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i fucked it up

You did.

Ya goofed OP.

There I fixed it.


Addressing the people directly, bypassing any filters the (((media))) would love to apply. Very smart.

Deafanon here, what did he talk about?

Closed captions are working.

Trump is bringing soap and lampshade manufacturing back to the US

We are gonna make it guys, really we are. I cant remember ever feeling hope like this.

I'm a leaf and that almost brought a tear to my eye

He mentioned a few of the EOs hes signed and basically said how proud he is of the pace his administration is going at, and how everything is going to put American workers first.

Also YT has CC on it

comments are open

Youtube's auto-CC feature sucks though, it's not very accurate. But thanks for the summary, .


Sounds about right.Their CC is bullshit but sometimes it can provide some lulz



This is big. I work for an A/E/C firm, and I can confirm that most of our steel, pipe, valves, etc., come from overseas, quite a lot from China.

Watching the God Emperor from will never get old. Glorious days, anons. Glorious days.

Have other presidents done this before? Trump is probably the most transparent we've gotten and it's great that he's just helping make the media obsolete. Don't like the chaos over what Trump allegedly said? Just get the news from the man himself.

my cynicism doesn't know how to handle all these pleasant surprises

Press show post options next time you fucking retarded newfag I love you OP

Glad The Don`s team fully understand where they stand

That's okay. Trump fucked it up too. He's reading from a teleprompter. Look at this eyes. How can we be sure he's genuine when he has to rely on soulless machinery to even talk? ;^)

He's making all the right (((people))) mad. I'm reaching levels of smugness I didn't know were possible.

His hair has already greyed holy shit

I reckon that using a teleprompter saves time, as it requires less preparation from his side to deliver the message effectively. With the almost breakneck speed he's implementing his promises, I can understand him cutting corners here and there when it comes to presentation.

You had ONE job.

His hair was real, but it wasn't really orange. That was just for the campaigning look.

He has a lot going on and his team is paving ways for him. Yes I will admit he should soon be throwing kikes into a real gas chamber on these fireside chats but for now this content can only get better, let's hope, and that better should be ball crushing for the kikes and dikes.

It grayed long ago user.

I honestly think it'll look better when he does stop dying it.

He should bleach it whiter

You're late.

When is he going to appoint the special prosecutor to send Cunton to the gas chamber?

at the end he said something about work camps to build the wall. gonna put border jumpers and refugees to work before giving them helicopter rides

AG's to be appointed, this February.

He really did pick the perfect time to become President. He wouldn't be able to do this 4 or 8 years ago. Maybe 4.

Finally putting our excess reserve of resources to some good use

Little quirks like this really humanize him. He's not used to acting unnaturally, including lying or speaking from the script instead of his heart. Bless the guy. ;_;7


Confirmed C O M F I E S T President

Trump's hair is completely white these days. He's 77 years old.

His real color is dark brown, check old pictures of him.

But he decided to go orange-blond for the past few years.

I hope he starts using a different video hosting website. Jewtube is complete cancer.

Imagine the boost any other website would have if Trump started using it. Same with Twitter.


Not only that, you can tell when Trump is speaking naturally or from a speech. For example compare the AIPAC speech to anything during his campaign trail. The AIPAC speech has the same tone and form of voice of when Trump did an audiobook for one of his books.

Also did anyone notice how the term "hit the ground running" has been used so far by Trump and weeb Spencer. One song i know has that term in its lyrics.

he stopped coloring it


thank you.

President Trump seems like a great man. Lets all hope great things are on the way.

How much maintenance would a wall need?

Check your watch. He won't get dubs til midway through his second term.

Cops will start arresting niggers on site

On inauguration day, Trump was 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days old.

"Your address"

He does it for us folks.

holy shit, first time i witness a president act like he is actually interested in the people, and not just spreads propaganda. Im seriously not a trumpfan, and dont trust him really, but leaving up the commentsection is something none of the others would have done. They already deactivate comments and likes for anything controversial, trump actually wants people to talk about it

They'd repair the damage their barbaric brethren inflict upon it in their daily assaults, as they attempt to break through and are repelled by border guard every single time

Thanks for that. Now he's making coherent english sentences.


Before turning white, hair was dark blond. Was blond as a child.

I like this development



white people have light hair as children

Man, I got so spoiled from the freeform speeches of his campaign then when I see him reading off stuff it just feels wrong.

I'm not tired of winning.

why don't you lip-read?

dat nose though…

this post reeks of "hello fellow nazi!"…

you doubt Gen. Flynn? Get the gone and never turn back!

You need a better Jew detector, user.

That's a Roman nose you fucking amateur.


Get your genetic knowledge up bitch nigga, roman nose


Shrek is kek confirmed.

Genocide of the jewish and negroid race.



Way to go, OP.