The Role of non-whites in our struggle

There's been a lot of talk about letting non-whites into our movement, because they fight against Jews, or simply want to live in their own culture.

This is wrong.
I have no problem with non-whites fighting Jewish power.
I have no problem with non-whites advocating border restrictions
I have no problem with non-whites want their own homelands (except Jews, they've lost that right)
But I do have a problem when non-whites try to enter our movement, because even if they think they'll help us out they will bring a softness and lenience that will weaken our movement.
White Nationalism and National Socialism are not for export to other races, ethnonationalism is.

What is do be done with pro-white non-whites?

When a pro-white adminstration takes charge, they are not going to have infinite political capital and they are not going to be able to vaporize all non-whites day 1 ( not even Hitler intended to do this in Germany, he gave certain types "Schutzejude" status, for example those who fought in WW1 or were pro NSDAP)

So here's what we're going to do:
As all of this is happening, we will slowly be stripping non-white citizens of property rights, eventually making them second class citizens.
If the Jews could do it to us in our OWN countries we can easily do it to 87 IQ Arabs.

When non-whites who are productive or over 50 know that they have nothing to immediately fear from us, only that they won't be allowed breed here, they're less likely to revolt and potentially take down the pro-white regime.

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All this will mean an 85% white society within a decade for the US, and an entirely white society within a few decades.

Remember that the US reached peak whiteness in 1950 with 87.5%, whites started off as a minority and it was a slow process becoming the dominant group, even against Indian savages.

"We must recognize that the primary demographic threat from non-whites comes from people of child-bearing age, who should be our focus. Therefore, non-whites over the age of 50 who are productive and orderly citizens should have nothing to fear from us. They should be able to work, retire, and live out their lives with all the benefits they are due, and with full protection of their human rights.

However, a White Nationalist regime would also make family reunification work in favor of emigration, so elderly non-whites will be given every incentive to join their families in their homelands, where their pensions will probably go farther.

Non-white citizens can be divided into the law-abiding and the law-breaking. Law-breakers should be imprisoned and paroled outside of our homelands. Given that a very high percentage of blacks get in trouble with the law, this policy alone would rid us of millions over a few decades.

Law-abiding non-whites of childbearing age can also be divided into industrious and upwardly mobile populations (e.g., Jews and South and East Asians) and indolent, welfare-dependent populations (primarily blacks and browns). The latter population will swell mightily once we stop pretending that they are our equals and we end Affirmative Action and make-work programs. It would be cheaper to give them welfare for life rather than have them gum up the system by pretending to work.

Indolent and passive non-whites can be easily dealt with. I would give them welfare for life, as long as they collect it in their homelands.

As for the energetic and upwardly mobile non-whites, like most modern people, they move around quite a lot. We will just make sure that their next move takes them outside our homelands. Non-white schoolchildren will be educated in the native tongues of their homelands. When they reach college age, they will be sent to college overseas, so it will be natural for them to seek employment there.

Such policies would create entirely white homelands within a few decades, and the process would be orderly, humane, and consistent with the human rights of all parties.

To sustain the slow cleanse, White Nationalists must of course retain political power. People will be able to vote for virtually anything, but the degradation and destruction of the white race will be off the menu.

Beyond that, we must create a constellation of interest groups that profit from the slow cleanse. Moving companies, for instance. Furthermore, industries that are harmed by the process must be co-opted, divided, and otherwise neutralized as potential sources of opposition. For instance, industries that lose profits due to loss of cheap labor should receive tariff protections, price supports, bailouts — anything, really, to shut them up.

Another important consideration is that the slow cleanse need not be a giant government program. It merely needs to make existing government programs, private institutions, and social trends work to promote non-white emigration. Most non-whites were not brought here by government programs. They brought themselves here because of private and government incentives. When those incentives are changed, many non-whites will simply deport themselves. Due to the nature of the modern economy, most non-whites move a great deal anyway. We will simply wait until the next move, then make sure it is to a non-white country. Due to indolence, unemployability, and criminality, many non-whites are already told where to live by the government. They next time they fall into the system, it can simply deposit them in a non-white homeland.

Many whites are uncomfortable about resettling non-whites who have put down “roots” in our homelands. Non-whites have tens of thousands of years of roots in their homelands. Yet somehow they managed to move here. So if their roots there did not matter to them, why should their “roots” here matter to us? And if their shallow roots here matter to us, shouldn’t our own deep roots matter that much more?"

Jews in part have advanced their agendas using kosher non-whites ( and whites) to cloak their agenda. Why should it not be reciprocal for the shitlords?

Jews used non-whites, but Jews inherantly have more ethnocentrism than whites.

For example, if an Industry is 70% white, and 30% Jewish, Jews will dominant because they will always work together. Our biggest failing (as whites) is that we have low ethnocentrism, going back to the Ice Age.

I have no problem using non-whites, for example if there was a good black of chinese Youtuber redpilling people on the JQ or race realism I would support him, but I would get worried if he was starting to have sway in the inner movement, among white nationalists.

you spelled kikes wrong

Calling Jews Jews is enough of an insult, as Goebbles knew.

they go in the oven.

If it's not white it's not right

bump somehow

Here's a good quote
"Would the Israelis ever allow Palestinians or any non-Jewish group into the upper echelons of power in their country? Could there ever be a non-Jewish Prime Minister of Israel? Does Israel allow non-Jewish refugees to immigrate to their nation, even for humanitarian reasons? I didn’t think so"
use non-whites, just don't let them in.

Yesh, this is some good non genocidal, but pro white policy that one can get behind, have a bump.

They will make excellent fertilizer for our crops

Anybody who is against the Jews and genuinely wants to help fight against them I believe is an ally.


(((alt right))))


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Schizofrenics also have no role in our movement.

I may not be a shitskin, but I am not entirely a white either, I am a slav with some asian roots, Ukrainian and tartar.

But the thing that fuels me is the knowledge that there are basically only two options, there is the annihilation of all life on earth by the mismanagement (or tikkun olam) by the jews, who pollute, who let the niggers run rampant, who destroy the diversity of species, and in turn the chain of life itself, also through pollution, of rivers, of oceans, of overfishing, of using all the drinking water etc. To allowing china and other shitskin nations to make conflicts and probably nuke us all to death because they are dumb.

The other option is natsoc and the restoration of the white spirit, along with the quality and its numbers in its own nations. Even the eternal anglo managed its colonies much better and more humane than what we have today. Perhaps with a bit of fueling of the ethnic nationalist spirit of these nations and people they can go full nazi and try to fix most of the problems that we are in today.

Because the governance of the jews on this planet will kill us all and I would rather have some trace of my DNA, even if its less directly related as to my kin, to live on than for all life to perish.

Good luck with that but I don't think that non-whites will agree with your idea (rightfully so), so it's just wishful thinking of your part.


I'm half white, half (mystery meat) and i support white people.

I look very white, but i decided to not have children, as i don't want to have a shitskin gene coming on them.

So take it as you want. Even if you don't want me, i'll keep supporting.

I would gladly fight beside you two in the RAHOWA but surely you can understand why keeping the upper echelons of white nationalist or Nationalist Socialist organizations pure makes sense?

For example, in Germany they allowed half Jews and Jews to fight in the Wehrmacht but the SS was purely nordic.

Makes prefect sense, thats why I posted the Osttruppen pic

( as example)

and I learned all of these things BEFORE I became a natsoc, they just naturally supplemented my reasoning into becoming right wing

Of course i do understand perfectly where i am supposed to be.

I just want white people (like my mother) to be great again. I don't care about myself.

Yea its obvious, I would have no problem with that.

To be honest I am walking with you fully and even trying to red pill whites into hating themselves less so that they wake up. Sometimes I even test them if they hate me a little bit lol, because the alternative is much, much worse.

The best part of the internet also is that these 5 years that I have been here now I have probably helped you a lot more than the average fucktard, been posting infographics, pro white things, anti mudslime things as well. All knowing fully well that if things may turn into your favor I may get smashed upon by right wing hooligans, but as I have said, the alternative is much worse. I dont want the whole planet to be annihilated of life because of kikes.

Except for muzzles, all kinds of not white has a ethno territory which is safe.
And their lands used to be before the zognots and backed mercenaries.


They shall make the rope industry great again.

TBH i do the redpills the best, because there is nothing better than like me "hey listen , stfu my dad is from Algeria so …… " then the libtards listen the redpill.

I don't care if i have to clean the toilets for all my life as long as i can make white civ great again :p

You know self hating mongrels does not represent the majority of them right ? just like the self hating jews.

I want to be in the death squads. If deportation is my fate, I'll carry out my duty to the end and death squad myself. There's no other country I'd rather be in. The least I can do is build the one I dream of, even if it's not mine to live in.

From their countries, sure.

there must be a special kind of feeling, knowing that the best of your race rather prefers the resurrection of something very anti your race potentially.

Well the whites tolerance allowed them to exert this kind of feeling upon the world at the very least. So that the mystery meat that the jews wanted to give a chance to prove itself, because they thought that it too had value, actually chose the nazi's again.

I like to believe that because of us, and because of our unique moral position that we got ourselves into, we at least could help the white race. Depriving the jews of arguments for their multiculti plans, since we didnt choose them as allies.

What do you do with me? My mom got raped at 16+ yo by an arab shitskin in 80's and thus i was born with redpill since day one

Find your dad and kill him.

Can we figure out that you are a sandnigger?

As long as our ethno-nation is denied its existence, the presence of non-whites (excluding American Indians) will be a source of conflict. Once the Nation is reestablished and stabilized, when (((immigrants))) no longer threaten to change the European-American culture, then we can talk about immigration.

I predict that America will dissolve before the immigrants release their hold upon our Nation. Our Nation would have to be a liberal civil-war-torn shit-hole for the immigrants to stop coming here.

Burgerland ia a white man's land, and non whites must gtfo. However there will always be fasciat, natsoc and ethnonacionalist non whites., which this place is full. You'll know this of you weren't a post Holla Forums harbor refugee.


Am I in Holla Forums by mistake?

i look french


the only problem that I have is that I sometimes cannot blend in well enough here on the chans, because I am very violent in thought. So as to not to appear like an FBI/CIA provocateur I am trying to learn how to be more subtle lol

but then again I am from the older chan culture and still find it hilarious to yell out NIGGER, there is no greater pleasure in life than that lol

being user is a bit egalitarianism tho.

Oh good user, although I understand that the current times have brought strife to all the races it would be a big mistake to dismiss Latin and South Americans in our stuggle. Even the most retarded HUEHUE BRBR gib money plx will acknowledge that their language and society is European in origin. I recommend that such a European connection should be encouraged within the latino population to the point where they will be our natural allies during a race war. Upon victory, we can help South America rid itself of jews and communists and they would never have to think of moving to the US ever again. They only come here for our money anyways, so if we grant them wealth in the name of their own sovereignty through American Cooperation, we can effectively realize a fortress Americana as the true evolution of Europa.

So like this?

A chance to redpill some non-whites.
Here is an intelligent black man arguing with what he believes is a white woman.
I think Holla Forums recognizes the scene, it's just been posted in youtube and a lot of blacks are in there ripe for redpilling with the incontravertable evidence from the other day.
Let them know what's up ffs.

You're not appealing to the sympathy of whites when you say shit like this. You prompt disgust and pity. Disgust because you're a cuckold fighting for other people, and pity because you don't want to work with and build up your own people. Fatalism in the attitude of the non-white, and your absolute lack of inspiration and deteminism is one of the strongest arguments (beyond racial purity) for removing all of you.

No i really look french, very white, big nose etc

user I…

our movement is pro-white
wouldn't a redpilled non-white be racist as well?
they don't have a role

Fuck non-whites.

My own people? I'm half white half kike. Fighting for my (((people))) goes against everything I hold dear. I consider whites my people, whether or not they consider me their people will decide my fate. Of course I'd rather not gas myself. Living in a Nazi Germany-tier society with Nuremberg laws applied to me would be an upgrade, but if it comes to a decision between being deported to (((my sacred homeland))), and offing myself in my own beautiful home, I'd choose the latter.

doesnt make sense or does it lol? Well who says that only whites need to have overly complicated and retarded novel concept thoughts.

No but srsly, I dont feel bad about it at all. Its the truth isnt it? Pic related. I of course hope that you guys dont genocide us all completely but the risk of that happening far outweighs the effects of the kikes winning.

thank you mods

All non-Whites need to die.

If all black people were this well spoken, behaved, and intelligent I don't think Holla Forums would have a single problem with them being part of the American empire.

He's the kind of guy black people need as a leader so they stop getting fucked over by jewish lies.


apparently "don't force the gods hand" doesn't mean much anymore

no fuck that, there is no such thing as based blacks. Srsly, this thread is a heresy, you guys should not feel guilty for those of us who collaborate and help you. I almost consider myself a "Traitor jew" since my genetic stock is a bit from that. A bit like molly.

but I know that the rest of my slav companions are degenerates, drinkers, smokers, and they will have kids who will be so as well most likely.

The negro and the regression to the mean, means that his DNA is only of a bad influence. Sure you may like him but he doesnt really belong, neither do I really. But at least I feel somewhat relevant because my blood fought in this whole mess of commiecrap, with the jew influence, it once hated the jews and 60 million russian christians got murdered because of it.

But srsly, the end goal is to remove all foreign elements. And preferably, one should remove all jew DNA from this planet as well as it is evil.

he said it lmao

If they were all intelligent, we could sit on a table and discuss where to make them a very good black country.

But nope

I'm not supporting miscegenation. Why don't we pull a jew too though? Support the "based blacks" and slowly convince them to argue for blacks returning to Africa.

If that's what you want it seems like a better plan.

I say give them a country in Africa, and whether or not they thrive or fall is neither here nor there.

I hope that kryptofurry commits himself to a mental institution tbh.

funny enough racial realism has helped me a lot to actually bridge the gap to the whites a bit

also niggers dont even have a written language, they dont even have a cognition of time, past or present

There are a lot of niggers (these that believe whites stole everything from black etc) that we should support because they want to go back to Africa, kick the whitheis from there (lol only chinese are left there). Let them believe Niggers are master race and make their own country.

we all know how that will turn out lol, in their own natural state they could probably only barely support a couple of million in the whole continent.

Probably like this.

stop posting your twink here


Citation please.

Nothing. We have no problem with people who we know about, who aren't on welfare and aren't committing crime. They stick to themselves as they want to and we can do some commerce with them. Let's get rich off of them the way chinks and Jews do with us.