrahamic religions don't exist in the me anymore (with the exception of the artificial jew state of israel). The islamic conquests into Italy, spain, the balkans, etc. let's not pretend that the koran doesn't instruct its followers to wage jihad.
Also, what's that hippy-dippy bullshit about cultures learning from each other? Oh, excellent, I can't wait for female genital mutilation, honor killings and goatfucking to be a part of American culture.
Your accusation of black and white thinking isn't warranted on Holla Forums. If you're looking for some moderate PR faggotry go back to reddit.
you're right. you have to go back.

found the communist

may i remind you cretin that culture is largely a result of human history
different cultures and why they clash didnt spring into existence 100 years ago from nothing
we've been at war since before you were born, we're still at war, it never ended it just got subtler
it has
well since islam rose to dominance in the region
the entirety of the ME was under the thumb of the turks until the last century
they dealt with muslim uprisings the same way they dealt with Christian ones
with massacres and ethnic cleansing
European empires were the first benevolent rulers the ME saw since the fucking Romans

I was friend with a muslim and he was one of the best people iv'e ever met. he was honest and had a big heart. im not saying islam is great and i told him that too, but the other qualities of friendship and family have nothing to do with islam whatsoever… hell, in the west it seems only the italians know what friendship & family is and here they are known as the niggers of the white race. go figure.

on Holla Forums western culture is always touted as the best, but really, what is left of it? Is there nothing we can learn about friendship & family from me cultures for example or even just from older ages of ourselves?

we have to realise that a lot of "white culture" is jewish culture. and if you deny looking at it youre only gonna help the jew for the umpteenth time.

dont forget the Donmeh jewish converts to islam that ran the turkish slave trade in the 19th century
or the shortlived jewish kingdom of yemen in the 5th-6th century which protected and financed Muhammad while he burned, slaughtered, converted and united the arab tribes under his cult so he could unleash islam upon the battered and weakened Roman Christian provinces of North Africa and Asia

filtered and reported

I thought this was pasta at first, fuck off kike

Ever have one of those moments where your dick magically feels bigger for some reason?

Why is this not true in historical China (3 kingdoms period, pre-Qin dynasty, Southern Song period, etc) but seems to be the case now?


A good deal of White culture has to be looked for to be appreciated, as heavily suppressed as it is it still >>>>> islamic """culture"""
Nobody ever contested that.
American ethnic understanding and Jewish D&C.

3 centuries of retarded manchurian customs plus a full century now almost of commie brainwashing
China's military strategy has always been designed to be used against other Chinese
the second China wasn't dealing with another Chinese culture/people they get their shit pushed in

Oh great we have a /cow/ here.


China is looking out for their own interests. Those artificial islands are missile/air bases.
They want to control the waters around China, because they want to control trade. Both to ensure they can't be cut off by the US, but also to give them a dominate position over the other countries.
They want to become a regional superpower.

I don't know much about Qing, were the Manchus really that harmful to China?

Though the gommies was really the obvious answer.

they had a state enforced hair cut rule that if you didnt adhere to you got beheaded
they were retarded

What the fuck.

I thought conquering civilization was supposed to civilize barbarians but I guess that's only when the barbarians are white

taiwan's useful because they're a drop in replacement government after kicking the commies out of office.

the Chinese were so weak they got conquered by a weird as shit backwards as fuck Jurchen tribe
that was the Manchu
another Manchu tradition was that in the morning every member of the house had to get up and get washed, eat breakfast, get dressed and get into the courtyard to kneel before the bedchamber of the man of the house
they had to stay kneeling until the man of the house felt like getting up and let them go about their day
the rest of China didnt have such a rule but the Manchu again had it state enforced until the Republic overthrew the Qing

Reddit tactics don't work here, friend.

No the US just left the south to get owned

Imagine a USA - New Tsardom of Russia - Imperial China axis.

Forgot >mfw

On that note have any of you guys read Level 7 by Mordecai Roshwald? if so do you think that's how this is gonna play out if we do actually go to war?




China has, is and will always continue to suck as long as the Chinese rule it
the best periods of Chinese history were when the fucking Mongols ruled them and the brief period of history where the British Empire subverted and started running the administration of the Qing Empire because the Qing were too corrupt, lazy and stuck up their own ass to even organize a fucking filing cabinet
you need to cull the Chinese to save China
their population needs to be reduced to the population they had after Genghis Khan sought revenge on them for betraying and insulting him and brought the Black Death from the steppes with him

jew apologizer

True. A lot of white culture must be looked for. Im just wondering if this culture of sitting on your ass in front of a computer is much to strive for.

I mean we have no meaningful rites of passage anymore, no common rituals… they have a lot more of these things in most other places in the world. in the west we're trying to fill the hole with materialism and consumerism. it's just that i don't think these things are "culture". maybe others disagrees.

Si vis pacem , pare bellum.


Switching IPs, acdbb4?

IDs change from thread to thread, my first post here is

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. China can bluster and sabre-rattle all they like, but if they start shit they're well and truly fucked before they even begin.

Fuck off you obvious shill. fyi acdbb4 posted right after your post that I just replied to. there's no need to condescend- I know how Holla Forums works, retard.

Thanks for trying to get this thread back on track.

Neo-Manchukuo when

So I am confused, are the chinese actually declaring war? Do nations still declare war? Does a chinese declaration of war include a preemptive nuclear strike? As a west coast american do i prepare to march on vancouver bc?

So china is just playing internet tough guy IRL? Feels good to know.

ID acdbb4 does not even exist on his thread, what the fuck are you on?

Kek yeah probably should mention
the upper middle class in China exports all its products from Australia, the only country in the region that doesnt import Chinese ingredients or allow them to be processed into food or products that will go into your body
because the upper middle class chinks know that chinese products are toxic so they literally import canned food and baby formula from Australia because the canned food from Aus wont give them cadmium poisoning and the baby formula wont fill their babies blood with mercury
nevermind the tap water situation in China
there are babies born in China without eyes and arms with calcified brains because the fluoride in the water in some regions is about 100x the 'safe' limit to drink
chinku peasants still drink it though, wonder why the waters spicy and cant figure out why Ling Mei gave birth to a sea slug instead of a chinku sprog

The rites of passage born out of the current struggle for survival shall fill the void left by the Jewish century.

Seems like the commie Chinks realized that their meddling in the American politics is going to cost them their control of China.
Trump ringing up Taiwan seems a clear indication that the CCP isn't going to last long.

The only way to get those Trump sponsored unemployed Chinks into not trying to topple the government is to wage war with one of the nighbours or the US directly.

This may go the way of the Falkland war on a larger scale.
And the world needs some 250 mil chinks axed. Bonus if you pit them against India.


here, you mongoloid.
pro tip: CTRL F

Oh cool, that explains it.


Also, recruit who is entering the military, be prepared for intense bullshit, deception, absence of honor, and underhanded psychological trickery. If possible, research interrogation methods - the asshats who run the military love psychological interrogation tricks.


dis gon be the end of usa.

Essentially. A potential conflict wouldn't be free of pain. You'd still have lives lost and it would do immeasurable economic damage but they would have to be insane to try. The Cold War led to the US forming defensive alliances and regional defense organisations all over the globe. China declares war on the US? NATO triggers, 3/4 of Europe is now at war with China. ANZUS activates, Australia is now at war with China. SEATO activates, the majority of the Pacific nations, who generally really fucking hate China, are now at war with China.

And these are just the alliances I can think of off the top of my head. And China can bring to bear, what? North Korea? They have an alliance with Russia, but Russia isn't obligated to defend China if China instigates a conflict, and do you see Putin going to war with half the world or using the opportunity to gobble up a non-NATO neighbour while everybody is preoccupied pushing China's shit in?

I can see china pushing North Korea into starting shit with US but not them stepping in to help Kim.

The easiest way to defeat China is to use their own population against them, every month or so there are food riots and collapsing buildings killing families. The only reason why China looks monolithic is because they have a closed society.

We just need to sow seeds of descent, remember that China is still made of three major ethnic groups who really don't like each other. The Han Chinese is the only enemy we need to focus on and primarily we need only focus on on their coast. Destroying the Han Chineses coastal cities will collapse the country.

Nuclear options for them aren't very viable anymore because they copied us they forget we wrote the manuals.

t. Mr. Smith

To what end? How would that benefit either China or North Korea? China would only earn the enmity of its neighbors, and North Korea would be annihilated.

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Isn't HK basically just another PRC province at this point? They own their media and gov't, flooded the place with third-world Communist-agitating chinks, and the Cantonese/Mandarin ratio among residents is like 50:50 now.

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CIA listen to this goy

They got a whole lot more Chinks to waste now, that's why.

Get back to work Big Guy.

Oh wait, this is probably your work….

Wait, for what reason would we fight China? Weren't they one of the countries amassing gold and silver to try and take on the global banks? Why would they come after us now that we're actually making progress in un-kiking our country?

I think to save Hong Kong and Japan from slaughter.

Fake news

What if we ally with Japan to nuke chinese piss ants? Otaku turn into real men, Japan gets to irl mecha, anime is saved. Has 4chan literally taken reality hostage? Is meme magic, dare I say it, real?

Just sit there and imagine a team of american commandos riding japanese mecha suits and annihilating chinese like ants before a flamethrower. Or hell toss the russians in, get some squads with raifus riding on bears to march into china on the land-side. Boom. Russian-American-Japanese alliance would be GOAT.



Along with the fact that all of China's neighbors absolutely despise them, the war would be over in weeks. No aid from India, Russia, def not from Mongolia or Japan.

Dey mad.

Not just the peasants lad, the PLA has a heavy military presence in HK, in fact there is a garrison right in the heart of the city, there's an air force base in the North of HK too where they constantly fly various helicopters and drones out of.

i lold

t. white american man who worked at as chinese restaurant for 5 years

pic related

Best Korea would rush to their aid and send thousands of pounds of rice, millions of gallons of oil, and the best engineered tanks and trucks on earth.
oh wait, communism


I forgot that BEST KOREA was one of the onry "arries" of grolious China

Don't be silly lad, with all of the PLA bases in HK, it will be turned to glass by the US Airforce on day one of a war.

I don't want to sound like a rice-boiler or nuthin' but I'm ready for the spoils of war…

Chinese women aren't worth it

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Nothing says victory like an ally that desperately needs your support or will fall into absolute chaos right on your border. With shitty nukes. Ran by an immature mong.

I'd hit it. I'd still want a white wife, but I'd hit it.

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I'll just leave this here



Go back to Africa.


Also I believe the correct nomenclature is

>china will grow larger now
could use a little touch-up

Mr Chan, think about how much more efficient the Chinese working people will be if they don't waste time going to toilet, just shit where they are, much better.



Fear porn. Guaranteed replies.


Oh no, not the ants! Think of mess all those bodies will make.

And its a britbong. Lets all laugh at him.

The relevant parts of the rest of the world are Europe, Russia, and China.

Nothing else matters. ANZAC is technologically proficient, but they dont have the raw power to compete. Any nation on the American Continents is useless, as they will very quickly be rendered without any floating vessels at all of any relevant size.

India is laughable, as is most of the MidEast. A small handful of successful strikes would absolutely shitwreck Middle Eastern oil transport capacity.

So yeah. Vast majority of the world, irrelevant.

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The real cause of this is insecurity and inferiority on the part of chinks. The chink female cannot resist the superior white male (taller, strongers, smarter, bigger cock, doesn't all look the same). Like there's already a huge shortage of women in there country, but they still leave or want to leave to date a superior white male in the west. I mean they got millions of their own men beging for a girlfriend, but they don't care… just want that MWC.

Most of China's soldiers are mouth-breathing myopic weaklings also.


Seize the chinks' bank accounts, stocks and real estate.

Deport all chinks.

Nuke china.

And there is a massive amount of sailors and soldiers online shilling that there is literally no problem at all.

Eradicate the chinks. After that, get rid of the whole African continent and damn every other shitskin shithole on the planet.

As long as we didn't go full retard and try to commit to a land war, we could force them to surrender by playing it that way.


You mean where 90% of the west coast actually lives?

inb4 china blitzkreigs russia and india invades them while we blockade and the japs bomb them

stop being an idiot

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That video reminds me of a different video of this girl that had a similar experience in Japan and fell for the same trap of arguing with them instead of ignoring them.

It's happening.

I'm with the Taiwanese guy. This nigger does look like an ugly failure, tbh, and his girlfriend is a racemixing whore.

I'll believe it when I see it. It's been more than 12 hours and no one else is talking about it, and even the MSM couldn't hide that.

So, bullshit.

I supported Trump in part because I didn't want WWIII with Russia, but I find myself not caring so much if we have WWIII with Chyna instead.

Hey guys seems Trump's going to BTFO Africa and China. What about India though? There's too damned many curryniggers.

you fucking moron. if you attack one brics member they will nuke you to the moon. all of them.

Nobody is taking China seriously, not even when they declare war.

Fuck em.

Good fucking luck. They have to turn away their own conscripts because they all have crippling cardio vascular diseases from pollution, half their uniforms and PPE won't fit because of their new garbage diets, let alone finding people to fit in vehicles to drive them, which are all designed to fit malnourished tiny peasants from the 1950s.

China might have a huge military budget and a ton of people, but they're an absolute fucking mess. Their joint chiefs of staff don't communicate with each other (They only recently realized through espionage that this is a thing that modern militaries do), the vast majority of their training consists of part indoctrination, and they have NO experience fighting modern wars, at all. Meanwhile, we've been dicking around in the desert learning things the hard way.

I say bring it the fuck on. Not only do I get to slay hordes of sub-viral chinks, but commie ones at that? Please, please let this happen. I got bored ventilating shitskins for four years, they're no fun to fight.

when you gotta go you gotta go.

there is no holding back the hershey squirts

Dont forget japan is itching to attack china too, so they are an ally.

Not really. Russia and China aren't as good friends as you think.

Any more reputable source instead of that sensationalist crap?

Look this is fake news, every news outlet would cover this lel.

I want this to happen so bad

Hell man, they don't even have body armor, they export it all over the world but never give it to their own military! And their rations suck apparently, most bring their own food from home because of how foul the rations are and these are folks that eat birdnests, gutter oil and fucking century eggs. They're worse than nigger flesh.
China is gonna get curbstomped.

If China tried it, it'd be beyond entertaining to see them charge in expecting Russia to follow suit, but instead Russia sits there going

Analyzing my own feelings, I think it's the dog-cooking that made me not give a shit if the chinks get nuked away.

Yeah it's fake news.

For now.

For you.


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All 4 have extremely strict SHAARP/EO rules. SHAARP is basically sexual harrasment, if you say ANYTHING around a damned female they can and will get you kicked out in a heartbeat. EO too, "equal opportunity", say one thing about niggers and you're out. Be prepared for thousands of double standards (womyn are stronk and your equals guys! excuse me while I max out my physical training test at scores that are less than half of your minimum passing requirements)

Also be prepared, most NCO's nowadays are niggers/women/spics/etc, because once they get into power they only advance eachother, 90% of them hate white men, but get away with shit talking us and legit being racist. If you were not a full on 1488 RWDS you will be after having a crack at the military.

Basically, unless you're going into a special operations MOS do not fucking join the military. If you do go SO then be fucking prepared, mentally and physically, for a lot of shit. The rewards are amazing in the end though, all that cool shit you see on TV and in the movie theaters? That's SO. Everyone is cool as fuck and there are no niggers, only the occasional cool black guy who acts white as fuck.


For all the retards flinging shit ITT over how the US could invade China, the short answer is that we wouldn't. We'd just send our Special Forces in to arm and train the locals who already hate the chinese government (basically their entire country) and have them fight the war for us.

Once the country was sufficiently destabalized we would declare war and liberate dems poh' fahmah's. There would be little to no resistance as most of it has already been destroyed/ preoccupied with fighting the rebels.

And no this is not a video game, we wouldn't annex China, we'd just set up a proxy government that sucks our dick.

Anyone who bumps this thread should be banned for faggotry.