/waifu/ threadrules:>claim your waifu/husbando>post them>no erp>Keep loods in moderation>posting gets you a vip seat in...

/waifu/ threadrules:>claim your waifu/husbando>post them>no erp>Keep loods in moderation>posting gets you a vip seat in hell.>Swipers get flayed>no trips or higher will go unchecked.>"Why are you geh?">Chat and have fun

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where relm?

prebaking nigger

Not here

baking runs in their blood

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relm has been gone for half a year and calling for him did nt made him come back

claimnya of kyaru by me!

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>calling for him did nt made him come backlol


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>>900731536heya tsugu, much planned for today?

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>calling for him did nt made him come backproof?

Mistral claim! Sorry fellas, I'm just working more on my project and annoying the shit outta Seija fella on Discord here eheh...

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>>900731490Are you also unable to sleep?

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>>900731581There's a comic event happening today! It's in a big city so I'm pretty excited for that.>>900731626Wait, annoying him is my job!

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I was fooled.>Drunksocks Claimed

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>>900731665So why are we not tag teaming here fella? Oh wait... cause I don't have you on Discy either... oops...>>900731490Hey fella! You were the one asking me about oil painting stuff and being upset that I didn't have any of my old paintings, weren't you?

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>>900731653It's summer, i'm always losing sleep in summer>>900731665Sounds like fun, should i imagine it as something like comiket in japan minus doujin sales?

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>>900731765No... wait... no ya weren't... I just realized a second after I posted that... Sorry, my brain is full of fuck from having to work since the moment I woke up, eheh... Sorry!!!

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>>900731765who dis waifu

It's a lot of people's job >>900731801Jesus Christ it is summer.It still hasn't registered in my head.

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>It's a lot of people's jobthis

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where relm?

>>900731765Too bad. I've pestered him enough! Fren needs sleep.>>900731801Ahh well not really like that, more like a cosplay convention. Though I'd really like it if there's such an event here..

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>>900731750What's that you say?

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>>900731933 (digits!)Indeed he does need his sleep, I've told him to get his sleep, I really hope he doesn't follow through on the "if I'm not asleep by 5" thing he said... I guess you can just pester me instead, if I don't pester you first...>>900731750Hey! I don't know if I've seen ya around yet! Hi! How's it going fella?>>900731830Mistral from .hack! It's not as popular of a series anymore, but it's really awesome and one of the first to pioneer the Isekai genre of anime! She's a pretty criminally underrated character in the entirety of the franchise, eheh...

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She is terrible.

>>900731947I was fooled, and I am said fool. An old old fool.

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Relm is never coming back

>>900731983Ikari>>900731999Trips!Why the name?

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>>900731933Cosplay convention sounds nice. Imagine if everyone dressed like tsugu. What would your reaction be?

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>>900731765>You were the one asking me about oil painting stuff yes>and being upset that I didn't have any of my old paintings, weren't you?No>>90073183620° wasn't a good indicator? Im feeling like melting>>900731933Ohh still sounds like a fun time, Are you going with a group?

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>>900732047Fool? Is that really you?

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>>900731999You are an painter? What kind of painting do you do?

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>>900731999Checked. I am well. Just an old man going to a playground where I once played. Pay no mind, ill pass out soon, swearzies

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>>900732138I dont even feel it, I'm going to be real.

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Wait, who the fuck is the painter?

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where relm?

>>900732090The name? It goes back at least a decade ago fella! It's a reference to a very old name I was posting under around the time!>>900732138Well I hope it brings you great joy to know that I'm going to be getting those supplies very soon!>>900732172Mostly landscapes and stuff fella! A couple fun things too! Never kept any of my art...>>900732180Oh hey, I'm from way far back too! Very very long time ago! Though for the Waifu threads, I'm a bit of a new face, eheh... A pleasure to meetcha!>>900732237Me fella! And no, I've never shown any of my stuff in any threads before, neither way back when or in my short time I've been here in Waifu for.

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>>900732145Mhm, doing my quarterly drunken return. Whom I speaking with? Which dead waifu am i communing with?

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>>900731999Checked. But this is going to be a whole thread thing.Claiming May

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oh well

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>>900732277haven't had any issues with fellow waifufags before but afraid of sharing my waifu out of fear of people making sexual edits of them.Yes its the internet, so haven't shared anything I made of them ever.

>>900732090>Ikari.Ah yes, we needed more similar names.

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>>900732130If it's everyone I'd be freaked out actually lol. Finding even one of her cosplayer is already so rare.>>900732138I'm going with my sister! Though she's not really into it. Maybe she just wanna take pics since that's what she likes to do.>>900732204So true bestie>>900732277Double dubs!Ahh so it's been long since that happens huh. Why reattach it though?

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>>900732282I'm The Fool.>>900732277I too am a painter. Went to school for it and everything.

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>>900732277Fair, my memory is quite foggy, were around in 2015 give or take? We may have crossed paths.I remember my time here fondly, i come back from time to time when im drunk.>>900732408Then we are in good company

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>>900732354hey buddy tell your wife not to do such rude things with her hands

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>>900732348Go back

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>>900732469No! She needs more flips.Have 3D trash.

>>900732316Good night Seija fella! Sleep tight and sweet dreams!>>900732348And we needed you in this thread of course!!! So nice of you to come join! How's it going fella?>>900732354Well, I wanted to generate a vanity tripcode, and I landed this trip which I thought was really funny, and I needed a good name to go with it! So, I thought to revive an old name with a new flair to fit my new trip!>>900732431I was around in 2015, but I've been around as early as 2010! I haven't always posted Mistral though, not until I truly realized my love for her! Say, you've never met a wizard of the triples, have you?>>900732408And I imagine by that logic, you are eons above my own skill level fella! I was always nothing more than a mere hobbyist myself!>>900732347Well I sure love mine, and don't care what people make of her because I just think my waifu is really wholesome! I get it though fella!

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>>900732539Where tf

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>>900732183Are you some sort of monster?>>900732354Ahh, i would've liked to have something like that close by to me and also something to go to it alas i live in bumfuck nowhere tundra.Taking pictures is fun too especially if the cosplayers do something the character would do

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>>900732431I don't know about good, but company for sure.>>900732557Nah, I don't know shit about painting. At least how to make one.

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>>900732539>>900732586She looks too much like Tsugu. Imposter

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I have acquired an electric kettle among things I got from Spain and a Cubs jersey I all had in storage earlier. I am going to stitch the number 2 on the cubs jacket.I am reminded to work on this drawing though but I am going to listen to some music now.

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>>900732557I have no idea how trips work other than for identification..>>900732592He's a monster..Dang, they don't do events there? Not even rarely? It happens every midyear in my state.Though if we're talking the big city KL then it's very often! Nijisanji made an appearance last month(?) and then Kson is coming in person later on.>>900732760>PicTskr.Yeah it's one of the rare times I'll save a cosplay pic. It's pretty dang good. Akira cosplay where?

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>>900732557Yes, I know your magic, tis nothing but a cheap parlor trick. But I will clap for the, for i know naught else.Youre devotion saddens me, I have always and will always be a Kneesocks stan>>900732657Quite>>900732847Thoughts and prayers

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>>900732946...But have you ever heard of a wizard of the triples? A particular wizard of the triples, that is?>>900732849Well, that's uh, that's pretty much the extent of a tripcode fella... Eheh...>>900732657Well uh, is it really worth it to study the everliving shit out of proper painting theory?

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>>900733052What you learn after studying it is that painting is both impossible and affront to God. Yet those that make them are blessed.

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>>900732849why does she have FRG and Delta Airlines? I assume FRG because of their cunny loving practicesnewyorker.com/magazine/2021/07/26/the-german-experiment-that-placed-foster-children-with-pedophiles

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>>900732488Back where?>>900732557Unfortunately, I'm too lazy to post.I'm doin' well tho.You too, I hope?

>>900732849They do events here but normal stuff like celebrating midsummer, new years and stuff. I don't watch tvubers but that sounds like a good time>>900733095grabby hands

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>>900733052I will never tripcode!>>900733328Gawd damn.. that's nice 3D trash!Ayo I'm not a lolicon!>>900733331Bacc

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>>900733456pure sex

>>900733456So plain.. too bad.Yea dw about it, you're missing nothing at all lol. Just that they're crazy popular.

>>900733460Sure buddy...

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>>900733594Breh, not posting too long. Start forgetting to attach.>>900733596Yes :3

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>>900733456They'll grab you.

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>>900733460BACCC WHERE?!

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back out of these threads, and the rest of the animusniggers should follow suitlmao

>>900733496Just cuddles user>>900733594>>900733678It's not too bad, just not crazy stuff like anime expo's up here maybe in stockholm. I'm glad i live with pretty much redneck swedes even if it's rather plain>>900733714heyna dorky, looks nice and i imagine it's nice to not have it on your back while riding

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>>900733714that face...

>>900733936shes hot afand shes wearing a virgin killer of all things

hi akariclaimer>>900733678i dont think that would hold up in court

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>>900733936VKS Kyaru, bless.Yeah it's nice, I need a bag that sits flatter onto the rear, this one is too bulky so my pack rides up onto my back, I know of an unexpensive one already though.How are ya? :3

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>>900733972The icon of òwó

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where relm?

>>900734242In my room on my bed scared


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>>900734042Somewhat flattering user>>900734180I'm melting I'm watching a horror movie and it's actually pretty scary, i feel my senses sparking watching it

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>>900734546wdym flattering, shes your waifu, you should know that


>>900734546I'm freezing, 6°C, but my sleeping bag is plenty warm.What's the plot? Tell tell.>>900734614Trust no one :3

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>>900734700wtf I trust you clawing

>>900734874Wtf I trust you tooGrabbingAnon, my forearms are sore.Spent all evening sowing tall grass with a scythe.

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>>900735088wtf!rawricy hot onwas it fun?

>>900734572I know it user, It's just weird to hear it from someone else in such a way>>900734700It's actually super scary... really wished i watched this with someone else.It's The dark and the wicked, bedridden dad and mom live in some prairie house. A demon wants his body and mom has been enduring its voices, Son and daughter visit, mother hangs herself and demon does stuff

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>go donate plasma>stupid women couldn't find the vein properly and collapsed my vein causing me to gush blood>afterwards went to Burger King>schizo white dude walks in starts talking about how he hates racism>he asks this old lady if she knew who Lil Baby wasWhat the fuck is wrong with people nowadays?

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>>900735404Wtfx2!Rawr xdNo, I'll get sick again.Fun? Nah. Entertaining, sure.>>900735407Is there a lot of suspense and tension build up? I love it when they get the tension just right.I'm down to watch if you're down to stream.

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>>900735440Explain your reason to continue existing.

>>900735656ftw!rrwwgot a cold?mount a scythe on your bike

>>900735597because its weird>>900735656>Is there a lot of suspense and tension build up? I love it when they get the tension just right.There's a good amount of tension and suspense, No cheap fake outs that you might expect from new horror movies also helped in making it scary that i let my imagination run rampant>I'm down to watch if you're down to stream.I just finished watching it, i'm glad it's light outside.. i still feel rather tense

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>>900735883No jumpscares? Because they tend to feel so cheap nowadays.I imagine you were trying to get ahead and figure what was going to happen next?Ah? Sounds like you must still be feeling jumpy, kek. Cute Chatte.>>900735821MFW!GgggggYeah the other day.What for? I mount my fishing pole on my bike.

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We'd balance each other out.

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>>900736163Meds, now.

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>>900735883is it really that weird that someone calls your waifu hot

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>>900736163What a cutie

I fucking love waifu (animus/gay hookup) threads

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where relm?

>>900736397Konata a cute


>>9007361016° Isn't too cold, try to stay warm dorky>No jumpscares? Because they tend to feel so cheap nowadays.No cheap jumpscares yeah>I imagine you were trying to get ahead and figure what was going to happen next?Sort of but also imagining it happening in real life>Ah? Sounds like you must still be feeling jumpy, kek. Cute Chatte.No.... i definitely didn't make sure my doors were locked, i've got to go sleep>>900736285yeah

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>>900736483YOU are weird


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sis MIGHT make an art of Mari for my future hitbok ~!!!!

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>>900736483Neither is 20°C too warm.Kek, don't open your door to weird noises, it invites in the spirits supposedly.Rest well, dork, love ya a bunch and goodnight.>>900736559:thonking: MmmmmmmmmmmStay blessed? Stay based?

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amatsu stop writing like a fag

the mari poster is amatsu? damn

>>900736101OOO!notggwas it bad?for fun, I want fish

i just wanted to practice my russian...

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im like 65% sure they are

>>900736668AAAI make the ggghhg sound.Yeah, I couldn't think straight.It'd be dangerous. I have a spare helmet and fishing pole.Give me 5 bucks for gas money, I can fill my tank with 10, and I take you fishing.

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>>900736561Okay, you may be right in this one

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>>900736618>Neither is 20°C too warm.It's too warm for me, stay warm enough so you don't catch a cold>Kek, don't open your door to weird noises, it invites in the spirits supposedly.Yeah it's like vampires, also not replying to your name being called the first two times>Rest well, dork, love ya a bunch and goodnight.Good sleep :3

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>>900736682Pass out pamphlets with sexual images with a link. Have the site tell the truth or whatever but state it is their decision to donate and they waiver ability to press charges or something idk laws are different in different places. Look it up.

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>>900736775afoaming sound+1 danger bonus pointI'll give you 10 and 10 more if we can bring beer

>>900737060what the fuck are you trying to say?

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where relm?

relm who?

>>900737147aMe when foaming.If we lowside one of us is getting chopped in half.I'll do you one better, muled wine, I can do it on a pot and the camping stove.

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>>900736220No. I'm not a Jew.In the meantime, enjoy this pic of a boy the system took too early.

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>>900737161 It doesn’t matter.

Attached: IMG_7756-compressed.png (1647x2329, 708.61K)

>>900737329Id fuck his brains out with my pump action.

>>900737290Aarabies shotI only understood choppedwarm wine?

>>900737737I'd rather use my dick but to each his own

>>900737775AaI need a flu shot, it's winter.There is two ways you can get launched when your bike crashes or slides, highside, meaning you got launched off and over the bike, lowside, meaning the bike slid off and you slide down onto the ground with it. With a scythe for no reason, it would mean chop chop.Warm wine, with citrus, and spices.I'll zzzz, talk more tomorrow.Night night, goober.

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>>900737867We are talking about the same thing

>>900737904nini booger

where relm?

Unmotivated to do kind of fine details but Yakui+May is done basically I just have to make Mays clothes better because I’m not satisfied with them.

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>>900738344It’s fine better than it was before but you don’t know how that looks I’m guessing.

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gn bros

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where relm?

>>900738552Gn fight Ukrainian shitty propaganda another day

Attached: IMG_8458.jpg (800x1131, 513.02K)

Idk I’d falsify Omegle conversation and tell people leaning towards Ukrainian support same thing and make it look like Russian people were making up lies. Idk how to propaganda.

Attached: IMG_8455.jpg (703x1000, 366K)

where relm?

>>900738947No how relm? I see just another user that only wants him for his drawings you love.

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Where Maggie? Such a sweetheart a real treasure.

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>>900737904>>900737290>>900736775>>900736618>>900736220>>900736101>>900735656>>900735088>>900734700>>900734213>>900734180>>900733714>>900733095i love you

Deaderino bumperino

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where relm?

>>900741896in ur butt

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haha kneel. So you guys just talking about each other's dicks or are you doing anything of interest?

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>>900746583I'll give you the green reply since Sejij is definetly still asleep.

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This post clearly isn't green, you complete liar.

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your boyfriend is not here

>>900747220Why do faggots tend to like Higurashi? I don't get it. Is it because everyone on the show has a fuckable face. I mean what, you just want to shove your big nigger load into satoko? If that's the case, let it be known faggot, or forever rest in hell.

where relm?

She has a green shirt, that's the best I have.

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>>900747635I'll let it pass, but just this once! If you ever greenpost with green again, there will be consequences

Attached: __sonozaki_mion_higurashi_no_naku_koro_ni_drawn_by_aru_aru__be3b27b4d52c0fd7b7260bd9ce8b2e8b.jpg (1542x528, 114.36K)

where relm?


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