Chubby thread

Chubby thread

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Wwyd to her?

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Wife and friends

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>>900730718cute, more of her ass pls


She's kinda chubby, what do you guys think?

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>>900728737Bigger than I usually go for in terms of chubbies but she’s got something I can’t put my finger in that’s making me want to ignore that

>>900730649Wwyd to her

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>>900730907Kiss and cuddle

>>900730892very nice, more ass? pref spread

>>900730907Pump her pooper til i bring it out brown, and make her suck the poo off

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Any interest? Thoughts?

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>>900730835>>900730689Some girls same, some different. Wife is in both

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>>900731188I love group nudes.

>>900731099>>900730892Dont have any spread sadly

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>>900730649> Wwydhomo


>>900730907>Wwydhomo fag

need fatter women, and feet pics of said fatter women, fully nude with face in pics of course.



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>>900731175> Thoughts?Here’s what I think. You’re a raging homosexual incel in denial. You’re trying to get into a wwyd by subversion. You really should just end it all. There isn’t anything redeeming about you. The mere fact that cell division produced you proves, THERE IS NO GOD. You steal air. Your father is embarrassed by your faggotry and, your mother weeps regularly because you didn’t miscarry.

>>900731188>>900730689One of them

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>>900731482the homosexuality is strong with you


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>>900730649>>900730907>>900731482You masturbate to men telling larp stories. You think because it’s regarding a female that it is not gay. This makes it more gay. You’re trying to convince your inner self you’re not homosexual. By doing this you stand out more as a homo. Just suck a dick. You’ll probably be happier than ever. Just stop being cancer.

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What makes you guys like fattys? They stinky


>>900731706Kill your self you low life piece of shitHow is someone interested in women a faggot, and if you really don’t like gay people then sadly this world isn’t for you. Kindness cost’s nothing. Accept other people or drown in your own pathetic thoughts.


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>>900731802Someone’s obviously in denial


>>900728737Woah woah woah, Danielle?


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Chubby gf

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>>900731934> Kill your self you low life piece of shit> Kindness cost’s nothingYou’re very kind. BTW its costs. You’re welcome.

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>>900731979Is there more? This looks like a girl I knew once


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>>900732128u wot m8?


>>900732278Danielle, is this you? Lol I've cum to your nudes so much I over the years

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>>900732478Tell us more you homo.


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>>900732732Let's see her asshole pics please

>>900732766Yeah! Show her husband.

>>900731426>>900731446>>900731905Thank god someone else said it, I thought I was the only one. Wwyd is the cringiest creepiest grossest shit I ever see on this entire site outside of pedo shit. It’s worse than gay, worse than trans, worse than cuckold shit even. Seriously go suck and dick with a cock in your ass and stop trying to creep up on your “bros” you slimeballs

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>>900732823Fuck there she is againI'd empty my lifeforce into her


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>>900732823Like? Where from?

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>>900733026I'd rim her for hours and hoursWould she like that

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>>900733026Please invest in a razor that’s nasty

>>900733138Prefer hairy

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>>900733001jfc this is cringe

>>900733086no, but you could rim me

>>900733072Love that massive ass

>>900731188How do I put together one of these parties?

Will one of you fags pls explain how this is turning you on? Wtf

>>900733404$200 and old hookers

>>900733432What is?


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>>900733279>no, but you could rim me

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need feet pics with face of naked extremely fat women. thanks


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>>900733485That’s fucking gay.

>>900733545nice pissflaps

>>900731905that is new zealand news

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>>900733474The fuckin fattys, ya dingus. Why do y’all like them?

>>900733086>would she like thatKYS


>>900733642Fatties give best head because they’re always hungry.

>>900733463I’ve spent that on just one old hooker. It was better than any of the younger ones I’ve gone to though, if only her apartment didn’t smell so much like over-ripe cat litter

>> yogashe makes me cum buckets

>>900733766oh man

watch this and you will cum a

>>900733725Is this true? Have heard it before, but never been with a chunker.

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>>900733642It’s eye candy from too much porn, always wanting more more more, bigger tits, bigger ass, more flesh. I finally consummated my SSBBW obsession with a Tinder hookup last year that instantly burst the bubble for me. When some user says “imagine the smell” I realize now he knows his shit

>>900733725I don’t want some cow that’s gonna try to eat my dick


>>900733850fuck yeah im bookmarking that going to beat my meat raw to it

>>900733927uh… did her snatch area smell rough? Or did she just have sweaty fat person BO?


not fat enough need feet pics fully nude with face

Who has more of her?

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>>900734230It was like an open sewer full of moldy diarrhea bro. Don’t go there

>>900734734Rack is nice but the smile sells itWould

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>>900734910Wife material

>>900734971ur not wrong

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>>900734185ME TOO



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>>900736887amazing and super fuckable

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>>900733072>>900733353Her ass gets her laid pretty easily lol

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>>900733096I think I know her. NB?

>>900737374No idea.

>>900737390Got more?

>>900737417Sadly I don't.

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>>900734816Lol fuckin SUP. Imagine putting yourself up for rent on a dating app knowing full well your undercarriage is soiled and spoiled. Sry you had to experience that, user.

>>900733257I prefer the JFSC



>>900738036 North Van?

>>900738207Wrong girl sadly. Remembered it’s NMB


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>>900738517Sexy af

>>900728737Imagine the stench coming of this fat sub human cunt?

>>900735791nice. go on

>>900737227lets see that pussy

Ohio slut Haley P

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>>900732643nice ass. strip her


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anyone save this sluts BJ vids?

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>>900738857>>900738898her pussy is so good

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>>900738980feet and face asap, naked of course

>>900738995what a tight pussyyum


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>>900739075love it. moar

>>900739098lets see her holes

>>900738735bog water topped with feta.

>>900738995bumping 4 moar

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>>900739368hot. continue


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>>900739622perfect pair. moar

>>900739657would rawfuck her holes and pump it all inside her


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>>900739650lets see what she holds below that dress

>>900739696Love to watch her take it!

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>>900739763nice piece of ass. would absolutely stretch her out! spread it


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>>900739798As you wish

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>>900739823great body. strip her

>>900739849perfectly tight. moar

mmf cubby slut

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>>900739914Can always be stretched out

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>>900739900And Here >>900739368

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>>900739991love it. tight and perfect pussy. moar of her holes

>>900739985Would fuck hard

>>900739950she definetly needs to be gangbanged. moar


>>900740030would eat that. moar

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>>900740030Fuck yeah

fuck my wife

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>>900740122This, it's probably as busted as her face


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>>900740082Fuck. Would love to see her pinned down and gang fucked

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>>900740189love it. continue

>>900739704Fuck bro I'm sorry

>>900740190would start by rawfucking her tight ass and filling it first.

>>900740149Hellllllll no that's nasty

>>900740282Make it hurt and pound her ass user!

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>>900740149Would cum hard up her


>>900740350would fuck her holes every day and be her bull.

>>900740446would love to eat that ass. go on

>>900740220lets see her holes

>>900740612They are yours! Want me to watch or help?

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>>900740189bump 4 moar. lets see her ass



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>>900740705This chick actually seems hot. Think she’s a little too thin for some of the pigs in here.

>>900740663fuck her mouth while i filll her ass and seed her womb

>>900740705nice. go on

>>900740778Yes sir, thank you!

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>>900740835she has a great mouth. nice tits too

>>900740983Thank you! I love fucking her mouth

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>>900741030spread her legs

>>900741028did you ever fuck her anally?

>>900741091I did!

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>>900741115fuck, shes absolutely tight. she definetly needs a DP on that pic.would love to fill that pussy

>>900739657This is vomit inducing


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>>900741393I'd sooner fuck that than that disgusting beast


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>>900741859great ass. any pic using toys or playing with herself?

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>>900741912lets see her


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>>900742059go on

>>900742278>>900742405She's the one in the middle

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>>900742481Id fuck them all


>>900739657suck her toes while she jerks my crank. need more pics ASAP

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>>900742556I wish. She's a party girl too, likes black guys.

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>>900742823post her

>>900741859bump 4 moar


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>>900743569nice pair. moar


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fuck me i want to crank to some big fat cunts. none of these women are fat enough to satisfy my lust. give me images of extremely fat fully nude women with face and feet. only then will i be able to pee warm ice cream

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>>900743767Keep going

>>900743767hngg! moar

>>900729512any with open mouth (preferably with cum)

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Attached: IMG_20230604_230324_11zon.jpg (3472x4624, 1.74M)

Any Stanwood Area Sluts?

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>>900744957Kick that cunt

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Attached: IMG_1141.png (828x1311, 902.38K)

Attached: 43746927.jpg (738x978, 134.95K)

Attached: pig.jpg (2222x2029, 920.34K)


>>900745503Rly gotta dig up in that gunt to get things breathing fresh air, huh


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Attached: IMG_09341.jpg (3024x4032, 1.72M)

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Attached: IMG_0943.jpg (3024x4032, 1.67M)

>>900746024Show tits

>>900746063 oink

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Attached: 1686257874205823.jpg (640x1280, 52.24K)


Attached: 1679038670793637.png (720x1109, 594.08K)

>>900730689>>900731188Awesome! Kik/tele by any chance?Would love to tempt my wife for one like this!

>>900742869Nice! Anymore?


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Wwyd to this chubby slut

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Attached: received_274684963471084.jpg (780x1040, 69.39K)

Attached: CBD1C26E-15D8-4F65-8EF9-54BBA8352F32.jpg (1110x1469, 323.37K)


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>>900743767moar in stockings pls!


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