LOLTHEY ARE SO DESPERATE Let's keep it going boys

LOLTHEY ARE SO DESPERATE Let's keep it going boys

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Hahaha yes.Fuck femboys.

the difference between left and right boycotts

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>>900738906I don't get it

>>900738862$51???? That's fucking highway robbery. Is in this Alaska or some shit?

>>900738862Like anyone on Holla Forums drinks anything but milk

your not doing a thing you fucking chud!>new programming updatedyour an economic terrorist conservative extremist!

>>900738862$52 for a 30 pack of beer!?! And light beer at that. Wtf, back in the day I used to buy 30 packs of PBR for $10 when it was on sale...

>>900739039gotta be Canada.

>>900739039A 30 pack of PBR is only about ~20 bucks in most states. I think OP's pic is Canada.

>>900739061Yeah, you're right. I just looked it up on walmart and a 30 pack of bud light is $19.

>>900738862Imagine drinking a faggot beer front of your friends.

>>900738958>>900739039this is canada, so probably like $10 American. Pretty sure I've been to this liquor mart recently, seems so fucking familiar. Manitoba?

>>900738862is this winnipeg?

>>900738906redditfags prove themselves preorder gamers once again

>>900738862let's pump their tight femboy asses full of cum hahaha am i right boys

>>900739223ayyy my Winnipeg bros

>>900738906what does netflix have to do with left or right boycotts?

>>900739208yeah its canada.

>>900739275henlo fren

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>>90073886252$ for a 30 rack of piss water? Never liked this horrible shit and am not into boycotting shit over stupid political butthurt feewings either way. If I want shitty cheap beer, Coors is way better and only 25$ for a 30 rack.

>>900739256yeah stuffing their neovaginas with my dick will show those trannies yeehaw

>>900739278I think they went woke

>>900739275I'm in Grand Forks.The best thing about covid was you syrupniggers staying on your side of the 49th.

>>900739654Nah, they went full retard with the authentication.

>>900739344It do be like that in Winnipeg.

>>900739803and were rewarded for itfucking the consumer always pays off because they are spineless bitches with no conviction

>>900738862So... Bud light does some good stuff, like 13ยข per each beer goes to a fund for sending the kids of fallen Veterans to college.We should figure out what good they do with verifiable information found on the internet, like who actually got the $$$ for college or who won stuff from some bud light promotion recently.I say we stop the tranny boycott at the end of June, when pride month ends and we can all just live our normal lives without rainbow shit shoved down our thoughts.

>>900740020>shoved down our thoughtshomie ya'll are the ones who can't stop thinking about tranny pussy

>>900739223Yeah it is OP here>>900739275Ayyyy

A $6 discount wow you conservatives really owned the libs with this one! While half of you dumbfuck inbreds switch to another beer owned by the same megacorporation.


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>>900740313Agreed but it's still funImagine if that tranny for the commercial committed suicide?Omg that would be amazing

>>900738862those better be canadian prices. Who in their right mind would pay 50 bucks for 30 cans when you can get 20 for less than half that amount.

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>>900738862>caring about piss water>caring about literally anything elseMake the right choice.

>>900740496It's CanadaDon't get your panties in a bunch user

>>900740441Why? Why are you so obsessed with sucking tranny dick?

>>900740580I think you're confused

>>900738982I drink Kratom sludge....oh yeah, and Whiskey...


>>900739127Canada has overpriced beer.

>>900739323Fuck Canada

>>900740496>Who in their right mind would pay 50 bucks for 30 cans when you can get 20 for less than half that amount.Let's do that mathWho would buy 30 cans for $50CADWhen you could buy 15 cans for $25Wut

>>900739323Thing is Canadians don't drink this swill piss either. No one does. I think the ad is for ALL of the 30 packs for $51 and that's STILL too fucking high. Drinking this estrogen laced shit will give you man tits.

>>900738862even if they were a nickel i'd be too embarrassed to be seen buying them at the store and carrying them into my house

>>900740698Fuck you nigger!

>>900740670Most of the price is taxes. Canadians get taxed hard. It's a socialist country don't forget.

>>900738958>>900739061>>900740496People don't recognize the French on the box

>>900741144Because Americans are retarded

>>900741144do you honestly expect me to concern myself with the language of my lessers?I'm American, we are and will always be the only country of worth on this planet.

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>>900740439lol, conservatives are so pathetic.

>>900741144I just read the sign, which has no french on it. I didn't fucking make a study of the whole goddamn pic.

>>900739278In the US centrists (or liberals as they say, there is no real left wing politics in the US) fold at the first sign of any mild inconvenience, even if the situation outrages them. The right understand the power of withholding money. If the soybois and cucks cancelled Netflix, rather than give them more money, Netflix would have reversed their stance on password sharing. Can't upset the shareholders

>>900738862a 30 pack for $52? that's so fucking expensive that it's insane. I can get a 30 pack of pabts for $14

>>900741144>>900741187point out where the French is because to me it looks like it's in fucking English

>>900738982I love milk

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>>900742726You people drink shit

I'll continue boycotting pisswater because it's pisswater.But Elysian Brewery is owned by InBev and Space Dust is delicious. I'll crack one open just for you faggots!

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Imagine paying $50 to poison your body lmfao

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>>900743076leftoids and trannies don't want people to know the news and truth about what they do.

>>900743606>>900744960i love this flavor of cringe


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This shit?!?!?!?

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holy fuck i love watching them ruin themselves and regret it later, idk why.

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>>900746529Like this?

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>>900746792yeah dude but also mentally, like the realization that they have actual issues that can't be fixed by flipping the gender switch after going all-in on the transition.but it is WAY better when they realize if you're ugly as a guy, you're going to be ugly as a girl and that is REMARKABLY a worse thing to be in this day and age.

>>900746964Reading time?

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>>900747144Imagine being a troon dementia patient?

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I sound old saying this but I remember getting a 30 rack of Coors lights for like a dollar a beer back in 2008 in highschool.

>>900747144>living a nightmare I can't escapepermanent solutions create new permanent problems, such as not having a dick. do you wonder if this person even tried living life in the mindset that their cock was gone for a month? i feel like you'd at least have to try it in a simulated sense>fuck everyone who let this happengod the sheer level of delusion to reach this point. troon enablers should feel this guilt too.>>900747167woah...i guess they were a man inside after all

>>90074307699% of statistics are misleading and wrong.

Daily reminder that more trans threads are posted by anti trans than pro trans. Stop amplifying their volume by adding to the discourse, end the obsession.

>>900740441Rent free

>>900738982milk is the white man's drink. Niggers and chinks lack the proper gut flora to break down lactose. That's why they are subhumans.

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Virtue signaling parents: get piano wire first!

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>>900738862When I turned 21 they had 30 pack light beer on sale for $16

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Anyone drinking Bud Lite deserves it. Cuckservatives are truly pathetic.

Its OVER chuds!

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>>900747895it sounds like the doctor didn't even deny them, just warning them of a bunch of factual shit. literally so feeble minded toward this decision that they cant handle honest advice>>900747907wouldnt this one be somewhat easier to fix? i mean...implants? fuck the scars, just say they're from the boob job right?

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