Based albums thread

Based albums thread

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Good eye


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Metropolis, Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory or really almost any Dream Theater albumvery very good taste with burning star iv tho, coheed also extremely good

>>900735866I can't even begin to convey how profoundly embarrassing it is than anybody, especially an adult, listens to coheed and cambria. I have permanently cut people out of my life for less. You are pathetic, your tastes are trash and your connection to music is shallow & stupid.

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>>900735866Opinions on their most recent? Personally thought it was mid, best album IMO is In Keeping Secrets

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>>900736580it was alright imoi feel like the only two albums i really really like from them are:burning star ivunheavenly creaturesbut their other ones arent bad either

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>>900738092Clearly a man who knows about music. I will hold my tongue and not say anything bad about a man with such patrician tastes.

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>>900738092I’m trans btw

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still have this bad boy in my cd collection

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If you don't love this album unironically you should get your testosterone checked.

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>>900738682That’s easily one of their worst albums.

11/10 album. Defies genre or classifications.

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>>900738682one of their worst album, stop being gay

>>900738715>>900738731it's pure emotion and feeling, you wouldn't understand

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I love fucking Beck Colors

>>900735866Great choice user

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>>900735866Legendary band. COTF

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Death - The Sound of PerserveranceCathedral - Forest of EquilibriumSlayer - Reign in BloodIsis - PanopticonMorbid Angel - Altars of MadnessSoundgarden - BadmotorfingerSleep - Holy MountainKyuss - Welcome to Sky ValleyScreaming Trees - DustAcid Bath - When the Kite String PopsEyehategod - Take as Needed for PainCrowbar - Odd Fellows RestElder - Dead Roots StirringElectric Wizard - Come My FanaticsClutch - Self Titled albumPrimus - Frizzle FryRush - A Farewell to KingsTool - ÆnemaYes - Close to the EdgeKing Crimson - RedVan Der Graaf Generator - Pawn HeartsColour Haze - Self Titled albumAll Them Witches - Dying Surfer Meets His MakerYOB - The Illusion of MotionBurning Witch - Crippled LuciferStone Temple Pilots - PurpleMelvins - (A) Senile AnimalThe Sword - Age of WintersQueens of the Stone Age - Songs for the DeafThe White Stripes - ElephantFailure - Fantastic PlanetSmashing Pumpkins - Siamese DreamRites of Spring - Rites of SpringHusker Du - Zen ArcadeDead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit for Rotting VegetablesCock Sparrer - Shock TroopsSex Pistols - Nevermind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex PistolsMisfits - Static AgeThe Brian Jonestown Massacre - MethodroneHum - InletOrange Goblin - The Big Blackto name a few

>>900740212You got good taste user

any late 90s early 2000s emo? looking for cool stuff i havent heard before


>>900740540American football. Taking back Sunday. Brand new. Glass jaw. Spill canvas (earlier 2000s).

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>>900740690Brand New is underrated. Songs on your favorite weapon are classic teenage angst. Band grew into more philosophical songs in further albums.

>>900740540here's another one:Sebadoh -

>>900740540>>900742004Whole album's pretty good, actually. It's called "Bakesale" I think.

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>>900740540Texas is the reason

>>900742695Haven't heard people talk about this band. Heres some links of my two favorite songs. They only made a single

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>>900740540Sunny day real estate

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