Trump dropping hints that it's time for the gas

In a tweet this morning Trump dropped an obvious dog whistle that it's time to begin using the gas:


anyone got that webm btw?

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Every Presidential tweet has these fucking faggots posting their 140 character 'HURR DURR LE DRUMPF BTFO XD" and it's pissing me off. They vomit their bullshit out into the world because no punishment will be forthcoming. This should change.

And they have accomplished absolutely nothing, Trump is still the President and all they can do is cry impotently on the internet like they spent an entire year doing for nothing.
They are worthless at every single level

Some are bot posts and some are PAC-sponsored PR writers who get a post in right away (they're literally waiting for him to post) and then their paid bot army floods in to like/retweet. Agreed this is a major issue but I think the only way to combat it is to start our own like manipulation shilling.


There aren't any rules anymore because the left only applies them one way. And in doing so, they've left what once was a civil compact between the two parties in smoldering ruins.

I am hoping the constant spelling errors are a deliberate 4D chess move, because frankly it's irritating me too.


Because he likes something that was probably part of his childhood? You're a faggot.


No user, it is you who is the faggot.

what is wrong with bitcoin you filthy kike?
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We need a Trump edit.


It's just autistic screeching.

The problem with bitcoin is converting it to a currency most normal people use to buy and sell shit with.

How many botnets do you like to belong to OP?

what game is that? some in browser pokemon shit?



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1. Reported for namefag.
2. Reported for tripfag.
3. Reported for supporting kiketocurrencies.

I wonder why cryptocurrencies bother Moonman (the mod, which is this guy) so much.


You have to remember user a lot of people here are kids or were young when pokeshit came out.

whats wrong with competitive pokemon battle sims?


lmao he does it on purpose, he's baiting the media so hard, it's wonderful

Cuckchan has taken over; time to jump ship to a bunker.

You're right. Someone plays pokemon it's the end of the world.

Blow your brains out. Reported.

I would be more concerned about this shit honestly…




No, it's not that they post first, it's that Twitter intentionally elevates all anti-Trump journalist tweets to the top so that Trump supporters aren't even visible in the comments sections.

Is OP Malik?


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Fuck these bullshit type of threads. Total Bullshit. GTFO you hasbara rats

so much this, they should be taxed to oblivion for this shit


Probably just Microsoft's. Barely ever use dropbox and it's not running in the background. This is also my fuck around computer so don't give a shit but I realize some of these poorfags can't conceptualize owning more than 1 device so it never occurred to them.


fuck off fedres kikes

I considered this but it also seems the trick is they have a conversation with themselves or a pre-planned conversation takes place in response to their reply. Then with all the synthetic replies and likes below their tweet, Twitter's algorithm elevates it for causing the most buzz (even though this was all fake as fuck it tricks the algo). This is the same thing that happens with all those "liberal tears" bot posts that tend to shit up the replies even though they aren't anti-trump they are often by pure coincidence in reply to something anti-trump which ultimately bumps that post.

If we want to combat it we need a pre-written conversation between a couple bots along with a few hundred sockpuppets to like the first few posts. It really wouldn't be that hard to make happen, it's just tricky getting all the bots setup as they should all have at least a few tweets with a profile image or Twitter might recognize that. Keep in mind these PAc-paid PR firms maintain farms of these things and pay people just to randomly post on these accounts all day to keep them looking genuine and usable later. I bet even a simple markov bot with a decent set of proxies could allow one person to do similar.

Yeah that's why I've saged everything since OP. Sure is a coincidence all you (1) posters have a bunch of similar replies with nothing to actually add to the conversation though huh?