Make fun of me!!!

Please be mean or give rape/death threats!! I’m desperate for the attention

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i think my cuts r cute, do you?

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>>900743073Cuts or not, still ruined by this bbc

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>>900743073Show pussy


Cute tits. Did you get into a fight with Edward scissorhands? Show butthole next or you'll get cut some more.

>>900742944This is a man

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>>900742944Such a horrible shop lol

>>900743598Now show your fucking pussy or cock so we can decide if we continue asking for pics or stop wasting our time

>>900743620fuck off lol

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>>900743073>>900743822I love the cuts. Do you ever feel like you might cum while cutting yourself?

Show your asshole, dumb bitch

>>900743822Hairy pussy because its a fake pussy?

>>900743933i have a hard time cumming, but cutting definitely does turn me on

>>900743822Show your feet i want to jerk off to you, bitch

>>900743981Here, see>>900743822Cant see a pussy, it can be a tranny pussy

Spread ass now

>>900743981or bc i haven’t shaved recently?? lmfao you guys look for any reason to believe it’s not a real woman posting her nudes

>>900743822>no dick

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>>900744098Show ur pussy, fingers entering

>>900742944You okay? Like mentally?

>>900744159Who cares? Bitch asked for mean comments

>>900744153i’m already dressed again, but i can post a nude i have where i’m shaved and my pussy is very obviously real

We all know you have a dick, OP. You’re not fooling anybody.

>>900744269do it, you little slut

>>900744269Post it then

Sharpie in pooper

>>900744098Bout the only good thing you have going for you


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>>900744269I don't care, show your feet bitch


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>>900744363Get better lighting on your cunt

>>900744363You’re such a dumb little slut. Put a finger in your asshole

>>900744385i second this

>>900744440all your holes need to be filled

>>900744363>>900744440my fleshlight looks better tbhthe only thing that would make you worth it is to hear you scream with your dumb tongue while i rape you


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>>900744440Such a slutty little bitch, you're crying out for being raped in that little asshole with that pic


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>>900744440More of that asshole please

Shove the biggest thing you can fit in your rancid pussy like the useless fuckmeat you are or fuck off

>>900744589Would you like to live in a world where girls could be legally processed into meat?

>>900744633no! :)

>>900742944Faggot OP back at it, with a shitty fake timestamp this time lol

>>900742944im going to bash your skull in with the baseball batbastard

>>900744589I wanna see some spit on those cute little nipples you have

>>900744672fuck you're right

>>900744589Such a gross little bitch, you look like the kind of girl who gives blowjobs for a pack of cigarettesShow your fucking feet so i can cum to them

>>900744633>Would you like to live in a world where girls could be legally processed into meat?Why?There's nothing on that body worth processing into hamburger - all just skin and bones.Maybe the dogs may be interested in that thing

>>900744589Discord ?

>>900744672>shitty fake timestampThis!

Spit on your pussy

I keep forgetting how deranged you guys are holy shit

>>900744589Where do you live?

>>900744730yknow if given the opportunity i would do that

>>900744440Fat clit! Show moar whore...I wanna use bite it until you cry ... Baby slut :)

>>900744748>derangedAnd yet here you are nonetheless - still

>>900744731Skinny bitches would be a lot more easy to rape, since they don't have any force to stop you, and that's precisely what this whore is asking for

>>900744731I wouldn't discriminate her fro being butchered, in that scenario almost all girls should have chance to be used

>>900744807I mean yeah retard, where else would I be?

>>900743440>>900744440Are you into BBC?

Fake as shit . Post a pic of you sucking on your dirty feet if real you whore

>>900744589nice, any cllit close up?



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>>900744589I want to see you brad that cunt on something huge

>>900744986damn i love that clit

>>900744986got any from the front?

>>900744986Now get your fingers inside your holes

>>900745039You're talking to a man

>>900743073I love the way they contrast against your skin.


>>900744589Fuck i love a pretty meaty little cunt

>>900745088i have this one :)

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>>900745091Tranny confirmed>>900744986Female dont show off their body on a garbage website like 4chan. When did you do your transition?

>>900745180You want a BBC?

So there won't be any feet pics op?You're just wasting my fucking time bitch

Man you guys are horny HORNY

You know you want something inside you right now. Do us all a favour and get to it ;)

>>900745180I want to make you cum on my lips so bad :c


>>900743073Yes, and I would love to give you some more while my cock is deep in your ass. I think your tummy could use some cuts too

When you die, you will stop existing.No afterlife.No consciousness.No anything.You will be gone for all of eternity.Do you remember what it was like before you were born?Expect more of that, but forever.It doesn't matter if you die today or tomorrow.Everyone eventually dies.There is no escaping death.

>>900745180do you like creampies?

I want to see your little flat chest some more

PHYSIOLOGICAL NEEDS>sexual intercourse with a dog>breathing>food>water>shelter>clothing>sleepSAFETY AND SECURITY>health>employment>property>family>social stabilityLOVE AND BELONGING>friendship>family>intimacy>sense of connectionSELF-ESTEEM>confidence>achievement>respect of others>the need to be a unique individualSELF ACTUALIZATION>morality>creativity>spontaneity>acceptance>experience purpose>meaning and inner potential

>>900745427i agree :)

>>900745425Why not? You scared?

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Infantophile: 0-4Pedophile: 5-10Hebephile: 11-14Ephebophile: 15-19

>>900745504aha that wasn’t me, id actually be down for bbc

>>900742944i feel so bad for you i hope you get the positive attention you need soon :c

>>900745504Would be great sex

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Rolled 1 (1d100)write VINCENT TIGOY 831 on your body

>>900745180GOD that clit is awesome. Would love to creampie you and cum on that clit.

>>900745549Where you from?

>>900745608They can't. It's a LARPing faggot.

>>900745180You dont have a babybelly. Cant fit an baby in that = your not a biological female

If I link discord will you let me degrade you op?

>>900744132>he got fooled by the tuck and roll

>>900746117you can degrade me here

>>900742944Honey it's Sam, scrolling for those dank ylyl when I spot your thumbnail in a fucking heartbeat in the catalogue, is this a good idea?

>>900745495I want you to be dripping blood onto the sheets while I rape your asshole. A nice cut along your neck would suit you too. Not too deep, I don't want you to bleed out before I'm done with you

>>900744279>>900745181lmfao you ppl really are obsessedit's trannys 24/7 in your head

>>900746315Dude she would beat you with a computer monitor and set you on fire in your own bed

>>900744986Would shackle you to a wall ass out and rape sons into your womb between beatings

>click on thread>immediately bbc spamwelp, yet another disappointment.

>>900742944do a 360

>>900745180Can you show your belly button close plz?

>>900746752They can't do any kind of specific requests because they're a man and they're using some random girl's pics they got off the internet.

>>900746734do a barrel roll


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>>900743822why mirrored second timestamp, at least put a little bit of work in your shops faggot

>>900743822>>900744440is this meep?

>>900744843You should be posting more pictures of your clit in better lighting

Show tummy

>>900747095this was one of the very first sprays i used in cs, thanks for the nostalgia hit user. might go play against bots for a minute now.

>>900743822>the time is mirrored>the date isntUnderage anons will fall for it

>>900747464Who cares if it's fake if it's hot

>>900747464Horny Indian anons are taking the bait like flies on the shit they do in the street

>>900747569You're talking to some fat faggot jerking off while pretending to be a girl being a slut to other fat anons jerking off

sharpie in pooper

>>900747615Idc as long as I get some cute girl nudes

>>900743073># of girls wearing this skirt that i have jacked off to>3which isn't a lot but it's weird that it happened 3 times

>>900742944Thsts the fakes timestamp I've ever seenWhat a dumb trangoon