Fear and Rage on US-Mexico border



Beaners once again proving they are nothing but mindless puppets

Well, shit happens.

Then they can fuck off and get legal work pemits too, fucking hell.
I hate this mentality, that we have to let them in because they "fear for them". If it was really that bad then ask for asylum or get some way to work there legally. Fuck.

This, it's fucking bullshit that we're just supposed to cave because "I'M SO SKEERED GAIZ ;_;". It's never, ever suggested to these third-world parasites that they just do shit they way they should have done it in the first fucking place and they'd never be in this position to begin with. Unless they're legitimately too stupid to figure out how to file a form and write a check, in which case I don't want them in the US anyway.

Daily reminder
Mexican Civil War soon, their government's price controls and the declining value of the peso all but guarantee it


Because it isn't working, taco vendor.

Let they cry about how shit their nation is. They have only brought it upon themselves.

FFS as soon as the mexican civil war happens they will blame the US for not letting them run away from their problems. why the fuck are they using "women logic"?

Oh, gee, I so sorry that your friends can't break the law anymore. ;_;

Spics are typically massive pussies without one shred of masculinity in them, which is why they constantly need to huff and puff and talk tough to appear manly.
Stare back at any beaner or just approach them threateningly when they don't outnumber you and watch them break down on the spot

Mexico doesn't need Trump to get rekt. They are fucking each other over since always.

whole south america, that is.

why does the spic in OPs pic have a fake gun?

Spics love to show off how "hard" they are but rarely do they have the money or the means to get shit like actual guns so they use fake guns, airsoft guns, or if they are rich, a BB gun shaped like a pistol.

Then she's guilty of a crime and her permit should be revoked. This shit is the reason why we need a wall. Almost all the fucking permitted aliens bringing their illegal families with them. I'd be scared if I was breaking the law too. Doesn't give me a free pass.

It's time we start talking about the Final Solution to the Mexican Question. There is no way to win with these subhumans occupying our southern border. They are determined to violate our sovereignty and cause us grief in any way possible.

non-white amigo living in northern Mexico said spics are looting stores and running towards the border

Is Trump prepared to shoot them yet?

Illegal immigration isn't fair. Have these illegals thought of that? Millions of legal immigrants on the waiting list and these CRIMINALS illegally walk through and get all manner of assistance and funding even actual native born citizens do not have access to draining hundreds of billions from the state's treasury.


MEXICO CITY—In the latest incident of drug-related violence to hit the country, all 111 million citizens of Mexico were killed Monday during a shoot-out between rival drug cartels.

According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, the violence was sparked by a botched drug deal involving an estimated 20 kilograms of marijuana, a dispute that led low-level members of the Sinaloa cartel to open fire on local dealers in Culiacán. Within seconds, the gunfire had spread to Chihuahua, Michoacán, Yucatán, and, minutes later, the other 27 Mexican states, leaving every person in Mexico dead.

"We're still piecing together details, but it looks as though the incident began as an act of retaliation against Sinaloa by two foot soldiers from the Los Zetas cartel," DEA administrator Michele Leonhart said. "The Gulf and Tijuana cartels then responded before being ambushed by La Familia Michoacána and Los Negros. At that point, witnesses reported hearing roughly 357 million gunshots, during which time the Mexican populace was caught in the crossfire and killed."

"A four-gram bag of cocaine was also recovered by agents," Leonhart added.

Leonhart said the DEA has sealed off the 761,606-square-mile crime scene, which is littered with bullet-riddled bodies and assault rifles, and splattered with blood.

The DEA investigation has so far determined that 20 million of the victims were murdered in the shoot-out while driving, biking, or walking to their homes, and that stray bullets killed another 8 million people watching the violence from their windows or balconies. An additional 1 million sons who set out to avenge the deaths of their fathers were annihilated in the final minutes while attempting to settle the score.

Authorities also confirmed that a number of Mexican residents were immediately taken hostage by gangs, but all 20 million were murdered execution style when relatives failed to pay their ransom to local drug lords.

Several tourists who managed to escape the violence by hiding in the ruins of Templo Mayor in Mexico City were stunned by the gruesome aftermath.

Listen and believe.

I see you read Civil War 2 as well.



Funny how the Mexicans really don't like the African migrants coming into Mexico and getting gibs me dats.

mexican logic

Funny, but no matter how much you wish, tattoos aren't bulletproof.

All these minorities are pathetic and weak. Yet they act like they're some kind of conquerors. Conquerors don't go and beg white women for pity and cry woe is me racism and ask for handouts.

This is the most pathetic invasion the world has ever seen.

No. No non-whites are welcome in America.

As soon as I saw the thumbnail, I thought that fucking spic with the pistol is going to blow his buddy's brains out. No trigger discipline on either of them. Then I noticed they were plastic guns, and got sad. But then I thought, they're training their muscle memory like that, so if they ever get real guns maybe they'll accidentally discharge in each others' faces anyway. I felt better after that

You're half white already, so what's the difference. I see how you wouldn't want some cultures in there, but what the skin color has to do with anything?

This. If there is any one reason to hate beaners more than every other reason it is that they have no actual patriotism or racial pride. They are well content to run away when something is wrong with their country instead of fighting back.

When Paco isn't breathing down our necks this will be something that can be discussed more often.

I love it, 10/10, absolutely perfect.

nice bait, you shitskin faggot.

Sorry, looks like you're off by one.

polite sage for checking quints

which one is it, you faggot shitlibs? I guess it doesn't matter whether he's evil for not keeping his promises or evil for keeping them, all that matters is that he's literally Hitler.

when do you think the wall will start being built?

Personally I think this spring we will start to see some soil being dug up.

aaayyy esse, don' theenk yoo can build da wall while weer heer, doo yoo?

Is this supposed to be ANTI-Trump?

Can we make this happen.

Consider the kinds of people who hate everything that is beautiful. Now think about what those people would find repulsive.

Wew this captured the spic mentality perfectly

Does anyone have the webm of E;R's edit of this video?

Wait, just had an idea, how about we start calling it "Corrupxico" to change public opinion.

It's why we need the Wall. So we can send over a bunch of cheap drones to fly over the daily massacre of a Mexican civil war, livestreamed and broadcast on TV to show to everyone what we just barely avoided happening in the USA.

Of course

I'm more white than you'll ever be, american