Nudify nudify

lets get the ball rolling

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not even worth it... you entitled fucks pushed all the wizards away... tint, morbintime... all gone

>>900738277If there are any wizards, I'd greatly appreciate it.Thanks in advance

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>>900738277somewhat new to this, but thought this one looked decenthad to scale down slightly bc i ran out of vram trying to do it at full res lol

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>>900738277here ya go, done with getimg(dot)ai/ref/Svs4H5V5C

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From a prev thread - pls and thanks for your work

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>>900739085If you can bro >>900739059

>>900738277Plz wizards

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>>900738996Plz do my cousin

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>>900738913cannot get her right nipple to move away from this position, so this is the best i could do>>900739059maybe maybe not, will prob give it a try but i dont know if my model would want to do a pregnant girl

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>>900739287Let’s hope it’s down with preggo titties lol.


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Wizards use your magic on the tiddies pls

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>>900739468take me to solo

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Please wizards!

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Need to see these huge tits

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pls guys

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>>900739085Howd you use that site? You can load an image and tell it to modify it?

Please and thanks

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>>900739724its just like SD put your prompts and what not


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If possible

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>>900739748I'll give it a shot. Idk anything about these ai apps or prompts or anything but I have pics of a coworker I want to nudify. Don't want to post them, though.What prompts did you use for that pic you posted above?

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Just the shirt. Fat tits pls

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I'd appreciate some titties O wizardbro.

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Please wizards

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>>900738996and>>900739287heremy shit crashed so trying to get it back up and running with the proper settings, could be a bit lol


Please strip her wizards

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>>900739779Right got my dickskin tight

>>900738688Morbin was king. Did he totally stop working?

>>900739853I'm not good at this ai shit

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Help a Holla Forumsrotha out

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>>900739794just play around with the world play

>>900740332Lmao it was funny though

can we stop posting screenshots of vids

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>>900740331entitled fucks weren't grareful, so he got fed up

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>>900740457>>900740460Lol idk what kind of prompts to use. I got the best results with just "strip naked"

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>>900739092program crashed trying to do this one, after it booted back up, had fucked up settings, tried to remedy it the best i could and get it back to normal, here's what i gotwas someone here before me? before i even touched the picture her left elbowpit looks like it got fucked with loleither way hope this is good enough lol

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>>900740621Any luck with preggo lady?

>>900740608>>900739469Damn, beat me to it

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>>900740506Can't blame him. I always do my best ti appreciate the work, but in the end we're on a website for degenerates so you can't really expect much

>>900740682trying her next, wouldnt get ur hopes up though, gonna try my best

>>900740506i know nobody on here is mentally well but imagine getting upset at something as randoms not appreciating fucking stupid as making ai porn on a message christ alive like he’s slaving away on an oil rig or something lmfaooooo


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>>900740691I do too man. there were always those losers who never said thank you, just replied with another image. god, how hard is a simple "thank you!"

>>900740721Thank you King! Fingers crossed.

Why do I keep getting deformed alien shit lol

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Can you do her?

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Is it possible?

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>>900740768KEK this is exactly what I did when it spit that shit out

>>900740769you need to get off the internet and touch grass to get some perspective rn because this is the dumbest fucking shit I have ever readwahhhhhh wahhhhhh random people online won’t thank me for making porn of unsuspecting women :((((((what a bellend he is

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>>900740760I don't think it's about getting mad it's just that doing that shit takes time out of you and when people don't say thanks I guess it feels kind of pointless

God damn dude wtf do you have to write in the instructions to make this shit look good? I really suck at this.Sorry user, you're gona have to fap to this. Its slightly better that scrambled tv porn from the 90s

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>>900740594I appreciate the effort, but can someone else try to do this one lol. It's like a bad tease

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>>900740804Hey OP, this one may be an easier one for the system

>>900740845Best i can do is x-ray?

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>>900740988Lmao hahahahahahaahha thanks for trying

>>900740998It’s a sign from God, you will not become a coomer today.

>>900741042ur post is in my queue, check back in a bit lol

>>900740988bro made an avant garde painting

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>>90073899 kind wizard please I beg thee

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>>900741061Wow thanks bro

>>900741075lol I'm sure I could do better with a little bit of guidance or explanation as to what to use for prompts but I never bothered reading those ai threads. Just did this as a gag tonight because I want to see a coworker naked.

>>900740544Is she possible Bro?

>>900740845here ya go, done with getimg(dot)ai/ref/Svs4H5V5C

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cumify your ai pics?

>>900740594Just starting?what are you using, stable diffusion? what model?

>>900741176Fuck man, can you paste your instructions? Or screenshot your settings or something.. idk wtf I'm doing

>>900741186kek idfk dude, whatever the shit this user linked >>900741176

>>900739059>>900739373>>900740682>>900740786best i was able to get, it, indeed, did not want to produce pregnancy, but i hope this will serve you lol

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>>900740173doing this

>>900741276This is beyond anything I imagined lol holy shit. Amazing.Thanks user!


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Cmon OP

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Is knowing what settings to use or what prompts to use some highly guarded secret or something?

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>>900741385are you talking about stable diffusion or some app?

>>900741316ty for the praise

>>900741317>>900741176>>900740608>>900740398Please do mine?

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the more you guys post shit quality pics the less likely it's going to get done

>>900741406The link that the user posted above

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>>900741242ok, looks like a stable diffusion build online, first select the modle in the first selector, chose the one called Realistic Vision, it can work, i think, for the rest, you can tray to be literal, you select an area of the image you want to modify, and in the prompt, can write something like naked woman. Thats for start. with some practice you can add details to that prompt, like idk, big breasts, or tell the system you want a "side view", things like that.

>>900740825>>900741086working on this now

>>900740804Please do her!!


Please can you make her pregnant?

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>>900741517Basically what I'm doing. I don't see anything about "model" anywhere on this, though.

>>900741541You tell me dipshit

>>900741517also, the strenght is how much you want to modify the image, usually, 0.5-0.75 is what works, check the resolution too, wrong resolution can deform the image a lot, and the steps 8in parameters, around 20-30 works fine.


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>>900741577Here's your abomination, user

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Possible to see the big latina tits?

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>>900740544…would love to see her…

please nudify her

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>>900741583as i say, "the firs fucking tab". or Menu or whatever you call that shit.


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>>900741523>>900740825slightly pixelated, but couldnt get it to not do thathope this is good lol

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>>900741633>>900740804Please do her

>>900741598Unnecessary language. Is it A.M.?

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>>900741727There's nothing on this to select a model, soGetting better though

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Anyway phones gona die, will have to learn some more about this shit later.

>>900741755I think it's pretty awesome. Thanks I've requested a lot of times and they always ignore it lol


also to the guy posting 512x512 abominations, and no offense to you i was also here at some point, i would recommend learning how to use the program first before postingyou can find a fair amount of resources online to learn how to do it its a little convoluted at first but one you get the model you want to use, the prompts you use, and the settings you use, it will become easy after that


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knock her up? Please?

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>>900741727>>900741583>>900741777damn dude, dont make me go there myself.

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>>900741826Okay thanks. Looked like an ex

>>900740173Bad news, she was a worm of some sort all along

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>>900741798working on this

>>900741844ahh, i see, you cant inpaint in that thing.

I swear why do I always get skipped? Someone please do my pic

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>>900741844Yeah mine doesn't have that in EDIT mode, so.

>>900741583if you want to do this, i recomend you to watch some youtube tutorials on how to download, install and use Stable Diffusion (i recomend 1.5 version), and how to prompt, inpaint, instal and use models, etc. Looks like a lot of things, but its not that hard, really. Just be sure to have a good GPU.

>>900741829Ill look around for tuts

>>900742207I have an outdated gaming laptop that can run gta 5 but thats it. I can't into shit like this normally so we'll seeAny good vid or tut links?


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>>900742207and dont worry, Stable Diffusion its totally free, and most of the models and extras too.And if dont have a good gpu, you can try using google colab to host SD, also free.

>>900742285Appreciate it


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>>900742271check this tread, >>900735495the links at the start are for download and install SD locally and also for a google colab build. I STRONGLY recomend you to watch some tutorials on how to use both options first, and use a diferent google account. Good luck.

Please Wizard

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this app is fairly good and first time u get 5 free generations undress dot app /ref/e21b8

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Please and thank you :)

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>>900742493i mean that about the google account because you can link the google drive and it uses a loooooooooooot of space.


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>>900742535working on this



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>>900742913BeatufiuuuulHer maybe????

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>>900742808no longer working on it lmfao

Possible to see her large boobs?

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>>900743066WooooooowThank you!!!!!


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>>900740501Bumping, please! I know it's low res... but that's what I get for screen shotting IG.

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>>900742959here ya go, done with getimg(dot)ai/ref/Svs4H5V5C

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ill do one more before either waiting until the next thread or tomorrowif its not terrible or impossible to do, ill do the first one that is the reply to this

>>900743900fuck you



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>>900742359Please Wiz


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>>900743922>>900743954since you both were pretty much tied, ill do both 2nd guy will have to wait a bit though cus its a lot of work to do 3 lolafter that the other ppl will have to take over this thread lol

Bump, please and thank you :)

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>>900744012lol wtf

>>900744041nvm 2nd guy already done i guess lmao will start work on the first one



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>>900744068yeah im not even bothering, i cant even download the image and someone already nudified it.

>>900740620Can someone please do this one?

>>900744164so i keep nudifing my colection of celebs for a while...

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Gamer girl needs her tits out please

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>>900742808oh man i would love to see it too!


>>900742880Thank you!

>>900743812Thank you!! You are a wizard.

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>>900740620here ya go, done with getimg(dot)ai/ref/Svs4H5V5C

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>>900743922>>900744386best i could do, the position of the titties (and how close she is to the camera) makes it somewhat awkward for ai to fully grasp whats happening in the picture, but here it is nonetheless>>900744164ah yeah lmfao, glad it was already done bc 3 people done separately with SD would have been a lot of work

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Attached: Capture.jpg (478x592, 29.21K)

Attached: f6.png (468x629, 427.27K)

>>900744567yeah, all images looks like done in a haste, with 0 atention to detail.

Attached: f7.png (463x671, 449.01K)

Please wizards

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Attached: IMG_8399.jpg (1170x2049, 319.49K)

>>900744677cant really understand the first half of this sentence but yeah i agreevery hard to get a picture like that properly nudified because the ai wants to generate the nipples in the picture, and the original kinda looks like the nipples would be either out of frame or cut off honestly since that was kindova hard pic to do, if you (if youre the poster of the original) have any other pictures of her i would be down to try it


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Attached: getimg_ai-2023-06-11T06_42_48.163Z.png (463x671, 505.08K)

>>900744909sorry, english isnt my languaje, i try to say that lot of the pictures of the thread looks like done in a hurry, at full speed, lacking quality and finesse... i think... ahg, sorry for my shitty english... im too tired to think...

>>900745073here ya go, done with getimg(dot)ai/ref/Svs4H5V5C

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>>900742599here you go ser

Attached: file.png (512x896, 913.98K)

>>900744466Thanks bro it looks pretty awesome :D


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Attached: 2472988B-B072-4541-83EC-8C493EA10B59.jpg (752x1290, 780.36K)

>>900745659Thank you wizard!

Can the wizards work with this?

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Please, I need jerk to her.

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Wizards are not leaving,we are getting ip banned. I am the second wizard today banned reason is social spam

>>900746470social spam?

>>900746470That's fucked, doing the lords work and getting banned for it...

Thank you in advance!

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>>900746540dropping discords links, etc

>>900746636ooh i see

>>900746636Thing is i never spammed a discord/app or telgram once, I was just doing the image and posting not like tint and the others

>>900744574ok lets see...

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>>900740173Bump for a real try?


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>>900747058Nicely done wizard

i fucking hate windows right now, stupid shit full of bugs.

>>900739692Please wizards


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>>900746028Bum bump


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Can it do ass?

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