Canada thread

Any 514 wins or Penny Oleksiak

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514 West Island

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>>900730985Nice pair of tits


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Any barrie cords?

Op around for more?

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Maddie S Guelph?

>>900731691more? fucking hell she has me diamonds


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Where the Midland girls at?


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Any win from this 450 girl?

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Any nudes of her? Known to be a huge slut in the music industry in the past

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>>900734783her old leaked set is on mless or just google it

>>900734903What about this one?

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>>900731975There is one!

>>900735095Have it?

>>900735176Trying to get in. There's a guy on discord that does the screening

>>900735213What's the code?

>>900735245You get the code from the guy. I don't have the code yet :/

780 anyone recognize? Have more for tjose that do

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>>900735455What is the guy's discord?


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Anything about this French Canadian athlete?

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Anyone recognize?

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867 any nudes?

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>>900738827stars on the tits are amazing! show nude

>>900738889got a disc?

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>>900738935What's your disc?

>>900738949post yours. dont want to share mine publicly

>>900735940Swear I’ve seen her working downtown Edmonton before

>>900739010same xD

>>900738949>>900739010>>900739051classic canada thread shenanigans

>>900738935just post her tits bro


Anyone has the Penny Oleksiak shower vid? I can buy if anyone have a preview.



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514 skater

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anyone know a "cameron" asian girl from vancouver?

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>>900740884show dem titties!

>>900740941know her?>

>>900740995nah, just like good looking woeman

>>900740995Who fucking cares if he know them or not


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514. Works for the IMFC Soccer team. Known to sleep with some of the players.

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Dorian here, Why are Canadian women so fucking ugly "eh"?

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>>900742371Fuck you

>>900741867no just into makeup, shes got an OF its pretty good for free, the premium is excellent and she loves to dick rate for next to nothing

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>>900743637Little slut

Any nudes?

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>>900735993thats emma ontario


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More Penny?

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>>900731449More Echo!


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Any Windsor anons got Erin c (holiday in winter)

519 London

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New Brunswick

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Any 204?

>>900741600why her tiddy got a dent?

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>>900746976Neat! I've never seen whales off the coast of NB.

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