G/fur buntime funtime

g/fur buntime funtime

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>>900740317why nawt still diaper time :

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>>900740489because diapers are DEGENERATEdiaper furs are literally the WORSTbunny furs are based and good

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>>900740466ARE HOT

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>>900740466>>900740595big men are TOPS onlyno big men bottoms ALLOWED new rule

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>>900740556nuh uhhhhh, I mean degenerate maybe, but far from the worstbun very hot tho yes

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>>900740556what about sergals?>>900740643NO! YOU DONT MAKE THE ROOLS

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>>900740643NOI am a DOM so YOU have to SUBMITbig men are SUBS

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>>900740689deaths looking hot

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>>900740679sergals also god tieryes huh bunnies make rules>>900740689no no no you got it all upside down

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thinking about weinors makes the anxiety go downnuu~

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>>900740839that he iswuff men are my weakness, dom or sub>>900740848nopebeefy boys are cute when they're taking dick

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pic rel is ideal bf body uwu its funny I would marry to a man but not a woman

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>>900740906bunny bunny ubnny bunnywhy anxious is it the moving>>900740946NO. big BEEFERS are tops ONLY>>900741050wow based and gay

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>>900741050hairyweirdly I don't care for the body hair look in fur, but I've started to be okay with it on real menwas gonna post this as my first reply to you but wasn't sure, heh

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>>900741129SILENCE, BOTTOM

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I am tired.

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>>900741129yeai got a uhaul trailer for my car its the smallest one and everyone is saying ill be fine but i dunnonuu~

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ugh, god, this image and this looksomething about big muscular men in a tight fitting button up is just, unf~when did I become this gay...

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>>900741141I like both hairy and smooth men uwulook at this husbando material

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>>900741215they wouldnt let you leave with it if it wasnt safethey ask you what vehicle youre towing when you go to rent it to make sure it wont be overweight and rwd>>900741272FAG>>900741284flynn is purist gay ITT

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>>900741284I guess I like both now :Pidk I can't find myself liking a big gut like thatit seems like that was always kinda the line for me, but who knows? >>900741321nuh uh!I'm just really thirsty tonight!

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>>900741321yeah its mt 16 chevy cruzethe weight of the trailer is 850? but some places say its 600 and my max towing weight is 1kall im putting in it are my TV, some clothes and thats itim told by people they did similar trips in similar cars with 0 problems so thats goodthe trailer makes a lot of racket when i go over ANY bumps thonuu~

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>>900741321w-what you mean?>>900741380im a smol boi and love size difference, i like how they can carry me like nothing

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>>900741482same, I'm very smolI wish wolf men were realI wanna be Khiara and for gigachad Einarr to hold me

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>>900741563i wish sergals were real>>900741603you ruined my whole night

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>>900741643they pretty good, but I'd be worried about being mangled during sex with one

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>>900741461>the trailer makes a lot of racket when i go over ANY bumps thoit will unloaded, you gonna be okaywhen are you leaving>>900741482you like MEN. big MANLY MANLY MEN

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>>900741725prob the 13th or soand yeah im just worried about my transmission getting strained or overheatingnuu~

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>>900741721they wont let that happen>>900741725and so do most ppl itt? look at these hairy fellows

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I should move to Norway and get a real Einarr bf

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>>900741766it's a dolly right. is your car rwd

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Only thing I know of norway is that they have no defenses and its being filled by dirty camel jockey

>>900741961holy shit fucking mother fucking fucklook at that sexy ass shiny water dragon thing holy FUCK so sexy

>>900741961its a 4x8 and i think its fwdnuu~

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im gonna try get some sleep, see you guys soon

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>>900742160ooo youre hauling a uhaul box, i thought u were towing a car on a dollyyou gonna be fiiiine >>900742220nini sleepy flynnfluff

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>>900742234i recognize that weinor!also yea ima not do a lot but thats not stopping me from having knots in my sotmachNOT THOSE KINDA KNOTS!nuu~

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>>900742220sleep well Flynn

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>>900740317>>900740355>>900740466>>900740489>>900740595>>900740556>>900740643>>900740648>>900740679>>900740689>>900740814>>900740839>>900740848>>900740906>>900740946>>900741050>>900741129>>900741141>>900741157>>900741202>>900741215>>900741272>>900741284>>900741380>>900741461>>900741467>>900741482>>900741563>>900741592>>900741643>>900741713>>900741721>>900741725>>900741766>>900741821>>900741833>>900741961>>900742160>>900742220>>900742234Anyone who is a furry, is a mental patient.

>>900742301bewh that one's straight

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>>900742261>>900742301>>900742327Anyone who is a furry is a brain trauma patient

>>900742324enjoy your tiny country commonly mistaken for a micronation

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>>900742364Mind your own business pajeet, I'll shoot you.

>>900742324That is true

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>pajeet>is into diapersIt all makes sense

>>900742413Well well as I see you're back, welcome to a new hell.

>>900742324no u>>900742362still u>>900742395with what?nuu~

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>>900742261i recognize that gay weinor!>NOT THOSE KINDA KNOTS!LEWD tummy bulgemoving always gives big time anxiety, you gonna be just fine everything gonna go perfect and life gonna get better>>900742324patient implies all furries are occupying mental facilities, is that your assertion?

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>>900742440your indian army and police got their spanking instead, why are you obsessed with my page you little pajeet, go ask for bob and vegene currycel

>>900742455yea!hopefully ill be moar happy where i move to!not a desert boi no more!am excite!>>900742483who?im americannuu~

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>>900742395?>>900742434huh??how do you know they're into diapersand what is a pajeet

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>>900742546Liechtensteini are mandated to clean themselves daily while you trailer trash mfs reek of crack and bacon

>>900742575A racial slur to assume your people

>>900742592south east asia people don't smell to begin with>>900742618a sluir of assumption?

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>>900742438Do I know you?

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>seanigs>don't smellYep, spoken like a seanig

>>900742799what, that's a thing, people don't really smell in the furthest east, you don't need deoderant, only shower is adequate

>>900742799whats a seanig, im always trying to expand my slur repertoire

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>>900742673idgaf you pajeet, then let it be idc. yes whatever pajeet. Dont try to act superior infront of people with swords who will kill you. yes my old videos showed how nihangs lynched you retards on a daily and one time how KLF blew tf outta a police jeep, that shit was so funny and how the american cowards started running. im not american because we people were not born in a garbage can, their parents were porn in azad, the denial in you is real

>>900742827Their food makes them stink>>900742834SEA+Nigger


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>>900742866Sounds like some idiot who set up a twitch stream going on a 1950's jigaboo cartoon

lets shift focus back to weinorsnuu~

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>>900742933I'm not Terry Davis

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>>900742866yeah i got that partwhat denomination does that represent

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>>900742950Back when reggie was cute and not pozzed

>>900742950Oh wow a mentally ill attention whore

>>900743030south east asia

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>>900743030South East Asia

>>900743054Isn't too much to ask I'm a central european?

>>900743097I don't know what you're asking sorry wa wa no engish bing chiling uhh other thing?ching chong?and uhhh...

fuck BUNNIES>>900743069oooo thats way less interesting than i was hoping for

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>>900743424sexy ermine asshole

>>900743421its all genetics not religion, depends on your caste and region. its not communal when its ethnic you retard, no im living under a house. we keep in CE spill cracker brains all over the place so dont worry about me. ok nice retard

>>900742950this centrifuge is hot >>900741961

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>>900743483very sorry but what part of this conversation am I in? it seems like all of this is between you

I say we deport all the currynigs out of the states and send em back to their stinky shithole

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>>900742327yeah but they're my favorite couple

>>900743517that might be my favorite furry pic

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You'll never realize how gay you are, and you never win the atrocity of Liechtenstein

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>>900743540This isn't personal retard

>>900743033what is pozzed>>900743424why he have 2 sets of eyes>>900743517i like weinorsnuu~

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>>900743605considered a micronation despite being bigger than singapore


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Liechtenstein is a great nation. It will become a national superpower, and we will execute all the degenerates and incels, and border every nation whilst dominating the internet.

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>>900743776furries already dominate the internet>>900743821saaame

>>900743821stop summoning cuddles

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>>900743839Sorry I do not talk to degens because of your bs, and I'm not going to be wasting time hearing a ton of grammar nazi from incels. I bet you can't cope without sayinh the gay f word. Fur lives don't matter.

>>900744011>I'm not going to be wasting timeYou already are retard, fuck off

>>900744011>Fur lives don't matter.how dare you

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>>900743984lol that picnuu~

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>>900743839>>900743984piss yourself RIGHT NOW

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>>900744011>I bet you can't cope without sayinh the gay f word.don't know what referring to>Sorry I do not talk to degens because of your bsalready am, cope

>>900744094>>900744109Don't care, I hate furries, you aren't my boss.


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>>900741833>NorwayIf you're still here.Can confirm, theres some tall ones up there.I'm around 6'1but most were a bit larger.And aside from the mosquitos in summer, the isolation & strugge against the snow in winter its really nice up there. And they did the right thing when they found oil back then. Solid politics.>>900743592If i'd had to choose, its somewhere in the top5, true.

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>>900744149I'm not coping until you start thinking straightforward to your life decisions.

>>900743776But right now it has to bend over for everything due to the size.Swiss is a chad country

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>>900744189I'm barely socially independent and still stuck in diapersyou ask too much of me


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>>900744206Liechtenstein owns more companies you twink.

>>900744234aw god dammit what happened Dxnuu~

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>>900744231For the last time. I've kept hygiene to myself. You just like to seek attention do you? You're not admitting you're shutting the fuck up. + I have stuff to do overnight, end your bs move on.

>>900744128NO!!! YOU!!!>>900744172the shading and shiny gets me

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>>900744189was passiert grad in liechtenstein? ich höre fast nie was von diesem kaffeefleck auf der karte

>>900744170GOOD>>900744380takes ur pants and pisses them

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>>900744397Netter Idiot, du bringst mich offensichtlich nicht zum Lachen.

>>900744245mitsubishi has 4 times your country's GDP

>>900744172yeah, y'all some gigachads therealways wished I could have been born there in a normal family instead of the third world shithole that is the USI think if I were to move to any other country it would probably be Norway, maybe Sweden but less likelythey're just beautiful and nice countries, I love the culture and music, and of course the people :PI'd love to visit both some day

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>>900744453Enough GDP in my country to own an akimbo FMG-9s, I'm not wasting my time making 2 furries cry.

>>900744452was ist das eigentlich für ein land? was gibts dort überhaupt? wie soll man sich dort irgendwie vergnügen können? dort gibts wahrscheinlich noch weniger als in vorarlberg heastna wir österreicher sind bei vielen sachen weiter voraus und sind nicht ein pixel auf der karte

>>900744528well yes, nobody here is crying, so if that's attempt it's unsuccessful


>>900744444nooooooo nice quints but not like this

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>>900743648Furry weens are the best>>900744444checked and lithium fire'd>>900744523i think you need a special character trait to survive the depression all around there or you fall into the alcohol and gambling. was there and its beautiful. and if its really cold, you don't feel it that much since theres no moisture.barely freezin temps in more normal regions are far worse.and cold temps are best for cuddling.

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>>900744297New reggie sucksInstead of cute magic fruity rat we have faggy "nonbinary" "eldritch" mouse

I should guess this is what you do 24/7 goresee.com/w/pSHajREDuorRP74QK1BNY3


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lichenstein are you a furry or not, You're not a troll cause you would've left by now.Are you larping as a troll?

Schön auch mal eine andere Sprache zu lesen.>>900744380shiny is good

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>>900744741big jucy throbbing WEEN>>900744837gay and lamenuu~

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>>900744741I could probably do it, idk how I've survived the depression now lmaoI'm a cold weather person too and hate not seeing snowI avoid the sun like a vampire, spring allergies here are so bad I can't go outside for 3 months, May being brutal, so I'm used to not seeing the sun or touching grassI might be romanticizing a bit tho

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>>900744713pisses your next pair>>900744741piss your pants

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nein, ich hasse sie deutsch, auf andere wiese kontakt aufnehmen, verabshiedung

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>>900745188*stomp*>>900745220mmm so shiny>>900745299stop pissing my pants!!!

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>>900745300What about dutch? Its the cute version of it.

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>>900745440idk i don't speak either sadly, that was the extent of my german. i only know that so when i call german companies i can be like hallo, sprechen sie englisch? nein? ok, ich verde auf andere weise kontakt aufnehmen, danke.

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>>900745543you speak more german than I do>>900745423stop having your pants pissed

look how gay i am look at me

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>>900745585english not even ur first tho, u big language brain

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>>900745592so gay

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>>900745675I speek 3 of dem, going on 4 and 5

>>900745708that's a loti am incredibly dumb and english is my first language so im stuck on one :/

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>>900745741I just like languages, they're pretty coolthere's a limit thoughpeople unironically learn cunieform or fucking uhhh draconic or some shit

>>900745780>not me genuinly wanting to learn elvish

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>>900745269i think its a bit different up there.on the countryside you know your neighbors but have the mindset to get everything done by yourself and leave the others alone. many still have the self sustaining mindset from the older days.atleast if you're basement dwelling here, you can get outside and change it.and theres pollen around in spring as well.>>900745299pee is stored in the balls and i'm all out of it>>900745543ah, cool. i can just stutter a few words in italian and forgot all i know about greek, finish and dutch since it has been ages. things you need in holiday like the greetings and wheres the supermarket and stuff.but at that point you can just type in stuff into any translator and have it red out loud.dutch is funny because you can understand every third word and others are just slightly twisted and mixed with english but it sounds totally cute and nice to the ears.

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linguists outraged that diaper baby zoe speak more languag>>900745939leave some sushi for me hoe

>>900745939well I don't know what it's like to live there, but I'm sure I'd feel more comfortable there than hereat least in this region of the US I suppose, maybe, idk

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>>900745958theres always plenty

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i dun eat fish but i saw duck sushi and im real tempted to try it :o

>>900746045whai no nomf fish, cat nomf fish

>>900746060fish make autism alarms go weewoo, things i don't like i REALLY don't like, like phobia grade avoidance :/

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it called restricted intake disorder, comes a lot with autism.

>>900746015>me yesterday helping the plant frens and pulling the ebil vines and sitting like that, wishing a big wuff man would come and get me

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they had fresh mochis in the supermarket around new year.tried them and they were super delicious.>>900746015the culture is way different, yup

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>>900746106oh I have those also, I get it.can't exactly explain why, but can't bring yourself to do it, Immense fear if forced, borderline panic attack attempting to explain why at the time.>>900746119nvm not same exact thing, but I understand the feeling (I think)

>>900745423>>900745939pisses both your pants at the same time

>>900746161yeah pretty much exactly that, heh.

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>>900746165loes, that bladder is empty

>>900746165Jokes on you, what pants?

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time for cheeseborgarseat lots of meat, lift objects, get mooscles

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still waking up and eating breakfast

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breakfast boot loop

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>>900746608Beeschurger (:Ugh need to get up and shower

>>900747157yes, unstink

>>900747157i breathed in a big chunk of bread, this is why i hate dry bread, i can't eat properly, my mouth just leaves it dry and lets it straight into my lungs -_-

>>900747265so true

lord be blessed for giving us oily cheeses to lubricate our foods and prevent aspiration, in nomine patris, et filii, et spiritús sancti, amen.

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>>900747265Rip bread>>900747189I wasnt stinky anyway!On another note i seem to have freckles when i tan now, so thats neat

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big pant

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>>900748102Pant big

big shoe

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>>900743542we dont want them back

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