Suddenly i like bud light again

suddenly i like bud light again

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>>900737682still a guy


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>>900737682Ayy lmao maxxing

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>>900737992why did you say trans women then?

>>900737682I only need one

Guys like Mulvaney and drag shows are just the modern version of minstrel shows in blackface. He does "womanface". Sexist stereotypes of women as vacuous bimbos.

>>900739066Yeah it's amazing that this was his take away lmfao Just continue adjusting appearance until accepted His parents are complete failures

>>900737682Still a guyMentally ill weirdoParents failed him

>>900737682"Still a man"


>>900740249>>900739559>>900739401>>900739174>>900739066>>900738569>>900738283>>900738067>>900737992>>900737826>>900737682yeah its a guy but if you wouldnt fuck that they ur actually a faggot, its straight to be attractive to femininity

>>900737682Still looks like a flaming faggot. Kikes must laugh their asses when they see what they've done to humanity.

>>900740316Skeletal flat dudes are not feminine.

>>900740316That person is nasty bro Zero body definition and clearly botched plastic surgery Get some standards - not even a gay or straight situation here. Get some standards.

>>900740509>>900740474hes painted like a real woman, if ur not attracted to him then ur not attracted to women therefore ur a faggot

>>900740316It's only straight if you are opposite sexes

>>900740680Oooooh you’re just retarded.Well, why don’t you run off and try to put some Star-shaped blocks through square holes while the adults find a better thread

>>900737682He's a flaming faggot pretending to be a woman. Nothing more. Fuck him and fuck anyone that supports this freak.

>>900737682Slightly less horrifying.

>>900738283trans = notnot women are menit makes sense to a person with a brain

>>900740726>>900740700if u fuck him ur gay but if ur just attracted to him ur straight cos hes presented to look like a real woman, its not hard its simple, hes more attracted to me than real women with short hair and no feminine features

>>900737682Uncanny Valley Golem.

>>900740761then wouldnt u say men are men, saying trans woman is a man is distinguishing trans women as a separate category from men

>>900740316He looks like Corey Feldman, you fucking gay cunt. You're so fucking gay

>>900740680You are fooled by face paint? Clowns must make you cream your tighty whities.

>>900739066you're legitimately retarded

>>900737682There's a very good chance that a lot that stopped liking bud light actually liked bud light all along but repressed it due to inner bullshit that manifested into hating bud light due to lack of accurately processing that bullshit.

>>900740931Corey Feldman looks good

>>900737682Didn't I hear that she came out as a lesbian? So if she is fucking women, it's a lot less gay now?Right guys?

>>900741362So you are gay after all. OK.

>>900741455I'm just saying

>>900740316Nice try DylanNot drinking the Troon Juice.

>>900741455he looks like a woman, so being attracted to him is not gay, dont you understand? all the guys attracted to tomboys are more gay than being attracted to dylan mulvaney, u are actually attracted to masculine features = faggot

>>900741447You mean he came out as hetero.

>>900741527oh well, i tried

>>900741447It's not as bizarre as you are making it out to be. Gender and sexuality are separate. And some people are more drawn to being more feminine while also being attracted to the feminine. I'd even wager that most "alpha" men would be more inclined to suck a dick as much as they put masculinity on a pedestal.

>>900741542He doesn't look like a woman, you're trolling tranny

>>900737682Mentally ill man

>>900738067>x-files theme plays

>>900737682>spend 4 hours having a professional artist painstakingly apply makeup to your face>post the 3 pics out of 500 where you've actually achieved a slight resemblance to a womanWhelp, guess that makes it okay for 8-year-old boys to have their dicks chopped off.

>>900741606he has the secondary sexual characteristics of a woman, even if he looks like an ugly woman, long hair, voluptuous lips, rosy cheeks, if ur more attracted to tom boy with a buzz cut that looks like a man ur a faggot

>>900741871Tom boys have tits and pussy. Dylan does not. A costume and makeup do not make one a woman.

>>900741952If you were attracted to tomboys, I'd be more inclined to believe you are attracted to masculine traits. And as I view sexuality on a spectrum, I'd place it just above you being attracted to men. No different that a woman that is more attracted to the feminine being attracted to a man that is more in touch with their feminine side. Doesn't make you gay. But you'd probably be a few Bud Lights away from dipping your toes in that water.

>>900740761Trans as a prefix means across or transfer to. Its never meant "not"

>>900737682Looks like an alien trying to mascarade as human

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>>900738283Trans men are men!wait.... shit.

>>900741582But when can I go back to pounding some Bud Lights with my bros?

trans women are just feminine men, not women. Anorexic people aren't fat just because they feel like they are.

>>900737682Ill accept he's a woman.Just a really ugly one

>>900740316biggest faggot in the thread

>>900742194after you suck her cock and apologize for being a bigot

>>900742194whats stopping you now?

>>900742501not who you asked, but absolutely nothing here. I’m a seltzer drinking faggot. I’ve been getting nothing bud lite seltzer lately. It’s gotten way cheap lol. Thanks maga tards

>>900737682You faggot OP may God have mercy on your soul

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>>900742305whatever makes my cock hard is straight you faggot

>>900742194You can now. I personally think it's shit separate from the bullshit reasoning for disliking it. But drink what you like to drink, man.I'm in hillbilly country and I feel safe in saying, most of this shit is a result of "I heard someone say and that's as far as I went with it, surely it must be true". Just drink what the fuck you want to drink. This person was on one can given to them for promotional material. I fucking detest the New England Patriots as a team.But I will drink beer with their logo on it cause I don't give a fuck.It gets me drunk just the same. Quit being a little bitch about shit.

>>900738067God damn he's so ugly

>>900742706no it isn't

>>900742598Not who you answered but I can't drink seltzer. I didn't give a shit that people talked shit about those that drink white claws but I had to stop drinking that shit cause it gave me kidney stones. *I have no proof that it gave me kidney stones beyond both times I got kidney stones was right after drinking seltzers.

Have sex, transphobes!>touch grass.

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>>900742706whatever you say, cocksucker

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>>900742882Google “chanca piedra” to end kidney stone issues!> im not kidding user. Take care!Can purchase on amazon, ebay, etc… $10 more or less

>>900742864>>900742945you will suck a tranny cock and you will like it, its only a matter of time, just give up the fight already, its futile


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>>900742882I get it for sure. I had to switch from beer bc that shit was fucking my stomach and intestines too much. I shit way better now that I don’t drink beer often lol. Also don’t rly get headaches ever anymore.It gets rly fuckin hot in the summer here and the seltz is pretty refreshing. there aren’t many drinks anyone shld feel ashamed about consuming imo. like, if you’re drinking mad dog 20/20, Johnny bootleggers, straight vermouth.. I’m gonna rag on ya lol. Anything else, whatever.. enjoy your beverage

>>900743106fuck man. well aware of sounding, but still confuses me every time I see it kek. how does your life get to that point?

>>900743061Why do you feel so confident of this?

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>>900743573every single conservative movement has failed in the history of the earth, you'll be sucking tranny cock in 100 years and fighting back against sucking horse cocks

>>900743061you can't groom me I'm not a child

>>900743011Thanks, user. I haven't had trouble since but it something I don't care to revisit so will definitely look into preventing future instances.


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>>900743705don’t think I’ll be around in 100 years dude

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>>900743705I doubt I'll live to be 137 years old, retard.

>>900743864>>900743841>>900743836your consciousness will be forced into a computer and you will be forced to live forever watching drag queen story hour as punishment for being a bigot nazi

>>900743491LOL. I've been know to kick back some Johnny Bootleggers in a pinch. But I'm mainly a Nattie Daddy when it comes to getting drunk on the cheap. That shit definitely rots the intestines though so I try to stick to at least mid tier beers.

>>900744049do you also believe that North Korea is the home of the elites’ hidden time manipulating device?

>>900743864>37 and still on 4chan

>>900744066kek. We used to drink em in college. Little gas station right on our walk to/from campus usually had em on sale. last place in town that wld sell loose ciggys too. cld get 2 of em and a couple cigs for like 5 bucks. we called it bum juicebottom tier booze of any type is just so bad for you. Even just a little step up in quality will do wonders for the hangover

Just have sex!

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>>900744346>Even just a little step up in quality will do wonders for the hangoverHighly agreed. It's crazy what a difference even a couple of bucks extra makes. If I'm getting drunk on the cheap, I go with Bush or Bud Ice now. World of difference.

Id have sex with him, I want to choke and beat him upSame with hunter schafer, I want to bite and piss on these two

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>>900740765Kek, kys you fucking faggot

>>900744907so you're a chaser?

>>900744337yes this is a website for adults you little fucking retard

>>900744049I wish I was a nazi. I'd have faggots like you killed publicly

>>900737682no way lol is that mr.atheist? when did he troon out?

>>900744337back before pieces of shit like you invaded this website we had threads made by 70 and 80 year olds. they were 1000x better than you'll ever be you annoying little cunt

>>900745105that's Dylan mulvayne the turbo faggot

Has a dick dresses like a chick makes me sick,

>>900745024Maybe? Look, I dont give a shit. Straight, bi, gay.Trans people are mentally vulnerable and im a sadist

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>>900745045>>900745113i can just imagine how fucking fat and ugly you 40 year old neckbeards are who sit here all day being racist and transphobic, living in ur mothers basement sucking cheetoh dust of ur fingers, fucking disgusting pathetic subhumans LMAO

>>900744337you’re just too young to realize that you’re stuck here with the rest of us degens. you’ll keep coming back, no matter how low this pit of filth sinks. catch you in a decade when neither of us have made anything more of ourselves. fag.

>>900745243nice projection. we all know thats what you look like

>>900745062you are a nazi and you will do nothing cos ur 15 and get bullied at school fuking LOL

>>900745243>says he's 37>retard thinks that means 40why are you zoomers so fucking stupid all the time?

>>900745311why do you think that? because that's your own experiences?


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>>9007453692 more weeks, remember to vote for trump! he's really gonna drain the swamp this time i promise!

>>900745377I can't believe they think that's a good looking haircut. even a mullet looks better

>>900745413I didn't vote for him the first time. Definitely not going to vote for that jew lover now

>>900745413>>900745435that fat ugly kike gave Isreal a shit load of our stolen tax money

Would only consider making this lil slut squeal…>would (you) anons?

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>>900745416it’s sad

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>>900745460>>900745435oh no! you better vote for desantis then! he'll definitely drain the swamp unlike that other guy!

>>900745511I waste my vote on the yellow party

>>900745511that stupid faggot can’t even take down a silly little mouse

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>>900745578>>900745537i guess you'll have to vote for _______ then, he'll definitely get the job done!

>>900745416you are out of touch, you are a 40 year old balding fat man, 18 year old girls love this haircut

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>>900745624Eh.. I have zero faith in our political system at this point. I’m probably gonna write in Al Swearengen.

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>>900745754>>900745471You need to go back


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I don't even hate all trannies, met and seen a couple of actual hot ones I would fuck but that Dylan faggot is gross as hell.

>>900745997Transphobic chud!>you probably wouldn't even fuck HER!Have sex incel!

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>>900746262you will never have an ethnostate

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Why is it that every time these troon fags transition they become this exaggerated stereotype of what a woman is? Like inswear they all turn into gross ass bimbos. Why does no one transition and become an average girl with b cups , medium length brown hair that's studying to be a business administrator and likes to do felt knitting every once in a while?

>>900746595Someone’s projecting some lust for trans poon

>>900746595they do, but all you chuds are told by your handlers to focus on are the flamboyant ones, god you npcs are so dumb


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>>900746694faggots like you can't even define what a mtf freak is

>>900746692>Someone’s projecting some lust for trans poon>projecting some lust for trans poon>lust for trans poon>trans poonYou know that’s not a thing right?

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>>900746896shut the fuck up you nazi chud, you dont even want to understand, stop being disingenuous you dumb piece of shit

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>>900746901Taking it this serious, I have to wonder if you’re pumping loads to trap threads and troons now.

>>900737682genuinelly disturbing physique


>>900747027only if ur a faggot and not attracted to the female form,

>>900740316Most autistic faggot post of the day goes to you

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>>900746924nice deflection. I'm not even a republican you dumb cunt

>>900747114ok go fuck buck angel, yeah thats not gay but fucking a hot trap is

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>>900740316>I'd fuck a potato if it had enough clown paint on it

>>900747257what ever you say chud

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>>900747285she still look like a man, just like every single trap

>>900747306you're in a cult

>>900747307nah thats just transphobe cope, youve walked passed hundreds of trans women and didnt even know it


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>>900747332no I didn't. there's only one trans person in my town and everyone makes fun of him. you're a brainwashed faggot who deserves nothing less than death

>>900737682look at those ribs!! There's not even any boob there

>>900740316Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!!!Holy fucking autism!!!!

Daily reminder that more trans threads are posted by anti trans than pro trans. Stop amplifying their volume by adding to the discourse, end the obsession.

>>900747360chuds are the only brainwashed ones, told what to thing by drumpf and little ronnie boy, its ok though, every single chud cope conservative movement in history has lost, civil war, lost, nazis lost, and you trumptard chuds will lose too

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>>900747352serious question here. why do you keep doubling down on thinking everyone who goes against your cultist mentality is a trump supporter even when you're given information that states otherwise? do you like looking like a stupid fucking ignoramus?

>>900747407what the fuck are you blithering about? look up the word cult then look at every thought you have in your head

>>900747410>i said i wasnt a trump supporter, that means its true!i see through your facade trumptard

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>>900747456I voted for jo jorgensen you absolutely insane blasphemous butt fucker

>>900747439conservatives always lose, you'll be sucking tranny cock in 10 years, seethe bigot!

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>>900747456it's not trans terror. people just don't want their kids groomed by these child molesters.

>>900737682>>900747456Proof that 4chins is nothing but another propaganda wing of the democrat party

>>900747498I'm a libertarian

>>900747478>jo jorgensenLOOOOOOOOOOOL so ur a conservative but also a cowards, thats what a libertarian is, what a little bitch ass bigot

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>>900747508especially after covid. we used to have pictures of real people dying from ebola and other diseases. not one single image of covid proof

>>900747525wow I knew far leftist cultists were stupid, but God damn you don't even know what those words mean

>>900747560you will never have an ethnostate, seethe trumpturd

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>>900747584you're the trump tard

>>900747584I don't even think you're an American because you have a hard time comprehending the English language

>>900747612>>900747593u will never be a real ideology

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>>900746595You realize there are normal trans too right? You clearly have had only information spoonfed to you by poltards. Ironically that's also what made you obsessed with dicks

>>900747637quit talking to me retard

>>900747707nothing about trans is normal in any way or form.

>>900737682That dude looks nasty as shit. I could be 6 beers deep in a dark bar and I would know that is a man

>>900747740deez nuts, ha GOTTEM

>>900737682I've seen a bunch of very cute and feminine traps that I'd gladly fuck but this isn't one of them.