Eternal trap/femboy/trans thread

Eternal trap/femboy/trans thread

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>>900725188Any more of leaks?

>>900725188Does she every show her cock and lovehole?



>>900725241>>900725323Just bulge... so far

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>>900725483S N I F F


>>900725689Carson Suda, sudathefuta on onlyfans

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22 drunk porn addict femboy with a cute voice, pleasee show me stuff of what u wanna do to meeee Into slutty stuff, I get jealous of the girls in it. Pls send me porn/hentai / requests for me to voice slutty stuff

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>>900725737god she's perfect


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>>900725916That's it, im gonna bust one to her, thanks user

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>>900726028You should sub to her OF, she just got fired recently. She just doesn't post very often, unfortunately.

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Does anyone have any recent Sneaky leaks?

>>900726427Mhm mhm mhm very nice. Alrwady in position



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>>900726470God, the things i'd do to have my mouth there


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>>900726676>>>900725832>Kill yourselves faggots.

>>900726851keep em coming


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>>900727120Even better, can dig right in

>>900726225Im a broke college student, can't afford to pay for OFs

>>900727226Of course.

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>>900725323*he/him/his :)


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>>900727333Well thank god its dinner time

>>900727430I hope you enjoy it.

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Fr3ddii has some pretty good stuff on his OF.

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>>900727160Even Moar plz>>900727581I don't have of but Freddie reddit is pretty cute, post more if u have it

>>900727581I've just seen him suck on dildos, I wanted to see more of his ass and maybe anal, do you have any more of him?


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>>900727832Freddie sent me one feet pic, are there anymore on OF?


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>>900727785He's rather shy about showing the goods.

>>900725010They literally shit in their bed and piss in bottles, rather than use a toilet.

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>>900728070Lmao wut

>>900727529I think thats what i should be hoping for you

>>900728095Any full body pics?


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>>900728241Hard to find any lewd full body pics of him.

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>>900728459Any anal?

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>>900728883sexy soles, toes?

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where’s all the OC lately? i miss our girls :(


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>>900729598Ready to be bred like a whore

>>900729551They're busy being boys user.

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>>900729598It just looks so tasty. Got some nice hips to grab onto too

>so many cute traps, so little time

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>>900730369Pulled to the side and ready for entry Also are those cats on your shirt!?

>>900730147anyone have nanos chastity cage pics?

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>>900730369Take those stockings off and stay awhile


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>>900730147More nudes of Nano please

Some new stuff from last night

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>>900730369>>900730770this. your feet look amazing. i want to warm them up with a massage then let you give me an amazing footjob


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>>900730952i love that cute faggot sissy slut. i was sad when he wasnt able to stream with astra762

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>>900729919So hot. You are my favorite femboy Casca. Brown, curvy, pretty face, and beautiful eyes.

>>900730824Hi cutie.. your thighs and tummy look so soft and kissable..

>>900730481yes they are>>900730770why take them off?

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>>900731808So I can see more of ur skin and those bare legs/feet

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>>900732443jes is best wife

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>>900731962oh, here, my legs

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>>900732458Is that Tris?My god, what a hot little slut

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>>900731808So cute.And no, keep those stockings on!!

>>900731612Ok >900731721Heres some soless

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>>900732901Those long legs need to be wrapped around me

>>900733409Be my foot slut??

>>900733225hi user :3

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>>900733454you like them?>>900733388I agree with you n.n

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>>900733699goddamn, love your nipples

>>900734135I like em so much I wanna breed u, that's for sure


h-hi guys

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>>900734513Someone's nervous

>>900734513love chastity

>>900732938Nice feet but a shame about the face pixellation. I don't get why they felt the need to do that, they have a cute face.


>>900734135A. Ice set of legs with nylons or high socks is great, love to just rub my hands accross them

>>900734564totally... i stopped drinking because i fucked my liver, but now i don't know if i ever have sex again...dunno what to do ~~

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>>900732938>>900734655agreed those are amazing looking footjob toes. long and strong

>>900733479Hmm, fine, I'll take more feet pics when I do OC.>>900734513Sup homie *slaps your balls*

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Does anyone know how to search for trap threads on looks like the website only lets you search words with 6 characters or more like "femboy". Or you can search femb* but it only completes the search if there is a 6 letter word that starts with "femb".I'd use the site but sometimes a page doesn't work on that site and it won't show the thread even though it will have all the text from the thread in a google search.If there's a better place to ask this question please let me know.

>>900734338I should wrap you with them>>900734688I would love that

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>>900735043not user, but I'm liking the idea of nylon zentai trap wrapping their legs around me and rubbing against me

>>900735006thank you

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>>900729044Fuck, any more of this one. I used to see them post here awhile back

>>900735043Wrap me up like sushi baby

>>900735006Aww I can't wait to see ur feet now :3

>>900735043My god those thighs. My hands wouldnt be able to stop.

>look pretty>another sunrise on a sunday>alone

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>>900735128zentai is not too much?>>900735295for sure>>900735736I wouldn't like you to stop

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>>900736199>zentai is not too much?I'm a kinky fuck, just be thankful it's not something more intense

>>900736199>>900736211THESE LEGS THO

>>900733409More feet and nude pics, you lovely brown beauty.

>>900736199I'd like to make a mess on those cute socks

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>>900736578Cute little plug baby... pull it out for me;)

>>900736199strokin' my dick thinking abt u riding meMoar!

>>900736199Sounds like we'd both be very happy then. Could suck you off while rubbing your thighs

>>900736332oh, yeah, sorry sir>>900736390pls do, finish in my thighs>>900736747here you have

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>>900737104Cute panties....i love what's in them

>>900737104I wanna make ur legs shake when I'm done with u

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>>900737435Lift up that dress for me baby;)

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I need cute feminine penis in my mouth.

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>>900737808Damn..I love those fishnets....gets me so hard

>>900737841Mmm, I want all that in my mouth...

>>900736033not bad. anymore/face?

>>900737808haha that is an oldie of mine >>900737748

>>900738053Well it looks great;)

>>900737789aw ty

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>>900726470Jesus Christ... How the hell do I remember this dudes/girls name so i can fap without my mrs seeing search shit haha!

>>900738101No problem got sexy ass legs and ass

>>900736860that seems to be the case, I would be very happy with that, >>900737143ty n.n>>900737365I wouldn't expect less

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>>900738225How bout you make a mess for me on those black tights?;)

>>900738225Nice legs and cock

>>900725916The fucking face on this one... God I wanna fuck her/him whatever the fuck

>>900731205NO WAY IS THAT A GUY


>>900738463>name is literally there


>>900735043Can we get a time stamp for proof this shit is now?


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>>900738809I'm gonna buy you a nice net pair of pink tights baby, those would look sexy with that nice cock in them

Attached: Pantycum~2.webm (640x480, 530.54K)

>>900738900I'll clean that up for you sweetie...yummy

>>900726225sub to someone who doesn't post that often? sounds like a waste

>>900725916fills that Ella Hollywood void.

>>900738260I'd rather you make a mess on them for me :p>>900738295ty

Attached: 08.jpg (1634x1062, 180.57K)

>>900739074I could do that and sticky

>>900737945thank you. eeh, face on b, what could go wrong?

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>>900726622Looks like in great need for protein.

>>900739157damn cute.

Hi guys this is me ;) (kik is yss_t)

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>>900739417delicious hole baby

>>900739417Sexy little hole...needs to be full of my cum

>>900739441>>900739464Thank guys, heres another for ya ;)

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>>900739592I want those pink balls in my mouth...

>>900739121yes pls...u can also put it here

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>>900739667Have at it hehe

Attached: 223F24F7-1630-4BED-8E54-FB0645C49762.jpg (500x376, 30.09K)

>>900739750I would love to fill that hole up...can you spread those sweet cheeks for me?

>>900739801Mmm, stroking for those balls baby...luv the pink tights and panties too

>>900739867Stroke harder for me daddy ;)

>>900739929Mmm yeah, grab your cock too baby

>>900739867Heres another for you to stroke to hehe

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>>900739816like this?

Attached: 1.jpg (1194x1620, 256.17K)

>>900739973Oh yeah...feels good baby..

>>900739979Yeah just like that...nice little tight needs to have cum dripping out of it.

>>900739179thank you. i know, i'm getting old. thought about piercings to move the attention away from the wrinkles>when you need btrapthreats to get thru the day

>>900739979Just wanna fick that ass the bust on those thigh highs

Any traps have shots of their asses after a pounding with a warm load oozing out? Very jealous of the men that get to breed you, how empowering to be able to pump your seed into someone so feminine it makes me harder than a diamond to think about making a cute trap whimper.


>>900740054you're right, it needs it>>900740400pls

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>>900738119look at this fucking boomer who can't even hide shit on his pc you have to go back

>>900740694How tight are you user? Have you ever had a man cum deep in you before?

>> slut

>>900740694would def be balls deep in ur ass. go on

>>900740694That or ive always liked the though of coming on the panties and having the person wear them the rest of the day

Attached: IMG_20200126_183028.jpg (3264x2448, 1.42M)

>>900740944I would do that, and jerk off with the cummed on panties

anyone have full video

Attached: 1683318235994646.webm (600x616, 1.26M)

>>900740871pretty tight...not even once>>900740900yes sir>>900740901pls

Attached: 01.jpg (1500x1841, 1.29M)

>>900741138That's to bad can I ask why not? And are you on hormones do you have tits user?

>>900741138u have a nice and tasty cock too! would taste it.

>>900741138Good little put it in your hand

>>900740866Bro I'm 26 kek

>>900741203idk, mmmm It would only be sex, but I didn't feel like looking for it...nope>>900741268ty>>900741305yes sir

Attached: 02.jpg (1500x1756, 306.46K)

>>900741588Show them feet and titties little bitch!

>>900741588Nice I'm glad you listen well, you little slut...I just came for you baby..felt really good, thanks;)

>>900741588sexy, can u cum?

Attached: Screenshot_20230611-012916~2.png (1080x1438, 1.95M)

>>900741588you got a handle where you post pics? im busting fat ones fr


>>900741866could've been okay but that tattoo's so awful

>>900741731don't have titties u.u>>900741742I'm glad to serve you>>900741825not now u.u>>900741902not really...should I?

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Attached: 139630496792.jpg (1080x1920, 499.53K)

Attached: 1513124696346.jpg (901x1080, 460.63K)

>>900742956OC?Good outfit. CD sometimes and black thong with black thigh highs is sexy.

Attached: _kitty_lynn-5237ea90496a5a87ff05.jpg (1536x2048, 639.01K)

Another day without a cock beat my slutty ass :(

Attached: 20230609_133909.jpg (1975x3512, 1.85M)

>>900744362take the same picture but flip over and barely lift that skirt to show some cheek


Attached: 20230330_153020.jpg (1816x2910, 1.42M)

Attached: icky_peach-2282ba3ea84a42069584.jpg (2356x2708, 674.63K)

>>900744362another day without a cute femboy wife :(

Attached: FxZzoJrWcAE7lkp 444.jpg (2736x3648, 1.94M)

does HRT cummies taste different? anyone ever tried trannie cum?

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>>900742445Definitely should, very feminine body and great thighs, insta followwould also love to see your asshole

Missing cowie

Hi guys, here just to post this one thingy, I'm not at my house so no new content for now

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>>900745032Yes, just not of me. Someone I know.

Attached: 0052bbaa-81f3-4c28-aaf2-9124e04c1d8c.png (900x1600, 929.58K)

>>900745364hi cuchu, im going to be right now

Hi boys uwuPosting some OC

Attached: imagen_2023-06-11_005935642.png (1080x1920, 1.17M)

>>900745445You are going to what?

Attached: IMG_20230610_160304745~2.jpg (3072x4068, 744.07K)

>>900745863to bed. sorry missed the d

>>900728926Taffy is the queen

>>900745785Moar plz

Attached: 1685490250216.jpg (648x864, 34.58K)

>>900746835missing her cute freckles

>>900744462Is this cali?

Attached: 20230610_235042.jpg (1743x2710, 1013.73K)

>>900747438Hewwohewwo jist dropping by


>>900725757berries and creamberries and creamberries and cream

wouldn't, all of yyou

Attached: 1620887794385.jpg (1134x1001, 218.52K)