Are you white?

Due to HWNDU we've seen many Americans that post here are not white, so I'm curious are you white? If not why come here?

Not even American here. I'm just here because Trump resonates with me.
Also because I want to learn about Nationalism so I can advocate it in my country

Which country is that lad?

Why do you believe an anonymous origami imageboard with non white moderators and owners is the domain of whites exclusively?

they were from cuckchan pol and the HWDNU is in JewYork.


I grew up around diversity and therefore Redpilled from an early age, bringing me here.

Kind of funny, because aside from being a single-party nation and trying to advocate Marxism/Leninism, there's not a shred of socialism here, despite the old fuckers continuing to hang onto the promise of Marxist socialism.

Because my board has only whites, or at least the ones in the Skype group (who are about half the usually posters in the threads).

It actually is a turnoff. It is a tough thing to participate in ID politics and still advocate in favour of anonymity. Then again, the best thing about 8/pol/ is being an information and news hub, so I guess it is worth the price for this, considering how disinformed the world is atm.

It is not the domain of whites exclusively, but weren't we advocating for that? Or at least advocating for non-mixing and everyone staying in their place of origin.
You know what I'm meaning with that.

So has being the product of sexual fetishism adversely effected you in anyway, are you actually repressed? Or are they lying to us about anyone of even slight non-European decent.

I'm a HUE mongrel that thinks meme magic is funny and dislike leftists and degenerates in general. Also, HUEland is a massive redpill about how miscegenation is crap and leads to a failed society.

Fuck off with your feminist shit, cuck.

Are you living in Brazil, or from Brazil?

Lad that's pretty rude tbh

What board? /v9k/?

Western European. English, Welsh, Irish and French ancestry.

I am Rus, came here as a slow filtering from 4ch b which turned to 8ch b and then 8ch pol, been involved in the chans for most of my life, pol is a useful hub for news even separate from the opinions here. I also appreciate the ability to shitpost to my heart's content because that's what freedom is all about kek

I'm from Argentina I'm white, guys. I swear

A secret board lad 👍🏻

The natives of my nation are actively being displaced from my own country for these people, while they get preferencial treatment to do it, I don't care if I'm rude. Not like they'll have to care by 2050 they'll be the new standard of white.


in the internet no one knows you're black
no one

You don't need to attack him about it tho, it's just rude and unhelpful. I know America is facing a demographic crisis at a level not even trump can fix but as I said being rude to him gets you nowhere.


The shia webcan threads aren't Holla Forums , theyre Holla Forums. Hence so many nonwhites.


My parents actually love eachother, thankfully, so I turned out only somewhat fucked up.


I'm alright ya emotional fag. Thanks tho

My best wishes for your country, for mine are doomed.

im a leftie krautkebap, but i agree with around 80% of what you guys say, and the left is a complete fuck up and hijacked by (((them))) subverting everything on the left to the point it gives me an identity crisis


Jew York is like 45% White, and I think that's not excluding 'White Hispanic', so… Its a shitshow to begin with.

The fact that we got as many White folks down there as-is is pretty impressive quite frankly. Thus is the horror of the American urbanite haven.
Our cities are fucking disgusting, honestly.