Gay experience story thread. How'd it go?What happened?

Gay experience story thread. How'd it go?What happened?

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Never experimented with my buds but always wish I could have, were any anons here lucky enough to do that with a group of pals growing up?


>>900702787came to threadOP still a faggot?????????Profitlegend has it OP cannot stop from putting as many dicks in and around his asshole as physically possible.


When I was in highschool a couple guys I hung out with and smoked weed came over smoke. After we got high one of them pulled out a porn dvd and suggested that we put it on. I was apprehensive at first but shrugged it off and said whatever. About 15min into the movie, some vintage porn with more storyline, and these guys have their dicks out just raw digging it. I’m getting hard af too so I get up and get some lotion. They both ask for some too so I squirt some in their hands. We didn’t make it through the whole movie but I remember we lasted a long time for some reason.

>>900702787Oh good I was hoping a gay stories thread would pop up.>>900703113I did A LOT of experimenting with buddies growing up. It started with 3 of us, me and my two best friends age 9 - 10ish, just innocent mischief stripping naked and watching each other jerk off at sleepovers at first. But the taboo thrill was so fun that it soon escalated to trying blowjobs, and then recruiting even more friends and neighbor boys to join in on the secret fun. It was over 10 boys who got involved to some degree or another. Some guys were shy and scared and reserved and didn't stick with it, but a bunch of us did and escalated even further. A few months into it and some of us started experimenting with anal, which wasn't as simple and easy as sucking each other off. But eventually after some false starts and learning the hard way, puberty started turning up the sex drive and we kept at it. Porn and how-to guides on the internet helped too.By then sleepovers turned into giant orgies, and it kept going and getting dirtier for years. And not just sleepovers, we had all kinds of adventures all over the place fooling around wherever and whenever we could get away with it. Between me and my 2 friends it all started with, plus 2 others, that group of 5 kept it going all the way into high school.I was posting about it a few threads ago but I don't know if anyone was actually reading my giant walls of text.

>>900705519Describe the nastiest orgy with all 5 of you together and what sex acts went down. No judgment

When I was about 8-10 I had a neighbour who was a year younger but bigger than me. We had just started knowing about sex, but we were rarely by ourselves, my and his brother were usually with us. But a handful of times we were completely alone and we would pretend we were having sex, just humping each other with clothes still on, trying out positions and stuff. One time he was standing against a wall with his back facing me, I asked him to pull his shorts down and to my surprise he did. I put my dick against his ass and pushed just a little, but then stopped out of fear, because we were outside and could get caught at any moment. A few months later his family moved, and we never did anything like that until they moved. I still feel regret for not exploring more.In highschool I flirted with a friend a few times but we were both scared of doing something, so that's another regret.Now I have a girlfriend who I love and hope to live for the rest of my life with, so I guess it's never gonna happen.

Never had urge to do anything until about 30. Find blk guy with 7ish inches on Craigslist. Go to his apartment, dark inside. Strip at door and go to room. He's lying on bed stroking. Kneel between his legs, grab his cock. Feels weird having someone it in my hand, someone else's dick. I'm here, no backing out gotta suck it. Start lickingng the tip, then go to town up and down swirling, licking balls and shaft. After a while he's moaning, starts shooting down my throat. Almost gag but hold it ba k and swallow. Thank him and leave. Don't do anything for a few years but still big turn on thinking about it. Find different blk guy but he has a porn 10in dick. Says he wants me to suck and if he is feeling it he wants to fuck me. Get to his place, strip in front of hi. He gets in chair. Pull down his shorts and it's size. Starts to lick and suck cab hardly do anything with it its so thick. Slurping for 5 min and he says get on the bed, ass up. Yes sir! Only had toys in my ass before never a real dick. Most I had taken was 7in. I lube up his cock and get on bed. He presses against my asshole, harder and it finally slips in. Pushes until he hits a wall, I don't think he can go further. But he's not all the way in...he grabs my hips and thrusts himself all the way, past that wall where nothing has gone up that far before. Holy shit its amazing. Starts pounding away, it's incredible. Slaps my ass, grunts and slides out. Dude came so deep in me I didn't even feel it until going home after it was dripping out. Will definitely do again. Most likely with him.

>>900706136you could wait till you're 35, married, with 3 kids, and then ruin your life for some twink bussy. That's probably what most faggots do.

It was awesome! the stupid faggot went into the last stall thinking he was going to get railed. Pants down bent over waiting for my cock. I stabbed him in the side and in the chest before he could move. The chest strike was a good one. The blood was bright red and frothy, so I know I collapsed a lung. Stepped out and closed the door leaving it on the floor. washed up and never looked back. When the bar closed they found the body it made the news.

>>900706619Easily the gayest thing posted here

>>900702787Nothing. I am normal.

>>900705994Hard to pick a nastiest one, there was a lot of degeneracy going on. When we realized the connection between how taboo and disgusting something is supposed to be and how much more fun that makes it, all bets were off and it became like a contest to see who was the biggest pervert. We were all hitting puberty at different rates and the real degeneracy started with swallowing some of the first cumshots any of us ever squirted. That was around the time we started trying anal too, but it wasn't until we had those skills figured out when it started getting really nasty.One of our friends lived right near school, and when he turned 12 his parents started leaving him home alone after school until they got home from work between 5:30 - 6pm. His house became our go to afternoon hangout, just us and his younger sister there. Thankfully she rarely wanted anything to do with us, so as long as she left us alone we usually had a few hours to mess around before we'd all go home for dinner. She wasn't so young and naive that she didn't suspect anything, we were obvious enough that she must have suspected something. But she never said anything and never caught us in the act, we were just sneaky enough.We'd get there and usually hop right in the shower immediately. Sometimes we'd even go in 2 or 3 at a time and shower together, depending on who was there and if his sister was paying attention or not. And that's where the fun would start. Other than getting all cleaned up and ready to fuck, we'd frott and hump all wet in the shower, or trade some blowjobs to get warmed up.Then we'd lock ourselves in the basement family room and get fucking. It wasn't always all 5 of us there, but when it was things got absolutely wild. We'd usually start slow, pairing off into 69s or getting into one big suck circle. We'd pick something to do and stick with it right up until we were edging each other, then we'd back off and rearrange, either switch partners or activities...

>>900706884Go on, describe all the nasty anal fun in detail

>>900705467Where did everybody shoot their loads? Any big shooters?

>>900702787We talked for a bit in his car, he licked my feet and sucked my dick, then we parted ways. Said I had a nice dick.

>>900706884 contWhen it came to fucking the only thing we had for lube was spit. At first we solved that by giving nice wet sloppy blowjobs before and between fucks, which meant we were going ass to mouth back and forth not even the least bit bothered by it. And that quickly led to just licking ass directly, just as a better more dirty fun way to apply lube. Which quickly led to eating ass and tongue fucking each other just for the fun of it (and how good it feels).I remember one of the wildest times we tried two new things in one afternoon. The 5 of us got there right after school and showered, got completely naked and started going at it. We sucked each other off in every possible combo before starting to fuck, and that day we were really taking our time and savoring it. Not too much tho, we had to wrap things up before the parents got home.So as we're trading off who's fucking who, I told the guys I wanted to try double penetration, two dick in my ass at the same time. They were doubtful I could even do it but definitely wanted to see me try, so I decided to let the two youngest guys with slightly smaller dicks give it a try first.We got set up just like we'd seen it done in porn videos. One of them laid on the floor, I straddled him in cowboy position, and the second dick came in kneeling behind doggy style as I bet over.It took some careful alignment and squeezing, but I still remember the feeling when they pressed their shafts together and they slid into me like one extra thick cock. I'd never been so stretched out, but it didn't hurt and felt surprisingly good. They couldn't believe the sensation either, as if 13 year old ass isn't tight enough as is.Only one of them had to start pumping for it to feel amazing for all 3 of us. I was so proud of my accomplishment and they couldn't believe it was actually working. Just to make things complete I traded off sucking the other two dicks, filling all my holes at the same more than ever...

>>900702787Every other week I have sex with a crossdresser I have been seeing on and off for about 3 to 4 years now. I am latino, they are white, they have a thing for latinos and I didn't mind. I really enjoy eating their ass and they really seem to like that. I know I am not gay because I still am insanely attracted to women, but I guess I am bisexual. I am not openly bisexual, I keep it to myself because on one end I am kind of ashamed and embarrassed about my sexuality, I know that women claim to be okay with it but the truth is that they are okay with men who are strictly homosexual and have absolutely zero interest in women, not men who swing both ways because that fucks with their heads. On the other end, I kind of don't want to make what I do in the bedroom my whole entire identity, I don't want to be some goofball yelling at people to be tolerant and accepting. I even forgot it was pride month, I kind of don't give a shit about any of that. I don't get gay culture nor am I interested in doing that or being like that

>>900707495 contI let them all trade off and take turns double stuffing me, letting them wreck my asshole worse than ever before. The more pounding I took the better it kept feeling, and I started to think I might finally understand that elusive prostate orgasm we'd heard about in all our "research". We didn't really have any top/bottom dichotomy and all of us were pretty versatile, but by then I was probably loving getting fucked the most. So we traded off and the rest of the guys tried getting DPed too, but they were all a little to tight to enjoy it like I did.Not only was I the most willing fuckee, by then I'd developed a thirst for cum too. All of us had tried swallowing by then, but none of the guys genuinely liked it as much as I did. They'd swallow when they were horny for the sake of an easy clean up, but I swallowed because I loved the taste and texture. I even ate my own cum a lot of the time, and pretty much every time I jerked off alone. This made me the default cum dumpster, and I'd swallow everyone's cum one after the other if we were sticking to blowjobs.But we blew a ton of loads bareback fucking each other in the ass too, which admittedly felt great. Except sometimes I'd be so hungry to eat a load of cum that it felt like a waste to shoot it up there. You know where this is going.Later that same orgy, with my ass blown out from getting double fucked, I was taking a small break trying to come back down from the edge. I was at absolute max horny watching the rest of my buddies going at it, just pacing myself so I didn't blow. But one of them did, right into my youngest friend's ass. I wanted that cum in my mouth so bad and I was so horny that I offered to suck it out of him, by far the boldest dirtiest thing any of us had ever suggested. They thought I was crazy but wanted to see me do it, so I kept my word.I looked at his ass as our other friend pulled out and backed away, cock dripping with spit lube and cum...

>>900706884this you guys? MLess B74BD95

>>900708257 contHis little pink hole had one little dribble of cum leaking out, so I put my face between his ass cheeks and carefully clicked it off. Then I just went for it and sealed my lips around his hole and shoved my tongue into him. His hole was slimy and tasted like cum, and as he relaxed I felt the warm goo gush out of him. I didn't even have to suck it out, he pushed and farted the load of cum right into my mouth. I couldn't believe I was actually doing something so incredibly dirty, but I was so horny I felt proud of myself for shocking all my fuck buddies. It still tasted just like normal delicious cum so I swallowed it all as usual. I'd finally done something so dirty that I wasn't even sure if any of them would reciprocate and take it that far. But I didn't care, the less cum they ate meant more for me, and that's when our obsession with keeping everything 100% fair and even started losing importance.Not long after we even started playing with peeing on each other and drinking piss, still pushing the limits. We eventually came to the conclusion that the only escalations not on the table are shit, animals, and kids way younger than us. Not that there was much further to go after feltching and DPs, but we dabbled in other things and eventually found some other fetishes.We messed around with tying each other up a little bit, picking one "victim" and doing some light role play. Personally I loved pretending to be their kidnap and rape victim, being immobilized and letting them have their way with me, but this never actually went too far and wasn't as much fun as another fetish we eventually discovered - exhibitionism...I went off about that one in the last thread I was posting in, I can re-write some of that if anyone is interested. Or anything else you pervy fags wanna know.

40 m, sucked two dudes off 15 years ago, lately the urge returned..Found a guy in my City, his cock pics looked amazing, was horny as hell so Invite him over...Cleaned my ass thouroughly before, Butt plugged, excited and nervous.He came, older dude, not good looking but I only wanted the cock so... Smoke a cig, go up the stairs, He grabbed my ass a lot and that Made my crazy horny.In the Apartment, immediately strip me and him, get on my knees, Start sucking his cock. I LOVED it, juicy and fat dick, nearly jerked off while tasting him.He said He wanted to lick me, I get on the bed, ass in the air, He starts rimming my asshole, cant wait for his dick in there... Fucked me bareback with deep thrusts, feelssogood.Open my ass up really good and encourage him to fuck me harder... Asks me where to cum, I reply IN MY ASS, He creamed my ass really good.While He is in the bathroom I Dildo my ass with his cum inside and cum buckets on my face...

>>900709011Pic related

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Have a group of three friends I fooled with when we were teenagers.It was mostly just a lot of jerking off together. There was a little bit of grinding and "practice kissing" and other experimentation now and then, especially early on. But in general we all had too many hangups about doing gay stuff to go much beyond trading handjobs. Lots of unspoken rules and arbitrary boundaries, you know how it is. Sometimes as a group, sometimes one-on-one.Then one of my friends brought his younger brother in on the action. That kid was way less inhibited and waaay more cockhungry than the rest of us. So it wasn't long before all of us (even his brother) were using him as a cumdump. We weren't exactly open about it in front of each other (outside of a couple instances near the end), but we all knew what was going on.

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>>900708404No but definitely reminds me of me. Those boys are absolute legends, my only regret is that we never made any porn ourselves. Every now and then a dude pops into these threads and brags about how him and two older friends made porn when they were underage teens, and FUCK am I jealous. Bringing a camera along to our orgies would have been amazing and resulted in some of the greatest cheese pizza ever made.

>>900709140yeah I'm always on the lookout for more of the time you graduated. middle school, how many different guys would you say you fucked? By end of HS?

>>90070278718 now but a couple of years ago i used to screenshare porn to my friend and we both jerked off to it, we never explicitly said we were jerking off but we both knew. Came the hardest

>>900709311Well all thru middle and high school I was regularly fucking any and all of our group of 5. There were a few experimental level attempts at fucking with some of the other boys in the very early days, so I may have penetrated 6 or 7 holes in middle school. It was a weird time when we escalated beyond blowjobs because anal was the one thing the more nervous guys got hung up on. Some of them wouldn't even try, some tried but didn't like receiving, some would try topping but refused to bottom. So there were also at least 2 guys outside our main 5 who I let fuck me but never returned the favor, but they didn't stuck with it. The club kind of split off into a blowjobs only faction and the rest of us who kept escalating, and I tried to be in both. But the crossover between the two faded away as we grew older, and I stuck with my hardcore friends. But I definitely sucked at least 10 dicks by then.High school got weird (and fun) because lots of changes were going on, but by then we'd kind of taken things so incredibly far that it seemed impossible to try and recruit even more guys to join in. If we were still just innocently sucking dicks it might have been easier to sucker some more friends into it, but we were so far beyond that and having way too much fun with our other kinks. The 5 of us kept at it all the way through graduation until we started moving apart for college and work, and I didn't fuck a single guy outside of that circle until later in my 20s. And to this day some of us still fool around when we have the time.


>>900708404what is Mless and those numbers?

>>900710069The website about people without mothers, and the end of a url

>>900710005I'm curious, did everyone turn out gay? Or did some guys become bi?I have a fascination with peoples body counts, its why I asked.

>>900709311Got any more links to similar? I love me some good twink porn but I'm tired of the polished studio stuff, I love the raw dirty homemade amateur stuff that all seemed to all disappear in pornocalypse 2020.

>>90071028450/50 gay/bi, nobody turned out perfectly straight. As one of the bi ones, I don't really buy the "born that way" argument. We would have ended up straight if it weren't for our earliest sexual experiences programming us. Not that I think it's a bad thing, I still regret all a bunch of stuff I didn't do more than anything I did.

>>900710374same site76055580C238D2744B96FI'm always looking for more like that, as well.

>>900710557you said you avoided kids way younger... what was the largest age gap between you?

>>900710005you did all that and didn't make any videos of it?

>>900707831Same dude, trust me- you are not alone in that boat by a long shot. I have sex with trans women every once in a while for fun because I love creampie-ing things that can’t get pregnant & a lil dick every once in a while.. i’m comfortably bisexual but not openly bisexual. All that gay culture shit is just so fucking wack to me.

My first time was with my younger cousin. He came to stay with us (family drama, his parents are both deadbeat shitheads) and was sleeping on an air mattress in my room. I'd caught him 'mirin me a few times. Liked the attention, so I'd been sorta encouraging it.Then I woke up one night to find him kneeling at the edge of my bed, slowly feeling up my abs and dick. Wasn't sure how to react, so I just laid there and feigned sleep. Eventually he pulled my cock out and tried to go down on me. As soon as he put his mouth on my cock, I guess I moved or made a sound or something, cause he immediately got spooked and retreated back to his bed. Leaving me sitting there with a very frustrated boner.The next day I didn't say anything, just pretended like everything was normal. I guess he thought I really slept through it? I wasn't sure how to react. Was interested in doing more, but also felt like I shouldn't initiate anything since he was younger and also in a pretty vulnerable/dependent position.Then a few nights later he pulled the same thing again, creeping on me while he thought I was asleep. I once again laid still and let him think I was sleeping through it, and actually got him to suck me for a minute or two. But then he got spooked again and stopped just as I was starting to feel really good.Laid there for a while debating with my boner before I finally said fuck it, got up, and went over to his bed. He freaked out and started apologizing, I guess he thought I was mad and gonna beat him up or something. He relaxed once he realized I just wanted him to finish what he started lol. Wound up sitting on the side of my bed while he blew me on his knees. I intended to return the favor, but as soon as he tasted my cum, he blew his own load in his hand.It was the beginning of a pretty regular thing. Pretty much nightly, until (I suspect) my folks figured out something was up and moved him into a separate room.

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I held and jerked off a hung friend while a chubby slut blew him. She started by taking turns on us, but honestly I knew I was in trouble at the reveal. I eventually sat on the floor to suck on her big, fat titties while she focused on him. Being at eye level with his monster cock was honestly stunning. She had to take a break and took the time to get completely naked for us. Meanwhile I asked if I could hold him. He was seriously so big it was like looking at a different species of man.He was visibly unsure, but laughed it off and told me I could. I wrapped my hand around the base and I couldn’t make my fingers touch my thumb. I gave it a wiggle and feeling the power of it is still to this day almost indescribable. Of course the girl thought this was incredibly hot, so while I steadied his massive cock, she got back to blowing him. Her lips couldn’t even make it to my hand. When she backed off to breathe, I gave him long, slow strokes. Her mouth left him very wet and it was honestly a pretty pleasurable experience.They ended up fucking. She was trying to jerk me off at the same time, but it wasn’t doing it for me. He came on her big tummy and I had half a mind to clean it up. I finished myself on her big tits.My buddy swore me to secrecy and said that would never happen again. It’s my only experience, but I think about it sometimes. How much could I have fit in my mouth? He’s married now to a small Asian woman and I also sometimes imagine her being absolutely impaled by his monster cock.

My best friend growing up we used to experiment, from age 12 to 15, started as just wanking together, to eventually "You pretend to be this girl from school" with hand jobs/blow jobs. We ended up losing contact as he moved and just kinda lost touch.About 2 years later we started chatting again and he only lived 40min walk away, but could bike for 10mins (no car). Ended up arranging to meet up to "Game", we both knew what it meant and blew each other. Carried on like this for a bit until I got curious and wanted him to fuck me. Told him and so next time I went, with no prep just lube he tried to enter me. Hurt like fuck, tried for 10mins of him just shoving it in with no prepbut just hurt too bad so I said lets stop.He told me I can't just blue ball him and I got him too excited to try this "You've got to push through the pain for me". I felt guilty so tried again, he pushed it all the way it and still hurt but he stayed still for awhile but everytime he tried to pump I told him to stop. Eventually he got frustrated and I felt him put his wait on me and hold me down, went from doggy to prone bone. I kept telling him to stop but he just said "You wanted this", I just cried throughout the whole thing.He finished in me, and said I'd get used to it but left and never went again.Only done straight stuff since but years later now I have fantasies about it and want it to happen again, but I think it's because I don't really remember the pain part of it

>>900710638I was the oldest, and my main 4 fuck buddies were between 6 months and 2 years younger than me. There were some even younger boys in the early days, and that could be part of the reason it didn't work with some of them. They might have been too young to be getting horny enough to make bad decisions, or maybe the age gaps were a little too much considering how fast puberty kicked in for some of us. Even though they looked up to us in a way and we were as sweet to them as possible, we were still the 'big kids' and scary to them I guess.But to really answer your question, I do clearly remember trading blowjobs with a freshly recruited 9 year old when I was 12, that was the biggest age gap. Back then anyway - later on I fucked a 16 year old (legal here) when I was 25. The 9 year old was fun and it was a thrill to corrupt him like that, but it *almost* felt wrong and wasn't as fun as my way more horny and degenerate buddies.>>900711170I know, I know, what a wasted opportunity. Go ahead keep rubbing in the regret. Honestly self made cheese pizza done by willing friends should be straight up legalized, or at least some kind of exception if you sit on it until you reach legal age, after that you should be allowed to do whatever you want with it. If we had as easy access to digital cameras back then as there is now, it absolutely would have been a different story. Like I shit you not we even talked about it and everything, made all kinds of theoretical plans and shit. I might have been running a teen sex porn empire by now if this were a different word.

>>900711300The light incest makes it even hotter. Do go on.And if anyone has brother stories, I need to know, for science.

My first gay experience was with two brothers when we were teens.

>>900702787I have sucked over 150 cocks over 10+yrs. It went pretty well.


>>900711677Dubs means you need to greentext this now

I've met multiple men on grindr.most of the time I meet guys and just suck their dicks. really enjoy just doing that. Usually make a point to tell them I dont want them to do anything to me, just let me suck their cocks. couple weeks ago I met up with a guy, it was super late like 2 am. he left his door unlocked to his house, i came in and he was just on the couch, no lights on, couldnt see much of anything. eventually found him and just got to work sucking his cock, no talking until he started getting rough and holding my head down, calling me a slut etc. it was a alot of fun

>>900711300>>900711677Checked and checked and expecting more details. Incest is wincest.

>>900711540Did you and your 4 buds ever have a big piss session together?

Went to an all boys school. It's just as gay as the stereotypes would suggest. Hottest one was probably jerking a guy off during a lesson and then sucking him in the toilets afterwards. He came like fuck both times (yay forcteenage hormones, I suppose)

>>900711598Cousinfucker here again.Honestly not that much of interest to say beyond the kinda weird way it started. We were horny teen boys, so once we got over our initial awkwardness we just went at it like rabbits whenever we thought we had enough privacy for it.The fact that we were cousins was barely a consideration. I spent a lot more time fretting about my sexuality. I'd already known before this started that I was into guys... but I'd been with a girl before and enjoyed it, so I told myself it was just a minor bit of bicuriousity, surely I was "mostly" straight, right? Well, turns out fucking boys felt even better, so that definitely threw my self-image for a loop. Especially once I started catching some more-than-sexual feelings for him, too.

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This is where it started for me…I was about 7 or 8. >There was an older kid that lived down the street I would hand out with. >He was probably 15. >We would play basketball with other kids and he would always grind on me while guarding or pinch my butt. >One day just him and I are playing and he ask if I want to play a game where if you miss the shot you have to do what the other person says. >Starts off with stupid stuff. >I miss a shot and he says to follow him to the dead end of the street. >We go behind this fence and he says to touch his dick. >It’s already hard and has sticky pre cum coming out, it’s huge compared to mine. >I do it and give it a tug and we go back to playing. >This goes on for a while but he keeps having me do more. >I show him my cock a few times and he plays with it and puts it in his mouth. >I can’t cum yet but still feels good. >I start losing the game on purpose so we can just do more stuff together. >Eventually he ask if I want to try his cock in my mouth. >I put it in and don’t really know what to do, so I just move my tongue around it while he jerks off til he cums. >It surprises me so I back off and have cum hanging out my mouth and more shoots on my face. >We start skipping playing the game and do this every chance we get and I start getting better at blowing him and swallowing his cum. >One day we are in his room naked and he is sliding his cock between my butt cheeks, poking at my hole. >But then we hear his dad come home and get dressed real quick. >This went on for about a year or so until his dad caught him with another neighborhood kid and he confessed to doing it with me and others and had to come apologize to me. >It sucked he got caught because I really liked doing it.

>>900711706This one will respect the rule of dubs>be 15>go camping for the summer at a nearby campground>meet new friends!>let's say Drake, 15 and Josh, 16>hit it off, soend most of the day fucking around>invite me to spend the night so at their site>of course bros>spend the night in a two-person tent>there's 3 of us so its cozy>shooting the shit eventually Drake asks "hey user would you let me blow you?">yeah I guess>its not gay to receive right?>"user, would blow me?">initially say no but realize it'd be rude not to return the favor>this leads to nothing and we, 3 totally heterosexual boys, go to sleep>...>fucking of course it doesn't> ends up with him blowing me, then I blowing him>Josh is like wtf do I get>be a good friend and such off Josh>ends up as more of a face fuck>this is how I find out I'm into that>Drake is horny again and starts stroking and takes out a conveniently placed bottle of hand lotion>huh wonder whats that for>climbs on top if me and starts pressing his cock into me>oh.gif>Drake busts inside me, Josh paints my face>end up going a few more times like this, usually with me in the middle>fall asleep at God only knows what time>wake up>morning wood>HelpingHand.png>get me inside without parents noticing so I can clean up my face a bit>go about our day like nothing happenedGood times

>>900707040We just came on ourselves around the same time. Surprisingly the ugliest guy in our group with the smallest dick blew a huge load all over himself. I had to lend him one of my shirts afterwards.

>>900702787>Be me>Just hetero. Love girls, eatiing pussy and so on>One day, so drunk I subscribel to Grindr>Have a Dad bod so not so sexy>No one would contact me>Get tons of contacts>Hot guys contact me> That giy, Romuald> Seems kind and > would want to experience his dick in my ass or in my mouth> Doesn't see so gay>Decide to try with that guy one kiometers from me.Cont?

>>900712076Yeah, it's really funny just how accurate the stereotypes about all-boys schools are. I've heard the Navy is the same way.The environment in my own school I was fucking weird... everyone acted super homophobic on the surface, but we were all fagging it up behind closed doors. And it was a boarding school, so we had plenty of privacy to get away with it. The most ironic thing is that the kids who got bullied for being fags were mostly socially-awkward straight boys who didn't fit in. Rather than the gay boys who were taking miles of dick (and therefore had blackmail knowledge over everyone lol).Though I guess it wasn't really "everyone"? Years later, I mentioned all the gaiety to a couple old friends who'd also gone there, and they had no fucking idea what I was talking about. Either they were playing dumb, or the homo subculture was more hidden than I'd realized.

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>>900712299Hot story, user.Do you know if the two of them planned that out ahead of time? It certainly sounds like they were awfully easygoing about ganging up on you like that.

Attached: 1312501337665.jpg (720x678, 71.16K)

>>900711694biggest cock you ever had?

>>900712969I have no idea but it doesn't help i give off massive gay vibes. They probably just assumed I'd be into it and they weren't wrong lol

>>900712878I'm pretty sure the guy who bullied me most was because he was jealous I was sucking his friend. It was supposed to be secret, but it blatantly wasn't, and he 100% knew.

>>900713019I have had several that were pretty fucking huge. At least 2 guys were 10 inches. One guy just kept dropping it on my face with a thud lol. Another guy try to fuck me with his but it was just too big. I love sucking big cocks and can really goon out on a nice big cock. I have sucked a lot of 8inchers. tbhonest for fucking I actually prefer smaller cocks 6-7inches or so...

>>900711972A few times yeah, once in the shower at the same friend's place from previous post. That one was all 5 of us taking turns draining our bladders all over each other one at a time. And then more often once my other friend moved to a condo with a private pool facility, we did a lot of golden showers in that shower when nobody was around to see. It wasn't always all 5 of us there, and it was mostly me and the buddy living in the condo that really got into it. We were the first ones to actually pee in each other's mouths and taste it and eventually drink it. Once we figured out to over hydrate and water down our piss then we'd sometimes full on Bear Grylls each other and drink an entire bladder full right from the tap. Swapping fluid like that was fun, but we did even weirder stuff like pissing into each other's butts. Not onto like actually into, piss enima. The best was the couple times I convinced all 4 of them to piss on and in me at the same time, absolutely soaking me in that little public shower stall.

>>900702787I went on a reddit main sub and shared a relatively common and uncontroversial opinion. Down voted by soijaks. Banned from numerous subs. It was pretty gay.

>>900702787My first ever blowjob>me and friend M go to friend's B house>fucking around then we decide to watch some porn>B says "Let's measure our cocks huh?">me and M say no for a bit but then guve in>M whips out a 16cm hard, me and B 9cm>amazed me and B say some good words about his size>i stare for a bit too long>after a while me and M decide to go home>usual small talk and then he says" I noticed you staring at my cock earlier">"Yeah, cuz it was huge">"But you couldn't get your eyes off it">Going back and forth defending my heterosexualityThe next day>M approaches >"Hey, user wanna come to my place after school, B will come too">i say Ok, and go to his place right after school>B doesn't come, he never does eventually, but in the meantime we play video games and rhe M turns on some porn>"Hey let's jack off together">After a while we both pull out or cocks and fap>M gets his hand on my cock>"Come on, grab mine">i grab it and start stroking it>after a while he persuades me into giving it a slight kiss, then touching with tongue and eventually that leads to a full on blowjob>pushes me from the bed onto the floor on my knees>puts his hand on the back of my head and pushes it down>cums in my throat right away because he couldn't handle the pressure>i swallow what i didn't spit out>both of us kept quiet, but shortly after i got dressed and left

>>900711598When I first came out as gay, my brother gave me a ton of shit for it. He'd always been loudly homophobic, so I expected it. But he was still pretty over the top. Got into several shouting matches with me, and we even scuffled a bit (just shoving, no punches).It wrecked our relationship for a couple years. Then when I saw him over the holidays, he got all drunk and maudlin with me one night and apologized for the whole thing. Confessed that he'd been struggling with "gay urges" for years and was really confused about his sexuality.Over the next week, we ended up having a series of those long serious drunken confessional talks. Started off innocent enough, we worked out a lot of shit. But then we started talking about spicy shit, with him asking me all sorts of details about my sexual escapades. He started talking about how jealous he was, and dropping heavy hints about how he wished "some guy he trusted" would help him experiment with his sexuality.I gotta admit, I'm the one who crossed the line first. Put my hand on his thigh all casual-like to see what his reaction would be. Next thing I know, he's in my lap sticking his tongue down my throat. I got cold feet a bit, told him I felt like I was taking advantage of him. He told me that was exactly what he wanted, he wanted me to take charge and "mess him up".So... that's what I did, lol. Probably wouldn't have gone through with it if I hadn't been so drunk and horny. For it being his first time with another guy, he took dick amazingly well. He really didn't appreciate it when I later teased him about being a natural bottom though, lol.

Attached: 125296665482.jpg (800x661, 147.52K)

>>900702787i wish you leftys would just go back to redit. this shit is gay af

>>900702787Israel is your safe haven.Also look up the trans history is Europe from about 100 years ago. A certain tribe was heavily pushing it. Hmmm.

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>>900715225He must've had a lot of long nights with his hidden dildo lolAlso, hot

>>900715225man I don't think I could ever fuck my brother, even if he really wanted itit just makes the relationship weird yknow

>>900715962Well their realtionship was already fked up, so it couldn't get anymore worse


>>900715962Pretty fair worry. I think that if I'd had a closer and more normal relationship with my own brother, there's no way either of us would've risked things by crossing that line. But like >>900716129 says, I think the fact that we'd been estranged for so long pushed us into territory that we otherwise wouldn't have considered.At first, I was still really worried that the sex would scare him off and ruin our reconciliation. But thankfully, it seems to be working out good so far. We get along better now that we did even back before we were estranged. For a while there we felt more like fuckbuddies than brothers, but we've been making good progress on rebuilding the platonic side of our relationship.>>900715816No kidding, lol. He claimed that he'd never had anything up his butt before, but I really fucking doubt that. He stayed hard the whole time and took it 100x better than I did when I got my own cherry popped.

Attached: 1343414438738.jpg (612x612, 58.91K)

>>900717004What does he look like? Is he more twink-like or bear-like?

>>900717004He's definitely closer to the twink body type, but he's too masculine for me to really use that word for him. Maybe he could pass for a twink if he shaved his legs, lol. He's skinny and average height, in shape but without the frame to show much muscle. I'd call it a runner's build, not sure what the "gay term" for that is.

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>>900702787last weekend and old man took me to a fancy resort for a couple of night. It was great. he fucked me so many times I think I can still feel it lol.

>dress up and shave body>flooded with guys on grindr>guy drives for like 40 min to see me>gets in car drive around middle of night>goes to some random field with blanket>really cold outside with pointy ass stones and hard dirt under blanket not comfy at all.>he puts his pp in my butt and cum in like 10 seconds - hurts>mfw never again but anyway.

>>900702787Like I said in the previous thread I had my first gay experience because I was out of money and I needed some so I had to suck some cock to get money and that went to me getting fucked to get paid and then I started doing that on the regular because fuck it I'm making bank now

>>900719292i wanna find some rich guy that will pay me to drain his nuts. im tired of working i wanna suck cock for a living.

>>900719365Get on your locals and look for people that are looking for people not just for sex but more like companionship and stuff and then start advertising on their your companionship and time for whatever dollar amount per hour and then you can go from there

>>900719365see>>900717679he doesnt "pay" me per se but he has given me a lot of cash and bought me lots of things to wear and took me away a couple of times and I didnt pay a thing all weekend. Its pretty damn fun. He goes home to his wife and I go back to my life...until he needs me again

>>900719476Yep that's pretty much how I've been running my shit nice tip though

>>900711263Like I probably would mention it if I felt the need to, I just never see much reason to do so. I don't get gay culture, what the fuck am I supposed to talk like? Am I supposed to act or think a certain kind of way? If so, fuck that, I want to be my own person, I don't want to limit myself to ideas of how I should be. I just want to be a normal person and have sex every once in a while, not be "queer" or something. I like trannies, I like some men, I like women, but I don't make it my identity. Maybe it is cowardice, maybe I am not man enough to admit to myself and others what I am, but maybe being "gay" is a joke.

my last gay meet up involved an intense frot session which lasted on and off for a few hours

>>900715962drop the facade and make your brother happy

>>900719820same here too. all that shit is so cringey and wack to me. i like all kinds of freaky sex but you dont have to be a fag about it. just shut up and sit on my face already.

I wouldn't say my first gay experience but my most recent would be going over to an affluent neighborhood and getting fucked by 7 plus 80-year-old guys because they were paying me a shitload of money to do that

>>900715962Same. I couldn’t do anything with my bro. But I’ve sucked my cousins cock a few times when we were younger. I was the one that talked him into it. Never went farther than that. He wasn’t into it as much as me.

>>900720105whats the market price on a geezer gangbang? asking for a friend.

>>900720172I charge $75 per hour and that doesn't include sex or any thing else that $75 an hour just means that I'm going to be there for 1 hour anything else you have to pay extra for which is negotiable on site

Met a guy in his car and sucked his dick

>>900720033Yeah, the guy I fuck isn't faggy about it, in spite of the fact that they crossdress and like my cock in their ass. The roles are clear, I am the top, they are the bottom, but aside from that we are still men.I don't like gay guys that have to always start drama, always try to start something and are always miserable, or the overly political types. I had a guy in highschool always try and start something with me, I don't know what that was all about. Maybe he was into me or maybe he just wanted me to come out, but I had never done anything gay at that point. Weird stuff man. What business of it is yours where I put my dick unless you want my business in yours?

>>900720172>>900720172I live in DC. The price for male escorts varies widely. $80 to $350 per session for just sex. But if you shop around you can get very hot regulars for $180 per session...maybe a little more if fucking is involved.

My good friend. My former school crush. My boyfriend. My ex. My brother. That's all.

>>900720452Selling your ass cheap, I was escorting 10 years ago for more than that

>>900720342so how much did you make altogether? like 2k for the whole day w all 7 of em? or just hundreds? 2k under the table seems reasonable. i could do a gangbang every week or two and be fine.

Think I shared in the last thread. Long story short I entered into a kind of threesome with a chubby slut and my friend. I knew he was bigger, but once he got fully erect it was honestly shocking and I submitted.

>>900719476sounds hot. tell us more.

>>900720452im just gonna hold out and be exclusive for some old rich guy. i cant be slinging my ass all over the city for a couple hundred bucks a pop. too much risk not enough reward.

You know most of these are fake because no one is writing about how they threw up afterwards.

>>900720759I average 1 Grand to 9 Grand per day

>>900720999Ok I'm jealous. Fucking whore.

>>900720759Also can't say how much I really made because the IRS would be really interested to know about that

>>900721043You know I take my job seriously and I'm a very hard worker

>>900720375Bowling green?

>>900721022Sorry it's meant for you but I do take my job seriously and I will do anything I need to do to make more money cuz I'm just that type of person

>>900721043riiight. if the IRS wants to know about your money this would be a really odd and inefficient way of getting that information.

>>900720999pay me to be your whore. ill just take like a fraction of what you make in a day. but i dont like dealing with a lot of people.

>>900711598>And if anyone has brother stories, I need to know, for science.Closet bifag here. I started plowing my little brother back in high school. He's the only guy I've ever been with, but I've probably laid more pipe in him than all my past gfs put together lol.Doesn't happen nearly as often these days. Mostly just when I'm going through a breakup and need a place to vent my sexual frustration. He's almost always DTF, no fuss or drama

Attached: 125503454965.jpg (1024x683, 252.93K)

>>900721374That would be a thing who I was but since his phone is registered to someone else and not me I'm not fucking worried

Living the dream, have a beautiful Asian wife with fat tits, and also a 50 yo handsome married rich businessman come to town once a week for Mutual BJs in his car, does it get much better than this?

>>900702787We always teased around and showed dicks to each other but chickend out of any blowjobs or handjobs, but the cocklust kinda stayed until I was 22 and found a 16yo to suck off, at first he came pretty quick but the second round he took forever to come and I got all sweaty and stopped enjoying it.Then I found some 13yo that wanted to kiss, so we did one session in a car where he then asked to see my cock, put it in his mouth for a second and then asked to leaveNext day he messaged me he wants to do more, so I let him suck me couple of times, when he was about 15 we did another sucking but neither of us came.Then I got sucked by a tranny without dressupIt's always better as fantasy then when I'm actually doing it, and I feel like I won't do it again until a cocklust comes back like a year or two alter

>>900720999I also forgot to mention that I'm not a twink or really good looking I just get my ass out there and work every single day and make it happen

Had some bjs from guys in porn theaters. Always went in and stroked and if the video and situation is right, I’d let them go to town while I watched porn. Yesterday I talked to a cross dresser that was going let me come in, skip foreplay and go straight to anal. I drove up to his house but chickened out last second. Wish I hadn’t

>>900722392sounds pretty legit! fat asian titties and fat cock on the side.

Meant to post a general reply but I'm kind of fucked up been drinking just a little too much

Told an ex girlfriend I was bisexual and she was surprisingly into it and spent the rest of our relationship whoring me out to every gay friend she had (and she had a lot). Fun times.

>>900722665I hope you made a lot of money on that cuz if not you're selling yourself short or someone is

>>900722781not whoring as in literal prostitution, just fucking

>>900722781In my world everything is worth money every interaction every single time you interact with a person every single time you do anything is worth money and you just need to learn how to leverage that

>>900722645This man knows,

>>900722803Everything I post is redirecting for some reason

>>900722645It's even better because my doesn't suck, she has a bad gag reflux

>>900722803Like I said before every single interaction you have with the person is worth money anything you can do is worth money your time is worth money why don't you get out there and sell yourself and make as much money as you fucking possibly can

>>900723016but i like when they gag. gets their throat nice and gushy.

Hey everyone, only recently started swallowing and I'm really surprised how good it tastes!, my GF never likes the taste but to me it tastes sweet, is that normal? what does it taste like for you guys?

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>>900720795WHat do you want to know? He is a mrried guy who I have been servicing for a couple of years. He comes over I take care of him sexually. Occasionally he get a hotel room downtown when there is a conference or soemthing...this time he has a work thing at resort close by. He love me in lingerie and has a wierd voyeur thing where he kind of likes people to know or even see that I am his little fucktoy. its a blast.

I once simped for a girl so hard, I let her talk me into a bisexual threesome cause she wanted to watch her boyfriend fuck another guy.I only agreed cause I was desperate and pathetic thought that I'd at least get to take a turn fucking her. Her bf's dick was too big for me to handle though, I got cold feet and wimped out before he could get more than a couple inches in. The girl try to bully me into continuing, but her bf was a bro and told her to lay off.The threesome fell apart after that. The whole time he'd been trying to get his gf to jump in and participate, including with me (as she'd implied she would), but she wasn't playing ball. She eventually got huffy, called us fags, and left.I was too drunk to go home, so he let me stay to sober up. He apologized for how things went down, and warned me she was just stringing me along and that I should give up on her. I didn't like to hear it, but it was hard to deny at that point.We were both still horny and frustrated, so after a while he put on some porn. By unspoken agreement, we both reached over and jerked each other off. Ended up going down on him and discovered sucking dick is kinda fun. Then found myself straddling his lap trying to take it up the butt again... it was a lot easier without his gf there making things awkward, and I actually managed to take him to the hilt. But he was still too big for me to really handle getting fucked, so after a while I tapped out and we just frotted until we came all over each other.

Attached: 1502229546951.jpg (600x450, 61.38K)

>>900723396sucks how it went down but having a bi threeway with a sexy little faggot is me and my wifes ultimate fantasy.

Picrel what I'd send to CL responses>Be me just turned 18 virgin desperate for sex>Gay sex still counts lose me v card that way>Check on CL find out bottoming is faster>Decide to take it easy and start with blowjobs>Post ad looking for cocks>Cowboy in 40s instantly responds>Decide to meet in my college parking lot in his huge truck>Big fat white horse rangling cowboy>We both get in the huge rear cab>Pulls down his jeans to reveal his big stinky cock>Almost gag on musk literal smegma developing under glands>Horny kicks back in and suck on his balls to acclimate to gross smell>Grabs my hair and pulls me up to suck on his gross head>Decide to clean him up with tongue to make it more bearable> Pull back to gaze at his saliva polished rod totally clean>Get super horny ask if he wants to fuck me>Say it's too risky during the day>pulls my head back>I'm so horny for him now>Try my best to deep throat him as much as possible>Make sure to suck on balls and lick his head while catching breath>Goes on for about 10 mins>Holds my head during a deep throat and starts cumming>Suffocating on his cock>Holds me until his dick is soft>Didn't get to taste his cum>Tells me jerk off>Pull down my pants>Tells me to get on all fours on the bench seat>Point my ass at him>Tells me to suck on his fingers I do>Feel slimy fingers painful enter my ass>So painful could cry>Tells me to jerk off>Jerk while he fingers me for like another 10mins>Relax enough to feel good>Spanking and groping my ass>Pulls fingers out almost cum>Shoves his nose in my hole>Blow a huge load in his seat>Tells me to clean his finger and seat with my tongue>Cum is cold and sticky by the time I get to it>He's been hard and jerking off this whole time>Tells me finish him again>Suck on his dick head and jerk him off>Blows another big load on my tongue>Both delicious and musky rancid>Tells me to get the fuck out and speeds offGod I miss craigslist

Attached: 1678607215782577.jpg (1638x2498, 352.57K)

>>900723484I'll do it. I'll share your cock with her and she can stroke my hair while you fuck me :) I have actually had 3 bi MMF but none of them were the ideal scenario. one of them the husbdan/wife wanted nothing to do with each other lol.

>>900723516>God I miss craigslistthe amount of cock I got off of CL was astonishing. Pussy too...It was all so easy and simple. Grindr sucks ass.

>>900723308The taste of cum varies a lot depending on diet. Coffee and red meat make it bitter, as does smoking cigarettes. Eating lots of fruit (especially pineapple, for whatever reason) makes it sweeter.

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>>900723557sounds great. she wants to get double dicked too. live near nc?

>>900723627that's super interesting maybe I should bring him pineapple as a joke

>>900723516>>900723598me too for real. banged a couple trannies and had a threeway with a couple crossdressers on there. shit was cash.

>>900723627i eat meat and smoke like a motherfucker and my shit tastes delicious. prove me wrong.

>>900723598>>900723516I hope you guys know that there is still lots of meetups going on on Craigslist that just goes on in missed connections it's just about freezing your ad so it doesn't get taken down immediately

>>900723660I do not. I did do that once and it was fun but she loved it!

When I was around 17 I glanced at another guys cock while we at the urinals. Almost 20 years later I still think about it and regret it more than anything else to this day.

>>900723960piss cock loving faggot

>>900723308Most guys are ok, I’ve kinda gotten use to the taste, pretty much just a mild mucus flavorYou get the occasional nice tasting cum, which tastes like that flavored lubeBut don’t ever swallow the cum of a smokerJust don’t

>>900721868Please tell me your brother was younger and you were in high school.

>>900725201Good to know, i won't take my friends sweet cum for granted

Used to hook up with my twin brother. We found porn on satellite tv early and would watch it together whenever we could be alone. That kind of escalated over the course of several years. At first we were just watching, eventually we're touching ourselves, then each other. One day he says he wants to try what the girl in the porno is doing and I get my first blowjob. By the time college comes around we're going back to our shared apartment after class to fuck until we can't get hard anymore.

>>900725752must be lucky

>>900702787someone told me about Holla Forums in 2006. i logged onto the world wide web and came here. that was my first gay experience.

>>900726174We had some great times>high school>home alone (dad not due back for a few hours), hanging out in the upstairs living room>I'm really horny, start giving him eyes and stuff>a few minutes later we're making out on the couch>really want to fuck him right there instead of going to the basement>talk him into it eventually and wait for him to get cleaned for it>have him bent over the couch, grinding my cock on his ass>oozing precum like a faucet before I'm even inside him>lube him up anyway to be safe, slide in>feels amazing, like always>like his ass was made for me>pumping away>panting like crazy, every thrust feels like it could be the point of no return>kind of leaned over him, stroking his cock and nibbling his neck>hear the front door open, dad's back early>have to rush to get dressed, blast the room with air freshener>just barely don't get caught, chat for a bit while we're both still aching to cum>go downstairs together and end up finishing up in his bedroomWhat we did in that living room is still one of the greatest sexual memories I have. I remember it so vividly.

>>900726647Good stuff.Would he ever just blow you to get you off real fast?

>>900727028Yeah, I'd return the favor too. Did it a lot right before we would get ready for bed. One of us would suggest it, we'd make each other cum, brush our teeth, and go to our respective bedrooms.

>>900727149Wow.That's hot. How quickly would you each come when you'd blow one another.

I went to a friend's house. Accidentally dropped phone on other side of bed. My sweats fell off and he saw my hole as i tried to bend over to pick up phone. He fucked me and bred me raw.It wasnt gay though. Afterwards we went to have lunch with his seed in me. Two totally straight bros chatting about sports and news. Pic is us

Attached: Capture+_2023-06-04-07-52-33.png (683x1165, 604.33K)

>>900725505Yeah? I mean, we were both in high school when it started, he's only a couple years younger than me.

Attached: 1329945520164.jpg (500x365, 47.07K)

>>900727149Dang that hot, I knew a guy in high school that would on the regular bang is older sister and he would. Make his younger blow him under the desk will he watch porn, I was so jealous

>>900727335I usually tried to hold back as long as I could to get a really good orgasm, so it could take a bit. Once I learned my brother's weakpoints I could get him off pretty quick if I wanted, but teasing was kind of fun. He won't admit it but he's kind of a masochist and gets off on it.>>900727515Having a sister would have been nice.>Make his younger blow him under the desk will he watch porn,Done this with my brother, though. Both as the one getting blown and the one blowing.

>>900725752>>900726647What's your relationship with him like now? I always wonder how these sorts of incestuous relationships affect siblings as they get older. Did you ever struggle with romantic feelings for each other? Jealousy over each other's later partners? Sexual tension after things stopped, assuming they did?

Attached: 1312504784212.jpg (469x700, 49.97K)

>>900727783We stopped because he got serious with a girl. I dunno about him but I don't really have anything romantic there. We're still on good terms.

>>900702787Lots of sexting with two meet ups with two different guys that none of us could stay hard for to penetrate each other then the third time was a charm as the saying goes. This guy was able to stay hard and push himself inside me and it felt amazing. He fucked me pretty hard and came in a condom in me

Went through a semi-homeless degen phase after high school. Couchsurfed around letting sketchy dudes take advantage of me sexually in exchange for drugs, spending money, and a place to sleep. A lot of the time I'd play "reluctant broke straight boy" and pretend like I didn't want it... but that was partly an act to milk them for sympathy, and partly me lying to myself cause I felt guilty about what I was doing.Started off as something I did with dealers and friends-of-friends. Then I discovered that older guys are a lot richer, much more generous as sugar daddies, and a lot better in bed even if they're being selfish about it. Eventually ended up in a long-term thing with a friend's divorced dad who thought he could "fix me."The thing is... he kinda did? I thought I was just using him at first. But he was dominant enough to make me listen and get my shit together, without being authoritarian enough to scare me off. He eventually pushed me into getting my GED and dropping my more destructive drug habits. Also had a thick fucking cock that he really knew how to use lol

Attached: 1411825941252.gif (500x320, 525.71K)

>>900728075If he ever tried to start something with you again, would you go for it? Or is that all in the past now?

Attached: 1379579415785.gif (282x198, 1.94M)

Stop putting the brother-husband idea in my mind

>>900730474Why, user? It's the ideal relationship.

Attached: 1459880374476.jpg (500x667, 102.61K)

Did a lotta experimental gay shit back in my fraternity days.It's not like the cliches would have it, no sexual hazing or ritual orgies lol. But there was a subset of us who regularly fapped and fooled around together, especially when we had the excuse of being drunk.In theory, none of us were gay... ironically, the only two openly gay guys in the fraternity avoided our shenanigans lol... but everyone had different limits on how far they were willing to go. I started off pretty uptight, with a lot of hangups. But ended up on the faggier end of the spectrum by my senior year.

Attached: 1466370340196.jpg (518x744, 91.18K)

>>900727454that sounds pretty gay to me

>>900730612Because I'm in love with mine, but it is unrequited.

My story.>Used Grindr couple years ago>Connected with a femboy that likes to dress up>Ended up meeting at his place>Femboy wearing a schoolgirl outfit and no panties>Felt up his cute petite ass>Next he unzips my pants and gave me a BJ>Later tried to fuck him in the ass and despite my dick hard, couldn't penetrate his asshole no matter how hard I push in>Ended up cumming on his assI wanted to meet up with him again, but haven't heard from yet. I want to try again.Lately I have been going to the local adult video shop in my area and fuck in a booth but everytime I go, always old men and I wish these pieces of shit were banned from adult video stores.

Attached: Dark Despair.png (215x321, 78.73K)

>>900731349Don't be ridiculous man, he specifically explained it wasn't gay. Sometimes bros put their dicks in each other and fill each other with cum. Totally normal behavior, no homo, no need to make it weird.

Attached: 1487017436815.jpg (640x853, 41.59K)

How tf do the straight people here enjoy gay sex so much when for me, a gay man, it feels like shit and its also kinda frightening?

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>>900731534My condolences, user. I know that feel. Had a huge crush on my older brother since I first hit puberty, if not before. He was bi enough to return my sexual interest, and we had some really great times... but he's only romantically interested in girls. Broke my heart every time he got a new gf, especially since he used me as a rebound fuck after each breakup. He didn't mean to string me along, he just couldn't understand that I wanted him as more than a fuckbuddy.

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>>900731585That’s the only way they can get laid, nobody will touch old people if they see them in advance

>>900732085Maybe you're just straight, go fuck a woman

>>900732085If you're gay and gay sex "feels like shit and is also kinda frightening", it sounds like you're having some bad fucking sex, dude.Let me guess: you're having anonymous hookups, either at cruising spots or from apps? Drop that shit and get yourself a proper boyfriend. Somebody you actually like more than just physically. Don't fuck on the first date. Sex is supposed to make you feel good, physically and mentally.

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>>900732312Wow, your bro is a dickhead.

>>900732457It's not like gays stop responding once you make clear you don't fuck on first date...>>900732360I know how my brain is wired. But sex in wet dreams is vastly different to how it feels in real life

>>900732462In his defense, I kept my stronger feelings mostly to myself, cause I was worried they'd scare him off. He knew I was jealous of his girlfriends. But he thought it was just cause I was horny and missed his dick, not because I was harboring an impossible and unrequited romantic crush. And sure enough, once I confessed that to him, he pointed out that maybe it would be a good idea to maintain some distance to let my feelings cool down. Which he was completely right about, and I realized it myself, I was just being dumb and didn't want that distance to happen.

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>>900702787When i was about 17-18 i was wondering what i liked so almost everyone could get fucked.End up going to a college lgbtq thing after school by myself.Talked to a guy thats like 50+ after the thing was over, pull him to the side, asked if hes gay. He said yes ofc. Asked him if i could take him out one day, he just looked at me like i was kidding. Said sure take my number kid, he asked How old i was and i said 18.Meet up with him at his house later after some sensual texting.And had him suck me of, i came so much after 3-4 min. He ended up swallowing it infront of me.

>>900708988Hey bro just letting you know I read your stuff and enjoyed it. Any stories about watersports or doing anything outside? Ever do anything for like a birthday party or anything? Otherwise more stories about big group stuff is great.

>>900732457>Don't fuck on the first dateToo late lolLuckily my bf was super chill and really nice, we ended up staying together

>>900702787First time going to a gay club, I end up dancing with this really hot college guy. He takes me to the bathroom and I start sucking him off next to a couple of guys against the wall making out shirtless. They start cheering me on and saying how much they enjoy the show, and start fucking against the wall. We watch them fuck while they watch me suck him off, and he blows his load in my mouth. Guy pulls me up and shoves his tongue in my mouth and we swap cum for a bit until we swallow it all. Then he gives me his number and leaves me in the bathroom. I end up jerking off watching the other guys fuck, and end up getting one of the guys' number too. After I cum I stay to watch them finish fucking,and after they finish we all clean up and leave the bathroom. They go back to dancing and I head home for the night. I end up meeting both the guys whose number I got for sex a few times (not together, individually) and start visiting that club more regularly, meeting and sucking off more hot guys.

>>900731327yeah, college is the time to experiment. I wasn't in a frat, but I also had a group of "it doesn't count as gay when you're drunk" type friends like that.wildest I ever got was when I let those guys talk me into taking roofies. before I took them, I joked around like "how do I know you guys aren't gonna take advantage of me lol". and they were all like "oh no were are, we're totally gonna fuck your brains out dude." I thought it was just trash talk and banter. but as soon as I started going under, I was getting teased and groped and having my clothes pulled off, and I realized I was legit about to get gangbanged lol.I don't remember much of it, and the stories they spun afterwards were obv exaggerrated. but I was a fucking mess the next day, I definitely had a train run on me. my ass AND throat were both sore, lol.

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>>900702787I voted for Trump.

I was in eighth grade and was jerking off with a male friend at his house and I noticed he had a really nice dick. 7 inches, straight, cut, not much hair. I finally leaned over and licked it and we were both kinda shocked. Sorta laughed about it. I ended up blowing him that night and he returned the favor. We did it every now and then for the next like year

>>900702787I neighbor kid dry humped me on two occasions (through jeans) and it got me so horny I started walking around in my whitey tights when he was around hoping he would take it further. Im too much of a coward to ask for sex. Unfortunately he never did it again.Only time I did anything sexual as a kid, such a disappointment.

>>900736058You were raped. Yikes.Faggots, get it together.

>>900702787Mostly straight bi guy here. First of all, let me start with saying: cocaine is a hell of a drug. All of my gay hookups (which I can count on one hand) started with a night of booze and cocaine.I'm not gonna lie... I enjoyed myself. Even though it's been years and i'm now married, I still think about it sometimes when having a wank. Which is weird, because there's nothing I find appealing about gay porn.I think that hooking up with a dude was different because both parties know what feels good... Like... I know how to stroke a cock. I've done it countless times to myself. I would think that I know how to ride a cock, because i've had mine ridden many times, and I know what to do? I think?I don't know... Feel free to ask me more.

>>900702787Had drunken sex at a festival literally hours ago, a ton of people could hear it going on and were whooping and cheering. I love getting slutty and getting banged in a tent

>>900706511it is indeedI've ruined a few marriages lol

>>900702787i WAS going to have one today but i got sick. i was gonna be hanging out 1 on 1 with a friend i know is into me, he's been into me since high school but at first i didn't realize it, til another friend told me about it. then he told me himself, but i was already dating someone and he didn't know. i've been in and out of relationships since then, but i'm finally single again and thought i could maybe plant the idea in his head and go somewhere with it, but i am sick and not sure if i'm contagious, so i don't wanna get one of my best friends sick just cuz i wanna choke on his cock.

>>900740701dude is everyone getting sick? i got sick today too! So had to skip out on some sex.

>>900723516>>900723598yeah man, CL was the fucking shitso much dick for the taking fuckton of married dads

Back in high school, I used to wrap my friend's older sister's bra/panties around my cock when I was over. He caught me one day and asked if he could help, and started jerking me off. Became a regular thing where he'd keep a pair of her panties in his room, I'd use them for a bit before he'd jerk me off and way down the line he blew me.

>>900740750is it the kind of sick that makes you feel like you COULD still do stuff, like not crippling or anything, but you have to not? because that's what i've got. it's just ANNOYING sick

>>900740865Exactly the same. I almost did hook up and i told him how i felt but things came up for him at the end. He was even okay with it even though i felt a little sick. Then he told me he was also sick a few days ago. Strange.

>>900734210Thanks user, glad u enjoy. I'm amazed this thread is still up, well done gentlemen. I finished a whole day of chores and you're all still here jerking off lol, anyway I'm back.We did a lot of stuff outdoors. The white trash ghetto we grew up in was next to a big wild forest and that's where a lot of the early suck circles and bigger orgies happened.But the outdoor fun went to a whole new level later in our teenage years. Our growing fascination with public nudity and exhibitionism led some of us to go exploring a big famous local nude beach. It was right at a key time when we were starting to come out of our shells a bit and be less closeted and more confident, so that quickly led to a whole series of depraved outings that got wilder and wilder every time.First time we went all we planned on doing was exploring and looking at some nudists, we didn't think we'd be confident enough to strip. We thought were still "too young" for it (15 & 14) and would stand out too much, and we were kind of right. What we didn't expect is the unbelievably friendly vibe we got from the place when we got there, and that we'd build up the guts to get naked and show off a little bit before we went home.And we definitely weren't expecting to discover half of the place to be a blatant gay cruising zone with guys fucking basically right out in the open.The second time we went we spent the whole time wandering around naked letting as many strangers check us out as possible. It was just me and my best bud at at first, and the fact that we were the only 14 & 15 year old guys out there and strutting around confidently naked definitely raised eyebrows. Especially when we wandered all the way through the open air meat market where all the older faggots hung out. It was super awkward and nerve wracking at first, but going in there and teasing all those men as the jailbait thirst traps we were was so much fun.I wrote about it in /hm/ once lemme see if I can find it...

>>900740948my friend said i should have came over anyway hahahah

Used to suck my roommate off regularly during the pandemic. Also let him use my ass a couple times when we were drinking. Pic related

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>>900742121Fuck that's hot, post more ass

>>900742568Glad you like it!>>900742121

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>>900742809spread those cheeks

>>900743524With pleasure :)>>900742809

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>>900743792What a fag. Would love to cum on that hole

>>900744088Fill me up pls…>>900743792

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>>900715253Op here. I'm pretty damn far from left. Not a fan of the LGBTMNOP movement either. Gay, but not stupid.

About 9-10 years ago when I was in highschool, I used to cheat on my gf with guys. I would tell the guys that my gf had a mmf fetish and wanted to have a threesome. I sent them my gf's nudes and then would try to talk them into having sex with me. This surprisingly worked like 60 percent of the time. I never used condoms with my gf so it was the same with guys. I always topped bareback unless they had a condom and were insistent. But the hottest thing was that sometimes right after hooking up with a guy after school, I would go to my gf's swim meets and take her to my house afterwards and then have bareback sex with her too. So I'd be balls deep in a dude's ass and then an hour later without even washing up I'd be balls deep in my gf's mouth or pussy. I gave her a few sti's from that, but it was hot as fuck. Eventually a few of the guys that I tried hooking up with told my gf and she put two and two together with the sti's and dumped me lmao.

>>900743792nice butt dude

you want us all to take turns fucking you just because you got a nice ass? ;)

>>900746284am straight all my life, never once jerked off to a dude or dick etc, but i know a gay guy who's fetish is fucking a straight guy. i'm interested in sucking him or letting him suck me off since bj's unironically look more fun giving a girl head.but this guy tells me so much about the sti's he's gotten or has dealt with and i feel like that's how i'd get caught cheating too.

>>900746875That's the risk of cheating in general, but if you ever cheat don't be dumbass like I was and wear a condom everytime.

>>900702787not sure if this is really gay or not but my ex and her gay friend sucked my cock a few times when they got me drunk.

>>900740801>ton of married dadsFuck yes literally met the best 50 year old married dude fuck buddy on CL. When we first started talking he told me to meet him at the college tennis courts. I got into his car and before long we were passionately making out. I gave him a blowjob and he gave me a handjob making sure I swallowed both our loads. He would call me up to give him a blowjob in the tennis court parking lot like every other day after he got off work and like once a week we'd walk into the woods a bit for him to fuck me. Him being married meant we always did it raw and he loved to watch me push out his load. Especially when I would be farting and spraying out cum/lube bubbles. He always made me go ass to mouth too which was so hot.

> Be me. > Bi-curious.> On trip to Germany, Berlin.> Bored - decide to go to Der Boiler. (Famous gay sauna)> Take a Viagra before going.> Get there - pay entrance fee.> Go to locker room, bit nervous.> Loads of dudes just walking around, some fully naked, majority are fit/toned/slim.> Get undressed, nothing left but a towel and locker key. > Go downstairs to main sauna area - pool, steam rooms, showers.> Place is packed.> Had misconception that guys cover up with a towel when walking around, but everyone just has their cock out. > Swimming pool in the centre has 30/40 guys all having a good time just drinking beer.> Still a bit nervous/unsure what to do.> Decide to go to sauna/heat room at side.> Sit down - take towel off, get a sweat on.> Clear glass walls - so you can still see out to the main area.> Decide to stay there for 10/15 mins to get bearings and ease nerves.> Watching guys walk about.> My view is in line with one of the showers> An absolutely rock hard, hung, muscle stud starts washing himself down> My cock goes diamonds within seconds, particular also with the Viagra> "So I guess I like guys, huh?"> Notice dark room entrance on left.> One guys come out to clean himself with a massive load all over his face.> Decide to venture in after my sweat in the sauna.> Leave towel outside and go in - can barely see anything - some dim neon lights in a corner or two.> Room has sort of partitions/corridors, so it's not a totally open space> Can tell from the noise that is fairly busy> Sense that's there's 4/5 guys all fucking in the top left corner of room> Decide to go right > Beautiful toned guy is getting his cock worshipped by two twinks under one of the lights> Just watch > So fucking horny now> Another dude walks up to me close> Stop for a second and a moment's pause > "Fuck it"> He puts his hand behind my head and sticks his tongue down my throat> I sit back on a little ledge, spread my legs and hold my cock out

>>900747819> Starts giving me a blowjob> Not really feeling it after 5 mins of being sucked> Decide to split> Go to left corner where the 4/5 guys were fucking> Can see the action under the red neon light> One German muscle dude is pounding the shit out of some other muscle dude> The top starts to cum and he's so fucking loud with his orgasm.> Major fucking turn-on.> Decide that is as deep as I want to go for one evening> Go back to locker room, get dressed> Go back to hotel, super fucking horny > Decide to go whole hog a few days later> Download Grindr and have some tall German dude fuck my mouth and ass for the first time> He's quite well-hung so I'm struggling with his cock in my mouth> Moves to fuck me in the ass> No lube either> "Fuck this hurts"> Fucks me in mish and I'm just focusing on the pain> Pulls me to side of bed and bends me over it.> Both hands on my shoulders, starts pounding my ass> There's still some pain, but it's also semi enjoyable> He's going to cum> "Yeah, cum for me baby" I say> Blows his load in the condom> My ass is fucking numb> He gets dressed and leaves> And that was my first full homosexual experience

>>900719820So much of your perspective of gay culture comes from what you've been told about it. Because nobody has ever guessed that I'm gay, don't have a gay voice, yet I've been accepted just fine in places with heavy gay culture. Unironically, a lot/all of your hangups are internalised homophobia. People don't like those words because they're big and scary and academic looking but there's no other word for what you experience. If you're happier this way then you should live however you want. But if you think that gay culture is any one thing, shares anything exclusive that isn't being gay, you have been misinformed. Deliberately so. Again, I don't want to tell you how to live your life, it just sucks to see someone who is admittedly not entirely comfortable with themselves, especially when they're old enough to grow beyond what they've been told about gays, by people who actively want us to die I might point out.You don't have to do or be anything to be a part of gay culture beyond being gay. That's it, you're part of it.