The pedophile logfaggot has posted 35 threads in 4 hours. How pathetic

The pedophile logfaggot has posted 35 threads in 4 hours. How pathetic.

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It's finally over for the logfag

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>>900739565You sat here for 4 hours counting them?

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>>900739634Says the logfaggot himself

>>900739565You going to get angry at that faggot instead of the other retards who keep posting porn?

>>900739661You sat here all day posting them?

>>900739565Why exactly is there a problem with that? What did he do to you? I think you've got a sad life for being that bothered by it


>>900739731Untwist the bottle, pop the seal, and take two or three of them. Now.

>>900739725Sure am logfaggot. The porn threads aren't taking up 30% of the board. Logfaggotry, BBC and Bot posting (this includes kik, socials, porn, etc) make up at least 65% of the posts on this board. 30% to regular posts, and 5% to other stuff.

>>900739838grow the fuck up you dipshit retard

>>900739725Not even all of it is legitimate porn. These fucking losers just post fully clothed pictures of women from Facebook that they think are hot and so many of those bitches have filters, Photoshop, or insanely caked on make-up. Literal fucking heathens, I wish they were all killed

>>900739859Meds are no longer an option E. They are required. Now or I'm calling the CIA.

lol logfag

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time to geturinated

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>>900739938Posted by: logfaggot

>>900739938Empty your piss into the nearest toilet and check yourself into, pissfag.

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>>900739967>>900739999Posted by : Logfaggot

>>900740022>>>Holla Forums logfag

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>>900740022>>900740033Posted by logfaggot

Ring Ring RIng

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>>900739850>can tell you the percentage of specific threads posted on a basket weaving forumHere's a picture you'll appreciate for your astute faggotry

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>>900740053>>900740070Logfaggot digging deep in the archives

>>900740070forced meme logfag

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>>900740098try harder

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>>900740097>>900740099Samefag logfag

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his silk worm?

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>>900740138>>900740145Loggy must be butthurt. He keeps bumping my thread. How pathetic


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Bot thread

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>>900740217all me. unix shell.

>>900740217The only one botting is logfaggot. He just had to bump my thread.


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>>900740192>>900740207>>900740215>>900740226>>900740232>>900740245>>900740252>>900740269>>900740291>>900740298Don't you have more threads to create?



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Loggy mad. He had to flood a thread.

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Diagnosis: clogged.

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>>900740397now you know who runs the circus

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>7 posters

>>900740491all me. every single one.

>>900740491All me.

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If you were to put forth the effort you did in this thread, as you would for posting threads, you'd be much better off.


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If this hits the post limit, I'll just post another

500 IP's

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>>900740771Nah. Still the same amount

>>900740771Kill yourself pedo

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All this thread is missing is Maurice

>>900740837shut up maurice


Logfaggot ran out of motivation. Lmao


>>900740837forced meme

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I actually start appreciating this content. See, this shit has multiple depths. First of all, it's ridiculous how mad people get at this content. That's how I first started getting into Andy's Sixx Logs of Shit. It wasn't really the content that was funny but the way it was posted. It then goes to the second phase, when you realize it's actually funny. How retarded people are for making this content. Imagine actually taking your PC or phone, and doing this shit, unironically, posting it to 4chan, Twitter, Reddit and YouTube and getting praised at the same time. It's schizophrenia, autism and psychosis, all at the same time caught on tape, but because of my dark humor it's funny and I laugh. And normies find this funny too. How ironic. Then you go into the third phase when you realize - these threads are pleadings to humanity, shouts and screams, to stop being retarded. To finally complete the cycle of self-awareness. So we can begin a new.

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>>900741610Kill yourself pedo

>>900741805>Kill yourself pedo

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>>900741886All you can do now is reflect, huh?

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>>900739565Seethe more logless shill

>>900739850>The porn threads aren't taking up 30% of the boardTrue, its closer to 70% you delusional faggotImagine being in a barrel of shit and getting angery at the single piece of corn

>>900743725Post more threads, pathetic pedophile logfaggot

>>900743813So angry about porn threads.

>>900743813imagine contributing to the spam while thinking you are helping

>>900743869He's the yellowtard and yikes ivan chud


>>900743891What spam am I contributing to?Your rage has confused you user

>>900744002>my rageyou're the one making 50 threads a day begging for attention, newfag

>>900743869Not angry, its just pretty ridiculous that a handful of chronic masturbators can flood an entire board with porn when porn is available all iver the internet in far better qualityLet go of your ownis user, you might find you can enjoy other things than masturbating

>>900743929>MUH RUSSIANS

>>900744083I've been here since 2016. I am an oldfag, chud.

>>900744083No i don'tYou are getting angry at your imagination

>>900744134been here since 1999, seethe more poltard shizo

>>900744102Coming from a fucking pedophile. Kill yourself logfag everyone hates you

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>>900744184who you calling a pedophile?

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>>900744134Lmao 2016. Election tourist

>>900744184>anyone I don't like is a pedophile>Proof?>trust me bro!!!!!

>>900744102Midst are members of NAMBLA and love to butt fuck little boys, so this guy is one of them.

>>900744184>everyone that mocks me is the logman...You're sick user, pls get help

>>900744222Trump won

>>900744220He's calling you one, logfaggot. You self admit to it anyway.

>>900744235You seem obsessed with kid fuckingYou dont hide your secrets well

>>900744249Yeah? No shit.

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>>900744283I can tell you're seething. Seethe more lol.

>>900744251Just one pepsi, but she wouldn't give it me

>>900743813imagine having a penis so useless you have to complain about porn like a Republican

>>900744318Are you retarded?

>>900744365The seething continues. lol

>>900744400Sure thing, newfag. Thanks for stating the obvious about Trump winning. We all knew that. Good job

>>900744491Biden lost

>>900744341>MUH POLITICSfucking hell what an absolute retard

>>900744874Lol shut up faggot.

>>900744341Imagine having a penis you literally can't stop touchingWhat a political penis

>>900744365Pure seethe

>>900744491So much seetheSo little cope

>>900744908NahWhy would anyone listen to a penis addict?

>>900744929The way I see it, you've posted "seethe" several times so far. So in my take, you're the one who's seething.

A symptom of autism is repetitive behavior

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>>900745007The rage is emanating off your post

>>900745042Blah look at me I'm "seething" oh boy just because a pathetic Pedophile Logfaggot said so. Whoopee... /sCry more, faggot.

>>900745007You posted seethe so its actually you that is seethingLol

>>900745007By that logic you must be the only heterosexual on the planet

>>900745109He admits it

>>900745109Actual redditor. You need to go back.

>>900745112>>900745132t. Pathetic Pedophile Logfaggot

>>900745109The seething is endless

>>900745007Hahahahahajahsgagaga Seethe more kid

>>900744282How dare you acuse me of being a mod!

>>900745150>>900745154Pathetic Pedophile Logfaggot

>>900745173Why you keep thinking about fucking kids user?Thhts weird

>>900739565Long live the log king!

>>900745212What a pathetic attempt at a jokeThsts reddit tier faggotryGo back you seething pedo

>>900745213Imagine having to think everyone else is a single person in order to cope with how pathetic you are

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They are coming out btw

>>900745340Your vpn excuse hasn’t ever worked, why do you keep trying?

Logfag just has to keep responding to this thread. Keeping it alive. How pathetic

>>900745482Vpn IPs dont work here you retard Cope harder

>>900745500You just responded and kept the thread alive you dumb faggot

>>900746226Certain ones do. Cope harder.

>>900746243Yup. I'm the OP so I can keep it if I want.

>>900746279So you admit you're logboy?

>>900746314Thats you, Pathetic Pedophile Logfaggot

>>900746254He says while desperately trying to cope

>>900746335You admitted its youStop doing the dumb

King size thread, keep sliddin.

>>900746373>>900746393>Complains about keeping thread alive. >Continues to argue with OP and bumping thread.

>>900746545I never complained about keeping the thread aliveYou didI pointed out the stupidity of you keeping the thread alive by complaining about keeping the thread aliveYou're dumb

>>900746630Says the Pathetic Pedophile Logfaggot

>>900746703>everyone that upsets me is logfagYou need help user

>>900746703But you literally did that You complained about posting keeping the thread alive, in a post keeping the thread alive Are you slow?

>>900745500Like this?

Theres not a subcategory of "logfags". Its not even at that level. Just a forced mementhats been wanting to die lol Embrace the sage eugene

>>900747511NO! everyone that angers me is logfag