Secrets thread

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my ex girlfriend loved humiliating me to the point where i wasn't allowed to get any pussy, only to fuck her shoes for almost half a year

>>900706351Over the last 40 years I’ve systematically taken out several family members making it look like accidents and suicides Biggest rush ever

I blackmailed my cousin to have sex with me I used a condom obviously

>>900707172Blackmailed her for what?

>>900707105That's really neat user, you should do yourself next! But seriously you should, you are a psychopath and a monster and should not exist. The world will improve when you die.

>>900706351I created the Andy Sixx log concept and made all the images. I make all the threads and reply to myself all day. I will never stop because I don't have to and it brings me joy.

>>900707315You think I don’t know I’m a psychopath? I don’t care about making the world better lol

A guy got me to loyalty test his girlfriend but I ended up just getting a lot of nudes and having discord sex with her and just told him she was loyal and shut me down.

>>900707490What a faggot, pretending to be a psycho on 4chan

>>900707417Can I get your autograph?

>>900706351I want to give Greta T a rimjob

>>900707683How dare you!

>>900707881You mean how derriere you

I know how loud a goat can get when you fuck it

You didn't hear this from me but... chickens go cluck


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>>900708429cluck cluck, I need a suck

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>>900706351I Jack off daily to video I took by placing a hidden camera in our gues bathroom when ever my wife’s hot friends stay over

>>900707065what did she do for sex? invite black guys over to fuck besides you as you sleep?

>>900707683>Greta T a rimjobYou mean eat her ass?

>>900708982are black guys living rent free in every btards head at this point?


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>>900709173No, but slidding fresh slidd from Andy's log factory is.

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>>900706351Why are you punishing b?

I'm in a dead bedroom and it makes me miserable but I can't leave my gf, I just can't. I love her so much still and I know nobody else would ever love me like she does. The problem is she was sexually abused as a kid so has a lot of issues with sexual intimacy and she's terrified of openly addressing them e.g., in therapy. We're headed nowhere and we're not going to fix things but I just can't bring myself to break up with her either, nor do I really want to. I just want things to get better.


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I used to post the ask a femanon anything threads. I'm a guy.I will not be replying or answering any questions but just so you're aware, if you see any new threads, they're not me. And whoever is making them is also probably a guy.

>>900709934People haven't figured out that girls don't come here yet? Kek

I too like randy sex

>A couple of years ago I was over at my friends house>Friend went to get something to drink from downstairs>So I thought I'd go scare his younger sister>Just a simple boo thing, we know each other well>Moved silently towards her bedroom door>Instead heard her whimpering very softly>Immediately recognized what was going on and went diamonds>I stuck around for as long as possible, most of what I could hear were clothes or blankets moving and her whimpering>When I heard friend coming upstairs again decided to burst in and 'scare her' anyway >Obviously wanting to see that pussy>Caught a quick glimpse of it as she pulled up the blankets and screamed>Friend laughed because he thought I scared her good>I felt bad for her afterwards though, did apologize and it turned out fine>This was one of several things that then started a sexual tension between us for a while>In another moment I gave her a hug from behind with her ass pressing against me and obviously got a boner which she felt, and clearly liked>I went on holiday with them, it was hot and she stood in just panties and shirt in my door opening clearly gazing at my dick while laying on top of the blankets in underwear, while talking to her brother (my friend) another time.>Sadly nothing more than that happened but I still fap to it regularly, and in particularly remember her masturbating and the sounds of that.

I throw parties and get togethers with friends, coworkers and family just to film them with my hidden cameras.

i had an affair with my math teacher for a few months and i think i pretty much only passed my finals because of that, but more than that i still think about her often

>>900708902but you won't post them. Faggot.

>>900709255Andy's tie is literally made of shit!And Trump either doesn't care or hasn't noticed.

>>900709651Shit doesn't just "get better" on it's own like that dude. Love is one thing, stalling a relationship out of sheer fear and selfishness (on both your parts) is another. If you two love each other as strongly as you think you do, you and her would face the tough stuff head on together and figure shit out. Otherwise you're circling the drain whether or not sex is involved. Niggaahhh.

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My neighbors won’t stop bragging about their precious princess graduating high school they don’t know that she’s been sucking my cock in exchange for buying her booze for a year.

>>900707220him, not her, I caught him jerkin it to pics of his dad and filmed him

>>900706351I fap to women breastfeeding animals

I am Spartacus

>promise parents I'd quit drinking>go back to sneaking alcohol>drink so much i puke and my poop is coming out black>can't keep food down>have a shift at my part time job tonightWhy am I so stupid? Pray for me bros

>>900706351I've been having sex with my wife.s best friend for the last three years. My wife knows and is the one who started it.

i shot a man in reno

catfished my lesbian best friendI fap to her nudes everyday

>>900711514Get her therapy or get out now. My gf in university was abused by her stepdad and has a ton of issues with sex. And not cool issues like enjoying being degraded but sad issues like crying during sex or crying after she came. If she won't get help get out. Her insanity will get the better of her and eventually you. She will begin blaming you for her issues and attempt to destroy you and your reputation when the relationship inevitably fails. Fix it or get out now. (You cant fix women like that you need to leave but I doubt you will. )

>>900712911That's messed up user, why would you do something like that?

>>900712911Sicko probably wanted to watch him die. (Yes I realize this is reddit tier) much this!Edit: Thanks for the gold, kind stranger!*Tips Le Fedora*

>>900713016take my upvote good sir!

>>900711693Similar, but I waited until mine's turned 18 a few months before she graduated. I always knew she wanted it (young girls are like that) but nothing happened until she turned 18. A few weeks later I was outside and she said "I'm legal now user." When I smiled she said "My parents are out of town tonight maybe you could make sure I don't get into any trouble." Needless to say I didn't say no.

Found former students profile on a sugar daddy site and paid her for sex

>>900713707What was it like? Did she remember you? Did she know it was you before you met up? And did you do a naughty schoolgirl RP

I recorded my wife fucking two guys at the same time. One of the guys shoved his whole dick down her throat and she throws up everywhere. She asked me to delete the video and I told her I did. She doesn’t know that I sent the footage to the two guys.

>>900714335No rp. She didn’t know that it was me she was meeting.

>>900707589I really hope so tooHow to report to mods?

>>900714619Did she find out you knew it was her? Did you cum in her, did you BB her?

>>900714806What’s BB mean? She was not happy that it was me when we met at the motel. I came in her mouth and on her face.

>>900714910BB = BareBack.Did she swallow? Did you tell her you knew who she was when you booked her? Have you fucked her since?

>>900706351I want to spitroast my gf with our dog

When my nephew stays with me and my gf we let him shower with us

>>900706351I lie a lot in 4chan threads

>>900715273Yes bareback. No I didn’t tell her ahead of time. Only one time after when she asked if I could delete the video I made with her

Im in your walls

>>900715449Are you of the rare deepwater muslim ethicity? What a find. Steve Irwin would be over the moon, would he be here right this instant.

>>900715557Stop chewing on the wiring please

>>900715557I’m in your head. Every time you think you hear a voice or get uneasy, or paranoid… that’s me.

>>900706351I put logs over the letters of this picture and nobody noticed.

>>900711188To be overposted themIf anything tbh

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>>900715604I'm white as rice, m8. And not a dirty jew either

>>900715942oh yeah I have all your shit saved. you do good work user

I photograph college age girls nude that I meet off of seeking. I never fuck em, but want to and most I probably could. I'm to worried about catching a std or getting one pregnant and the wife finding out would blowup my life.

>>900716540Can you share? What’s your kik or disc

>>900716600I never share the photos. Guys have been sued for sharing photos of exgirlfriends in Texas and I get nothing out of sharing them. The only person who has seen the photos is my brother and I probably shouldn't have.

>>900716685If this is Josh, it's your bro lmao.

>>900706351My parents are going to visit my uncle today and my cousin will be there with her bfI'm fucking jealous of her bf and am depressed she isn't together with me Her virginity should have been mine

I’m homosexual

>>900716858Not josh, does he do the same thing?

>>900709031Oh yeah

>>900709173Yes, when they are not living in my asshole


>>900707417I was the guy who said "show your belly button then go to bed" and have lived a life of shame and regret ever since.

I stole a faggy kid's ipod and he killed himself because of it


>>900706351When I was dating my wife we used to play truth or dare during sex. She basically confessed to losing her v card to the family dog.

>>900710819How old was she?

>>900719526Yeah...I know...

>>900719623Did he tie her, meaning did she take the knot? How old was she? Did she give details??

>>900717120Anyone else really want their cousin?

>>900719865I had my cousin when we were teens...some sex, one blow job and many many handies.

>>900719918Incredibly jealous. I wanted to be the first man inside my cousin. I'll never cope I wasn't the one.

>>900719864She said she started very young. Her parents made her go to bed early and she wasnt tired. Pup always slept with her. One day it was licking her legs and started licking her through her panties. Said it felt good so she started pulling them aside and the pup would lap away. Eventually she would sleep with just a shirt on no panties and it went on for a few years. It did teach her how to squirt. Sometimes the dog would lick so hard it would make her raw so she would shove a sock or something in her pussy and made it like hit her clit. When she was ready to climax she would pull it out and squirt to reward it. Eventually she said she tried sex at first it didnt go super well. Its not a big dog like 30lb not sure it was a mutt from what she recalled. She was getting oral decided to spin around and get on all fours and tried to guide the pup in. She said it felt good for a while sorta hurt. She didnt ever really finger herself. But it went kinda bad as it slipped out and went into her ass. She got scared from that for a while but tried again weeks later.

I go on cam chat sites and fap with questionably aged girls

I like role playing as my ex online. She was perfect and cock thirsty, but you’d never expect it from her. I used to tell my friends stories about her lusty nature, but none of them believed such a sweet, reserved girl would do those things.Now I get off sharing those stories with other anons who are also getting off.

I have impregnated 7 black sluts and strung them along with promises until the child was born. I then cut all ties with them but stalk them on social media.I believe that american blacks are genetically inferior to most other races and we, the superior races, have a duty to spread our genes into their population. Only by being uplifted from the near primate state they exist in, through our genes, can they achieve peace. It is the duty of every white man to impregnate at least two black bitches and spread those good genes into their struggling population.

>>900720128Do you know how to get around an omegle ban?

>>900706351I'm the 5th dentist that doesn't recommend colgate

>>900715655Try and stop me, the cost of repairing your walls after trying to find me would make it not worth it compared to few cut wires

I posted my MILF boss on here that I fucked over the summerWas jerking off to that feeling She was great fuck but her husband was starting to get suspicious

>>900720338Yes. Google it

>>900706351I sucked a log of shit out of Andy Sixx's asshole backstage of a BVB concert in 2009.

>>900720071Imagine being a parent and walking in on your daughter fucking the family dog.

>>900707105Have you financially benefitted from anyone these? Have you wiped out people who stand in the way of your inheritance?

>>900720281Anyone want to play? Happy to share my disc or add.

>>900712877Any chance at group sex? Is the friend hotter with tighter holes?


>>900706351Fucked my gfs younger sister when I used to live with their parents One of the best fucks

>>900721597I suggested it a couple of times but they aren't into that with each other, but we do sometimes all sleep together, and I have had sex with either of them when the other one is in the bed a few times when I couldn't contain myself. Mostly it's just private though.

>>900721750how old was she? And what holes did you use?

>>900721750Did anyone ever find out? How did you arrange it, was it just the two of you in the house or did you sneak in her room?

>>900721841>>900721875She was still in high school and she came to my room Said she was cold and needed to warm up Started to stroke me under the blankets

>>900721441The only shit I can ever find is like “use a vpn and hope they have some addresses that aren’t banned” is there another way?

My girlfriend and I was obsessed with the Ken And Barbie murder couple. I feel like we're both filled with sexually sadistic fantasies but are too pussy or too moral to carry them out.Is it even right to call it moral? We do this weird shit that turns me on so much where we take turns confessing fucked up fantasies we have, each one piling on one and another.I never even felt this way before I met her. I don't even watch porn anymore because of this. They're just not enough. We never act on it, and she just doesn't seem like one that did. It feels like a snowball we're in. Everything's fine outside of the bedroom, but I question the state of mind I'll have after or because of this relationship

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>>900720128Only questionably aged? How do you start? Full on cock in the beginning or some talking after? How do most of them response. Why not normally aged girls?

I create tinder profiles using pics of hot guys from the sex offenders registry to catfish and fuck with girls. It's funny when I straight up tell them who 'I' am and they go awkward or aggressive especially after saying yes to a date or smth

I volunteer to work with gay youth because I'm handsome and fit enough that every year I end up hooking up with a few.Nothing teaching a virgin that his hair brush handle didn't prepare him for a man.

>>900722413Some are normally aged. Kek. All depends what tune if day. Some need little to no coercion

>>900712748Dude, it happened to me, you will also vomit blood, go pale and nearly pass out. You have a burst stomach ulcer and are internally bleeding. I had to have 2 blood transfusions for it. GET TO HOSPITAL NOW, FOR FUCK SAKE!!!

>>900715449is she very cuddly and physically affectionate with the hound? do you ever fuck with the dog on the bed next to you?what's the most real life experience you have with women and k9s

In third grade, I cheated on my history exam. In fourth grade, I stole my uncle Max’s toupee and I glued it on my face when I was Moses in my Hebrew School play. In fifth grade, I knocked my sister Edie down the stairs and I blamed it on the dog…When my mom sent me to the summer camp for fat kids and then they served lunch I went nuts and I pigged out and they kicked me out…But the worst thing I ever done — I mixed a pot of fake puke at home and then

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>>900725680kek lost

>>900725141>is she very cuddly and physically affectionate with the hound?Yes>do you ever fuck with the dog on the bed next to you?No>what's the most real life experience you have with women and k9sI showed her a couple of videos after telling her I was into watching it

>>900706351probably shouldn't share as i'm trying to protect my souce

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>>900706351I liked Dragonball Evolution.

>>900717575i'm bi uwu

>>900726287>I showed her a couple of videos after telling her I was into watching itwhat was her reaction?i never discussed anything about it with my last ex, but she had a male rescue she adored and he would sleep in the bed with us and i would always enjoy using her wet holes with him indifferently right next to us

>>900722490I like this.

>>900728520She just said it was weird and had absolutely no interest in it at all

>>900716858Wholesome family moment in 4chan.

>>900717575That's pretty gay.

>>900719451Ancient b reference. Completely went under radar.

>>900720309You're probably larping. I'm pretty racist but met up with a black coworker during COVID for work project. We got high and she fucked me. Started a year long friends with benefits thing she'd bring her black ass over and rock me 3 times a week. Was amazing until her boyfriend found out.

>>900712911I man a Reno in shot

My mother used to pimp me out to her druggie friends when I was 11/12

>>900729435hope you turned out fine

>>900729658Yeah not too bad thanks

Had a breast reduction at 18 after being sexually assaulted twice

>>900729936Any pics of them before they got ruined?

>>900730663Not to hand, no

>>900730691Do you regret it? How big were they? How big are they?

>>900729936How'd you get raped twice?

>>900730691Don't be a bitch. Send the pics.

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>>900711744Where do you find this stuff?

I fucked my mates wife while he was away building their dream home. She would come over with a summer dress and no panties after dropping her kids off at preschool. She would take it like a champ and moan and moan until she came.

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>>900730777Don't regret it, they were F cup and still growing, only gone down to a D but they look more in proportion>>900730853Got pressured into sex by a much older neighbour when I was 12, which went on for months. Also got raped at a party a year later. Should have said by 2 different people because technically it was more than twice

>>900731064How old was the neighbor and what does your breast size have to do with getting raped?

>>90073122752. Yeah should have said, basically in my head they were the reason I got attention, and I came to resent them

>>900731283What happened to the neighbor? Did you end up telling or just kept it to yourself? I don't know how someone would get their dick in someone 12, I tried with someone 14 when I was a teen and it wouldn't even go in.

>>900731380I didn't tell. He ended up moving away thankfully

>>900731512How old are you now? You got a normal social/sex life or did you put on blinders to the dangers of being around certain guys and end up being assaulted repeatedly over the years?

>>90073168723 now. Have a normal ish sex life although my relationships never last

>>900706351When i was getting married to my wife, her brother and i were fucking when ever she would leave the house.Came to a point he would come before her work, talk to her. Wait for her to leave then we would get at it.

>>900731932Any side effects from being raped? Awakened kinks? Like for older men?

>>900731932Why don't the relationships last? My wife was raped when she was younger and it lead to her putting on blinders cause how else is one supposed to deal with half of the human population, which lead to her getting raped by multiple partners over the years. It's kinda like a curse, like people know you'll put up with it.

>>900715468Go on. You have our attention.

>>900715504You are the only one

>>900706351I came home with 2 ticks on me after spending the afternoon in a local park, off of a nature trail sucking dick.

>>900709651probably need to tell her what your needs are and what your perception of love is and have her say the same thing to you, you both have to be honest with each other, otherwise it doesn't work, I've been married for 35 years this year and together for 36, my wife was molested too but that doesn't stop us from jumping each others bones regularly. Its a human need and it needs to be understood by both as such. YOu only got so much time, don't waste it if she cannot hold up her end of the deal.

>>900710819grow the fuck up , there is a lot of pussy to be had beyond this

>>900712911just to watch him die? go hang your head and cry!!

Wife and I met another couple at a neighborhood party today. The wife is hot as fuck and we hit it off.My best bet is a swinger type situation but I don’t want that. Ideal would be fucking her and my wife at the same time. I would settle for fucking her alone.It’s super super unlikely but I’ve been thinking about how to make it happen for like two hours now.


Well let’s see… I’ve beat up seven prostitutes in the last 10 years or so. I burned down at least 20 houses/ structures starting when I was 9 (49 now). Also I snatched the neighbors dog out of his yard and strangled it because its barking was keeping my small children awake. Btw it’s not like the movies where it’s done in 1 minute. It took like 7-8 minutes before it stopped shaking and lost control of its bodily functions. The last year or so since my firstborn went to college I’ve been bored and started breaking into random houses when the people are not home. I don’t steal anything just snoop through their stuff. Well that sums up all criminal things I’ve done in the last 40 years

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>>900733316Maybe you should switch to fresh slidd indra of dick.

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>>900733957How did you choose the houses so you wouldn't be caught?

>>900706351this is just a jerk off bait thread

>>900734121Walking our dog mostly. Usually taking it to random areas and walking the dog also jogging and biking. In other words stalking neighborhoods. When I do the break ins I do it in areas where there is a empty drain way, running/ biking path or greenway where I can get away quickly without worry of cameras.

>>900706351I heard that my niece was dressing like a whore, my cousin (her aunt) asked if she wanted to be a whore (or maybe it was dress like one) she said Maybe and i got turned on by that thought.

>>900734305Why take the risk of you're not going to take anything? What are you building up to?

Dickflasher master here, had the best DF today, was perfecto. Can tell story if anyone is interested

>>900734748Well I get a rush out of it. Just like burning down structures. You have to understand I’m a boy Scout as far as every one knows, particularly in my neighborhood. I’ve never drank, done drugs, nicotine, or caffeine ever. I’m the one they call when anyone is out partying to pick them up and give rides. (Yes I do a break in every New Year’s Eve best day to do it)

>>900733957Bullshit. You're an obese 14 year old larping on 4chan.

>>900733930Let me know how this goes.

>>900719623God the reddit refugees and summer fags are here. Not even believable. Yes. Every girl loses her virginity to dog. What a pathetic faggot.

My wife just informed me she started cutting recently. I never even noticed. I'm pretty sure I'm the reason she's doing it, too.

>>900735424Start hitting her. Won't leave scars and will fix her selfish and destructive behavior.

>>900735111Just making a confession user no need to get snarky. You are a mad and sad child

>>900735424Sit down with her and ask her why she feels like she has to cut herself. If you were the reason she wouldn't have told you. That's a cry for help, be there for her user.

I love Andy SIxx's logs of shit

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>>900735424In all seriousness. I would tell her calmly that this behavior can not continue and you need to take steps to correct it immediately or the marriage is over. Counseling or just plain stopping it. Marriage counseling is mostly bs. So maybe beating would be more productive?

>>900735571She bruises like a peach. Especially her limbs. It'd be very obvious, very quickly.

>>900735593So says the faggot breaking into nomes and killing animals. If you're real I hope you get ventilated by a 45 when breaking in. You're either a liar or an animal abusing serial break in, future serial killer. Go fuck yourself.

>>900735635We're already going to couples counseling. She hates it. She feels like the counselor isn't there to help us, they're only in it for the money they make hearing us dump our feelings.We have two kids together. I love her, but she's been depressed AF for the last almost year and won't get help for it. Believe me, I've tried. I don't want to play the divorce card because that would only make things worse. She'd actually go through with trying to kill herself.

>>900735628I used to hate him but I like him now. He's making our board, which was always aboard of shit to a literal board of shit. However, I don't like the poop eating comments, those are gross.

>>900735730Reading that comment fills me with terror for my marriage. My wife is normal.. but what if one day she isn't?I wish I could help you brother. Maybe give her a kid? Get her into a hobby that eats up all her time? CrossFit? Nah, too gay.

>>900735703I’ve never abused animals so fuck you I killed a dog one time so fuck you incel

>>900735867Don't claim moral high ground. You're breaking into homes, if you're honest and if you're not you're a fat loser lying online. Once again. Go fuck yourself. No one uses incel but children or leftist teenagers. You're a pathetic lying faggot. I'm trying to talk to cutting guys wife. Please kill yourself.

>>900735730I've heard that couples counseling is blame husband. Also man I hope you're lying. Your situation seems severe. Is there a support network? Your wife needs something idk what. A change of scenery or a hobby.

>>900735790>Maybe give her a kid?We already have two. They're part of the problem. They coming on to her and don't give her the space she needs. She's an introvert, so they come running in at 6:30 in the morning, climbing all over her (ignoring me, I might add) and fighting over who gets to cuddle with mommy. It's enough to make her day ruined before it even starts.

>>900736060Her current coping mechanism is to ignore all her responsibilities and play WoW all day.She doesn't have a support network because she doesn't trust people. Her mom is a narcissist, and her step mom tried to stage an intervention when she went through a lesbian phase in her teens. She has a hard time trusting people, which makes me such a rarity in her life.

>>900736098Well that's too bad for her. She chose to have two kids. Their needs are more important than your own. Those days go by so fast anyway. Shit man you're in a tough situation. If real, you guys need real help. Far more than an autist on 4chsn can provide.

>>900735740Have you tried fresh slidd? You'd change your mind about it.

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when I was 13 my parents decided that I was old enough for them to start leaving me at home unsupervised for lengthy periods of time.and this resulted in me slowly ending up to the point where I was regularly having sex with our female german shepherd.and while I haven't actually had sex with a dog since I was in my teens its left a huge impression on me to the point where I still regularly fantasize about getting dog

>>900736224But it's an escape. It's not real. She has bigger things in her life than wow that can't be ignored.

>>900736224Probably the best thing you can do for her is to send her off for a week or two so she has no responsibilities and can relax

>>900736268Holy shit. Animater man. I'm talking to an infamous b celeb. This is the biggest celeb I've talked to before (might have to hang myself after making that comment ) jk. Can you please stop with some of the gross eating poop stuff. That stuff just isn't funny.

>>900736322But what when the vacation is over.. reality is back. Is she on medication? I also hope youre lying. Your situation seems shitty.

>>900735148You got it. Update: I fucked my wife a few minutes ago while thinking about the neighbor wife. This is likely as far as it goes. Sorry to disappoint.

>>900736438She is, but I'm pretty certain that she's not telling her doctor the full story. Again, she doesn't think mental health professionals actually care about her. Her current psychiatrist is retiring, so she's seeing a new one later this month. I have access to the schedule of her doctor appointments because she doesn't make payments otherwise and they wind up going to collections.>I also hope you're lyingI wish I was, too...>>900736265We both wanted kids. We wanted 2, we got our 2, they're adorable and they love her. But they're 2 and 4 and...well...yeah...>>900736322Don't really have any place she wants to go to get away from the kids. She just wants to be left alone at home.

>>900736376IT'S SLIDDING BABY!

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>>900735960>I’m trying to cutting guys wife You must be drunk or high. I’m sorry you need this escape from reality you need help. I specifically break into houses where nobody is home no harm no foul. I take no moral high ground I’m actually a center moderate and really don’t care what people do or think. You shouldn’t encourage people to kill themselves you have obviously considered it yourself don’t do it user. Nobody judges you if you are on the fringe (gay, trans, incel, troon, alcoholic, drug addict, mentally ill, whatever political affiliation you are or religion).

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>>900737287I'm sober and normal. You're trying to justify BnE. Your word soup doesn't excuse your behavior. You're talking about stalking homes shows planning. So you know this is wrong. Either a larp or sociopath. Won't change my opinion on that.

>>900736472That's how it always goes. Trust me, I know from experience.

>>900737757I've actually told my wife my fantasy of her with another woman and me. It went better than expected. She said shes worried I'd leave her, and maybe for my 40th birthday ( in like 15 years).

>>900737663Well I never felt one bit bad about burning down any of the houses. (I made sure they were unoccupied or abandoned). As far as the break ins who cares I never hurt anyone and I genuinely enjoy it. And I will continue to do it.

>>900722150takes quite a bit of work so lets say you got banned.first, you want to clear history and, go into your router admin login by typing into your, check through settings your internet ip address setting should be on get dynamically from isp, then you go to router mac address setting and just change it to whatever you want as long as its in a similar format.then your router should reset to activate the changed settings, then you should be unbanned from omegle, you can repeat this as many times as there is pretty much infinite combinations for mac address.only limit to this if you live with a bunch of other people there going to be wondering why the internet is going out so much


I have regularly been having sex with tons of different strangers through a few different avenues.First avenue is a bunch of teenagers. The age of consent here is 16, I've been finding a lot of 16 year olds on social media and fucking them. Some are just down, others are down for it in exchange for money/nicotine/alcohol, some aren't then suddenly they want something and are.The next avenue is Tinder. I post memes instead of my face, tell women I have a rape fantasy that I've "never" lived out, then get them to meet me somewhere to rape them.Third is bars. I'll find drunk chicks walking after they leave and sometimes just go up and start feeling up on them. If they're receptive I'll pull them to the side and dump in them quick. If they aren't I'll offer them some money, or just fuck off before getting in trouble.If my wife ever found out she'd leave me.


>>900738932how do i become like you

>>900716685Why torture yourself like this. What do you need the thrill for. Why even go this far. You just need one excuse to break the already weak trust that you clearly don't deserve. Get over this. Face yourself in the mirror. Either commit or don't. Interpret that as you like.

>>900739042Get super horny, get good at being deceptive to get what you want, and get REALLY good at obscuring your identity.

>>900738932Way too much effort for a larp, user.>believe what you want>its not a larp>you're just jealous (should be envious)>I'm telling the truth>i don't care if you don't believe meYou are lying. You know it. I know it.

I’m addicted to fucking married woman and woman with bf’s. 3 in the past 18 months, 2 were friends wives and 1 from work.

>>900738969Went to a Bookstore, all the way in the back corner it was just me, and two cute Asian teens. Definitely college age, one was a 10/10, fucking beautiful, short skirt too. The other was a cute nerdy girl with glasses but a pretty smile. I wasn't even planning on flashing, I just saw them, surveyed the area for 2 minutes, and went in.It was just me and the nerdy one in the small corner, I slowly unzipped and let it hang out. I usually keep it hidden under my shirt for a few seconds and then reach up to the top of the shelf and let it "accidentally" fall out. I did this once and glanced over with my eyes, no response. So I waited until she went to put the book she was looking at back, then did it again. She had that unmistakable jerk girls do, where they freeze for a very split second because they're processing what's happening. Afterwards she grabbed another book and stood there. I glance over to see her smiling so I knew I was in the clear.I lift my shirt over it so my dick is erect and out there. Stood next to her pretending to browse while she did the same thing just shifting back and forth. A few minutes later she walked to the next aisle to her friend and I was about to end it because I didn't want to push my luck but the both of them came and stood next to me talking, and I could see the nerdy gesturing with her head at me. I was nervous at first cause she brought her friend to see it but I didn't know if she was a teller or not so I covered my dick on one side so they couldn't see.They walked past me and stood on the other side of the aisle a few feet from me. I glanced over and while I couldn't see the hot Asian's face I saw the nerdy girl still smiling and facing my direction so I started to jerk off, literally stroked for like 5 seconds when a fucking old woman walks into our aisle and I immediately cover up. The both of them left too and damn, I'm happy I got a great flash but fuck.I zipped up quietly, waited 5 minutes, and left the store.

Jerking off on little sleeping cunny

>>900739236If you consider being a 5/10 or over, having basic social skills, trying my luck with tens of women per week, and manipulating/spending money for sex a larp then you should probably go outside. Literally anyone who showers, has social skills, and a couple hundred extra bucks a month can do it. Not sure why that's so hard for you to believe unless you're hopelessly retarded.

>>900738932I always wanted to do the rape fantasy thing to a woman back when Craigslist. Find a bitch that would agree to keep her door unlocked, I creep in, pretend to rape her, and leave.And speaking of, what app are all the legit hookers using nowadays? Sometimes I just want to bust a quick nut man, there used to be hundreds of hookers on Craigslist daily, they didn't all just disappear

>>900739783I haven't actually hired a legit hooker since Backpage was around. If you look on the Craiglist resumes section sometimes you'll find single moms who will rent out their pussy for a few extra bucks.I usually just offer to pay random girls on Tinder for sex, sometimes I find some who can be consistent and fuck them for a while.

I used to fucking LOVE having sex with hookers on Craigslist, that shit was addicting and became a weekly thing for me at one point. Some were ugly, some were terrible, but most of the time they were pretty girls who either desperately needed the money or rarely just liked being whores. It was great man. Find a bitch, give her like $60 for 15 minutes, go to her house or motel, fuck, finish, leave and grab a fucking slurpee on the way home. Shower and sleep. Beautiful routine FUCK the US for taking away that shit. I have a right to see out sex online and women have a right to offer it for a price online.>Muh child sex trafficking and human sex slaves-Are STILL happening despite your shitty efforts and ruining millions of people's enjoyment for fucking strangers. I hate this shit so much.That is all.

My uncle cheated on my aunt and she is destroyed internally. I sneak in a couple glances at her and see utter depression in her face. Sometimes eye bags or red eyes from crying. Man has a beautiful wife, long hair, she's tall, fat ass decent tits. Definitely a beautiful woman, and I'm thinking of using the situation to fuck her. No clue how though, and her daughter is around my age so I'm at a loss if she'd even let me.

>>900741125Not cool trying to fuck her when she's vulnerable

I hope both of my nieces become total whores, even more so than their mother.

>>900714669I'm reporting you for rustling my jimmies

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>>900741263This is probably the only chance I'd have realistically. Until she starts dating or so, I just hope her daughter doesn't find out

>>900706351What's not a secret is my love of them Logs

Sharing ex on snap @briaaan6622

I'm not having sex with my wife with the purpose of getting her to cheat on me since I have a cuck fetish.

My ex was rated by her former boyfriend. Sometimes when we had sex she would have flashbacks and start a panic attack with lots of crying. It turned me on immensely. I would always finish fucking her, before I consoled her. She never remembered afterwords

I am secretly open about my sexuality.

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>>900706351I used to fuck a city Councilwoman who is now running for state senate.

In high school I secretly hooked up with my best friends little sister for a few years. It was hot as fuck and even got one of her friends in on it too.

>>900746327How did it start? Ever come close to getting caught?

>>900746742Her parents really liked me, trusted me, and were really welcoming, I was basically a part of their family. I was over at their house alot and I got to know my friends sister really well. She was a bit socially awkward but it was obvious that she had a crush on me. Eventually I started tutoring her after school, just so I could be with her more. Her parents trusted me enough to where I was able to be home alone with her. We got closer and bonded more and so did the tension between us. One time I went over to tutor her on a saturday, my friend was out with his parents, so she was home alone. She was wearing these cute purple short shorts and tanktop. We went into her room and we went over her homework, we finished up pretty quickly and I was going to leave. She asked me to stay with her a bit longer. I figured why not because I didn't have anything else to do that day. We sat on her bed and watched tv, then she started cuddling me a bit. I figured if anything was going to happen it was going to be right then and there while it was just us. After a few minutes I sat up and turned to face her. She was confused, but I kissed her and she kissed me back. The kiss turned into making out and her on top of me. I took off my shirt and she went crazy. Kissing my chest and feeling me up. I helped take off her tanktop and shorts. I took off my pants, so we were both even. We started making out on her bed. After a few minutes I layed down and pulled her on top of me. I started dry humping her through her panties and we kept this up for a few minutes, before she got off me. She didn't really say much, but said that I should leave. I didn't get to tutor her alone until later the next week, when my friend had a baseball game and his parents went with him. I went over like normal to tutor, but now things were different. It was still a bit awkward, but now there was tension.

>>900747142Was that the most that ever happened?

>>900747234Talked her into bringing her friend over for a threesome. Her friend was more into it than she was, but there was like 3 seperate times where we had threesomes with her friend and once where I had sex with her friend while she watched and laid next to us.

>>900747358How fit was the friend? Does she still stay in touch with you?How’d she compare to your gf

>>900747397Her friend was little skinner. No, I don't keep up with any of them. It all ended after my friend and I stopped being friends and I wasn't around as much. So me and his sister just called it quits then.

>>900747397Also I never said I had a gf, learn to read user.

I'd love to have a 4some with my gf and her nieces

I shoved the tip of my dick into my sisters water bottle while it was still soft and jerked off until i was dripping my precum into it then i pulled out and jerked as much precum into the bottle as i could and shook it up thank god it was dark out because it had alot of white floaters once i shook it then i pressed the tip back in and sloshed the water around the tip to clean myself off and i put her bottle back for herAfter she got out of the store she ended up drinking most of it almost right away once she sat down in the car i only wish i had actually came in it seeing how she chugged it without looking at it Pic related is the tip in the bottle before i did everything

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>>900747704Damn. That sounds hot. Want to write on kik?

>>900706351I want to watch my gf swallow cum from a bunch of different guys

>>900720432Good for you, user. The other four are fucking sellouts.