Hunger Games: The Glamcocks Games!First 24 (Image and name included)DON'T samefag until requested!Fasten your seatbelts...

Hunger Games: The Glamcocks Games!First 24 (Image and name included)DON'T samefag until requested!Fasten your seatbelts because we're travelling to: Amusement ArcadeThread theme:

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Donald Trump

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Loona Wolf>I can't wait for your game, Hon!~

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Ensign Ledo

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Harley Quinn

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Powering down Emmy

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>>900741477G'night Emmy

Kizuna AIhaven't seen this code before

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>>900741612A roxy original :)-HQ

Andrea Spendolini-Sirieix

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>>900741612It's the best code!~L


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15 minutes already. One same more and I'll do doubles.-Roxy

SakuyaAfk goodnight

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>>900741979Just one more IP more like


Are we ready to play with Freddy?

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>>900742102let's do this

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>>900742102I can't wait to play with my darling Roxy!~

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>>900742102Is that me? I'll kill me!

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>>900742134>>900742141>>900742142 >900742156>>900742158>>

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>>900742297Right... Cigarette...

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>>900742297>>900742360hey loony, i'm feeling weird... what was in that cig you gave me?

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>>900742360>>900742441Smoking is bad, better live healthy and happy.

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>>900742441It's okay, Jeffrey's a good guy :)

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>>900742441Vaping is better for you.Or worse, it was one of those

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>>900742297>The two Carnages stare each other down as they enter.>>900742518Bang baby! >The other Carnage is screaming "BIMMY!?"

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>>900742518though for real i can't stand cigerate smoke so i never touch the things and weed i smoke maybe once every couple of months. it's very rare these days.

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Ice ball is too repetitive I can confirm. That's cheating, Emmy.>>900742605And the other is no longer screaming.>>900742721You do good by doing that.>>900741465>>900742584Thank you so much for hosting so beautiful earlier, Loo, I love you. These games can't compare to you~

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>>900742791the weak should fear the strong

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>>900742791Your games are the best, Sweetie!~

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That Ledo event would have been perfect for the nerd.>>900742835That's a rich boy.>>900742906You made this possible. That was a gorgeous card. You give me love and strength, I couldn't be more thankful to you. I love you so much forever, Loo~

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>>900742791>On his way to fight for freedom, the surviving Carnage stops, looking over at the dead crashed one.HAHAHAAAAA!>>900743001Now if only I could throw the bike at someone!

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>>900743001You inspire everything I do, I wouldn't even still be here if it weren't for you, Roxy Sweetie~

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I want to play the GTW one.>>900743117Don't trust anyone not even yourself.>>900743119Awwww likewise. And you're my hospital~

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>>900743521D'aaaawwwwwwwww, Roxy is all I ever need to feel my best~

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>>900743117>>900743521Especially yourself


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Sorry Kiz, but you just lost to Glass Joe my friend.>>900743577Awwwwwwwww likewise always and forever~ >900743613Indeed?>>900743681Bar code is the best

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>>900743710we live in a society

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>>900743710 have no idea how to play this

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>>900743710Always and forever~

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>>900743521PppfftHAHA! Good one bow head.>>900743710Love to shoot me some bugs!>>900743613He's dead and I'm not.

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YES! That event for the AVGN is accurate!>>900743751Sad Joker noises.>>900743826They are fighting games.>>900743850Awwwwwww yes my queen~ >900743865The one and true Carnage!

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>>900743907I'm so cool I dance with myself~

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My Loo is the greatest jedi I love her~ >900744047I want to be in your embrace~

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>>900744095i'll see you all in heaven. rip

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>>900744095You're always in my embrace whenever possible~

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>>900743907Because of all the whi- Oh you know, don't give me that look!>>900744095Don't miss! DON'T MISS!

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Beeg Yoshi is the best gift ever.>>900744161F, my friend.>>900744181We will always be together~

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>>900744203Forever and always~

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STUPID DOGS! I'm here for you Loo~ >900744193Kek.>>900744271She's dreaming of this~

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>>900744313If you've seen those ping pong players, you know how fierce this can getI'm dreaming of you~

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Fuck it skipping peaceful slides. Kiz's cursed with fighting games.>>900744354My sexy fierce~

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>>900744450Taking notes,>To win: always cheatJust for you~

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>>900744313Once we save the president...I can kidnap him for ransom! >>900744450>He's using his tendrils, not even looking.....What?

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>>900744450Been a while but i remembered I always skipped peace slides when I hosted. Simple and plain the crowd wants blood.

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I too love the Wild Gunman>>900744509Awwwwwwwwwww~ >900744615Good plan!

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>>900744450i might be bad at fighting games but at least i know the deep lore

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>>900744161>>900743751>>900742835>>900742134>>900741735I like Jotchua.

>>900744690In order to win...

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>>900744791thank you friend, biden likes him too. maybe a little too much...

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Even the code is begging for bar. If Carnage gets the reference he's the true champion.>>900744676Agreed, straight to the point what people love to see.>>900744783I also agree, F friend.>>900744792OwO~

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>>900744827The lamestream media won't cover this. So typical.

>>900744863Aim for the eyeUwU~

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LUNCHTIME!AVGN eats like a true game-Oh right.

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>>900744959Reaper?You fucking killed her

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>>900744690Damnit, who wrecked it?>>900744863What the fu-

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Oh shit the nerds aren't playing around anymore.>>900744949Smart my sweetie~ >900745058That Simon is the Conan of Castlevania~ >900745063Ralph himself, also RIP. (The reference is in an adult swim parody show)

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>>900745115I am an NES port~

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Little the nerd knew he had to play the game>>900745219The best one~

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>>900745248I am a real pro!~

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WNS!The next slide decides the winner of Amusement Arcade! Place your bets here:>Loona Wolf>The AVGN>>900745339Noted!~

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>>900745371Betting on the Cinema Snob

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>>900745371Odds = LoonaEvens = AVGN

>>900745248I would like Loona to win but odds aren’t on her side.

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>>900745383>>900745339 >900745387>>

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Your winner! Her seventh!~

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>>900745573rigged afjk thankls for hosting

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>>900745535Well slap my ass and call me sally. Grats Loona.TFH very late Roxy.

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>>900745535Now stuff the body in a locker, like the nerd he is! >>900745573Good job Nerd murdering Gay Wolf #2>>900745630Thanks for hosting Gay Wolf #1

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post your top 5 avas

>>900745535Wow I can't believe that actually worked lolThank you so much for the game, Roxy Sweetheart!!~

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>>900745573Gratz Loo! :)Thanks for hostin Rox! :)

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>>900745399The odds are always in her favor

>>900746135Thanks for joining too Harley!>>900745742Here it is your wincard my beloved~

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I can make orange rhyme with banana....bornana

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>>900746727Sober UK hours.

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I'm gonna be gone for like all day in a bit so bye>Catra