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>>900736129Glad you're still around

>>900736129The crushing weight of everything you did will pulverize your soul, you filthy lowlife piece of trash!And don't even bother begging for help BTW, you will be left alone in the torturous darkness that you built for yourself and you deserve it, you absolute dirtbag.

>>900736352Mwahahahahahahaha I'll do it again too!

Help everyone! I hope life has been going well for all of you! Are any of you up to anything fun tonight?

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No, thanks.

Waiting until Euro hours.>>900736703Nothing very fun tonight, probably just a movie. How have you been, if you're still here?

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>>900739331Hijiri, hello.

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>>900740251rat, hi.

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>>900740883If you'll excuse me, I'm about to watch Lake Mungo.

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>>900740997rat, bye.

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>>900736732fuck off faggot


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>>900742545imagine grabbing the sleeves and tying them together

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>>900742545Cutie, S2 when?

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>>900736900Yes!>>900738965I fell asleep for a bit, but I’m back. I can’t say I’ve been doing good, but things are starting to get a bit better. What movie are you watching?

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I fucking love waifu (animus/gay hookup) threads

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>>900744495I forgot.

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>>900744525I can take a message

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>>900741279When you've got to go, you've got to go.>>900744127>>900742545I just watched Lake Mungo. I was pretty impressed. I bet Beni really liked it.

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>>900744573I remembered. I was only going to ask for crossdressing pics so I could say I did it and Buttwheat would leave me alone.

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>>900744878Stop trying to shift the blame for your own perversion onto others.

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>>900745068He made me this way.

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>>900744495>Asuramaru I like you

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>>900745139>Stop trying to shift the blame for your own perversion onto others.You made yourself this way. >>900745396Shes a cute sword

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Howdy. I forgot how to fall asleep again.

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>>900745827Howdy, Sandshrew. Maybe you managed to fall asleep, thirty minutes later, and won't see this!

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>>900745827Stick around and chat, I just got done playing For Honor>>900746666>Satan quadsI keel, my opossum Lord

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>>900745827Alcohol?How do you feel about Alolan Sandshrew?I’ve actually wanted to try using Sandshrew since I never have before.What do you like most about it?>>900744744What is Lake Mungo about? I can’t say I’ve heard of it before.

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>>900746707Get up!>>900746793It's a ghost story told in a psuedo-documentary style. One of the best horror movies I've seen in a long while because most horror movies are awful, just awful.

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>>900746848What is thy bidding, my Lord?

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>>900746869Quit it, I'm a good boy. I would personally hit Alistair Crowley in the dome with a rock. What would he do, call the constable? >>900746897Morning! How long are the nights over there right now?

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>>900746944I'm teasing~ I only serve Senpai

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>>900746944look like this currentlyyou couldnt survive mr posumposums are known to roam in the moonligt not sunlight

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Hey, what's poppin' my niggers. Real G Nigger right here. Fine, sicker then your average nigger killer. Twist niggers heads off nigger NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER

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>>900747035It's getting out of control my niggers, the pops are bout to come off my tounge like bu>>900747035llets.

>>900747073It's happening, I'm rapping my niggers my skin is turning black niggers

>>900746666Oh if that were the case and not me just getting horribly distracted seeing what degeneracy was going on in the secrets thread.>>900746707For Honor isn't dead yet? I haven't kept up at all since Marching Fire started to become a thing.>>900746793I don't keep alcohol around the house anymore since my girlfriend will almost always get black out drunk if she starts drinking.Snowshrews are cute. I actually identify more with than than Kantoans, since I prefer colder environments, but I still use the sandies as my Brand(tm) everywhere as a hold over from my pokemon RP days.They're adorable and Swords Dance + Earthquake go brr>>900746897You look dangerously comfy in that big blanket.

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>>900747228Alive and well, new season in 4 days and we're getting an Aztec warrior as the new hero

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>>900747228its mine you cant have it

Attached: Ek3mwKMVcAAfHji.jpg (1200x1500, 130.51K)

>>900747270Oh. I'll need to reinstall the game. Very curious what they'll do with the aztecs.>>900747275Oh, for how small us shrew are a blanket that big would be more like a fort. Though that also means it could fit two if you want to help me fall asleep?

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>>900747228I always assume it's thinly veiled pedoshit in those threads. I haven't clicked. If I was a mod, blood would run in the streets of Holla Forums.>>900747007I'd die frozen in the first winter and never even know about the endless days.

Attached: night proteector josum!!!.jpg (652x652, 21.42K)

>>900747431no you will not sweet talk me into forfeiting my blanky to youdo no try not posible>>900747440poeticposum froze to death in the endless winter night never to see the endless warm days

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>>900747431You're in for a treat with the latest heros added since Marching fire. There's a pirate, an Egyptian warrior, some Arab warrior that uses a mace for whatever reason

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It is possible to sweet talk him. Keep trying.

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>>900747440Since when does Holla Forums have mods lmaoAlso, endless nights sound great. But I also don't want a opposicle. >>900747504Welp, I tried. Nothing gets past you, eh?>>900747537I did hear a friend mention the pirate. Didn't they add a misc category for peeps like him that don't directly tie into any faction?

>>900747712And I was doing so well not forgetting my damn avatar.

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>>900747712>>900747752Yeah they're called the Outlanders. Gives the devs more creative freedom on who they want to add into the roaster

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>>900747712you can go pasr me but you cant have the blanky while passing

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>>900747796I guess you can only go so long bsing "kinda not really" fits like Centurian. Though now I can only imagine that its a matter of time until something like a Zulu gets added and people argue whether or not its racist.

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>>900748199Okay, question, what if both of us had it at the same time? I am rather compact when curled up, y'know.

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