Kik thread: Let’s get gooning

Kik thread: Let’s get gooning

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Overall, birth rates have plummeted for Americans over the past five decades: "Between 1976 and 2018, the mean number of children ever born per woman declined, from three children to two," according to the report's authors, Gladys Martinez and Kimberly Daniels.By 2019, the average female aged 15 to 49 had given birth to 1.3 children, and the average male had fathered 0.9 kids.American women are also tending to have a first child later in their lives, the new study found.The average age for giving birth to a first child was about 24 years for women and 27 for men in 2019, according to the report, which was based on a national survey of almost 21,500 Americans aged 15 to 49. The probability that a woman would have her first child by age 40 fell from 83% in 2011–2015 to 81% by 2019. A similar dip was seen for men becoming fathers by age 40: from 78% in 2011–2015 to 72% by 2019.

>>900732109Lets not get going.

I need some detailed wwyds mando7968

The number of young men who are interested in having kids is on the decline, according to new research published in Journal of Marriage and Family.The study’s author, Robert Bozick, collected data from three different sources — the National Survey of Family Growth, the Panel Study of Income Dynamics and a study called “Monitoring the Future” — looking at more than 40,000 young American men over two decades.According to one of the data sets, the number of male high school seniors who say they never want kids has more than tripled between 2000 and 2019.

“A growing share of childless men do not want children and … increasingly, a lack of children would not bother them at all,” Bozick writes in the study, though he goes on to note that the majority of men still say they want to have kids.Bozick associated the findings with broader socioeconomic shifts in the country.“We’ve seen stagnating rates of labor force participation. We’ve seen young men being outpaced by young women in terms of college enrollment and completion, and more recently, we’ve seen a spike in young men living at home with parents,” he told The Post. “We’ve seen a slower transition to adulthood bought on by changes in the broader economy.”

I want to get dominated by a older white man/men. I'm blackKik: 10inmaddman

According to an article in Psychology Today by clinical psychologist Tyger Latham, Psy.D, erectile dysfunction, while once considered an issue plaguing old men, is cropping up more in young men who rely heavily on pornography to become sexually aroused. A study by the Italian Society of Andrology and Sexual Medicine surveyed 28,000 men on their internet porn habits, and found that porn use over time led to a lower sex drive and an eventual inability to become aroused at all."As soon as they try to actually get close to someone and commit to somebody and have an intimate relationship with somebody, it's in those moments that the harms of pornography show their full colors and truly manifest themselves," Olsen said. "The unrealistic expectations are completely exposed…And we now see people in their 20s having porn-induced erectile dysfunction because they cannot get excited or aroused without the presence of pornography."

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Testosterone levels are dropping in young men - and it seems that intense pornography viewing is the cause. The male hormone is responsible, among other things, for facial and chest hair growth, muscle mass increase, bone density, sperm production and sex drive.According to the Cleveland Clinic, low testosterone affects about 2% of men, with symptoms ranging from depression, body hair loss and decreased libido to fertility problems and low sperm count.According to information published in The Sun, testosterone levels in young men decrease due to excessive pornography and/or gaming. A 2017 study found that men who played video games release dopamine, the same "pleasure hormone" released during orgasms, which could contribute to a lack of desire/need for intimacy.

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Send tittiesAn0nnyM0use1

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Yepyeah99 trading vids

Similarly, continuous exposure to pornography can also contribute to decreased sexual desire, although there is still no consensus on this issue. A 2016 study found that "chronic internet pornography use led to erectile dysfunction and delayed ejaculation." However, some experts have found that watching videos doesn't necessarily decrease testosterone levels but rather numbs sexual desire.

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Beautiful Breasts here

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I need impotence reminders / brainwashing.Dont let me forget I'm going impotent. Make me talk about how Im going impotent Kik: sissy2train

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I want to turned out by 2 dominate red neck white guys that it's all I think about lately. I'm black btwKik 10inmaddman

Helping cucks slowly share their girl with me if you're worried about the whole thing, and even accepting censors of them if you're super worried.Kik: Brickerton


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>>900733030>>900732805I've got that before

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>>900732525Looking for more people. FYI I don’t save fetish stuff

I need some detailed wwyds mando7968

It's late for me in the NetherlandsI'm a bit drunk and I will show off my body 18 mKik = poeticjusticekdot

37 M TXstraight just got dumped from a 3 yr relationship lonely looking for women to chat with sexual component not required but certainly not unwelcomean0n98765

Doing cock tribs now and a cum trib at the end. Send me face pics of your gf. Nudes required as wellMydaughtersmilkers

My wife (35) is always looking for younger guys (18-25) to hook up with. Located in the Midwest. Hot wife, not cuckold. If this interests you send your: location and age. And if you'd like to see her we'll need to see what you're working withKik: Konstant95

mikehung55625m, 7.5 inches & thick, fit bodhmu I reply fast

Looking for brutal wwyd kik Jimmy2knees

anyone wanna goon over or trib deepfakes of my mom?Kik puffpuffpassionn

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hmu if you'd suck a dick for feet

coveredbypizzarollsBored outta my mind so send anything my way! :)

Willing to rate your girl and friendsJplop50

I need some detailed wwyds mando7968

Bored at work, so I'm not fast to reply. fuck me up, but keep it legal. Kik zombiejezues

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40m. Married guy here, all alone this weekend while the wife is away at a medical conference. Definitely looking to have some fun while she's gone. A couple drinks deep already, obviously I wouldn't be on here unless I was hoping to cum, but hey whatever. Let's see where things go.My favorites are girl next door types, legal teens, and thicker athletic girls but I'm really up for anything right now.Kik is ItMattersDoe

dannih66feed me and i'll show off my little pink cock until i cum

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Showing my chub wife to horny dudes, loves tribs etc. bi++Reddieman8490

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archiechipie2Doing a short trib session.Wife / GF/ Ex/ family membersInto a lot of kinks and hentai too.If I don't reply, you just missed me

050f2a22d85b2015201edb622c7dc0b156b593f8c0397700fa5c11286d8f995331Send anything nl. Idc

Down for whatever. Cucks can definitely message, 8½ inch bull reportinganonkjb

30 mwm biAlways horny Drumkid7286

Jake.richard4Let’s chat about your girls, crushes, IRL, family. Whatever. Can caption as well

User1998772 trading nl videos and pics

>>900736253It has become abundantly clear that 90% of the fuckers that hit me up whenever I ask for people to share what they're in to or what they're stroking to, are mentally retarded. 240p pictures from 2010, random nudes that look like they got them from google images in 2013. Obsessions with crushes that are 4/10s at best. Wanting their plain 3/10s to cuck them, wanting to show off their "bwc 8inches". Christ, just know that I feel as equally pathetic as you poor fucking sacks of sorry shits just for engaging with you and asking to see what you're in to. Half the time I'm begging for some user to hit me up with a catfish using some hot insta girls pics or an onlyfans slut as their crush, girlfriend, sibling because at least I know the pictures will be good and I can just play along. The only good shit I get around these threads is with that one user that keeps posting himself through different profiles catfishing as size queens and the one user who posts larps about his daughter doing slutty tiktoks. That's the only good content I ever get out of these shit threads.

>>900737274What’s your Kik I’ll change that and make your day

>>900737377Anon, I've been coming to these threads for over 3 years now. I've been burned enoughNovacasca

Tribbing kik dickception1

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mkgoonRequesting femboys, sissies, and traps plz

Kik Pussyfree1Virgin here!All I do is tug to my crush when she had braces, or pussyfree captions..If you could decide, would you let me fuck?Or keep tugging and stay pussyfree?

Sharing chubby gf with fat titsTomd243

Want my wife judged and degraded, pick out all her flawsKik cuckboi2

Looking for tribs or hung cocks to show off and jerk to my wife. Kik bicpl4fun3

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Wanna worship someone’s fat cock. reply with user


I want to play a game for my gfs nudes, I'll send u her ig and u send me a pic u like then I'll send u a nudeKik nadan_26

If you wanna see my relatives and chat/rate them, hmuKik thatman1436

Share pics of my girl on dis cord whenever I get drunk and hornygg/SVprDTSnKik is lil.clitty if you want to chat about her and make me share more. She fucks my friends behind my back but doesnt know ive seen the texts. Drunk enough tonight to send you her fuckbuddies number if you wanna try to get more. He doesnt know im a loser cuck but he sure loves filling up my girl lol

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wanting to do show her but afraid of leak? It will be our secret. Come serve to daddyanonewori

slthis jap slut recently got her nudes leaked, looking for hung cocks to trib her titsstart off confirming that you can trib pls

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Jay_heart__Edging and trading some ex's and other slutsInto most things but like chubby/hairy

>>900740290Nigga what the kik be

Finally convinced my girlfriend to get fucked by another guy and I get to choose. She doesn’t know it’s going to be our friend fucking her Any ideas on how to make the experience more perverted?MagentaBunch

Not kik but if you like lolis, cubs, and human on anthro/feral, i'm Broken_Gizmo on bleachbooru, and allthefallen.

I want to rate and degrade your daughter's, nieces and little sistersSingr266

Incredible horny and bored and I am really interested in what I get if I open my dms so feel free to go crazy I won’t judge Kik is kito_kid42

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>>900740290>>900740413im retardedslavlover34

Sharing ex on snap @briaaan6622


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Kik: anongoon6715Looking to expose your sluts on erome also looking for anything taboo related or if anyone has had successful BM attempts would love to hear the stories.

My girlfriend is going to be fucked by my friend this week. She doesn’t know it’s going to be him doing it yet. Very excited to see him pound her, she’s very innocent this took months of convincing MagentaBunch

Sticky-MukHigh and Drunk looking for fat snd ugly girls to jerk off tooo. I also like really big ass

Kik: nakedboy78 Hey, have you ever wanted to see the chicks you know irl or the celebs you like captioned/tributed/censored in any way your nasty boner sees fit? Have you been looking for someone to roleplay or catfish as whoever the fuck you want in any damn scenario? Or are you just looking for a simple feed? Anything in between, I’m here for you to make your brain fucking melt and give you a time you won’t forget. All I want in return is to be blackmailed and threatened hardcore into doing it using girls I know irl as collateral so I get hella scared and hard

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Kik mrdeathfromaboveIf you’re lurking and wanna play, come say hi! Woman only

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doing some jerk/cock tribs. I’ll cumtrib my favourite pic today :) kik anon104849

Girls add me - 29 M UK scouser77777


Young guy looking to show offEspecially into pee_ally_123456789

Life sucked for a while and I'm really behind on bills and can't catch up. Selling whatever to pay electricity and such19/F Kik: JasmineScenne

24 Bi Male from USAChubby guy into anything really, femboys, hentai, etc. feel free to send me anything. Would like to chat, lewd stuff, trade hentai etc..Kik: mowatler98

Need to g00n for your girl Glambxxx

Kik wakasmakaTalk in detail about voyeur and why we love this perverted fetish. Gooning to our chats or vids

Kik- dahliarenee1Add for this slut Amber Adkins nudes

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Fuck me up, send anything. gabe.mannew

>>900742549Username wrong

I still want to degrade your daughters and niecesSingr266

Send anything for me to get off too , love irl , chubbies , voyeur , nudes please, kik avetrib

Kik harrooooo103 to wwyd some German university girls

Kik xiicypher Send anything

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MagmamanoShow me pics of your family members dirty panties. Will do wwyd.

Talk dirty while I feed girls kik ej9o2prl

Send me your friends list. Let's jerk to them.Or send me their vsco and I'll you my favorite pics.18+ only.No sharing T a g y o n

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Send me degenerate shitHalfDecentWholeDegen

M26 BWC. Just tonight me and a friend tag teamed a hot Asian slut. Sharing her pics and talking about it. Kik: ttanonn

lightbar4476 send me your girls

jerkbeefy2000Going on a date tonight, help me jerk before I get there.

Kik jackeffrain try to fuck her

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Gooning send me anything (legal)Chs511

8½ BWC looking to goon, feed me anything at allanonkjb

Magmamano Will do brutal wwyd of your daughter, sister, gf, niece etc.

Recently me and some friends got together and ran a train on a whore. Sharing pics of her and telling about it. Kik: tranon7

bored, ill show my gfs in discord, quote this with ur discord tag.

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Show me your favorite boobsYours, gf, ex, friends, family or even randomsLove any shape and sizeKik throwaway2305

Have you ever wanted to see your gf/wife/family on a 75in tv for another man to jerk to.Possible cum tribKik is humiliationstationNudes preferred.

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runaround42069NL trade/chat real incestNoCo pervs hit me up

22/f/ukjulianamadonnaTrading with men, have a face pic to get my attention. Absolutely love military men

come here to NL degrade and humilliate my chubby chilean feminist 21 y/o latina gf please be as fucked up and dominant as possible kik is alexperez88

trading t3nns, vids only, no solos

I'm searching for twisted fucks, who want to do it to their daughters.Singr266

Anyone got the full video

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Wrongben16 Looking for someone to trib and use my crush nn

Looking for girls who want to be exposed onlineI can do full exposure or soft exposure (photoshop away any skin marks, blur face etc)You have to prove it's actually you I'm exposingIf you got any questions just askKik: vtazyyy

Send legal kinky pics and vids to surpriseme1153

18 yo gf jd4757

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>>900745165Still here

>>900745852Still here lol

runaround42069 NL trade chat fantasy real life whatever. Let’s perv out, tell me what gets you offf.

Hi again all,Giving out a Mega of all of the onlyfans content, including PPV, of Belle Delphine, Amouranth, or Mackenzie Jones to anyone that makes me cum to celebsIf you are looking for a different specific onlyfans I can check and see if I have it as well!Kik: CharliFeetLover69

chord4321My mums on a business trip away with her boss and he just put pic of her up on his story. Do you think they’re fucking?

I know it's late and there probably aren't many people on, but I can't fall asleep so I'm trading stuff I have for whatever you want to send me. Your pick.DrDrawers

>>900746105still active.

>>900732109Leave your handle if you want to talk about Kay Panabaker, Nellie McKay, Leven Rambin, Victoria Pedretti, or Sophie Simnett.

Feed this bwc your best to make me cum.Open to all.Kik guestname123

>>900740740Still interested

>>900732109trib elisabeth plskik takenejake631

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>>900734740Bump! Having trouble sleeping, send stuff my way still?

>>9007351213 more hours of work left

>>900747076Can vouch. Have gotten a few megas from him before and they’re all insanely good and worth

20f looking to Snapchat black men add my snap tiff.ricebunny

Magmamano Want to hear how you would ruin my gf

05b7a852ee986e23b243d440bd0cb1971088d1e9580d42435cdb391422719de12aDump any vids to receive. Anything goes. Sunday funday.

kik 1297918 to trade gf pics

>>900747912she a baddie