I ask for a wish , PLS ENTER (short) Edition

Hi, this is a wish thread, in this thread, you can make a wish, or fullfil one ,whatever you want, although we are short of wish fulfillers, if you are one please come in.Do you have anything you're wishing for, anons?.good luck>a videoyoutube.com/watch?v=D6zd0aLf_mU previous thread :archived.moe/b/thread/900669355/#900669355

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Guess I'll post again.I find it hard to find a girl who wants a short subby twink so I wish I were gay.

>>900728121don't believe that user, there are many girls who like short guys, but if that's your wish, that's fine user, but don't wish for something to avoid doing something, or because it's difficult, wish for something that you really want with your kokoro.

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>>900727931I wish that someday we can be more open about big age gap relationships between specifically young teens and young adults. Hell, even some people i know who are literally the same age but one looks significantly younger, gets glares from people quite a bit so i just really want my own relationship (which is legal since aoc is 14 over here) to be more accepted so we dont have to hide it. also that we can be honest with people in the future about our ages, about when and how we met rather than having to lie in some form or another.please just let me love my teen gf, i am doing literally no harm

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>>900728271Ok are you one of them? Or do you know any irl?

>>900728382anon, if you are not doing anything wrong, you don't have to hide it, people are like that, because they want to prevent someone from doing something bad, the only thing you have to do is to enjoy your love (if it is right), remember that love is something that not all people have, and you shouldn't hide it just because others look at you bad(as long as it is reciprocated and correct).>>900728435no, I don't know any, but that doesn't mean that they don't exist, you just have to prepare yourself more and look for the right person,

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>>900728889>no, I don't know any,then stop trying to white-pill me!

user!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IS IS TRUE THAT LOTS OF ANONS THERE HAVE CATS???????????

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>>900728889i do, because the reality is they dont look fondly on a girl who is 2 years above the age of consent dating a guy 9 years older than her, and vice versa they dont look fondly on me for that either. even less so if they found out that we've talked since she was 13 and that we've lied to her parents and friends, as well as mine. but the truth is i genuinely do care about her for her, not for what she is, for what she does or anything like that. i love her because she loves me.there are a tiny handful of people who know the full truth and are supportive but that's only because they too enjoy the things i enjoy or are at least open to big age gap relationships between young teens and young adults. so unfortunately i think this will stay with us forever and we'll never fully be able to be completely transparent and honest about it, which sucks. we'll get judged in other ways but i guess we'll just have to pick who we associate with very carefully because of that

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>>900728939Well, even if I knew any, I can not introduce them to you, because I am in another country user, your wish is valid user, but if you seek a wish for spite or frustration, you will regret it.that's why i try to warn you>>900729113well user, that's understandable, the younger the age, the bigger the difference, if she were 20, and you were 29, there would be no problem, but she is younger than 18, and people find it strange to see someone so young with someone older, I don't know how your relationship with her will be user, but if it is a correct relationship, just enjoy it, in a few years, no one will notice it.>also, try no lewd in my thread user>>900728960yes, my mom have 3 cats

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>>900729417of course and all those things that i need to be careful about and have in mind, i do. yeah and eventually we'll be able to be open about our actual ages, i just cant mention the fact that i met her online when she was 13 and that we sent pics, met up and did things before she was 18. hell, even when she turns 18 im not sure how open we can be, but oh well. i just want to make sure she's happy, nothing else matters to me.

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>>900729963>no lewds pls well user, that's a different problem, if she was 13, and you were 9 years older, you were 21, and that's pretty bad user, since it's considered abuse, sorry, but I don't agree with that.I think the right thing to do would be to wait until she is older and clarify everything with her and her relatives.

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>>900730618*you were at least 21

>>900730618well she is older now she is 16 and im 25 (we're turning a year older both of us this year though) and like i said, the aoc is 14 here, but really we didnt do much before then she was only 13 for a few months

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>>900731041yes, I understand user, but you were 21 or more when she was 13 (even though she was nearly 14), I'm not saying that you don't love her and that, but it's very normal what you think, and what others think, it's very rare that a person of 21, is dating or interested in someone of 13-14, that's why I say that, wait a few years, until she is 17-18, so you don't have problems.

Day twelveI wish I had a loli (like Nahida) that I can love and care for daily, for at least two decadesA paternal instinct came to me and when I think about it Nahida pops into my headI haven't played the game yet and I only know her from what I see on YouTube, even so the lore and character attract me a lot, more than Hu Tao, more than Amber, than Paimon or Sucrose

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>>900729417>Well, even if I knew any, I can not introduce them to youI doubt that's how it works, but maybe I need to ask my few online friends if they have any gfs lolNah I'll just try the sissy hypno.

>>900732042hi QUB, welcome again!hope you get your wish soon :3>ñam>>900732260ok user, good luck with that, but hypnosis only works under certain conditions and is not very effective, but if that's what you want try it, but I don't think forcing yourself to be something you are not/want will give good results.

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>>900727931i wish i was a woman

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>>900732343>forcing yourself to be something you are not/want will give good results.Either that or loneness.

>>900732509it's really hard to be alone, how old are you user, why are you so desperate?unless you just want to do "that", I don't see why you are so desperate, couples are not found overnight (usually), I am sure, unless you are someone very unpleasant physically, in personality AND without money, it is a matter of time and effort to find your partner, yes, you can wish to be gay user, and you will be, but if it is not something that you feel, you will only regret it a lot. >>900732455why user?

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>>900732728Well I mentioned b4 that I am a short twink and in truth a lot of my self-worth is tied to my age. I am 22, maybe still young but I never even got the chance to be a cute twink at 18! I am no longer a teenager and it feels wrong to say that, eventually I will go into my 30's, then I'd have nothing because you can't call yourself a twink in your 30s!So yes I do feel like I already wasted a lot of time, and since dom women are already so rare there's nothing stopping them from getting a barely legal 18 y o short subby twink.

>>900731291we've uh, yeah there's no going back now, and i dont get now what you mean by "wait" i mean we only have to wait 2 more years or so, we're still gonna see each other and do things together but when i say "wait" i mean, i will wait to really be open in any sense with any of our friends or families about this and even when we do decide to, we'll not be fully transparent ofc

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>>900732728feeling wise and mentally wise, there's something about thinking i was made me at peace and true happiness.

Childrens are Sexy

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>>900732887mmm, now I get it, ok user, I see what your problem is, but you don't need to see hypnosis to be gay, just, imagine how you want your girlfriend to be, and be like that, or ask your "new partner" for help, although you are lucky to be a man, men don't have an age limit like women, but, if you think you are ready, go ahead.>>900732991do you want to be an adult woman, a young woman or a child user?>>900732989Yes, that's what I mean, wait a couple more years for everyone to know, but be careful how you say it, >>900733400no :(

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>>900733430young woman

>>900733430yeah thats what i said was our intention to begin with and the biggest obstacle to overcome. past 18 we'll have to figure out the best way to tell people and for the people we do tell, what do we even say and how much do we say, yknow that sort of thing

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>>900733675stop the lewds pls user>>900733702ok user, if you are sure, it is not easy what you want, but, I hope you get your wish.

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so anyway, sex with children

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>>900733803I'm sure and thank you

>>900733862NO, STOP NOW

>>900734016but user, kids are sexyyyy >:(

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>>900734106NOOOO; STOP IT!!!!!!!!!if this thread becomes lewd, no one will be able to fulfill anyone's wishes.

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>>900734178what if my wish is to post sexy kids?

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>>900734178>>>Holla Forums is dead; 4chan is dead.

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>>900734247>>900734224no, either stop now, or I take them out, this is a wish thread, not a lewds thread.

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>>900733803But user we are homeless

>>900734106Hmm, you make a really good point. Proceed...

>>900734363you can't upload those images here, no strong lewds, no sex, or anything that includes putting in or taking out something from any part of the body, I can accept underwear at most, but not more.

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>>900727931the blue men climbed to the roof and fell

>>900734327goddammit >:(

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>>900734327the lewd thread is being raided by fagsloli thread to be precise

>>900734452im glad you think so, kids are indeed rather sexy and you should be having sex with them

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>>900734598>>900734622seriously anons, stop, go to the lolis thread for that, or I will have to close the thread. >>900734603sry, *lolithreads

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>>900734703How do you close a thread?

>>900734736since I created the thread, I can delete it, it's that simple , pls stop with the lewds...

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>>900734703*sighs* fine, but you have to admit that kids are pretty sexy, dont you think?

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>>900734857no, kids are not sexy :(

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>>900734844You are allowing lewds and you didn't invite me?

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>>900734622Agreed, kids are incredibly sexy



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>>900734945they are invading my thread user, help>>900735001NOOOOOOOOO!

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>>900734928fine, agree to disagree then *leaves*

>>900735065Start posting adult women. That should scare them off.

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>>900735181Oh no

I think they left, although my thread got dirty.

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is it okay if i wish for the age of consent to be lowered to 13?

>>900735630*hands you a broom* time to do some sweepin'

>>900727931Wishing for that that job to hire me.

>>900735630You should wish for a cleaner thread, user.

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>>900735632you can wish for whatever you want user, that's why they are called wishes. >>900735652I would if I could...>>900735720that's a good wish user, I wish you luck :)>>900735745this is my second thread today, I don't know what happened.

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mmm, I think I'm going to go to sleep soon,

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>>900737099yes user, we were talking to some anons and they invaded my thread,but they are already gone>>900737111check trips

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I wish my of didn't have a fucked up personality disorder and abuse me over 4chan header threads


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>>900737491most of the words user, and if I don't know them, I probably understand them.

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>>900737667HOW DO YOU REMEMBER THEM ALL user???????????

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>>900737772you remember all the words in English user?, no, you only understand them, it's the same with Spanish, I only understand the words.

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>>900737919Did you just reverse uno user, user?

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>>900737997??? i dont undestand?¿

>>900737919OH YEAH user I UNDERSTAND NOW >>900737997***REVERSE ANONS user*******

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i want a flat chest so bad. or at least significantly smaller.

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>>900737919Reminds me offqa.9front.org/fqa1.html

>>900738190Never played uno? I meant you turn his question around. Nice work.

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>>900738428do you want to have a flat chest user?>>900738518thanks :3

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>>900727931i want 2 bev youngv smalv shortin elementary schoolconfidentslayingand in a loving family

>>900738200That's a nice fish you got there, user. You going to share?

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>>900732991that sounds like dysphoria i hope things go rly well for you anonette!!

>>900738888quads user!,that means extra luck!,congratulations

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>>900738888WHAT DOES SLAYING MEAN user???>>900738941YOU CAN HAVE A LITTLE FISH user!!!!!!

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>>900739060wish wish wish wish!!! >v

I really wish for my friend to come back We got drifted apart due to our defense mechanisms fucking us over Shes too important for me to lose again....

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>>900739187Will you feed it to me, user?

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>>900739584did you have a fight with your friend user?

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>>900739805ARE YOU A BABY user??????

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>>900740485IM BABY!

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>>900740706THIS IS A WEBSITE FOR ADULTS user!!!!!!

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>>900740855Will you babysit me, user?

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>>900741023THAT SOUNDS HARD user >____>

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>>900741168ANON! You shouldn't be getting hard while babysitting!

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>>900741023now you are a baby user? since when?

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>>900741591I am user's baby. But i am still lewd user. Thank you very much.

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>>900741494>_______>900741765YOU CAN'T BE LEWD AND A BABY user!!!!!!

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>>900741765yes user, a baby can't be lewd, it can be dirty, but not lewd.

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ok anons, it's late now, I have to go to sleep, but tomorrow I will make another thread, thanks for visiting my thread and goodnight

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>>900742644good night user

>>900742572I REMEMBERED THE WORDS FOR GOOD NIGHT user Z_____Z!!!!!!!

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>>900742304Anon are you trying to jinx yourself?

>>900727931i wish i could get over this fucking writer's block

>>900741864>>900742304I am lewd BABY!

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>>900742804good night user!>>900742840i dont know user,but good night z__z

>>900742877WHAT ARE YOU WRITING user???>>900742921THIS GIRL/CAT HAS TOOLS user!

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Oh great, schizo thread

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>>900743432HUNGRY user *______*>>900743455YOU'RE LATE user!!!!!!!!

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>>900743396Plz tuck me in and kiss me good night, user!

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>>900743500>HUNGRY user *______*always!

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>>900743396Those are her toys, user.

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i wish this girl who used to domme me online returned, she went randomly mia after 3 years and all her socials (that i know) are inactive.

>>900743536I DON'T KNOW HOW user +___+>>900743568NAM NAM NAM user!!!>>900743585IS SHE A MECHANIC user???

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>>900742572good nait oomfieee

>>900743631that is something i would do i am so so sorry on her behalf

>>900743974She is a mechanic who happens to like good night kisses. Just give her a kiss anywhere you like, user!

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>>900744137it's alright. it did take a toll on my sexuality though, jerking off without her just felt wrong. it was literally daily for those 3 years so i feel extremely lucky but it left me seeking that high again for probably the rest of my life.

>>900744197ANON THAT ONE IS LEWD >______

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>>900744435But user is asleep, user. Lets break all the rules!

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>>900744037here is your good night kiss user, good night °3°>>900744037good night :3>>900744435im still awake,but on my bed user z__z

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>>900744656>>900743536miss click,sry

>>900744534NOOOOOO ANOOOOON IS AWAKE ^_____^>>900744656ARE YOU TUCKED IN user???

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>>900744711Yes, I am, I'm just waiting to fall asleep.

>>900744803sleep tight op

>>900744803DO YOU HAVE A TEDDY user?????

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>>900744711Because you woke user up, user! Let him sleep!>>900744695Hurry and go to sleep! When the mice is away the cats can come out and play!

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>>900745135no, I don't have any teddys at the moment>>900745240im trying user, im on bed now


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Op Zzzzzzz (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚

I wish my satellite killed everyone I hate.

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>>900744232awsies :c i hope you find somone else who makes you feel even higher!!

>>900745565WHY DO YOU HAVE A SATELLITE user???>>900745567THAT'S EXTREME user!!!!!!!!!

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>>900745879do anyone wan play wii u w me or any nintendo game w me? c;

>>900746059I DON'T HAVE A WII U user V______V***user GOES TO SLEEP*****

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>>900745567Cute arisu

>>900746389slep very well


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