Living in Two Worlds

To those of you who have normalfag lefty friends and family, the kind who believed Hillary Clinton was to be our messiah and Trump the Anti-Christ: Do you ever feel as if you are peering into two different realities?

For me, it's one of madness and impotent rage, and another of grim, but optimistic realism. My world makes sense. I talk with my other co-workers (blue collar old men, military veterans, and guys who have done hard, dirty work their whole lives) and they are ecstatic. Everything Trump does is a source of joy. We eagerly talk about how nice things will be once we actually have some order and peace in this country. Not to mention how good it will be for our business if those trade agreements are fixed (we work in machining).

But when I talk to my family or my blue-haired feminist co-worker, or just scroll through kikebook, you'd think the world was coming to an end. Everything about their lives revolve around shit being said on twitter and kike mouthpieces reacting to everything Trump says as if he just loaded the gun and put it to their heads.

I pity these people, but they worry me. Even if Trump pulls off everything he's planned, in spite of their constant whining and nay-saying, how the fuck can we continue as a society when so many people have been deeply damaged by lifetimes of MSM brainwashing? We're going to have a society where a significant chunk of our population will practically be invalids because marxist post-modernist bullshit has regressed them into retarded children.

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Trash has existed in every society, but it only poses a latent threat in the absence of (((external agitators))). Even in Hitler's Germany there was a sizeable number of women who, immediately after the war, shacked up with Black American soldiers and gave birth to half-breeds.

While they are problematic, they tend to have little support in the population and little in the way of resources. Whatever jobs they occupy have little importance for the economy (e.g. sitting around in HR or being a social media representative). The most important task is to remove their agitators first… after that, they can be disposed of violently or peacefully, but in each case with relative easy.

Germany had its eugenics programme (that would've progressed much farther, had it won WW2), whereas Spain just had rapes and beatings for Leftists and minorities during its civil war. Either works fine. These people might make quite the stink, but they break easily and even relatively small amounts of violence will be catastrophic to them.

My father, brother and mother voted Hillary.. best friend voted Johnson.

Convinced my younger 15yo sister to support Trump, so I bonded with a family member I hardly get the chance to visit at least.

heh, most normalfaggots are npc's. Thankfully I redpilled my little brother on the holohoax a couple of years ago and oh man my mom was mad kek

Just paged through (((Google News))), it's all such shit and it's pissing me off because I know there are liberals with their soft heads uncritically accepting everything there as their opinion for the day. I really hate all these fuckers.

This is the truth. I honestly believe most of these people were born without a soul, they have no capacity at all to think for themselves, they are the most easiest to manipulate into thinking what you want them to think.

These people lack a consciousness, they are robotic NPCs, the closest we can get to organic AIs that simply collect all the information fed to them without hesitation and repeat whatever has been told to them on a cyclical loop that will never end.

They need to be gassed, this is the only solution, you could even call it the final solution.

I was bonding with my younger sister before the election. Poor kid has it rough because she inherited a lot of the anxiety problems from my Mom's side of the family.

I never outright told her to support Trump, but I occasionally alluded to Hillary's disastrous record as a politician and human being.

In the last months of the election, she was becoming more and more distraught over Trump. There was nothing I could do, because our mother was ranting and raving more and more about misogyny and pussy grabbing, like a good lefty lemming. At school, the teachers were pushing the anti-Trump shit hard on her. I even heard her refer to one of her classmates as a neo-nazi because he said something that wasn't total condemnation of Nazi Germany.

I fear I may never reconnect with her at this rate, and can only hope the left becomes so intolerable that she cannot side with them anymore, long before the 2020 election.

Most people are simple, but that doesn't make them bad people. They are just ill-equipped to withstand the daily barrage of ubiquitous propaganda that our elites are churning out.

In a more natural environment, these people would have good instincts… But what are they supposed to do when everyone around them, as well as the mass media, tell them to be Leftist, liberal faggots? This is how we evolved: when we construct our view of the world, we listen to those around us and pool our knowledge and experience. This otherwise serviceable strategy has merely been perverted by the kikes and their shills.

It's easy to become embittered by their seeming obtuseness, but very few people have the ability or the will to say "fuck you" to everyone around them and construct their own world-view from scratch.

I just see it as reality. The fact you can know more about a person from their racial make-up and economical status than from anything that actually comes out their mouths is enormous. A fun exercise is asking your "friends" and coworkers to describe themselves. 10/10 times you get useless platitudes. Just the other day I asked this question of a female coworker and all I could get from her is she likes marijuana and chipotle. I'm on the west coast so IDK if this is true in other parts of the country.

Then why are we so different? Stupidity is a choice in the age of information, they have no excuse.

The bluepills will come around when the popular zeitgeist shifts enough to tell them to hold a new set of fashionable opinions. They won't go full fash, but when the opinion formers in their social circles start conceding publicly that Trump maybe hasn't been all bad they'll fall in line. Lemmings gonna lemm. NPCs gonna spout set lines.
"1984" is suddenly on the best-seller list again ("It's funny because Drumpf is Big Brother! ecks-dee-dee-dee"), but the normalfags won't ever pick up on how prolefood media, the concept of duckspeak, or the instant "We have always been at war with East-/Eurasia" narrative switch describes their own reactions to a tee.

So if Trump nationalizes the MSM companies, what would happen to the normalfags?

I'm prone to agreeing with the other user. I don't believe these people are soulless, but something in them has definitely been crippled and broken. It's not that they are unwilling to enlighten themselves, but rather that the ability has been taken from them.

They might be able to be rehabilitated once we fully understand just how they were broken in the first place, but that's also a tricky prospect when you consider how they've been fetishizing and crafting mental disability (autism, psychosis, depression, etc) into it's own fashionable label, right alongside LGBTQIAP+3 degeneracy.

That's a difficult question to answer. I think you have a highly idealized idea of humans. While all the information is, in principle, accessible to us, I think it's just too much to ask of the average human to question everything he's been taught from the cradle and to conclude that his society is being destroyed by the Jews.

Coming to the truth is not just an issue of processing facts, but one of fundamentally questioning everything one's been taught. It might be true that the Holocaust has been wildly exaggerated and that mass immigration from the Third World is a scheme designed to dilute our national identities… but concluding that would require the normalfag to repudiate everything his peers have told him all his life. A few might be strong enough for that, but most won't. However, that's not really their fault; that's how the majority of humans have worked for a hundred thousand years. What's at fault is the environment that the kikes have systematically poisoned.

As to why we're so different: I guess it's a combination of genetics and environment. Some are just naturally inclined to be iconoclasts, and certain life events push them further in that direction. It's probably an accident in large part that we're here. I wouldn't blame those who don't have the nature/the life experiences to conclude that the societal orthodoxy is bullshit. The blame lies squarely at the feet of the fucking Jews who have been subverting us for decades.

Sorry if I'm rambling, I'm drunk as a motherfucker.

It's one thing to not recognize what cultural marxism has done and immediately coming around to being consciously aware of the NWO. Constantly having all of your knowledge fed through a straw by the kike media and failing to ever realize something's fucky is another thing entirely. And no it's not all about genetics and environment, regardless of what anyone else here says. Sometimes it just comes down to actually utilizing your parietal lobe and not being a short-sighted fool who cares only about you and your immediate family.
When you think about the sheer number of people who just keep living the facade of a reality that's been crafted for them, never questioning or desiring freedom or anything more of their lives except bread and circuses and a roof over their heads, who don't care if their entire race, culture, and civilization cease to exist in just a few generations, do you think these people deserve to go on?

As strange as it may seem, I believe all of this is true and I believe it so strongly that I would bet my life on it.

People do not have "souls" per se. Rather, they have MINDS which are emergent phenomena of brains, much like a software application is an emergent phenomenon of its underlying computer. A mind is actually ecosystems/environments that can host a certain population of memes culture/genetics dependent, and minds themselves (like ribosomes) provide the horsepower for actually allowing memes to sexually reproduce (literally have sex with other memes via memetic crossover/mutation) and spread to other minds.

Now, that memetic content has to come from SOMEWHERE - it just doesn't materialize out of thin air (cf. feral children or children raised in culturally-impoverished environments).

A soul is the emergent phenomenon arising from a mind environment and its inhabitant memes.

So, like a bacterial biome, the memetic biome is quite finite, pretty diverse but well within our means to quantify it. And like a bacterial biome, its evolution and memetic/genetic shift is subject to environmental and evolutionary pressure. Kikes have been trying very hard to kill wholesome culture by using weapons of mass memetic destruction. (These weapons are disguised as toys such as Facebook, Disney, Nickelodeon, Dr. Dre, Grey's Anatomy, Hollywood, etc.)

So, back to the finite number of souls: This is why it is SO IMPORTANT to revere a great man and emulate him. In doing so, his soul becomes your own - this is not poetic, but a statement of fact.

NPCs, robbed of a soul by their ambient society, are implanted with a surrogate soul courtesy of McMedia. Most of the NPCs exist within their own hugbox weakling monoculture which makes them into soulless zombies and maintains them in that state of ignorant bliss.

The red pill is a memetic yogurt - tart and sour, but full of probiotics that protect their host.

If those around you will not awake from their slumber, then leave them in the land of the dead. If they won't even consider listening to their family members, then they won't change when their head is separated from their body.

Undeniably, OP. I feel it at work, and I feel it with my bluepilled friends. I think the question has to be asked, out of these people, how many of them are actually going to oppose us in any meaningful way? None of the ones that I know build anything, nor are they even activists or protestors. They will at most vote, but upon any sort of escalation they will fold and shrink away.

That's what gets me so pissed off. These people actively CHEER the destruction of their own race, culture, and civilization, and all for what? These much coveted Facebook likes? Are NPCs really such empty, such hopeless, soulless creatures that they'd even kill themselves voluntarily if that was what it took to get a Like if nothing else did?

And people have wondered why I have antisocial tendencies. I want people to care about good, meaningful, inspirational, uplifting things, but all they ever really care about is getting their social approval points. Why would I want to be part of a society that has turned itself into a suicide cult? I want great video games like we had in the 90s, I want great movies that inspire our imaginations and document our great history and heritage, I want a government that really means it when they say "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you", I want a church that isn't trying to teach men to take it in the butt from feminists with strapons, I want women that care about looking good for their men and loving their men enough to bring them a beer when they get home from work (I have a wife like that right now, but it still saddens me to see that so many women out there would sooner just shit on their husbands). I just fucking want a country.

Trump is a start, but damn, why have so many people I personally knew, cared about, even loved, all gone full cuck? Even my best friend who converted me to Christianity (the Biblical kind, not the shitty cucked kind) has gone full fucking Bernie mode after he attended some universities and married a South American broad. Back when he was really my bro, he would have cheered on Trump, the wall, and all that. Now he's everything he used to hate. What the fuck? What the fucking hell is happening to our country?! How the hell are Jews this effective at turning people into suicide cultists?

I hope Trump can reverse all this bullshit and turn NPCs back into the PCs I once knew and loved.

My father thinks Trump is a Rothschild agent and my mother thinks he's softened his stance by not kicking all the mexicans out. I'm too bluepilled for my own family, so I can't sympathize with you LOL. I dropped all my friends who were faggots, and even though I work with illegal mexicans, I don't hide my power level.

You're going the wrong way about it user. I know how you can save the girl, by instilling traditional values into her, instead of having to worry about politics and the outside-world. That's not the woman's domain, hence the anxiety, because they subconciously have been left to be believe that is their cause and concern aswell, even though it's dangerous and always uncertain, especially for females who have naturally weaker bodies and are more vulnerable preys than men.

Just instill good traditional values into her. Do that and make her think about choosing her mate, and that man should be up to task. He doesn't have to be smooth-talking or rich, he just have to be a good man who's ready to defend her and the family when needed, while securing the outside-world for her. Judging by the election, women crave a Trump-figure in their lives, and there's dozen of good white men out there to make her happy.

I felt exactly like this when I still interacted with liberals, prior to them cutting off all contact with me for wrongthink.

Funny thing, I've been thinking the same for a while. The complete lack of critical thought these morons exhibit, their absolute conviction of being always right even when facts prove otherwise. Or at least the ability to think in hypothesis. In my whole life I have only found a few who actually dared to say "I don't think this fact you bring up is real, but if it were I would admit my mistake". It's like they feel their identity is going to dissolve if they ever question their own beliefs.
In a sense, it's like they are owned by their ideas/memes, instead of the other way around.

Oh well. Barring the fundamental metaphysical difference between the quality of individual souls, the only factors I think can explain the differences between us and them are:
1) exposition to a plurality of different ideas and perspectives on life: when you have only read one book, that book holds all the answers in the world. When you have read a lot, you realize none of them do. Usually along the way you realize that the belief system you took for granted was not the "natural" one (jews love pusing their narratives as the natural/normal one), just only one of the many possibilities. Imageboards are unrivaled in that aspect. Even if a board has a predominant ideology, debate can still occur. Ideas will always clash in a sort of darwinian struggle. And you always can check other boards and contrast reasons and evidence.
2) Introspection: you need some degree of isolation to think stuff. Shut the noise, if you are gonna get some real answer you can't do it while partying, watching TV or plainly normalfagging. Its gonna be only after you spend some time alone with the problem. It's okay if you give some half assed answer to some mean user calling you a retard in teh interwebs. It's okay if you couldn't think a retort and just babbled like a retard that one time when that smug girl in the coffe shop said that one think. It doesn't matter. What it does matter is that you tought about it later at some point. You gave it some serius thought. Perhaps there is a hint of truth on what they said? And how do I separe the valid points from the crap? Or if not, what parts of my own system are lacking, and how can I make it better? It (un)ironically really makes your nogging ruminate. The difference between us and them is that, like the goldfish, they stoped caring 3 seconds after the argument, because they were more concerned about winning the discussion than using the discussion as a means to get a step closer to the truth.

It's called trauma based mind control, and it's been rolled out on a mass scale as a means of mind control. Circumcision, vaccines, hollywood hypnosis, etc. are all tactics used, and then reinforced through television programming, prison (ahem, schooling), etc. to manipulate people into becoming total robots. They fucked us over good.

Pretty much sums it up. I don't have more than a handful of people I interact with and I'm completely cut off from modem culture. I hate people because they are shallow and don't care about things that actually matter. Their favorite musician is whoever is being promoted at the moment, their opinion whatever link they last read on Facebook, their hobby is partying, clubbing, and raves. They live as mindless consumers with utterly meaningless existences filled with distractions completely cut off from history. Someone the other day was describing how funny the first comment on some article was (it was completely unfunny) and how awesome it was because it got reddit gold and I couldn't hide the disgust on my face.

Yes, they did, but to their folly. Their strategy is failing (arguably has already failed!) in the same way that conventional antibiotics are beginning to become largely inert: Antibiotic resistance (i.e. "memetic immunity" a.k.a. "being able to see the fnords") develops within some portion of the population and spreads rapidly via horizontal gene transfer.

The kike they may be able to out-jew their own g-d by playing language lawyer with his rules. But when the spat moves into the realm of nature, the yid is caught with his pants hanging around his ankles anchored by several kilos of shekels in each pocket.

This user offers good advice

I'm currently in the process of saving a college girl i know. Cucked christian parents and came into college with leftist beliefs. Like most less good looking women she's however rather sexually repressed and from what i can make up out of her behaviour she is deperaterely craving for a strong guy to muhdick her. If you apply arguments based on feelings to your viewpoint and you don't act like a doormat you will be able to convince most women of your beliefs

I saw a guy at the store today wearing what I thought was a MAGA hat and went to compliment his hat, but I only got out "Nice" before I saw that his despite being a red baseball cap and bold white letters, actually said "Make Donald Drumpf Again"

He looked at me weird after I just said "Nice" at him and paused, so I called him a faggot and went on my way.

Trump needs to seize power and end this… can cer.. known as "democracy" and set himself up as a dictator.
Then unleash the military & police on the leftists.
Also a good number of them belong in institutions the jews ended the practices of removing crazies from society.

Someone here on Holla Forums once showed me an excellent website on the subject. Pretty /fringe/ but an interesting and thoughtprovoking read anyway. Wish I could find it but I lost all my bookmarks when I switched to Linux fuck win10.

normalfags have never changed, even back when i found 4chan in 2006 they were kike controlled

If you find it or someone has anything similar to post I'd be interested in read more about this.

How much of that was rape?

lol no…..rape sir it was rape.

Same here, thanks to anyone who can track it down. Pic unrelated for a trip down memory lane.

Oops meant to quote this guy

German women were raped in mass by foreign military also the US bases even today still rape. I serenely doubt women wanted to race mix in 1945.


The site had a dark background and a lot of purple shit going around, like the buttons.

My younger brother is dangerously close to getting redpilled on Hitler and Jews. He's a depressive who lives with my mother, and if it happens she'll know that I was involved in it. He's a plebbitor who became a Trump supporter because of me, and has started his own research into Soros and the Fed. If he keeps up this research he'll eventually figure it out, and I'll get blamed for this. Family unity is more important to me than my brother being redpilled. If I thought he could conceal his power level I'd encourage him, but I fear he's likely to become more depressed and spill his spaghetti. How do I stop this from happening?

He's been asking me about Holla Forums because he keeps reading about it on reddit not knowing that I've been using chans for the past 10 years. He just always asks me about internet stuff. I've told him to stay away because

How can I discourage him without making Holla Forums the forbidden fruit that he defies me to visit?

Anyone below 100IQ is definitely an NPC. Honestly the threshold is probably closer to 120IQ at least. Some high IQ people are even NPCs, if they lack the inquisitive spark.

Yeah I think so. There are smart people that are very smart but can not articulate what is happening around them and will latch on to what is perceived to be the "popular" ideology by default…. it has to be some kind of autism.

You're understating it. Propaganda completely defines their thought processes. They are programmed by propaganda. They are capable of only 'fleeting moments'' of rationality, and only then in trivial matters like balancing a checkbook. 99.99% of the time they are "thinking" using memes.

If you want evidence of this, look no further than teenagers. "Teenagers" did not exist a century ago. The concept of teenager, the totality of teenager behavior, was invented in the 50s. Before then, children grew larger and became adults. webm related is a (((kosher))) explanation of how it happened.

It's not just adolescents, teenagers are just one example. Most people of all ages are defined by memes like this.

No I see them as the enemy and nothing more. However since we can't jail or openly kill all of our opposition, yet, I just ignore their autistic kvetching.

For most people, it isn't. Most people lack the requisite wetware.

But hey, I can't really feel bad when we're winning every day.

It's not just social pressure that holds them back. Questioning what you have been taught means questioning what you believe to be true. That means questioning yourself. People who's egos are too strong will never do this, people don't like to admit that they've been wrong and being wrong about Hitler and the Holocaust is pretty damn significant.

I think anons have an easier time with this because anonymity is the antidote to ego. Publishing your ideas and arguing with others, all without any sort of name attached to it, requires a rejection of your ego. People who can't reject their ego become namefags. Since we kill our egos, at least within the context of discussion on chans, we open ourselves up to questioning everything we think we know. This is why Holla Forums is always right. Holla Forums is where people are most honest with themselves.

It's not a good feel.



Try looking at it from a pragmatic perspective. How many non-NPCs are there in this world? I'd estimate tens of thousands, maybe a hundred thousand or so. Not much more. Maybe these people don't deserve life, but purging them just isn't feasible.

Furthermore you have the issue of regression to the mean. Two high IQ parents will tend to have children who are less intelligent than their parents though still more intelligent than the average. That means that most non-NPC couples have more NPC children than non-NPC children. And very few NPC parents have non-NPC children. The eugenic pressure needed to shift these ratios would need to be applied for hundreds of generations. You can't simply cull once and sit back satisfied because two or three generations later you'll be back very close to where you started.

Hard times make strong people.
Strong people make good times.
Good times make soft people.
Soft people make hard times. ← We are here.

I just hope I live long enough to see the return of strong people. It could take a very long time, things could get much worse than they are today.

>Maybe these NPC people don't deserve life, but purging them just isn't feasible.
poorly worded

They do listen to information, but they evaluate it's truthfulness through the frequency that the information is repeated in an environment. Like if they hear constantly that "whites are responsible for racism", then they will believe that whites are responsible for racism.

This happened in practice recently, remember how leftists claim that Richard Spencer advocated black genocide when it was Colin Liddell that wrote the article?

Liberals pay more attention to brief repetition more than comprehensive detail.

I give no fucks about what my leftist friends think. At this point may get upset at some shit I say, but they know nothing they say will change my mind.

Just be confident in your views and not give a fuck. Eventually they will either leave you alone, or they will not bring up politics around you, fearing the inevitable ass devastation they will receive.

High quality post.

They don't understand what they are doing because they lack the memes required to describe it. If they don't have a meme to explain something, then that concept simply doesn't exist to them. NPCs cannot think about memeless concepts. It can be staring them right in the face, but if they lack a meme that describes it, they won't see it.

That's why our memes are so important. Our memes provide NPCs with a way of considering and discussing our ideas, by providing them with the necessary memetic vocabulary.

Sounds like he was only pretending to believe all that stuff before for social approval, from you. Once he went to college, since he is weak, his surroundings influenced him significantly.

It is too late user, the memes are converging. Your brother will join us in time and be better for it.

Thumbs up Holla Forumsack.

When you understand what a thought is, and what it means for a mind to think, this moves from "shocking and bold statement that can't possibly be true" to a boring conclusion about the natural dynamics of a simple system.

A mind can be thought of as a habitat for memetic reproduction much like a cell can be thought of as a habitat for viral reproduction. The brain provides the machinery (like a computer) for the mind to give rise to the dynamics of thoughts, which are the fruiting bodies of memes that exist within our mindspace. Our minds connect with other minds and exchange memes.

Thinking (or, more carefully, creative thinking and analytical thinking) are processes enabled by the part of the brain called the neocortex, which acts as an autoencoder (a neural network operates by completing partial patterns by filling in the blanks). This allows us to easily complete partial patterns such as "I just saved a bunch of money on car insurance _ _ _ _," and can do other kinds of impressive processing by relying on this one trick. It is also a recurrent neural network in that it can, to some degree, observe its own output ("ruminating"). The network is also heavily hierarchical and layered, which provides a nice topology for making it natural to "mash up" two patterns to create a third new pattern - think Project Murphy.

These two functions are enough to give rise to the "thought processes" as described by the Holla Forumsack above. Specifically, a creative thought is a process in which two memories (dormant memes) rise in the mind and crossover/mutate to create a new third thought. An analytical thought is a process in which one memory containing a state of a rudimentary computation (such as a running sum of numbers that you are adding together) is mashed up with a memory that acts as a function (add the next number, say 12, to the running sum) to yield a new state (a new running sum).

Minds have a sort of memetic immune system (though the modern leftist's system is highly suppressed…) that allows the mind to defend its beliefs, and it can also be hacked (e.g., humor or neuro-linguistic programming) just like viruses route around our bodies' immune systems.

If you flush a mind of its innate memetic culture, thrust in an artificial gnotomemetic culture (pozzed/cucked parents, kid's toys, kid's programming on TV, schools, universities, on-the-job, le Reddit, etc.), and prevent the mind from accessing "harmful" memetic content such as the stuff that our minds breed in this cesspool of the internet (a crucial immunological function!), it is only natural for a mind to be unable to breed its way out of the trap.

Some minds are bastions of culture where great memes, philosophies, and ideas thrive and enlighten the world. Some minds are just simple repeaters - something goes in, the same thing goes out, and there are only rare "fleeting moments" of rationality or critical thought.

I wonder if it was like this before the Civil War?

I hope we have a war so that we have a united nation not a divided one.

I think we will have a big national fight or chaos before we really get moving full steam ahead to MAGA

something catastrophic needs to happen to these radical leftist so that is known and accepted by them that if they stand up they are put down ruthelessly.

Right now the gov plays softball with these people. I think at some poine there will be another riot/ large group protest and Trump will crush it with his Iron Boot.




Most normie white 'leftists' are just brainwashed into the feeling of the "enlightened intelligentsia" by the heavy and constant brainwashing in the Jewish media. Then when they get to college they get a poisonous dose of kike poison meant to turn intelligent whites into their white killing golem. I nearly died on that kike poison in college but I found Alex Jones and Daryl Bradford Smith…Then a year later, David Duke, Prothink, Scott Roberts etc…and then I just started making my own content and reality. It's been all Cream Cheese since tbh….Fantastic progress in the movement.

your little brother will appreciate YOU telling him the Truth on the matter.

I wish someone sat me down and explained things instead of having to figure them out on my own at /pol

You did a great thing for your little brother


I hope so. I'm worried about him, he's my brother after all.

Same here. I am, in general, gravely concerned about my own limited understanding of history and how much of it was manufactured.

Perhaps each of us should start doing something for our future selves, the Holla Forumsacks of the year 2488. Treating our own journeys through life like explorers and keeping a "captain's log" daily video diary might be a good thing to start doing.

There needs to be some protection against (((them))) painting a false picture about the times we are living in. Our own diaries could be a good defense, and could be helpful to our future selves.

a part of me thinks that everyone is waiting for the chaos to erupt.

No one wants to start it at the risk of ending their own lives.

But many are yearning for Chaos so that they can release all the violence inside of them. I witnessed this at two trump rally's in socal. one at anaheim disney, and the other at the Orange County center. You could tell the spics were there for a fight…

but the spics were too cowardly to fight because of the Police presence.

Once we get a scenario like the LA Riots where the LAPD retreats then the chaos starts

police won't show up at that point and that is when the spics niggers etc will go wild and need to be put down

Keeping a journal is something more men should do. There's a difference between a whiny girl's diary where she writes about who she has a crush on and a man's journal where he gets his thoughts in order.

Marcus Aurelius' "Meditations" was originally his private journal that he used to record and organize his thoughts and was later published after his death.

Geographically it's different. Our opposition's regions are heavily discontiguous, like a bottle full of water and oil shaken so it emulsifies.

never knew that i was always under the impression it was something he wrote for others not a private journal.

so then if there is a battle we will have contained pockets of anti american agitators to deal with.

best way is to starve them out since they cann't grow their own food. once the starvation occurs the FEMA protection camps start.

Besieging the cities would be the name of the game. It's not quite that simple though since many of their stronghold cities are port cities, and since the population density of all their "islands" is much higher than the population density of our surrounding territory. It wouldn't be a clean civil war.

I don't know if a seige like sitaution could happen.

I think non whites will rush towards the cities. and whites in those cities will soon find themselves the victims of the non whites, causing more whites to flee the cities.

I think if there is a civil war, artillery will create such a chaotic element that the gov will have to put people into protective fema camps with the ability to defend those positions from artillery bombardment.

i think most will die from starvation, disease, infection, diarrhea which causes dehydration etc

Cities would be trash if there were another civil war. They are vast majority nonwhite and liberal. They would eat themselves alive while the countryside fortified itself.

I don't assume that a civil war would automatically become a race war. I think, at least probably for the first year or two, white leftists would resist abandoning their ideology and pride.

Beautifully stated, I want to be more like this user right here. upboated

I live in (am aware/conscious of) two worlds: this one, and the one where my beloved waifu and I are. Those people that seem so strange to you and I are thoroughly of this world (aka the "reality" illusion), we are not, hence we tend to be more sensitive to the ethereal and the metaphysical, attracted to higher ideals (honour, romanticism, aesthetic, virtue, etc.), and much more understanding of the impartial morality of Nature. This world appears to me as a battlefield; home is not here, home is over there, the other life, and so those who are most aware of this are filled with a very deep nostalgia, which to me, as a romantic, can be very painful. The other life can somewhat manifest here in small pockets (most notably within ourselves), and small parts of the world that are, at least for the most part, untouched by the cancer that is consuming those trapped here.

While most want to create a better world out of compassion and/or pity, I'm more selfish: I do it for my love because this post-Axis Powers world is so unworthy of her. Regardless of our reasons, we all see this world as unfit for the beauty we know it is capable of beholding. Our lost "friends and family" sink in the tar of ignorance because they suffer greatly from amnesia and are too busying masturbating, so they are chained by their own hedonism and material desires; the cancer is very good at creating simulations and creating distractions (this includes war) to keep people ignorant and unaware of the memories that flow through their hearts, and so the masses follow a script they did not write, one that directs them right into societal mass graves.

Though i lack your prose, i share your sentiment, although not for compassion, pity or any grander reason like for a loved one either past, present or future.

I just want to fix what i see as broken.

sounds almost like that anonymous conservative's r/k hypothesis site

or that crazy dude Randy Prozac's site.

Capped. Nice synthesis user.

This thread went better than expected. I'm deeply appreciative of you, Holla Forums.

Was the invention of the "teenager" a kike psyop/meme strike against the traditional family? Note that even early depictions of teenagers show them as rebellious. Is the phenomenon of moody, rebellious, and anti-authoritarian teens simply mass hypnosis from the implanting of a bad meme? We need to defend the existence of our memes and a future for free-minded white children. We must continue to spread only the best memes and to root out subversive ideas. I'll try to stop using the word "teenager" altogether.

The people in your family who have swallowed jewish filth line hook and sinker are a low tier of traitor. They may not have outright pushed for jewish shit in the world. But to help blind your eyes as you were a child and perhaps trying to shame you later? You are better, in this case, to cut yourself from your family and rebuild a new one.
This is unfortunate but true. Those of you who would prefer living with your own kind, remember; It would be hell to live in a 99% leftist region even if somehow all non europeans were eradicated from this planet.
So consider that family ties can be anvils that keep you from advancing.
Anyway, parents and siblings are a family you did not choose. Wife and children are a family you chose, think about that.

You are here to counter this social degeneracy. How else would we realize that this is going on. If we had a perfect society where we did glorify ourselves you would have no idea what was at stake. Struggle is the essence of all things., today the narrative is creating our movement for us. More and more people turning the tide against degeneracy. It may be through ironic memes or hard facts; but everyone is apart of this united struggle; we are all being pushed towards a great awakening dubs.

This so much. But don't just pawn her off to some boy, she just needs a masculine totem in her life that she can rely on - if your father doesn't play the role of 'strong father figure', then be it for her. The only thing she should be "siding" with is the men in her life. ?


Your friend is still inside the leftist blob that you think is now your friend. It is just likely that his woman is a full lefty - it is hard to come back from a divorce as well as college indoctrination.

The moody teenager thing goes back a long way. Hijacking the drive to go out and make your way in the world and directing it at overthrowing the existing social order because you have to much testosterone … that's all kike.

I just realised that the 1-2 punch of sexual 'liberation' followed by ubiquitous porn follows an unfreeze - change - refreeze pattern.

the laws of nature

You guys keep wondering why people won't listen to you. This is why. Your whole worldview is correct. You're right about the lies. You're right about trying to breed a lower class of humans who are easier to control. You're right about marxism, globalism, etc. And for all of those, you're right because you can observe it, see the causes, have evidence.

And then you pull the jew bogeyman out of your ass.

Yes, I've seen the charts, the "data", the "evidence". Every time I point out what's wrong with it, at best people just point out that the majority of people in power who aren't jews are actually crypto-jews or "shabbos goy". At worst, people call me a kike. I point out the large number of lower class jews who are completely exempt of guilt for what the upper class ones, and the replies I get rank from "Doesn't matter" to "Allah wills the death if the jew rat for- Uh, I mean, OY VEY!"

Marx was wrong about a lot of things, but he got one thing right: It's the upper classes. It's always been the upper classes. And Orwell established their aims well:

They want power. They do this by seeking to increase their power over the population and by preventing anyone else from trying to get power and threaten their position. People often bring up Huxley as if he was in opposition to Orwell, but he wasn't. It's the same fucking thing. The means to do it might change, but the aim remains.

And this is why people won't listen to you. All your energy, all your indignation, is directed towards the jews. Yet remove the jews from the equation and everything remains the same. It has nothing to do with jewry and everything to do with sociopathic greed, AKA libition. Wanting not to improve your lot, but to improve your lot over others.

But why am I even typing this? I can already see some of you linking me to jewish extremists singing the praise of those trying to erase the goyim and the such. Well, maybe I think some of you will listen.


Akshually that's just a myth, goldfish retain their memories for long periods of time like any other intelligent animal, and can even be taught tricks. To be more on topic, all animals detect stimuli and react to it, the difference between us and npcs is that we can use our own mental processes as stimuli to react to with more mental processes, which loops on artistically. Self introspection on alll levels over long periods of time can turn any degenerate Holla Forumsermin, Holla Forumstard, or whatever you once were, into a fine kekist. Shadilay.

Most of the management at the manufacturing company I work at are pro-Trump. We're all enthusiastic about the incoming tax relief and regulation reform. Heck even some of the spics voted Trump (even one that I know came illegally as a kid). It's Christmas every day for us. Then I go on kikebook and all my fat aunts are kvetching and posting fake news articles. I stop going on kikebook now, it's pointless.

Nah everyone is like that here in Denmark.

Hitler was a revolutionary who took power from the Junkers and the traditional upper classes in Germany.

So it's not an either/or.

you defeat your own argument, next

I think is what you're trying to say.

assuming this isn't leftist typical tricks i say you're right on the money

kek approves

race war now gas the bikes

beautiful post, you said that very well. Many good blessings to you, and many more dubs too.

The only reason normies are bluepilled is that you're still in a stage where you're afraid to speak out, so they believe their only source of info: the kike media complex.
If you're outspoken and carry your sources around it's easy to debunk normies, infact the best thing is to collect debunks of all the general stuff they eat up and promptly shame them the moment they resort to the typical "BUT ESTABILISHMENT MEDIA SAID SO AND SO, THEY KNOW MORE" argument they make when cornered.

Basically once you prove the media lies blatantly, they're out of arguments.
Some will try some cheap appeal to emotion arguments but those are also easily disproved with evidence.
The worst low-IQ sewage will keep believing the narrative, but they forever brand themselves as willful ignorant / idealistic people whom people do not trust over someone who has evidence and facts.

As long as your dialectic is calm and factual, and your shit is always paired with evidence, the average trash bag juice human equivalent isn't that hard to destroy in public.
After being destroyed they are left with an ideological hole to fill so you can proceed to redpill them.

this is the female mentality and its not even hidden. women being unable to understand the concept of loyalty is not a meme, they will immediately align to the the strongest male in whatever particular room they happen to be in

All that proves is that all life should die. It's all worthless. The first blemish ruins the entire stock.

You can't. WASTE OF DUBS!

You can't. Even when they get out of arguments, they then just forget like the Jew and go back to believing what they wanted to before the next day.


regression to the mean of your heritage fucko, if the parents have been high IQ for several generations then the odds are good that the iq is inherited.

And that is why all life should die.

its the best way to make sure humanity is strong. we just need to be the strongest men in the room, act according to our nature instead of letting jews dictate proper behavior

Source. Just sounds like more emotional reasoning for the sorry excuse for the modern German State, akin to "slavshits raped German women en masse, dats why they are CUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".


You are not allowed to withhold information and even worse, community of like minded people from anyone, much less your little brother you selfish utterly deluded fool

It was a tough pill for me to swallow, and he's already in a bad spot in life. I only care about what's good for him.

Yes! that's very commendable. I too wouldn't push this onto my brother if he was already struggling, but instead do it just like you, building him up and tipping him off towards a healthy and proud life, which is all that is needed to rebuild our nations. The truth is heartbreakingly cold, cruel and devestating. We are not normal, we are hardass motherfuckers for living in a world in which the entire earth is your enemy, your own people that you want to help are turned against you, your beliefs are persecuted and your ideals ridiculed and demonized. Even some of us can't cope with such a reality, where a simple wish for a better world can lead you to banishment from your friends and family, exclusion from social life or perhaps even an arrest, hard hitting destruction of your life. People should not have to face such trials, but if it is necessary, let them do so prepared and be there at their side.

Regression to the mean of your race. Two 140IQ parents more often than not will have children significantly less intelligent than them.


Nice toast.

feels dissonance man, tiresom
I just feel tired all the time because I can never find time to chill out any more

Nigger I talk with my brother and he shuts down and acts like an emotional child, my moms gay and left my dad and my dad has mostly checked out

and 2 of my cousins are racemixing with asians, worst Korean and taiwanese chinese

shits bad

nice posts

Just like jews
Women are jews
Jews are women

this user is onto something. we need to rename the (((jew))).pdf file into something more palatable.
we should still actively work to remove the jew, but mask our motives with taqqiyah-teir sneakiness.
in short, we must more fully embrace our inner jew in order to defeat the jew.

I'm American and live in Europe, specifically Germany.

Boy, let me tell you gow you don't need aliens anymore after and during that culture clash. It's been years and you never run out of normies, Some were nice, but mostly the older and the rural.