Does lolicon lead to real-life harm, or does it lead to harm reduction, or is there no connection? Explain your answer

Does lolicon lead to real-life harm, or does it lead to harm reduction, or is there no connection? Explain your answer.

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Does it matter? Victimless crimes shouldn't exist. Only exception is when you're putting someone in direct danger, like driving drunk for example. That's it.

>>900736532Uh, what are you saying "no" to?>>900736558Pretty boring generic libertarian take, and I never said anything about crimes or laws. You understand that morality and law are two different things, right?

>>900736660>You understand that morality and law are two different things, right?Ok let me rephrase.Victimless crimes shouldn't exist because victimless crimes aren't immoral , because for an immoral act to occur there must be a victim.

>>900736792It is possible to have a discussion on whether something leads to harm without going into a lolbertarian rant. I'm asking if something LEADS to harm, not whether is IS harm.It is possible for things to lead to other things. You're just avoiding answering the question.

Neither. Its just something someone somewhere likes. Their personal choices and morals are what do or dont cause harm. That said if you ostracize a group of people, treat them with the utmost contempt, and strive to deprive them of what little brings them happiness dont be surprised if bad things happen.

>>900737609Oh I should say there are naturally going to be exceptions as with anything. A perpetually repressed libido and obsessive thoughts can be exacerbated or alleviated but which is which is naturally an individual trait. Blaming art on your personal choices sounds a lot like a child looking for excuses if you ask me. If I had to guess for those who lack of self restraint I would consider a lack of alternatives to vent with and the ability to comfortably and safely seek therapy to be of more concern than who looked at what.

>>900736437For me personally, harm reduction. A good doujin or two keeps the edge off. Otherwise there's a buildup, no matter how often I fuck my wife. Can't speak for others of my kind, but a little degeneracy helps keep the greater degeneracy at bay.

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>>900737609>That said if you ostracize a group of people, treat them with the utmost contempt, and strive to deprive them of what little brings them happiness dont be surprised if bad things happen.I agree that widespread ostracism creates violence but you can repress groups if they're small enough.

>>900738227I guess we should be glad your wife accepts you.

There's objectively nothing harmful about adult-child love.

Pedo boogeyman thread

>>900738227How does a faggot like this have a wife while I'm singleI want to die

>>900736437>Does lolicon lead to real-life harmyes, but what can ya do? just gotta deal with it for the sake of freedom

>>900740073The simplest answer is always correct.He doesn't, kek.

>>900738227Manicured hands created this comic.

>>900740073We should be happy he does. You should know exactly why.

>>900736437>>900736437>>900736437>Does lolicon lead to real-life harm, or does it lead to harm reduction, or is there no connection? Explain your answer.It reduces the harm Acting as a outlet to the sexual tension Fapping to this dosent make you a rapist

Average Holla Forumstard-“Lol traps and fags and niggers and Jews should all be killed”Average Holla Forumstard when cunny (pedophilia) is in the question“This is actually a complex and multi faceted issue, it is victimless for pedos to be how they are as long as they don’t commit a crime”

>>900739644I made her aware of what I was before we got married. She then understood why I sometimes cried when she mentioned having kids or how good a father I'd be. Luckily, she doesn't want kids. Can't take the risk.>>900740073Because I'm manly and stable. Attractive too, though that isn't by choice. Work out, be strong, quit caring about women. They come to you when you are deserving. There's a million guides on this all over, you likely just aren't willing to put in the effort.

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>>900740671where's the problem


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>>900740757>She then understood why I sometimes cried when she mentioned having kids or how good a father I'd be. Luckily, she doesn't want kids. Can't take the risk.You know, people are attracted to women, but that doesn't mean they want to have sex with their sister, aunt, or their adult daughter. Because it's a lot different when it's a family member because of the incest. You might be ok on this front.

>>900736437There's no connection except for the fact that the pedophile is jerking off at his computer screen than onto an actual child. But I think if you were to put a child in front of lolicons and said "no repercussions", they would take advantage.

>>900736437>>900741038What I mean to say is "It does not lead to harm reduction. It's just a distraction."

>>900740953I know there is a chance I'll get the genetic defense mechanism activated. But what if we did have a girl and that mechanism didn't activate? Nah, too risky. She doesn't want kids and I am satisfied as I am. We'll stick to each other and cats. Good on you for being kindly about it though.

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>>900740817No problem, just want to make sure we’re killing ALL the degenerates that’s all

>>900741038>But I think if you were to put a child in front of lolicons and said "no repercussions", they would take advantage.Well who wouldn't

>>900741166You should really stop being so hard on yourself. You don't need to be afraid of yourself, you aren't a monster.

>>900740073no woman is going to come knocking on your door to take her hand in marriage. You have to give yourself into love for them not just sex. which i bet you've never done ever

>>900736437no, loli's harmless and might even lead to some crime reduction because it helps people get it out of their system.the people that claim loli leads to harming kids would have said that violent games cause mass shootings a decade or two ago, they're fucking retarded.>b-but muh moralshentai overall is probably more ethical than the american porn industry, and people should keep what they're into to themselves.>but if you let a kid and a guy in a white void with no repercussions...western religions work on a fear system, as soon as you say "no repercussions" (not even "no consequences" most people (especially americans) would do the most heinous, depraved shit you can think of.and even then, i don't think the portions of people who do act and actions of those that do would change much between cunnysseurs and average joe'sa more interesting problem would be>you're helping at the hospital, a little girl who has no chances of reaching adulthood has fallen for you, would you give her the full wife experience or dismiss her feelings, knowing that the rest of the staff will turn a blind eye to most of it?

>>900736437Nope. Last time I checked pedo stats, the most common instances are perpetrated by people 18 or younger. People who are family-friends or family. It is extremely rare for the victim to not know who the perpetrator is.Fappin to loli does not lead to real life harm. Otherwise we would see tons of adults kidnapping kids. However, let's play devils advocate. What about Muslims and other cultures that won't punish the pedo? Higher quality of life and education leads to better mental well being and consideration to others. Sexual repression is a great contributor to extreme "deviant" behavior.

>>900742218i dont think its deviant just because some suffragettes decided it was 100 years ago. when it's existed for thousands of years. kidnapping and forcible rape is wrong. but love? is beautiful thing.

>>900742487Strongly agree, a sane society will respect child marriage

>>900742487By " "Deviant" " I meant: out of the norm.I understand your argument, but here is where we hit the consent issue. The reasons an animal can't consent are similar to the reasons a child can't consent.There is a discussion to be had on "At what age can a person consent?" But I don't know enough about that topic.

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>>900742883>The reasons an animal can't consent are similar to the reasons a child can't consent.*honk honk*>"At what age can a person consent?"Age is just a number.

>>900742883young girls can obviously consent to sex acts. it is society that decided no you can't do that, that consent is false because women activists said it is!! Then what is your age of consent oh master of wisdom

>>900743107If the woman activist said there isn't any age of consent, who am I to defy the truth?

>>900736437When did you start being horny? Not when you first masturbated but when you got a boner. 6? 8? Well they get that feeling too and are built to orgasm. Nature tells us what to do, it's religious nuts and feminists who try to stop a natural desire and act from occuring.

>>900736437you know what is the biggest reality check? Having other family members the were taken advantage of and seeing how much of a wreck they are as adults.

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>>900744090Aint that the truth

>>900744090Becsuse they were told they're were victims and made to feel guilty

>>900744422Or they hid it and had massive shame from being abused.

>>900736437It depends. Ive started to see loli with MAP and pedo encouragement captions. Thats probably pushing a limit too far since literally the taboo of actually doing something is being layered onto the 2d images.

>>900736437Does playing violent video games lead to school shootings?Does watching slasher films make abusive husbands and womanizers?Does watching law and order TV drama shows make more detectives?Does watching Tom and Jerry cause kids to burn their houses down?Does listening to gangsta rap cause young men to rob banks, pimp hoes and deal drugs?The bullshit answer people usually give me is that people who look at loli porn are more inclined to have sex with little girls. I would answer that if this were so, we could categorize and predict the behavior of all the above just as easily.

>>900736437evil will commit evilsimple as

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>>900744725it's just sex, something the female body is made for by the way

>>900736437I wouldn’t think so, been loving lolis for about 10 years and haven’t done anything stupid.

>>900744725There is no shame in hiding it, why would there be? There would be if you suddenly call yourself a "victim" while remembering enjoying the experience and orgasming.

>>900744725what abuse?

>>900741038>>900741213Ikr, anyone who wouldn't do it is far more messed up in the head and is the real danger to society, especially if you get to choose the kid

>>900744090This simply doesn't apply to everyone though. Victim complexes are harmful in general, and I've never met a person who shared their sordid past with me who didn't take a certain amount of sick pride in how "victimized" they were.Meanwhile, there are tons of people who had sexual relations with adults, even family members, when they were kids who grew up just fine. We just only ever hear about the "victims" because they're the most vocal.It's the same idea as believing all pedos are bad because the only ones we know about are the ones in jail.

>>900744090My older sister had oral and anal sex with our dad from age 7 to age 13. She grew up to be a perfectly functional adult, with a very nice husband and two kids who are very happy married professionals with kids. She told me the key was when she started ignoring all the people who told her how bad it was (implying she was evil for enjoying it).

>>900745189Not that them being jail actually implies they're "bad", only that they got caught.

>>900745524Fuck I wish I could fuck a 7 year old...

>>900745111>>900745087>>900745018Theres a good chance that someone you were close to decided that you were fuck meat before you knew what that meant. Youre hopelessly pedo-brained if you don't get how that is abuse.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

>>900745590Would be so much fun, especially taking her v

>>900745564Precisely part of the problem.People look at pedos as bad because the only ones they can see are the ones that got caught, and often they are thrown into jail on principle because they broFor every jailed pedo there's a thousand or more who are still going about their lives hurting no one (or at least not getting caught hurting no one).

>>900745189My mother was molested by her uncle and literally doesn’t care. Didn’t even testify against him. I’m assuming he just used her mouth though. Guy still went to jail for a few years

>>900736437Another pedo thread made by another lolicon looking to defend their beliefs

>>900745618A person who thinks of their lover as "fuck meat" is indeed an abuser, even for adult women.I fail to see how loving, gentle intimacy hurts a child.

>>900745753Another closet pedo stopping by to read all about it.Glad you're here mate.

>>900745803>can only respond with projection because he has no argumentKek

>>900742883Animals do not consent to be draft animals, used in research, be your pet slave or to be killed for your dinner table.

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i think pedos use lolicon as a way to feel righteous in their fetish since digital art technically does no real harmhowever it's used as a guise to hide their cravings for or actual indulgence of real cheese pizza which does cause harmeither way it is aligned with the pedophile agenda and i'm not interested in helping pedophiles and view you all with disdainengaging in age play with an actual adult capable of consent is one of the healthy ways of expressing that sexuality.moving away from ACTUAL children or depicting children is all around a kino move. make pretend, pedo-anons. dont harm kids.

>>900745841Enjoy the thread. When you finally come around be sure to join in the discussion.

>>900736437There isn’t even good data that consuming actual pizza leads to more child abuse It’s just a convenient supposition the courts have made to be able to ban it because otherwise there’s not a great argument for doing so in the English common law tradition

>>900745841You have none either, there’s no argument here, You’re both just name calling, he’s as likely to be right as you are

>>900746267Right about what? Touching children? Weird hill to decide to die on.

>>900736437Leads to the best pleasure ever.

>>900746267I beg to differ, sir! I have been the model of proper discourse. I called no names!

>>900746221>sexual assault on minor (illegal)>record act of sexual assault on minor (you say should be legal?)and so what part of recording should make the sexual assault legal? recording an illegal act doesn't suddenly make it legal for any crime in English common law. please explain why pedos get the break here because i want to commit violating acts on many women and it would be really convenient if simply recording it would keep me outta jail

Attraction is attraction even if it's just the primal subconscious. Most I've ever done is shower with loli's, nothing physical though

>>900745524fake and gay.

I feel like I've experienced so much fucked up shit that morality has become subjective to me. I wouldn't do anything illegal, but I also wouldn't feel bad about cutting someone open while they're still breathing. I think it's all a matter of perspective.

>>900746786That depends, would do that to a random person for no reason?

>looking at pictures of steak keeps people from wanting real steak

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>>900746786Hey guys I'm edge lord here I have 165+ IQ

>>900736437every loli & shotacon is a paedo>elaborateno

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>>900746786You need to change your ways brother. We celebrate the female body and it’s beauty. If you want to talk about genuinely hurting them or other people you should fuck off


>>900746143>"the pedo agenda"there's two very different pedo agendas, neither of them really care about fictional kidspick your poison:>Elites that have access to fuckdolls(humans) that are above the laws, and tighten the laws of the regular people to feel superior>LGBTQWOP freaks (backed by big pharma and others) groomimg and traumatizing kids into joining their pill munching cult and getting castrated. they also try to destroy anything healthy males enjoy to break their morale.

>>900746515>onii-chan let's shower together >onii-chan why did your peepee get big?>it feels tingly down there onii-chani can't imagine it going any other way tbh

>>900736437>lead to real-life harmIt may, but also may prevent harm, both outcomes uncertain and unprovable. So the most sensible approach is to ignore it.

>>900746478>recording an illegal act doesn't suddenly make it legal for any crime in English common lawif you hire a whore and fuck her, that's prostitution, and illegalif you hire a whore, call her an actress, fuck her and film it, that's making a porno, and legal

>>900748015Boners happen, no one cares. Ive seen them get aroused sometimes also

>>900748118I'm pretty sure the law is that pornos have to have producers that pay all the male and female actors who are other people. That's why you hear about male actors getting shit pay instead of no pay