Actor teaches migrant teenagers in Sweden how to chat up local women

Actor teaches migrant teenagers in Sweden how to chat up local women

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Isn't even necessary, Western women will throw themselves deliberately at any high melanin mongrel and fuck them just to cuck low-test Western males.

Statistics appoint most girls aren't racemixers.

They still think their needs and wants will matter in a few years?

Shitskin teaches shitskins how to get away with harassment

Picking up women in bars does not a healthy relationship make.

These pick-up artists just go after the numbers game. Once they've shagged one girl they move on to the next. That's the kind of relationship dynamic you find in bars.


Would this work for a native swede too?

I believe most of the girls they pick up do it as virtue signaling.

Nigger I see mostly mixed race couples in my area, I don't know what your statistics are based on tbh. Once White men become violent and heartless savages again, women will start returning.

Dont thonk thatll happen for a while. But when it does the whole world will burn. Count on it.

Local sperg, who thinks he can pick up women because he can get the desperate bitch at the bar ever Saturday, teaches foreign spergs more ways to get rejected.

That is so dumb. The swede girls at bars will throw themselves over non-white guys so why is it important to teach them?

Muhammad isn't a name of a local… well, it never used to be anyway…

Not if you're a losers. Unlike what most cucks will tell you, because they're aspey shut in, swedish women are like any women.
Non whites will always get the bottom of the barrel whores, drug addicts, mentally ill, women from broken homes.

We must lead by example and teach our fellow kin the ways of the barbarians. Read "Might is Right" by Ragnar Redbeard.

I wonder if Feminism is one big collective shit test pulled on Swedish men by Swedish women.

Also "swedish" women and even "swedish women", actual swedish women are long gone.

Women are just stupidly emotional. You can hook-up with any women of any race in the world. Even in arab countries, the only thing that stops women from themselves is barriers.

If you are decent looking and socially competent you can go to Yemen right now and fuck one of the locals, it's hard because they risk jail or death.

It's nothing but a cuck attitude to cry about women being whores, it's about as dumb as complaining about your 7 year old not getting a 9 to 5 job.

that's wishful thinking. Women who go mudsharking in young age COULD have had another future which they've effectively destroyed because they were simply young and indoctrinated.

I know a coalburner who is quite a decent gal but after she burned coal one time, no guy wants her once he discovers.

that's wishful thinking. Women who go mudsharking in young age COULD have had another future which they've effectively destroyed because they were simply young and indoctrinated.

I know a coalburner who is quite a decent gal but after she burned coal one time, no guy wants her once he discovers.

The best solution of course would be just throwing them into the ocean but barring that there's literally nothing wrong with telling slimes that their behavior is wrong and needs to change.

she still hangs if she survives the muslim hordes during the happening

Read the article, the teacher is called Muhammad Arvan

I seriously doubt shitskins need coaching to get into the pants of Swedish women. It's fairly known that they despise their own kind, and seem to pathologically devote themselves to cucking them by screwing muds.

Just nuke Sweden already.

I don't think you understand accelerationism or how much it has benefited our movement.

There will be no deals, rabbi. Either they get the fuck out of our land, be it walking or in bodybags, or we lose.

Women are wombs. They are here to give birth to children, raise them and to clean up the environment of the family. If you see women as anything else but these things, they'll notice this on a primal level and demote you to cuck/friend level. So next time you're being a faggot and want to strike up a conversation with a girl about literature, their opinion on topix X or anything else than cooking or having children, think again. Shitskins know this of course, that's why they don't engage in conversations with them, they just tell them to shut the fuck up and suck the D. And it works.

Sources are pre-Immigrant Invasion. They reflect a time when availability of Achmed was lower.

The Muslims want Muslim women, but they've come to Europe with almost no Muslim women. This makes the current wave of immigrants very different from the slow trickle that preceded them. This wave is 70-95% male, depending on the age group being considered.

That's incorrect. They do not just want muslim women, they want "Western whores" as well. There is no contradiction in their minds between having a muslim wife and fucking some Swedish slut in a nightclub. And I'll say this as well; men from the Middle/near east have an obsessive, all-consuming lust for blonde women. I've seen it first hand when I was on a study abroad trip in Amsterdam, there was a group of us Burgers and we'd regularly go to the clubs and bars in town (I was in my degenerate phase, forgive me). They always had large groups of mudslime arab guys who would lurk around in huddles, and when they caught sight of the blonde girls in our group walking in, they fucking stared at them like they were something good to eat. Once they saw they were with guys they somewhat lost that look, but the filthy lust is real.

White women are simply better. Jewish porn also makes them think that women will throw themselves at them.

Either jewsih shilling or you're in a really degenerate spot. Women feel deep inside that for white people, there is no upgrade.

Yeah, my comment didn't make that much sense

The reality is in front of your eyes for you to witness, user. If that's not good enough for you, keep on cucking and deluding yourself. One less set of weak ass beta genes to be passed onto future generations.

I know self checking isn't very classy, but look at these sweet dubs of truth. Hail Kek.

I will check your dubs, Truth-user.

No they don't, they are creeped out by them and their packs who gang up on them at the dancefloor and try and get them, but they are usually utterly disgusted.

Probably since most immigrants are scrawny fucking manlets with no self-control at all.

I still wish to slit the throats of every shitskin defiling my forefathers earth.

For the kikes and traitors that caused this, i wish a more horrific ending.

I stopped caring a long time ago.
I have never seen a nation embrace it's own genocide so willingly and enthusiastically like Sweden does.

Not gonna check your beta ramblings, faggot. High-IQ white women don't just submit to nignog alpha posturing unless they were trash anyway.

Also, wonder why modsstarted to allow this shit since the whole TRS shit ended


Sorry to burst your bubble but that's just your incel-rage speaking, so I won't make an effort to belittle you even further. You should just read some Ragnar, bro, he has a decent outlook on things.

Man you stick out worse than the Jews do here. You realize that this sort of rhetoric doesn't pass here, eh? Your analogy is awful too, because, in no way are they related. Sure we can establish women are whores, but, whose fault is it that we let them be that way? Surely it isn't the fault of the food, air, and water. Could it be that the new age has weakened peoples so much and that the convenience of technology has even worsened this facet due to influence from Jews? I mean come on tell me what YOU think this is the result of, because, your post in response to that other anons makes zero sense in answering his question.

You fuckin conjecturing faggot

I wanna let you know you got a nice series of dubs, and you aren't wrong about women being mostly one-sided in how they act. But fuck Ragnar and the scandinavian peoples. Their mythos as well as some of the things written by their ancestors is extremely fuckin degenerate. Riddled with bestiality and all sorts of shit that is worth a death sentence in my eyes. I seriously hope you aren't some role-playing Pagan faggot, user… You got some nice and simple digits; it would be a shame for you to be those things.

It definitely is on an unconscious level. Whether some feminists became feminists in order to intentionally provoke the Patriarch sleeping inside the burdened White man is anyone's guess

Women just want aggresive men. If there are no aggresive white males then they'll move onto shitskins. Really simple. It's fault of swedish men that they let this happen.

I respect your opinion, friendo. My aim was to provide a perspective that differs from the usual advice that's being thrown around on here ("just go on campus and talk to people"/"visit a countryside church and start grooming 12 year olds"). That's why I came up with this piece of old fashioned social-darwinist literature that's easy to read, yet bears many facts about life. It's not the end all be all, but it might be a start for anons in need. From there, they can still move on to more complex places. Shadilay.

That's your cuckold fantasy

"The study is saying that White women are more likely to have unconscious negative thoughts about Blacks when they are ovulating and this is especially the case if they think they are vulnerable to being raped."

Low testosterone and psycho-cultural emasculation is a real problem and your defeatism is a manifestation of it.

Without going into a fight with you, let me just say one last thing:
I want white males to grow stronger, as a community and as individuals. I want every Holla Forumsack and /k/ommando to become a scholar and a savage. May nobody fuck with Europeans and peoples of European descent anymore.

yes they will. Virtue signalling and desire for cucking trumps every possible rational thought in women.

It's like images of SS purging kikes making even commies hard, because deep down below they love it.

RIP Sweden.

fucking cunts

By that rationale, shouldn't white women be inherently and, almost exclusively, attracted to white men, because deep down, it's what they evolved to love?

The truth is, racemixers are genetically flawed whores. It's in their blood, but not in all women's blood. Statistically, most white women want white men. The ones that don't are just the flawed ones that 70 years ago would have been shamed into not racemixing. (((Hollywood))) and (((the media))) have sold the idea that racemixing is okay, and now these whores can flaunt their degeneracy without social consequence.

In the future the bog will fix them or hold them.

Denial isn't healthy user.

You mean the lowest and mentally weak or those that were abused you fucking lying shill-cuck.

yeah. At leat Germans do it officially. Picture related.