Why do the yellowing?many people wonder "why those fuckers keep posting yellow threads...

why do the yellowing?many people wonder "why those fuckers keep posting yellow threads?" i will explain everything to you>but Holla Forums allows pornyeah, so does a bunch of boards like /s/, /hc/,/hm/, /h/, /e/, /d/, /y/, /hr/, /gif/, /aco/, /r/, a bunch of threads from Holla Forums could have been posted on this board>but Holla Forums is for random, so i can post anything i wantyeah but there is boards for that, that would get more posts, make life easier for people who want to find this type of content and alot of people could use this board for actual random content, a win for everyone>but the rules!the rules also say "no racism outside Holla Forums", which considering the whole website, does not make sense>you are just a christfag/moralfag/nofapfag whateveri, the guy who made this copypasta, have a shitton of webm's that i use to post on /gif/, so yeah, noi never wanted to be anyone's enemy, i just wished this place was a cool place for random stuff when im not fapping

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>>900729711You literally bring nothing of quality to this board, it's cringeworthy watching you bitch about content

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>>900729711Lol you made your witty little cartoon drawing too complex, I guarantee no one gets what you're straining to imply harder than the pastor overdosing on viagra at the church bible camp sleepaway social camp. Laughing loudly out loud, I'd give you a hearty razzing for pulling such an obvious and prominent social boner!

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lol at feeding yellowfag threads porn. Just remember that sage goes in all fields.

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"Newfag hates pussy. You two hold him down while I rub against his limp gay cock."

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>>900729711>yeah, so>yeah butfound the yabbut rabbit

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>>900732064Dude...thats a Nice ass! Perfectly bleached damn!

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>>900732064Who is this???

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A correct opinion.

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>>900729844kys rabbi porn pusher

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>>900744392what is this called? like the strip of vagina cover and nipple pasties? pornhub has pasties but i dunno what to search for

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>>900744687Keep coping user, don't forget to spam the other threads too.

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>>900729711>>900744788you can't do shit nazi loving babydick

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>>900745070>Pic related

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>>900745163>no unone of your shit is funny loser

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>>900745844>no ulogfag your thread is rekt

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>>900745911you can't cope that your thread is rekt loser

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>>900729844Angery cumbrain

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I live how cartoon pedos have meltdowns iver people spamming their threads and insist they would never do such a thing and refuse to accept that this is why people do it

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Oh, is it time for Asian Porn?Your fortune: Very Bad Luck

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>>900746826>shit that happens in retaliation to faux-puritan chuds is the reason we a faux-puritan chuds

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>>900729711While I agree with you, the juden have too strong a hold on this place.


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>>900747147>i only murder because people try to murder meYet you're alive...Fuckinf delusional pedo retards

>>900747633>bullshit strawman from a low-iq subhumanmany such cases

>>900747672Cartoon pedos literally spamming a thread for no reasonScreeches they did nothing to deserve this when it happened to themI know pedos are dumb but fucking hell...

>>900748126>crying about porn on Holla Forums>crying about pedos like an eggless hag>crying about his gay little thread getting spammed to image limit on Holla Forumskys, pussy

>>900748158Spams threads and crys about getting spammedHaha, you're as impotent as your undeveloped penisNext time you have a meltdown 9ver your cartoon pedo threads getting spammed, I guess you'll just have to kys pussyKek