Aggressive Loli

Lolis that know what they want and are willing to take it.

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>>900734392Yeah, everyone go there so you can get bitched out over there and also get maybe 5 posts a week. Not a great maneuver honestly. Also OP you're supposed to bump a few times.

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Thread theme is made for sasha-chan

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>>900733937The best kind of loli. I want my lolis sexually aggressive and in charge.

I have to stop downloading big ass images. I'm tired of that stupid red bar after I type in the stupid captcha.

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>>900735085It's underrated.

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puffy cunny

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>>900735379tasting the cunny honey

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>>900734392This is probably the spammer btw>>900734543It’s a good porn site but what you need to do is report the spam

>>900735379she needs more of her hentai translated on nhentai

>>900736126For some reason, I don't think the mods much care about someone spamming on a loli thread in Holla Forums

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>>900735379can someone translate the text boxes

>>900736292Lolis and black cocks activate my neurons

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Inb4 homospam.


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>>900736866It's a shame he stopped doing dialogue.

>>900736292So that’s why some of them were banned months ago? I’m talking about the administrators anyway

>>900736292>>900737251Mods are nigger loving jannies anyway. They only care about loli threads if someone larps about sexual encounters with real kids. There was this one guy who talked about trading alcohol to high-schoolers in return of exposing themselves to him. Posted one day and just vanished. I suspect an IP ban and the retard doesn't know how to go around the ban.

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>>900737459I thought retarded posts like that was just glowies larping to get people to open up about similar experiences like the guys bringing up shady sites but I guess that happens too. But yeah that’s why I mentioned the administrators because they have stepped in for similar situations before or one of you can become a mod instead whichever works

>>900738228I just thought they were a larp. There used to be greentexts in loli threads until the mods decided they were too much fun.

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>>900738584It might be a little of both but if you need the link for reporting I have it. Everyone should use it as well

>>900739263Snitches get stitches faglord

>>900735379Akasaka on the bottom

>>900739770Of course the homotard would want that

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>>900738228 I would be a hated moderator and be fired within the first day. Deleting all of the (((pro-negro))) threads, which already is a big no-no, but then I would also heavily guard loli threads with an iron grip. Too much bias, couldn't be a good moderator.

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>>900741232>AI>censoredIt's shit.

>>900741377>AIIt's shit

been obsessed with Anna from engage lately

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>>900736292will lolicons get their own loli board like how bronies have their own?

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>>900741377>>900741424Nigga who the fuck asked.

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>>900741532I did. And then I answered.

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Yay lolis

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>>900741646No who asked for your opinion

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>>900742602moar plz

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>>900742687I told you. I did. I formally requested it. I REQUISITIONED that shit.

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Any tickling art?

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>>900743538I'm feeling motherfuckin MATRIMONIAL all of a sudden

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>>900743538Nigga why you still TALKIN

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>>900741532Nigger you're on a public forum, no one's gotta ask shit. Maybe you should have asked before posting garbage.

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>>900745695Oh muh GAWD bruhhhhhhhhh dis shit is public??? What da fuuuuuuuck

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>>900745205Nigga you keep ASKIN.

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Any animation on Saikawa

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>>900746597Looks like Kanna was about to dominate her.

>>900746530Any fan animation of her?